good or bad host? Read my review and decide for yourself!!!

Webhostingstuff’s Number 8 and with a popularity ranking of 2633, which is the lowest of the top 10.  Its not exactly a company that has unreasonable space and bandwidth, or for that matter a high Affiliate payout (15% is actually reasonable).  Perhaps there are complaints as its not exactly easy to find results that only relate to  Some of my search results bring up British politics, things in relation to native space (though non-internet related).  I have found complaints, but none of them convince me there is a problem with the host.

My problem with them is they are on 8th spot out of 25, don’t be fooled this is a paid spot.

I am going to take a bit of a different approach with this company since its not so easy to find fault, and I welcome this host to explain why they are with  Unlike the first 7 I reviewed which had tons of problems and flaws, I am just not seeing them with

This is going to be a short post as the furthest I am going to go, is I am actually going to go to their contact us link: and I am sending them this link giving them a chance to explain what they are doing on a paid spot.  They can tell me that it is not a paid spot but I actually applied for the spot.  I need to repost the original emails I got from but you can see samples of those emails in my YouTube video.

The only reasons I can see not to sign up with this company would be for one and:

1. No contact other then a contact form

I don’t see a huge problem with a not having a phone number, I ran a hosting company that only did chat, email, and support login.  Phone support always takes longer then the other two forms.

2. Their terms of service are bit weird, look for yourself to see:

Now lets see if I can get a response from