LFC Hosting, is lfchosting.com and outdated host?

LFC Hosting is number 23 of 25 for Webhostingstuff.com’s  May 2010 list.   As of today, their site is no longer on the top 25 list.   The domain was created in May 31, 1998.  I have to wonder if the design is the original that it had started with.  As much as it may seem pointless to bring up the design, I feel that the design is a sign of how much a company progresses.   I know not every host has their own design team, my own sites went through at least three changes a year.  Not to mention there were changes according to sales events, seasons, and holidays.  We were probable a little too excessive in our changes.  But things like Front Page extensions disappeared from offerings at least 5 years ago.  Things such as WordPress were taking center stage as their popularity advanced.  Clearly LFC Hosting site  is not up-to-date, and you have to wonder are the staff ready for todays hosting needs?     LFC Hosting seems stuck in the past, and I am willing to bet that this site design is at best 7 years old.

So what makes me think LFC Hosting site design has not updated since 2003?

From LFC Hosting main page I click on “Products and Services”, then click on “Hosting” It brings me to this long unnecessary sales spill about their use of Window 2003.  Here is the part that stuck out to me:

Although we run Windows 2003 in the foreground, over half of our networkis actually Linux. Windows 2003/IIS 6.0 servers are employed in theforeground to ensure optimal performance and stability of Windows capabilities (which typically only work well under Windows), as well as anincreased level of security over a single platform. Then, “redirectors”, router “port forwarding” and proprietary LFC technology “forward” all requests for Linux-specific technologies (ex: MySQL 5 databases) to the appropriate Linux server clusters in the background!

I have no idea what any of that means, perhaps because I am not a server tech (I started this business as a webdesigner so I am more of a graphics person). This pretty much looks like jibberish, and I would never have allowed a page like this to preceded access to the order form. I am also no expert on Windows hosting.  Most of my operations involved cPanel, Plesk, and bare bones Linux.  My preference is Plesk, while not user friendly it is far more stable then cPanel.  So I had to ask a friend that deals with Windows, and he tells me that 2003 is outdated and not supported by Microsoft, 2008 is the current version.  Which I had a feeling 2003 was outdated  as 7 years seems along time for software to last unless its with my parents or a video game.

Is LFC Hosting a stagnant host?

I think the answer to that is yes, while I am not sure how reliable Web-hosting-top.com is, but comparing Hostgator to LFC Hosting I see a huge difference between them.   Host Gator shows no lose in sites but rather gains, where as as LFC Hosting shows points where it was bleeding out sites.  It appears they have no more then 7000 domains.  Which tells me they have don’t have many customers.


compare to:


A attempted chat with LFC Hosting

Unfortunately as you can see no luck, instead I got the following:

No one was available when I tried to chat

Finale thoughts on LFC Hosting

The thought that goes through my head every time I form a business is that most die off before they reach their 5th year. LFC Hosting appears to be a site that has done just that, but only just barely.  It clings to life, even though it refuses to adapt to the market.   I have to wonder how long a host such as this can keep on going, and I will definatly have my eye on it.  Hopefully this post can encourage them to do something.   LFC Hosting should have used the money they used to get in Webhostingstuff”s top 25 for a new design.

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  1. Hi,

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gail Bryanton, and I’m the Business Manager for LFC Hosting.
    First, I’d like to thank you for publicly addressing your doubts about LFC Hosting, as a public forum
    provides an excellent opportunity for open discussion.

    As you mentioned, LFC Hosting has been in business a long time for the web hosting industry, having
    been established in 1996. We’ve learned a lot over the years, and one of the lessons has been that the
    irony of web hosting is that it’s a delicate balance between old and new. While the newest, latest and
    greatest represents the direction we should always be headed for, we know that, in reality, the world
    seldom moves that quickly. We are a web host that specializes in serving small businesses, and for many
    of our clients, it’s just as important that we continue to support older applications they’ve invested in
    as it is to promote the newest tools. Interestingly, Microsoft FrontPage may have disappeared from
    many hosts’ offerings 5 years ago, but FrontPage usage hasn’t disappeared, so we continue to have
    clients needing FrontPage support for as long as we are able to provide it. On the other hand, as new
    applications like WordPress take center stage, they are also supported.

    Support is as important as the service offering itself, and what we have learned from our clients is
    that they don’t want the ‘latest’ until it’s absolutely stable. As such, we are entrusted with the task of
    releasing new products only once we establish that they are stable, bug-free, backwards-compatible and
    suitable for the rigors of daily business use. Windows 2008 may not be on our website, but that doesn’t
    mean it’s not on our technical radar. We are fairly easily able to weigh how much testing time we have
    against client demand for new offerings. Contrary to popular belief, clients aren’t always bursting at the
    seams to try the newest version of any application simply because it’s been released to the public.

    Communication is a cornerstone of good client relations, and it too is a balancing act. What you perceive
    as jibberish, someone else will perceive as essential information. Web hosting involves working with
    everyone from the individual who has no time or interest in technology but needs a website, to the
    developer who wants to know every nuance of a set-up in order to evaluate how the application they
    are working on will perform on our network.

    There are no doubt different kinds of web hosts. Generally speaking, there are bulk web hosts, and
    there are business web hosts. Hosts that offer extremely large or unlimited resource allocations are in
    the business of bulk web hosting which relies upon extremely large client numbers of which the vast
    majority never use more than a fraction of their resource allotment to make up for those who do. You’ll
    also usually find in their terms of service clauses which allow these hosts to terminate usage at their
    discretion even though they may advertise ‘unlimited’ resources. LFC Hosting, on the contrary, takes
    pride in operating as a business web host by focusing on solid delivery of our products (as advertised)
    and customer service, instead of providing massive resource allocations.

    How we know that we are achieving our objectives for our particular clientele is that our continued
    growth is fueled for the most part by word-of-mouth referrals and customer retention, as opposed
    to advertising. We have more returning clients who left for other services and came back, and more
    new clients that have been referred to us, than we gain from any other form of marketing. This can be
    corroborated by many unbiased customer reviews:

    HostSearch: http://www.hostsearch.com/review/lfc_hosting_review.asp
    LFC Hosting also holds the #1 rating by third-party reviewers on HostSearch by a significant margin:

    CompareWebHosts: http://www.comparewebhosts.com/ReadReview-WebHost-LFC_Hosting-CID-
    HostMarker: http://hostmarker.com/company_readreview.asp?id=74
    BestHostRatings: http://www.besthostratings.com/web-hosting/lfc_hosting.html
    WebHostingStuff: http://www.webhostingstuff.com/review/LFCHosting.html

    Finally, do we have a snazzy website? No. We realize that we don’t have the most up-to-date site
    design on the web, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting idle. Our time and money has been
    spent providing our clients with solid support and with no-charge additional features such as multiple
    databases, ColdFusion support and a control panel that allows the customer complete control over their
    account. We have also been working hard to expand our infrastructure in order to continually improve
    upon our speed, reliability and data security. For example, we’ve added three physically independent
    fiber optic connections multi-homed through 6 upstream providers and we maintain offsite backups
    located on the other side of the continent for all customer data.

    Lastly, we also believe that people deserve the ability to try before they buy, so that’s why we continue
    to offer a 30 day free trial period so clients can see if the service fits their needs before committing their
    hard-earned dollars.

    Once again, I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to explain a little bit more about our perspective on
    web hosting and the business environment we are so proud to be a part of.


    Gail Bryanton

  2. Hi,

    I’m the Business Manager for LFC Hosting and I put together a
    thoughtful response to address some of your statements. I submitted it
    through your reply form but it did not post. Was this a glitch? I’m
    hoping so as addressing these issues online is a great way to look at
    both perspectives.

    Please let me know if you require the response to be resent.


    Gail Bryanton

  3. Hello Gail,

    I don’t see a response from you yet. However you can send it to me via email and I will post it. assured I do not delete responses from webhosts. But I also recommend cation on what you say because I will not delete your responses on request.

    But I have to ask, why were you using the webhostingstuff.com’s advertising?

    The post on your site was not one of my better ones, especially since I have learned ways of looking up your older content. However there were parts of your site that were outdated.

    Also there will be a second review taking place that will be using a 100 point system. Certain things like offering chat support are a plus where other things like terms of service not being up front are a minus. I should have the system in place before the end of this month, and will start reviewing hosts in the order I first reviewed them



  4. Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks for the quick response! I attempted to post my reply in early January, so I have to assume that something mis-fired given that you didn’t get it, so I’ll just attach it to this email. Luckily, I keep my drafts as you only need to have a problem once and it quickly becomes a habit to keep a copy.

    In terms of your other questions:

    As with all hosts we try various forms of marketing and webhostingstuff.com was an area of affordable advertising. Not much more to it than that.

    Yes, I read the post on your site and that’s why I thought a reply might provide additional food for thought. We do pay attention to what others have to say. J
    It’s interesting that you mention Support Chat as we did a fairly extensive evaluation of our support avenues not that long ago and determined that (for our clientele) chat had primarily North American usage, so we pared our chat back from 24/7 to primary business hours at that time. The hours were determined through an evaluation of the stats related to chat usage. So, yes, we still offer support by chat, but in the hours when it was historically determined to be in demand.

    I hear you about having the Terms of Service upfront. It’s critical information, particularly when there are restrictions that seem odd. ‘Unlimited bandwidth’ …but with backend restrictions on usage…. what? Our Terms can be found under Corporate Information on our public site and are easily searchable if that link is missed. I’m not sure if you were thinking of something even more upfront, but I do know I’ve looked for terms on other sites on occasion and haven’t been able to call up anything.

    Any other questions come to mind and you have my email.

    Thanks Benjamin,


  5. To any one reading this I posted to original response as well as our email exchange so that everyone can see everything up front. I am going to read through what I got and then post my thoughts tomorrow.

    Hello Gail,

    As you can see I have posted your original comment and our email exchange. I suspect that your original comment was flagged as spam, but you should have no problem providing additional responses.



  6. Hello Gail,

    As promised I am responding to your response. I had to pretty much read everything you written, what I had written and re-review your site.

    First I want to thank you for a civil response. Its not normally what I get from those that I have done reviews on. As stated I only picked your company because you have at one point been on webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list at some point between May 2010 – to present.

    If you need a background into my thinking you can visit these posts:


    A re- review of your site makes me wish I did more screen shots then what I usually do. I have to say that it does not appear anything has changed since I last looked. Your not the first host to tell me that having a modern design does not matter. But you have to admit your website is the very expression of your business. True there are a lot of customers that may just start out doing something I did back in the early 90’s, but it really does not encourage people to sign up for service when they see a design that not with the times. Design speaks volumes about your adaptability in the online world. The last host I created had 4 letter domain, a fresh design, single package, and a video (that was also uploaded to youtube). The cost of this was around $15,000 not to mention the amount of time I spent on the video, however the first month brought in around 3000 customers. You can tell me your spending money on support. But your also spending money on advertising with webhostingstuff.com as well as affiliates. The design is part of the commercial appeal.

    Frankly its time for an overhaul if your site is mentioning outdated software. Clicking on “products and services” I would expect to be taken to a page that show cases you products, but for some reason a company mission statement takes its place. This really belongs in an about page, with an explanation to why exactly is your company called “LFC”? Yes design is an expense, but so is having a Business Manager. Frankly there are a lot of templates out there that are cheap. If cost is a big concern, stop paying webhostingstuff.com and start a blog, forum, twitter account, facebook, and other social networking is a great cheap way of gaining search engine ranking. Clearly if you can get people to create feed back for your company you can get responses to your social networking.

    As for your own site testimonials there are two things that are missing date of review as well as the site of the customer. I have no idea when those reviews were added, nor can I see if they are still hosted with you.

    Also I am not sure how much a person can earn from your affiliate program.

    It appears that people in the U.S. pay more then those in Canada. Though I could be wrong its been a while since I looked at the currency exchange between the two countries.

    In regards to the uptime stats, there is no mention of a third party that is monitoring those ports.

    I can understand that customers do not want updates til they are stable. But software from 2003 (wasn’t it released in 2002?) is going to become more unstable then any modern version especially when Microsoft is not supporting any updates that would allow it to operate new functions. Its practically an open invitation to hackers (especially when your site tells people). Having ran my own hosting operations there were many points in time where my staff had to migrate customers to more advanced machines. This was done when something could not be updated and the current version was a hazard. Advance warning was always sent, and yes there were people that were not happy with the move. Some of which canceled their accounts. But I am all to familiar with how big of a headache it can be for support when servers are not up to date and ready to take on new things or new threats.

    As for those “third” party sites. I made it clear you were in my sights because of webhostingstuff.com. By no means are they a fair operation, there are many hosts out there that have been harmed by their dubious practices. One of the four companies that I had previously owned was effected by them deleting all the positive feed back from one of my companies. Which is the reason this site was started. Many of the sites you have listed engage in similar practices. Often giving to paid potions or to those that have affiliate programs that have high payouts. Sure many will list you if you don’t have an affiliate program, but those banner ads work as a great distraction to a pay out when someone looks for details on the non-affiliate host on this so called unbiased third party.

    Your also not taking into account the other hosts that appear in that top 25 tell people that you are like other hosts that appear on the list. Like a host that was not online between June – November 2010 when it was in the 20th – 25th spots “i7net”. Keep in mind that webhostingstuff even had in their own information that they stopped keeping track of the uptime because of the frequency of down time. Some of which that have their own so called review sites Vexxhost and siteground to name two, who appear at the top of their so called top 10. Both of which at some time in the last 8 months shared a spot on the top 25 of webhostingstuff.com. I have a blog that show cases why many of these hosts are not top 25 host, but I would like to not make my response any longer then its going to be.

    Unlike most of those review sites webhostingstuff.com is the only one that has websites of the reviewing customer, or for that matter the only negative feed back I have seen. Having dealt with thousands of customers personally over 11 years I can tell you that I subscribe to the philosophy you can’t please everyone all the time, or per one blog author whom I wish I could remember had said “the evil 5%”. There are those that even if you go above the call of duty they will still not be happy. I also find it odd with all the reviews you have on other sites you have no feed back at all on web-hosting-top.com or webhostingjury.com. Which is odd considering the amount of reviews you have some of the other sites.

    But in regards to your reviews on webhostingstuff.com. When I had found your host it was in the top 25 in May 2010. However your last review with whs was on June 7, 2009. I am not sure how you could be a top 25 host in 2010 when there is no data for 2010 on webhostingstuff.com to prove you are. Though you did admit to paying for advertising. Only 2 out 6 of the sites in the last 2 years of reviews appear to have lfchosting dns. However only one of them appears to be online.

    SUMMITARCHITECTS.COM June 9, 2009 – above.com
    crystalgeorge.com – April 23, 2009 – loosefoot.com – not online
    calwesthydroseeding.ca – December 11, 2008 – loosefoot.com
    windyflyers.com – November 9, 2008 -not active
    radionet9.ca – April 18, 2008 -not active
    americanlemans.com – March 17, 2008 – poor review

    You can take what I am telling you and use that to move forward to something better. Honestly I could have gone further, because I have learned a lot in the last 8 months on what to look for. 30 day guarantee is great, I recommend that people accept no less then that. Your packages seem a bit light in resources, but atleast you have an upfront limit compared to many in the unlimited industry that rely on many of those review sites you list in awards.

    Keep in mind the secondary review I stated, there may be more points that you want to consider once I post the review system.. You can also request a re-review as long as you renounce webhostingstuff.com.



  7. I have been using LFC for quite a few years now and personally I have been very happy with their responsive service and they have gone that extra mile for me (something I have never get with other webhosting companies which basically treat you like a number not a person).

    Benjamin I agree that the site looks a bit dated – but who cares they offer a good product & personal service at affordable prices – I don’t know about you but I would rather their product/service be good than them having a beautifully designed site with a inferior product/service.

  8. Hello,

    There is a few problems with your positive review.

    1. It was done anomalously
    2. No website mentioned so I can see that you have indeed hosted with them for a few years.

    Please provide that information. I will only point out if your site(s) or sites are actually hosted by them. Anyone can post a review as a Happy “host name here” Customer including hosting companies.

    To answer your question, I have never tried a site with design similar to lfc. With a budget of around $2000 a month for hosting I really can not afford to go with a host that can not demonstrate up front that they are ready for today and tomorrow’s technology. Service is very important. A host’s design is it’s resume. Which I might add another thing does not sell me on this company is lack of a 24 / 7 / 365 chat system.

    As for their site. It seems all mention of 2003 are gone after our email exchange, and replaced with 2008. Rather they agreed with me or not it was a bit odd regardless if customers were using 2003, new customers should be put on servers with 2008 with a gradual phase out of all 2003 servers. All software has a shelf life, which it seemed LFC did not seem to agree with. Not to mention older software is always at risk of being hacked, especially when companies such as Microsoft stop providing updates. In addition to the outdated software offer there are a lot of parts of the site that do not inspire me to buy. Another example is no direct buy page I have to click through several pages before I can get to a order form. I am not saying they should not have reasons you should buy. But many hosts I have reviewed or examined have this “why you should try us” page linked to the side of product specifications, there is a very clear path to getting a hosting package on most hosts rather they are good or bad.

    The bottom line, regardless if they give crappy service or superior service they are interested in one thing, and that is money. Just in case there are people out there reading this that think I am a hypocrite and hate money and my comment proves it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making money. Its a matter of the principle in which a business tries to make it. LFC was reviewed because they choose to do business with webhostingstuff.com because they offered per bid (while claiming its ppc, and no visible sign of it) a spot in their so called top 25 host list. Some hosts like to call it advertising, which I assure there is no truth in the advertising. They should have saved the money they paid webhostingstuff.com for a face lift for their site.

    With the current lay out for this site I have to wonder how many people did not choose to host here because the design was outdated. How many decided to not sign up because they could not figure out how to get to the packages page after 3 clicks. Never mind that I feel, and often state that my opinion is that web design is a sign of skill. Web design can encourage people to buy. In order to survive in a saturated market, a business has to adapt. I ran very well run 4 hosting companies, I made sure to provide easy to navigate pages, where you could order a package with in 2 pages, while providing very visible detail and reasoning for why you should have choose my services. Yes design is in so many ways like wrapping paper when your not interested in details. But which package is the average person going to pick the one in shiny gold and red foil, or the one wrapped with a paper bag and held together by duct tape?



  9. Hello,

    I have been using LFC for over 10 years. In that time, I have also tried a number of other web hosts, but always went back to LFC. The service I get there is exceptional, and the price is great.

    While I understand your point about the site being very simple, I must say that as a site admin, I like it that way. I don’t want to re-learn how to add an email address, or post a page, every time. I just need to get my work done, and move on. So not making fancy UI changes is good for me.

    The one thing I do like about them is how fast they respond to support issues, and how approachable they are. When I had a cost/marketing issue, I got a call from the right people right away, and the problem was solved quickly.

    But most important for me is uptime. In the 10+ years that I have been with them, I have had minimal outages (maybe a total of 1 hour over 10 years), and they were always announced up front.

    So, the bottom line is, don’t judge a book by its cover. This is a great service, at a good price.

  10. Hello Noam,

    What domain is it that you have had with LFC for more then 10 years?

    Your domain shows a creation date of 31-Mar-2008 .

    Now as for your comments in regards to not judging a book by its cover. My post was not because I had singled this host out. It was because they appeared on a so called top 25 best hosts list by a so called consumer advocacy group called webhostingstuff.com. Any host that appears on that list did not earn it through their merits, but by bidding on the 1 – 25 positions.

    Now as for a design that is long out dated, that has value in picking a host. Design is a reflection of skill, especially when web technology is ever changing. Instead of relevant advertising or a site face lift, they paid for a fake spot. Hence the name of this site hosting-reviews-exposed.com.

    As for staying with a host because of the difficulties of setting up email, what exactly era of technology are you dealing with? Considering 13 years ago I had to get a server tech to set up my email, these days I do it myself. Email is a very small obstacle when moving to a new host, as for posting a page no idea what you mean there.

    Also I doubt that you have only had 1 hour of down time in a 10 years, even the best hosts are bound to have down time.



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