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Back when I first reviewed iPage and Fatcow I came across Endurance International Group.  All because these two hosts appeared in webhostingstuff top 25 hosts.  In the 2nd and 4th positions, both out pacing hostgator.  Never mind that I have now gone through 30 webhosts on webhostingstuff and I have shown there is no reasonable ranking going on unless you factor in webhostingstuff.com getting something under the table.  After all one of the sites that was number 25 is now out of business.  From what I can see there is nothing showing that Endurance International Group is going out of business.



How did Endurance International Group get my attention?

A chat session with iPage had me wondering how many companies this support operation had to take care of.  All because the chat operator had to ask me what url I was referring to.  I told the operator that it was the main page, after all a site only has one main/home page.  The chat operator kept asking me for the main page until I gave them iPage.com.  Having used chat programs with my hosting companies, I can tell you my techs knew what site, and for that matter what page of the site a customer was on.  Clearly something that this group should be using as opposed to having customers tell a chat operator what site they are on.

It was my first impression that it was just an outsourced support working with multiple hosting companies.  But there was also this that one of the chat operators told me:

Bryan Smith: FatCow is the sister company of iPage.

The chat operator gave me more information then he/she should have. The support company was not well put together because they had to ask which website I was referring to.  But by the  time I reviewed Fatcow, and was I looking for FatCow’s BBB record.  The search engine results brought me to:


It became clear that while it was not only outsourced it was part of a company that buys out webhosting companies.  They claim to have natural growth, but all the growth appears to be mostly acquisition.   While looking at some hosts its becomes clear that the buy outs don’t happen smoothly.  One company out of all those bought out by Endurance International Group sticks out, and that is host4life.   It seemed prior to being bought out, people actually liked that company, but the opinion is clearly in the negative now. I have to say that  Endurance International Group has me curious.  So I am adding another part to my reviews which is all the sites that appear under Endurance International Group.

Endurance International Group appears out of the picture with their acquisition.

I have a bottle of Tylenol on my desk, looking over the bottle I can tell you what company Tylenol is a division of.  Which is MCNEIL-PPC, inc.  You goto tylenol.com and you find MCNEIL-PPC, inc.  When you got to iPage.com and FatCow.com you can’t find a reference to Endurance International Group.  I have gone through several of their sites looked at the bottom of the main pages, look through various terms of services.  Yet not one site brings me any detail about being owned by Endurance International Group.  I have read some sites that indicated that they are the third largest hosting provider in the U.S.  having around some 700,000 customers.  But nothing open to telling the customers that their hosting company is a division of Endurance International Group. When I was looking at how Endurance International Group, is a green company (more about that in another post).  I found a order link. http://www.enduranceinternational.com/green/

I get the following page: http://www.enduranceinternational.com/endurance/hosting.bml?

They have a lot of companies to link to on their greenwashed sites.  Greenwashing by means of buying energy credits.

Endurance International Group where hosting customers are a reusable commodity

One thing sticks out to me on Endurance International Group’s website:

Access Millions of Potential Customers

Learn more about the vDeck Integration Program (VIP) which puts your product or service in front of a high-quality, targeted audience of small business owners looking for cutting-edge solutions.

It appears that Endurance International Group is using their customers as an advertising base.  Much like what AOL did with their service.   This is my assumption, but based on this page: http://www.enduranceinternational.com/vip/

I am going to assume that products are placed inside of a customers login area.  Looking at several of the sites randomly they cover their butts from the people they sell the advertising to.







and the list goes on…….  But every site I have look at has the same privacy policy.  The part that connects  hosting company to Endurance International Group is 5. Online Shopping.

Online Shopping. At some Web sites that you access through links on FatCow, you can purchase products and services or register to receive materials, such as a catalog or new product updates. In many cases, you may be asked to provide contact information, such as your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, and credit/debit card information. If you complete an order for a Web site or service that is not provided by FatCow, FatCow has no control over the third parties’ use of any personal information you provide when placing such an order. Please exercise care when doing so. If you order products directly from FatCow, we will use the personal information you provide only to process that order. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order.

In addition to hosting fees, Endurance International Group is also making money on the back end off their clients through advertising.

Here is the list of sites that I know of with Endurance International Group

Easy CGI
The Endurance International Group, Inc.

I have heard rumor that they also own Justhost, but at this time I have not found anything to confirm that.

Endurance International Group a company with so much more to review

If you have a horror story, a success story, or information for me to look at with Endurance International Group, this is the place to post.

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  1. Hello Mike,

    I am not sure you noticed the name of this site, its hosting-reviews-exposed.com. Not exactly the place to get a backlink nor is it the place to get information to run your hosting referal site, especially one that focuses on free domains. Seriously that is a big no no in my book, its better to buy a domain from a third party. Not to mention a domain name is one of the cheaper parts of a web site. Yet while being so cheap it is the very foundation/backbone of a website. Not to mention a

    Also I have to ask did you read the agreement with EIG’s affiliate program? Some of the parts that come to my mind is that they reserve the right to forgo an affiliate payment if they have to do something to retain a sale. In other words someone is on the order form and they decide to leave they get a pop up telling them they can get a huge discount. Which I believe is the cause of all the people complaining about getting over billed on their second year. The other part is that they require all sales to be a year or greater. So if someone signs up for a month, that means no commission. Another problem I see with your site is the lack of any FTC compliance, Which I can tell you webhostinghub and green geeks (owned by he same company) do have as well as hostmonster whom was a company purchased by EIG (after all it was part of bluehost).



  2. Sorry for not responding earlier Ben, I used to work for Netfirms. we used to get numerous calls about how the transport broke the websites, but we were unable to do anything about it. A lot of angry Canadian customers on that one because they are now all under the patriot act involuntarily. Ended starting up my own hosting service in Canada to keep the older Netfirms traditions alive, but not naming it here for obvious reasons. I have to wait for my No Competition Agreement to expire before I could open my own hosting service. They were fairly pissed at me for stalking their Facebook users.

  3. Hello Jason,

    Hostgator.com was not bought by theplanet, they were a customer of theplanet. However theplanet was bought up by softlayer.com. So now Softlayer.com is their network provider.

    As for going through their social media to get customers, two wrongs don’t make a right. I suggest remaining ethical as this is not a blog you want to find a post about your company.



  4. I just learned that EIC bought Intuit Hosting. I hoped they keep their good quality service up under this new ownership.

    I once had a Netfirms account with about 4 gig. When EIG took over, their “unlimited” plan was really limited to 25 gigs. They used a sotrage clause to suggest that content cannot be stored on the server and when talking to a CSR there, they say there is a 25gig limit; although nothing in writing.

    Since EIG took over Netfirms, they have missed auto-renewing a large number of domains I manage there, and for every one, I have to call EIG and get them to manually renew the domain. To compensate me for the inconvenience, they renew the domain for free. Several renewals so far and the problem continues. So, free domain renewals – I am OK with that… (When/if they fix the problem, I’ll move to a cheaper registrar)

    Anyway, have a look at the full list of who they have bought over the years:


    It’s an interesting read….

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