acquired by Endurance International Group, is not exactly a host the I had in my sights.  But one of their customers contacted me because they got an email telling them that the company had been taken over, upon further review the customer found the new owner is Endurance International Group which is a company that is in my sights as it has a lot of hosts, most of which engage in over the top affiliate commission’s which in turn motivate the so called “top host” lists.  Thankfully the customer that has posted to my blog was willing to send me a copy of the email, I tend to wonder if this is the same email that goes out to all customers that are acquired by Endurance International Group.    This is the first EIG acquisition that is openly acknowledged. On top of that migrations are not always smooth, Host4life comes to mind.  I had meant to post this sooner, but I had to set up a new machine, not to mention my copy of Photoshop went bonkers.

For details in to why Endurance International Group:

The Netfirms email

I am pleased to announce that Netfirms will soon be transitioning to a new hosting platform, allowing you to benefit from:

  • Increased network security and a larger systems operations team, providing additional performance monitoring.
  • More disk space and data transfer for hosting accounts.
  • A new control panel with improved layout and navigation, custom designed from the ground up, based on user feedback.
  • Access to more than 200 tools and services for managing your website, domains and email, including more one-click application installs.

Plus, the new architecture is similar to our current clustered hosting technology in that your website and applications will continue to be distributed across a pool of servers, providing greater redundancy than traditional shared hosting platforms, with faster load times and fewer disruptions.

What You Need To Do

In the weeks and months ahead, we will be working very hard to make this transition a successful one. As with any change, there will be differences in the way you manage your account, and we will need you to be involved in the migration of your website and email. Not to worry, though: we will be in frequent communication with you to walk you through the process.

If you have any questions in the meantime, be sure to visit our transition information site, where you’ll find the most up-to-date information on the migration. We will continue to update the site with new information as it happens. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 866-317-4678 (press “1” for information regarding the transition) or emailing

Please note: as part of the transition, domains will be transferred from the Netfirms registrar account to a registrar account with Tucows. Partnering with a company to manage the registrar side of things will allow us to focus on improving our core hosting services. This transfer will have no effect on your domains or where they point, and you will continue to manage your domains through your Netfirms control panel, just as you do today. More details >>

Why We’re Changing Platforms

We started Netfirms 13 years ago with a goal of delivering top-notch hosting and domain services to as many people as we could. Today, with 1.2 million hosted domains, we can’t help but be proud of how far we’ve come — and how far you’ve taken us. And now it’s time to take the next step: bringing our vision, our passion and our support to even more people in the coming years.

To help us take that next step, one of the top web hosting and domain management teams in the industry has acquired the Netfirms hosting and domain business. We realized that we needed a more scalable infrastructure, and that moving to an existing hosting platform, with proven reliability, would cause far less disruption to customer accounts than developing a solution in-house.

Please take a moment to review our revised Terms of Service, which will take effect on April 1, 2011. When customer accounts are migrated to the new hosting platform, which is located in the United States and managed by the new owners, customer data will, of course, continue to be hosted on a secure and confidential basis. Please review the new Netfirms privacy policy if you have any concerns.

The new Netfirms team has been in the business even longer than we have, and we trust them not only to continue providing the great service you’ve come to expect, but also to offer a variety of new features to help you better manage your websites and domains. More importantly, they have a proven track record of delivering on the same vision that we’ve all worked toward for the past 13 years.

We appreciate your ongoing support, and we understand that you, our customers, have made Netfirms the company it is today. On behalf of the entire Netfirms team, I wish you all the best.


Thomas Savundra, CEO Netfirms

I recommend reading those links in the email if your a customer.

Unused Domain Credits
If you currently have one or more credits for a new domain name registration, we encourage you to use them prior to March 15, 2011. Outstanding credits will not be carried over to the new hosting platform automatically. Reinforce your brand identity or protect yourself against visitor misspellings by using your domain credits to register alternate domain names.

I don’t think I have ever seen a point where Endurance International Group has acknowledged buying a host before.  I suspect Netfirms is the first.

If your with you have to help them with the migration

If you want an example of an Endurance International Group migration, look up host4life.  From what I have seen most of the customers.

I would love to hear from people experiencing a migration from netfirms.



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  1. I have a full year of hosting left with Netfirms but after doing some research on Endurance International Group I decided that I just couldn’t take the chance and moved my sites to another smaller web host. It’s fair to note that I have been with Netfirms for three years and never had any problems. Since I rely on my site to get business I thought I would eat the cost now and not have to worry about my sites being down constantly during the migration. An ounce of prevention you know.


  2. Oh my god – Netfirms is a nightmare! Avoid! I laughed as I filled out the form to leave a reply because my email address, the one through my domain name HASN’T BEEN WORKING SINCE THE TRANSITION. Just found out now. I am shocked, appalled and mortified as it is a business email. I just got off the phone with their ‘tech support’. When I mentioned who completely pissed off I was that I hadn’t been getting emails since May 3rd, actually told me they set emails to me telling me of the transition – TO THE EMAIL ACCOUNT THAT DIDN’T WORK!!! Can someone please recommend a better provider and tell me how to ‘move’ all my domain names to them? I am done with Netfirms.

  3. I have have an old platform account and a new platform account with netfirms. The forms I use don’t work on the new platform and I’m scared to death what will happen when they migrate the old account. 2 emailed and three phone calls have gottn me no where, not to mention countless hours chnaging web forms. This is an absolute nightmare and they might lose me as a customer if they don’t get their act together.

  4. Hello Rico,

    If your talking about losing your Canadian IP, that will be of a unnoticeable lose.

    Make sure you back up your site.



  5. If you are hosting a site that does not have a .ca extenstion, such as a .com or .net, this transition could wipe out your SEO in Google will see your non .ca domain as not being based in Canada and you will be less likely to show up in I have been at a loss for why my client’s site was not ranking in after we moved them there shortly before the transition to be on a Canadian IP. I looked just now and discover out IP is based in Massachusetts. What a joke. They are too ignorant to even know that they are doing this to people. I highly recommend getting out of any Endurance International hosting. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. I went through this once before when webhost4life was bought by them.

  6. Hello Chris,

    I would be interested in seeing your story on host4life. I have seen alot of people that did not migrate well during the take over.



  7. Kerry you are smarter than I am. I have 5 domains with Netfirms for years with nothing but great service and support. I got the email and thought what could really go wrong, they are just copying a bunch of files. BIG MISTAKE!!! Since my transition at the end of May nothing has worked anymore, SSL Certificate was missing, took 9 days for them to fix it after at least 13 phone calls to their absolutely useless tech support, shopping cart was broken so bad it is unrepairable, no emails work still to this day and their servers are so slow they are not really useable for more than a static page. If you are going to be transitioned leave now and find another host.

  8. They have lost all their billing records. I had downgraded my account and paid on Feb 25–they have no record of this. I have been arguing back and forth for a week now. Still no resolution. I let them know I will not be renewing with their company. A major headache. Not cool.

  9. I’ve hosted sites on Netfirms for years with no problems. Since the migration my Forms no longer work and I have been fighting with them for support. At one point they told me it wasn’t something they provide support for. WHAT??? You broke it – you fix it. Major Nightmare!

  10. Julie, maybe the perl script file that runs your forms was been delete in the migation or the command line on your forms use

  11. The New Netfirms is really bad. After 4 years with Netfirms, I have grown accustomed to numerous easy-to-use applications (like Joomla and photo catalogs) seamless, reliable email, and excellent customer service. Those days are gone. Now I’m looking for another host like the old Netfirms.

    The new platform doesn’t feature my favorite website development tools, and the email platform is less-useful. While my email is now working, I lost 5 days of emails during the migration. I’m annoyed because I’ve become so accustomed to the great qualities of Netfirms and the awesome pricing. And in the middle of providing service, they completely changed the platform, apparently without regard to customers who relied on the system. I don’t know why thy couldn’t maintain the same services under the new company. It’s clear they don’t care that much.

    Any suggestions for a host I should migrate to?

  12. I’m most annoyed by netfirms new policy of only allowing 500 M of memory per email address! It was unlimited before the transition and is now 500 Meg!

  13. Up until a few weeks ago I was a very happy customer of Netfirms. In six years of hosting service I never had a major problem and although I noticed the level of customer service was dropping there were no issues that mattered much.

    All that changed when with virtually no warning my account was shifted to the “new platform”. My sites went down for days, I lost Frontpage and then FTP access and eventually my email service went down too. Customer service was appalling, tickets were closed marked “resolved” when nothing had been done and I was told it was my problem.

    Based on my experience over the last three weeks I now rate Netfirms as one of my worst customer service experiences anywhere ever. The timing on this was terrible as I am in the midst of start-up on a new business and not only have no time for this crap but don’t need to look to my customers like I’m as inefficient and unreliable as Netfirms now is. Netfirms could not have cared less.

    I am moving my entire hosting and domain registrations to a new hosting company and within a day or two I should be able to wave goodbye to the bastards forever.

    It’s a sad end to what was a great Canadian Internet success story….

  14. I’m wondering if the following is even legal.

    I have had about 18 domains registered with Netfirms for several years

    And, I have hosting with iPage.

    Awhile ago, Endurance bought Netfirms. They already owned iPage.

    After they “ported my domains to the new platform”, my sites stopped

    After weeks of BS dealing with their customer support, I am now being
    told that if I want to host my files on iPage, I have to move my
    Domain registrations to iPage. Apparently this is because they are
    “Sister companies”.

    One problem. Domain registrations on Netfirms are $12.99 including
    privacy. Domain registrations on iPage are $22.99 including privacy. A
    difference of $10 per domain or $180 a year total when I renew them.

    After pointing this out to them, they say they will match the Netfirms
    price for the first renewal. After that, renewals will be at the iPage

    Cute trick. Now I’m trying to find another registrar for domains in
    the $13 range that include privacy, and are NOT owned by Endurance.
    Since it appears they own over 30 hosting and registration companies,
    this is not easy.

    Point of note: IF this is true, then it means every time endurance
    buys a company, and registrants are already hosting on another company
    Endurance already owns, they will force all these registrants to move
    their domains over to the company they host with.

    As I say, I’m not even sure this is a legal business practice.

    Thought you’d find this interesting.


  15. Hello Rick,

    I am not sure about legal, but it seems rather unethical. I have not really encountered any host that says you have to have your domain with them when you host. I would defiantly look for another host if I was told that I had to do that. As I own over 500 domains, and paying $23 would have a huge impact.

    Could I ask you to share this on

    I can post it as well. If you wish not to have it posted I will respect your wishes.



  16. Hello Benjamin:

    No problem regarding posting it.

    But to clarify, it appears that this is something related to a “technical difficulty” they have created by buying up so many companies.

    It seems that there is no problem with me not having my domain registered with their host, as long as the domain is not registered with another company they own.

    So, having the hosting on iPage, and my domain registered with GoDaddy, would be fine. Because they don’t own GoDaddy.

    But having my hosting on iPage, and my domains registered with Netfirms, iPower, BlueHost, Fatcow, and/or Hypermart would NOT work as they own all of the other companies as well. So they would force me to move all my domain registrations from the other five companies over to iPage.

    This happened to me a few years ago but I didn’t really clue in at the time. I had some domains registered with BlueHost and, my hosting was on Readyhosting. At renewal time for the domains, I received very high priced renewal notices from Readyhosting. (Turns out, that is when Endurance bought Readyhosting.) I complained and they moved everything back. Shortly after that, I moved all my domains to Netfirms.

    Everything was good until they bought Netfirms and recently tried to move all my domains over to iPage.

    Since it’s happened to me twice now, I’m thinking this is a calculated business strategy. Buy up a company that has either very cheap hosting or, very cheap domain registrations, and then try to force your customers to move either your hosting or your domain registrations – whichever works out to their advantage – over to the other company.


  17. Hello Rick,

    Thank you for allowing this post. Its important that people see practices like this.



  18. I’ve not only read about Netfirms but dealt with them for a client of mine that initially bought their hosting service. What a nightmare. There email never worked properly, I couldn’t get something as simple as google verifying an html file to work, and the list goes on.

    My client moved his site (a wordpress site) over to my server and has been happy since.

    If anyone is interested let me know. I also do domain registrations with Privacy included and not extra charged like godaddy likes to do with a company that no one can reach when it’s time to renew.

  19. Hello Michael,

    Send your client here to tell their story. But please don’t try to advertise on my site.

    Also I suggest correcting the contact information on your domain as incorrect information can lead to it being pulled.



  20. We visited the Webfirms site earlier today and having browsed around and checked terms etc, various offers they had and packages, decided to purchase a domain name through them on their $4.95 special. Proceeded to checkou, dilligently made sure we ticked Hosting Not Required on one of the sell squeeze screens that popped up after selecting the domain name, ensured that the checkout screen showed the correct value, unticked all of the add ons listed after the bootom line on checkout, then chose to pay by PayPal so as to have some protection from overbilling. Paypal asked us to log in (enter pasword) then promptly advised that we had completed a purchase for $106.80 (not the $4.95 on the checkout screen – which we had saved to PDF, just in case. Now Netfirms don’t want to credit the charge levied for the unwanted hosting in full, even though we have never logged on and filed an unauthorised transaction diuspute with PayPal within seconds. This is obviously some kind of rort, or rip off. The checkout screen cannoty be cleare as to what we ordered. We do not want to pay set up fees for services we did not order and have never accessed. Beware of Netfirms – stay away from their website, unless you want unwanted charges. I can provide all of the correspondence and screen logs if required.

  21. Our website was hosted with Netfirms since about 2005 without any issues. Last week it all fell apart. No email for days and no ability to update website. No apologies or answers from them. It was a nightmare.

    But worse than that is on Thursday we get an email from them saying they are shutting down our website until “copyrighted material” is removed from our site. They received an email from a disgruntled previous contract employee saying we were displaying their copyrighted materials. This is definitely not the case. We replied to that email immediately. But they refused to respond.

    We went on online chat with a tech support rep as could not get through on the phone. Were told it would be investigated immediately and we’d get reply in a few hours. We checked back several times on Thursday (hours in between of course) and each time we were told someone would contact us. Just so you know that was Thursday and this is now Sunday. The only reply we’ve had is a resend of the same email they sent us Thursday.

    Not only did they shut down our main site they also shut down the other sites hosted on the same account which are completely irrelevant to each other. They refused to acknowledge this or anything else.

    We ended up moving our site to another hosting company but the fact they simply shut down a site based on an email without checking the validity of those claims is abhorrent.

  22. Since 6 years, I’ve been registering my domains and hosting them at Netfirms with a very good service. Infact, I did earn some shining dollars referring Netfirms to my friends who were looking for hosting facility.

    With the transition process, my account was shifted to the so called ‘New Platform’ of Netfirms during the last week of July and below were the effects of the same:
    1. Previous Netfirms account allowed me to host both asp as well as php files in one server which doesnt work anymore in the new platform.
    2. One fine morning, I found that all my websites are down. I informed Netfirms and they pulled it up somehow saying that they had some technical issues. The entire process lasted for 2 days.
    3. Once the websites were reinstated, I realized that they werent functioning to their full capacity. The internal URLs of the websites werent working and the support took 3-4 days to diagnose the issue and fix up the .htaccess for my account.
    4. Last but not the least, I found all my websites banned by search engines coz they contain malwares. Took me 5 days to upload a backup copy of my websites and restore them.

    I think its high time, I need to move out all my accounts from Netfirms by the of this year.

  23. ommmgggg……..

    what have netfirms done.. since migration they have lost all my clients (many) email and contacts…. now all my emails are ending up in my clients personal inboxes… What the hell has anyone ever encountered such a problem……. ?

    moving hosts asap :((((((((

  24. Its horrible. Firstly, it took more than 3 months for getting my account shifted to the new platform. 7 Days post migration, all my websites got affected by SQL Injections and strange malware resulting which if a person opens my website, he/ she finds a warning page by Google :-/ Asked them for helping me in this situation and the new Netfirms team suggested me to subscribe to sitelock utility for scanning websites thru Netfirms Control Panel. It was merely $16 so i picked it up without any second thought. Sitelock took 4 days to estimate the number of pages in my 5 websites and recommended me to take their enterprise package which is $300 per month.

    Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Thats the cost of hosting with the new version of Netfirms or so called ‘Endurance International Group’

  25. I was with Netfirms from last 5-6 years, there were no serious issues. Since this new company took over I am having lot of issues with domain name web sites not working and the company charged me double the posted amount and also try to charge it twice for same hosting plan. Luckily my credit company refused.

  26. I’ve had it with Netfirms. Been doing business with Netfirms for about 7 years with no complaints at all. The OLD Netfirms was great. No problems at all and if something did develop, it was taken care of on the spot. NOT NOW.
    On the old Netfirms, I had 9 working PAID Domains. Now on the new Netfirms I only have 3 working PAID Domains. They can’t tell me what happened to the other 6 paid Domains I had on Netfirms.
    On the old Netfirms, if I sent myself an email or someone sent an email to me while on the phone with them, I received it within a couple of seconds. Now if I send myself a test email, I may have to wait 3 or 4 minutes and I have seen it take up to 20 minutes or longer before I got the email back. I’ve complained about it dozen of times, sending email to them (and I used “To”, “CC” and “BCC” to me) while on the phone. They tell me that they got it within seconds, but I don’t get a return that fast. It takes minutes instead of seconds and they say that there is nothing wrong at their end. BS.
    I just got done fighting with them on a subscription script that I installed while on the old Netfirms. It started to fail at times on the new Netfirms. During testing it (on the new Netfirms) it worked great. Then when I went to use it in actual use, it failed big time. It took up to 6 hours for a mailing list to be delivered to the subscribers (30 subscribers at the time of mailing). I was getting error messages telling me that it was unable to connect to the mailing server. Dozens of tests I’ve done showed the script worked the way it was designed to. It would work at times then all of the sudden it stopped. They told me it was the script. Again, I say it is BS.

    I could go on and on but I’ll let someone else complain too.

    Interesting note: Every Customer Support person that I’ve talked to uses a gMail account. I wonder why they don’t use a Netfirms email account since they offer it. Is the response time too slow for them too?

  27. Just a quick note to thank you all for bringing this to my attention. I had a netfirms website in the past and am currently building a new one. I was happy with them and planned to use them again. I will be shopping around now.
    This seems to be the way of the world now, great small companies bought out by huge conglomerates that can’t live up to the quality of the past.
    Thank you Benjamin, I will keep reading…..

  28. This is a follow-up of my previous post of February 1, 2012.

    I made contact with Gary R. Engel, Sr. Vice President, Sales and Customer Support of The Endurance International Group, Inc., in regard to their newly acquired Netfirms problems. I explained to him how discussed I was with the new Netfirms platform and told him that I was looking for a new hosting provider for all of my client’s website’s. The biggest issue I had with them at that time was my POP3 email service and .php script reading errors.

    His reply back to me was as follows on 2-1-2012:.

    “Mr. Lowder,

    While I never like to receive an email like this one, especially from a long time customer such as yourself, I want to thank you for taking the time to make me aware of your dissatisfaction.

    I am going to have one of our senior technicians take a look at your account to determine if there’s a specific issue that may be delaying your email. Generally speaking we’re not tracking any issues with email delays, but if one customer is experiencing it, it may very likely be affecting others.”

    Within 20 minutes after receiving Mr. Engel’s email, I was getting “test” emails from Netfirms techs. This went on for two days but within 2 hours after I received Mr. Engel’s first reply email, I noticed a BIG difference in the return times of my emails. And so far to this date, emails that I tested have been returned back to me within seconds and in the evening hours the longest time lag was less than 1 minute. Another tech told me that their email turn-around time was at 5 min max. They also tested and fixed all of my client’s email problems.

    Also, some of the other issues I had have been fixed too. Most of the .php script reading errors have been corrected and working like they should now although some are slow loading but that may be the demand load the script puts on the server. ???. At this point of the subject, I have been satisfied on how Endurance International has supported me with Netfirms. Also, when I call Netfirms support now, I’m not given the run-around like I used to (maybe they have my account flagged that I am a very serious customer that won’t take no BS from them… LOL) So I will just wait and give them time to get the rest of the system back up and running like the old Netfirms.

  29. @ Chuck

    It’s great that you have had your problems resolved and congratulations on your patience.

    I don’t have the time or interest to try and chase down the VP of Sales and Customer Support to resolve basic problems that his department can’t handle without his direct involvement. This is especially the case as his department will not provide his contact information or forward my request for assistance to anyone who cares. It’s a laborious and frustrating process just to get a “do-nothing” so-called manager to call back sometime later on when he/she gets around to it.

    As a former long-term and (then) very satisfied customer of Netfirms there is now nothing they can do to regain my business. The old company I did business with essentially no longer exists. The NEW Netfirms can go to hell! I’ve moved on to a new hosting company that is much, much, much better.

  30. Hello Chris,

    I have to say I agree with you. Once it gets to the point you have to contact someone in the levels of upper management your practically begging for them to try and keep your business. You should not need to contact a regular tech and then someone in charge of them to get a simple issue as email not working resolved. I have personally played that game with Layered Tech/Fast Servers and Burstnet, and I can tell you there is practically weeks worth of time I could have spent on something more productive if I had just choose to go to another provider.



  31. The transition is a disaster. Netfirms support can’t seem to figure out what the email settings should be. I get a different answer each time I ask.
    SSL certificates are dead. When asked about it they say to just ignore the warnings.
    Transfers and registration of domains don’t work, and support is not helpful at all.
    The help section seems to have been designed for another host altogether.
    I am leaving Netfirms ASAP.
    I did not know that iPages was a sister company of Netfirms. That explains a lot. iPage registration was problematic, and required sales support. That was my first red flag.

    Is there a list of EIG companies which I can avoid?

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