Don’t Buy From iPage.Com Until You Read My Review — Save Time And Money!!

Its simply not enough to go after phony baloney webhosting review sites, you have to go after the companies that put money in their coffers. The money is coming from webhosting companies. Because of this practice we are swamped with tons of crap while trying to search for real info on a webhosting. There are 25 webhosts on’s top list since iPage is at the top of they are the first on my list. Going by rating then number of reviews they would be number 9, but by’s own ranking on the page for its 60. I will start with them. In July I will go after another hosting review site and their customers.

There is a lot of info to sort out on iPage. The puzzling thing is they were supposed to be hosting since 1998, but according to this link ( they just re-launched after years of inactivity back in October 2009. claims to have more then 1,000,000 websites. It does not say domains or customers. Are they counting add-on domains like what geocities did? Keep in mind customer can have one plus domains, and I have seen a lot of customers with a thousands of domains for the sheer purpose of increasing their site rankings. A gimmick that hosting companies and hosting review sites also employee.

Looking at their dns records I see this:

Another webhosting company on servers.

Strangely while trying to see where ranks ipowerweb, I get the following message:

We apologize for any inconvenience you are currently facing.

To allow us to diagnose the error(s) you’re facing, please fill your email address below
and press the “Diagnose My Connection” button.

Our Webmaster Team are then able to diagnose error(s) you’re facing and contact you when
they are fixed.

Once again, thank you for your patience! 🙂

Your Email Address:

I am not going to give them my email address. But the problem seemed to happen after I went to the advertise with us link. A friend on the same network has confirmed that they do not have the same problem and can clearly see the top 10 on’s main page. But I tend to wonder the relationship between iPage and ipowweb. The lay out of both sites has a similar feel.  Perhaps the collective of companies have over 1,000,000 websites on their “Platform”.

One of the ways iPage is promoting their company is an insane affiliate program with commission junction that I don’t quite understand. They offer $100 – $125 per annual account, and what appears $25 per blog. I had to look at it several times because it does not make a lot of sense, especially since they are talking about their $3.50 a month plans (which is their only plan). A full year is $42.00. However this only counts if the person ordering does not decided to cancel their order and get suckered into the last chance offer when trying to get away from the shopping cart. In which case there is no commission made by the referrer. Granted there is nothing in regards to renewal fees so I suppose they can start making a profit off refereed customers after a year or 2, if that customer buys into the extras. But that’s a lot of income being taken away from the service of the customer. It is however very desirable to those that want the income to push this product when they can get a very high pay out for a single sale. Making it to where anyone that wants to push hosting is not going to go for an affiliate program that while rewarding the referral, is not giving away the farm to get the new customer. Keep in mind not every customer is going to come through the commission junction program, and this is not going to be iPage’s only source of advertising. After all they are also paying the cost to remain on number 1 host out of 25 with Not to mention Commission Junction is not exactly bringing affiliates for iPage for nothing. Clearly you have a choice to select between a company that pays more for making sure you get the best service, or more to those that would bring customers in like cattle. is not the only company parading this company as being a highly regarded website. Going to Google I get a load of various affiliates, and a list to add of people that are in the business of webhosting reviews. Though it appears they are like is paying the most for “advertising”. I found it on a few affiliates that try to appear as unbiased reviews. But none of these sites are hosted on’s network. is one of the sites that has a glowing endorsement. Better yet Ian (owner of, allows you to do blog posts about hosting companies. Using other people to help advance his own website to promote hosting companies on his lists, all of which have affiliate programs.

After a long review of search engine results it’s hard not to find negative feedback about the support, uptime, and at times support responses that don’t understand the most basic of questions. Worst yet a repeat pattern where people are told there was no outages when asked for the cause of the outages. I find it remarkable based on the negative feedback that I have found that has no negative feedback on The only glowing endorsements I can find are those that are clearly affiliates that have a coupon code so you can get service for $3.50.

The terms of service, or the many pages of terms of service. Are somewhat long and cumbersome for a product that is only $3.50 a month. Frankly I have had credit card agreements, cell phone contracts, and loan agreements with less reading involved. Considering the amount of time I have spent on researching this company already, I am not willing to invest anymore time into digging in to their terms of service. So at best I am going to tell you what I have found while glancing and looking for certain parts of the terms of service. Namely the domain name, since they offer a free one.

I am no big fan of hosting companies that want you to buy or transfer your domain to them. I don’t see a third option with iPage to simply change your dns to their servers from the domain register you have your domain with. You have to read the terms of service to see what they might mean by transfer which appears to mean changing your dns. Nothing clear in regards to that. The free domain is somewhat fuzzy on its own. I don’t have a problem so much with the domain being free for the life of the account, its an incentive. Not exactly one I would have preferred to use. But the fact that they do not disclose how much the domain will cost if you decided to leave. I had to call to find out, and its $15.00 (however the site lists it as a $9.95 value). I stated I could get it cheaper else where, so I was not interested in buying a domain through them. I also asked about just changing my dns, and not transferring the domain. The operator on the other end was unclear on the details. But they do try to transfer you from your existing domain register, unless you contact them prior to ordering. These days you can get a domain for less than $10 from many fine registration companies. After all who wants to pay extra to a hosting company they may not like.

Then their User Agreement and their Domain Registration Agreement do not agree with one another.

User Agreement 2.b.i: If your plan includes a free domain name and you cancel within the first 30 days, a fee for the domain will be deducted from your refund. If you do not wish to keep the domain name, iPage will take possession of the domain and the fee will not be charged.

Domain Registration Agreement 4: Once a domain name has been registered or renewed through iPage, no refunds will be given for the domain registration or renewal fee.

On one hand they can charge you $15.00 non-refundable on the other they refund all your money.

Also in User Agreement 2.b.i: at any time by either party by giving the other party thirty (30) days prior written notice, provided that we may charge You a minimum $35.00 charge as an early cancellation fee.

Meaning after you cancel after 30 days and you paid for a year ($42.00) you could get $7 or less.

Going to the order form they automatically selects 2 year pricing. I am not sure about their experience, but generally I have had forms on monthly pricing, often customers would not even bother reading the terms of service or for that matter see what they were paying for. But the worst part I think is that they preselected some add-ons, Prevent Identity Theft & Secure Your Data ($12.95 a year) and Automate Your Site Backup ($12.95 a year). That’s an extra $51.80, if the person who ordered did not bother to check the bi-annual billing, versus $25.90 for the year).

Finale here is my chat session with one of their (shared) staff, you will get what I mean after you read the transcript.  Needless to say I found out more than I thought I would ever get out of a chat session.  BTW I am Benjamin.

Thank you for contacting support. Please be prepared to answer your Security Question when we begin chatting. To enhance our security protocols, we’ll need you to provide the answer to your Security Question at the beginning of our conversation. If you have not yet set your Security Question and Answer, please log into your account now to set it up. Thank you. Please hold for the next available operator to respond.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with ‘Bryan Smith’

Bryan Smith: Hi Benjamin My name is Bryan Smith, how are you today?

Benjamin: I was wondering if you could give me details on some of the freebies offered on your main page that are not listed on the hosting features site. In regards to carbonite and shopsite. There are no details that I can see as to what I get with these two services if I sign on with you.

Bryan Smith: I apologize for the wait time.

Bryan Smith: Could you please provide me with the URL from where you have entered this Chat interface?

Benjamin: your main page

Bryan Smith: May I have the URL of our website through which you have logged into this chat? I need the URL of our website where you have clicked the Chat icon.

Benjamin: you should know that, there is only one main page

Bryan Smith: I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. But we need your co-operation as we are in the process of enhancing the Chat icons on our website and during this period we want to identify the exact page from where you have contacted us. This will help us to determine the list of pages from where we usually get the chats and organize the Chat icons in a better way.

Benjamin: but you only have one main page, either you know it, or you are supporting more then one company.

Benjamin: meaning outsourced support

Benjamin:, which you should have been able to tell me

Bryan Smith: Okay.

Bryan Smith: Thank you for your interest in iPage.

Bryan Smith: Yes, we are supporting couple of hosting company.

Bryan Smith: FatCow is the sister company of iPage.

Bryan Smith: I will provide you the information.

Bryan Smith: May I place you on hold for 4 or 5 minutes, while I check this for you?

Benjamin: ok

Bryan Smith: Thank you for holding.

Bryan Smith: In order to know more about the ShopSite, please go through this link:

Bryan Smith:

Bryan Smith: In order to know more about the Carbonite, please go through this link:

Bryan Smith: http://Carbonite

Bryan Smith: The correct link is:

Bryan Smith:

Benjamin: if I decided to not stay with your company how much does it cost to keep the domain name?

Bryan Smith: Only $10.95 per year.

Benjamin: but your site says a 9.95 value

Benjamin: and someone on the phone told me 15.00

Bryan Smith: You can view the domain price list at:

Bryan Smith:

Benjamin: how many other companies are you supporting? To be honest I was looking for a company with its own support.

Bryan Smith: Only two hosting company.

Bryan Smith: iPage and FatCow.

Benjamin: fatcow does not appear to offer carbonite

Bryan Smith: FatCow offers the Carbonite.

Benjamin: where?

Bryan Smith: Please go through this link:

Bryan Smith:

Benjamin: ok I will review

Benjamin: May, ask where you are located?

Bryan Smith: Our headquarters are in Burlington, MA, but I’m located in one of the support centers in Mangalore, India.

Benjamin: you have an uncommon name for someone in India

Benjamin: anyway have a nice day

Bryan Smith: Its not our real name.

Bryan Smith: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Benjamin: why would you not use your real name?

Bryan Smith: Due to a security reasons we do not use it.

I ended the chat session after this, perhaps if I dug more I could have found out that this was not even a human being, after all Brian said “its was not our name“, I felt if I dived in any closer and I would find myself in the twilight zone. I have no problem with names that are not of European descent, but it seems a bit odd to use a fake name for the sake of security of someone in India. After all he could just go by his first name (is the person on the other side even male?).  It’s not like my name is all that rare, and I am sure the person on the other end has a common (maybe Hindi) name.  But perhaps I could have found out more information from the person on the other end that eagerly volunteered information.  I tend to doubt that fatcow is the only site behind iPage. I tend to wonder if iPage was somehow absorbed into the collective known as fatcow. It’s clearly cheaper to get hosting from then Which makes me wonder since is cheaper, if whatever company that own fatcow is now seeing a slide in sales since it seems like unlimited hosting gets cheaper and cheaper as the months go by.

My suggestion, avoid this company as well as any company that tells you that they offer you unlimited hosting for dirt cheap. Offers you tons of freebies like carbotnite, but that’s just a trial account, not the full version. They also offer Google AdWords, Facebook advertising credit, Yahoo … all of which I get in the mail for free straight from those companies. This is nothing more than a gimmick to get you into buying service from those advertising outlets.

Then there is WordPress and Joomla, also free. The most I have paid for WordPress is on themes and applications. A lot of stuff that most people would never need. I am not a Joomla User, though I can tell you it was a support headache. But both of which you can install for free, especially if your host has a program that sets up apps like the one I was using with cPanel.

At this point I have to stop digging, as the more I dig the more I find. I wanted to spend no more than a day looking into this. Yet I spent 5 days. I have more content then I care to post, as I could devote a whole site to just what I found on iPage.


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  1. @Alfred , be very shure you dissable all auto renewals and stop all extra features or they will just deduct money from your visa card without even asking next year. And look in every nook and crany for these options because they make it very difficult to quit them .

  2. Interesting. Thanks for the information! This is one for us to avoid. While trying to get my wife a website host for her small (at home) business, she was leaning towards iPage, as she found all the great reviews from google. I was not so convinced, and from the same browsing session, searched for reviews, found this site. As soon as this site started to load, it was supplanted (hijacked) by iPage. Happened three times (I’m using Safari here) I had to exit the browser then reopen Safari to clear it out. Don’t know if it was something from this end, or iPage is doing something they shouldn’t.

  3. We also gave Ipage a try after seeing it ranked number 1 on reviews. Our experience was not good. We were trying to run two small ecommerce sites and experienced significant delays while updating in admin and also ran into storage error messages. Needless to say we transferred everything over to hostgator without issues.

  4. Thank you for this review!! I’ve been with ipage for 2 years. At first, they were great. Now I cannot log into my account/control panel. I have been on the phone with them for days. They keep saying there is nothing they can do, it’s on my end. Huh? I’ve been working with a Mac guru (I have a Mac, use Safari and Firefox) and we cannot figure out what’s going on. And of course I just got hooked into a 2-year renewal. I’m about to cancel the whole thing and find a new web hosting company. So angry and frustrated.

  5. I can confirm that I deliberately signed with to host my site.

    I can also confirm that the support service from Ipage using the support tickets and the chat service is extremely poor. I have reams of this stuff since signing up in July 2012 and it’s now only beginning of August.

    You may ask why I signed with Ipage at all. Simply to try them out for a year to see exactly how good they are because of all the reviews.

    Needless to say witnessing as a client, Ipage’s attention to support detail and the level of received support and the glaringly obvious fact that Ipage support personnel do not read let alone answer your support queries properly dictates my next move. I will not be using them after this year and I know what I’m talking about because my business as a process engineering company encompasses fixing support operations for others.

    One word, Useless.

    Russell Fleming

  6. The knowledge base of the typical tech support person is extremely below average. Typically, an tech support person will automatically point the finger back to the client/site owner saying they have checked their servers and everything looks OK, so the client/site owner must have done something wrong to the to corrupt the setup/admin files. entices potential buyers with a lot 3rd party software that install with the 3rd party Simple Scripts; but when the client/site owner needs support; typically tech supports reverts back to their canned response saying “well they have checked our servers, and they can’t find anything wrong with the servers, so it MUST be you who have done something to corrupt the files” and will not support 3rd party software. Most tech support people won’t even identify themselves so you can trace their horrible tech support back to them. If they do identify themselves, they give you a generic name like Tom or John, knowing that there are multiple Tom/john’s in the 300 or so tech’s. Some tech support hang up the phones on customers. must train their tech support people to provide the WORST tech support possible; because that is the only way tech support could get this HORRIBLE.

  7. Ipage is false advertising at its best. They tell you that they have free tech. support, and they do, BUT, the catch- all the software is 3rd party. So they don’t handle it. Yet, they don’t tell you this until after your site is designed. They will gladly set you up with a web concierge at $50 per month. Well, once I got my site designed, and had a handle on how everything worked, I wasn’t paying the $50/month for it. SO, low and behold, something quit working, and since it was 3rd party software, they could fix it for $75 an hour. When I told them I was well aware that it was not in the software, but the server, they magically fixed it. Well, guess what. My website’s not working AGAIN! I’m honestly beginning to think that they mess with it, and then try to charge you $75 an hour to fix it.

  8. The ipage’s “Include Free Domain Registration” let you assume that it’s free for life time especially for renewal customers whose had enjoyed that luxury before. ipage did’nt mention free 1 year or life time in anywhere in their website (according to support who I complained with). So, viola… that’s how I lost my domain.

  9. Hi again – I left a post back on May 3rd about my nightmare with iPage. I just wanted to update you and everyone who has and is having a problem with iPage. I won’t get into all the details of my original problem since you can read it all on that post. What I had to do to get a complete refund and get my domain name back after they did not renew it (even tho it was automatically paid for) was to go to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint.

    iPage has hundreds of complaints but actually have a BBB rating of A- which really shocked me. It seems the only way you can get them to truly work at fixing your problems is to lodge a complaint and then they will refund your account and in my case they gave me back my domain without having to pay for the $160 renewal for re-listing and a complete refund to cancel the account. The reason they have a A- rating is that BBB does not penalize them for the complaint but rather credits their business for “resolving the issue.” Which they did in my case.

    The problem still remains is that they will not resolve the issue(s) unless they are forced to. So, for all of you who are having problems and need it to just stop and be fixed go to the Better Business Bureau site and lodge a complaint…you will even get to see the list of all the other business names associated with iPage it’s a shocker.

  10. @ Dorothy,
    yep had to do the same thing and threaten them with the BBB. There are all kind of hidden and stashed away thickboxes that you have to unthick before your account is finally cancelled .I my case everything was cancelled except for a service. they billed me for that service 3 months later altough you need a working website for the service to be needed ???? and the website was no more there.

  11. I just switched my domain name to godaddy. I almost cried on the phone when the agent I got at godaddy understood how to help me. I had spent 4 hours getting hung up in when trying to contact ipage and then talking to idiots. They are RIDICULOUS.

  12. I wouldn’t get near this web hosting service. first they will charge you for any extra feature they can and that includes giving you reasonable support. The people who give the free support are probably located on the other side of the globe and know nothing about the internet. Whenever I needed support I would get this stupid “sorry for the inconvenience bla bla bla..” and then no help whatsoever. I run a commercial website and they cost me thousands of dollars in lost customers. So be warned.

  13. Signed up for an Ipage hosting account a month or so ago as I look around a little online and this company had glowing reviews and seemed very reasonably priced.

    Low and behold despite telling me my hosting would only cost me 3.60 a month this month I’ve somehow been charged 54.00, I have sent them an e-mail asking them to clarify why I’ve been charged so much but after reading all these comments I feel like getting a new debit card and completely ignoring any contact from this company.

  14. STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM IPAGE. And make sure you didn’t get automatically signed up for “AUTORENEWAL” I NEVER selected it and recently, every time I clicked on the link to change it, I got nothing. Then I thought it went through. NOW I’m charged an OUTRAGEOUS hosting fee for another year that I don’t even want. I’m so sick of companies like this. I wish this was up last year. I would never have signed up with iPage.

  15. Thanks for this I thought their support was in India when some basic questions could not be answered. Also I have found ipage to be rubbish. I host 9 sites for charities and they have messed up 7 of the 9 sites. I really need a good hosting company anyone know one?

  16. Moving to iPage has been the worst mistake I’ve ever made.

    After the first month the performance dropped off and is now appalling.

    Technical support are useless – they simply simply insist that everything is okay then close the ticket!

    After months of complaining they suggested I used Pingdom to monitor the site – this is a typical result: –


    Yet they STILL insist that everything is okay!

    It is like knocking your head against a brick wall – I’m moving my site…

  17. ipage said to me they transfer my support back to USA after denyingthey were in India then their senior Tech guy replied back to ticket. I can see your site is not working. LOL errr yes that why I sent a ticket. I moved my site to new company and it works fine.

  18. I’ve used several different hosting services per my clients request and have always come back to ipage. I was researching what other companies they may own and came across this article. Good in-depth article, but I’m afraid that nearly any hosting service that keeps a good steady uptime and with nearly unlimited bandwidth is going to have a story similar to ipage.

  19. This site uses adChoices for income. He simply discredits certain hosting companies then uses a filter in his adChoices to not show the url’s of the hosting companies he is trashing. he uses Google’s AdSense program to show ads based on the content of this page. So his review is no better then one that gets paid an affiliate commission for their ad.

  20. Hello Joe,

    If I had a nickel for every time I read that some how I was the same just because I have true advertising. Yes I said true advertising. I am not telling you to any of those ads, which can be totally non-hosting related (like for example I am seeing realestate ads as I have been house hunting). Often because of what you may have been searching for by search engines. That’s how Adsense works. Clearly you have no idea what adchoice is (really you should think about commenting on what you don’t understand).

    But even so if I had affiliate links as you have mistaken though I had, that still does not describe what I have a problem with. Which is places like that claim a host like is a good host, only because iPage pays out $100 plus per sign up. Though Endurance International Group has ways of get out of paying that fee as I have discussed in other posts.
    Apparently iPage and other Endurance International Group hosts (like Fatcow, Justhost, Bluehost with many others iPage) know what I am talking about considering last year they sent out FTC notices to their affiliates.

    Which is what I want, for these places to be clear on the fact that they make money on these reviews. Even better is that the only selected hosts with high payouts, meaning they are not unbiased.

    But we are back to the ads on my site, your claim is because of those ads I am doing what I am railing against. So wouldn’t it be a smarter choice not to use adsense (as I make on average $130 a month), and go for what would be $100+ per sign up. Not to mention avoid pointing to the flaws of these hosts that have high payouts and promote them instead?

    Joe, time to stop drinking the koolaid.



  21. Hi Beng i was going to purchas i page tomorrow i seen almost 400 complaints from bbb under the endurance name ,but was thinking they rate so high in all the search q’s but 400 is a lot idc who you are lol so what ever now im so tired of researching co can you refer a good hosting co? I still have to design a website too i can sell online in the us.thanks

  22. Hi beng,someone suggested blue host and according to wiki they are owned by the same endurance group ,checking with the bbb its important to look complaints not the rating im looking at host gator an lunar pages

  23. I have been using ipage for a year. The biggest problem I have with them is downtime. They have been down a total of about 2 hours for the year. That being said I must commend them for having no problems during Sandy.

    I was considering moving to another hosting site but everytime I look into something I hear bad things. I will not mention names…but the other site mentioned above has tons of complaints against it.

    FTP with FileZilla works well on ipage but I have not tried many of their other free tools. Oh Piwik is amazing. But both those are available free no matter where you go.

    I would like any serious suggestions of other hosting providers with no major problems

  24. You could all just report to the site and those fake review sites and the web hosting companies that are running scams could be caught and handled once and for all. It’s a service certainly that you are doing, but I wish your site came up first in the search for web hosting company reviews, because it is not misleading or false. What those companies is doing is illegal and poor business. Thanks for the reviews! I now have you bookmarked. 🙂 J

  25. Do not use their SEO service!!!! This was the biggest waste of money. I paid $200 a month for over 5 months to get my website ranked high and the best they could do is get me on the second page with the competition of the keywords ranked as “medium” – Take my word for it. Ipage’s SEO services (SEO gears) loves the money not the customer. waste of money

  26. Keep away from iPage if you wish to use it to run an e-business – other than that, i.e. for a basic personal is fine. However, It is almost everyday my two sites are either down or too slow to upload. Many of my customers have complained and as the result it has costed me loads of money.

    When I complained again and again, they responded “In a shared hosting platform you do encounter situations where another accounts in same pool utilizes the services which may lead to these issues”, i.e. their server(s) is incapable of meeting customers’ requirement and therefore, I have the choice, either to accept the shortcoming or transfer my sites to another hosting company – which I’m planing to so.

  27. iPage is My site was hijacked more than 3 times with these people last year. Yet they claimed to show no evidence that this happened.

    I just signed up with iPage today and found all the bad reviews when this post suggested to check them out. I called to cancel as I hadn’t done anything with the account. The guy did confirm that that ipowerweb is their sister company. Stay away from both or you will find yourself spending more time on the phone with tech support than running your business.

  28. First of all, ipage is AMAZING! I have had AWESOME customer service, in fact they called me personally the day after I bought my website domain. They called to make sure I had no problems with the order and then they assigned a young man in their tech support to me. I can call him to help me design my page, like ALL day. I knew nothing but this guy walked me through it all.

    You get 6 pages free….by free I mean i paid around 10-15 bucks for the site name and then 6 pages were/are free. If you need more than 6 pages its STILL less to upgrade to premium hosting than it is even to use wordpress (18$ for a wordpress hosted domain is a lie, they don’t tell you that they up’ed the price at wordpress to 99 bucks! ipage sells you the domain for less AND you get free hosting for 6 pages)

    I haven’t even needed all of the 6 pages yet lol so I dont care about that. If I need more i’ll gladly buy a premium hosting plan which is still less than every other site with this many tools that i have found. WordPress charges MORE and has WAY less features. I know, I own which (sadly) wordpress hosts. Oh well…live and learn. WordPress is better for the free sites. The prefab blogs and such. I love ipage so much that I know own 3 website domains which they host! I will never go anywhere else.

    I have used several domain hosting sites in the past, but IPAGE offers EXTENSIVE website building platforms, tools and services. Mine even has a built in SITE MAP and its made to work with Google webmaster tools so everything integrates perfectly. ipage offers the Weebly site building tool and their customer service is so awesome that in TEN minutes I had my sitemap, header codes and meta codes for Googlesearch inclusion! If customer service gets any better than that, I don’t know how. I freaking love this ipage host and i seriously recommend them.

  29. Hello Jennifer,

    Come back when you have actually had your site with iPage for a year. Your whois information says the following:

    Registrar: DOMAIN.COM, LLC
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS1.IPAGE.COM
    Name Server: NS2.IPAGE.COM
    Status: ok
    Updated Date: 19-dec-2013
    Creation Date: 19-dec-2013
    Expiration Date: 19-dec-2014

    A few days is not enough time to form an opinion, especially with a so called unlimited space account.



  30. Thought we’d try iPage (we have many hosted accounts running a couple hundred websites). My advice is don’t bother using iPage because their servers labor and are very slow when there are more than 5 users on your website. We are going to move back to Bluehost as soon as we can.

    The other major issue is iPage’s email policy. We send newsletters to our customers (these are 100% legitimate emails), but iPage says they don’t permit this and that we have to get a VPS which is utterly absurd for a few thousand emails per week… really iPage? you must be joking.

    In our opinion iPage is a waste of money and time and are not serious contenders with such slow servers and draconian policies.

  31. I’m not very happy with iPage at the moment.

    My e-mail went off line for no reason. I then went and reconfigured it via their online instructions and got this message from Apple Mail:

    The identity of “” cannot be verified.

    The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “” which could put our confidential information at risk. Do you want to connect to the server anyway?

    The cert being used by the server shows “” which was issued by RapidSSL CA and set to expire on June 16, 2016.

    All of my e-mails to them have basically been replied with….
    You need to setup your e-mail client correctly OR you need to TURN OFF SSL.

    I finally e-mailed them screen shots of the error messages as requested and they told me they couldn’t find my e-mail.

    I told them they should OPEN UP A TICKET with their support folks to see how to find support e-mails on their system.



  32. So far, we have had a good experience with iPage hosting. We have experienced a very minimal downtime percentage. We have only had two support tickets for minor issues with changes upon installing this site, and question regarding a CSS coding issue in our original script, which was not their responsibility. Both support reps used via phone were quick, friendly, and knowledgeable. The support experience has been fine.

    And “Benjamin”, before you decide to bash me, you sanctimonious and arrogant idiot, for commenting with just a half-a-year utilization, I have credence clearly, as I am in L3 Service Delivery role in System Server Operations (SSO) for IBM Global Deliver Service Center, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMEA) in the Czech Republic, for clients L’O**** and Hon****ll. I can adequately assess decent server support, kid.

  33. iPage use to be a great company we have been with them for five years and recommended them to customers and associates alike.
    They are not the same company we signed up with .
    Monday morning we come to the office, No web site , No email, No on-line store,
    Apparently due to a clerical error on their end our account was put into redemption.
    Hours on hold for tech support, dozens of emails (using gmail), dozens of on line chats.
    Their response “there is a ticket in we will get to it when we get to it” and when did they get to it? 5 days later…..make no mistake they held us hostage. Charged us stupid money (for what they admit was there mistake).
    They couldn’t care less about you your business or your reputation . do you home work we are just one of hundreds iPage has done this to.
    A word of advice no matter who your web host is, keep them separate from your domain name registrar if they are one and the same they can hold you hostage like they did us.

  34. Ipage is a corrupt company, if you can call it a company. They are in partnership with other marketing companies with fleeting software products of little to no value they hawk to their poor customers. Ipage is emblematic of everything wrong with the internet. They deliberately bug your site to sell you malware protection. The treat you like a child when you call them. Their so called technicians are amoral slugs that I would be embarassed to introduce to a rat, a smart moral animal by comparison. If you are considering Ipage as your webhost, feel compelled, can’t resist the urge; my advise is get rid of your computer. Suicide is to hurtful to relatives and friends. Does this make how I feel about Ipage clear?

  35. I was with iPage and they were hopeless, I had so many problems with them it boarded on ridiculous. They are not a good hosting company and I would advise people to stay away from them. I eventually changed over to SiteGround, they did it free for me, and the difference between the two was evident straight away. I would recommend SiteGround they are fantastic. 🙂

  36. Criminal Business Practices, Horrible Support

    This is my latest issue with ipage:
    Last month I decided I’ve had enough of ipage so I turned off auto renew on my account.
    Today I started the process of transferring my domain names to another hosting company.
    While going through my account settings, I noticed that ipage charged my bank account today for $155 for web hosting.
    I called and requested a refund for charging an unauthorized payment. Support said they would look into it. A few minutes later I receive a notice they have refunded my charge, then about 30 seconds later I receive a notice saying my account has been cancelled and my hosting account has been deleted. I tried logging in and sure enough the account and my website was deleted.
    I called ipage back and said I did not request my account be deleted…I still have a few weeks of paid hosting left.
    Support apologized and said they will contact an account manager and get the site back up, but it would take about 12 to 24 hours to get the site back up.
    So just to keep score: at this point we have ipage making an illegal charge to by bank account.
    Then when I catch them and request a refund, their response is to cancel and delete my account without permission.
    IPAGE ARE CRIMINALS. Do not host your site with these criminals. If your site is currently hosted with ipage, check your bank account carefully for unauthorized and illegal charges!

  37. been a customer for 5 years. they lock you in with cheap initial prices, very disappointing technology, poor email servers, poor accountability, extremely poor folder structures and suddenly files disappear!

  38. oMg, I am at iPage and have nothing but problems! since June ..later part, i was told that the site would be ready for me to start building my site, not so. Called said why hasn’t my site been set up as I was told, “oh I’m so sorry, I will take care of it and send you an email so you can log in and change the password, please do this within a few days” said xxx. It took me a couple of weeks due to medical reasons but I paid for site I’ll get to it. Called and HEY!, I’ve been to my site and NO ONE set anything up AS I was told would be done and ready for me, “Oh, I am sorry for the inconvenience and I will take care of this right away” couple weeks later, went to log in again, WaLaa! just kidding, NO Site AGAIN! Called Support, he no mam she didn’t set up the site, but I will take care of this Right Now while we are on the phone. Ok, Fine! something came up a mild emergency but needed to be tended to, I told the iPage Tech what was happening and he assured me it will be done and ready for you when you return, log in and change password etc. Thought well bout freakin time!
    Now this happened a couple or so weeks ago and a week or so went by and I finally got the chance to go to my website and at least put up a main page saying “We Will Be Back Shortly”, and low and behold …THERE IS A WEBSITE!!!
    IT JUST WASN’T MINE!!! yep, that’s what I said NOT MY SITE! had my url correctly, had my biz name correctly, MFR! had made his own page on my dime black background – dark theme, and bright orange text and each line went to some other place! Oh my freaking facial! THIS WAS AN EMPLOYEE! Wasn’t bad enough that their lazy asses didn’t do their job BUT NOW, they take over peoples websites and make their own and don’t forget ‘while we are on the phone”! yea I Called again!
    I was so pissed off i said did you see my website? did you know I’ve been trying to get this site up since June? and last year from another site I had would never update the dam Joomla! and they never did!.
    This man, Was truely shocked i could hear his breath, so this time I said ok, I want This and Next year Free Comped by iPage, all bonuses and features FREE! is that clear or this empty-handed WebSite owner will be kicking ass, and I’m good at it! ** note: the last comment was as nice as I could put it **
    Well I went over a week ago things were there not all things and not any features.
    Called 3 times taking forever to get anyone to answer so I would try later.
    Last night I logged in JOOMLA is Installed, none of the features were there some were listed but all at as a paid service just click and shell out the money honey! I clicked on mojo marketplace and ooo yal wanna guess? no noone?
    Sorry you do not have enough space for mojo marketplace, requirement …get this, 2mb, you have 0!
    I want to laugh because after all I paid these lazy, lying, hacking, website wienner wackin jerks!, ok now i’m laughing! and yes I CALLED AGAIN!
    Said I HAVE NO DATABASE, NO FEATURES bla bla bla, she took me mentally around the site and saying do you see it now no you blind bia I didn’t say that, but dayuuuum how many times do you have to repeat yourself or they repeat themselves and you keep saying it It’s NOT THERE! NO NO NO!!

    My close to end of conversation and warning was, LISTEN UP, THIS SITE BETTER BE FIXED [lol] OR I will take it to the FCC, and Everyone Else That MATTERS, The Bonuses, Freebies, and 2 years should be on comp mode! Don’t MESS UP THIS TIME!

    so we will see and i’ve been up all nite and if nothing else if someone is physically close to their building, take a dog feed and water that dog 2 days prior don’t let him go outside, wear a pair of dark glasses and ask to use their rest room, be blind now ok? now sneak into server room and let him loose!!! if they stop you and say hey man what are you doing your dog just pissed and shit all over our servers! Take glasses off in a really cool way, toss them to the side, and say “hmmm how does it feel to be pissed and shit on all over, …IN YOUR HOUSE!

    thanks for letting me vent Don’t Give IN NEVER GIVE IN!

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