– customer is my First host review of 3 hosts for April 2011’s top 25.  Another host that choose to try’s advertising, perhaps they are not aware that makes them a top 25 host. Depending on how much they pay determines where in the top 25 they are.   So if they choose to contact me like 1/4 the hosts have they can read  Frankly anyone that tells me they did not know at this point have no excuses.  Just by searching for this site comes up on the first page of Google search engine results.  This has been the case for at least 8 months.

The / connection

If you read my initial thoughts I thought that this host may very well be a reseller for

To be honest I am not 100 percent sure they are a client, but the network whois tells me a bit of information that makes me think its, which is websitewelcome.  There not the first host to have that in their network whois., has the same network whois and they are a customer. If you visit you find they made a claim to websitewelcome: resellers choose to have their own name servers for appearance reasons. Using our anonymous name servers of and can be less professional looking for a hosting company.” I am not sure that by definition that is anonymous, as a simple search via I found that link.  That and I really do not think that most people look at the dns of most sites unless they are a host. While I am not sure if is on a dedicated account, I am certain of what they are not on because they have their own private dns. “If you have reseller, SEO, VPS, or Dedicated, you should have those IP’s listed in your welcome email. If not, simply contact HostGator so we can provide you with the correct IP’s.

Here is why I think is on

hosting review As I stated in my initial write up, the down time may be greater then what is actually listed because they ping only once every 6 hours or greater. has all 5 star review from all 14 reviews

Clearly on, which seems to be the only place that has reviews for this hosting company are all 5 star reviews.  The last host to do a review with them is still with them.  But the last review was May 14, 2008.  Worse yet That site is not active.

Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, [email protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

Google cache shows a site under construction page. The other sites that are on have me wondering the legitimacy of the reviews.  Because some of the same people have posted a review, granted it may be years later.  Then in February 3rd and 4th of 2007 they got 6 reviews.  But thats not all that makes me wonder.

But my biggest gripe with – No up front terms of service

From the main page clicking on the “Services” tab and picking “Web Hosting” it took me 7 pages to find, but it turns out I could have found it on the first page I came from the tab.   Most companies that don’t have the terms of service on the main page tend to have it on the same page you enter your credit car at. Where you find that the terms of service has been cut up and placed into several pages.  This is the amount of text that they have before sending you off to navigate to pages that have no links to the other terms of service: “Premium Web Development, L.L.C. has a responsibility to protect each of our clients and provide the best service possible. The customer is expected to have a basic knowledge of how the Internet functions, the types of use which are generally acceptable on the Internet, and the types of use which are to be avoided. Common sense is the best guide as to what is considered acceptable use. Also, common sense is the rule when uploading files during high traffic usage times on the Internet. Premium Web Design and Hosting offers space for your site on our servers and has nothing to do whatsoever with your access to reach our servers or the time it takes to upload, etc. The following guidelines were designed to ensure these services” Most hosts have the bulk of their terms of service, they don’t piece meal it through the site to make multiple pages.  But I think I know why it was made in to separate pieces.

My personal take on

The design and the domain are defiantly not choices I would have made.  Regardless of it being a wordpress site, the design seems out of date.    I don’t like turning a hosting site into a blog, where comments can be posted anywhere.  A blog can defiantly enhance a site, it defiantly does that for  I am not sure I would want to make the main page of any site the place for anyone to post their comments.  Esspecially with a comment such as: “Hi Glennette, I notice that from your greeting on this page (Dear Christian Business Owner,) you assume that everybody is a Christian. I have nothing against any religion. However, do you require all your clients to be Christians? Regards, Jim” While it appears the greeting has been removed, the comment is still there.  Which leads into my whole separation of religion, politics, and business.  Seldom do the three mix well together.  Here you have Religion and politics on the main page.  Clearly allowing the comments is for the sake of increasing  search engine rankings. The hosting packages are not even up front.  I can’t imagine many people can find out where to order a package on this site.  Clearly they need to look at the competition to see how to actually sell hosting, as opposed to purchasing fake advertising from a so called top host review site. The terms of service is in my opinion a big problem, its not upfront its spread out to too many places when it should be linked to every page and the content for the terms of service should only be on one page.     Its not easy to access as the “About Us” tab that takes you to a page that is just about one person.  Which tends to make me wonder if Premiumwebdesign is a one person operation.

26 Replies to “ – customer”

  1. You mean HostGator? I signed up with HostGator a year ago. I design websites for a living. I needed a decent hosting provider with unlimited domains (for development, cPanel, and good reliability. In that respect they have been fairly good.

    Their help desk people are less than stellar. I’ve been working with Unix/Linux for more than twenty years, and do not appreciate being dicked around by a half-witted part-time “Systems Administrator” HostGator did this twice. I put an end to it.

    Their affiliate program looks more and more like a scam. I have sold a half-dozen legitimate hosting packages to my clients and have yet to be paid. I am giving them 21 days to set this right. After that I will be initiating civil action to get these paid. I live in a state where the the plaintiff is awarded reasonable costs of recovery in civil action.

    This will be an expensive proposition for HostGator if it goes that far.

    Karl A. Krogmann

  2. Hi Karl,

    Oh, I had thought you meant I was going to say not sure why anyone would be watching this host .

    When did you start pushing sales to hostgator, or can you give a time line of when each sale was done?

    Honestly anything that offers unlimited, has me asking what are the limits.



  3. Hi! Thanks for the review. I’m not sure how you review a host without signing up for an account and I’d like to clear up several things mentioned. – I try all sorts of advertising due to the exposure and the incoming link.

    HostGator connection – I am NOT a reseller for hostgator. However, I do have my dedicated server through them.

    Downtime – I could go in and hit a button and reset the downtime so that it would appear there had been none. I choose to have integrity. The January 2010 downtime is why I moved to HG. The others are maintenance, moving to a different dedicated server, etc. I’m not sure how accurate it is. Anytime there’s downtime due to an account using too many resources or something like that, it’s immediately addressed and access is restored. My clients aren’t complaining so I can’t imagine why someone else is.

    Reviews – I assure you they are all legit. The most recent ones can be found on They’re sporadic because I don’t ask my clients to do a review very often. Anytime I do remind them about the reviews, several of them happily go do one. I’m happy to give email addresses if you’d like to verify them.

    Terms – I didn’t realize having them on separate pages would be an issue for anyone. Most people just want to see them. I can create a PDF with them all in one place if it’s truly a big deal.

    Out of date design – I have no clue why you say this. I update the site frequently. I have considered creating a separate site for the hosting and you have me reconsidering that.

    Comments – Agreed! Not sure what I was thinking when I allowed comments on the homepage *LOL* I have considered deleting them but don’t feel right doing so. They are not there for SEO purposes. They’re there because I approved them at one time. I’m all about building relationships.

    Hosting plans – Thanks for the input. I’ll make it clearer where the hosting plans are. Hosting is not my primary service. I provide web design and search engine optimization as well.

    One person operation – I do not claim to be a huge web hosting corporation. Some of my clients are with me *because* of that fact. They’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I have clients who have been with me for close to ten years. I do have a virtual assistant, a graphic designer and a writer but as far as the web hosting support, yes it’s just me. I don’t need a huge staff. I take great care of my clients and they stick around.

    I respectfully request that you reconsider your review. I’d be happy to give you free hosting for three months so you can do a true review. :o)

    Glennette Goodbread, Owner
    Premium Web Design and Hosting

  4. Hello Glennette,

    Why don’t you look into, because you were not reviewed by me because you did advertising with them, which clearly they do not offer any advertising. You were reviewed by me because you appeared on this so called top 25 list. Do you seriously believe you are one of the best 25 hosts out there? After all your a client of who in turn is a customer of theplanet which is now softlayer. After a year of pointing out the flaws in the top 25 Michael Low of changed the top 25 to something that will make that so called advertising, more of a burden then a way of bringing in clients. You just happen to be on the last month he had a top 25 on his main page. Do a search on my site for i7net, the host was not even online yet it some how managed to be a top 25 host. But thats just the start of issues I found with many companies on that list, one of which faked their own review on, and their bbb record proves it.

    I suggest reading

    Also are you telling me that will allow you to reset the down time? If that is the case that adds a whole new spin on their corruption. Your reviews were not sporadic, they actually happened around the same period of time, and were repeated.

    Also a pdf file is not what I recommend. I recommend a clear terms of service that is linked on every page, most commonly done on the bottom of a website. Why not use as an example of what to do.

    As for comments on the main page, move them some where else if you don’t want to delete them.



  5. Thanks for your input Benjamin. My clients don’t have a problem with how I do things but being in business since 1999 has taught me that if one person feels a certain way, others probably do as well. Increasing my client base is something I’m certainly interested in (what business owner isn’t?) so I do listen to feedback.

    As for the top 25 web hosts, I probably got an email from them, placed a bid and moved on. The money ran out fairly quickly so I don’t plan to bid anymore but I’ll check out the URL you suggested when I have some time.

    Thanks for allowing me to comment.

    Glennette Goodbread, Owner
    Premium Web Design and Hosting

  6. Re: resetting the downtime: From what I recall, they allow it once every X months or once a year or something like that. I logged in real quick and don’t see it so I can’t say for sure if it’s still an option. I could be thinking of another site. I’ll try to find out for sure.

    Glennette Goodbread, Owner
    Premium Web Design and Hosting

  7. Hello Glennette,

    I am not going to stop any host from placing comments on posts in relation to them, though at the same time I am not going to delete them either even if asked. Granted not all hosts have been as civil has you have been. Which works for you as this is a public comment.

    If you happen to have the email that sent you to sign on with them I would love to see it. You really should have done your homework before dealing with them. They delete positive feed back from those that don’t pay them, and delete negative feed back from those that will pay them.

    As for advice I will be doing a second review of your site and every site I found on, though I am not going to be looking for flaws as I did before. I want to do more of a surface scan type review, after all I get asked by a lot of hosts that do not engage in any form of business with “review: sites. Some time next month I hope to finish up the formula for a surface review in place. Which basically focuses mostly on support and terms of service while including some design and performance though not the biggest focus of the surface review.

    One of the biggest problems with your site is the terms of service. Which I can not find a link to on every page, and it appears once I do find it, its on several pages. Granted I only looked at two pages of it. You really should look at’s terms of service. While I am not fan of this host for many reasons, their terms of service are pretty solid.

    Honestly most of the other parts of your site that bother me such as part of the design and the allowing of comments everywhere is not covered in my the surface grading system as I am using third party sites for grading such as:

    Honestly removing the comments off your site should not hurt it, they belong on a blog and not on every page of your site.



  8. Hello Benjamin,

    Just to clarify the reference to the ‘legitimacy’ of my review of PWD’s hosting back in 2008, it was submitted by me at that time due to the excellent service I felt I had received from Glennette. Although the website has been inactive for a period of time, email accounts still in use and our hosting with PWD allows for the ongoing construction of our new site, due to be launched towards the end of this year. I would be pleased to respond to any email that still questions the ‘legitimacy’ of my review.

    Perhaps the email could have reference to your motivation for reviewing a service that you have not used yourself.

    Best wishes,

    Richard Lythall
    [email protected]

  9. Hello Richard,

    Your under some strange impression that this post was about service, sorry but its about ethics. To be exact it was about a fake hosting review site called Much like many of the hosts I have reviewed it was not worthy of being labeled one of twenty five of the best hosts out there. Hence why this site is called The owner Glennette was here, but not really willing to talk about why they showed up on a pay to play fake review site called, here are some examples of how rigged that system is

    IF your here to post nice things about this host, thats fine. However that really does not address why was doing business with fake for profit review site.



  10. Perhaps your visitors would like to read some other reviews that I have gotten over the years. These are from my linkedin page which is at

    Lizzi Cochrane
    Owner at Total Merchant ServIces of GA

    Glennette is a joy to work with – she is extremely knowledgable about all things web-based, and she is an honest, ethical, and hard-working lady! If you need help with a web site, on-line advertising or just figuring out how things work, Glennette is the one to call!

    November 20, 2012, Lizzi worked with Glennette at Premium Web Development, LLC

    Jill Olsen
    Prospect Management Coordinator at University of Arizona Foundation
    I hired Glennette to help me set up my website and design my logo. She helped me to get up and running in a timely manner. I trust her judgement and appreciate the quick turn around and follow through of my requests. She is a pleasure to work with and knows her business.
    June 26, 2011, Jill was Glennette’s client

    Nikki Brown
    Owner, Create a Vision Coaching
    Glannette has assisted me with my website design including header and other graphics creation. She is professional and courteous, and the work was top quality. The price and turn-around time on the job were also excellent. I was very pleased with Glennette and her company and highly recommend her for any type of web-design service.
    November 22, 2010, Nikki was Glennette’s client

    Karen Wilson-Dooley, CPRS, CPRW, CCMC
    Coach ~ Trainer ~ Writer ~ Speaker
    Glennette and I worked together as business partners in the beginning of our relationship. Since that time, we have hired each other back and forth and even worked on projects together. I host all of my Web sites through her, and I would highly recommend her. She is expedient, detail-oriented, and extremely technologically savvy! I can call on her for anything at any time…

    June 6, 2009, Karen was Glennette’s client

    Jack Huff
    Technical Account Manager at Microsoft
    September 18, 2008, Jack was Glennette’s client

    Jan Ross
    President at Heart of God International Ministries
    I’ve known Glennette now for several years; she has been a tremendous blessing to many. Her approach to whatever she undertakes is that of integrity and consistency. If you are looking for a web development company, I recommend Glennette at Premier Web Development, LLC.
    July 4, 2008, Jan was with another company when working with Glennette at Premium Web Development, LLC

    Gina Badalaty
    Owner, Mom-Blog
    I have known Glennette for several years, and participated in a Web Design Q&A podcast with her. She is very knowledge about web hosting and web development, and is a person of high integrity. I would recommend Glennette for anyone looking for reliable and trustworthy web hosting and design services.
    March 26, 2008, Gina was with another company when working with Glennette at Premium Web Development, LLC

    Jerrilynn B. Thomas
    Planning a Virtual Business Tour of 300+ Metro Women’s Markets on 6 Continents
    Glennette is a dynamic web designer who gives every project 100%. Her hosting is fantastic. She provides excellent customer service.
    March 24, 2008, Jerrilynn was with another company when working with Glennette at Premium Web Development, LLC

    Pamela Green-Jackson
    Founder, The Youth Becoming Healthy Project, Inc.
    Glennette is a wonderful resource for web design and development that will take your business to the next level. I first met her while working for the local newspaper and was impressed with not only her personality, but client list of previous work done. She is recognized in the community as one of the best web designers in Southwest Georgia. I definitely recommend her work to anyone needing this service.less
    March 24, 2008, Pamela was Glennette’s client

    Shelly (Hays) Cole
    Owner, Brass Blogs Web Design, LLC
    I’ve used Glennette for my hosting services for years. I found her when she “saved” me from an unscrupulous hosting provider years ago, who basically took my money (and my clients’ money) and ran, leaving my business – and all of my clients’ sites – in the lurch. Glennette literally swooped in and set me up immediately with her services, and turned what could have been truly horrifying into something that was a “blip on the monitor”.

    I’ve used Glennette ever since. She gives a truly personal touch to everything in her business – you know you’re talking to someone who truly cares and gets things done, not just some guy who pushes out a trouble ticket into a nameless system. The few (and I mean *very* few) times I’ve had an issue, Glennette has responded fast enough to give me whiplash. She truly does bend over backwards for her clients. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Glennette and Premium Web Design and Hosting. You would never regret using her services!less
    March 24, 2008, Shelly was Glennette’s client

    Dawn Burian
    Owner at Memories Design, LLC
    Glennette is very personable. She runs her web hosting company with integrity. It is my experience that Glennette is always willing to work with her clients to solve any issues that arise.

    March 22, 2008, Dawn was Glennette’s client

    Nancy Keane
    Jeweler at New Classics Jewelry
    I have known Glennette for about 4 years. She helped me get started on the Internet, provided my first web site and served as both host and friend. I was extremely happy and satisfied with the work she did for me. I also found her to be someone of excellent character who goes far beyond the call of duty.

    I am happy to recommend Glennette both as a professional and as a person.

    March 22, 2008, Nancy was Glennette’s client

    Dan’l L
    Owner at : KADADDLES Booksellers ~ and ~ Partner at : You Are WORTH IT !! – Healthy Chocolates
    Actually at least sis of the seven of the positive choices available to describe Glennette apply. (I haven’t had an occasion to witness the seventh)

    Glennette is a person of High Ethics and Character. I will be using Glennette’s services in the future due to the great satisfaction of our previous association. Even when Glennette was not providing me with services for hire she always had time to answer my communication and was ready to be helpful. If a problem arises she lets her customers / clients know immediately and advises when everything is remedied. I cannot find one thing negative to say about Glennette.
    March 22, 2008, Dan’l was Glennette’s client

  11. Hello Glennette,

    How about instead of posting your customers reviews, you let them do that for themselves here. That tends to speak volumes especially when I can look at domains and IPs to give them some level of validation. Not to mention seeing an actual/working site speaks volumes (as sometimes the sites I get from happy hosting customers don’t even have a homepage). Richard miraculously did just that an hour before you. Most of what you gave me does not show me what site is hosted with you. You are in the design and hosting industry, websites are the best way to validate a customer. Honestly I just glanced at most of what you posted, as far as I can tell there is only one site in the whole bunch.

    However to be very clear this has nothing to do with your service, rather it has to do with your dealings with like I told you last time.
    I do see that your site design is more modern, however you still fail at linking to the terms of service on every page (well at least the main page, but why check beyond that right?). But that was a requirement of for getting their thumbs up according to their guidelines.
    Looking over your site see you are still with, have they migrated your site yet? Sadly EIG bought them out last year, and they are notorious for moving customers once they buy a hosting company, and they have a worse rep for migration headaches. Granted I can only wonder how is taken the loss of such a huge customer like


  12. Benjamin,

    The impression I am under is based on your interpretation of the ethics of this host, i.e. your suggestion that the reviews of the hoisting are not legitimate. My post was not about the service (I merely mentioned my motivation for writing it), but about your inherent claim that my testimonial was not based on a real experience.

    Whatever the outcome of your exposé is trying to achieve, I’m not sure of the ethics of drawing unfounded conclusions about a client review without contacting the client in advance for some proof of their authenticity.

    Best wishes,


  13. “How about instead of posting your customers reviews, you let them do that for themselves here.”

    I may decide to do that but I don’t need my clients to defend me. I am a small web host and I’m not trying to become a huge one so if someone is deterred from my services due to what they read on this ONE site, so be it. If they bother to contact me and get to know me, they’ll see that this “web hosting review” is not based on having used my service but instead on an advertising purchase I made two years ago. Perhaps I should have done more research but I have been in business since 1999 so I am bound to make a mistake once in a while.

    “That tends to speak volumes especially when I can look at domains and IPs to give them some level of validation. Not to mention seeing an actual/working site speaks volumes (as sometimes the sites I get from happy hosting customers don’t even have a homepage). Richard miraculously did just that an hour before you. Most of what you gave me does not show me what site is hosted with you. You are in the design and hosting industry, websites are the best way to validate a customer. Honestly I just glanced at most of what you posted, as far as I can tell there is only one site in the whole bunch.”

    Those reviews were copied/pasted from LinkedIn which is based on RELATIONSHIPS not websites.

    “However to be very clear this has nothing to do with your service, rather it has to do with your dealings with like I told you last time.”

    Right because my service is definitely NOT an issue. My clients know and trust me and value my services and my integrity.

    “I do see that your site design is more modern, however you still fail at linking to the terms of service on every page (well at least the main page, but why check beyond that right?).”

    My menu is very easy to navigate but I have added “View Web Hosting Terms” to the footer which is on all pages just to be sure it’s easily found.

    “But that was a requirement of for getting their thumbs up according to their guidelines.”

    Again, it was TWO years ago that I signed up for that site. I get my clients from the search engines and word of mouth so I’m not worried about that site.

    “Looking over your site see you are still with, have they migrated your site yet? Sadly EIG bought them out last year, and they are notorious for moving customers once they buy a hosting company, and they have a worse rep for migration headaches.”

    I have a dedicated server so I’m not sure how that would work and I doubt they’ll be in a big hurry to move that many sites.

    “Granted I can only wonder how is taken the loss of such a huge customer like”

    I can’t imagine but that’s not my issue. :o)


    Glennette Goodbread

  14. Hello Glennette and Richard,

    You will have to pardon me as this will probably be the last day for a few weeks that I will be able to issue a response the same day a comment comes in. Though I doubt I will need to write another comment this long any time soon. I am in the finale steps of getting my new house, the dreaded move is up next. So if you don’t hear from me on the same day you will know why. I want to personally thank you for providing some activity on this site as the traffic score is threaten by my inactivity in posts these past few months.

    First I would like to address Richard

    In regards to my ethics. I have to ask do you believe in truth in advertising? In short do you think it is ok for a company to pay another company to say that they are the best despite not earning being called the best? I think it is not ok to lie to make a buck, simple as that. The company that Glennette did business with does just that. But its worse than it sounds. Because those that don’t pay end up having the opposite effect of being on a so called top 25 list. They have their positive reviews deleted. The site she did business with ( puts out the front that it collects reviews on the hosting industry. This is where all their traffic comes from, and with some 18,000 hosts in their directory its hard for any serious search engine to ignore them. Adding customer reviews to that only makes it better at being on first page results. So people find the reviews on via search engines. In plain sight you see a top host list. But who is going to be motivated to look at that list if the host has glowing endorsements? It’s hard to charge people for those top 25 spots if those hosts don’t see customers from dealing with this company.

    In April 2011, found itself amazingly as the 4th best host on’s top 25 list.

    I had started tracking the hosts that got on the top 25 list between May 2010 – June 2011. The reason for this was to prove that the hosts on that list had no earned their spot. More into my reasoning for starting this site can be found in my response to Glennette. In June 2010 I got my first big piece of evidence a hosting company ( that was offline for most of the year, after that the evidence was easy to pieces together to prove the list was crap. Admittedly I was learning my way through the process at the time. But by the end of late April 2011, Michael Low decided to change the top 25 list to something less feasible for those that paid to be on it. would be one of the last hosts I would review. Because frankly the new system was cumbersome for anyone not on the 5 spots of the best hosts list.

    When I found my first thoughts were there had been no customer feedback in almost three years.

    I have to say given the type of host that is, that was a bigger bid than most hosts of the same type are willing to bid as the normally don’t appear in the top 10 spot, and normally only appear in the 18 – 25 spots..

    The other thing that stood out to me was’s uptime record was and is spotty. There continues to be large spots of down time. Keep in mind only pings a host’s server once every 8 hours. Should they ping your server while it is down they increase the pings. So the uptime may be worse than what is actually recorded by However it is worth noting that if a site is offline for almost a month will stop tracking the uptime. Another company that also paid for “advertising” found that out while being on their top list.

    I don’t imagine that having less than 99% up time helped getting new customers, but it can only be worse for a company listed as 0% uptime.

    I have been meaning to track uptime of past hosts I have looked at and have added to my account. I was going to do this after my move, but this is a good of time as any. This will ping once every 5 minutes. In addition I will be adding the stats to this page. Notifications of down time will go out via twitter @hostingscams after 30 minutes of downtime, though I will change that to every hour over several repeated messages over a short period of time.
    The other thing that stood out to me was the design. I do design for a living, and I happen to also be a former hosting provider (I formed 4 hosting companies over 11 years that I later sold and are still around to this day).

    To be clear here is why I have doubt on the reviews at

    1. Despite having 14 reviews on, other review sites that would show up under the same search engine criteria to take you to have zero reviews. The bulk of reviews prior to 2009 are few and far between.
    2. Some of the reviewers came back for a second review (rather uncommon in the hosting industry).
    3. Reviews came in at around the same period of time (3 times Oct 28 – November 1 of 2005/ 2 times November 29 – 30 of 2005/ 8 times February 3 – 9 of 2007. I am guessing that maybe this was caused by Glennette asking customers to post positive feedback (which is ok provided they are happy customers).
    4. Your review was the last one on May 14, 2008 when I first wrote this post, and is still the last review. The timing of your review seems more natural and its not so much your review I question. But it’s the last review for a site that is not even active. Sorry but using it just for email really does not help the average hosting consumer consider what they need. After spurts of reviews, I find it odd that there have not been any more in the last 5 years on for
    5. I had found other hosting companies in the top 25 that fake their reviews as outlined in that link I first gave you. Some were clearly obvious, yet does nothing even when it is pointed out one of their pointed customers were faking reviews.

    Now to be clear I did not out and out say they were fake. I have unconfirmed suspicions. But the activity seemed out of whack. The part that bothered me the most was the way the reviews flowed in. To the extent this is all I said about your review “The last host to do a review with them is still with them. But the last review was May 14, 2008. Worse yet That site is not active.” Which I corrected to read customer instead of host.

    The only issue I have with your reviews is your site is not active, yes you’re getting email off it. But that’s not the only thing a hosting account does.
    I have to confess I am really curious exactly why you came here Richard. This post is over 2 years old, and frankly does not get a lot of traffic.

    Lastly to Glennette,

    As far as you copying and pasting a bunch of reviews on this site. If you don’t think people need to see websites behind those reviews that’s your prerogative. But I will continue to draw attention to that missing detail every time.

    You know what is right? Right is not doing business with a site that falsely promotes you as one of the 25 best hosts out there.

    So far in our exchange I don’t get the sense that you realize that there was something wrong in your dealings with Generally there are two types of hosts that I have dealt with on this.

    1. The hosts that do this, and know the system is rigged. Who consider it just how things are done. Sometimes they deny what’s happening while validating that its ok if it does happen.
    2. Those that did not realize there was no advertising, and demand their money back and to be removed from the top 25 list. (Which they soon learn what I have learned, and that is Michael Low does not respond)

    The second option was what I call poor judgment. Not actually seeing what you are getting into, and where that advertising was going to be applied. Far be it from me to say I have not had cases of my own poor judgment (After all I am really paying for it by the removal of the tile that was installed).When I do have an error of judgment, I usually work towards making amends to my mistakes. I don’t simple forget what I had done after I make amends, and even after I still have regrets. From our exchange I don’t think you have any regrets. Do you actually think about the consequences of your actions?

    Again, it was TWO years ago that I signed up for that site. I get my clients from the search engines and word of mouth so I’m not worried about that site.

    So far the only ethical thing I have heard out of this whole conversation in the last 2 years is that you did not take the opportunity to reset your downtime to zero. I am sorry to insult you, but there was nothing about your site or the stats that has on your company that made you one of the best hosts for April 2011. You paid for that, you did not earn being called 4th best out of 25 based on your customers.

    Just to put things into perspective for you, I owned 4 hosting companies. I was a web designer before I got into hosting, and after selling my shares I am a web designer once again (after 11 years). is not my best work, especially since the theme is not of my own design. But I would probably end up selling the theme if I made a unique one for this site. What triggered my interest in was I owned a hosting company that did not pay them to showcase my company. This is the point where I want you to think about how actually makes money. Because I had a lot of nice reviews, the people that came to were not interested in the top 25 list. They choose me. Thus making my listing and traffic that came in via search engines unprofitable for So all of my positive feedback was deleted. Granted I had a few angry impossible to please customers that found their way their too, and there was a few unhappy customers based off of mistakes on our end. Positives outnumbered negatives 5 to 1. The bigger your company becomes the harder it is to avoid. But really its easier to get a negative review than a positive one. Since had nothing but negative feedback for my site, I soon started to see an end to customers coming from It would be one thing if my company was the only one, but there are many hosts out there that had the same issue with the deletion of their positive feedback. You paid for that by your participation, as did every host that took part in this big lie. So please enlighten me, how is that doing the right thing? Your actions have real world consequences that may not affect you, but they will affect someone else.

    I mention that companies that pay to be on the top 25 can delete besides downtime, negative feedback. The devil is in the details isn’t it?

    As for your comments in regards to EIG taking over

    I have a dedicated server so I’m not sure how that would work and I doubt they’ll be in a big hurry to move that many sites.

    You would be surprised how fast they work. Provided I had the time I would have been tracking them. My suggestion is if you value your customers and want to treat your business like something other than a hobby, you should contact To find out when they will move you. Considering how low on search engine results I am for Netfirms, I got a lot of complaints from that migration.

    If I were in your shoes I would also find out what I could do to minimize any head ache. One thing you may try is migrating to a server that is already set up at the new location. Just to put things in to perspective for you EIG has bought around 50 + hosting companies (justhost, fatcow, ipage, bluehost, hostmonster…. just to name a few). Part of the process of them making money is making sure they have control of every aspect of their company. Keeping servers with is not saving them money and probable costs them more than it would to keep in-house. They have the buying power that most unlimited shared spaces hosts wish they had. didn’t even own their own network center, it belongs to Softlayer (who bought theplanet where started).

    In regards to your terms of service, really you should have it linked at the very least the bottom of every page. I don’t see it in the drop down menu. Rarely would I be someone to talk about conformity, but this is one issue every serious hosting provider should do. Many experts in the industry advise avoiding hosts that do not do this. This is the one point I agree with, even though they did not enforce it and that is the terms of service must be easy to find. As someone calming to be a web designer it’s a really easy fix.



  15. Dear Benjamin,

    Thank you for addressing in your response the validity of my review. As my site is going to be relaunched next month, we have been investigating existing links and the status of our web presence. Your thread came up on our searches and, as you can imagine where a website is being relaunched, we do not want to have negative comments about our site online that are based on untruths.

    Whilst you may think that PWD does not deserve to be named as a top-25 host due to the ethics of paying to be part of a list, that does not detract from my concern that you have cited my review (given honestly and in good faith) as part of you argument. Additionally, although it may not have been your intention to suggest my review is invalid, it is more than implied that you feel this to be the case.

    Admirable as it may be that you have spent so much time raising awareness of the ethics of joining paid listings on review sites, if you had messaged me in advance of quoting my review, you would have been better informed about why the site has been inactive, that the review was based on a real experience and, after several years, it remains accurate. Please be aware that my post was based solely on the reference to my review and not your motivation for ‘exposure’.

    Finally, despite this not being the purpose of adding to your forum, it might be an idea to think about the definition of a ‘top-25’ hosts. I am certain that you and I would differ on what this constitutes, but that is not a debate I intend to start.

    Good luck with the house move.


  16. Hi Benjamin,

    I have been a reseller with Glennette for over 11 years. I am probably one of her first clients and I have always have great service and help when I needed it. She is an awesome lady with the highest of integrity. I would recommend her services in a heartbeat. In fact I just connected her with my local chamber of commerce to do a bid for their new web site.

    Glennette has 5 star reviews because she deserves them. All of my clients have had nothing but the best of service from her and I have never once received a complaint about her service.

    And you can check my website. It has been active for the entire time I have been with PWD and so has many of my clients. To name a few, Have both been on the PWD server for close to 10 years.

  17. Hello Sharon,

    I would like you to know that I did not delete your website url out. You accidentally added an email address in the url section, and I removed it. As a general rule I don’t leave commenters emails for just anyone to see (unless they are a spammer than they are asking for it). However you can either re-comment or send me a message and I will make sure that your site’s url is added.



  18. I cannot believe what I just read… in regards to the main article and in some of the comments posted here.

    I don’t personally know Glennette, but the first email I ever received from her, was in 1999! Yes, you read that correctly… 1999!!

    I founded a non-profit ( in 1998 and Glennette was one of our “followers”. She was a subscriber of our Newsletter and often made suggestion on how to better our website and/or add new features.

    We had no business relationship with her back then. She simply cared about our featured children and our Organization. We had our hosting donated by another company, and when we left them, Glennette offered to host our almost 500-page-website, plus our large MySQL database which contained a WordPress Blog and a Photo Gallery… for FREE!!

    Any issues we ever had, were taken care of within 24 hours!!

    Sadly, once the US economy crashed, so did MANY charities, and we had no close down. Our static-goodbye-page is STILL being hosted at PWD.

    Now if you think that I am a fake… then Google my name and my Organization’s name till you reach the “end of the internet”!!!!!!

    This article made me furious and disgusted at how some people can be extremely JEALOUS of other people’s success.

    Shame on you Benjamin!

  19. =Hello Alexandra,

    I do apologize for the late response and approval of your comments. I am near the end of some huge projects and my move.

    Before I address your comments, I just want to say I admire people that invest time and energy in charitable fields. Back when I was running a hosting company I made it a point to provide free service, so instead of paying me they could instead put the money towards their cause. On top of that I would advise these same charities on how to bring more traffic in, and helped with the web design all free of charge. Not something my former partners were too thrilled with. So to ensure they did not gouge these charities later I offered to pay for the hosting services in the event the hosting company ever felt that they should eliminate the free hosting for charitable programs I had created. So far my former colleagues seem to have some form of compassion as they haven’t sent me a bill or turned off any of the sites that I brought on.

    I currently work with a local no kill shelter in hopes of turning my county to a no kill one. As time goes on I plan to join a few others and donate my time and money.

    With that said, the economy is growing. I don’t believe you said you had given up right?=

    As for what you have stated, have to ask:

    Is it okay to pay for a company to give you an award?
    Is it also ok for that same company you paid for an award to delete the positive feedback of hosting companies that don’t pay that company? (so people looking at their reviews will be redirected to your company)
    Is it ok for that same company to allow you to delete negative reviews and other data that reflects negatively on your organization?

    If you said yes to any part of that, shame on you.

    If you are confused and don’t get what exactly you stumbled on to, let me paint a picture for you. Just like there are sites out there that tell you if a host is good or bad there also sites that tell you if a charity is good or bad. Now imagine if you will another charity was given front page exposure because they paid that site to do it. To add to the unethical behavior this site deletes all the positive feedback about your charity so that whomever was looking to give your charity money was given a reason not to, and list of so called top charities was displayed next to your charities listing. The fake hosting review industry for the most part is powered by affiliate programs, in’s case it was more about asking for a payment to get a spot.

    I am sure if you were ever a victim of this little scenario you, it would not be okay. Now to be clear Glennette admitted to doing business with which does all of that. She had also told me about the ability to delete her uptime, which was not great at the time. Nor is it that great now.
    Had she not done business with this company I would have had no reason to do a post on her hosting company. Now it is highly likely that Glennette of did not know what she was signing up for at the time. I am not inclined to believe that emailed her as she stated, as no host that I have been in contact with has ever stated they were emailed by Plus as stated to Richard I owned 4 hosting companies. Granted all of my hosting companies were far bigger than hers, and its possible that Michael Low targeted small hosts prior to him making his system a mess.

    Even if she was emailed by them, she should have found out who they were and if they could actually deliver her the results she was looking for. Not to mention Glennette should have realized something was not right at the point that she could erase her uptime record. A record that was supposed to tell people rather a host is good or not.

    I don’t believe she was emailed based on the pattern of the reviews she had with As for your review being a fake, I don’t think you have read anything. You simple were told that I was saying nasty things, and you choose to defend Glennette. You have a lot to learn if you think that me Goggling your name to see if you’re a viable source of information.

    They suggest one of two possibilities.

    1. The reviews were fake.
    2. The reviews were requested.

    At this point I am inclined to believe that the second scenario to be correct. Because there is a pattern with the reviews (minus Richard) and the beginning with the Linkedin reviews, like with reviews. By that I mean the reviews came in through in spurts over a short period of time. Which makes me think she asked her customers to write a review for her on and later on LinkedIn. Which I have no problem with. I can only assume you and Sharon are here because Glennette told you about this post after Richard posted a comment. Glennette is told whenever this post was updated. She first respond to this post when I first wrote it over 2 years ago.

    Due to all the attention I received on this particular post I will be writing a second post to address Richards comments that I will have out this week.



    P.S. I don’t Google to charities or companies to find out if they are credible.

  20. If I said I received an email, I received an email. I am done participating in a conversation where you continue to imply that I would lie.

    Besides that, conflict leads to higher comment counts which could help your rankings and possibly even increase what you are paid for advertising. If that is your strategy and true purpose for this site, you are the one who should be exposed.

    My husband is getting very upset about what you are saying about me and he’s the type to take legal action so I think this needs to stop here.


  21. Hi Benjamin,

    I hope you are well.

    Although it has been some time since you questioned the integrity of my review of PWD&H, you might like to look at for evidence that this is a live site and that my review of PWD&H remains true to my experiences of the company.



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