Review sites exposed – Another host that gets endorsed by

This is not the first time I have encountered, the first time when I decided to start keep an eye on the sites that appeared on   I decided to cover their “green” angle, which amounted up to green washing, and proves at least one part of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is useless.   These days they are no longer on’s top 25, now they appear on another site I am starting to keep track of  The whole premise of hostingsthatsuck is that you do a search on “*host name* sucks” and you can find out rather a host sucks or not.  They are so kind as do that research for you, and then they go through and tell you how many of them are valid.

Too bad its not that easy.  After all “sucks” is just one of many English words that will tell you if something is bad.  But this time they really are not even trying, or are they?  Keep in mind is not doing this out of the goodness of their heart.

When you bring customers that sign up to GreenGeeks, you will receive $50.00 up to $100.00 per referral. has a very good reason not put too much research into their own failed methodology.

Here is why you should not trust anything has to say about

First off, lets take the very first company that brought me to this,

This is where you find another hosting company that points out that does a rewrite, which is not the first time they do this with a host.

You would think after almost a year they would remove after that, but no.  To continue getting affiliate commisions they put the warning below the how that host is so wonderful.

The number one reason not to trust what has to say about

The whole philosphy of a site is a good host because they have no negative complaints gets turned on its head when 2 of those hosts have not even been business for a month.

Back in January I got two emails one from and another from asking me to do a review on their company. offered a free hosting account (like I am going to trust a serious site on a 4.95 pound a year account), and offered to pay me for a review.  I gave them both free reviews after I found them on

The owner of would love for me to pull my review, I would love to see remove the glowing endorsement which links to their affiliate link with  Which makes me doubt canceled the affiliate link.

But there are only 5 hate pages in regards to

Keep in mind their determination on how many hate pages is : “If you go through each of Googles result pages, it seems there are very few unsatisfied customers of GreenGeeks. If you search for the keywords “GreenGeeks sucks”, you can see that there are a few search results but you have also heard elsewhere that GreenGeeks is one of the most reliable web host. Is that a lot of bad things said about one hosting? Assuming all those result pages really talk about why this hosting provider sucked in some ways. There may be a few more result pages when you search for “GreenGeeks scam”, “GreenGeeks issues“, or ”GreenGeeks problems“. Should these hate or complaint pages worry you after you have read so many positive reviews? Did the hate pages make you wonder if GreenGeeks hosting is any good?

Which they come up with 53,000 pages about, and less then 5 total hate pages which = less then 1%.

So lets see if I can find more then 5 hate pages, or better yet more then 5 negative reviews.

4 negative complaints with our good old buddies at

19 negative complaints at

More then 25 negative complaints with ( I gave up counting after 25)

1 negative blog article at

1 negative review with

So that makes 5, oh an they mention the Better Business Bureau “Think again. However, do not dismiss the fact that GreenGeeks receives a B rating from Better Business Bureau, which means they have quite a high rating. BBB acknowledges companies with this rating level to have demonstrated good business-consumer relations, and BBB would expect any consumer complaints not to be of a serious nature and to be satisfactorily handled by the company.

Going to BBB, I find a rather intresting link to a rating site:

3 out 5 customers gave a low review.

Which brings us to more then 5 pages, and I really was not looking for other things besides the terms sucks.  But you have more then 49 negative reviews for greengeeks in what I found in 10 minutes. and both suck

Hostingsthatsucks wants you to think does not suck.   I am going to use most of my last post on to prove to you why you should not trust the templated response that hostingsthatsucks uses to convince people to sign up with a host.

I have to wonder if this is another host to get mad at me because I have a qoute that has the word scam in it.  Just to be clear if text is in red and italic then its a quote.  All of which can be found on review for this host.

The whole methodology of they don’t suck if they have no results when you search ” sucks” on search engine. The problem is is an aged domain. An aged domain is usually one that was purchased a few years or more that was never used or abandoned.  In this hosts case it was abandoned and recycled from what it was. sucks really bad. They are so bad because they don’t have any bad reviews about them when we searched for “Server Club sucks” or “Server Club complaints” on Google today… yeah sucks for their competitors is what we meant. We also tried “ServerClub sucks”, “serversclub sucks”, “ServerClub sux” and other variation of misspells, just they cannot even spell the host name right or try to avoid being sued by ServerClub. Sorry still none.

There is a reason why their challenge is pointless.
Thanks to and (thewaybackmachine) I know this site has been pretty much dead some where around 2005 and came back to life in December 2010.

Why does have my attention?

First of all reviews on as a host are rare, and the ones that are out there I suspect were all paid for. You might think I am wrong, after all there is no visible affiliate links.  However this host contacted me for any form of traffic that I could send them on January 5, 2011:
I represent a new but very fast growing hosting company and would like to buy a direct link from your
site. A single link, pre-paid review or any other kind of ads is
needed urgently. Please tell me if it is possible and send me your
price list for such kind of service.
Thanks in advance for your reply

Message:Hello!I represent a new but very fast growing hosting company and would like to buy a direct link from yoursite. A single link, pre-paid review or any other kind of ads isneeded urgently. Please tell me if it is possible and send me yourprice list for such kind of service.Thanks in advance for your reply

Your probable wondering why I did a review of before I did one on  At the time when I got this email I was rather busy with the projects that keep a roof over my head and online, and I did not send my usual response of the mission statement of  It did not dawn on me until later when I was checking to make sure I had responded to everyone that these guys had contacted me.  I find it no surprise that mid January decided to do a review.

Hostingsthatsuck’s has no affiliate id with

In this case it was a pre-paid review.  Which earns them:

ServerClub is almost perfect! With no or little complaint whatsoever. If you ask us how good is Server Club web hosting, our answer is they are the best web hosting according to our criteria.

Who knows maybe the second time is the charm for this host, but will find a reason for another host to not suck even if they have no history.

Did you hear that ServerClub customers had problems? Did anybody say is a scam? Read some ServerClub issues and bad experiences? Did you hear about Server Club horror stories and their limitations? We want to hear your stories. If not, stop wasting your time. Would you agree that finding a good web hosting can be tiring and time consuming, when you should be building your blog, designing your company website or selling your product? Why not take a look at their latest offerings today and start hosting that website project of yours. They provide dedicated server cheap and not many companies can beat their prices.

Its safe to say that Hostingsthatsuck’s review about is not to be trusted.

Webhostingstuff is blocking me

If you have read my previous posts on webhostingstuff, you will know that I have had to ask people to assist me in getting screen shots.  Before last month I could get almost anyone around the world to do screen shots for me.    But last month friends of mine that had never been to this hosting review site and were unable to get anything other then a strange error message and screen asking for a email address.  I don’t trust them to give them my email address.  If you saw my October 2010 review, you will see that now there is only one host of any measurable merit.  Which is hostgator, all the other hosts are fledgling hosts.   If you want a sample of how skewed the top 25 is one of the  hosts is out of business (yet remains on the top 25 list, another is a hostgator client (on a non-reseller account) and who faked their review, and another has turned his wild west domains account into a reseller program while keeping peoples domains under his name (that is a disaster in the making).  Thats just the hosts that come to mind.

But here is what a friend found while using his iPad to get me screen shots:

Webhostingstuff’s home page error

Going to the main site brings up this error.  Strangely at first it seems that the site is somewhat working.  After all you can see the header and side bar.  Which is how it starts with me.  When I make future attempts on what appears to be a blocked screen I don’t get this.  I just get a page with a link to click on to give my email address.

Webhostingstuff wants your email to fix a problem

Strangely when I get an error page with most websites, they do not request your email.  If they do they usually want more information.

What happens when I click on anything else on the’s website?

Pretty much get taken to a blank screen with only a “Click her to resolve error” and a string id.  Clicking the link will take you to a screen asking for your email address.

So what does Google cache have on webhostinstuff?

Nicely I am near the bottom of their search engine results off of just ‘webhostinstuff’.

Below you can see that even google is getting blocked by as their home page cache with google is an error message.  It also seems that they are not paying for google adsense like they used to.  Its not hard to imagine they do not have the adsense budget like

The blocking is being done without any discrimination.  So the webhosts that are on their top 25 may be not be the best the hosts, for that matter they may the very worst.  But they did pay to get traffic.  This blocking method is not to their benefit.  Anyone that find a host by their search engine that links to this site will come to a weird site that asks for your email address because of an error.  Frankly how can you trust a site that has an error, when you are searching for a quality host.

Its my opinion that unless webhostingstuff does something to adapt, there not going to be in business much longer.

webhostingstuff- October 2010 top 25 list

So we are in late October 2010, and I have had some trouble getting a into  That and friends and associates who have never had anything to with this so called review site till this month had nothing to do with with this site.  Granted other that have helped me in the past are able to get through.  But more on that on a later date.  Because the three screen shots tell me alot about this company.

Webhostingstuff top 1 – 10 most popular hosting companies

At this point there is only one big name on their top 25, and that is hostgator.  Ipage (owned by Endurance International Group) and Just host (supposiblly bought up byEndurance International Group).  The rumor is that is also being bought by eig.  I am not sure I can believe that one as the owners of this company are some what ego driven, and I think the only reason they would give up hostgator is that something else is available to give them the spot light they get from hostgator.  But if hostgator disappears off of I have to almost believe eig may now own them.

This leave me to speculate that Endurance International Group took their host(s) off because is no longer an investment.  After all they did remove fatcow last month.

The only new introduction on the top 25 in the 1 – 10 spot is a host called Cirtexhosting.  Intrestingly enough they have a 60% approval rating to get the 5th spot.

Webhostingstuff top 11 – 20 most popular hosting companies

Three new hosts in the 11 – 20 spots Snapblox,, and Web Host Logic Inc (not highlighted).

Webhostingstuff top 21 – 25 most popular hosting companies

4 new companies in the top 21 – 25 spot.  Infinitie Networks, GigaPros, YASPE. and Cornhusker Tech.

Infinitie Networks has a 40% customer approval rating.   Cornhusker Tech has no reviews.

ummm wait.  Webhostingstuff has at 21 and not 25 now!!!!!

For full details as to why I find this odd you can go to for full details on a webhost thats not been online most of this year.

It really does appear that its going down hill for webhostingstuff

Currently there is only one webhost of any ranking on webhostingstuff (hostgator), all the rest are just host trying to hang on or just a fly by night operation. – Just another one of many fail review sites

I found out about, because they tried to spam my comments section on this blog.   Just like on Youtube, I get to look at comments before they get posted.  In part because spam sometimes gets past the filter.   There were two comments sent from two different ips, which basically makes this spam.  The worst part is they put my video up to try and give themselves credit.  Bottomline, this is not a site I endorse, for that matter this is one of the worse review sites that I have seen.

It really does not take much to make a review site, and I have over the last 5 months been contacted by people who wanted me to do a review about their review site.  Instead I normally give them my opinion by email, because clearly the last thing they want is me to actually post my opinion.  I am hoping by doing so that they change direction, only time will tell if that actually works.  Gethostingright, clearly does not want my opinion, they would rather post my YouTube video on their site as some kind of ringing endorsement.  At this time still, there are no hosts or hosting review sites  that get my ringing endorsement.

Gethostingright’s spam comments on this blog

Here are the two comments, I am allowing to be up, only because I want to use them to get into the search engine traffic for  I want people to know what kind of scam they are getting involved in every time they do a search for gethostingright.

John web hosting Ideas

2010/10/02 at 7:44 am

Thanks for useful tips & data on web hosting.

Posted on:

jeni hosting reviews

2010/10/02 at 7:59 am

Great reading & greatest information on hosting reviews. Good work.

Posted on:


When it comes to comments I make sure to read them and see that one the comment actually references something within the post.    Clearly the two posts do not reference anything within the blog.

The details on Gethostingright

First of all lets take a look at the whois information:

   Registrar: ENOM, INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS2417.HOSTGATOR.COM
   Name Server: NS2418.HOSTGATOR.COM
   Status: clientTransferProhibited
   Updated Date: 19-aug-2010
   Creation Date: 19-aug-2010
   Expiration Date: 19-aug-2011
Registrant Contact:
   konstantin savelyev ()

   5 mohegan ave
   port washington,  11050

No surprise but its a new site.

As for their Alexa score:

At this time I am on a slow climb down on the Alexa score for this site, which is now 524,154.

But here is the real kicker with gethostingright

Look at any review, and you find on the bottom any review and you find: “Comments are closed.”. This means that the only one allowed to post any feed back on another hack job of fake review sites is  Clearly from this review you can see the site owner has a problem with posting comments in English.

They have significantly increased their web site hosting service till our last reviews. They now provide an unlimited disk space & bandwidth, support for many programming environments /languages & the complete support packages that we have seen up to date.InMotion Hosting has been accredited with BBB, & has the fabulous ‘A-’ rating. We could visit InMotion supports RoR (Ruby over Rails).

Clearly post costing for the hosting upgrades like dedicated SSL certificates & IP addresses.If you do not need any of such ‘fancy’ website hosting, InMotion Hosting is the solid corporate with the stellar support records.They are also greatly favored amongst personal and professional web site hosting users, as remarked by their own

But I tend to think its a little more then that, perhaps its broken English, or perhaps its what I recently learned about called article spinning.  Its where you take a combination of words, which at first make no sense.  Once you enter them into a article spinner it changes them into a document, that is still not all that great in context.  But it gives a site search engine viability.

Don’t fall for gethostingright one of many fake review sites, they are just another site that picked out a bunch of high paying affiliate programs with various hosts.

Justhost-Just don’t – a review of actual use

Why am I writing a review on the actual use of Justhost?  If you have read my posts you will know that I am in the progress of setting up new sources of income.  On one side I am building working sites for the purpose of selling.   The last site I sold last week had me setting up a site on Justhost, even though I had urged the buyer to avoid doing so.  I did not tell him about this site.  But I did tell him about what I had found while researching Justhost.   The biggest problem that comes to mind is speed, and we did encounter this problem.  As well as a problem with using the ftp program filezilla.   Because of the problems we had in the first 24 hours, the client changed his mind and went to Rackspace.   Not to mention the point where it was taking me hours to upload a few megs of data on to his account through a third party ftp program that they recommended that I find a bit shaddy.    I had talked my client out of migrating to Mediatemple (a post about that is in the works as to why).  But he left me with a working Justhost account to play with for 24 hours so I could see if the problems were true.

The rumor floating around is that Justhost is now part of the Endurance Group International. Inc.   Its not hard to beleive because Justhost is very similar to many of the sites in Endurance Group International, such as fatcow, ipage, and powweb to name a few.

Justhost loves to nickel and dime you

The first thing I found when logging into cPanel was a long screen of one time offers before letting me into the control panel.  Even after the special offers that launch before the start up screen you find even more offers within cPanel.  I imagine this is what every control panel that Endurance International Group customers look like.   What other choice is a webhost to have when they enter into the unlimited market then to figure out how to weasel out funds from a customer in another way.   The unlimited alone leaves the company in peril, but the advertising adds a whole new source of income.

1. Justhost – Pipedns

I am a little confused by this service.  As it seems a service “Manage your existing domains”.  They seem to have a partnership with Justhost as well as two other companies (super green hosting and hostclear)  I tend to think the manging of your domains involves transferring from your existing domain register.  I strongly suggest not transferring to them if thats the case.  I suspect that his is nothing more then a domain register.

Pipedns has me wondering much like I did when I had discovered Endurance International group.   I have to wonder with pipedns, supergreenhosting, hostclear, and justhost if they do not belong to Endurance International Group, if they are not part of another organization very similar to what the Endurance International group is.

2. Justhost – Go green

Just another of those add ins, that I see nothing about from the main page.  Perhaps much like Goddady, they subject you to one of the worst shopping carts where you have multiple items to try and pick through before you ultimately get to the last page to purchase your original intention.   Its such a thing that I can say has detoured me from buying from a company.   Here is the problem with Justhost’s green service, the details and facts behind you paying $0.97 are non-existent.   I am sure that their facility is not wind powered, after all that would be one hell of advertisement to have on the main site.  There is no clear information for where they purchase their ‘wind’ credits.  Any green “partnerships”, are not listed.  With what little information they have, I almost have to wonder if there is even a real green incentive program.

3. Justhost –

Dreamfusions is in my opinion apart of the same group that is.  All you have to see why I think that is to do a whois lookup.  I could be wrong, but there are a lot of coincidences.  But I have to wonder since most of the sites are located with in the UK.

4. Justhost- Paid priority support or what ever happen to “no hidden fees”

“Best Support in the industry”, words used in their featured section.  But there is nothing stating that in order to get the best support that they offer you have to pay an extra $19.95 a year.

If you want a gimick host then Justhost is for you, if you want a real solution look elsewhere

Hostingsthatsuck, or hostings that pay too much to suck?

Hostingsthatsuck has a catch phrase for every host they show case: “Even The Best Hostings Suck Sometimes“.   You would think with a name like that you would find a rogues gallery of webhosts to avoid.  Some how every host thats finds its way on this site is a host that you should select.   Every post for every host they select uses the same theme.  Its almost to the point they do nothing more then replace the previous host with the last host, copy and paste details from the host they are reviewing.  After which they do a quick search for the host they are reviewing with against others on the words sucks.   Then they estimate how many of those are valid.  Its been my experience that they do not actually look to see if there is more then one individual complaining about the host on a single search engine result.

Hostingsthatsuck, rinse and repeat a repetitive theme one size fits all approach

They claim to do the research for you on who ‘sucks’.  Preceding every review of  a host, using this little tiny bit of data from search engine results to tell you if a host sucks of not:

If you are considering any hosting company, you should do a search for keywords “ABC Hosting Sucks” on Google. Perhaps you have already read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about hosting ABC but doing the “ABC sucks” search may reveal the true side of the hosting provider

That would be great way of seeing if a host sucks or not.  But the problem is sucks is not the only negative word that can be associated with webhosting.

Fraud, bad, lame, scam, terrible, evil, stupid, apathetic, dumb, pathetic, careless……………………………. and more words then I have time to post.  Its a huge list of words that can be used to indicated a host is bad.   But the search focuses on how a host has so few relevant to suck.

After “proving” a host does not suck:

We try to be nonbiased when we do reviews but with *host name here*, it is hard not to. So have no problem recommending this hosting to anyone. Now click here to checkout the plan most suitable for you and start on a reliable hosting at lower price

Don’t be conned by the “nonbiased” approach.  The bottom line is they want you to buy hosting from these companies because the company has a rather nice pay out.

What happens when a site on hostingsthatsuck starts to go bad

They deleted their negative feedback on Justhost (Probable because they get about $100 per referral), but Mochahost is still there.

You have to scroll down past all the research in sucks on google.  Past the praise to find a update about how is no longer a recommended host.

You have to scroll past all the glowing endorsements by Hostingthatsuck to see a host that at the start of the post did not suck, but you come to find that the host does indeed suck.   The affiliate links are still there, and so are the coupon codes.  So why did Hostingthatsuck not have the update at the top?  Perhaps the affiliate link at mochahost can tell us:

Commission Type Pay-Per-Sale:   50% of all sales you deliver. You can earn up to $731 per sale !

Its not hard to see why the update, which should be a warning is not at the top.  Their excuse would be that you should have read the whole review.   Its a case of your lose is their gain.

The final word on hostingsthatsuck

The one thing that every site has in common on hostingsthatsuck is they all have rather nice payouts.   Its my opinion that the name implies you would find hosts to avoid.  Hostingsthatsuck does show you if a site is bad, you just have to read past the gold foil at the top of the review.