kvchosting – Is Kvchosting beyond excellence or just a mirage

Kvchosting is the first of seven hosts that find themselves on webhostingstuff’s top 25 list for September 2010. I find myself commenting on the design on hosts, this host is no exception.  Attention to detail says a lot about a host.  Designing a site with colors a person may like is not the same as having a professional design.    The main page has colors that I just don’t like, never mind I like the color blue.  They have awards on the main page with links that do not work as well as a rewards page.  Clearly they want people who come to their site to think that they are a good host.  Using some of the same awards that other companies that claim to be a top host.  So if you have not guessed I am going to review and take apart each award. So the question is what makes them so good.   There not exactly a long term host.

Domain Whois record

Queried whois.internic.net with “dom kvcwebhosting.com”…

   Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
   Whois Server: whois.godaddy.com
   Referral URL: http://registrar.godaddy.com
   Name Server: NS7.KVCHOSTING.COM
   Name Server: NS8.KVCHOSTING.COM
   Status: clientDeleteProhibited
   Status: clientRenewProhibited
   Status: clientTransferProhibited
   Status: clientUpdateProhibited
   Updated Date: 23-mar-2010
   Creation Date: 05-may-2009
   Expiration Date: 05-may-2013

Keep in mind a creation date does not mean a start date.  One perfect example would be a domain that I bought 10 years ago, and just this week finale came up with a idea for what I am going to do with it.  Yet still that domain does not have an active website.   It could have been months before Kvcwebhosting became active.   At a glance I can tell you I have found reviews of the site from December 2009.  There might be some earlier reviews.  But its so strange for a company that is a year old to have as much or more reviews then HostGator.

Kvchosting awards 2010?

The thing I find funny in this picture is “2010 Hosting Awards?”  Then there is a award dated December 2009 with webhostingdir.com.   Why would there be a question mark?  Is that to indicated that they are not sure they are awards or that they got them this year?

Kvchosting award: Best Supportive Web Hosting

There is no link to where this award came from.

Kvchosting award: About.com

An annoymous review.    It might has well have been faked, after all there is no website to look at.


Three reviews from three people that don’t show a website.  Reviews were done 8/19/2010, 8/23/2010, 9/1/2010.  Interestingly enough these people never used this site before then.  This appears to be a site where you reveiw websites of any genere that sells online. Something does not seem right here.

Kvchosting award: hostreview.com

Ok so they are the 10th host on the list.  But what exactly was it that made them the 10th host of choice?  Where is the data and numbers.   Simply all there is this:

KVCHosting.com is a center that endeavors to make high-end technologyavailable by providing cheap and affordable quality web hostingpackages. KVC Hosting specializes in web hosting services of variouscategories, and since 2008 have been named as one of the fastest growingweb hosting companies for quality-driven, technology enriched andaffordable web hosting developers.

2008?  Really?  The domain was created May 2009.  How does a webhost offer service before their site existed?

Kvchosting award: webhostingstuff.com

At this time I can’t look at webhostingstuff, as it appears their site is down.  So I will add a comment later.

Kvchosting award: findbestwebhosting.com

Once again another review, this time with just the name Jacqueline, but once again no website.  I have a feeling that this review is the same as the about page.

Kvchosting award: softaculous NOC

No Link on kvchosting, and for that here is what they have posted where a link should be: “We Partner with softaculous” So not an award, or even a review.  Its a partnership, or in this case something to extend the page.

Kvchosting award: Tjoos.com

Once again no link.  For that matter this does not look like a review site.  But all the search engine results looking for kvchosting and tjoos.com has one word in every search engine result on the main page “coupons”.  Any time you see the word coupon and webhost together on a website you can tell that website is an affiliate.

Kvchosting award: castironhostingreview.com

Until today I had never heard of this site, and considering the design, primitive comes to mind.  Perhaps why you don’t see this review site on other webhosts.

Ok here is a site where there are websites in the review, however the ratings are a bit weird and not all are 5 star.  Some which should be all 3 star are somehow 5 star overall.   Some of the three star ratings, have what equates to 5 star reviews.  However one review sticks out:

Web Host: KVCHosting January 10th, 2010
Posted By: nidhi – acid-reflux-symptoms.info
I’ve tried 5 other web hosting companies, none of them can remotely compare with the support and uptme that I’ve received from kvc hosting.

Web Host: KVCHosting January 10th, 2010Posted By: nidhi – acid-reflux-symptoms.infoI’ve tried 5 other web hosting companies, none of them can remotely compare with the support and uptme that I’ve received from kvc hosting.

Is there a problem?  Perhaps its that the creation of the domain name was months after the creation of the review:

Domain Name:ACID-REFLUX-SYMPTOMS.INFO Created On:23-Aug-2010 10:12:01 UTC

I suspect I should look at the other reviews in further detail.  Frankly I can’t wait to get a look at the reviews on webhostingstuff.com.

Kvchosting award: web-hosting-top.com:

I don’t have alot of suspicions of web-hosting-top.com per say.  Though I do think they are long over due for a face lift.  But here is another case of funky reviews.  Not to mention no websites to validate that the reviews were done by users of the service.

Starting from the cpanel hosting to the domain-managing tools, every feature of an ideal web hosting service was present in the package. Personally while writing the review on kvc hosting , I believe that there is no better web hosting.

For some reason there is a rating of 2.5 stars on Customer Relation and 3 stars on features.

Kvchosting award: comparewebhosts.com

Here we find they have one review, though I can’t see it, no idea who did it but I find this text again:

kvchosting.com – established in 2008. Kvchosting.com is a centre where high end technology joins hands with cheap web hosting packages. We are specialized in web hosting of all categories, since 2008 and are named amongst the fastest growing web hosting companies; for more quality driven, technology enriched and affordable web hosting. We have numerous clients, about 10000+ all round the globe, who have trusted our services and have long term hosting plans with us. Our data centre is located in Michigan (US) and the head office is in Oklahoma (US)

No suprise but guess when they joined comparewebhosts.com

Surprise its the same year as the creation of the domain.

In regards to 10,000 plus clients, I refer you back to:


According to web-hosting-top.com they have 3224 domains.  I have made it a point in the past to clarify that the number of domains does not equal the amount of customers.  In this case its hard to picture that they have 10,000 plus customers.

Kvchosting award: alreadyhosting.com

In the past I made it clear this review site is an affiliate site.  Any site that offers you a coupon clearly is nothing more then a affiliate.  But here is the thing that sticks out to me.

It almost appears that they had no one visiting back in May.

Kvchosting award: thewebhostingdir.com

Two more reviews, once again no websites to validate if these are hosting customers.  But here I see promises of 90 day guarantee.  Sure I have no problem with that.  My problem is I have seen places where its 45 days.  Looking at the main page for Kvchosting, I can’t find anything in regards to if its 45 or 90 days.  Clearly there is a 99.9% uptime.  But the money back guarantee is no where to be found on the main page amongst the many graphics to highlight why you should choose this host.

Kvchosting award: webhostingrating.com

Zero, thats right there is nothing to look at.  There is no reviews.  No endorsements either.  The best there is, is this:

Monitored since:

28 November 2008

Monitored sites:


Total days of monitoring:

467 days

Kvchosting award webhostdir.com November / December 2009

I have covered webhostdir in the past, frankly they suck in regards to being a review site because they do not provide one thing and thats proof of how one host is better then another.  This is how they determine who is best:

Every month we rank the 25 most popular companies on Web Host Directory USA .

The “25 Most Popular List” is based on the number of votes a company receives and the amount of times their profile page has been viewed each month. This ensures that every month we provide an up to date list of companies you can trust for your hosting needs.

We offer service providers the opportunity to improve their popularity ranking by encouraging their visitors to vote for them. Our voting buttons can be obtained by logging into www.serchen.com.

So its based off votes (I don’t see who received how many votes) and traffic.  This stinks of massive “fail”.  This does not tell you who to trust, or is there any indicator of quality.

In the end I find the kvchosting awards and reviews questionable

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the information. I was a bit concerned with the nearly 100% positive feedback I was found on the internet. It seemed too good to be true. Some things didn’t quite line up.

    On the flip side, did you check out their BBB rating? I did that and they’ve been registered since January 1, 2009. They had two complaints that appeared to be resolved. That says something about them being legitimate and committed to some good business practices.

    The reviews are a separate issue in some ways, I guess. I’m not an affiliate, either. 🙂




  2. Hello Ryan,

    I can give kvchosting credit for handling complaints with the BBB. But the Better Business Bureau does not see all complaints. Nor does the BBB always close the complaints because they were handled properly. This is not a host that I picked out just because they existed, they are on my blog because they choose to purchase “advertising” from webhostingstuff.com, depending on how much a host pays determines where on the top 25 they are.

    Alot of the positive feed back I see is very supcious like whats on http://www.web-hosting-top.com/reviews/kvchosting.com

    After all how many start with “Kvchosting offer, “Kvchosting provides”. Not to mention where positive feed back has been left, there have been low star ratings.



  3. Hello,

    I came across this review after checking kvchosting reviews while on the lookout for a decent vps plan.

    points mentioned by Benjamin, i checked the home page awards and they seem legit. (btw above reviews composition is made around 80% on the subject of there awards, not there quality of service or uptime, just facts.)

    last section on review and in comments. I see you claim not legit ppl made those reviews in favor, i doubt that because after seeing these



    seems like satisfied ppl, don’t they??

    anyways, these are my thoughts.



    PS: really enjoyed below

    1. “The main page has colors that I just don’t like”, (just great, reviews composition made of site colors, come on ppl are we making a drawing)

    2. “This is not a host that I picked out just because they existed, they are on my blog because they choose to purchase “advertising” from webhostingstuff.com” (from comment #2)

    (sorry but i didn’t knew advertising is bad business strategy)

  4. Hello Bandara,

    “Seems” like your a non-interested outside source, of coarse if you understand the word seems, you will also understand that everything is not what it seems. If you noticed when I said advertising, I stated it as “advertising”, those quotation marks had a reason for being there. The reason is to imply that while it may have been called advertising, it was not advertising. If you bothered to read the full comment you would have seen that:

    This is not a host that I picked out just because they existed, they are on my blog because they choose to purchase “advertising” from webhostingstuff.com, depending on how much a host pays determines where on the top 25 they are.

    Advertising when it comes to webhostingstuff.com is a key word for paying for false ranking on a top 25 list. Because there is no clear form of advertising, or evidence of.

    Read this link to find out about other so called purchasers of “advertising” that also appeared with kvchosting on the top 25.


    Clearly some “advertising” is a bad business strategy. I suggest you do a bit more research before you trust what seems to be to good too be true.

    Also I find it funny that one of those webhostingtalk.com links has this on one of the forums:

    P.S. I have read a lot of reviews in webhosting talk and I have seen ppl accusing reviewers of being affiliated with hosting companies or even promised rewards from hosting companies. so here it goes:
    I was NEVER promised anything nor I am in any way affiliated with KVCHosting.
    This is a honest review based on my experience with them.

    I have to ask does any one smell a troll?



  5. Hello,

    Thanks for the reply, a quick follow up and pointing out the facts,

    “seems” like your defining the a word “seems” rather than answering the points i have raised, as around 70% of your reply consist of answering #2 in my postscript.

    And fyi i understand the meaning of “seems” and please do explain why i do “seems” a non-interested outside source.

    Also i read your entire blog post and saw the “advertising” and what you implied there. Want to say just this here, not going get into webhostingstuff.com business practice.

    You mention that

    “This is not a host that I picked out just because they existed, they are on my blog because they choose to purchase “advertising” from webhostingstuff.com, depending on how much a host pays determines where on the top 25 they are.” (from comment #2)

    “The reason is to imply that while it may have been called advertising, it was not advertising. If you bothered to read the full comment you would have seen that:” (from reply to my comment #3)

    “Advertising when it comes to webhostingstuff.com is a key word for paying for false ranking on a top 25 list. Because there is no clear form of advertising, or evidence of. ” (from reply to my comment #3)

    Maybe webhostingstuff.com sells off there ranking (be it false or true), but in what terms it is not advertising when a party buys something from service provider (in this case webhostingstuff.com) to promote there services. Do correct me if I’m wrong here.

    And your accusing of a webhostingtalk.com user for there review being funny, on terms of his postscript, maybe users need to read all of his review,(maybe post full review rather than just a the postscript), don’t you agree?

    Also you accuse me of being a troll, well it “seems” when we do point out facts in your posts we become trolls.. readers you decide!



    PS: Benjamin also accuse me of not reading his whole post “If you bothered to read the full comment you would have seen that:”

    Just want to say here check my name in my comment (#3) and whom Benjamin replied to in comment #4.

  6. Hello Bandara,

    I apologize for misspelling your name.

    If you understood what I meant by “advertising”, you would not have said “sorry but i didn’t knew advertising is bad business strategy“. As for “Maybe webhostingstuff.com sells off there ranking (be it false or true) “ If you read that link I sent you to, you would realize that the system is indeed rigged, and they do sell off off ranking, I have several hosts that admit to it, one in particular I posted my email exchange if you read that link I sent you to. As one person I am in contacted stated:

    The list is different every day/week.
    Depending on how much credits each provider has left.
    and how much they want to bid for each spot.

    I am not accusing the posters of creating feed back, but I do find there reviews very suspicious. After all why would a reviewer bring up their review not being a fake? I have read a lot of reviews on webhostingtalk.com , and rarely if ever do I see people doing what he claimed.


    The other reviewer does not actually answer any questions in the post.

    In the days of reputation management companies, its not hard to believe that reviews can not be fake.

    As for calling you a troll, that was more or less applied to the the webhostingtalk.com reviews. But I can see where you would think I thought that of you. After all your not a customer (or are you now?. And whats your website?).


    A concern troll is a false flag pseudonym created by a user whose actual point of view is opposed to the one that the user claims to hold. The concern troll posts in Web forums devoted to its declared point of view and attempts to sway the group’s actions or opinions while claiming to share their goals, but with professed “concerns”. The goal is to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt within the group.



  7. excellent service with highest uptime. I vouch for this company as i used them for past 1 year, deliver 99.9% uptime as they promised.
    They have the superior livechat and email support but lack of phone support which not biggie for me

  8. Hello Donavan,

    I see that your domain has been on their name servers since January, however most of the sites I look at for traffic history such as Alexa say that your site has not really taken off. I would be intrested to hear what you think of them in 6 months from now.



  9. I’ve been with KVC for several years now and also have clients hosted with them.
    I’ve been at this since the mid 90’s and find KVC one of the best we’ve ever used, and we use several more hosting companies.
    I’ve used their ticket system, live chat and phone support with excellent results.
    And Benjamin, Alexia ratings are nothing to compare how a site is doing. Most designer developers ignore their ratings.
    You seem to have more of a personal blog here than anything else.

  10. Hello Bleau,

    Here is something you should do if you are going to endorse a hosting company, provide a domain that is hosted with them. Something to provide doubt that you are not here to troll my blog.

    I find it amazing you have been with them since the mid 90’s. After all their domain creation date states September 22, 2008. Meaning this fall they will be 4 years old. But I suppose you’re going to tell me that whois information is not relevant to a site either?

    I don’t know if you were attempting to insult me by saying : You seem to have more of a personal blog here than anything else.“, but if I had one of those ego’s that people hope to bruise I would not have allowed your site to see the light of day. However comments are good for increasing my search engine ranking and lowering my Alexa score. I thank you for refraining from any use of profanity.

    But as far as Alexa not having anything to do with how a site is doing —- You have no idea what Alexa is do you? In short the lower your Alexa score the better. Amazon.com has an 11. Who reading my blog would not want to have the site rankings of Amazon?

    Kvchosting.com is at a respectable 63,807. This site is at around 160,000, I own a few under 20,000. I don’t really see any income from my sites until they are under 1,000,000 (income meaning the sites actually start paying for themselves). I could go on and on and on about how it is relevant. But Donavan does not even have a rank still. Frankly when Alexa does not list a rank it pretty much means the owner is doing nothing and they are not getting any traffic.
    But why did I list Alexa?

    Alexa is one of those points I list to kick the proverbial tires on a review. A site with an Alexa score above 3,000,000 is generally not active, or just starting out. Generally if I see a site is active, and their whois details show they have been with a host for 6 months or more I don’t draw attention to someone posting a positive review about one of the hosts that found their way to my blog.

    But if you want to believe Alexa has no measure in how a site is doing, I have ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.



  11. I didn’t say I had been with them since the mid 90’s. I said I had been doing this since the mid 90’s and have owned a design-development company and own other businesses since the late 90’s.
    I never post my site on any forum or blog because it’s a corporate site and on a dedicated server.
    I am also not a troll nor am I scamming your blog here.
    I can assure you I know all about Alexia and it’s done nothing for or against my company and we certainly don’t depend on Alexia for anything. I doubt very seriously anyone outside the design development hosting industry has ever heard of Alexia and could care less about them.
    Taking a lot of hits on our site or sites has never done anything for it’s ranking nor has social networking.
    We’re ranked on the front page of Google and at the top of the page…it’s called branding.
    Good luck on your blog here and try not to slam a hosting company unless you’ve personally used them and then want to write your rant to the word.
    It could come back to bite you when slamming a company.
    I also will be signing new clients with KVC this week because of their excellent service and excellent and fast support.
    Oh, and I don’t use profanity so that won’t happen from me.

  12. Bleau,

    Sorry I misread the many years part. However just because you have some level of experience since the mid 90’s does not mean anything. I have been bowling since the mid 80’s yet that don’t make me professional bowler. Though I will profess to be a professional at getting the most gutter balls.

    Perhaps Alexa has no bearing on what your company does, for example you run a site for a local bowling alley. In which case you are not going to be concerned with how search engines such as Google deal with your site. However if you sell goods of any kind to people outside of your small corner of the world Alexa is an important tool when you rely on visitors through search engines to find your site as many sites do. For this site when it comes to someone posting a positive post, I use it to see if the commenter has anything going on. No visits to a site leads to a site having no rating, like Donavan’s. Having someone tell you to try a host, even though they are new (whois) and their site is not showing any traffic does not make them a very good indicator if a host should be tried.

    Please do not try to BS me about Alexa having nothing to do how a site is doing, or that Alexa is only for those doing design development hosting, as that is load of crap. As for getting on the top of search engines being called branding, that is also a load of crap. Why do you think I am on the top of search engine results for many hosts? It’s not called branding that is for sure. I am on the top of search engine results because I have SEO experts that have helped me to get this and my other sites top placing in search engines SEO experts I work with on every site that I design. Keep in mind I work on this site in my spare time.

    “Taking a lot of hits on our site or sites has never done anything for its ranking nor has social networking.”. I have no idea what you do with your site, so I can’t say whether it would be helpful for you or not. Nor do I have any idea what you mean by hits. Do you mean visitors? Alexa is about traffic. Alexa is nothing more than a tool that tells you where you are amongst other sites. Hence why Amazon is 11, yahoo.com is 5, FaceBook.com is 2, Google.com is 1. It’s about the traffic/visitors.

    I would really have to know what it is that your site does in order to comment on rather Alexa and social media would help. Not to mention to see if and how you used social media.

    As for slamming this host that you came here to troll for (sorry not really buying your reasons for not posting a web site) also by trolling, does not mean you are here to scam me. It generally means to incite or bring doubt. Clearly you are here to shed doubt on my post. Do you have even the slightest idea what this post was about? Why exactly I choose to do a post on them? Out of the thousands of hosts that are out there, there is a reason I decided to review these awards or lack of what defines an award for this host. Their awards are open for anyone to review just as I have done here. I strongly encourage anyone that chooses this host or any host to review the awards just as I have done.



  13. One sentence, you owned them. Obviously those replying you were some guys from kvchosting themselves.

  14. Congratulations Benjamin, This is the only webpage where I can post a real review,with out being deleted inmediately,
    Firest of all Kvchosting.com gives money incentives for every good review…
    They have the slowest server in the entire world,5% uptime and server overload,Everyday my server is slow and everyday im sending tickets saying my web takes ages to load,and they say they will fix this issue, but they dont,,,,Ive lost money,time and patience….
    Im moving to another host i cant stand this joke anymore….
    it takes at least 2 minutes to load a website that has no traffic,and my web is only 50kb big, so it should load in 1 second,IT TAKES 2 MINUTES TO LOAD.
    You are warned!

    Kvchosting gives money incentives if you give good reviews about them,and if you give bad review thay will show fake proofs and un-ethical arguments….
    I cant stand this liars and scammers,every forum I go there are good reviwes done by kvchosting themselves,ITS TOTALLY OBVIOUS!
    Everysingle good review has no name,and they are all the same written by the same person…..
    Also how can be there so many good reviews when thay give the worst service ive ever seen in my entire life!
    their uptime is not even 50% and the speed is just ridicoulous, I have 500ms PING…….INCREDIBLE…..

    It is obvious that administrtators from webhosting review forums only accept good reviews because they recieve 20% from every purchase clients do…..

    Unlike other proffesional webhosting companies that have servers all over the world, they only have one sertver in USA and they still say theyre giving 99,9% UPtime???and fast webpage load?
    Dont believe anything they write its pure lie!Fake proofs fake reviews fake services….
    Kvchosting is bad,slow,poor,their website takes ages to activate your account and their template design looks like the first website ever launched,,,
    What can you expect from a really poor webhosting company,,,administrated by a bunch of *retracted by Benjamin*…they dont invest,only waste, and recieve money…

  15. I am so screwed. I bought into all those “great” reviews and signed up. It’s been several weeks and I am still unable to upload my site to their server. I receive bizarre customer service saying I’m bothering them and to be patient. I’m almost afraid to post here for fear they will somehow retaliate. What a horrible experience. My business and livelihood depends on this and now they hold all the cards.

  16. Hi Matt,

    Do you have any email, chats sessions, or tickets showing them to tell you to stop bothering them?



  17. MATT,

    Please post the domain name that you have host with KVCHOSTING to reveal the truth of the bad review you have post. Many of reviews are being post out there without even revealing their domain – this become the question of genuine

  18. Hello Sherly,

    Sorry for the late reply. Also just as I tell every host they are more than welcome to post their side. However I recommend cation as I will not edit or delete what you say, nor will I block you from posting a response. Which is why it is a good idea to think through what you say before posting. In which case I don’t suggest trying to make people who post negative things about your company look bad. You after all still appear to be paying webhostingstuff.com for their so call best hosting position. Which frankly is a waste of money to be on the second page of the best hosting list, as the deals page is above and you have to scroll down to find that link to the second page where your hosting company can be found. Instead I would advise sticking to getting his details and correcting this problem if it is real.



  19. Benjamin, we advertise everywhere as far as webhostingstuff goes, we think their review site is more legitimate than others. Example you should have let customer enter their domain and verify if its real. This becomes the problem for everyone. For those been in this business long enough they might own those review sites which , i frankly think just bunch of fake and is not independent as they claim to be. You said you will not delete or prevent people posting negative or positive feedback without verifying it, there is good and bad on this, It means anyone can trash talking other company. I think hosting-reviews-exposed should verify every post or even delete the post if the post is not legitimate or fake! WHat is the point having review site but just bunch of fake review on it? We can challenge those review make by Antiscammers / Matt by giving us the domain and verify if its hosted by KVCHOSTING.COM. Every company have ups and down and we do not scared of hiding it. In fact its good for KVCHOSTING because we can learn from the mistake and improve it. Everyone make mistakes and we just need to learn how to correct it, dont you agree?

  20. For goodness sake, everyone here knows what you’re trying to do!

    Sherly, Bleu, whatever your name is, it’s friggin KVCHOSTING! Never in my life I’d reply an argument like this, but the fact that your boldness in defending for your own “going-down-hill” company, and telling lies and more lies just make me feel sick!

    If you want to provide services, know your customers first, not defending for yourself.

  21. Sherly,

    Before I start, I may edit my own response as I have just woke up and I am not caffeinated yet.

    I will not prevent, delete, or modify what you or any other host says. Which is the general spill I give every host that posts. As for verification that was not in my comment, do pay attention. As for reviewers that is a different story, I do block a lot of negatives because they require proof. Clearly I have not stopped people from posting positives about your company (I even invited one to come back when he has more time with your company) or so called uninterested parties. As for learning from mistakes you have made a few here on my blog. First of which is to attack before doing your own verification. What you are have done and are doing now are not mistakes I would have done. After all I did your job by asking for the evidence without accusing Matt or taking his side. Its what I do when I think there is more to the story. Frankly hosts like yourself would have a ton of crap if I just let any one post.

    Second Webhostingstuff.com can not be honestly called advertising, please read http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/webhostingstuff-com/webhostingstuff-com-a-rigged-contest.html. In spent a year looking at almost every host that appeared in that so called top 25. Personally I would be embarrassed to have my host next to many that appeared on that list (After all one of them was not online the entire time it was on the top 25). Which after that year Micheal Low decided to get rid of the standard top 25 and replace it with a new system. http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/webhostingstuff-com/webhostingstuff-com-the-end-of-the-top-25-as-it-was.html.

    Paying foe advertising does not entitle your company to claiming you have an achievement/award. Like:


    How exactly is that an award/achievement? As I am willing to bet 2checkout lets anyone who does business get a page on their site.

    I am about to do another post on a host that remarkable got this so called advertising that made it one of the best 25 hosts. Because it became a best host the same month it started, and now its offline.

    Personally if I were you I would stop doing businesses with all these so called review sites, and get yourselves a commission junction account.



  22. Matt, no offend but whatever you have going with webhostingstuff we just doing advertising and as far as 2checkout.com we just put under award does not mean we lead our customer the wrong way, we just proud that we have been written by them – customer have their own opinion as well, if this is not consider award, they will know. We do not doing business with webhostingstuff because we aim to be what so called top 10, we used their service to take review from our customers (i do not see anything wrong with that)- again like i said, they are really monitoring the feedback and either FAKE/GENUINE, they verified and they will take it out if not legitimate. Unlike your site posted by antiscammers / matt and you know is fake and i can challenge you on this (but you do not take it out), what is the point of having a Review site (no offend) but i think you need to change the way you have review. Just by posting reply for matt does not mean anything but you have put some damage some hoster reputation. Again this become a question , are you affiliated with any hosting company as well – as you can see many those review sites doing like this just to give bad reputation to other hoster. If you think we are bad hosting company (then we can give you one account, you can tested to see our service)

  23. Sheryl,

    You really should pay attention; this is not a review site. After all the web site is hosting-reviews-exposed.com, emphasis on the exposed part. Not to mention this site does not promote any host. For that matter this site is not hosted on any service similar to what appears on webhostingstuff.com’s so called top 25 / best host list. This site is hosted with Rackspace.com.

    If anything this is an anti-pay-to play-review site. As for what host I am with, I sold my hosting companies 2.5 years ago. I also never ran any advertising for those companies on this site because it seemed like a conflict of interest. A decision that was the right one. This site was created because of the crap webhostingstuff.com tried to pull on my previous hosting company. Other hosting companies as well were affected by their actions of manipulating reviews. Deleting positives of those hosts that did not pay, and deleting the negative for those that paid. Because I did not work to promote of my own hosts those that had been affected benefit in a defense as they sent people to my site. Which gave other hosting companies that would not do business a weapon to know what really goes on with so called review sites. But as far as webhostingstuff.com monitoring the feed back, no they really don’t. Several of the hosts own the domain names for the reviews. You would know this if you actually read the links I posted.

    I know for a fact the top 25 positions were paid for. Read those links I posted hosts on the top 25 have confessed. I also went through their system back into November 2007 as seen in my YouTube video.

    The point of the post was not rather you were a bad host but rather you deal with so called review sites and other unethical behavior such as spamming. Normally hosts don’t bother trying to bring up that they pay for advertising / ppc. But when they do they never tell me where I can find the ppc/advertising. Which begs the question where is this advertising? At best I have seen them advertise hostgator.com (through adsense and Hostgator.com’s affiliate program).
    This site does not pay for itself, the ads don’t even make enough money to pay for the hosting at Rackspace. Go figure giving people come here for reviews, and I am not recommending any one. For that matter I only work on this site in my free time and as you can see I am really busy as I have done so few post in the past few months at best I approve/disapprove comments. Also if required like now I respond. I make my money by designing sites for people. Which honestly if there is anyone looking for alternative forms of hosting other than Rackspace that would be me.

    As for trying your services to review them, I respectfully decline. So far I see no interest in exploring the possibility of If Matt is correct or not. Instead you started with spelling his name out in all caps. I am not sure the point of that, but it was done for some purpose. Then leading my readers to the idea that what Matt has stated never happened. Here is what I would have done in your shoes:

    Hello Matt,

    I am sorry if you had any problems with our service. I would like to work on retaining your account. If you are not interested it would help us a lot to know what your domain is so we can investigate and make sure this does not happen again.

    Best Regards,


    See non-combative and shows that if you are wrong you are willing to work on correcting an issue. I have had over 13 years of handing customers, and if you were working for me you would be put on notice and fired if you continued to do the same thing.

    You are not perfect, no host is. How you deal with the negatives says a lot about your company. So far it has been blame everyone but your company. Each response your grammar goes downhill, it makes my pre-caffeinated typing with huge ape like hands on a smart phone look legible. Normally its not something I bring up as my occasional grammar handicap is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. But you are conducting public relations. This is the point you want to shine under pressure. That is the reason I recommended cation, because I will not delete or edit your responses.



  24. I’m no way affiliated with KVCH other than being a pleased client with their services. We manage over 3000 sites and have been doing web development since 1998. KVCH is not the only hosting company we use and we do have several 100 sites hosted with them.

    We could care less who they advertise with or the reviews on them. We could care less if their office was located in a mega building or was located in a mule barn.

    We could care less who they hosted with as most all hosting companies have to host with someone else.

    All the above is also applied to all the hosting companies we use.

    When choosing a host we look for uptime, support response time and server speed. We give KVCH and our other hosting companies an A+ for all the above.

    The three small companies that we use will blow away any of the big host with the above mentioned and KVCH has the fastest support of any we’ve ever used. We can also talk to a “human” there on the phone, not so with most of your hosting companies now.

    If you are a cry baby then you definitely don’t need a web site. Things do happen to ALL hosting companies and sometimes it takes time for them to get the problem fixed.

    If you don’t like a hosting company then move on to another one. There are 1000’s of them now so maybe one of them will satisfy your needs.

    As far as KVCH, we’re pleased enough with their services that we’re going to purchase a reseller account with them so as to help some of our mom and pop business clients be able to keep a web presence in this still failing economy.


  25. Hello again Bleau,

    You forgot that you don’t care about ethics. Calling some one a cry baby is a very cheap shot from someone in no way affiliated with kvchosting which I really don’t buy btw. Though by definition of the word affiliated, being a customer means you are affiliated. Seriously show me your websites, Sheryl talked about verification and yet there has no one that has given proof that this is a serious hosting solution despite all the kudos, and when I get a website it has virtually no traffic. I know you think that traffic stats don’t matter, which I guess is true if you only want to deal with your local populous but most sites want more.



  26. You must be a loser in life Benjamin and this is your personal rant site. I doubt very seriously KVCH or any other hosting company would pay any attention to your personal rant site. I’d say they would get a good chuckle and file you away in their toilet with a flush down the pipes.

    We’re professionals, more than anyone could say about you, so, I’m sure no one in this office would post a professional web site on a losers rant site like yours here.

    Enjoy your rant blog Benjamin, we’ve noticed you basically don’t even exist on the net as a meaningful review board.


  27. Bleau,

    So your best arguement is I am a loser? Bigger hosts than KVChosting have paid attention to this site, and have even made changes like Hostgator.com, siteground.com, and many others. Sites that have modified their terms of service based on my suggestions, others that have removed untrue items. Smaller hosts that have also followed my advice. As for you being a professional you have done nothing to prove it other than claims of being one and insults. But seriously if no one cared about my so called rant blog why are you commenting? A better definition of what you are doing on my blog is trolling. The problem with trolling is search engines view it as a positive for sites like mine. The more comments it gets the better. I don’t expect someone such as yourself that does not understand Alexa to understand how good comments are for my blog. Calling me a loser is what bullies in grade school do because they suffer self esteem issues. Which says a lot about you since you are not willing to bring any facts to the table.



  28. Bleu,

    It seems that you are AFRAID TO SHOW YOUR WEBSITE?

    From the comments above, it can be concluded that you actually have a reseller account with KVCHOSTING?

    Would you care to show it to us?


    Every time when either bleu commented, sheryl will stop commenting. Are you just frustrated with that long comments you have to read it over and over again making you don’t make any grammar “mistakeS”?

    I don’t mean to mock or curse or tease.
    You are so Dr. Jekyll, and when Jekyll is gone, we smell Mr. Hyde.

    And that hypothesis, has a very huge probability than it is not.

    Bleu, don’t tempt me to take it to the next level for evidence, I can analyze them as you please.
    I just cannot bear with unethical people.
    Look at the way you respond! You just summoned yourself angry bastards to put your business to an end, KCVHOSTING.

    Lies leads to more lies.


  29. Hello Haseltine,

    I am not sure I would say they are the same person they on different ips with a few states in between each of them. Not mention I do think Bleau’s grammar is better than Sheryl’s. Sheryl may very well be off for the weekend. But I have had hard time believing that Bleau is nothing more than a unconcerned party.



  30. Hi Ben,
    That may be true, then again, why on earth would a person defend for someone else’s business for no reason?

    If you do notice, at first, Bleu was stating this

    “As far as KVCH, we’re pleased enough with their services that we’re going to purchase a reseller account with them so as to help some of our mom and pop business clients be able to keep a web presence in this still failing economy.”

    and then, he was was saying..
    “‘We’re professionals, more than anyone could say about you, so, I’m sure no one in this office would post a professional web site on a losers rant site like yours here.
    Enjoy your rant blog Benjamin, we’ve noticed you basically don’t even exist on the net as a meaningful review board.”

    In the first place it is obvious that he wasn’t part of KVChosting.
    And then stating that, In KVChosting, we’re professionals.

    One may argue that he is just describing his current web hosting company that they’re professional. (He may be on other reseller account with another hosting company) Then again, why is he not reviewing it?

    Bleu & Sheryl,

    The evidence is there, and how much can you say more to save yourself? Obviously this 2 person are somehow affiliated.

    If you’re saying the IP comes from different states. I can argue that it is perhaps this 2 person works together in different states. Or that one person is using virtual private network to remap his IP.


  31. Hello Haseltine,

    I have a feeling they are some how associated beyond just a customer relationship. Its far easier to get people to say bad things about your company than good. Not to mention the total lack of any evidence for me to look at to verify they have a site or sites hosted with KVChosting. The only person to show me a site is one that is still not pulling any traffic and last I check has no Alexa score.

    I also would not past them at faking their own reviews. After all look at http://www.web-hosting-top.com/review/kvchosting.com

    Look at November 11, 2009 5 reviews with a very similar glorying review. However whom ever was doing them messed up by giving low ratings despite the glowing endorsements.

    What is your story with this company? I have a feeling that you have one. Good or bad all I care about is the truth.



  32. KVC hosting is by far the worst hosting service I have ever used.

    When I work on my websites, every 15 minutes or so there is a considerable slow down that lasts for a few minutes. During that time my pages take 30 seconds to load, or they don’t load at all.

    What frustrates me even more is their support. They are very fast to respond but all they ever say is that my websites are working fine.

    Avoid this host. They servers are overcrowded. It is not worth saving a few bucks. You lose much more while your sites are down.

    I am currently in the process of moving to a different host.

    BTW Just so they don’t say that this is another fake review, this is the support person I was dealing with.

    Thomas Brags
    Senior Technical Analyst
    Toll Free: 1877-920-4678
    Fax: 405-285-8328

  33. Hi,

    This is only sales trick to give people wrong status of company. Kvchosting is most horrible hosting provider company and not able to provide any stability of servers. My 2 sites are 4 times affected with malware and one site deleted by their automatic software. I lost my all data, content, seo efforts, link building and business. They didn’t able to get data back. I have proof of these all. Kvchosting is most un-trustable web hosting company and providing horrible services. Tickets are being handled by very few people instead of sales, billing, accounting, and support. Server speed is really horrible. Don’t go with them.

  34. It is amazing to see that, Kvchosting deployed some new features and hardware which are having improving speed of performance of sites. My issues are being resolved quickly too. I am using KVChosting from last 2 years and getting very good support from them with quick fix of every issues. Due to these all reasons, I can say that I have proud to become client of KVCHosting. I have seen lots of another hosting but Kvchosting is unbeatable.

  35. KVChosting is cheap and yes your site will perform well on the web. Their support is good but KVChosting’ billing system is a nightmare. I’ve been billed for domains I do not have, websites went black and deleted because I have not paid (but I did)and there was no backup. I lost all my contacts 2 times within 1 week. If you want to publish a hobby site KVC is good; if you want to use it professionally (webshop, CV etc) I advice you to go to another.

  36. Bevis,

    I apologize for the issue you have faced, please email us the domain that you have problem and I will try to see what we can do to compensate the lost


  37. Hello Jenny,

    I will send an email to Brevis, just in case your customer is not monitoring further comments. I will give them your email address, you are also welcome to work it out any issues here.



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