Mindshark.ca – Seo Marketing Experts or Spammers? Part 1

Mindshark.ca seems to think this is a business.  Keep in mind it took more than 3 years for this site to make enough money to cover its own monthly bill.  So far my experience has been the people either come here to look for a host or to complain about a host.   The most bizarre request is from hosts that don’t use fake reviews,  is to get me to do a review on them.  You would think the last person they would ask to write something would not be me – the guy that has bad things to say about the very hosts that he uses.  But in the end, the people that are looking for a host are disappointed because I don’t recommend anyone, and the people that come here to complain are not inclined to buy.

So why the rage with Mindshark.ca?

Back when I first started I had asked a friend to set me up a contact form, I am not known for my non-graphic web skills which are still lacking, requiring me to pay for professionals.  Keep in mind I have stated this site makes enough to pay for its hosting, but it’s not paying for experts I bring in to assist me.  Anyway getting back to that contact form.   It was set up to send to a Gmail account, one in which only my YouTube account was sending mail to.  So after adding the contact form, there is only one way to get my Gmail account, and that is used by the contact form.  Mindshark.ca used a third party “overseas” to Phish/harvest my email.  After a contact with me, they added me to their mailing list.  Once again I did not opt-in or authorize the use of this email address for their marketing/spam purposes.   This week I got tired of them sending email to the Gmail account I use exclusively for hosting-reviews-exposed.com.  Here is the comment I got when I gave them 24 hours to remove my email or suffer a review and complaint to netfirms (funny didn’t I just do a post about them last month http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/endurance-international-group/netfirms-com.html).  Here is the response I got this response from Zamir of Mindshark.ca:

You are off the list. Cheers 🙂

FYI you did opt in on August 9th   thx


Zamir Javer
Mindshark Marketing
1.877.MSHARK  1 xtn 730

My response:

Bullshit, I have the emails to prove that your full of it.  I will be filing a complaint with netfirms and my own review of your site.

Yes that’s right, I used profanity.  I did not opt in, I did not authorize them to use my email to spam or market to.  Frankly, I was a little tame in my response.  But I am not about to be treated like I “forgot” that I signed up for their spam.

I get the following response from Zamir of mindshark.ca,

What emails….please send so we can review.

My response:

You can review them with everyone else on my blog.  Your company contacted me by my forum when I responded to someone in your company you added my email without my permission to your mailing list.  Hence you are spamming.   Benjamin of hosting-reviews-exposed.com

Zamir of Mindshark.ca response:

I have reviewed your site.  You are an extortionist company like ripoffreport etc.

We are an internet marketing firm.   We have not done anything wrong.  If you have further questions please direct them to me and I would be happy to respond and address any concerns.

Yes, I am a terrible person, I told him I would do a review and report him to his upstream provider if they did not remove my email from their mailing a list.  An email that I did not authorize/opt in for them to spam me.  But why did they bring up ripoffreport?


Its a bit difficult to read, but it appears that this person also had their email harvest and on top of that their cell phone number.

Ripoffreport.com may very well be extorting, after all, they do offer a paid service to deal with a complaint.  I on the other hand only offer a chance to plead your case on my blog, I offer no service to clean up a complaint.  But I guess on the surface because I placed a few ads in hopes of re-cooping my costs, it appears I am in the business of extortion.

So my response:


You’re a bit full of yourself, but I have to wonder what ripoffreport has on your company.   Thanks for the material.  Your company did harvest my email through my contact page.   Your an idiot and so is David Abramovici  (the dumbass that thought it would be a good idea to add my email to your list) to think I had my sights on your company as your not a host or a hosting review site.  But I really passionately hate spam, and you have the nerve to say I opted into your list.  You can call me an extortionist because you glanced at my site, but the truth is you have no idea who I am.

By the way, netfirms is moving to the U.S.


Here is where Zamir of mindshark.ca admits it without knowing it that they are spamming:

Yes I know netfirms is moving.  Lol I have no clue what this conversation is about any longer.

Anyways….we do use a lead generation company from overseas.

IT seems maybe they are the ones that did something on your site,  If you can forward whatever info they sent we can review to try and forward it and put a stop to this.

We hate spam with a passion as well and do not engage in any of it.


I have my reason for mentioning netfirms, which sometimes I might explain to him.  But here is the point where Mindshark.ca admits they are not the marketing experts that they claim to be because they used a “a lead generation company from overseas“.  Translation they did not gather the emails themselves, nor did they make sure they were opt-in.  There is no integrity to the list, and so far there seems like two complaints that prove this.

Just to be clear if you purchase a list from a third party to gather your contacts, that does not free you from spam complaints.  If anything its more damning.

My response:


Now you’re telling me that your not even sure if people have opted in because you used a third party.  When I owned hosting companies I did not accept that as an excuse.  For that matter, if they could not prove their system was double opt-in after a spam complaint their account was shut down.  Seriously if I were you I would get rid of your existing mailing list and start from scratch.  After all, you sent your mailouts to me when I did not request or opt-in to your service.  Nor would I have reason to do so, if I needed marking assistance, which is not something I need for this site I would contact my previous business partners.

I am not going to send you the emails that were sent to me, you can find it when it hits my blog along with these wonderful emails you keep sending me, sorry but I don’t take kindly to being called an extortionist.  After all the only thing I asked for was to be removed from your list.

As for what netfirms moving has to do with this conversation…….



Zamir of mindshark.ca tries to deflect the facts:

Thanks for your email.  Again as I stated earlier.  We get hit with spam ourselves and we do not engage in any spam ourselves.   If there is any email or information you feel is spam related we would be happy to review it.  You are in our system as an optin from a third party lead source.

I understand you business relies on this type of thing to keep you busy with posts etc.  However I am extending our offer to assist you in whatever you are looking for.  If your intention is to keep responding with vulgarities please refrain.

However if you do have any requests for information or would like us to review any matter we are more than happy to help“.

I would like to think that my last response to mindshark.ca covers that:


If this was a business it would have failed miserably, its taken 3 years to finale start paying for its own hosting.  A post on your site would go against the grain of what my site is about.  But you do not realize that a post about your site has nothing to do with web hosting.  Though I guess I can work on the angle of how netfirms will deal with you once I send my complaint.  But the truth is, my feedback on hosts that use fake review sites discourages people from buying, a wonderful business model when you want people to buy.   Coming up with assumptions that I do what I do just for money is at best a poor defense for your spamming me.

Your receiving spam has nothing to do with the fact that you spammed me. I am doing a post because you have indeed spammed me, I did not -REPEAT- I did not authorize or opted for mail outs under this email address.   Therefore any mail out sent to me from you is SPAM.  Use of a  third party does not liberate you from any spam complaints, as clearly the netfirms terms of service indicates.

As for vulgarities, there were none in my last response.  Should you not have stated that when I called you an idiot, or when I said what you were saying was bullshit, or that David Abramovici is a dumbass.  The world can see exactly how many vulgarities I have used which has been very restrained.

Looking forward to another email where you defend the use of mail-outs to people that did not opt into your list because you used a third party “overseas” to collect peoples emails.  While telling me that I am being vulgar and extorting you.  By the way if I was extorting you I would have asked for a lot more then removing me from your list.  Your claim that I opted in has been rejected.  Furthermore the use of a third party to get emails has proven that your mailing list is tainted with other people that did not opt-in.

You can of course continue to lay the blame on me by stating

  1. I opted in.  (which you have already shed doubt on this claim of yours).
  2. I am an extortionist (for which the only thing I asked for was to be removed from your list).
  3. I am doing an article for my business.(despite it being totally off topic for my site).
  4. Complain about my limited vulgarities. (which honestly who would not be vulgar with a spammer).

And you can suffer more complaints then just mine, as I will be providing an outlet for other people that experienced the same thing as me.  Not to mention information how to register their complaints.

Or you can start your list from scratch and make sure you double opt-in your contacts.



Because I typed this from my phone I over repeated some details, but I think it serves the purpose of getting my point across.  Anyway, I did not hear from Zamir of Mindshark.ca again.

Do you have a spam complaint against Mindshark.ca?

First off I enter the domain mindshark.ca into http://centralops.net/co/DomainDossier.aspx

To find out where mindshark.ca is hosting in most cases the network whois will tell you where to send abuse complaints.

The whois tells me that they are with netfirms, it also tells me they are just a little over a year old I will have fun with this on another post where I will discuss mindsharks.ca’s seo skills.  But another thing is mindshark.ca appears to have recently moved to netfirms.com.

So if mindshark.ca harvested/phished for your email like they did mine, I suggest sending the mailout they sent you to [email protected]

You’re also more than welcome to place your own complaints in the comments area of this post.

Two more posts on mindshark.ca are in the works to show the email,  I am currently waiting on netfirms and I am hoping to get a contact from a spam expert before I do the second post on mindshark.

33 Replies to “Mindshark.ca – Seo Marketing Experts or Spammers? Part 1”

  1. We have been a client of Mindshark for almost 2 years now. We have seen a tremendous increase in traffic and rankings.

    I have personally sent over 5 referrals to them and all are seeing results now. I don’t know what the above post has to do with anything about the company’s performance, integrity or results. I have actually gotten to know the staff well and i can vouch that they are a superb team with extreme credibility and performance. I tried over 3 companies before, and none were able to deliver.

    Minshark actually has other SEO firms outsourcing all the work to them!!

    If you want to see my results just go on Google.ca or Google.com and you will see that my site is ranked at the top for many of my keywords. We are getting phone calls and leads daily now from the site.

    My website is betterlivingcanada.ca

  2. You are badly mistaken. Almost every one of those keywords shown on Alexa, my site Is on or near Page 1. Note I’m in Canada so it’s Google.ca

    You seem to just be intent On slamming the company?!

    Why on earth would I cancel the service? That’s crazy! My sales and calls have increased dramatically from their Seo work.

    They even track every phone call and show me which keyword brought me the traffic and the call. It’s the best service and results I’ve seen.

  3. I’m fully aware of personalized search and web history. The reports are based on independent server rankings and I’ve checked on all my friends computers also. It’s corresponds with the google analytics traffic that I see.

    Bar. None they know their stuff and I would recommend them any day of the week.

  4. Hello again D S,

    You do realize that your domain whois information does not back up your claims of 3 years right?

    Creation date: 2010/03/04

    Did you also not see your Alexa score its 4,201,186 in short your rank is craptastic for 3 years of service. Your score is so high that it does not even show a country that its the top in. Your Google page rank is 2, nothing to get excited about. You have provided nothing to prove this company had actually been around before their domain creation date. About the only thing even partially worth while is your back links. Seriously you should be blowing me out of the water with a genuine SEO company. If anything you have provided my point with more proof that this company is not worth using.

    Mindshark.ca while being a seo company was once at 387,496 on Alexa, now they are more then double at 855,677. Remember when it comes to Alexa the lower the number the better. Google.com has a 1, my site has a score of 171,815, prior to my server issues in December I was below 139,000. A company I love to spend money at Amazon.com is number 8.


    Your sites stats provide no proof that this company is worth while, but I do welcome further comments regardless if they are bs or not. After all that helps my SEO ranking at the cost of Mindshark.ca a company that choose to harvest my email and spam me. If your bothered to read my post you would know that is the reason this company is in my sites as its not a hosting review site nor is it a host. I truly hate spam.



  5. We’ve used them for SEO as well. We’ve had solid results.

    They actually do SEO for some fairly large firms including Intel , Netapp and Rogers.

    That was enough proof for me. We already have seen great results based on our incoming calls and site traffic.

  6. Hello Jacob,

    Just a little advice on trolling, its best not to use the same set of ips as other trolls, especially the same ip set as D S.

    As for your claims, pure bs. Out of all the whoopers told on this site you are the winner. For one you never gave your own website, which I am sure if you were not an employee of mindshark.ca would still be craptastic as the last person (D S) who claimed to have had three years of service. As for companies like Intel using them, that seems like a lie too big for the company you are trolling for. Seriously if you were any good you would have buried my posts. Do I need to do a third post? I see you have a new design, and your offering reseller services, funny for a company with claims of outsourcing to another country as to reasoning on how they got my email address.



  7. Exactly it’s the truth which you just can’t accept :). I’ve met other people like you before who can’t accept that they are wrong.

    And yes bravo we have the same ip because we are on the same Internet backbone in the same building. Your ludicrous conclusions that you draw are amusing. Defying all logic and based on pure assumption of the all knowing Benjamin. Seriously. Grow up man.

    You must have had some traumatic childhood experience which has led to this site creation as a way for you to draw attention to yourself.


  8. Hello Jacob,

    I have accepted the truth. I have given details that any SEO novice such as myself can clearly see.
    But here is my opinion on two possible truths about yourself:

    1. You are a troll for mindshark.ca.
    2. Regardless of facts you’re a fan boy that cannot be disappointed by the truth.

    If its number 1 you’re doing a very poor job, and I have dealt with bullies that make people like you look like a powder puff. If its number 2, seek professional help. Canada after all has cheaper meds then the United States.

    Personally I am leaning on number 1. Granted unlike most of the other trolls your buddy D S provided a website. Here is the problem with your trolling, you lack any counter argument to the facts that I provide. You provide no hard numbers. Your counter parts site has an Alexa score of over four million. You have stated nothing that would disprove my point that your counter parts site is barely registering with search engines, as that detail clearly shows. Instead of addressing the hard facts I have given you, you instead decide to insult me with baseless accusations. You have nothing to prove that you have had three years of service and your partner’s own domain is under 2 years old. Based on D S’s traffic stats, you are no better off than someone that just started their website.

    Since you have no facts to back your claim you make up stuff about me. Your traffic stats are in plain view for everyone to see. Frankly anyone that has your stats and paid for SEO service should be canceling and asking for their money back.

    But do please keep the comments up, it really helps to keep this site on the top of mindshark.ca search results :-). It really proves how good they are at seo. You will not win the argument unless you can prove the data I have pointed to as wrong.



    P.S. This site was created because of people like you that think that ethics should be thrown out the window in order to make a buck.

  9. @Jacob. Funny. You (somehow) come to the erroneous conclusion that someone has had a traumatic childhood — and then you tell them to grow up…. while simultaneously imply their own conclusions are illogical and factless.

    So let’s stick with the facts, eh?

    Based on what you said, your own knowledge of SEO is so bad that you don’t realize that every time you comment on someone’s blog (whether it’s this one or anybody else’s) and the only thing you’re doing is giving that blog a boost in the SERPS. Google LOVES multiple, relevant, legitimate comments.
    Anyway, you don’t like what this guy wrote about Mindshark.ca — and so you attack on a personal level. Nice. Say whatever you want, but you can’t ignore public facts.

    1) Mindshark.ca has a piss-poor Alexa score. 809,927 Global rank. That means that 809,926 sites rank better than Mindshark.ca.ca

    2) Low-quality backlinks (only 1 .edu backlink) and no .gov backlinks. LOL

    3) Referring domains/backlinks: Mindshark.ca has 3,706 referring domains, but only one-third of these backklinks (1,273) are on unique domains…. and of those domains, only 654 of these are unique IPs.
    Proof: http://www.majesticseo.com/reports/site-explorer/summary/www.mindshark.ca.ca

    4) Mindshark.ca has a PageRank of 3 — again, a total joke for a self-proclaimed SEO firm like Mindshark.ca. If you want PR3, all it takes is a few PR5 links and a couple PR7 links combined with good quality content. If you’re hiring a SEO firm and that firm/site has less than PR5, RUN — don’t walk — away from that SEO company.

    5) Mindshark.ca has only 224 indexed pages in Google — again, a total joke for a self-proclaimed SEO “professional”.

    6) Mindshark.ca’s Domain Authority? 57. — again a joke. I have automated blogs with PR5 and 20K indexed pages which do better than Mindshark.ca, SEO-wise.

    7) Total organic keywords for Mindshark.ca? 11 — again a joke. Here’s the proof: http://www.semrush.com/info/mindshark.ca.ca

    8) When I Google “Mindshark.ca”, this site (hosting-reviews-exposed.com) comes up on the same page. Whether I am logged into Google or not. WHY would anyone want to hire Mindshark.ca if they can’t even populate the first page of the search results with non-negative results? Even the most mediocre SEO firms are capable of this.

    9) Worse of all: Mindshark.ca has a history of using comment spam. Doubt me? Go through their backlinks. Comment spamming is the absolute WORST SEO offense. It’s amateurish. It’s stupid.
    It’s harmful to your website…. Yet Mindshark.ca is comment spamming other blogs. What a joke.

    So what does Mindshark.ca have going for it? They’ve got a beautiful site! I think it looks AWESOME, but their hype and marketing does not match reality.

    If Mindshark.ca is capable of doing what they claim they can do, then why haven’t they done it for themselves? One would think that a site that claims to have “4000+ Clients” and hundreds of resellers could do a lot better… A LOT better.

    Bottomline: Mindshark.ca is an apparent fraud based solely on current PUBLIC facts and evidence. If you think otherwise and/or you are a client of Mindshark.ca, either you’ve been sold a bill of goods by Mindshark.ca — or you work for Mindshark.ca and you’re trying to perform some ill-directed damage control.

    Either way, it’s pretty dumb to insult someone by claiming they have had a traumatic childhoold — and simultaneously telling them to “grow up”. Why not stick with the facts yourself?

  10. Thanks for the assist Linda.

    Jacob this is one of the people I work with when it comes to my SEO needs, someone I had mentioned to the owner of Mindshark.ca as to why I would never give out my email address to a company like them. Linda could have wrote volumes more on the mistakes with Mindshark.ca.

    If your really a customer of Mindshark.ca, you should contact Linda for some real effective SEO. Just following a small part of her advice has gotten my site where it is.

  11. Great thread!

    Mind Shark contacted me through email as well and they are full of it… But I’ll save that for another complaint on here…

    Benjamin and Linda are 100% right… Anyone with any background in SEO can see through all the BS..

    As for DS and Jacob, I can’t understand how either of you can be happy with Mind Shark’s services… it’s plain as day how poorly DS’s website ranks.

    Also, if you are busy in the ‘health food industry’ and busy with the business Mind Shark is providing you with… Why would you be searching them online and reading about them on here?

    I have worked with hundreds of companies and have experienced both the good and the bad… One thing is for sure… I have never researched a company I had already been working with… to review what other people think of them… and then defend them??

    Anyways… keep up the good work… companies like Mind Shark should be held accountable for their actions and the actions of who they outsource to..

  12. Hello Jennifer,

    I can put you in touch with some one that does serious SEO, but they are not cheap.



  13. Mindshark Marketing are scammers and the most unprofessional marketers in the world for sure. I have received over 100 marketing emails from them tried originally to unsubscribe, this is how they know your there. I have called them and they treated me awful. The biggest rudest, most un polite person there is Molly Anders
    [email protected]
    1.877.674.2751 ext 732
    Can someone give me a number in Canada to complain about these rude crooks.
    They say there are in Canada but I doubt that! You really can’t understand them. I am also getting phone calls then they hang up from 305-507-4786.
    I am far more likely to boycott than patronize businesses I see using these jokers.


  14. All I can say is thank you. I was going to use Mindshark.ca as I’ve been getting lots of emails from them. I Googled them and on the same page were several bad reviews and complaints and this one is very informative. I am currently using Doppler Internet but am searching for a better option for web hosting. Can you refer someone? Thank you.

    Steve S

  15. Hello Steve,

    Do you still have those emails? Also did you give them your email address?

    Most of the seo experts I know are not cheap, but I have yet to see anyone that goes with them and follows what they are told to do not fail.



  16. Hello Steve,

    If you don’t mind I am sending you an email, I would love it if you could forward me them would be an excellent post and I would appreciate your feed back.



  17. We, too, have received A LOT of comment spam from MindShark and unsolicited email (spam) in general. These shysters should be glad they are located in Canada, otherwise we would not hesitate to have our attorney send them an injunction to get them to quit spamming our servers. Collectively, our clients have received THOUSANDS of comment spam with a MindShark.ca backlink and spun comments like “Canada SEO” and “Ontario SEO” etc etc etc.

    These guys are idiots! Comment spam is the fastest, easiest way to get your site de-indexed by Google. God help their clients.

  18. Hey guys…. a quick question regarding MindShark….

    If so many people seem to have complaints about them. Why can’t I find any official complaints on the Better Business Bureau?

    I’m trying to get some initial information on this company and came across this site as a Google result, which immediately tells me something.

  19. Hello Roger,

    What does it tell you?

    Also just because they registered with the BBB it does not mean that complaints will find them. The better question is what websites has mindshark.ca not own that they have helped? But if you want to trust a so called seo expert site with a claim of having more than 400 seo experts that for some reason can not do what they claim, go for it. By the way their claim is they could make search engine results like mine disappear. Which they have not been able to do for over a year now.



  20. Well, what it tells me is that they don’t have the capability/basic understanding of SEO in order to have a site that reflects negatively on them to be removed from the first page of results.

    Ben, I am not currently looking to evaluate whether or not to use their service. I am however, trying to evaluate whether I want to be a part of the company. Not looking good but the training they offer on basic SEO fundamentals may be valuable for a recent graduate.

  21. Hello Roger,

    By and large the bulk of complaints on this site are not due to wanting to use service, rather about being approached to work for them. Did they email you as well?

    Sorry at first I thought you were one of their trolls.



  22. I actually encountered one of their ads on Monster and followed up as it seemed a good opportunity to get my foot in the door and begin learning about SEO and internet marketing.

    If you were to suggest avoiding this company, which I’m sure you are, what would you recommend for a person trying to find a legitimate way to break into the Internet Marketing/SEO industry?

  23. Hello Roger,

    I can’t really say I can recommend anyone. All the experts in SEO I know are self taught and have been doing what they do for 10 years or longer. All have adapted to changes in the top search engines. I have meet most of them through places like elance.com, and various associates.

    The reason I would not recommend Mindshark.ca is the mere fact that I am able to dominate their search engine results. On top of that I am an SEO noob, something I have gone into greater detail on other posts on mindshark.ca on this site.




    I realize this is probable not the answer you are looking for.



  24. Think twice before outsourcing anything to Mindshark, JumpFactor or Tuminto as they have no technical skills to handle proper SEO or hosting or the development.
    Company employees few migrants from Canada and most of the work getting done from either Philippines, Bangladesh, India or some crappy south Asian locations.
    Employees were ill paid and using as slaves. Neither employees nor employer doesn’t know what the SEO means. Due to the low pay grade no one used to stay focused or delivering what they supposed to do.
    They are good at one thing, scraping contact lists and spamming them telling they are the number 1.
    How come a company becoming number 1 provider when the CEO doesn’t know what the subject matter is and hiring people to undertake tests on behalf of him.
    All these positive referrals are from the same company and its again JumpFactor.

  25. Think twice before outsourcing anything to Mindshark, JumpFactor or Tuminto as they have no technical skills to handle proper SEO or hosting or the development.
    Company employees few migrants from Canada and most of the work getting done from either Philippines, Bangladesh, India or some crappy south Asian locations.
    Employees were ill paid and using as slaves. Neither employees nor employer doesn’t know what the SEO means. Due to the low pay grade no one used to stay focused or delivering what they supposed to do.
    They are good at one thing, scraping contact lists and spamming them telling they are the number 1.
    How come a company becoming number 1 provider when the CEO doesn’t know what the subject matter is and hiring people to undertake tests on behalf of him.
    All these positive referrals and the comments are from the same company and its again JumpFactor.

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