2gbHosting Review: Is 2gbHosting a good host?

Number 16 on May 2010 webhostingstuff.com top 25 websites. This is going to be a rather short post. The reason being they have a 7 day guarantee. If a host offers anything less then 30 days they are not a serious webhost and must be avoided at all costs. There are a lot of other problems with this company such as language problems, support issues, and down time  which can be easily found if you use a search engine. But there is not much reason to explore that in detail since the biggest alarm bell is there 7 day guarantee that they seem to think is a good thing.

7 Days money back guarantee

We offer no question 7 days money back guarantee with following terms

  1. Money Back available for all shared and reseller hosting accounts.
  2. We do not offer money back on domain registration, SSL certificate and on Dedicated & VPS server payments.
  3. Money back is not possible if requested after 7 days of purchase.
  4. Money back process takes 24 hrs to 72 hrs max that means if you are asking for a money back on 7th day of purchase date, you will get it before 10th day of purchase date.

Then there is their uptime guarantee that offers 99.98 uptime. I would love to show my wonderful chat in regards to what is they offer in regards to compensation, which is defiantly not money. After asking 6 times and being told to read the terms of service that do not say what you get the chat session abruptly ended. The chat operators first language was defiantly not English, nor was the person I spoke with on the phone. As the person on the phone was not direct in what compensation a customer would get for more then .02 downtime. Which equated to more time on your account.

I would avoid this company like the plague. The biggest red flag is that this company has a 7 day guarantee. If their uptime was as great as the phone operator indicated they could easily do a 30 – 60 day guarantee.

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  1. I agree to this review. 2GB Senior members use abusive language on the phone. Moreover, they’ve disabled access to my client area and their support staff totally misguides.

    A hosting company to avoid as I’ve N number of reasons to state.

  2. I recently hosted website with 2gbhosting.com.They allured me with great claims but within month they showed their true colors as i was charged excess payment for the shared hosting account and my website was put down illegally or unethically and not allowed to use the claimed diskspace or bandwidth and no reason given and only after submitting the ticket they told me that i need to upgrade to VPS with higher payment.Its the worst service that i have come across and seems to me the 2gb hosting indulges in unfair trade practices amounting to deficieny of services. Nobody should host any website on 2gb hosting or their parent company called HRNTIPL. Both are fraud companies without credibility.Recently I Noticed their employees and partners seems to be giving false reviews on websites.

  3. Hello Agrawal,

    I failed at seeing the HRNTIPL connection, can you tell me where you found it?



  4. 2GBHosting and hostrightnow are No.1 Frauds in webgosting industry. I hosted a website with them and it is hosted in the server .One day that server got crashed and all data gone. This frauds never keep backup of the databases and files. I asked about this through phone(09829151699 and 01412601319)they used slanks at me. They never reply to support tickets or chats. They shown that they are giving 24*7 support in their website but after 5 pm they never answer phone calls, open support tickets or chat.

  5. 2GBhosting is a CHEATING FRAUD webhosting company . Second week of march 2011 their server crashed and our database and website files were lost. We asked them to restore the database from the back up but they replied that they wont keep any back up of clients database. Because of this frauds i lost around Rs.35,000. They have different company like HRNTIPL, hostrighnow etc and cheating clients . They claims that they are no.1 company doinng webhosting in india. In a webhosting company database and file backup is the important factor and this company never do it . I hosted my website with this company for 3 months and they never took the backup of the database even a single time during this period . So i suffered a lot.

    They claims they provide 24*7 support[this is displayed in their website]. I hope those frauds dont know the meaning of 24*7. They never respond to chat after 5 PM (IST)[you can verify this by simply clicking 24*7 live chat link in their website after 5 PM ]

    If we phone them they will use Hinglis___ [half hindi and 0.25 english and 0.25 an unknown language so that no body understand and nobody will call them again because of this multilanguage support ].

    This company is located in a remote town in Rajasthan and reaching this place is very difficult and they are confident that nobody will meet them even if they do fraud activities.

    Daily there are one or another problem with their server or hosting control panel. Within three month i submitted around 22 support tickets and chatted several times.

    I have a request to this hosting company chairman/MD/GM that please dont cheat clients. There are different ways to make money without cheating others. Even begging or septic tank cleaning is good job than this fraud activities.

    As they displayed in their website http://www.2gbhosting.com this company is cheap in the case of money aswell as in the case of service. Those who like to submit support ticket/chat daily and those who dont care about databases/files can host their website with this company.

    Only one thing i found in their website is true – Cheap webhosting in India- Yes they are cheap in case of money and service

  6. 2GBhosting is a real CHEATING FRAUD webhosting company, be aware of this company as they claim that they have office in UK, USA and projecting them self a big company which is not.

    On March 11 2011 their server got crashed and this guys have no backup of any data and i have to bare a huge loose due to this company and i am not going to leave them like that. even they don’t bother to reply over tickets or on the phone also.

    So be careful

  7. I have bought a hosting and domain package. My website is not working for a last four days. Tried to call customer back and they says they will check and call back but never calling back for first two days. Today I tried to call UK, US, India but no one is answering the phone and 24/7 chat is also not responding. Worse website domain and hosting provider, I have never seen. Please never ever buy from this supplier

  8. i registered mp3wale.com on 2gb hosting.com and they charge me 1000rs . after that they say we can not upload songs on their server and delete my account and website. and no refund.

  9. Hello Mahesh,

    A few questions here.

    1. Were these songs/mp3’s yours?
    2. Was it your intention to use the space for storage or to sell.
    3. Which plan did you have?
    4. Did you read the terms of service before accepting when you completed the order?

    There are a lot of details missing from your complaint.

    If the songs were not yours, you defiantly will get not sympathy from me. As I am a big believer in copy right. As for using the account for storage, that violates the very nature of webhosting services. In which case I would never recommend a share hosting account to be used for. Buy a portable USB drive, pay for a storage service or a get a dedicated / vps account. Amazon offers free music storage for those who pay $20 or more per year. But I would only do that if you actually own the content.

    As for the plan you had and the terms of service that can go along way in explaining if the plan you got will allow you to store media for the purpose of selling or even at worst storage.



  10. Hello Benjamin

    we never say that we are upload songs.
    we just give the link that song that was typical to find
    and some favorite song as like songs.pk and mediafire.i think this does not violet the law. but the company 2gbhosting allow the website to run between start date to 7 days.but after seven days they permanent suspend the account. now we can not take refund . that is the cheat. now they are said that we refund your money but i think a fraud website never do it

  11. Hello Mahesh,

    As long as your not selling/giving away licensed content I personally have not problem. Especially when it helps the artists.

    Do you have any emails / support tickets from them in regards to this?



  12. My website is currently hosted with 2GB Hosting and I’ll be moving out anytime soon.

    I had a terrible experience with 2gb hosting, support staff is really bad(vijay, amit & rishabh) and they don’t talk properly. They provide answers without reading question / query entirely.

    I am planning to close my websites because of this. their tech support each one will ask different things to do, and repeat the same question we have asked.

    Site remains down most of the times and services get disturbed anytime without anybody’s consent (e.g. – access denied message on MsSQL Database Creation / Deletion).

    Support staff uses bad language in writing and expect me to write apologies – which can’t be done obviously.

    My experience – Never go for 2GBHosting. Cheap IS Cheap, its not 2ghhosting its 2gb cheating……

    Want to have peace of mind go for better host.

    Beware of this 2gh cheating…..

    2GBHosting sucks our patience & time, its 2gb cheating

  13. This complaint is regarding the server services provide by http://www.2gbhosting.com Host Right Now Technologies Limited situated in Jaipur .

    This company is a fraud and very much unsupportive. I have bought 2 different linux reseller hosting plan . soon after 2-3 month I have shoked that most of the time their server remain down. If we phoned him they tell us to raise a TICKET — so first we hve to raise a ticket from their site and after waiting 6-9 hour there is no reply .

    Then I had give him a call they told me to hold the phone they are looking in the matter and after 35 min. they told me that there is some maintanance work and ur site will be up within 15 min.

    And now its more than 6 days I have spend 3-4 hour daily for telephone email, ticket but they ppl do not now how to manage server…

    And now when I loged in to my WHM panel I got a message that “You hve not paid CPANEL License fee”

    I demand 2gb hosting to retrun my payment and give me compensation because I have lost business due to their neglegence of work.

  14. I bought a reseller hosting from 2GB hosting as its prices are quite good. Now I see that my websites are down most of the time and there is a very unresponsive customer support.
    I wonder how this type of hosting company running?

  15. I am with 2gbhosting for last 2 years and my domain is running properly ( 10 gb linux space ) with the support of technical and customer care team of 2gbhosting having good communication skills ,soft spoken ( voice ). keep it up. lot of thanks

  16. Hello Rakesh,

    According to the whois information for your domain:

    Created On:25-May-2012 13:09:15 UTC
    Last Updated On:12-Aug-2012 07:28:53 UTC

    So your domain is less than 3 months old, and you may have just changed your dns to 2gbhosting. Not to mention your traffic rank with Alexa is “No Data” which means your not getting any traffic. If you have other sites with some time under them and some real traffic I would love to see them. If this is your only domain I welcome you to come back in a few months to share your experiences. If they are a good host, more than a sentence or two would seriously work in their favor.



  17. In Starting, I was having some problems regarding domain registration from 2gbhosting side but now this problem has been resolved within the committed time. I really appreciate 2gbhosting for their great response for their clients. Lot of thanks.

  18. I bought a reseller 10GB there.
    That bs hosting always makes my website down and error.

    Their MySQL like a ****
    support like a ****
    It’s waste a lot time of mine to fix my website


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