Testimonial – Is good or bad?

As I get back in the swing of things with the May 2010 top 25 list of I find in the number 9 position. This is another one of those sites when you try to do a research on the company name you get results unrelated to the hosting company. They do not appear to be registered with the Better Business Bureau, not like I would hold that against them. But it seems a bit of a desperate search for even positive reviews on this site. I found a few complaints in regards to getting a response from this company, which might have to be because there is no other contact then the support board. What reviews and for that matter affiliates sites are scattered by anything relevant to “interactive online”. So I am going to spend most of my time on their site. I am going to break this into two separate parts, the first part covering:

Terms of Service

Merchant Service

Affiliate Program

Meanwhile I have put a ticket in with them, to see just how fast they will respond to me. These days I can’t say I am too thrilled with a hosting company that does not offer chat support.

In the second part I will cover and their relationship to Interactive Online.

Terms of Service for

I am only skimming here, and I really am not focusing on the whole terms of service. But here is what sticks out as I skim for certain pieces such as uptime guarantee, refund, reasons to have your account shut down…….. Pardon my random approach at this.

The first thing that sticks out is “We reserve the right to remove any account without advanced notice for any reason Interactive Online sees fit. “.  That’s ….. friendly. Keep in mind this is a unlimited space hosting company.

Then there is the 90 day guarantee, exclusions apply:

Money back guarantee is only available on our Shared Hosting, cPanel Reseller, Hosted Spam Filter & Exchange Hosting accounts. Setup fees are non-refundable. The 90 day money back guarantee is waived on all Special Offers including the free membership to YouJoomla.

Please note the special offer of 25% off on their order page, and they charge a $25 setup fee if you sign up for less then 2 years. I am willing to bet they will charge you the setup fee should you cancel prior to 90 days.

Backups – While they do back ups, the restoration of those back ups are not free unless of hardware failure. Other wise the cost to restore a back up is $25. I see a lot of hosts that don’t charge for that.

Then there is their uptime Guarantee.

Interactive Online’s 99.9% Uptime Guarantee & Credits

In the event that there is network outage*, Interactive Online will credit the monthly service charge for the following month’s service as calculated below and as measured 24 hours a day in a calendar month, with the maximum credit not to exceed 25% of the monthly service charge for the affected month.

I would advise paying attention to the Service credit and Claim Review Process. In essence you have to put a ticket in to request the credit and you have to document the down time. It may take 10 days for them to accept or reject your claim.


If your account with your old hosting provider does not use the cPanel control panel there will be additional fees.

Real-time Block List (RBL) Fees & Fines

If a customer’s site is hacked, spammed from or there is any other reason why the server gets listed on an RBL, the customer will be responsible for all fees and fines related to getting removed from the RBLs. Customer will be billed $100 for every RBL the server is listed on.

If the customer refuses to upgrade the scripts to the newest stable version we will upgrade the script for them and charge a $25 upgrade fee. Interactive Online is not responsible for any problems the upgrade may cause.’s Merchant services

My first thought of signing up with webhosting company for an affiliate program is not to. You might wonder why. Looking through the list I see, gets a referral fee from PayPal if you sign up under their link. I would just go to directly and sign up for their system. As much as I hate to say it, PayPal is a must for business. Too many people trust them over handing out their credit cards to people.

The same is true for every merchant account they get set up, and they may very well get a cut of all your sales. I first learned about this from a company called Total Merchant when they tried to get me to refer my customers to their service. It was not til I started receiving checks that I learned I was not just getting a referral fee I was getting a portion of their sales, which I am not really all that fond of the idea. I soon realized that the company that refereed me was getting a cut of my transactions. I wish I would have learned this 5 years earlier.

I soon realized it was a good idea to shop around for a merchant account every year, and even pit merchants against each other. Not to mention pit the merchant I was with to compete with them for a better offer. Sometimes the current merchant will give you a better deal if they see the other offers. Even still when they made an offer that claimed to be better then my previous offer I had to read the terms of service to make sure they were not compensating someway with a new fee.

These days it is easy to find a merchant (well easy if your in the United States), then when I first started 11 years ago. For that matter I got better at figuring out what a good service was and the last 5 merchant accounts I signed up had no set up fees. No middle man between me and the merchant service. Which is why I would advise avoiding for merchant service if you decided to take them up on hosting I had a friend that was burned by Homestead and went from a $19 a month account to over $120 a month.

I recommend contacting your bank about merchant account, as opposed to your host. Especially looking at the some of the set-up fees here ranging from free to $949. Clearly you want to make every penny you get from your customers count, and there is no point in giving your webhost a cut of your credit card transactions.’s Affiliate Program

They pay $90 per referral on shared hosting

6% reoccurring fee on other services.

They have lots of wonderful “green” webhosting banners for you to use.

No secondary affiliate program that I can find at the moment.

  • Affiliate commissions will not be paid for accounts that are canceled within 90 days.
  • Affiliate commissions are only paid for new customers that are referred to us
  • Affiliate revenue will not be paid until referred customer has been an activated customer for at least 90 days.
  • Referred customers must be active, in good standing and all past due invoices paid in order for affiliate to collection commissions on the referred account.
  • Affiliates can withdrawal earned revenue once their affiliate revenue reaches $90 total
  • If an account the affiliate referred used a promo code, the affiliate commission will be discounted by the same percentage or fixed amount. If the offer is a savings percentage , then the affiliate commission will be discounted for the same percentage. If it is a fixed amount savings the commission will be discount for the fixed amount.

On that last point, it pretty much means they are not willing to pay an affiliate and discount the customer at the same time. Say for example they have a offer for 25% off:

Use promo code SAVE25 to save 25% on any billing cycle. Offer good for new accounts & first billing cycle only.

So instead of $90 the affiliate would get $67.50 that is $22.50 less.

Next stop the ticket system

So far the only method I can find to contact this company is via this link

It took them 47 minutes to send me a response.  Timing wise its not too bad, but this is a sales question and other companies that provide chat and phone sales support are going to beat them to the sell.

One of the things I would give my techs grief for if they had done this ticket is not greeting the customer, and not closing with a signature.  I felt it was that you had to make the customer feel welcome.  Especially during the holiday season I would have everyone use something along the lines of wishing you the best in this holiday season.   I wanted my techs to look like human beings and not robots.   With this, I feel like I got a response from a robot.  No hello or anything here.  Or acknowledgement of my name.  For that matter my business partner would have sales staff give out information to entice people in, such as good reasons to sign up for service.  As you can tell from my writings I am not a sales person.

I am not sure I buy that they have been around for 13 years, or had any long periods of down time.  Perhaps they have been around that long.  I tend to doubt it as the only package I see are unlimited accounts.  I have to wonder if they were around for the last 13 years what were the packages they offered before.

My  thoughts on what I found

When I first saw the name of this company I thought I had a short review, considering search engine results are not the best for “interactive online”, the words can apply to a lot of things like games and virtual tours. But a little digging into the site and I find an overwhelming amount of detail.  Anyone that reads the terms of service would pause before ordering.   The cost of having to pay for repairs from a hacking attempt regardless if it was the customers fault or not would defiantly make me avoid the host.

In my next post I uncover claim to claim to be a green host is overboard. Details on their green program are limited at best as they have a certificate for 8 metric tons of carbon and something in their terms of service about buying one tree per customer. Looking at my email it cost them $112. There is no listing of how many trees have been planted.  Frankly based off what I found I find it hard to trust this company.

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  1. I’m the owner of Interactive Online and wanted to respond to this post directly.

    We are no longer registered with the BBB. We used to be, but felt their $300+ per year membership was not worth it so we did not renew.

    When you do a search for “interactiveonline” or “interactive online” we are the very 1st and 2nd results that appear. The reason there are other unrelated results on the page is because our name consists of search terms that are broad and widely used. Also we do not encourage our affiliates to create fake reviews for their affiliate sites which many of the large hosts do such as Blue Host and Host Gator. If you look at the page 1 search results for “blue host” or “host gator” you’ll see most of the results are to sites operated by their affiliates which contain reviews posted simply to attract affiliate sign-ups.

    Now onto our Policies you had a problem with…

    “We reserve the right to remove any account without advanced notice for any reason Interactive Online sees fit. “

    The above is in our policies to protect the servers from any type of abuse. In the last 14 years we have been in business we have never removed any legitimate accounts without contacting the customer first. Fraud, hacker, porn, illegal and spam sites are usually removed immediately. As for any legitimate accounts that are abusing the server it really depends on how much the account is affecting the performance of the server. If it is crashing the server completely we suspend the account and notify the customer immediately. We give the customer a chance to correct any scripts that could be causing the problem.

    The above policy gives us the right to protect the server from any abuse of our services. Though the policy is there we have always respected our customers’ needs and worked with them to remove any abusive scripts or data that is against our policies. The policy is basically in place for the customers that don’t want to work with us and continue to host content which is against our policies. We don’t just go blatantly removing accounts because we want to. Our goal is to keep our customers happy and the servers abuse free. This policy helps us to do that.

    As for our 90 day money back guarantee, our policy has changed on that… We now offer a full refund within 90 days (including the setup fee). We no longer offer the YooJoomla offer which waived the 90 day money back guarantee. The reason that offer was waived is because it was a request from the owner of YooJoomla. If we allowed a 90 day money back guarantee with that particular offer it would have allowed anyone to sign up for the offer, obtain the YooJoomla templates and then get a refund from us. It would have allowed them to get the YooJoomla templates for free. The policy was in place to protect against this.

    As for Backups and Restores… Yes we do charge a $25 restore fee if a customer needs us to restore their account from a backup for them. The customer does have access to their backups so they can do the restore themselves for free.

    As for the Uptime Guarantee and you claiming ” It may take 10 days for them to accept or reject your claim.”… No it does not take us 10 days to accept or reject a claim. We respond that same day and issue any credits immediately. We haven’t had to issue any requested credits in years since we have not had any major outages.

    As for charging a fee to migrate sites that are not using the cPanel control panel… we do move the 1st site for free but any additional sites there may be a charge depending on how many there are and how difficult the moves will be. For example, if a new reseller signed up with 100 cPanel sites we could easily migrate those sites in a few hours. If we had to manually migrate 100 non-cPanel sites it would take weeks if not months to complete.

    As for RBL Fees, we no longer charge any type of fee or fine if your account is the cause of the server getting listed on them.

    As for upgrading old scripts we do this free of charge now.

    As for our Merchant Services, we do not offer these type of services directly. We are simply an affiliate for and PayPal.

    As for our Affiliate Program, we have updated the program and payouts at Yes we discount the commissions with the percentage of savings the customer received if they used a coupon. This is to protect us from actually losing money on referred accounts.

    As for the Sales ticket you had opened I do remember personally responding to that one. I do apologize if it seemed I was a little short. I was trying to respond back to you as quickly as possible with the pertinent info. After reading this post I have started to require a greeting and signature on all tickets…. especially Sales related tickets.

    We’re starting to get away from marketing our services as “Green”. Though we still purchase RECs and donate to plant trees, we don’t market it as prominently on our site as we used to. We’re planning on marketing the services towards “cPanel Hosting” when we redesign our affiliate banners in the coming months.

    As for how long we have been around… we started offering hosting services in July 1997 as under the company name Interactive Online. You can see by the domain registration it was registered on Jul 14th 1997. At the time we were a Partnership registered with the state of Florida. A few years later we formed Interactive Online Corporation and started to operate under the domain Years later we purchased off a domain squatter.

    As for the author of this post, if you want to actually test our services out before you write your next review please contact us directly. We can setup a test account you can use for your sites and reviews.

  2. Hello Owner of Interactive Online,

    I wish you would have provided a name feels a bit weird not addressing a person by name.

    Anyway, third time is the charm. This response is far more diplomatic then the first two at . Frankly I don’t think you want to see my response to your companies second response. So I will save that as a draft. Either way this is why I warn companies to think before they post, as I don’t delete or edit responses. I honestly don’t think those posts put your company in the best light, this one however does put you in a good light.

    Since you actually addressed the points in my post, unlike the last 2 responders I had to read my previous two posts.

    Now some points I don’t think need to be addressed such as your charging to restore back ups, that is purely a business choice that is neither ethical or unethical. It was merely a point in the terms of service that I felt should be brought up when I wrote my piece on your site. As you may well know, people rarely read the terms of service. For all they know they may very well of sold their soul to the devil when the click the submit button on their order.

    Though now that I think about it “We reserve the right to remove any account without advanced notice for any reason Interactive Online sees fit “ needs to be removed from my post.

    The points that I feel need to be addressed:

    In regards to “ It may take 10 days for them to accept or reject your claim. ” That was exact quote from your terms of service, hence the quotation marks. Though I do not see that on your site any more, and it appears your terms of service was updated this year. This quote was prior to my new habit of putting quotes in italics and red. Granted next time I see something like that I will take a screen shot.

    Regardless of your agreement with another company. I feel that minimum of no less then 30 days should apply to hosting, asides for fees such as domain names and SSL certificates unless of coarse the company is at fault for issues arising to those services. I was wondering does that 25% off offer you had exclude people from the 90 day guarantee?

    I am not sure of the exact percentage of customer fees a affiliate gets without doing the math. Frankly I think anything more then 20% is too much. Though that’s my opinion. As I would prefer a large percentage to go towards customer service and equipment. As I said this is more of an opinion, not one that my prior business partners agreed with.

    I stand by my statement on merchant services, nor did I mention that you were directly involved but an affilate. I think it best if not cheaper to avoid affiliates when it comes to merchant services.

    I am happy to hear that you are changing support protocols. When I did that ticket, it did not feel very personal. When it comes to being a small host you have to give every possible personal feel to it that you can..

    As for how long you have been around. I would state when you got into hosting, and at what point you started using When you started hosting prior to the acquisition of the domain name is a bit of shaky ground. But I think its better to be honest up front on your history as opposed to letting some one dig it up later. That and I hope you kept the original domain, its a small price to pay to make sure you don’t lose anyone, or you get back old customers. I have encountered one too many hosts that have used a start date for another company, often a company that had nothing to do with hosting. I have also encountered a few hosts that have used aged domains, two of which I have done reviews on in the last 30 days.

    In regards to being green. Planting trees is good, no argument there they are a negative impact. You should post how many trees you plant every year. Heck instead of paying for so called enegy credits perhaps buy as many trees as you have customers every year. Don’t think I have seen a host offer to do that yet. However the carbon credit method is at best questionable (often refereed to as green washing), especially when companies taking part sell their credits were already of a lesser impact. Buying energy credits has not show n a rise in green energy plants. There are other things you can do such as replacing lighting with leds, expensive in the beginning but well worth it if you had incandescent, though you don’t see the difference as much s you would if you had florescent before. There is also recycling of machines, paper, and other items that can be recycled. Not to mention better insulation that reduces cooling and heating costs. You may be phasing out green in your advertising campaigns, but that does not mean you can’t still have a we are a green host, or more honestly a host that works towards being more green each year.

    I am well aware of the so called review sites, hence why this site was created. Its also why and bluehost (I am actually doing a use post on them soon) are on my site. Any host that I can prove has their own top 10 site like gets my attention You were on one so called review site –, hence why you got my review. I feel like I am repeating myself too often, but that is the company that caused me to create You also see them in my video. You don’t get on their top 25 without paying for “advertising”. So far I have 4 hosts that I have reviewed to admitting to it, 3 that have stopped using (though one went back and is mad I posted his emails that proved he knew better).

    A second review is coming, as stated this purely is a grading test based on your site in areas such as support, terns of service and such. Its not a threat, for that matter you might look as where you might want to improve, or better yet point to the page if you get a high grade. Every host I have reviewed as well as future host will go through this. Perhaps maybe those that request it when its more then just me. I will be posting the grading system on my forum once ready and I think the first how to be reviewed under this system is ipage.

    I will say there will be a point where this site will be testing hosts with actual sites, but before I can accept your offer you have to renounce and any other review site as well as offer a minimum of 30 day guarantee on all hosting packages regardless of the offer you set up with another company.. Those are the only 2 points I can see that would need to be addressed. I understand that not every customer is a good customer, but if your a good host you should have no problem with a 30 day guarantee.



  3. My name is David Tanguay. I am the owner of Interactive Online. All comments I have posted have been civil, not sure why you think otherwise.

    Also, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t delete comments by other responders to this article. I’ve asked some of my customers to comment on this page to show that we are not a bad host as you originally painted us. They are not being paid for their comments. They are all being submitted on their own accord. The article is about whether or not is a good or bad host. You should let customers post their feedback on whether or not we are. You deleting comments by my customers is unfair and only shows you want to paint us in a negative light. Your overall opinion on us was initially “I find it hard to trust this company”. I think it is only fair for you to allow my customers to comment on this post to show that we can be trusted.

    Yes we have adjusted our policies since this article was originally posted. Many changes were related to the things you did not like which were addressed in this article.

    Using a 25% off promo code does not exclude them from the 90 day money back guarantee. We offer a full money back guarantee within 90 days whether they used a promo code or not.

    I started the company in July 1997 under the name Interactive Online. I formed the company to provide hosting services from day one. We got our first hosting customer in the middle of August 1997. At the time we started, we only purchased and Since we were a network I felt the .net would be better for us at the time and we didn’t have the $100 extra to buy the .com. Our initial plan was to market our hosting services under the domain but still named the company Interactive Online to allow us to expand into other services if we needed to. Later in the year we decided to market the company using instead since limited us to the services we could provide. A few months later a domain squatter purchased the .com which I ended up purchasing from him a few years later.

    The facts are I started the company in 1997 and have been providing hosting services since then. Not sure why wayback machine only goes back to 1998 but I know for a fact the business was formed and the website was built in July 1997 and we received our first customer in mid-August 1997.

    As for when we became a corporation here is the original document at which was in July 1999. For previous years we were only a Partnership listed with the state which is why there are no corporate documents online for that.

    As for green washing yes I understand your point of view but for us to even compete with the large hosts that turned “green” a few years ago we had to start purchasing the RECs. I felt planting the trees for every new customer was an additional way we could be considered green. We also recycle any old equipment which in fact I am doing some this week. We should at least get some credit for what we do to be green. There are many hosts that don’t even do what we do to contribute.

    We are no longer listed on

    We offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all hosting services, not 30 days.

    If you see anything else that you have a problem with please let me know and I can see if we can adjust our policies in regards to it.

    Also not sure why but I never get notified of new comments on this post even though I select “Yes! Please notify me of followup comments via e-mail.”

  4. Hello David,

    Good to have a name behind the comment. Seriously your third response was your best. It was less of an attack on me, and more down to the point of addressing my points.

    A few things.

    If I have yet to delete your comments, why would I delete your customers comments? Also my concern is not rather you have good reviews or for that matter bad reviews. You can have your customers provide feed back here, but that it does not address why I did my post..I have yet to ban anyone from providing positive feed back for any of the hosts I have reviewed. I did censor one commenter for a negative feed back because of profanity. But I am pretty sure you can guess what he meant. My concern is that you don’t use fake review sites like When a host shows up on this list I do my best to prove why they did not deserve that ranking. Some hosts its like shooting fish in a barrel, like i7net which was offline most of 2010. was not even online for a month before finding itself on the top 25 list. I honestly need to prepare a list I can copy and paste as opposed to having to type up examples every time.

    You may have noticed but I actually try to respond the same day to comments. Sorry that for some reason your not getting notification every time there is a change on this post. I will not be personally notifying you of any other changes. I will ever have my tech see if there is a problem.

    Did I mention Michael Low owner of owns two other fake review sites and You can see this by looking at the whois information for these sites.

    My concern is that you renounce (admitting to using the so called advertising would be nice to) webhostingstuff. You would not be the first host, but you would be on a growing list of those that do. Also that you offer a 30 day (or in your case greater) guarantee regardless if you get into another agreement similar to Yoojomla. But are you going to offer a guarantee 30 days or greater regardless of how the customer signs on, especially with future agreements.

    Honestly I would have to do a second personal review, not the review I told you is coming. To see if there were any other issues I could see. The last review is almost a year old, your terms of service have changed. Can’t say I am eager to re read it, or for that matter anyone’s terms of service. From what you told me it sounds like you have made a lot of improvements. I hope you consider my suggestion on the tree planting, and ditch the energy credits. I realize a lot of hosts jumped on the green washing band wagon. But there are ways of attracting tree huggers such as myself. While some of the things I mentioned were not ethical or unethical they can sometimes detour customers. Which it seems you removed a lot of obstacles might make a customer reconsider your service.



  5. I had thought you deleted some of my customers’ comments because you stated the following in your comment…

    “Since you actually addressed the points in my post, unlike the last 2 responders I had to read my previous two posts.”

    I do recall asking a few customers to leave some feedback on this article which I never saw posted yet. I was under the impression they already submitted their comments and these were the ones you were referring to. Since I did not see them I thought you deleted them. My apologizes if that was not the case.

    As for donating to plant a tree for every customer every year this is something we will consider in the future.

    As for the guarantee, we currently offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all current hosting packages. Effective today 2/15/2011 we will offer a 30 day money back guarantee on any Template Club special offers. We currently do not have any special offers related to YouJoomla or other Template Clubs but if we do in the future they will have a 30 day money back guarantee.

    Please keep in mind the 90 day money back guarantee is valid for all current hosting packages and all promo codes that we offer. Any 25% , 50%, 75% or other savings is eligible for the 90 day money back guarantee.

    -David Tanguay

  6. Hello David,

    I had thought the first two responses were different people, however all responses were you. I defiantly recommend your third response methodology on any other criticism.

    As for the offering a 30 day or guarantee on all hosting accounts regardless of specials, that is a good thing.



  7. Great investigative work there Benjamin. It is good to see that Interactive Online changed some of their policies based on your hard work and did clear up the issues that you had. It also shows that Interactive Online really is evolving with the times and that is a good thing. They are reacting to what their customers want and that is what we as customers like.

    We are actually currently having our site, hosted by Interactive Online and we couldn’t be more satisfied. We are a small business company more focused on the quality of our rubber products and customer service than really our website. We are not “webmasters” or anything. We also are not concerned about any $25 dollar fee or if we would get our money back if we weren’t satisfied. We are trying to run a business and we cannot afford to be taking the time to switch between hosting companies. So when we decided on choosing a web-host we actually did not have much time to go through all the terms & agreement as you said. I mean losing a $100 is not going to hurt us as much as if our site was down for an extended period of time. We were looking more for a quality site that would have competitive pricing.

    What we did to find Interactive Online was actually just searching Google and scrolling through some forums and found that Interactive Online actually had a lot of great reviews. We also noticed that David, the owner, often frequented these forums and was a major commenter on them. Thus, if anything went wrong, he would have to own up to it. I am sure he wouldn’t want unhappy customers to post bad things up especially if he took so long in building up his reputation on these forums. So we quickly compared some pricing in which we found he was also quite competitive. Then we were fully in and committed. We are on the linux shared hosting plan for around $100 per year plan. Initially when we started, we didn’t know much about websites. Granted, we still don’t. But really we had some dumb questions when we first started out like how do we properly redirect some of our webpages or how do we setup email with this Cpanel stuff. We would be here working all the way up to midnight sending “support tickets” back and forth. God those were some dark days…I shudder just thinking about it. It was to our pleasant surprise that he was responding to our questions and helping us get our site up and running…through all hours of the night!

    We too were also a little worried that they didn’t have live chat or if we were going to be “chatting” with someone from India that wanted me to “try resetting the computer.” But to our delight again, he personally helped us through it all using their “support ticket” interface. Whenever we had a question or a problem he would answer it within 20 minutes—every single question we had.

    Just the other day in fact, our site was attacked by a hacker. Interactive Online saw this and notified me immediately. I received the email at 11:49PM!!! Then David personally replied back to our panic email, assured us that the hacker did not get in, reviewed our site, actually upgraded our open source script for us, and even suggested that we clean up some URL’s that weren’t SEO friendly. He even told me where to go in the admin to change it. And never did David ask for any extra fees for the work that he did. As long as we were willing to do it ourselves, he was glad to teach us or point us in the right direction. David and his team definitely go way beyond the call of duty to make us happy. In summary, and in all honesty, the amount we pay for a years worth of hosting through Interactive Online is probably the best value for our money spent for our business. The personal attention that he and his team gives to their customer is amazing for the price that they charge.

    Also, thanks again Benjamin for doing this piece and showing that Interactive Online does in fact hear what their customers are saying and are responding in a positive way. We don’t have much time to do reviews and such, but when a company goes out of their way in helping us, we make time for them too.

  8. We use hosting with Interactive Online from long time and since have no problems at all. All support questions are responded by David, always good communication and fast response.

  9. Hello Martin,
    That nice but it seems you started with them back in May of this year. Also your site has litary no traffic, at least not enough for Alexa to give it any score. Come back in a few months or perhaps a year and let me know how they work for you. But a few months does not equate to an experience with hosting company.



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