GreenGeeks Not for Geeks? Is it a iPage clone or just another host that sucks?

Number 17 of May 2010, GreenGeeks another greenwashed company.   When I loaded this site the first thing I thought was that this company looked like another company I reviewed.

Side by side this company looks a lot like iPage.   But from there I have a trouble finding any other similarities.  They are owned by different entires on separate parts of the country.  They are not even on the same network.   Asides for the same chat program I am not sure if there is much else that would connect them.   But I think there may be a connection, more then just a shared theme.

But the real problem is this is a greenwashed company, not a green host.   Their big claim to being green is that they buy energy credits, but so does British Petroleum.   At this point its hard to imagine BP having any positive environmental impact.   There is not a lot of detail given by companies that offer green credits for sale.

Greengeeks have alot of links that are in reference to being a green host.

The first link is

Here you find a link to this company,

I am not sure if I am correct in my assumption but it looks like you pay them per every page view you get or you are paying for traffic that you get from their site.  That or you can buy traffic from them.   But its unclear how this offsets carbon.  Not to mention this site seems to have mostly .dk / Denmark domains, which may have to do with them being from Denmark.  Not that I have a problem with doing business with a foreign company, but I like to know details.   For an organization that does so much, there are so few webpages with data on how they do it.  Not everyone sees the green movement as a way of life, some see it as something to capitalize on.   There also those that see that they don’t have to be green to capitalize off of the green sector.  Those are companies that are called greenwashed.  Its not clear as to what Greengeeks gets from this company other then a fancy banner, and perhaps greengeeks gets traffic.

On the same page I find their reseller program, where you can sell unlimited reseller accounts.   I have a hard time believing that unlimited hosting can be associated with quality hosting, let alone a company claiming to be a  green host.  Green and efficient are two words that come to mind when being eco-friendly  Effiecent technology is not cheap in the beginning, and for that matter technology thats not part of the main trend is not cheap.  The cheaper the hosting cost, the more customers the company needs to pile in to make a profit.

They have made the claim : “It is important that this industry becomes green and GreenGeeks is the world’s most eco-friendly web hosting company”  Other then a lot of pages telling people what to do and how they can be green.  There is nothing to show exactly how green they are,  the biggest thing that is missing are the numbers.   Numbers like the amount of electrify that they use per year.  Details are also missing like what company is receiving money to run wind generators.   I am looking at actual hosting companies that have their own data centers at buildings built from the ground up to be green.  Which include solar power straight to the source.  Not buying offsets.   They can be claim to leaning towards green when they talk about rigorous recycling of paper, but nothing in regards to equipment.  But clearly they a recycle text from their web pages.

The finale link I am going to review is

From here I find a link to the EPA.

I decided to contact the EPA, because I wanted to know if you really had to provide any proof in order to be a member.


Email Exchange with the EPA

From: Benjamin
To: Matt Clouse/DC/USEPA/[email protected], Blaine Collison/DC/USEPA/[email protected],Allison Dennis/DC/USEPA/[email protected]
Date: 08/03/2010 05:18 PM
Subject: In regards to green power partnership

Hello Matt, Blaine, or Allison,

I was wonder what documentation I would have to provide to be part of the green power partnership.

Thank you for your assistance.

To: Benjamin
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 17:21:10 -0400
Subject: Re: In regards to green power partnership


Thanks for your inquiry. The information requirements are included in

the Partnership Agreement here:

The program is designed to cover only commercial & institutional sector purchases. We’re not able to recognize residential partners at this time.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have additional questions.


From: Benjamin
To: Blaine Collison/DC/USEPA/[email protected]
Date: 08/03/2010 06:35 PM
Subject: RE: In regards to green power patnership

Hello Blaine,

I am not seeing what the EPA requires an organization to submit as valid proof of participation. From what I see you merely take the word of the submitter as opposed to any documentation. Is this the case, or do you require copies of receipts and other valid documentation?



Subject: RE: In regards to green power partnership
To: Benjamin
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 19:10:30 -0400

Ah. Right you are, Benjamin. We don’t require that partners submit proof of purchase. We do, however, check our lists partners with the listed providers once or twice/year: This is what we think we have, could you, the providers, please confirm our understanding of your clients’ numbers?

Hope that helps.


RE: In regards to green power partnership‏
From: Benjamin
To: [email protected]

Hello Blaine,

I am actually contacting you for research in regards to green credits. So far I am not finding any information from the companies that provide credits and those using the credits. One of the companies that I am looking at is listed in your Green Power Partnership. But the only numbers that are given is 300%. There is no number telling me what their on the grid power consumption is. Or what companies the credit seller is getting the wind credit from.

I find it rather disturbing that the credit sellers, the companies that buy the credits, and the EPA are not disclosing numbers, facts. documentation and reasoning that a company is using renewable energy.



I never got a response back to my email from the EPA.  But it clear you do not have to give them valid proof to be in their green power partnership.  Without numbers and other data they can not prove that they are a green host.  Other then a lot of pages GreenGeeks has no relevant proof they are green,

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  1. I also noted that these two websites look the same. What are the chances that two popular hosting provider websites use the same free theme? Anyway…

    That’s a really nice review you wrote here. Perhaps, the first real/honest web hosting review on the net.

  2. I chatted Green Geeks yesterday and asked them directly if they were affiliated in anyway with iPage. The person said, “No.”

  3. Hello Lisa,

    I have found no connection between the two. I just remember at the time when I did this review that this host seem familiar to one of the hosts I had reviewed. Who knows maybe someone was inspired by the others design. Then again maybe one day greengeeks and its other partner sites may be bought out by Endurance Group International as I have heard ipage was.



  4. It’s also worth noting that greengeeks doesn’t “buy” anything, 100% of their hardware is leased from singlehop, making the “purchasing decisions” completely null and void.

    They’re a scam, they’re owned by a guy named Kaumil Patel, a Grade-A scumbag who was responsible for a disaster of a hosting company called vistapages, and he’s afraid to put his name out there because he knows his name is worth nothing.

    Here are some of Mr. Patel’s greatest hits:

    He also ran another hosting company, sitecloud, into the ground while at the helm of greengeeks.

  5. Hello,

    Perhaps some time I will have to look further into Kaumil Patel, granted my main focus has been review sites, and hosts that employ them. But I do have to say the email exchange was pretty damming. If I am reading it right they cut the account in half. I would not mind hearing from you the details of why you hate this company.



  6. Just found your site. Love it. The hosting industry really seems to be scuzz central. I noticed the similarities between the website’s and googled it.

    That’s what brought me here.

    Seem’s like all of the major hosts out there are running the same scam, i.e.

    Charging very low initial contract rates, then tripling and quadrupling automatically on renewal.

    I got stung by iPage that way.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Hey if you all wanna know more about this idiot Kaumil Patel or whatever his name is of the day cause he keeps changing it is look up his old so called site hosting plex and look up the reviews on that. He flooded his own company with spam and what not and closed down peoples accounts saying they were spamming the company.

    The guy is a scam artist who has other people do his work and he takes credit for it. The guy is a pure scam artist only looking to rip people.

    Just look up information about Mr Kaumil Patel and you will see this is all true and anyone posting negative about him is just speaking the honest truth.

    BTW hostingplex switches over to a different hosting domain but after speaking to someone who knows Kaumil Patel he tells me he somehow works there or may actually own the new domain. Plus his other site actually loads to the new domain too. I have no doubt he is trying to rip customers off from many different sites to build is fake empire.

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