Don’t Buy From iPage.Com Until You Read My Review — Save Time And Money!!

Its simply not enough to go after phony baloney webhosting review sites, you have to go after the companies that put money in their coffers. The money is coming from webhosting companies. Because of this practice we are swamped with tons of crap while trying to search for real info on a webhosting. There are 25 webhosts on’s top list since iPage is at the top of they are the first on my list. Going by rating then number of reviews they would be number 9, but by’s own ranking on the page for its 60. I will start with them. In July I will go after another hosting review site and their customers.

There is a lot of info to sort out on iPage. The puzzling thing is they were supposed to be hosting since 1998, but according to this link ( they just re-launched after years of inactivity back in October 2009. claims to have more then 1,000,000 websites. It does not say domains or customers. Are they counting add-on domains like what geocities did? Keep in mind customer can have one plus domains, and I have seen a lot of customers with a thousands of domains for the sheer purpose of increasing their site rankings. A gimmick that hosting companies and hosting review sites also employee.

Looking at their dns records I see this:

Another webhosting company on servers.

Strangely while trying to see where ranks ipowerweb, I get the following message:

We apologize for any inconvenience you are currently facing.

To allow us to diagnose the error(s) you’re facing, please fill your email address below
and press the “Diagnose My Connection” button.

Our Webmaster Team are then able to diagnose error(s) you’re facing and contact you when
they are fixed.

Once again, thank you for your patience! 🙂

Your Email Address:

I am not going to give them my email address. But the problem seemed to happen after I went to the advertise with us link. A friend on the same network has confirmed that they do not have the same problem and can clearly see the top 10 on’s main page. But I tend to wonder the relationship between iPage and ipowweb. The lay out of both sites has a similar feel.  Perhaps the collective of companies have over 1,000,000 websites on their “Platform”.

One of the ways iPage is promoting their company is an insane affiliate program with commission junction that I don’t quite understand. They offer $100 – $125 per annual account, and what appears $25 per blog. I had to look at it several times because it does not make a lot of sense, especially since they are talking about their $3.50 a month plans (which is their only plan). A full year is $42.00. However this only counts if the person ordering does not decided to cancel their order and get suckered into the last chance offer when trying to get away from the shopping cart. In which case there is no commission made by the referrer. Granted there is nothing in regards to renewal fees so I suppose they can start making a profit off refereed customers after a year or 2, if that customer buys into the extras. But that’s a lot of income being taken away from the service of the customer. It is however very desirable to those that want the income to push this product when they can get a very high pay out for a single sale. Making it to where anyone that wants to push hosting is not going to go for an affiliate program that while rewarding the referral, is not giving away the farm to get the new customer. Keep in mind not every customer is going to come through the commission junction program, and this is not going to be iPage’s only source of advertising. After all they are also paying the cost to remain on number 1 host out of 25 with Not to mention Commission Junction is not exactly bringing affiliates for iPage for nothing. Clearly you have a choice to select between a company that pays more for making sure you get the best service, or more to those that would bring customers in like cattle. is not the only company parading this company as being a highly regarded website. Going to Google I get a load of various affiliates, and a list to add of people that are in the business of webhosting reviews. Though it appears they are like is paying the most for “advertising”. I found it on a few affiliates that try to appear as unbiased reviews. But none of these sites are hosted on’s network. is one of the sites that has a glowing endorsement. Better yet Ian (owner of, allows you to do blog posts about hosting companies. Using other people to help advance his own website to promote hosting companies on his lists, all of which have affiliate programs.

After a long review of search engine results it’s hard not to find negative feedback about the support, uptime, and at times support responses that don’t understand the most basic of questions. Worst yet a repeat pattern where people are told there was no outages when asked for the cause of the outages. I find it remarkable based on the negative feedback that I have found that has no negative feedback on The only glowing endorsements I can find are those that are clearly affiliates that have a coupon code so you can get service for $3.50.

The terms of service, or the many pages of terms of service. Are somewhat long and cumbersome for a product that is only $3.50 a month. Frankly I have had credit card agreements, cell phone contracts, and loan agreements with less reading involved. Considering the amount of time I have spent on researching this company already, I am not willing to invest anymore time into digging in to their terms of service. So at best I am going to tell you what I have found while glancing and looking for certain parts of the terms of service. Namely the domain name, since they offer a free one.

I am no big fan of hosting companies that want you to buy or transfer your domain to them. I don’t see a third option with iPage to simply change your dns to their servers from the domain register you have your domain with. You have to read the terms of service to see what they might mean by transfer which appears to mean changing your dns. Nothing clear in regards to that. The free domain is somewhat fuzzy on its own. I don’t have a problem so much with the domain being free for the life of the account, its an incentive. Not exactly one I would have preferred to use. But the fact that they do not disclose how much the domain will cost if you decided to leave. I had to call to find out, and its $15.00 (however the site lists it as a $9.95 value). I stated I could get it cheaper else where, so I was not interested in buying a domain through them. I also asked about just changing my dns, and not transferring the domain. The operator on the other end was unclear on the details. But they do try to transfer you from your existing domain register, unless you contact them prior to ordering. These days you can get a domain for less than $10 from many fine registration companies. After all who wants to pay extra to a hosting company they may not like.

Then their User Agreement and their Domain Registration Agreement do not agree with one another.

User Agreement 2.b.i: If your plan includes a free domain name and you cancel within the first 30 days, a fee for the domain will be deducted from your refund. If you do not wish to keep the domain name, iPage will take possession of the domain and the fee will not be charged.

Domain Registration Agreement 4: Once a domain name has been registered or renewed through iPage, no refunds will be given for the domain registration or renewal fee.

On one hand they can charge you $15.00 non-refundable on the other they refund all your money.

Also in User Agreement 2.b.i: at any time by either party by giving the other party thirty (30) days prior written notice, provided that we may charge You a minimum $35.00 charge as an early cancellation fee.

Meaning after you cancel after 30 days and you paid for a year ($42.00) you could get $7 or less.

Going to the order form they automatically selects 2 year pricing. I am not sure about their experience, but generally I have had forms on monthly pricing, often customers would not even bother reading the terms of service or for that matter see what they were paying for. But the worst part I think is that they preselected some add-ons, Prevent Identity Theft & Secure Your Data ($12.95 a year) and Automate Your Site Backup ($12.95 a year). That’s an extra $51.80, if the person who ordered did not bother to check the bi-annual billing, versus $25.90 for the year).

Finale here is my chat session with one of their (shared) staff, you will get what I mean after you read the transcript.  Needless to say I found out more than I thought I would ever get out of a chat session.  BTW I am Benjamin.

Thank you for contacting support. Please be prepared to answer your Security Question when we begin chatting. To enhance our security protocols, we’ll need you to provide the answer to your Security Question at the beginning of our conversation. If you have not yet set your Security Question and Answer, please log into your account now to set it up. Thank you. Please hold for the next available operator to respond.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with ‘Bryan Smith’

Bryan Smith: Hi Benjamin My name is Bryan Smith, how are you today?

Benjamin: I was wondering if you could give me details on some of the freebies offered on your main page that are not listed on the hosting features site. In regards to carbonite and shopsite. There are no details that I can see as to what I get with these two services if I sign on with you.

Bryan Smith: I apologize for the wait time.

Bryan Smith: Could you please provide me with the URL from where you have entered this Chat interface?

Benjamin: your main page

Bryan Smith: May I have the URL of our website through which you have logged into this chat? I need the URL of our website where you have clicked the Chat icon.

Benjamin: you should know that, there is only one main page

Bryan Smith: I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. But we need your co-operation as we are in the process of enhancing the Chat icons on our website and during this period we want to identify the exact page from where you have contacted us. This will help us to determine the list of pages from where we usually get the chats and organize the Chat icons in a better way.

Benjamin: but you only have one main page, either you know it, or you are supporting more then one company.

Benjamin: meaning outsourced support

Benjamin:, which you should have been able to tell me

Bryan Smith: Okay.

Bryan Smith: Thank you for your interest in iPage.

Bryan Smith: Yes, we are supporting couple of hosting company.

Bryan Smith: FatCow is the sister company of iPage.

Bryan Smith: I will provide you the information.

Bryan Smith: May I place you on hold for 4 or 5 minutes, while I check this for you?

Benjamin: ok

Bryan Smith: Thank you for holding.

Bryan Smith: In order to know more about the ShopSite, please go through this link:

Bryan Smith:

Bryan Smith: In order to know more about the Carbonite, please go through this link:

Bryan Smith: http://Carbonite

Bryan Smith: The correct link is:

Bryan Smith:

Benjamin: if I decided to not stay with your company how much does it cost to keep the domain name?

Bryan Smith: Only $10.95 per year.

Benjamin: but your site says a 9.95 value

Benjamin: and someone on the phone told me 15.00

Bryan Smith: You can view the domain price list at:

Bryan Smith:

Benjamin: how many other companies are you supporting? To be honest I was looking for a company with its own support.

Bryan Smith: Only two hosting company.

Bryan Smith: iPage and FatCow.

Benjamin: fatcow does not appear to offer carbonite

Bryan Smith: FatCow offers the Carbonite.

Benjamin: where?

Bryan Smith: Please go through this link:

Bryan Smith:

Benjamin: ok I will review

Benjamin: May, ask where you are located?

Bryan Smith: Our headquarters are in Burlington, MA, but I’m located in one of the support centers in Mangalore, India.

Benjamin: you have an uncommon name for someone in India

Benjamin: anyway have a nice day

Bryan Smith: Its not our real name.

Bryan Smith: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Benjamin: why would you not use your real name?

Bryan Smith: Due to a security reasons we do not use it.

I ended the chat session after this, perhaps if I dug more I could have found out that this was not even a human being, after all Brian said “its was not our name“, I felt if I dived in any closer and I would find myself in the twilight zone. I have no problem with names that are not of European descent, but it seems a bit odd to use a fake name for the sake of security of someone in India. After all he could just go by his first name (is the person on the other side even male?).  It’s not like my name is all that rare, and I am sure the person on the other end has a common (maybe Hindi) name.  But perhaps I could have found out more information from the person on the other end that eagerly volunteered information.  I tend to doubt that fatcow is the only site behind iPage. I tend to wonder if iPage was somehow absorbed into the collective known as fatcow. It’s clearly cheaper to get hosting from then Which makes me wonder since is cheaper, if whatever company that own fatcow is now seeing a slide in sales since it seems like unlimited hosting gets cheaper and cheaper as the months go by.

My suggestion, avoid this company as well as any company that tells you that they offer you unlimited hosting for dirt cheap. Offers you tons of freebies like carbotnite, but that’s just a trial account, not the full version. They also offer Google AdWords, Facebook advertising credit, Yahoo … all of which I get in the mail for free straight from those companies. This is nothing more than a gimmick to get you into buying service from those advertising outlets.

Then there is WordPress and Joomla, also free. The most I have paid for WordPress is on themes and applications. A lot of stuff that most people would never need. I am not a Joomla User, though I can tell you it was a support headache. But both of which you can install for free, especially if your host has a program that sets up apps like the one I was using with cPanel.

At this point I have to stop digging, as the more I dig the more I find. I wanted to spend no more than a day looking into this. Yet I spent 5 days. I have more content then I care to post, as I could devote a whole site to just what I found on iPage.


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  1. Ipage are a waste of time and money. I’m in UK-. Website with Ipage was very slow to load. Sometimes waiting 40 seconds for page to load. Wanted to cancel under 30 day guarantee but would only get back 20% of what I paid. The rest is deducted for this and that.
    Moved same website over to a friends server account and the pages load instantly – Just like google.

    IPage- Stay away

  2. Sigh, I SHOULD have seen this blog before I’ve purchased an iPage account. I feel really bad! Now I am looking into another account where I can safely transfer my domain and my friends’ accounts too are hosted with me. I have read all the comments here and I hope you’ll come up with a top ten list of a “good” websites soon. I just feel so bad being stuck with them right now. I always get that weird 500 timeout message on my website. Sigh. Now what do I do???

  3. i freaking hate ipage, can I take my domain elsewhere? they refunded part of my money but wont give over my domain

  4. is the WORST hosting I have ever seen, it’s a big fake show but no services I can’ add addon domains , I can’t extract zip files from the server side , they didn’t include extract option in my cpanel plus the servers is too bad , my advice don’t try to hit

  5. Like many others commenting here, I wish I had read your review before I signed a contract with iPage. But it was my first time and I was naive about the other web hosting reviews I found on Google. In addition to the unfair $15 fee for cancelling an account (even if you do not want to keep the domain) they jacked up the price for WhoIs privacy from $8.99 to $12.99 after the first year. If their hosting service was decent I wouldn’t complain as much, but from the beginning I suffered unacceptable lag and generally slow response on my websites as well as the control panel. I just checked and there are 370 domains on the same iPage server as me, compared to just 16 on the same server for the new host that I have moved to (Hawkhost).

  6. I’m glad I bought with an AMEX card. I signed on to check out iPage. They managed to bill me about 3x what I was expecting and then nowhere did they list their name servers – because they wanted to transfer my domain.

    Now I can’t find a “cancel account” option so I’ll just have AMEX refuse to honor the payment.


  7. oh dear….

    I got confused trying to find a good hosting company that I made the mistake of being ripped off twice by iPage!!!

    No seriously!

    Last year I went for there $30 a year deal and got charged over $60, this year.. please don’t ask why as I don’t know 🙂

    I went for there $30 deal again with free domain etc only to be charged over $40 just for the .co domain and as it didn’t give me a final figure to be charged on my account I was also lucky enough to get a few bolt on’s so was charged nearly $150, both times I had arguments with there terrible support staff, to be honest gave up.

    I won’t be caught again… avoid!

  8. Hello Dave,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I have question for you, a bit of a theory really. When you first order from them did you navigate away from the order page, and then get a special discount if you signed up? As I think that may have been what happen. Certainly when I was on their order page I never saw anything that stated that you got to keep the rate or that it was off the first bill.



  9. Terrible Service.
    I purchased web hosting today for $42.00 and selected my preferred domain name. But before doing so, I had checked out other domain names. After purchasing and getting billed, I noticed that they gave me the domain name I entered first and was available, and not my final choice. After talking to a representative via live chat for tech support, I got ignored and a support ticket was created. Soon after that I contacted billing this time with a request to refund my money and cancel my account. Again all they told me was to wait for a support ticket. Needless to say, they seemed from India as well. After waiting for a “quick” response as I was told by the representatives, the “quick” response never came. I finally got fed up with it and called them. Their Billing was closed at this time, but I redialed and selected tech support. A guy who could speak English (Thank god) picked up and after 3 minutes my account was cancelled and hopefully I am waiting for a refund now.

    Here’s a transcript.

    General Info
    Chat start time Jan 18, 2012 10:22:09 PM EST
    Chat end time Jan 18, 2012 10:31:17 PM EST
    Duration (actual chatting time) 00:09:07
    Operator Pablo King
    Chat Transcript
    info: Thank you for contacting us.In order to ensure that we’re chatting with an authorized account owner, please be prepared to answer your security question when we begin chatting. If you have not yet set your Security Question and Answer, please log into your account now to set it up.At the end of our conversation, please keep this window open and complete our one question survey to let us know how we’re doing.Please hold for the next available operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with ‘Pablo King’
    Pablo King: Hi, I apologize for the wait time. My name is Pablo King, how are you today?
    Anonymous: Good
    Anonymous: I just have 1 request
    Pablo King: How can I help you today?
    Anonymous: I purchased a web hosting plan 10 minutes ago and it did not register the domain I put in.
    Anonymous: Instead it registered one I had tried before but disliked the name.
    Anonymous: Is there any way to change the domain name to the one I want
    Pablo King: The domain ‘(removed by Benjamin)’ is already registered in your account.
    Pablo King: I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
    Pablo King: You need to pay $13.99 now to register new domain name.
    Anonymous: Ok, thank you.
    Pablo King: It is not possible to cancel the registered domain name.
    Anonymous: Can you please help me receive a refund?
    Anonymous: What do I need to do to receive a refund
    Pablo King: We do not provide the refund for the domain purchased.
    Anonymous: The domain came free.
    Anonymous: I would like a refund for the web hosting
    Pablo King: Okay. I will escalate the issue to check whether we can take the domain ownership and provide the free Domain Credit back.
    Anonymous: Thank you.
    Pablo King: You’re welcome!
    Pablo King: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    Anonymous: I either need to be able to change the domain name or receive a refund if changing the domain name is not an option. No other requests, thank you
    Pablo King: Thank you for chatting with us. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are available 24×7.
    Pablo King: Bye!
    Anonymous: Wait!

    As many have already posted, I was naive and did not read any reviews. I only checked out
    which seems like other bull$%!&. I wrote a review with the lowest starts possible, and what a shocker! it never popped up. Now just keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for my money.

  10. @Anonymous and anyone else trying to cancel an iPage account:
    I persisted and had the $15 domain fee that iPage charges when you cancel your account waived. Just keep asking for your case to be escalated up until you get out of the canned responses from their India call center. This only works if you do not want to keep the domain that you initially registered when you created your account.

  11. @Ken
    I was refunded the full $42.00 overnight even though one of the operators told me it would take 5-7 business days. I was not charged a $15 fee because the domain came free with hosting. I recommend calling them to resolve the issue and not chatting. Any web hosting that you guys can recommend?

  12. dude i paid for this ipage, then after speaking to the representative on livechat, i discovered so many hidden details, including some offers not open in the UK, a differentiation in price i.e. $13.99 fee means a £13.99 fee, but a facebook credit of $50 means £32.

    also their terms and conditions are bogus. it states a cancellation fee applies, however the representative said they are updating their terms (which means at this moment, they have no set terms..)

    i could have had cheap hosting/domain for one year, then cancelled but i couldn’t bear to think of the hassle i’d have to receive a refund for the remainder years.

    luckily i cancelled half an hour after paying, hopefully i’ll get the money back without a hitch, luckily as well i paid by paypal so it’s all good.

  13. I just want to say, “God Bless” you for this information. I have ATT&T hosting my domain and they are a nightmare to say the least. Their customer service is right off the script in “Mayberry RFD”. I was close to utilizing the iPage hosting but after reading your post and your sincere comments regarding this company I am opting out of doing business with iPage. iPage is what we call, “A good example of a bad example”. Appreciate the info and I appreciate the others that posted with their information. You folks rock! Thank you.

  14. I want to say a very huge thank you for this honest review, I as almost moving my 8 websites to from which I have been using for the past 3 three years without any complain until recently when they migrated to the VDeck control panel, started offering unlimited plans and it seems they have also been taken over by another bigger company. their service and support is great and maybe I will stick with them.

    Thank you for the heads up

  15. Hello John,

    Actually iPage is owned by the same company that bought netfirms, they are called Endurance International Group (EIG for short).



  16. I have to say that I’ve been with iPage for over a year now and they have been great. There have been a couple of small issues with configuration(s) but it all works really well now and the support was great each time.

    I’m very happy with them and have to say that every experience I’ve had with the support people so far has been really good. I agree that the name thing is a little strange but, I can live with that.

    I was with another company for a while and it was horrible and iPage was recommended to me by a friend and I am happy I switched.

  17. Hello Tim,

    If you like them you should have no problem telling what the site is you have hosted with them.

    Positive reviews are nice, but pointless without showing what domain you have with them.



  18. Hello Tim,

    How about one that has been with them for over a year? The one you showed was created May 2011, and updated July 2011. So at best you have a few months shy of a year on the domain you listed.



  19. You are correct, like 9 -10 months for that particular one. I have to say that they have been really good and I’m happy I went with them, so far.

  20. Same here with all the grief. I’m usually cautious but as my wife was already with them I thought why not as I saw how easy the webbly builder was to use. But I soon found out a lot of limitations which iPage doesn’t tell you about, (They tell you to find 3rd party software to adapt the website to your needs- hello- the $100’s of free software to help me is useless then?)plus being given the runaround by tech support that didn’t seem to know it’s own software. While waiting for support to get back to me about a refund I did what I should have done and looked for negative reviews and ended up here. After reading this I immediately phoned them up and cancelled immediately (and got a full refund as I had registered elsewhere). 10 minutes later I got a message from tech support saying someone would be helping me with my refund soon. Not the sharpest lot wherever they are based! 🙂 I don’t believe they are a TERRIBLE host; it’s okay for small undemanding stuff but look for a WAY to get their anytime refund- they don’t make it easy. Don’t chat- PHONE and don’t be swayed!




  22. Thank you! I almost fell for this website! It almost looked too good to be true–which apparently it is.

    Careful also of (not to be confused with –which seems legitamate). The web builder and price are good; but I’ve learned the hard way that putting in one’s own domain causes name problems. Extra .com is added. Also domain names apparently can’t be refunded (some ICANN rule???); I’m still trying to cancel my 2 accounts with customer service after 5 days!

    Great feedback, Benjamin–keep up the good work!

  23. Hello Blake,

    There is a very good reason for not offering a refund on domain, and that is the pain of returning it. Its like returning used underwear to a store. Sure some places will take used underwear and some places will give you a refund on domains. A hosting company like iPage will do everything that it can to cut corners in this case on something that is not high or profitability. And domain like underwear you have no idea what was done with it unless you do research. Returning a domain is not simple for a host/domain register to do. After all they act as a third party between you and icann.

    Also when it comes to domains I never recommend buying it from the same place you host. For one it can be cheaper with a domain register, especially when you decide to host elsewhere as that free domain soon becomes expensive. Most host will not let you transfer a domain with in 2 months of purchase or renewal because of chargebacks.



  24. I wish I would have seen your review BEFORE I purchased hosting from iPage. I just wanted to inform everyone that after having a fine experience with them for one year, I received an invoice for my renewal at $107.40/year!!! That is quite a steep jump over the $40 I spent on my first years hosting. This is interesting to me because I switched my hosting from to ipage for the exact same reason. The accounts also jumped to $107.40/year. A very specific price and it makes me think the two companies are related. Unfortunately I have moved several hosting packages to ipage in the past year and now have to go through the hassle of moving them all again without my customers noticing a downtime. I do not support the bait and switch practices of these two companies!! 🙁

  25. I agree with you benjamin.

    I have been with them for past 2years and their support simply sucks. I am from India and we have these kinda jokers with all types of support centers.

    While the interface is easy to handle and basic issues are sorted out easily, the page loading speed is pathetic. Even our Indian servers offer speeds than them.

    I would like to know if there are any good unlimited domain hosts, I do not need unlimited space but multi domain hosting capability.

    Great job mate.


  26. iPage seems incapable of efficiently resolving problems. Live chat and telephone support is worthless if it provides no help. Live chat is extremely slow, you are repeatedly asked to wait for extended periods of time. The responses are boilerplate that often do not answer the questions. My SEO Marketing Manager insisted it was imperative my company name in the title be preceded by the city I am in. The alignment would not work and part of the name ran into a picture on a Weebly drag and drop site that could not be moved. After two emails to him he passed me along to tech to fix the problem he created. After a call and three back and forth chats with tech they said it could not be done. All the while my site is up like this. My marketing manager takes no ownership for creating the problem. He ignores an email to have whoever is in charge of SEO call me. I can not get this person by phone but I am promised the right person will quickly respond. IPage has a slick site. Unfortunately they are also slick at avoiding problem resolution.

  27. Hi Benjamin………thanks for all of your hard work. We currently use Go Daddy to host our website and are having lots of problems with our email (on a mac). By “googling” “mac mail problems with Go Daddy” I found that lots of other users are having the same problems. I was going to switch to iPage due to the great reviews but have changed my mind since reading your thread.

    The question I have is how do we find a good hosting company?

    Thanks for your help.

  28. I HATE IPAGE[.]COM!!!
    It works like SH&T and the DOWNTIME is HUGE. I’m having over 20 downtimes in 30 DAYS!!! DON”T BUY HOSTING FROM IPAGE[.]COM
    The support is way below stupidity. Even if they offer a lot of features at a low price (the lowest) you won’t enjoy 90% of your money.
    If you search the web for IPAGE Reviews THE FIST TWO pages are own by them! and when you want to close the page you will redirected to their sh%t% website.
    PLEASE DON’T BY HOSTING FROM THEM and make you a favor.
    Based on my experience I would rather pay double for the same features the buying hosting from such a low, low, low, low company…
    Cheers all!

  29. to KEVIN, and to all you guys and girls that are looking for a hosting company: ask your fiends and colleagues to see how they are getting along with their hastings. after more the 7 years on the web, being involved in 15-20 web hosting relocations I can tell you that it’s nothing like a web hosting company located in the country where your customers are. I’ve have huge bandwidth and uptime problems with companies like ipage and godaddy and I advise all my customers to buy hosting from their country of origin instead of buying from giants like godaddy.
    Some of my customers are based in Romania (3rd country in speed connection on the planet) and I advise them to chose from hosting based in Romania.
    Thanks Benjamin for this GREAT review and for giving all of US the CHANCE to express our FEELINGS 🙂

  30. I purchased iPage last year and it came up for renewal on March 15. I was told renewal would be automatic and I did not have to do a thing. My credit card account was billed and they received their payment. Almost four times what I initially paid for. They never told me that the hosting and all the products would now be $107 rather than the 29.99 which I originally paid. All in all for all the services I paid over $160.

    And then this is the zinger. I was charged the renewal fee of 13.99 for the .com renewal for a year. It was posted to my account as paid. Come March 15 all was good. Then on April 21 I noticed my site was down. The message I kept getting when searching for it was that it did not exist.

    Since it was like 2a.m in the morning when I discoverd this I left a message on their message console. The reply I recieved said that the domain had expired. I immediately called later that morning and spoke with two operator who both saw and confirmed payment, but couldn’t tell me why the domain was not renewed. 6 days of nightmarish hell transpired and I was told it would be up in running in 48 hrs but it was not.

    Finally this escalated to their Business Specialist who proceeded to tell me that they had sent emails to tell me that the domain had not gone through and it was my fault that it had not been renewed because I didn’t contact them sooner. Hello!! they took my automatic payment credited my account as paid but now tell me it did not process and therefore I have to pay $160 to get it back. What?!!

    Now they say, while it was a system error they will pay half but I am responsible for $80. This is outrageous! The payment of 13.99 is non-transferable and they cannot deduct that from the $80. In the meantime. My webstore has been down I am losing money. My customers are calling and I just sent out 200 postcards for a Mother’s Day sale to new customers who must think I am stupid, because the webstite does not exist.

    Of course I can wait till the domain goes back to the public at the end of the month (May 31) but am told I have no guarantees that it will be available and risk not getting it again. Do they put you over a barrel or what? They know you have invested time and money and hope that you pay to renew.

    I checked the BBB (Better Business Bureau)and there are over 350 complaints against them and still they are allowed to cheat and extort more and more money while not providing the services that are paid for.

    I am cancelling all..but after reading the complaints at BBB about cancelling and receiving a refund I am very skeptical that I will get anything back and will actually be charged cancellation fees. Even when they post a Anytime money back guarantee.

    DO NOT sign up with this company it is a SCAM. They donot care as long as they get and extort more and more money. I learned the hard way, hopefully no one has to go through what I have, by reading all these complaints.

  31. Hi Benjamin,
    I would like to start a blog, but I’m so green I don’t know where to start? I found this one website giving advice *URL removed*. I thought I could take his advice, but now am leary because he suggested ipowerweb. I went to ipowerweb and it does look similar to ipage. His page was last updated in 2004, so I emailed him a few days ago to see if he still felt the same after years later, but never got a response.
    Do you have an opinion on his suggestion of Act Now Domain? Also, people are suggesting I try WordPress for free first. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you,

  32. Hello CJ,

    I remove the site you were referring to because I don’t want to give them any back links. Based on what I see on their site, I can tell you it is for the purpose of referring people to their Wild West Reseller account (the place to buy a domain) or to ipowerweb for affiliate commissions (somewhere around $100 a sign up). Personally I have seen a lot of these resellers and most are pretty good about actually doing some back end work not to mention are cheaper.

    Also WordPress is free, its the extras from other parties that cost you in the end like the theme for this WordPress blog.



  33. After I found this review ans viewed that they are capable of billing you double or triple the amount of money you paid in the beginning I went straight to my bank to see what can I do to prevent this. They told me that they can block the channel where I first maid the original online payment but ipage can use another channel as they have my credit card details. The only solution was to change my card and declare the old one null.
    The card was canceled instantly and 3 business days later I received the new card (last week).
    Today I received an email from ipage saying that they will auto-bill me so I can benefit from they services 🙂 (the amount of money was double as the original one). I’ve called the bank to make sure and the bank told me that they can’t bill me as they don’t have the new card number.
    Good luck to all!

  34. Thanks for all of the feedback everybody. I am glad I read this before signing up with iPage. However, there are very few recommendations of web hosting sites. Ben, I read your reviews and you say it is almost impossible for you to recommend ANYONE….which is not very helpful for me. I really like your info and your work…but now you have me sucked in and I want your opinion!
    Trying to start a small biz site/blog/ecomm.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  35. Hello Rian,

    I am not sure you read my latest post all the way through, I never used the word impossible. I am leaning toward never with this site, if anything I would have to start another site just for reviews. This site was never meant to tell people who to host with. Though I doubt I will start up simple sites just to test out hosting companies. The big problem is I don’t have a lot of free time.



  36. Hello , I already had a payment problem with IPage and after a long story it was clear they play you with all the terms so I had to pay much more then I expected. So I cancelled my auto renewal to make sure this would not happen again.You have to look arround in all account aspects because there are opt out buttons everywhere. they make it very confusing to make sure the account is cancelled. this month they still managed to redraw money from my creditcard … to be continued . it is really a fraudulent company

  37. To everyone out there who are looking for a hosting company…PLEASE…PLEASE… yourselves the headaches and money by not signing up with iPage. I’m in big regrets right now being with them. I’m a web designer and to be honest, every time I’m in the middle of designing a web site it never fails to give me this error, “Error connecting to database”.

    When you chat with support, they say it will take 2-4 hrs. to resolve issue when it really took them 14hrs. to resolve my issue. And after that, I keep getting the same issue every day. It’s hard to offer your services to your clients when you don’t have a reliable web hosting company.

    Please save your money and look elsewhere. Thanks to the author of this blog for putting this together. Don’t fall for the top Google pages that offer good reviews for iPage because more than likely they are either employees or people paid to blog and offer good reviews about iPage.

  38. ipage is a good site i have had a site there for 2 years. idk about add ons nore do i care. they do what i look for in a host so *bleep* ya if someone doesnt wanna give you his real name thats not your business to try and dig up. i give ipage 4 star

  39. Hello Name with held(sorry I just thought this would be a better name for you over that offensive one you had before),

    Yes actually it is my business this is after all my site. If I want details that can be used to prove someone has actually been with a host, how long they have been with said host, and if they are actually doing anything with their site on said host than yes it is my business. Be the review positive or negative if I want more details to back up a claim, well it is my right to ask. Just as it is for me to not even allow a comment from a dork such as yourself from ever appearing.

    Details matter, if your not going to provide them than don’t bother commenting.



  40. as an update: ipage tried again to redraw money from my account.
    Probably “Name with held” works for IPage as all the website in Google’s first page when you type “ipage review”!!!!!

  41. Please do not use this company. their help is ABYSMAL – I am quite horrified that this company is allowed to operate. Quite simply do not believe ANY of the cut and paste advice that the technical support offer you. This process from start to finish has been a NIGHTMARE.

    From the domain name I was incorrectly told (TWICE) I had obtained. This was after an hour long conversation on the phone where the man helping me told me that everything had been sorted out, he even made me wait on the phone until the entire process was finished. WRONG!

    Then the pages were loading SO slowly… 10 seconds per page – according to IPage this is completely normal. I can’t even begin to guess how many emails I sent and how much nonsensical advice I received before my web designer (very kindly) did the job for them. THE RIDICULOUS THING IS THAT FROM THE FIRST EMAIL I SENT, I HAD TOLD THEM THE ANSWER TO THE PROBLEM. THEY REPEATEDLY KEPT FOBBING ME OFF. I am sure that this is the result of poor pay/working conditions and is not the fault of the technical support… but still…. sigh.

    I haven’t been so furious in quite some time!

  42. I always find that most complaints are from young
    people. I guess we Seniors, do not have any to
    For those young persons: Fact, Life is not fair.
    No one is perfect, no one. Constructive criticism
    is good.

    I have used Ipage for a year and I found it no
    different than my other two services I have, but I
    pay more for those than I page.

    So it shows how what is good for one person, is not
    so for some one else..
    An life goes on

  43. Hello R.Murillo,

    Here is the thing you failed to do and that is to give me a website to see if the “young” people are wrong. So provide us with your real experiences instead of trolling my blog trying to make people who don’t like a company look bad.

    As for your age assumption, that is pure crap. Neither you or I have any idea of any of the ages of any one that posts negative or positive feed back about a host. Also life is what you make it, and if you think it is unfair and you are senior I truly would not want to live your life.



  44. Thank you Benjamin , indeed. Mr Murillo that is such crap . I am 43 … I still consider myself young but that is more a feeling then reality. and who says young people cannot have a sound meaning ? what we are trying do here is to see the the pro’s and con’s no matter the age. ok you where lucky we where not .

  45. R..Murillo,

    What hosting companies are you using? I am guessing they are also with EIG. Not. To mention what sites do you have with these companies? Without actually seeing them I can only speculate that you have sites that are barely doing anything. Which can explain why your satisfied with a company like ipage.

  46. I am sorry I didn’t see this review before signing up with page. Everything that u have written on your blog I have experienced with ipage. I transfered my domaon to ipage and all was ok for three weeks before my site shut down. Checks revealed that ipage didnt complete the transfer process and caused my domain to expire then they tried to charge me double to fix it. I had to get a new domain. It cost me a lot and I lost a lot of money. I will keep the service for 1 year but will never renew with them for love nor moneym
    Ipage is the worst hosting company I have ever dealt with.

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