I-dentity.com, generic host or the best host

When it comes to reviewing sites I can honestly say I look for what is wrong. Because I have a beef with webhostingstuff.com. All the hosts I am reviewing are or were on webhostingstuff.com and bidding for their position. Which brings me to number 14 of May 2010. At this time they are no longer in the rankings. At first glance and a long break from looking at hosts the only thing that struck me is that the site was not an interesting one. Looking at the terms of service while short, but not too short I could find no real problem. I found a few oddities in the awards page. Asides for awards page that has broken graphics to webhostingstuff.com (which may have to due with no longer bidding on a position). There is this with their awards.

The BBB, they have an A+, but they have no complaints in the last 12 years. Which is a little strange. The more business my sites have done the more chances I have of meeting a disgruntle customer that can not be appeased. I have one company that has no complaints but its because it never got past the 500 customer mark. I tend to wonder exactly how many customers it has now and how many it has served in the last 12 years.

SaaS Directory June 2009, There is no reason given by SaaS as to why they received an award, and for that matter they have no interview (which they have a spot for).

eliteweb.cc, clicking on this award brings me to nothing relevant to i-dentity.com. For that matter I can not find anything relevant by goggling eliteweb.cc and i-dentity.com

comparewebhosts.com, another no reason given for why they gave an award to i-dentityhost.com

Findmyhost.com. Has a grading system but no grades. So basically no reason for giving an award.

BOTW Directory – does not even list i-dentity.com

seoinpractice.com- points you to a certificate for a coarse, and is not an award.

Looking at the awards is enough for me to label this company a scam, most of the links lead to nothing that even mentions them, one case is not even an award for a certificate for a coarse, and what few sites that mention them. Then there is the graphics /awards links with webhostingstuff.com