– Will a single review convince you? is my Second host review of 3 hosts for April 2011’s top 25.  Looking at I can’t say I could see a whole lot wrong with this site.  The affiliate commissions are reasonable.  Unlike the last host terms of service link are located on every page.  The design is fairly simple, not an eye sore, and while I admit to not migrating to every page seems straight forward on where to go to get hosting, support, and other services. I can’t speak much on the subject of widows hosting.  After all I sold Plesk, cPanel, and bare bones Linux.  Plesk of coarse my preferred choice.  My review will be based off of,,, and has one and only one review

Well they only have one review with, but that review was over a year ago.  Also the domain is expired.   Clearly the only reason that they are on the top 25 has nothing to do with being a top host as the reviews are slim. has 17 reviews with

According to

There are 17 total Win Host reviews and this company is listed on since 2009. 7 customers found a good provider and 9 as bad (1 were neutral).

So 9 out of those 17 reviews are negative.   The one review that counts as a neutral review, really does not seem to be neutral as it made the reviewer choose another host.   Though I suggest checking those positive reviews, because they have 2.5 stars in some areas like support making me wonder why there was no questions to people that posted the low rating on what could be done to improve things.  One review in particular sticks out to me.

For some reason the rep of is under the impression that the downtime that was complained about happened the day before the complaint or only a short time.  If anything this is a rep I would not have doing damage control as too much time is spent in trying to make it look like its the customer.  Though I am sure with the details in the email and the first name of the customer should be some clues to who the customer might be.

And the award goes to

Web hosting directory seems like a scam, after all the one thing they do not provide is numbers, details, or anything that validates why someone got an award.  While is willing to post the awards on their site, they don’t link directly to this link:

Where you find they have won the “Most Popular” August 2009 – March 2011.  You would think that would be something to brag about.

But if you look below you see this option to vote now where you give a name, email, and comments.  I have to wonder if this is one of those things where you can pay someone to create fake votes.  You can do with YouTube videos.  For that matter I know a company that sales you people to like your company on Facebook, I think it was something like $35 to get 500 people to like your company.  There are even ways to fake your twitter followers.  Which is far cheaper then trying to do it the right way.

Now while I do not know that the reviews were faked on winhost, I don’t see anything such as dates when posted and domains hosted to prove they are real.

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  1. Full disclosure, I work at I’d like to comment on this review because the way it is written kind of implies that we are doing something underhanded, which we are not.

    1) WebHostingStuff – If you visit our review page, you will see that we have two reviews (, not just one, with the most recent review having been written on April 12, 2011.

    Also, webhostingstuff sells advertising based on PPC, similar to that of Google. If webhostingstuff chooses to use words like “Top Windows Hosting” to describe their windows showcase, then that is their decision to do so.

    Furthermore, webhostingstuff does not claim to be a review site. They list reviews that customers can read but there is nowhere on their site where they state that hosts are listed based on customer reviews.

    2. – With regards to the review that the author pointed out, as we wrote at the beginning of our reply to the user’s review:

    “It is difficult to specifically discuss this particular customer’s comments because when I search for his email address in our system and our helpdesk, I am unable to locate him in. Also, this customer fails to provide his full name and the domain name that was hosted at WinHost.”

    Despite what you wrote, we did in fact try to look up the customer, however based on the information that is provided (email address, first name only), we were unable to find this customer in our system or in our helpdesk. We host over 9,000 customers so if we only have the customer’s first name, as was the case here, then it will be very difficult to find him.

    As for the downtime, we state that we looked at our logs and we never had an outage in December 2010, that lasted 3 hours. We go on to say that we had two incidents on two separate servers that occurred on 12/22/10, but those incidents only lasted 15 minutes. Furthermore, the customer writes “Tonight however, they have lost a customer. Their servers went offline almost three hours ago. Understandably things happen.” Please note the word “TONIGHT”. This review was written on 12/23, then it is safe to assume that the outage the customer was referring happened the day before or fairly close to 12/23.

    3. WebHostDir – I can assure the author, and every user that reads this, WE DO NOT create fake votes. WebHostDir simply emails us when we have won an award and we place it on our site, like any other host would do. If WebHostDir wants to place our listing on their site with a form for people to vote for us, then so be it, but again, we DO NOT create fake votes.

    In the future, before you write any reviews about hosters, it would be wise to give readers all the information before implying that a host is doing something underhanded like you are doing.

    Thank you

  2. Hello Anoymous,

    I suggest reading

    But on your points.

    1. As I state in the above link, likes to block people from reviewing their site. My screen shots were taken before April 12th, 2011, by a good friend in Japan. Um is a review site, and frankly your not paying attention to why I picked your site out. You appeared on the main top 25 with hosts that have nothing to do with windows hosting.

    Also where pray tell is this ppc taking place at? I am well aware of how Google works. Because with Google its pretty clear when ever you look for something like shoes.

    WebHostingStuff ™ also provides web hosting reviews of 16,681 hosting companies. Reviews are written by customers – who can rate the performance of their web hosts and share reviews of their good or bad hosting experiences.

    2. Yeah you really over explained that at on and you over explain it here. Which perhaps is why I missed the part where he listed tonight. Let me make it short for you:


    We are sorry but your email does not appear in our customer data base, and we are unable to find you by any of the details provide. Our records indicate that there has been no recent outage of 3 hours. Please contact us so we can sort this out.


    Anonymous staffer.

    See rather short simple and does not attack the customer.

    3. The lack of details does not assure me of anything.

    You do business with a company like that puts you on a top 25 list with a host that was not online when it was on the list, your going to get a review from me. Like I said read that link I posted above. Then ask can yourself, can you really afford to associate yourself with those hosting companies?



  3. 1. I am at right now and I do not see any thing regarding a top 25. Perhaps they have changed the content of their site, who knows? On the home page, I see “Today’s Hot Web Hosting Deals”. Also, they do have a “Top Best Hosting” area, and they explain how their ranking works. If end users read this and don’t mind how they rank hosts, then so be it.

    In any event, I’m not here to defend how webhostingstuff manages their site and business. It’s a free market, they can manage it how they want. What will bother web hosts is the questionable language you use when discussing a host. If you have issues webhostingstuff, then you should write about THEM. You should not write about the hosts that are the site.

    With regards to where this ppc is taking place. If you have purchased advertising there, then you would know what I am talking about (

    2. Yes your answer is short and simple. However, the customer commented on many more points that you neglect, which is why at web-hosting-top, our rebuttal is longer and in more depth.

    3. I’m not sure what lack of details you are referring to with webhostdir. Again though, you should NOT insinuate that a host that has won an award there has created fake votes (you clearly do that in your review). You have no proof of this and even though you don’t specifically state it, your implication is quite obvious.

    If you would like to be productive and improve webhostdir, perhaps you should contact webhostdir and recommend that they provide the more detail that you think they should.

    In summary, if you have an issue with a hosting directory, which you clearly do with webhostingstuff, then you should write about the hosting directory and not insinuate anything negative about hosts that advertise there. You should not imply that the host is writing fake reviews, or the host is creating fake votes, etc.

    Thank you

  4. Hello Again unnamed agent,

    1. Your use of them put you on the top 25, which at this time seems the top has come to an end. Probable because Michel Low finale read enough of my posts to realize he was only giving me more evidence of doubt. It looks like he has replaced the top 25 with a list of hosts that all have affiliate programs. All of which pay more then you, granted I thought your program was reasonable. No fear I have since May 2010 been keeping tabs on the top 25 ( I did miss July 2010). Once a month I go through screen shots, writing a post on every host that I did not review before that found their way on to that top 25. Despite removing that list I am sure I can find other reasons to not trust, after all they are still blocking me (no need to do that if there was nothing to hide). If you would like to see the full unedited screen shots for this month I can send them to your email. This link has the edited screen shots for my pre-review.

    It really is not a surprise he removed the top 25 I was betting this would happen, after all what would you expect when I do a review on 64 hosts that appeared on that top 25 list? Your number 63. Before there was a very clear “Top 10 Best Hosting”, and the wording that appeared on the main page was “We are Show casing 25 of the best web hosting companies from our directory of 16,654 web hosting providers.“.

    The only hosts that have a issue with me are those that choose to deal with review sites like this. You do enough searching and you find a lot of hosts that have a beef with So before you decide to speak for the hosting industry know that not every host agrees with you. Also if you review that link I told you to read you will know some of the hosts have admitted to what goes on, and others are willing to work with me to fix things. For that mater one of the big hosts have given me a rep to work with to clean up their act. Considering the review I did on them I am rather surprised as it makes my review of your site look rather tame.

    Any way, to get on that top 25 list, thats where the ppc came into place. But it looks like I have more lists to look at. Regardless its your responsibility to check on the legitimacy of of any company you deal with. It does not appear you did any back ground check into this so called hosting review site.

    Where exactly does your ppc appear at? Link me a site where it shows up, not webhostingstuff’s web page that tries to sell you on it. Because I am not seeing any hosts appear on Michael Low’s other website unless of coarse they are top hosting lists, which I assure you don’t pay enough to be on, maybe if you increased the payout on your affiliate programs and they can pay out enough.

    2. Your rebuttal was all over the place, and I was just giving you an example of how to go about it in a positive manner. You can of coarse ignore all my advice, a long with asking why the people that gave you good review rated you low in such areas like support. Clearly you want to be diplomatic when dealing with complaints on a public forum. Calling Jonathan the user or the customer shows how detached you are from them. Just as going by an unnamed rep strips your site of any form of a human touch. But you want to go after ever point of their complaint. My response shows that the company is trying to help, trying to fix what went wrong. Going over every point looks like you have something to hide or you are trying to lay blame on the customer whose name was Jonathan.

    3. You know data, like a number(s) example: you got x amount of votes over so and so. I really should not have explain myself on this point, as it should be clear what details are. But clearly you want me and everyone to take their word and your word on it, after all they make you look good, just like did. The system is not transparent.
    Clearly people should be kicking the tires on this proverbial used car of reviews.

    You have been given an opportunity to enhance your service, instead your wasting it by posting my blog thus increasing the traffic to it. You may not like what I have posted, but this is a point where you should reflect on what if I am right.

    Also one review on April 12, 2011 does not make you a good host or one of the 25 best web hosting companies.



    P.S. As I stated before read the post I put up.

  5. Your entitled to your opinion as am I. My recommendation is, instead of picking fights with hosting directories and hosting companies, I think it would be more productive to work with them as opposed to just criticising them. I think you should write how the company can do better, instead of “exposing” them. I’ve read throught your site and I don’t see one positive blog post. All your blogs are basically “look at what this hosting directory is doing”, “look at what this host is doing”. After awhile it gets a little old.

  6. Hello again nameless rep,

    I have offered evidence and the best you can do is tell me that I am entitled to my opinion. Your not willing to prove me wrong on points 1 or 3. Nor are you willing to consider that you need to take a human and diplomatic approach as I stated in 2. You don’t even address a single of the hosts that prove was running a rigged top 25 list. Thats ok because your more then welcome to share a spot with i7net (who was not online in 2010 but was one of the best top 25 hosts). You use a generic response to cover my blog that I don’t have a single positive post on any hosts. This is a site about review sites and the hosts that use them. Its not the place where I play dear Abbey to hosts. But clearly 9 negative reviews, 1 neutral out of 17 reviews says you don’t have anything to change.

    If what I do gets old, you have nothing to worry about and soon my site will go into obscurity. I am sure that would make Michael Low of very happy.

    Frankly other then your reviews I thought you were a pretty boring host. Thanks for spicing this post up by giving your opinion.



  7. i am one of the people Benjamin had looking up hosts for him, after a week of this i was suddenly unable to connect to the site i kept getting time out errors. I live in Washington State.


  8. No doubt there is some shady stuff going on out there.

    Benjamin you sound a bit like a snobby schoolchild is all I can say. So what if Mr. WinHost is a “nameless rep”? How does that hold any bearing on any site other than WinHost? They all have names on the forums and actually interact with their customers on a regular basis.

    This post has actually been the deciding factor in choosing WinHost for my hosting. The fact that a support rep even tried to clear their name, though in dealing with such a snide person as yourself was an obvious waste of time, to me shows they care.

    I understand you are here to demonize hosting review sites and not actual hosts, but the way you go about making WinHost look like the scum of the earth with the “Busted!” pic and such, just seems in really poor taste.

  9. Hello JoJo,

    Or should I call you drone 443667? Personally I would rather call you JoJo, and I value a name more then a lack of name when I talk with anyone in a company.

    As for this being the deciding factor for signing up with, I ask you to provide proof. Which is your domain that will be hosted by them. Anyone can trash talk me on my blog, and hope that I actually approve their comments. But a site that actually proves that you are with them goes a lot further.

    As for demonizing review sites, you don’t understand the concept of this site, or why I did a review on which is they choose to do business with a site ( that sells nothing more then fake rankings. The claim was they were a top host. Never mind the rankings are supposed to be primarily based off the customer reviews. For which winhost says is not a review site, without the reviews would have lose 99% of its content without reviews. Never mind that there is only one review, over a year old by the time I did my review. A review for a site that is not even active. will not admit that they paid for bids in the top 25, just ppc which is not visible on any of the sites owned by Micheal Low (owner of The only ppc going on is Google Adsense.



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