– is Cloud bg an International host of mystery?

8 more hosts to go with my May 2010 webhostingstuff list, which brings me to Cloud bg.  Cloud bg is a bit of an oddity out of all the sites.  I say that because unlike the other 17 hosting companies, this company does not list the U.S. dollar (well it has a limited list).  The only site close to them is, but they are an English company.  However unlike Cloud bg, has a web site for for the U.S.  I tend to think that Canada gets over looked in this market after all while they may be an English country, their currency does not have the same value as  the U.S. Dollar or the U.K. Pound.  Clearly their link with was meant to target an English audiance as their link is .  When you go directly to, it  takes you to site in Bulgarian.  You have to click on the British Flag in order to get the site translated for you in English.

How long has Cloud bg been around?

Its a bit unclear, and frankly I don’t know how bg domains are handled.    After all you don’t see an approval date on. dot com’s. has no idea how long Cloud bg has been around either:

Site Established: Unknown
Traffic Popularity: #909 of 10,291 companies

Despite dropping from 18 to 20, they have a traffic popularity of 909.


requested on: 13/04/2009
processed from: 13/04/2009
activated on: 21/04/2009
expires at: 13/04/2011
domain status: Registered, conditional contract

If I am reading this correctly it appears the domain was created on April 21, 2010.    Not exactly a veteran company. This post might shed more light as to how long they have been around:

Cloud bg’s reviews on Webhostingstuff

What I find unique about Cloud Bg’s two reviews is the dates.

Cloud.Bg is the best solution! (Excellent)
– by Yulian ( on 19 May 2010 – the best web hosting provider (Excellent)
– by Miroslav ( on 18 May 2010

What are the chances of only having two reviews just a day apart?

Does Cloud bg host

No, despite having issues of trying to look at the who is info for this domain  I am able to look at the network info and I get the following:

netname:        SUPERHOSTINGBG
descr:          SuperHosting.BG Ltd
I can't confirm that they were ever with them, of if they recently changed their dns.

I wonder what the chances are of one review coming in one day after another.

Does Cloud bg host

Yes, Cloud bg does host  However the domain was registered this year.

Queried with “dom”…

   Domain Name: MVVITANOV.COM
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.CLOUD.BG
   Name Server: NS2.CLOUD.BG
   Status: clientTransferProhibited
   Updated Date: 12-mar-2010
   Creation Date: 12-mar-2010
   Expiration Date: 12-mar-2011

Cloud bg’s up time for July 2010

There are two things I gather from this.  Its possible that Cloud bg has only been active as of February of this year, or they were not added to until they started bidding for positioning in the top 25 spot.    That and perhaps is no longer hosting with Cloud bg because of this large amount of down time in May (26 hours)  and July (121 hours or 5 days of down time).    But last I checked is a single page website with what appears to be a under construction page / place holder (sorry I can not read Bulgarian).    The only post I can find in relation to any down time is:

From the sound of it, you would think they were down only three hours.

With in this post I find a link to the announcements, and I find three posts in July in regards to downtime.

But nothing in these announcements explains away the 7,249 minutes of downtime for July 2010 that lists.  There is nothing at least in English that explains away what happen in May.

The Cloud bg affiliate program

When I look at their twitter and Facebook feeds:

I get the impression that they are paying out $152.50 per sale.

But you have to read in full, to realize that its not every sale, and this depends on if the person actually signs up for the year.  I have no problem with them going from 18% to 20% on affiliate commissions.   But the tweet and Facebook update give an impression of fees of the other companies on the top 25 of

Finale thoughts on Cloud bg

Reading through their website I can tell that English is not their first language.  I know I am not one to talk as I don’t exactly go through my blog with a fine tooth comb, often I find myself coming in to correct what I put up.  But I am not trying to sell a service.  I have never been the person to put up sales material online.    There are a lot of details that bother me about Cloud bg, granted not as much as some of the others.

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  1. Actually, the Canadian dollar has been pretty well at par with USD for some time now. Probably the main reason it gets overlooked is the relative size of the country, though that’s a pretty weak reason.

    Cheers, good article and analysis.

  2. Hello,

    I have never seen so biased review! I host my websites with this company and they worth to be trusted although the had some issues within the last 30 days. This is quite innovative service, the only one of its kind on the market. I mean the cPanel Cloud hosting.

    You it is obvious that English is not their native language. You got to be jerk off not to know that. The domain is

    Your reviews suck!

  3. Miroslav,

    If English is not a language that comes naturally to them then they should stay out of that market. I could have made a lot of money off the Spanish market if I just used Google’s translator. Frankly I was not comfortable since my own understanding of the language was not up to par to assist customers. It did not feel right nor did it feel professional.

    1 – 5 days is not exactly what I call few issues. I am also sure there are more biased reviews out there from those that had to go through the down time.

    You know what sucks? It sucks that they have to pay to be in the top 25, and they did not earn it. They choose to pay You can call me a jerk because their own actions to fake their rankings caught my attention.

    I suspect that this is not the last of your “few problems”.



  4. Sorry for inquiring on this post, but I couldn’t find a contact page on first sight so I figured I ask here. What is the hosting provider you use, mine does not support wordpress for some reason and I certainly want to modify to wordpress from blogengine since wordpress has so many more features and themes. I hope you can help me out on this one, this is a wordpress blog right?

    Best regards, James

  5. Hello James,

    The contact page link can be found right below the exposed in my header graphic to the top right hand site. Yes this is a WordPress blog.

    Currently I recommend for starting out for a new site with wordpress would be Godaddy, for my review on the site please see:

    But I am not wiling to say they are the best solution, they are a start up solution.



  6. Just to share my observations about this relatively old post, because it was kinda helpful for me.
    Based on information provided by, review is pretty decent. looks to me like a child of
    It looks like they have affiliation with, US company (logo of looks alike, uses their data center for US hosting…)

    2.About english – not only english version is unclear… bulgarian version is not very clear too.
    It bugs me when large companies are too cheap to hire efficient translators and people to take care about this stuff (not me, my english is not very good too, but there are a lot of people around, if they want to do something about that).

    3.About pricing and affiliate program – it’s just not right. When i see unclear offer like that, I am just ignoring it, but I don’t appreciate time waste, because of misty/incorrectly written stuff.

    4.About .bg domains – seems to me, like they activated in 2009, so it’s not 2010 as author of this post concluded.

    My conclusion is that they ( are not doing this with purpose to scam, but they have no excuse to keep such low level of clarity and care for details on their web sites. It is not very “Leading Company” like.

  7. Most people think that going to a company that has been around for a short time or has not shown to be a “Leading Company” are rippoff’s and scams. which i believe is stupid.

    Did you know that 60 percent of the smaller and unpopular companies are way better than the bigger companies?

    Its like a bank, who would you trust, the big guy or the small guy?

    Ill take the small. because of the reasons:

    1. They will get to know you faster, thats were you finally get discovered.

    2. smaller companies have to work harder to grow, which also means they have to watch every step and word they put out.

    3. The bigger always comes to be the worst throughout time.

    The bigger ones slack off the work cause they dont have to work as hard and they start changing things, and adding people that know little about the companies history and treat the customers like crap sometimes.

    4. Would you feel more secure with a bigger bank or a small friendly bank?

    Its the same with webhosting. Just cause they dont put there identity out there, dont mean there the bad ones, most of time there usually the small friendly people.

  8. Hello Tirevs,

    This is a fairly new host that really did not put the work into getting customers as both it’s Bulgarian and English translations are pretty poor.

    Should a new host be eager to please and get to know new customers? The clear answer to that is yes, its one of the few advantages that they have over older more established companies. But thats not always the case with some of the new hosts that I have reviewed. Like this one that appeared in a pay to play ranking system called



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