Wooservers.com – A BurstNET reseller

Wooservers.com is my forth and last host review of 4 hosts for November 2010 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  What I find interesting when I saw this site is its a little over a year old, yet they have 7 reviews with webhostingstuff.


Those 7 reviews came over a 5 month period of time (August – December 2010).  I can tell you right now that only 3 of the those 7 reviews are on the same network as Wooservers.  One of the reviews may very will be a fake, as the domain for the review does not exist.  Even though they are only a year old they have a rather impressive Alexa score of 70,193.  Its taken me 3 years to get down to 241,000.  Keep in mind I am no SEO expert, my skills in the hosting industry are primarily customer service, dealing with suppliers, and staffing.

Despite having reviews that leave me skeptical about this company, thats not the biggest concern I have about Wooservers.com.  My problem is I see BurstNET as the  network provider.

The Wooservers.com – BurstNET connection

I had to wonder why I was seeing burstnet network behind 3 of the reviews.  Honestly I had thought all of the reviews may have been fake.  But then I found this:


It appears that Wooservers.com is a reseller for Burstnet.  Normally I would not make it a point that someone is a reseller, unless I thought there were a hosting reseller on a shared hosting account or abusing a system that they are using.   But this is different, this is simply one of the worst companies that I have ever dealt with.  Back in the early part of the last decade they were my third attempt at finding a viable cPanel provider.  Viable is not a word that is fitting for BurstNET.  The first time I was with them it was like pulling teeth to get support.  After three months I had canceled the two servers I had with them after it took them 7 days to restore a server.  I am also not sure if they had caller id or what but most of my calls met with an answering machine, some times it was full.  Despite my objections my business partner decided to try them for a second time 2 years later.  That lasted 2 weeks, as the server we got with them had 2 consecutive defective hard drives.   My business partner got to find out first hand what I had to go through to get someone on the phone and agreed with me that this company needed to be on a permanent ban list.

My own history with BurstNET is a blog post in itself.  I am honestly surprised to see that they are still in business, it boggles the mind how anyone that practices business like they do can stay in business for almost 10 years.  If you doubt that I know what I am talking about I suggest going to any search engine and enter “burstnet sucks” or any other combination of a negative word with Burstnet because you will find tons of reasons why you should avoid anything that involves Burstnet.

Despite being at least 5 years since I have been with BurstNET it does not appear that they have changed at all.  For that matter the site seems to look like it did when I first signed up.  I don’t know the full details of the relationship between BurstNET and Wooservers.com.  It safe to say that if Wooservers.com is reselling any BurstNET service your not going to get timely support.

But there were those Wooservers.com reviews…….

Despite having burstnet on 3 of the 7 reviews, there are 4 reviews that also leave me skepitacal of this company.

axiohost.com – appears to have moved 03-dec-2010
thevixe.com  – appears to have never been on Bustnet
nastyhobgoblins.com – no one owns that domain
actionptc.com –  appears to have never been on Bustnet

Due to the relationship WooServers has with BurstNET I have to recommend avoiding them like the plague.

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  1. Hello,
    The review is false as you have never used services of our company.
    All reviews on webhostingstuff.com are genuine and none are fake. You
    are damaging reputation and hard work of many companies based on
    nonsense reviews.


  2. Hello Andrew

    of IP – Russia.

    All of the reviews of all the hosts on webhostingstuff.com are genuine or all of your reviews are genuine? Because I have proof of several companies faking their reviews. Your own reviews are suspicious, heck you have 1 review that has a domain the does not exist (nastyhobgoblinscom), 3 reviews that are not on the same network as you. You would know this if you actually read the blog all the way through.

    I also have to ask why are you paying for “advertising” with webhostingstuff.com?

    Why did you pick Burstnet to resell from? Because that is the bigger point of my post. I speculated on your reviews, which is clear. Because other wise I would have made a bigger deal out of them if I thought they were false. Though I have to really question rather 4 of the 7 are valid.

    Did I lie? No. I picked you out because your site appeared in the top 25 for webhostingstuff.com on December 2010. Threre for I looked for flaws in your company (flaws being 3 reviews had sites not pointing to burstnet, 1 review had a domain that did not exist, and last but not least you use Burstnet to resell) A place where companies suck as i7net (now removed but I have tons of screen shots), was off line for several months while being in the top 25, There are atleast 2 Hostgator resellers on that top 25, one does not even have a reseller account (webinternethosting.com who also faked their own review you can see this by looking at their BBB record). Another is a Godaddy reseller thats using their account to buy his customer (firedragonhost.com), problem is he is putting the customer domains under his name. Then there is Mochahost.com who very well may be the very worst company and really suck at customer relations. Then there is Ipage, fatcow, and justhost and 30 + other hosts all of which belong to a company called Endurance International Group. EIG really sucks about moving customers after they buy out a host, just look up host4life horror stories.

    This is the point you stop the “advertising” with webhostigstuff.com, and look for someone else to reseller servers for. Because the moment you have an issue with Burstnet your going to see the real point of this blog post. For that I will qouet Burstnets twitter feed

    @snitchy Sorry, there is no way to answer that question. We are a budget provider w/o guaranteed response times. Too many factors involved.

    @ssaadi Please read our FAQ—We do not have a 30-day money-back guarantee due to our already low pricing structure

    But then again based off the negative review located here you already know that.


    horrible service. my vps was down for over 24 hours and i lost all my data. support is so slow it takes 18 hours to respond to ticket. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.



  3. Hello,

    Every single review on webhostingstuff.com was submitted by our current or past clients who can be contacted and the reviews verified. Webhosting stuff only allows to get included into it’s listings for a fee. Reviews and Downtime cannot be purchased nor paid for.

    Our downtime is genuine and we have taken No steps to take our outages from their pages.

    As for burst.net, it is a datacenter which not only sells servers but also provides colocation and other services. Only part of our operations are taking place from that DC, we also use Hetzner DC and SingleHop.

    Judging a different company with your own past experience of burst.net is very unsubstantial. Our dedicated support team is working 24/7 and is providing more than semi-managed support most of the time, in many cases it becomes fully managed for no additional cost. 400+ servers under our management gained in 2 years of operations is the best review for our work.

    We cannot expect you to post this as you already showed what a person you are by publishing false reviews and our words will likely be rewritten. Hope you have a good time out there. Best regards from the whole of the hosting community.

    Aqua Networks Limited.
    145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PY

  4. Hello Again Andrew,

    I never brought uptime into this, though I find it interesting you did. (something you want to confess?). I never said you paid for reviews or uptime faking. I said 4 of them are suspicious. I don’t see contact details, just domains and like I said one of those domains does not exist) Also you don’t have to pay to get fake reviews (webhostingstuff does not verify, other wise they do something about webinternethosting.com). As for judging a company for my past experience, it has merit especially when other customers in the last month and the past have the same exact issues. Its a reoccurring theme with Burstnet. You are also only as good as your supplier.

    As for not posting what you have to say, your not the first host to send me email. No I am not going to edit it, why should I? I am not the one that has something to hide. Nor am I the one paying for “advertising” that makes my site look more popular then it is. But if your reviews are real, so are the reviews of BurstNET with webhostingstuff.com.


    But I am sure that those that get tired of not getting a response in 18 hours after an outage will find their way to me. The only hosts that have an issue with me are those that are top 25 paying “advertising”, but not all of them. Ioxhost.co.uk and cornhusker renounced webhostingstuff after I did a review. I suggest you check out the post on Cornhusker.



  5. I Love wooserver because after too many research i have selected wooserver because of i have started the business from the initial bases and its great dedicated server and infact the most best thing i would like that its live support and ticket support they respond. they have much great support infact i submit if i need some addon to install on the server they reply within 10 to 20 mins.. no more delay i love this thanks soo much .. wooserver for great support.. I Love this, infact if i grow my business i will buy more server as soon .. great support thanks…

    i buy wooserver [dot] com dedicated server from appzventure [dot] com its great working and what i required i get instantly .. thanks wooserver.com thanks soo much .. !!

  6. Hello Mohamamd,

    So your saying you bought a dedicated server from appzventure.com, who in turn buy them from wooservers.com, who in turn buys them burst.net? Thats alot of host to go through if you have an outage. Appzventure.com seems to have no servers listed under their hosting options, for that matter they have under construction listed on the page for hosting.



  7. It was just a 4 hour power outage but the user control panel was down and so was there website. Other then that one time i find wooservers extremly relyable with just about instant support i am a current customer with them and theyre great.

  8. Hi Nathan,

    Sorry for the rather late reply, sometimes I miss return replies on a post because a person has been pre-approved.

    I actually seen a longer downtime, at least in the 8 hours I randomly loaded their site it did not come up. I am little surprised to see nothing on twitter. As most host will update on twitter if their is a problem. I have debated on monitoring uptime with hosts such as this particular one.



  9. I’ve used burst.net in the past and had no problems with them. I’m currently a customer of wooservers due to a recent sale they were having. I’ve got a nice recurring discount on a pretty decent VPS. The support is speedy, I’ve had no downtime…What goes on behind the scenes means little to me as long as I’m getting what I paid for.

  10. Hello Jadon,

    ….and what is the domain you have hosted with them? The one you list is only a few weeks old. Mere weeks is not enough to determine if a host is any good.

    Since your still in high school I have a word for you, its called apathy.



  11. I am looking for the reliable hosting for my VPS servers. What host is reliable in your opinion?

    Thank you.

  12. Wooservers is the worst hosting company that I have ever dealt with.

    They have network issues constantly three of our servers stop responding all at the same time and they just logged right on in and flushed our IPTABLES rules… even tho this was a network issue and the boxes were up shortly after we submitted the ticket…

    but we left the ticket go to see what they would say, not thinking they would fuck everything from working on the box as we heavily rely on IPTABLES for our services to work.

    We are still a current customer but that will change within the coming days.

    All i can say is out of the current 25 different hosting companies i currently deal with around the world. Wooservers from the start have been the worst i’ve ever ever had to deal with.

    I would never ever recommend them.

    We asked for servers to be on the West Coast… we got them on the east coast… we constantly had down time network cutting in and out..

    While they respond with there “I’ll check on that for you” emails within 10 minutes… they never EVER have given us a valid response on what the issue was even tho EVERY time it was a network problem.

    NOW network issues are problems of BurstNET not wooservers… but it’s wooservers and there fucked up support department that just bullshit to customers and do not own up to the fact that whoever they are reselling for (burstNET) in this case are having network issues.

    Conclusion: Stay the away from Wooservers and BurstNET.

  13. I used WooServers for a VPS, having purchased their second cheapest plan, on the West Coast USA. They offer Ubuntu 11.04, which was nice to see considering I have seen many hosts with horribly outdated OS installations (which in turn means outdated software and packages). The VPS was fast, although there was the occasional downtime, which could have been attributed to me hitting my RAM cap while running a Minecraft server and a Killing Floor server (a poor choice for a VPS, but it did run surprisingly well).

    After being done hosting games, I transitioned the server into an SVN/Mercurial server (I am a programmer), hosting a Ruby On Rails app to manage the versioned projects. The server worked well for this. Later I became frustrated with the particular Ruby On Rails app, so I moved my code to a dedicated SCM service (xp-dev, if you are interested), and deactivated my WooServers account.

    I required support from them once, and had contacted them via AIM, which they responded to and fixed within minutes. This was early 2011.

    Overall due to the quality of the service, the price, and the unexpectedly good support, I would recommend WooServers to people looking for a cheap VPS. The only negative review I have ever seen is from the comment above. I haven’t tried their web hosting service yet, but I plan to.

    Now, that’s my review of WooServers, but that’s not all I’m here for. I’m here to talk about you, Benjamin.

    You have attempted to slander WooServers, implying that they have posted fake reviews on webhostingstuff.com. Not only is this insulting to WooServers, but it is insulting to webhostingstuff.com, which holds itself to a high standard of legitimate reviews. You have absolutely no evidence for your claims whatsoever – a post from a domain that doesn’t exist does not imply falsehood in any way. DNS records come and go and there is no reliable way of determining the history of who has hosted what domain. Having received 7 reviews in a year is not evidence either, considering their prices.

    There is nothing wrong with paying for ad space on a web hosting website, so that argument is completely out the window.

    As for being a Burstnet reseller, this is certainly something to look into. Again, you have no proof that they are in fact a Burstnet reseller, the only evidence is that the Terms of Service pages are similar. Furthermore, being a Burstnet reseller would not be strictly a bad thing. If WooServers has high reliability and quality through an external source, then that is all that matters.

    So in conclusion: You have no evidence of any wrongdoing and you certainly have no proof. The fact that you insult anyone who attempts to stand up for WooServers implies that it is you who should check your bias. You are just another blogger trying to rise the Alexa ranks by any means necessary.

    I find it disheartening that a search for “WooServers review” brings up this site, but I hope that users looking for actual information won’t be so quick to judge it based on one baseless post.

  14. Hello Jordache,

    If you’re going to write a review you should provide a timeline. In other words when you started, and other dates through your usage of their service.

    You really did a bit of a piece meal read through my post. The proof is pretty clear for anyone to find. First off let me address this whole slander complaint.

    I stated an opinion of the reviews; I never out and out stated they were fake. I was skeptical, but I did not have a 100% proof they were fake. If any review was fake it was nastyhobgoblins.com as the domain did not exist at the time I did this post. Even as such domains can expire. Wooservers and everyone else that did business with webhostingstuff.com have yet to deny they paid for spots in a so called top 25 position. A position that has disappeared after I did almost years worth of reviews of every company that appeared in the so called top 25. Which were over 60 companies. Here is a small summary of why the top 25 of webhostingstuff was not to be trusted:


    I found i7net.net the most interesting because it was not online the entire time it was on this so called top 25 list. If that is not enough to be skeptical of webhostingstuff.com I have no idea what is. After all webhostingstuff.com was keeping track of the uptime. Well actually they stated they stopped keeping track of the uptime due to a large amount of downtime.

    A few hosts have admitted to their relationship to webhostingstuff.com on this blog they were doing such. Many that have emailed me have admitted to such. Others like wooservers.com avoid even answering the question about their relationship with webhostingstuff.com. Even bolder are those think its ok like Jixhost:


    I for one having been a hosting provider know about their so called ppc system. You can see from the video I made over 4 years ago I have on this blog’s YouTube account.


    The so called ppc (which no host can point me to) is really a bidding system, in other words who pays the most gets the highest position. Except I suspect not hostgator which I recently found webhostingstuff.com had an affiliate link to. As hostgator.com pays $100 or more per referal. However after I brought this up to hostgator.com webhostingstuff.com quickly removed it. Last year hostgator.com has a FCC compliance in their affiliate program that requires all sites like webhostingstuff.com to clearly disclose they get paid for their endorsement.

    As for them being burst.net resellers I actually I do have proof, they admitted to it on this blog in a comment. Then there is the matter of their network whois information. That’s pretty much public information.


    If anyone was trying to rise to the top by any means necessary it would be any host that uses a service that puts them on a so called top 10/25 lists or gives thems a glowing endorsement without proof. You can of course accuse me, but I can assure you I spend more on just the hosting for this site that what it takes in, and that has gone on for more than 4 years. Would I love it to make me rich? Why not, but I won’t hold my breath. The site is a topic that is self-defeating in terms of making money. Many of the same people that use the same key words I go after are in this to make money without actually providing proof a host is good. Which are the people I target. If people like wooservers.com want to do business with so called review sites, than they can expect people like me to expose that relationship. On a side note if you don’t want to empower me on search engines I would advise against making any comments. Google loves it when relevant comments are made on a blog.

    I am glad you are happy to be with them. It really does seem like they treat their resellers better than they do their direct customers. However a reseller is only as good as their upstream provider, and you can clearly find a lot of complaints about Burst.net.



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