– revisited

Back in June 2010 I asked “who is”.   In May 2010 this was a host that would be number 10, and by the time I did the review in June 2010 went to number 17.  Come to find out this host existed under another name, and for some reason did not renew the domain they were with.  I found other flaws which you can find on this post about

What most may not know is this is the first host to email me in regards to my posts.   The person to contact me on behalf of  is Daniel Collins . He asked that I kept the email kept private and that I removed my post.  Removing my post was out of the question, and I have for some time pondered on rather I should post these emails or not.   While being the first host to respond,  is the only host to ask me to keep a lid on the emails.   I never promised to not publish the emails, but I was not inclined to post them after seeing this site disappear off’s top 25.

This week I got sent some snap shots of the top 25 for this month.  I actually got several screen shots from friends that will be a different post because spacenets appears in the 10th and 11th spot.  This of coarse is a post all of its own.  But this screen shot is the reason why I wrote a post on again.

As you can see in February 2011 on the number 19th spot is is.

So here are the emails from

I have tried to contact Daniel to explain why is back on the list or to refute that he is paying once again for advertising.  He has ignored my emails.  This is the point where I post all of his emails.  I have also made it clear on the contact form that I will post all emails on this blog that a host may send me.

The first email from

July 1, 2010

Daniel Collins
[email protected]

Hi Ben,

This is Daniel from

I would like to discuss and clear up some of your issue you are
having with us.

For not even being a customer or trying us you are making a very bold
statement and claim on your site.

I would prefer if our email conversation would be kept private and no
published on your site.
The aim of this conversation would be to clear up anything you think
about us and hopefully once its all cleared you will remove your
comment about us.

Would this be okay with you?


Daniel Collins

Sent from (ip address): (
Date/Time: July 1, 2010 10:27 pm
Coming from (referer):

For some reason my response to is missing in GMail. But apparently it was enough to get him to respond back.

July 1, 2010

Hi Ben,
As again I would like nothing from my emails to be published.

Im not sure about the start you are going on about affiliates, we arenot an affiliate we have our own servers.

The ranking you are going on about for the,”This is a company that was supposed to be the the number 10 host outof 25, and now 17 out of 25. For that matter Alexa lists the TrafficRank at 1,476,372. Which by webhosting terms is not impressive.”

I agree with you the webhostingstuff website is missleading where itsays “top 10..” when its not based on anything apart from there bid.

As i have said before we are a small company so we need to get outthere in the big world and get noticed, so we need to advertise. thisis one method of advertising.I am thinking about moving away from this site and looking into othermeans of advertising the site.

I would like to speak to you about the customer service area so wecan get this resolved.

For the site switching to the uk version i think this is because itsdirecting you to the whmcs portal what uses a differnt template thatsnot dynamic, Thanks! will look into this.

Im sorry about the call and how it was dealt with, this does not giveus a good impression. We are now going to be setting business hoursfor our support.
regarding the name changes, we just was selling shared hosting a awebmasters website. we then thought we could take this to the nextstep and started it up as its own site, so this was when we, after that as we are a uk company and would like toregister most of our domains in time i registered the .com domain 301 redirects to the UK domain.

The .com domain is currently under a dispute regarding our new officeaddress. We are in contact with PublicDomainRegistry to get thisresolved.

our about us page will be updated soon to make it more clear, we willnot include the time were we was selling on this other site, just fromday 1 of trading under our current name.

the TOS will also be updated soon.

the showcase page link has been removed until we contact clients whoare willing for the site to be displayed.

Regarding the review about firstnetserv, the owner of the site hasbeen making false claims about peoples hosting websites. (setup aforum and requesting a removal fee be paid to get your bad reviewremoved)

I would like to hear / work with you regarding these issues.

Daniel Collins

My response to

July 5, 2010


First of all I never called your company an affiliate.  I was simple informing how I came up with the subject for my hosting reviews.  Since I could find no affilates marketing your site, I went with what came to mind,  which is “who is ioxhost”.

The very nature of my site is to expose fake review sites as well as those who use them.   Currently I am after everyone that is using As they claim that no one pays for the top 25 positioning. You were on my list as number 10 back in May 2010. I know positioning with the top 25 is paid for, as 2 years ago I busted them.

I am not sure what makes you think being in the top 25 is “advertising”  turn on a TV and you will find true advertising. There are many ways to get your company to the world at large as I have clearly done with my site and my popularity has increased everyday since I created the video that made my site famous, and it grows even faster since I started the blog.  I have ran 4 hosting companies in the last 11 years, and I did not have to pay for a lie to make the sites popular.  The best you can do is to stop using, and do true advertising.  Even a affiliate program would be better then this (if you read my posts you will see that my problem is when companies use high payouts on their affiliate programs).    Better yet expose your dealing with webhostingstuff on here.  By bidding for your position you are engaging in business with a company that damages honest companies.  I owned one of those companies effected by the practices of  As long as you are listed in the top 25 of you are unethical company that I have my sights on.

As for the flaws in your site,  this is something you need to find.  I spent less then 30 minutes to find the flaws I encountered on your site.  I did not do a full a review of the site as I have a list of things I look at when reviewing a site.  I suggest that you do a page by page inspection of your site (that means testing your site in every popular browser).  I am not in the business of telling webhosts (especially considering they used to be my competitors) how they can improve their service, especially I am not going to do so for free.   Clearly if you want to reach the world at large you need to perform quality assurance on your site, and not wait for people to find the problems for you.

Nothing will make me delete the post I put up or alter it, however I am not beyond putting up a second post that states that you redeemed yourself.  In other words an email that I can post saying that you had remove you and that you are committed to doing true marketing.


Benjamin’s response

Hi Benjamin,
Thanks for your reply.
I don’t know how they can say people are not paying for that, Its misleading to the visitors thinking these company’s are the best when all the need to do is bid a bit of money.
We will be making a lot of changes to the site, (currently 2 of us) such as the Terms, We have business hours and going top to bottom checking the site.
I have just send WHS a email asking for the complete removal of our site.

My response to

Hello Daniel,

The problem is they like to delete the negative feed back for the companies that pay, and the positive feed back for those that do not.  The companies that approach them on this are slandered for this.

I would like to see the emails that whs has sent you, I can assure you any posts I do would leave out key information that they can use to identify you.

At the same time this is my recommendation that you post a response on my blog post in regards to having them remove you, and plead your case.


Benjamin’s response

HI Benjamin

I contacted them before regarding downtime they were showing where pingdom was showing none, they did nothing about this.

I removed all my bids from there site so i shouldn’t be listed.

Still awaiting there email to confirm they have removed my account.


End of emails with

After that there were only a few exchanges.  Where I tried to get him to send me the emails that webhostingstuff sent.  For that stop responding to me.  Even when I emailed’s Daniel to explain why they were back on the top 25 7 days ago on February 1, 2011.  Despite the claims of changing the terms of service they are still as short as they were.  The chat program is not the same as you have to go to contact to find it, and clicking on it seems to only reload the contact page.

The down time for this time last year was 2461 minutes.  Last month had 155 minutes.  But this is according to

In regards to the webhostingstuff reviews

This time around I find that has their own testimonials.  I decided to do what I have done with other hosts that decide to show case their testimonial as well as the reviews on  The question I have to ask is are these hosts still with – none active domain – Not on dns – – On (also a testimonial on site) On – On – Offline (also a testimonial on site) – Now with Bluehost as of Feb 7, 2011 (also a testimonial on site) – With Godaddy since November 21, 2009

There is one testimonial on that does not appear on – none active domain

So only 2 domains out of 8 reviews are hosted with Ioxhost.

17 Replies to “ – revisited”

  1. was apart of IoxHost, yes, we change our domain name., look it up if you do not believe me. You should really do more research next time before thing just because you “really think” you know a company based on how much you really do know them. I’m a loyal customer to IoxHost, and you say “Paying for reviews” like you know that he really is. Yes, I understand you’re angry, but is this the way you should go about it? Exposing false information to the public because you are mad at them? I’ll keep all other comments to myself.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello Joshua,

    He admitted in his own emails that he was paying webhostingstuff. I suggest you do your own research on whs before you say anything else. he knew what he was getting into. I have posted nothing false, only the information that I can find. In part information being the emails Daniel did not want me to publish. If he had nothing to hide, he would have no problem with me publishing his emails. Its curious one of his customers would contact me 2 days after my post.

    But if I have posted anything false why don’t you state where I did? I never said he paid for reviews. I did however point out the fact that 3 out of 8 domains are pointing to ioxhost,, and only 2 of them were online. That is a fact. Its also a fact I never said “Paying for reviews” . I did state that he was paying for “Advertising”(advertising = not really advertising) with webhostingstuff, which leads to him getting in the ranks of the top 25 on, which he has admitted to doing and that that was why he was in the top 25. Which at one point he was some how in legue with a Hostgator, ipage, fatcow, and justhost. Not to mention fail hosts like i7net which was offline for most of 2010. He is not the only one cornhuskertech ( ), and LFC hosting have also admitted to it (the hosts I can think of the top of my head).

    So you have a different site then what you wrote a review under. That’s only 3 sites out of 8 that are active and currently hosted with That is 37.5% retention, which is not a good thing considering these are the people that wrote the reviews..

    I looked up your domain, interesting I actually lived in your neck of the woods and worked at a manufacturing plant there. I never enjoyed the winters in Huntsville. But why is the domain name now with bluehost and active?

    Better yet why is the ip your contacting me from say your from Germany and not Alabama (



  3. Alright, to answer your last question first, I’m deployed in Afghanistan. To answer your second question, I used Bluehost because that is the only Hosting company that I can actually sign into the Client Panel out here. Hosting Storage is the site that is registered under IoxHost now, I wrote the review before knowing I was planning on switching my domain to a new one. Quite a while before actually.

    Honestly, I have nothing more to say. I read wrong. Which is of course my bad, but I will continue to use IoxHost as I have not had any problems with them. If you have never used their hosting, how can you know that they are not a good hosting site?

    I am going to leave off with that.



  4. Hello Joshua,

    To be honest I had already did research on your email address, so I had a feeling you were Alabama. I was hoping for a second response. Thank you for responding.

    I do apologize but its past my bed time so this is going to probable not make much sense and I will probable edit it to make sense later. But I probable will not get any sleep if I don’t post something now. The wheels in my head keep on turning if I don’t finish a thought.

    The reason is in my sights is because they bought so called advertising from got a second review because even though the owner admitted to the scam that was running, only to come back this month and use them again. I was hoping it was a mistake but I keep finding out more and more details that point to it not being a mistake. This was the first host to admit to me they were using and that it was a scam. Granted more have come forward. One host in particular is scheduled for a re-review, but not like what I did with He renounced on this blog, and is taking my advice to redo his website. I do after all have11 years of experience in owning and running 4 hosting companies.

    I am not sure if the owner thought I was not keeping track because I do a review of the top 25 every month since I started back in May 2010. As of December 2010 I have even added videos showing which hosts I will be looking at. But as you can tell my aim is any site that does fake reviews and hosts that use the, is my main focus because they deleted positive feed back from one of my companies. They choose to block me when I confront them on this, which only made me look more into their practices. You do enough research you find that so called advertising with webhostingstuff really pays for a position in the so called top 25 best hosts. This is disingenuous. Most of these review sites do not bother to even try the hosts or for that matter put the amount of effort I have into seeing if a host is alright. In most cases review sites are based off of affiliate commissions, which the owner of does through his top 10 site Through its a bidding system through so called advertising. The highest payer gets the number 1 spot. Though its my opinion Hostgator is not paying any more and its position is purely there for an affiliate commission. This month the list has been screwy and it only has 24 hosts as one appears in both the 10 and 11th spots as you can see from my latest post.

    There is also another kind of review site which a host owns (one company that does this is siteground) . Where one host (the owner of the review site) appears in the top 10 list and is always on top. The nice thing about the Alexa Google tool bar is that it links to thewaybackmachine which lets you see over the years that a single host has always appear in the number 1 spot. Vexxhost also does this.

    I am curious as to how you found out about this post. But I assure you the only reason I did a second post was because I found back on the top 25. While it bothered me this was the only host that I did not publish the emails to, I ultimately never would have published them if he would have just stayed off the top 25 list. I can tell you it was not a earned spot as it is not a earned spot for any host that is on there. You can tell that from many factors that has for data on each host. Not long before I first found they had a serious outages listed in the uptime on There is also the traffic popularity which is “Traffic Popularity: #3,291 of 14,286 companies”.

    Hostgator is 5 is 1

    With WHS’s own data nothing really tells you how a host could be on that so called top list.

    I could go on all day on all the problems with, but I could also just point you to this blog for all the answers. I can also tell you that at one point of the hosts in the top 25 was offline for most of last year.- I7net.

    I don’t do these reviews to destroy small hosting companies. I do them to inform people and to also scare any one off from doing these unethical scam review sites.

    They may very well be a good host. I have seen some ratty sites in my time. One belonging to a Australian Business partner, to this day it boggles the mind that he still makes a living off the site. When I looked at there were a lot of flaws, still most of them have not been fixed. Many that would take only a few minutes to correct. Not being able to access a control panel from another country sounds like another problem that needs to be corrected. Having owned and ran 4 hosting companies over 11 years I can tell you that’s something I would be driving my tech nuts about until they fixed it. After all you went to Bluehost, to me that’s money down the drain if I were the owner of ioxhost.

    Regards, and I hope you have a safe return


  5. In regards to your “Not being able to access a control panel from another country” comment has nothing to do with IoxHost. It’s the Internet Service Provider out here, and yes, Daniel did try to resolve the situation, we worked through trying to open the ports, but it was the ISP out here who blocked them. I am pretty sure if you were to go to another country and try it on your own connection, it would work, however, I am under the Governments Internet, and they do what they want to with the ports.

    Also, to make this point, it’s not just IoxHost’s client panel, I’ve tried numerous hosting companies that had the same problem.

    “After all you went to Bluehost, to me that’s money down the drain if I were the owner of ioxhost.”

    Yes, I went to Bluehost with DeluxFilmations, but I still use IoxHost with another website, which will remain nameless at this time for privacy purposes.

    Thank you for the information, and thank you for the end comment.


  6. Hello,
    Just so you know is still with IoxHost and has been since they started.

    My domains are on a VPS i have with IoxHost and i set the custom nameservers to ns1/ns2/ns3/

    I have used IoxHost since they began in 2009 and they are a great company and i highly recommend them. They may be small but their customer service and support is next to none and they go out of there way to help you!

    If you look on there site they offer VPS and Dedicated hosting too so they may not always use ns1/!

    I have the package VPS4 with IoxHost, and i feel it’s money well spent! I’ve never had a problem with them.


  7. Hello Gavin,

    Well we are now at 50% retention of customers who left feed back. I wonder if the other 4 customers are going to contact me.

    I have 2 questions for both you and Joshua.

    1. How did you you find to leave a review. I ask because thats the only place out of many sites that offer hosting reviews.
    2. How did you both find out about this post?



  8. To answer both your questions;

    1. I have known about from trying to find hosting a while back. Before I started using IoxHost, I would use Webhostingstuff to find a reliable host.
    2. I heard about this through a post on Facebook, it was a repost, but when I saw it had IoxHost in the name, I found it interesting, so I clicked to view it. I normally don’t click on any site that I’ve never been to, but yeah.



  9. Hello Joshua,

    I am actually in the progress of writing up a review on bluehost, as a I have a client for some reason thinks that he should pay a lot of design but almost nothing to host. I think he will change his mind.

    My initial thoughts on the hosting is that its rather sluggish, not to mention I am finding ads like what EIG does with their sites. Though rumor is that Bluehost and their partner sites were bought out by EIG.



  10. Hello Ben,
    I’ve known about WHS for a while from when i used to do webhosting, and before i started using IoxHost i did some research on them and i saw they were on WHS, so once they proved to be good i thought i’d leave them a review, i didn’t see IoxHost was on other review sites and if i knew about it i would of left reviews on their site aswel, which i might do shortly, just to help them, as these reviews you’ve done on them are probably going to ruin them now.

    I found this post by googling my domain as i’ve had a lot of spam registrations just recently and i wanted to see what sites had my domain on as i have not released the site yet as it isn’t ready, but it turns out when i used to offer hosting years ago i’m getting it from them. But that’s how i found out about the review and seeing as i IoxHost has been good to me i thought i’d defend them.


  11. Hello Gavin,

    You might want to tell to defend itself. Many host bigger and smaller have done so, and no this is not something that is going to destroy I have gone through far worse then a negative review could ever do, and I was able to keep a company afloat.

    So far I have gotten 2 customers, and 1 person who threatens me, tells me to change things, go after bigger hosts, and to respond to him when I make the changes. Oh yeah and he claims to not have any connection to (ummm sure). For that instead of responding to the email I made a post. The owner of coarse sent me a simple email that he will get back to me later as he is afraid I will post further emails.

    As I stated the only reason I did a second post is because found its way back on’s top 25 list, which is a disingenuous paid for service. It was against my better judgement to not post his emails prior to this, however I thought despite not returning my emails and the promise to stop using that there was no need to have the emails published. As you can see from my emails I offered him a second review that would put him in a better light if he would follow my suggestions and publicly denounce He choose to ignore me.

    BTW Gavin your domain ( does not appear to be online at the moment. I get:

    “Oops! Google Chrome could not find
    Try reloading: http://www.­gavinbrydon.­co.­uk
    Additional suggestions:
    Access a cached copy of http://www.­gavinbrydon.­co.­uk
    Search on Google:”



  12. Before you ask, admin, I am NOT a staff member of Ioxhost nor a customer – I do know one of the people that works at Ioxhost, however.

    I must say, this is all sensationalised to a good degree just to get good content on your “hosting exposed” website. Try giving some providers slack because it’s people like you that causes the fear between web hosting companies / providers and people like you with websites like this. As much as I agree with websites like this to truly expose web hosting companies that seriously don’t give a toss about their customers and have shit services; it’s others that get caught in the net when you go vetting any old web hosting provider you find on the web. Also to just point out your video sounds and looks sensationalised too. It’s just ridiculous.

    Lastly, just cause daniel (which is the owner of Ioxhost) asks for you to not publish his e-mails means there’s something suspicious? From what I’ve read so far, he doesn’t want you to publish them because there’s a misunderstanding between you and Ioxhost/Daniel and he doesn’t want yet another blog post posted with his e-mail in it trying to clarify the situation. I don’t think Ioxhost or Daniel is as much of a toss, sneaky, web hosting service as you portray them as! So easy to be swayed to one side of opinion.

    Just to let you know I will not be responding in the comments section if you reply – as I don’t feed bait!

    And let me confirm, I am NOT a staff member or a customer at Ioxhost!

    I hope admin that you post exposure articles in truth and honesty because you can negatively impact web hosting companies that simply want to provide business. If you are wrong about an article or company, you should rightfully state this at the top of the article clearly! And this is not being exclusive to Ioxhost if that is entirely the case, but rather with anyone. As it’s really important.

    I hope you do not delete this comment.

  13. Hello Ben,

    Why would I delete this comment? You have never read any of my posts, I have yet to delete anything but spam. Frankly your response is not helping

    Your comment does not address why I created this post.

    As for you not being a staff member or customer, that may be. But you have a relationship with this site in one way or another or you would not be posting on my blog (thus helping to increase the traffic to this page with every comment).

    I impact businesses that decided to use fake review sites like or spam to get business. I don’t go after hosting companies that run honest business practices.



  14. Hello Admin,

    For your information, a bad web hosts like MochaHost get good rank in WHS by paying them, and WHS would rule out the negative reviews as return. Yet, there’s a lot of bad reviews for MochaHost from 2006 till 2011. And those reviews don’t seems to be delete or are going to be anytime in future.

    Dear admin, is that mean WHS is becoming a review site with what they call “high level of integrity” ?

  15. Hello Mark,

    I am well aware how a host appears in the top 25 of webhostingstuff, its the main reason that I created this site. When every I do the whole “advertising” am trying to draw attention to the fact that any host that appears there did not earn the position, but paid for it.

    Not every host has negative reviews is a good example and for some strange reason they have not had any reviews in a long time. I tend to think that has an affilate link and is not getting advertising fees. There is also no level of integrity. This month there are two host that have not been online more then 30 days before entering the top 25. Not to mention there have only been 24 hosts, one host has been in the 10th and 11th spots. At one point in one of my previous reviews there were only 19 hosts instead of 25.



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