Unlimitedgb.com – A Scam to Avoid!!!

The first time I heard of unlimitedgb.com was when I thought someone commented about justhost.  I looked at the site, and made the comment this host may be worse then justhost based on a cost that was far less then what was already dirt cheap with justhost.  I also doubt that unlike Justhost a Endurance International Group site, that this blog spammer was supplementing their income by advertising on their customer control panel.  Meaning that this spammer was increasingly likely to shut down anyone that used too many or too few resources.  Unlimitedgb.com is the first hosting scam that I will write a post up for this year.

Before I go further into my rant, I am going to be pretty clear about going with a company that spams.  Spamming is illegal, and if they are willing to spam what other illegal activities are they willing to engage in?  For that matter will they even offer the service that you thought you were getting from them?  Because this host choose to spam my blog to try and get customers I have to declare them a scam. You should avoid this host at all costs.  Yes they may be far cheaper then the more commonly know cheap hosts, but can you really afford to give access to your money to someone that can not bring customers in under valid forms of commercialism?  Unlimitedgb.com should be avoided at all costs.

Just a sample of Unlimitedgb.com’s spam

Below is just a small sample of what has been coming in.  For some reason its not been caught by the spam filters.  Making me wonder if I should try and tighten down the the ability for someone to make a comment.  But the truth of the matter is I will not, because 99.9% of the attempts do not go through they add to my Alexa score.  I was a little surprised to find this out.  Even though I gain by their attempts, I am not willing to let them use my blog to give them a leg up on getting people to sign up for their service.  This will be the only mention they get from my site unless I find more dirt as to why no one should choose this despicable company.

At this point I don’t think any of the comments are real.  The first comment was proable put by someone within the company, but the other comments look like a bot.  Though none of them match, so perhaps even these comments were placed by someone within Interweb iTech.  All for the purpose increasing this host’s search engine ranking.  The weird thing is they entered hosting-reviews-exposed.com in as their site on their comments.  No references to a individuals website.

The lights at unlimitedgb.com are on, but nobody is home

I wanted to give these guys a piece of my mind.   When I saw the below graphic I thought great I can chat with one of them.

Well I was wrong, regardless of there being a “LIVE RESPONSE Online” I get this:

There live response does not mean they are “Ready to Assist You…”.  It means you can click on that to send them a message.  If you want to know who owns this company I have copied the below from the whois for their domain.


    Interweb iTech (India) Private Limited
    Sanson D'silva        ([email protected])
    No.371 Cross Cut Road,
    Tamil Nadu,641012
    Tel. +91.9994169999
    Fax. +91.4224377683

What I find interesting is whats in the address bar for Unlimitedgb.com

Since Unlimitedgb.com you wanted some search engine results, I am more then willing to give them some negative feed back.

Unlimitedgb and Interweb iTech is a scam and should be avoided at all costs.

98 Replies to “Unlimitedgb.com – A Scam to Avoid!!!”

  1. Please listen my words
    Unlimited GB Hosting offers

    1. 99.99% up time grantee.
    It is absolutely wrong. I had a mistake 4 months ago. You know what is the mistake. Yes, I had to select unlimited GB for my website hosting. They offer low web hosting prices. It is unlimited GB’s trap.

    2. Payment via Online Fund Transfer
    My payment debited from my bank account two times. The second time debit, they done at the next working day. So beware the payment transaction with unlimited GB. This problem tasted more unlimited GB Use Rs.

    3. 100000 Templates.
    This is another clever cheating from unlimited GB. I talk to the supporters 12 times to activate my free web templates account. The every response time they provide a temporary password. This password expired after two or three days. Means this password work only two or three days. Again i requested to the supporters and they give. This process continuously. How is it?

    Finally I had change my hosting company to another. So you think two or three times before choosing unlimited GB.

    Not Recommended

  2. Guys Please its a REQUEST please refer me a good hosting company.
    After reading all these i m totally confused

  3. Please listen my words
    Unlimited GB Hosting offers

    1. 99.99% up time grantee.
    It is absolutely wrong. I had a mistake 4 months ago. You know what is the mistake. Yes, I had to select unlimited GB for my website hosting. They offer low web hosting prices. It is unlimited GB’s trap.

    2. Payment via Online Fund Transfer
    My payment debited from my bank account two times. The second time debit, they done at the next working day. So beware the payment transaction with unlimited GB. This problem tasted more unlimited GB Use Rs.

    3. 100000 Templates.
    This is another clever cheating from unlimited GB. I talk to the supporters 12 times to activate my free web templates account. The every response time they provide a temporary password. This password expired after two or three days. Means this password work only two or three days. Again i requested to the supporters and they give. This process continuously. How is it?

    Finally I had change my hosting company to another. So you think two or three times before choosing unlimited GB.

    Not Recommended

  4. hi,

    I am using this hosting review..Last time when i got a good service was when i have taken a demo account.All my problem was solved within half an hour but after that I dont know what to say,every second i have to chase them for the errors which i face like their panel doesnot allow me to load the war file and sometimes my mails doesn’t work and many more error which i can tell…

    For me correcting the error sometimes become nightmare to me

  5. Dear All,

    Here goes one more SWEET failure story by Unlimited GB’s WORST services :-

    USELESS Company , No Customer Care at all !

    Last 2 years , I had my 4 Domains + Hosting accounts with them.

    Also 3 of my clients had similar accounts.

    Twice my sites got hacked some time backed.

    1. http://www.internetconsultantindia.com
    2. http://www.ecologic.org.in

    , they did not give backup, their support people do not know what to do to prevent hacking & do not know about backups,restore. They even did not provide me any backups. I have heard that all of hosting providers provide this.

    Then since yesterday night , they have suspended my account saying “Server overload”. Without intimation to a client like me.

    site : internetconsultantindia.com

    Truly Horrible.

    They say there is Online chat, No one available, the available people , do not know anything.

    I want to get all my hosting money back.

    They are not telling me what to do next.

    I am in a fix:- What should I do now ?

    Will I get my domain Back ?
    What about hosting money paid ?
    Can I still transfer domain to other hosting providers ? & how to do that ?

  6. Well, I fully agree with most of the mails above. It is almost 3 weeks since I have taken space with them, however the site is still not active.

    The guys sitting in live support (half the time they are not there, specially during the night, contrary to their claim that they are 24×7) do not have a clue about anything. Thomas and James are the ones I have contacted. James is hopeless. Thomas has “some” technical idea, atleast about the basic things.

    I am seriously considering shifting over from them. I do not know whether I will get back the money from them.



  7. Dear Biju,

    I have shifted to :-

    1. Shift to hostgator baby plan- 8 $ per month, unltd sites.[Works out to be 5000 Rs per annum] Support is excellent.

    2. Install EZPZ Plugin if u r using wordpress , keep habit of backups.

    3. In fact now what I do is :- prepare a post by hand , then on pc in word , then upload to blog.

  8. Hello Vikas,

    If they are not a scam provide a site that you actually host. Because frankly there are lot of customers that do not agree.



  9. Hello Benjamin,
    First of I will like to thank for such a great post. I was planning to go for a linux dedicated hosting from unlimited GB. But after reading your post, I was in a dilemma & decided to rather test it by purchasing a Rs 999/- linux hosting plan.
    This hosting Company is a real scam’ster & fraud’ster.I started my hosting plan on 29th November 2011 and my account is suspended by Jan 14 2012 without a prior notice. The reason they cite is violation of terms of usage. when i contacted them to resolve the issue,Unlimited gb says ‘they can’t UN-Suspend my Account”.
    I would like to ask you Benjamin;Is there any legal way to slap a fine for this company. I am currently consulting some legal professionals regarding this issue. Your views can be of a great help.

  10. Hi Bibhudatta,

    My site was also suspended. There were some genuine [??] reasons, which I could find out. Such as I had uploaded some plugins on site which was fetching too much data.

    But again , this is my assumption. There was no technical explaination & support given by unlimitedgb.

    I have retained the site there , but I have purchased hosting from hostgator now, where I am getting a good service.

  11. Hello Bibhudutta,

    I am assuming by your IP address that your from India, is that correct?

    Honestly I have no idea what the laws are in your country. But I think the best way to take them on is to have every bit of the communications that you had with them put online for everyone to see.

    Defiantly keep in formed to what your legal professionals say.



  12. Hi Guys,

    I was thinking to buy a JAVA Hosting from the UnlimitedGb.com but by seeing all this posts i have came to a conclusion not to go with this SPAM website.

    And guys can you help me out in getting hosting for a JSP site, i mean i want JAVA hosting. If you guys find a good website with a low cost, please try to help me out

  13. I don’t know about you Guys but I hosted many website under Unlimitedgb.com. thou I was surprise to see their Office 20 people are working there. But yet now I don’t face any problem except minor technical which they solve within few hours. I personally visited their office and I believe all hosting company is like that only hardly 10 to 20 people only. I think it’s safe to host in this company. But if you are looking for corporate web application a BIG one then I will not suggest it.

  14. Hello Agithex,

    Are you aware of what you Alexa score is? Its over 14 million.


    In traffic terms I am probable the only person that has visited your site today. So on the plus side I probable cut 100,000 or more off your score. Come back when you get some real traffic and then tell me if you still like them. There is not much going on here unless you can tell me that you have had a lot of tickets for a site that really is not doing much of anything.



  15. Hi,
    First of all, please don’t consider this comment as spam. I am scammed by unlimitedgb.com and wrote a review regarding the same. Here’s my review– http://unlimitedgbscam.blogspot.com/

    I am very much frustrated now and i think this shitty company deserves another negative review and i think my blog will help you.

  16. SCAM!!!

    I had my domain hosted with them and they suspended it one day with immediate notice by mail – saying Excess Server Load.
    Following is mail communication:

    some date in 2011 my domain details 52.0 /usr/bin/php /home/myuser/public_html/index.php

    Note: These figures are averages since 24 hours today.
    Note: This script will only track CGI CPU/memory usage if you have suexec installed.
    You have 4 CPUs; therefore, these CPU percentages are divided by 4 to indicate the true percentage of all CPU power used.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Sanson D’silva
    Managing Director
    Interweb iTech (India) Private Limited.

    I am not sure why this started just a week ago. There has been no change on this domain since past 3 months. I have 2 subdomains in addition – they are hosted with same account and I paid additional amount for it. So load should be considered for three domains – and not one right? Why resource utilization is high just for past week, while my domains are almost having no changes for over past three months? I had checked webalizer reports yesterdat and I did not see any unusual requests coming to these domains. Can you please send me webalizer reports so we can verify whats going wrong?
    Also Can you please keep cpanel active? If you are not certain about load- keep website suspended untill we conclude – but I would need cpanel login to understand server load statistics by fetching logs.

    then they activated my cpanel for one day and again suspended the domain.

    What the hell they put in email is not what my domain reports show in logs. Finally I shifted to other hosting service. DO NOT EVER GO FOR HOSTING SERVICE WITH UNLIMITEDGB.COM

  17. Spam!!!!!!
    I have purchased hosting plan from them. Now my website is not opening to many IP locations. When I contacted them, they say we can’t help you.
    Never do business with is company.
    Indian Govt. should act on this company.

  18. i have takn a hosting plan from them.in this is the worst hosting i ever seen.after using 3 months.n sundenly i got msg tht ur account is suspended.becoz of high usage of server..wtf.. They all r cheater..whn i try to call they say v cant help..whnu try to chat online they will replay u in minimum 10 min.do not go for This fucking HOSTING UNLIMITEDGB.

  19. Yes i totally agree with all you guys it’s scam hosting….i purchased a domain and hosting from unlimited gb but after 2 month my site got hacked i contact with them but they never help me out and after some days they suspend my account with out notic….total scam unlimited gb is stoling my money and efort…..


  20. I wish that our team had read it before we took a plan from this incompetent bunch.

    @Vikas – Unlimitedgb a Good site !!! Really? How?
    @ajithex – You visited this company or you work there?

    Here is our story – you judge their competency and commitment.

    23/12/2011 19:00
    Order Number – XXXXXXXXXX
    Bill Amount – 19,999 INR
    The plan allows to host unlimited number of websites.

    Ticket ID : XXXXXX
    Department: SUPPORT
    Urgency: HIGH
    Status: CLOSED (Shows their attitude)

    28/12/2011 18:06 (VINOD)
    we have 19,999 unlimied windows hosting and DB hosting plan.
    We need web config support to specify db and connection.
    We will need this for each website to be hosted.
    We can not find this in the control panel. please advise how to do this.

    29/12/2011 13:58 (UNLIMITEDGB)
    Dear sir,
    Kindly see the below attachment.
    Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

    29/12/2011 14:50 (VINOD)
    Thanqu for your reply.
    Where should be specify the server name?

    29/12/2011 17:12 (UNLIMITEDGB)
    Sorry we are not providing remote database access due to security reasons .
    Please use
    database server=local host.
    MS-SQL Server Connection String Sample

    For ASP.Net Connection String use
    data source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Integrated Security=SSPI

    29/12/2011 19:59 (VINOD)
    Thanks for the reply.
    we needed remote database on urgent basis, but now as you cant deliver the same, so we would request you to kindly refund our money on urgent basis.


    30/12/2011 13:37 (UNLIMITEDGB)
    I check with my management and reply to this ticket Please wait.

    02/01/2012 11:02
    Thanqu for your reply.
    kindly confirm the date by which the amount can be redeemed..

    02/01/2012 17:15 (VINOD)
    Still waiting for your revert.

    03/01/2012 12:51 (VINOD)
    Dear Team
    Still waiting for your reply

    03/01/2012 14:50 (VINOD)
    Kindly refund our our money and cancel our subscription. Please advise us the next steps.

    03/01/2012 16:29 (UNLIMITEDGB)
    We have forwarded this mail to our concern department.Once we get an update let you know.Please wait


    03/01/2012 17:21 (UNLIMITEDGB)
    Sorry it is not possible. It is the sole Responsibility of the Customer to check all the details before purchasing the product.

    03/01/2012 17:30 (VINOD)
    Dear Sir,
    Please see it in all fairness – have you done anything or taken any steps to resolve this problem?
    1. How can we check if your services work or not work, without using it.
    2. We can not use the service without purchasing it.
    3. You have not been able to resolve the problem and if your system does not work then why should we be penalized for it?

    04/01/2012 13:51 (UNLIMITEDGB)
    Dear Sir,
    Senior Management peoples are looking in to this issue, Once we get an update we will let you know. Please wait.

    05/03/2012 12:00 (VINOD)
    Dear Sirs,
    Kindly update us about the views of Senior Management on this pending issue.

    07/03/2012 16:37 (UNLIMITEDGB)
    Dear sir,
    Before taking an account It is the sole Responsibility of the Customer to check all the details before purchasing the product.You should have taken a demo account and check the features for a single account.


    07/03/2012 17:06
    1. At the time of selling – you did not suggest to us that “We shoudl take a demo account” to check if your services work effectively.
    2. Have you taken any steps to “resolve” this problem. If so, we are completely unaware of these.
    3. “Money back commitment” is not a mere phrase – it should be actively supported and backed up by actions.
    4. We are baffled at the non-caring attitude of your Senior Management (a service organization) towards a reseller who could hav potentially brought you more business if your services would have worked efficiently. But that is a choice they have made. Henceforth, we would not consider doing any business with your organization.




  22. Terrible Hosting Company

    Their hosting services are too pathetic and they messed up my business website.
    They assured guaranteed uptime, later on my website had faced down time for a long duration and also internal server errors.
    I had faced different types of error,like “Internal server error”,”Service Unavailable”,”URL could not be retrieved” etc.
    I had fed up with their hosting service and had move to the other service provider(HostGator). It would be better to stay away from this terrible hosting provider..

    UNLIMITEDGB announce they provide 100 days money back guarantee. Once your money received, they do not give any money.

    So you do not choose UNLIMITEDGB’s hosting services. It is very terrible.

    I highly recommended web hosting service is HostGator

  23. Hello Kim,

    I am sorry to say but this site is not about who is best, but who is engaging in shoddy marketing.



  24. Hello,

    I read all comments posted but no body has mentioned Unlimited GB about their email solutions.

    I opted their service in first week of April and from the day one till now I have not used fully functioned email (emails with attachment). My whole business is based on emails and I loose hundreds of dollar per day If I don’t have fully functioned email. But they are not ready to fix this out.

    I am behind their customer support like anything but they all are illiterate and have no idea how to solve the problem.

    Now I am seriously thinking to go for any other server.

    I should have read these comments before I subscribed to Unlimited pathetic services.

    Please stay away from Unlimited GB


  25. Thanks a lot to all of you….I was planning to go for such hosting…when i first compare its prices with others…i was shocked to see how unlimitedgb.com can provide such a big packages….like 1000000 temaplates,,,unlimted bandwidth,,nd ol…

    So,it was akind of trap,,,,

    Another big trap that dey provide JAVA HOSTING for 1699/year after 15% discount while others around 500/month….and even with some limitations of space and bandwidths in them but for unlimitedgb.com it’s totally more than expectations i.e unlimited space,data transfer etc….

    unable to beleive……thanks for saving me….

  26. Dear Benjamin,

    The above blog was very much helpful, as i was on my way to make a deal with unlimitedgb.com . Thank you

    I am planning to host a website(Java) with QualiSpace.in , but i am not able to find any reviews. I am not able to understand which service provider to opt for.

    Can you help me for a good provider for java+tomcat

  27. Hello Rohan,

    I would ask them what domain they were using before 2005, because qualispace.in was created back in 2005. Yet they claim to have had reputed customers since 1998. I looked at the whois because I was pretty sure the .in extension had not been around back then.



  28. Hi Benjamin,
    Thanks in advance. I got to your site tracing hostzil.la which happens to be administered by a guy called Sanson D’silva, could that be the same of the unlimitedgb?

  29. i saw their add on google & shocked(coz of their prices).i was like WTF.thats too cheap. & everything is unlimited.i have bought a new domain name forumbroadband.com & need a hosting provider for it. i talked with their sales team & man he was taking 5 min to type a single sentence.then i searches for their review & here this is what i saw. i m lucky coz i didnt buy their service(& saved my money). i took some snapshot of their sales services too,just too show how fast they are.i can post it here if u want to see it too.

  30. Yes I think all the customer are not satisfied from this unlimitedgb.com.

    Even they also suspended my domain. Then I’ll tell them through chat if my site is not un-suspend within 24 hr then I make complain in consumer court against your company. My dear they do unsuspend my account in 5 minutes.

    But they give me the reason that you have not permission to use more then 8% server resources.

    So now I am looking to transfer my domain to another server.

    what about http://www.fatcow.com hosting site?

    Please help me to find good server

  31. Dear Shamim: Please provide the Consumer Court complaint details so that all the suffering friends can take the necessary action against them.
    Thank you in advance for your support. Regards,

  32. Hi

    Was searching for a reliable webhost service. Found out about unlimitedgb.com and had almost purchased the account. Then I thought why not search for some reviews. And here I reach a page which has unlimited reviews for them, and NOT ONE is positive. All are negative reviews.

    I have decided against them, now will start searching again, or else go to hostgator. They are the best. Had also considered GoDaddy.com but decided against them because they do not have a live chat feature. This feature is a CRITICAL requirement for any webhost. I know because I had a webhosting account till recently, which I discontinued because was not able to devote time to IM.

    Just now have found out about dollar2host.in
    Will try to find out how reliable they are.

    Thanks folks.

  33. Another one which I am considering is crazydomains.com but don’t know which one to choose.

    Need to dig more.

  34. Sure unlimitedgb.com has given option for money back but when you demand for the refund then will tell , sorry, we can not refund and can be create multiple reason. so, Better to my advice for new people who is looking for cheap rate hosting . Dont use unlimitedgb.com this company . these are fake and fraud with his comitment. Dont see unlimitedgb.com front customer feedback message that all message are dummy and his own person message. so, dont go with unlimitedgb.com never and never. If you are looking for best hosting then godaddy is believable company and can be make a call for best and cheap hosting company make a call -91-9811417303

    Share this article to save our India and dont stealth our people.



  36. Think many times b4 you pick them. Don’t select just because of the cheap price. Their services were down for more than 36 hours from 06 Feb 2013 01:30 PM to 07 Feb 2013 late night. Just three days later on 10th Feb again server went down in the second half of the day. It is not yet up till this time (12 Feb 2012 10:00 AM). When ever I call them for support, I get the answer “Services will be up in another two hours”. They never update customers regarding planned outage or incidents occur. I have really bad experience with them. I am planning to move all my four site from them. Before you host, just call them and ask if there were such incidents on above said dates and believe yourself.

    One of the best cheater…. Never select them…

  37. Web hosting service and support by UnlimitedGB is horrible and hopeless. I suggest you all not to opt. We went through major pains by taking UnlimitedGB service.


  39. This webhost is not a company. UnlimitedGB is someone’s hobby. They have neither the time or the desire to respond to any support tickets.

    My problems were too numerous but here’s a summary:

    1-Unresponsive support
    2-PHP malconfigured
    3-cpanel not working
    4-Overloaded server drive…mine is frequently 100%
    5-Overloaded home dir also 100%

    I will start a blog very soon to inform others.

  40. Unlimited GB is a third class hosting company. Even though I hv renewed my hosting service that company had removed my webpages from their server. After doing the so many follow ups they did not responded yet from past 2 weeks. I certainly suggest you guys never ever go for their service.

  41. On dated Oct 31 I have purchased a windows server From UNLIMITED WEB HOSTING along with a domain name (
    helloarup.com) The Order Number: 5045273512.

    Till now my server is not ready and now i have decided to refund my money.
    I have send several support ticket for this, but didn’t find any solution.
    Even I have also called several times in your phone number which is given
    on the invoice. You chat is not works at night. Even you are not in 24/7
    support service.

    THE FRAUD COMPANY …………………………..

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