is the worst host? Check this review out before you buy!!!!

If you were to mention to me, the phrase “like shooting fish in a barrel” comes to mind. They may be the worst one that I have found, defiantly worst out of the first 7of top 25 hosts you should avoid. This indeed the first host I find valid complaints with just “mochahost sucks”

The first of which I looked at:

Shamefully this is one of the’ staffs responses to a customer:

Mr. Voorhees,

Before we respond to your actual review I have to say that we are shocked that a person who is associated with a Christian church is actually making false statements, lies, and means harm to others. We are sure that this behavior is not what they teach at your church “Colber Church of Christ” and are 100% positive that the Bible does not teach you how to harm other people and how to be a liar!

We should probably contact the teachers at your church and warn them about what person you are actually are?

Bottom-line: Don’t ever bring a person’s religion in to business, and for that matter use it to shame a customer. This is wrong on multiple levels.  Stick to business. But frankly I think there is little weight with this Mochahost Representative claims that Mr. Voorhees is a liar. As it seems he / she is the one who is trying to cover up complaints against the land slide of complaints for this company. I would chalk this one up to just a disgruntle tech if I did not see more counter complaints of the same nature against other customers.

Mochahost even has negative reviews on, which I think is rather weird

And there is more:

They have a C rating at the moment with the Better Business Bureau, though from some posts it was d – and f.

Even can’t hide all the negative reviews for that are pouring in for the last 30 days.

Just to be on the safe side I figured I will copy a sample of those complaints in the last 30 days just in case.

support muppets (Poor) – by Chris ( on 17 June 2010

MochaHost is the worst hosting ever (Poor) – by A ( on 15 June 2010

very bad support (Poor) – by sandeep ( on 11 June 2010

Too many layers between customer and true support (Poor) – by Rob ( on 5 June 2010

Very poor support and billing system (Poor) – by Helmuth ( on 3 June 2010

Stay away from this host! (Poor) – by Bert( on 21 May 2010

Only is the only one without negative reviews for Mochahost, or do they?

Clearly they did not do enough research as all of what I found in regards to complaints greater then 10. Thats unless you scroll past “So our verdict: Recommends MochaHost for beginners “, You find:

Updated: Due to the more recent negative comments and feedbacks from our visitors, we are now also recommending an alternative hosting plan byInMotion Hosting. See below for their custom-fit packages priced from only $3 monthly! You pay for what you need and all packages come with cPanel and eCommerce-ready support. Our InMotion hosting review is as good, if not better than about the above webhost. If you have any doubt at all about the above web hosting service, get inMotion hosting instead. If you are asking for another webhost recommendation, inMotion hosting is your answer.

They did not bother to remove their glowing review, and still have a coupon to use to buy hosting from this company. Looking through there is only one thumb up review, which I suspect was planted by the hosting company.

So you say Mocha Host has awards (Well three awards)

One of which is from C/NET:

My Finale Thoughts on

I think it is safe to say that I can close on “mochahost sucks”, there is no point in going any further because I found all of this information in less than 20 minutes. I spent the last 2 hours in reviewing it, and there is still more to review. I see lots of complaints about them not paying their affiliates, and there are not a lot of pro mocha host sites that are using sucks as advertising so I have to wonder if they are true, Like Arvixe Web Solutions, I am bothered by the hostile response to customer complaints. It was simply uncalled for, and worse than Arixe. Going after a customer based on their religion, race, gender, country, and sexuality is simply off limits of any good company. I think it could be possible to forgive a company for a lot of negative reviews, but such an attack is not that easy to forgive.