Should you trust Host review sites?

There are some people out there that no matter how much of a valid argument that you provide they are going to continue to go with a false concept. If you don’t believe me all you have to do is look up the percentage of people that think British Petroleum is innocent of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. For that matter there are still people out there that think we have not gone to the moon and the Earth is flat. You could shoot those people to the moon to see the flag that was planted and they would still claim no one has been to the moon and that the Earth is still flat. I say this because of a comment I did not approve on YouTube from user xXZarlachXx.

the most top hosting review looks at the price.

the affiliate links/referral links is the point with inviting people to new websites.

they want to get something for telling others what websites is good.

I did not approve it because frankly YouTube was not going to let me post a lengthy response. Also I am not sure if he or she is an agent for one of these “top hosting review” sites. I have no problem with affiliate programs as long as their incentives are not along the lines of giving away the farm (i.e. payments that are more then 20% of the first payment via the customer). This weak argument is not enough to stop me. As I have yet to see a correlation between price and ranking. Price does not determine rather a hosting company offers a quality deal. The level of service received is what determines rather hosting is “good”.

What I see is a case where many of these so called review sites show case hosting companies on commission junction, where they get between $60 – $125 and beyond for a sign up. Many of these companies do not trust the direct affiliate program of the hosting company they show case. For which I point to’s comments on webhostingpad:

Even though had a problem dealing directly with webhostingpad’s affiliate system they have no problem still referring people to their company through commission junction.

While at the same time most” top hosting review” sites do not host on the companies in their recommended list. owned by the same guy (Michael Low) that owns does not host with any of the hosting companies that he recommends, nor do and have matching top lists. Because works on the principal affiliate commissions. works on the principal of bidding on positions. Most sites that work on affiliate commissions have most have no well written review to tell you why you should sign up, and to be unbiased to tell you the cons in additions to the pros of signing up with any company they recommend. When do have cons its always far less then then the pros of signing up for service. Or for that matter any proof that they tried the host that they recommend. Most of the hosting sites I have reviewed have a lot of complaints, or their search engine results are so obscure that its hard to find cons or for that matter pros. One example is the next on my list

The bottom line is these sites are in it for the money, their not in it to refer people to good hosting companies.

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  1. Read the PM I sent you.

    very cool picture though, lol


    Svar: In regards to your response
    lol, ok… “ReviewSexPosed”
    first of all, i’m not a member or agent as you said of any topwebhosting review site lolz… i got my own website called
    i’m just a normal person that’s looking for a decent webhosting company to host my website, because at the moment i use free webhost at 000webhost, but i want better hosting and a .com domain.

    I just commented what i think about referral/affiliate… I like the way they make affiliate programs to make another way to earn money by inviting people to a website.

    though I don’t like if the “top webhosting review sites” is not showing the best webhosting, but the webhosting service that gives most money per referred user.

    I like comparing those kind of websites with reviews (text/youtube) and see what webhosting company that is best for me.

    bottom line: i know that humans has been one the moon, and I know that the earth isn’t flat……… it’s a square -_- .

  2. Lol, he is my friend, and he is 15 years old, and his not an employee of any hosting company, and this website is just a learning project for him… Hes just taking it too serious :D:D

    But i like how you “busted” his google search!! Win (y)

  3. Hello Nikolai,

    I saw his birthday video he made for himself, so I knew he was 15 or around that age. Though by the way he decided to make a mock up of my username his mental age is closer to 5.

    He says these companies invite, which is not what they do. They paint a flattering reason to sign up, and they don’t disclose that their bias review is making them a good chunk of change from everyone that signs up. You should teach your friend about the word greed.



  4. xXZarlachXx,

    Pick a site that “invites” you to sign up I am sure I can dig up dirt.



  5. It’s your own choice if you want to use a referral link, anyways, i like those websites that makes a bonus for the one that gets referred by a member.

  6. Yes its your choice, but the person / site that refers you should be upfront on their relationship to the company that are referring you to. But most do not use the companies they recommend. I am sure when you mature you will learn what “buyer beware” means.

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