10looniehost.ca – You’re on the Best Host list for webhostingstuff.com, but something is wrong!!!

10looniehost.ca found its way back on my blog last month because they let their domain expire. I assumed that they would not come back online, but I was wrong.  I have no problem admitting I am wrong.  I did not expect that 10looniehost.ca would be back online. However I had details on my iPad that I had over looked, if I had I would have known that 10looniehost.ca was very likely to come back online.


Back when 10looniehost.ca was down I decided to take a look at what Webhostingstuff.com top 25 devolved into, and that is a “Best Hosting” list. I also wanted to see where another host called kvchosting.com was. As a rep from Kvchosting.com came on my site to discredit someone with a negative review. At the same time Kvchosting.com joins the list of hosts that claim to be buying “advertising”. More on that in an upcoming post.

I took screen shots of every host that appeared on webhostignstuff.com’s so called “Best Hosting” list.  10looniehost.ca was in the 16th spot when I wrote my last post and before they came back online. Today they are in the 9th spot. Though keep in mind there is no number by 10looniehost.ca. Simply 5 hosts per page in the “Best Hosting” category. So I am assuming since 10looniehost.ca is 9th since it appeared on the second page for “Best Hosting” 4th result.  Interestingly enough there were 26 “Best Hosts” in August but only 23 in September. Perhaps their pay per click (PPC ) ran out.

Webhostingstuff.com changed from a top 25 list last year.


Before April 2011 the so called “top” 25 hosts appeared on three pages starting from the front page. I found less reason to review and find kinks in the armor of hosts that paid for this position. Mostly because the only hosts that might get their moneys worth were the first 5 hosts. Despite no longer being on the front page any more. After the front page anyone wanting to see the next 5 Best Hosts would have to scroll down past “Show me more Hot Deals …” link.  Where there were 10 hosts to past.  Even on a screen like mine where I work from a 22 inch wide screen I don’t see the “Next  >>>”, and without clicking next I would have no way of knowing that that is how I get more “Best Hosting”.  I have to wonder what the likely hood is for someone finding 10looniehost.ca on the second page of results let alone the forth page.

But that begs another question about the “Hot Deals” list. Could that be a separate list that is also paid for? There are defiantly more hosts in the “Hot Deals” list than there are on the “Best Hosts”. I know at one point I got affiliate cookies for Hostgator.com, though after I did my post on that webhostingstuff.com quickly removed the affiliate cookie. Something I will have to look again later. But as far as I can tell 10looniehost.ca has no affiliate program.

7 days down is an eternity for 10looniehost.ca

Never mind how irresponsible it was for 10looniehost.ca to not renew their domain. There were repercussions. 10looniehost.ca’s search engine results went in the toilet. Granted I have no idea what their traffic stats were before. But 10looniehost.ca’s Alexa rank is at 6,420,431. As mentioned many times before when it comes to Alexa you want a lower number. Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is currently at: 125,674.  Through my own domain register, I sell .ca domains for $12.99 a year.  I am certain the loss of a domain over 7 days will cost 10loonie.ca more in what a domain costs.

In a month I will try and see where 10looniehost.ca are with their Alexa score and post below in the comments.

So what happens when you click on a link on webhostignstuff.com to 10loonie.ca?

Click on any link to 10loonie.ca and webhostingstuff.com redirects to a notice stating:

I get this message anytime I try to click on a link that should take me directly to 10looniehost.ca. As long as webhostingstuff.com does this it makes “advertising” totally ineffective for 10looniehost.ca. I have to ask what company would want to pay for that? After all it says 10looniehost.ca has expired, but look at these other hosts that you can try instead of 10loo niehost.ca. You click on the up time for 10looniehost.ca and you get:

Is 10looniehost.ca down?

No 10 looniehost.ca came up the day after I did my post on their domain being offline.  Amazingly it happen right after the one person that I could find an active site with 10looniehost.ca. Whom happen to post a comment, yet give me no follow up to any of the questions I asked via email or my 10loonie.ca post. I wanted to know how long they had a hosting plan with 10looniehost.ca.

While 10looniehost.ca is no longer being tracked by webhostingstuff.com this site will be monitoring the uptime for 10looniehost.ca as I just added their site on my Pingdom account and you can see uptime here:

Uptime Report for 10looniehost.ca: Last 30 days

Also if you follow me on twitter @hostingscams notices will be sent if 10looniehost.ca ever goes offline again and if 10looniehost.ca comes back up there will be a notification for that as well.

Chances are after posting this, webhostingstuff.com might resume their uptime monitoring of 10looniehost.ca.

So why the heck a third post on 10looniehost.ca

Really this post is less a bout 10looniehost.ca than it is about webhostingstuff.com. First this host was in the top 25 back when it was first starting:


Than as my last post stated 10looniehost.ca lost their domain for at least 7 days.  While at the same time being on webhostignstuff.com’s 16th position for “Best Host”. The fun fact is webhostingstuff.com validates what I am saying. They still list them as a Best Host, never mind they no longer track their up time. Never mind that you cannot click on any link to 10looniehost.ca on webhostingstuff.com and be brought to 10looniehost.ca.  Yet while there is no uptime checks, and no way of clicking on a link to take you to 10loonie.ca. Webhostingstuff.com says that 10looniehost.ca is the 9th “Best Host”.

10looniehost.ca is another reason you cannot trust webhostignstuff.com.