Justhost Just Sucks? Warning – Read this Justhost review first …

Second on the list is JustHost.com, I first mentioned this host when I brought up hostingsthatsuck.com.

Forgive me while I figure and fine tune the format. At the same time I had originally thought that I could spend part of my free time in a day and do a single review on each hosting company. There is a lot of information out there on just iPage.com and JustHost,com. Spending an hour to sum up as much information as I find is not really all that feasible. So I will try to get what I can get out, and revisit these hosts when I review other webhosting review websites to expose. But here is what I dug up:

Looking at the trace route for this site I get the following information:

Traceroute to justhost.com []


I see liquidweb.com, who appears to be on theplanet.com’s servers. Its starting to seem that all webhosts are on theplanet.com’s servers.  Not a lot I can take from the trace route, but I like to look at where a hosts physical location might be.

A Rabid Advertising Campaign:

The bulk of my look at Justhost.com is that they seem to be on a rather aggressive advertising campaign. They seem to appear every where over night back in 2009. Which brings me to hostingsthatsuck.com. Hostingsthatsuck.com wants you to believe that there a great company with almost no negative feedback, despite the fact they did not suck. Atleast that is how it was at first, but later they changed it to they did suck so they had to recommend another host, but you had to scroll past the glowing review and affiliate link to see the disclaimer. But finale they changed the page and put this up:

Firstly, maybe we can take the negative feedbacks about any web hosting with a pinch of salt. According to a study conducted by America’s premier customer services research firm, TARP, customers are more likely to speak about a company when things go wrong rather than when they go right. On average, customers are twice as likely to talk about a bad experience as they are to share a positive one. So we can safely say that for every negative comment about Justhost, there are two more good Justhost reviews we did not hear about.”

However their original review as well as their policy to say something sucks, but not really while applying what they call an “unbiased” seems to have a copy cat site where the original post was later re-posted:


The problem is suck is not the only negative meaning that would turn someone from buying (fraud, downtime, up-time, terrible, bad, incoherent, poor, nasty, lame, evil, stupid, cheat …………….) I figured while looking, why not see what I get when I search for “just host sucks”, and to the left of google is 2 sites that are using those terms for their adwords: 10-cheapwebhosting.com & webhostingdeals.org. Most of the sites on the first page of search engine results are affiliates. Hostingsthatsuck.com (that has no actual hosts that suck on it that I can see now), used complaints that did not seem valid to validate their “not” sucking.  But I have found a lot of complaints in regards to orders not being set up, and issues with getting it up or getting a refund. Multiple complaints of downtime and deleted content. In some cases people were told that they deleted their own content. I supposed you can trust these affiliates that choose to market on the word sucks with just host. All of which try (or not) to sound like some unbiased site that want to convince you that justhost.com is the host for you. So where are they hosting?

Name Server: NS2153.HOSTGATOR.COM
Name Server: NS2154.HOSTGATOR.COM
How about the sites that are using suck to determine if a host sucks (or really just trying to get you to buy Justhost hosting)?
Websitewelcome.com is Hostgator.com
Domain Name: AZHAN.COM
Name Server: NS1.NAME.COM
Name Server: NS2.NAME.COM

None of the 4 sites that I have looked at, and for that matter no site that promotes justhost.com as the host to use, are hosting on justhost.com. After all if they are so good, why are they not using them?

So why are they everywhere in the search engines?  JustHost.com seems to have two affilate programs.  Both of which have rather heavy pay outs, enough to encourage anyone and their dog to do what ever it takes to get their site in the top of search engine results.  Their own personally ran affiliate program can be found at:


Also they use Commission Junction, their policy is:

We are a first class web hosting provider that offer free domains, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains. We are committed to making web hosting simple and understandable for every user. We have ensured our sign up process is as straightforward as possible to ensure customers have no problems setting up their account. Customers will usually receive their login details within 10 minutes of subscribing, making the process swift and efficient for both the customer and the affiliate.

Just Host’s affiliate program gives you the ability to make up to $200 per sale and an additional $100 if you convert over 10 sales in a month. We offer two plans each available for 6, 12, 24 and 36 months, a sale qualifies as a subscription to any of these plans. Please see our commission structure below:

  • Just Plan & Premium Semi-Annual sign-up – $100
  • Just Plan 12, 24 and 36 month sign-up – $100
  • Just Premium 12, 24 and 36 month sign-up – $120
  • Just Reseller sign-up – $200!

We also offer an incentive of $100 if an affiliate sends us over 10 sales in 1 month. Our cookie referral period is 30 days. Just Host has a variety of banners, skyscapers and buttons to suit all sites along with text and content links.

We are heavily promoting Just Host online and in print. This exposure will greatly increase our customer base and our conversion rate which is one of the highest in our industry will continue to grow with our customers.

The Just Host team has over 10 years experience in web hosting and are dedicated to providing customers with the most reliable web hosting service possible. We guarantee affordable price plans, secure servers, first class 24/7 tech support and a wide range of features.

Looking at both it seems clear the one to go with if you want a big payout, its commission junction and not JustHosts.com own affilate program. Both of which have rather insane payouts like iPage.com.

At the same time while they claim being 10 years old to their affiliates on commission junction, their domain registration says the domain was bought in 2002.


They claim on the BBB site that they were founded in 2002. But I have serious doubts, as the oldest piece of information that I have seen is no latter then 2008. I suspect that justhost.com was just unused aged domain. I have many that I have never used some that are over 10 years old. I suspect this is the same case with justhost.com and they are blatantly lying about their start date.

I admit they are a fast growing operation, but I imagine this is nothing more then another arm of another hosting operation. Much like what iPage.com is to fatcow.com. Its not my concern what they tell their affiliates, but that’s going to be what the affiliates tell people when they try to refer people.

Onto the chat and phone call with Justhost.com

I thought I would chat and call them since I had read a lot of complaints about English problems. I can tell you that there was a lot of copying and pasting going on. I actually stumped the person on chat for a whole three minutes on how much it would cost to keep my domain. $20 is a bit much. From the chat I could not see a lot of problems with English use, but this was just sales and clearly a lot of copy and past to my answers, due to cases where text was pasted and sent soon after one another.

Chat start time Jun 13, 2010 5:23:09 PM EST

Chat end time Jun 13, 2010 5:30:55 PM EST

Duration (actual chatting time) 00:07:46

Operator Andrew

Chat Transcript

info: All our operators are currently assisting others customers. You are currently in position 1 Thank you for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

info: You are now chatting with ‘Andrew’

Andrew: Welcome to Live Chat support, how may I help you?

Benjamin: Hello Andrew, I just found your site had a few questions

Benjamin: If I change my mind how and decided to cancel, how much will my domain cost to keep?

Andrew: If you cancel your account we will provide you with a full refund for the remainder of your term, excluding any setup fees that were charged when you signed up, and excluding domain registration fees. (Even if you received your domain for free through one of our promotional plans)

Andrew: The domain registration fee we incur on each domain registration is $20.00. So all refunds are subject to a $20.00 registration fee charge, but you will own the domain name afterwards.

Benjamin: Your cost seems a bit high on the domain, I think I will go to another domain register for my domain. On the order form it only indicates buy new domain or transfer. Do you give me dns so I can change it with my domain register?

Andrew: So you want to signup hosting with your existing domain, right ?

Benjamin: a domain I am buying from godaddy

Benjamin: $20 is a bit much if I decided I do not like your company

Andrew: Ok… For this select the option ‘I already own my domain name’. In this case your domain will stay with your registrar and you can host it with us. Also, please note that we initiate the transfer of domain only if you place a request with us for the same.

Andrew: Our name servers are as below

Andrew: ns1.pipedns.com:

Andrew: ns2.pipedns.com:

Andrew: ns3.pipedns.com:

Benjamin: that will not try to transfer my domain?

Andrew: Right

Benjamin: ok

Benjamin: where are your servers located?

Andrew: Our Data Center is in Chicago US

Benjamin: are you located at that center?

Andrew: Yes

Benjamin: nice, many hosts don’t seem to staff their centers.

Benjamin: thanks I will order sometime tonight.

Andrew: You are most Welcome !!

Andrew: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Benjamin: nope have a good day

Andrew: Thank you for visiting Hosting Support. Should you have any queries or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Andrew: We are pleased to bring to your attention the following offer.

Andrew: Let us take away any worries of accidental deletion or modification of your website or files by backing up your site on a daily basis. If you ever need a previous days backup, just let us know and we will happily restore or upload backups for you – $19.95 per year.

Andrew: Have a nice day!! Good Bye.


After I said “nope have a good day”, I got a barrage of sales copy and pastes, and the operator left before I could ask about the back up service. I figured I would try covering that with a phone call. After the automated system transferred me to sales I was stuck for 3 minutes of ringing. I hung up before trying to see if I could make it 4 minutes. You would figure they would have a answering machine to tell me that they are not open and when to call…… if they were not open.

Onto the JustHost.com complaints:

The BBB has 169 complaints at present, though not all are viewable, here is what the BBB states about those complaints:

Complainants allege a variety of billing and refund related problems. Customers complain that previously undisclosed fees are added to billings, or that advertisements for service at $3.95 per month failed to disclose that in order to get the discounted rate, customers must agree to be billed two years in advance. Other complainants allege they were unable to send emails or were advised that they must upgrade their service in order for basic services to function properly. Many customers complain they are unable to communicate with the company to resolve problems due to the company’s email only policy, or that tech support does not resolve problems. Some complainants allege the services are not as represented, or that the company falsely advertises a 90% uptime rate. The company responds to complaints by issuing refunds or partial refunds and agreeing to close accounts along with apologies for any inconveniences. One or more complaints are unresolved meaning the company failed to properly address the complaint allegations or their response was inadequate.”

This is not the only organization that has multiple complaints:



There are many more non-affiliated sites that are reporting multiple issues with Justhost.com.

The reasons I give to not buy from Justhost.com are as follows:

  1. Probable no more then a 2 year old company at best, and they are using an aged domain name. I can not find much information that shows they were in business prior to 2009. The BBB states they signed up with them in 2009. However I know BBB asks when you start, and don’t actually look for business licenses. Most complaints are in 2009, and I am having a hard time finding anything from 2008 or before then.
  2. Keeping your domain with them is a $20 charge, they claim that’s what it costs them. But there are tons of domain registration programs that cost most hosting companies $8 or less.
  3. Multiple complaints of accounts not being set up when ordered.
  4. Multiple complaints on getting a refund.
  5. Complaints of content being deleted
  6. Complaints of poor tech support, in many cases musical chairs between departments.
  7. Complaints of constant down time
  8. Heavy affiliate commission payouts that encourage false advertising just to make a sale.

33 Replies to “Justhost Just Sucks? Warning – Read this Justhost review first …”

  1. Hello Robert,

    At this time I can’t recommend any host. Maybe in time I will post the ones that are not using the devious practices of fake rankings and over the top affiliate commissions..

    But for now I can tell you what to avoid:

    1. Sites that appears in a top 10, and other fake review sites.

    Often these sites are paid by the webhost for their ranking, and they are getting paid over the top amounts for referring people. This means that money that could be used to provide customers such as your self for quality service are being diverted to fill outdated servers with large amounts of people to keep the company profitable.

    2. Steer clear of sites that promise free domains.

    Chances are they will charge you more then you can get it from else where if you decided to cancel your account. The last three sites I have reviewed range from $10.95 – $20.00. Honestly I have sites that sell them for less.

    3. Avoid unlimited space

    You don’t buy a house, car, or anything for that matter without knowing its limits, space, miles per gallon, energy usage, ect, ect. Proper webhosting lists limits allowing you to determine rather the package is proper or not. If your website is your livelihood, can you really afford to trust it to a cheap hosting account? No host provides unlimited hosting, there are always ways they can wiggle out of giving you hosting, or for that matter your money back when you hit the magic number that makes you cost more then you make them.

    4. Other unrealistic props that bad webhosts get people to make poor choices in webhosting.

    For one that I can think of is wordpress, google adwords, xoomle, …… and so much more. A lot of these things cost these companies absolutely nothing. Google is constantly sending me google adsense credit all the time, more if I stop using it for a while. WordPress is free, and the only cost comes when you decided to use custom themes. Just like the one I have on my site now.

    What I do is determine how much space, bandwidth, and processor power I am going to need before hosting. I admit using cheap hosting, but thats only for sites that I am just starting to see if its worth getting a more expensive solution, but never are they put on unlimited accounts. I will not risk having a site shut down, because I hit a magic number.

    If you have any horror stories or want me to look in to a hosting company feel free to post on here.

  2. Hello Collin1000,

    I am not sure that webhostingreviews.com is to be trusted either as I see coupon codes and other offers for service that many so called review sites offer plastered all over their main page.

  3. It is true.. They are m***f**

    They deleted few files from my server and said we didnt do anything.

    They changed my file permissions to 0. I lost huge visitors for my site.

    If you go to justhost, then you are simply suicide yourself

  4. I have used justhost.com for the past 2 years. I fedup with those service I have lot of issues with the websites. Now i transfered to unlimitedgb.com now it is working fine.

  5. Hello Bela,

    What was your problem with their service? Slow server response time, the tech support, billing, and / or a combination?

    Considering that unlimitedgb.com offers a unlimited space plan and for cheaper then Justhost, I would not be surprised if you encounter the same problems you had with justhost. That is the problem with the unlimited space hosting programs. Sacrifices are made so everyone can eat at the all you can eat buffet called unlimited hosting.



  6. Truth be told, you can dig up negative reviews of any host you would like. Just look at something as simple as Amazon reviews. The product could be a shoe, and you would have people cursing the rubber and fabric that consists of the makeup of the shoe. At the same time, the next review would be of a person claiming the shoes saved their life and would refuse to break down over a decade of use.
    Hosting on the other hand, is not as simple as a pair of shoes and requires a base of knowledge to use properly. Of course everyone has an expert ‘nephew/neighbor/friend’ helping them with their website, and the majority of the time it comes down to misaligned justifications of technologies that they know little to nothing about.
    Short of running your own website (server and all so that blame lands squarely on oneself), there will always be an outlet for the frustrated and pissed off. The truth almost always lies in the middle. User error in my experience is almost always the case. I have used more hosts than I can count (including Justhost – which I do like), and most have had been decent to good. I have had complaints with all of them, of course, and the only one I didn’t, was a server that I built (and also paid 100+/month for). I too am weary of ‘unlimited’ but truth be told, it takes quite a bit of red flagging for them to turn you off. Even then, they will usually offer other options to keep your service going.
    Otherwise, nice review and its always good to watch out for the marketing angle that is a part of every company. If it wasn’t, more than likely it would be an ‘out-of-business’. There is no such thing as good hosting without (good) marketing. Justhost just happens to have both (good payouts and reason to be an affiliate).

  7. Hello Anonymous,

    I like how you back a host, but you don’t put up a real name or website to actually prove you are a customer of Justhost.

    This is more then just digging up negative reviews. For that matter this company would never have been in my sights if they had not used webhostingstuff.com. From there I learned about their real owners Endurance International Group (which is not mentioned any of the + 30 sites they own). This is about companies that engage the services of so called review sites. They did not earn the position, they simply bought it.

    As for user error being your experience (a very limited experience I might add), thats your opinion not a fact. I get it your a fan of JustHost, a company that was bought out by Endurance Group International. Just because you have been lucky and use less then Justhost deems unprofitable does not mean that other people were the problem. Though I question if you even use them, and you just like their affiliate payouts.



  8. wow, what a flame, lol. You might want to actually review your rhetoric before you press ‘Submit’. You flame me for being an advocate and then say,
    “Though I question if you even use them, and you just like their affiliate payouts.”
    Nice try. I was researching affiliate payouts for a customer, thus how I stumbled across your ranting.

    But anyway, the point is that you’re obviously just a nice guy, wanting to post ads on your own site, no cost of course to the advertisers. Man, you are so much above the rest of the people you are flaming for being affiliates. What is the word I am searching for that describes people like you… ugh, I forgot, maybe you can remind me. Its something along the lines of hippopotamus or hyperventilate (which you should try to refrain from) or hypoactive.. man, can’t remember..
    I’m also curious about the
    “As for user error being your experience (a very limited experience I might add), thats your opinion not a fact.”
    Is that in context of /my/ experience? Or in context of Justhost? In reality I only mentioned Justhost once (in context). I didn’t support them more than I supported the “more hosts than I can count” claim, or even tennis shoes. I am in no way an advocate of Justhost. My many clients have hosting that ranges across the board. The reason I did not put down a name or site, is because I am in association with a lot of sites you use on a daily basis, and am willing to bet, use their products in day-to-day life.
    But that is neither here nor there – the point is that companies must market to survive. Just like you are marketing on this site to… errrmmm… oh yeah, do them a favor? If you market crap, the glorious thing about a capitalistic society is that the consumer can read sites such as this, and make their own decision. Thus driving down the market share. Hosting is an old business, and has been around for a long time. I have gripes with most hosts, but you learn to deal with what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, it sounds like you are trying to ‘hand it to the man’ more than provide a consumer based review of a service.
    Not that I put much leverage into the BBB, but having a decent return policy (people should try reading the TOS more to figure out things like 20 dollar fees. It is plainly stated), and a decent rating and resolution record says a lot about the hosting. I will say it again plainly – people/the consumer is usually the problem with hosting. It becomes a case of the host having to prove itself against some kid/guy/girl/clown flaming their service. You are only getting part of the story, and that is where /you/ get it wrong. You are taking everything at face value and assuming that affiliates and parent companies are the real issue.
    Speaking of which, who cares if they are owned by Endurance Group International? You look like an MTV fan (insert blatant stereotype lol), guess who owns Nick, Nick Jr, MTV and a million other stations? That’s right Viacom. Who cares. You seem like you are out to stick it to the man, and you should try harder to stick to the point.

  9. Hello Anonymous,

    I flamed you if you can call it that because you decided to flame the people that write negative reviews about the company that you are such a big fan of. Also in reality you mentioned Justhost two times:

    “(including Justhost – which I do like)”

    “Justhost just happens to have both (good payouts and reason to be an affiliate).”

    Once again your clearly limited experience does not tell you anything about the people that write negative reviews. Having been a hosting provider I know that there are reviews that are false, but there are those that are true. Your experience in the matter of negative reviews is lacking. Just like with Amazon review you can read and see why a person rated it with a negative. When people complain about a pair of shoes only lasting a week its very similar to when someone says they have not gotten support for a week. In no way is it user error when a customer does not get timely support. When the reviews are true, and they often are when you see several with the same complaints, you adapt. You try to make what was wrong right. You don’t blame the reviewer. User error is some sort of pitiful excuse for not even bothering to look and see if the reviewer was right.

    The word you are looking for is hypocrite, I am not going to beat around the bush or play games. In order to be a hypocrite I would have to do what I tell others not to do. I have no problems with people promoting hosts. I have a problem with people saying they are a customer advocate pretending to be a consumer reports for hosting. I have had my own affiliates, but I paid them for ad space, not to make claims my companies were the best hosts. Yes there are ads on here, which barely cover the hosting for this site. Compared to every business I had or currently run this would be considered a major failed operation as it took 3 years to pay for its own hosting. I could take donations, but that is not something I am comfortable with. But unlike the review sites I target, I don’t claim any host is the best because they pay me. For that matter there is no one I recommend, but I do inform on how to look for hosting. I will even tell you who I use and I why I would not recommend them.

    Justshost has plenty of Advocates. If they can not stand the heat then they need adapt or close up shop. As a former owner of 4 hosting companies over the coarse of 11 years I am now the advocate of customers. Lets examine why Justhost appeared on here. They were on webhostingstuff.com, who claims they were one of the top 25 hosts at the time. Remarkable after years of JustHost, Fatcow, and iPage (all Endurance International Group sites) are not on webhostingstuff after I did posts. Webhostingstuff got me into this because they decided to remove positive feed back about one of my companies. I found this out because one of the customers that had provided me with a glowing review contacted me about it. When I contacted webhostingstuff in regards to this they deleted all of my feed back, slandered my company. Then blocked my servers ips. Despite what webhostingstuff did, this company survived. If Justhost can not survive some negative feed back, they defiantly will not live through what I went through and deserve to go out of business. But who else besides Justhost was on that list:

    I7net, which basically proves a host does not have to be online to provide excellent service. Then another host, Hostinglocker.com, was online for less then a month before it became a popular site, then there is iweb that lies about when they started, then there is 2gbhosting which has a wonderful 7 day guarantee, Webinternethosting.com not even a reseller for Hostgator fakes their own reviews and are not smart enough to clean the sites they claim as customers from there bbb list, Cirtexhosting all but 1 of the people in their testimonials left them this year, and the list goes on.

    But why is it important to know that Justhost belongs to Endurance International Group? Why don’t you look up the horror stories of any host that is bought out by them? A great example is host4life. People either thought it was an ok host or a great host before the buyout. When the buyout happen they decided to migrate the customers, apparently they did not manage that all to well. Those complaints, are not user error.

    Your nonsense about viacom has nothing to do with this.




    Also the industry is not old. This is a very young industry, one which is two thirds my age. I spent one third of my life in.

  10. Hello Vinod,

    I would say not, that looks like domain hijacking if I ever saw it.

    Domain Whois record

    Queried whois.internic.net with “dom justhost1.com”…

    Domain Name: JUSTHOST1.COM
    Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
    Whois Server: whois.godaddy.com
    Referral URL: http://registrar.godaddy.com
    Name Server: NS1.PIPEDNS.COM
    Name Server: NS2.PIPEDNS.COM
    Name Server: NS3.PIPEDNS.COM
    Status: clientDeleteProhibited
    Status: clientRenewProhibited
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Status: clientUpdateProhibited
    Updated Date: 24-apr-2009
    Creation Date: 24-apr-2009
    Expiration Date: 24-apr-2011

    I will be reporting this to Justhost, as the only thing worse then a bad host is a phisher.



  11. The reason why I left Justhost is the so called UNLIMITED service is not unlimited. They claim to host unlimited domains. Read their ToS and you will realize they have a limit on the number of inodes(files) you can host. I only hosted 5 joomla sites that was enough to reach the max. inodes. I had to immediately cancel and request a refund. Next time you see UNLIMITED be careful because is no such thing as unlimited.

  12. Made the mistake of signing for a membership approximately a month ago. Almost from the onset, experienced numerous performance related problems. Despite submission of more than half a dozen trouble tickets, never received any tangible resolution. Problems included connectivity to backend database, inability to access WordPress admin panel, etc. Without notification, Just Host suspended my account for utilization of system resources in excess of 10%, which is highly doubtful. Without attempting to determine if a Denial of Service (DoS) or other cause was to blame, they promptly suspended my account and posted a large banner stating such on both of my websites. While the technical support number is 24/7, quite often actual access to the system occurs from persons in the Ukraine! To those considering JustHost.com, strongly recommend looking elsewhere for a hosting provider.

  13. Just an update seeing as its 2012, I stumbled on this blog post from google and thought I’d comment.

    I’ve been with just host for three years now and have had zero problems with them. Easy to use, sign up, cheap. Best of all the customer support is brilliant. My website was hacked and within an hour of sending an email to them, all was reinstated. They are quick to respond with any query. Haven’t seen much of this ‘copy paste response’ you mentioned.

    For me I’m well pleased with them as my last webhost (servergrade) stole my domain and hijacked my files. It took reporting them to the telecommunications ombudsman before I got it back.

    While I recognize these cheaper companies can cut corners to make a buck, and some people do get the raw end of the stick. Perhaps I’m just lucky with Just Host. I give them 10/10 so far.

    Oh and ps: proof read your blog posts before you put them up. Loads of mistakes. Sorry I run a writers site!


  14. Damien,

    Consider yourself very lucky as numerous persons have had problems with them even in 2012. Considering your website was hacked and within an hour of sending an email to them, I find it very hard to believe you are completely happy with them.

    Oh and ps: Please do not critique others persons grammatical correctness as it does not appear can write any better.

  15. Hello Damien,

    I am not going to point out your grammar errors, heck some of my posts were done off my iPad before I got my coffee. The one you choose to critic is one of the first 10 for this site. Perhaps when this site actually makes an income I will have an editor correct my previous posts.

    Here is the thing I notice about people such as yourself that claim they have no problems with a host like Justhost, you generally do not have lot of traffic stats. I can see you have an Alexa score of 3,117,687. Despite not knowing the resources you are using with Justhost, I suspect that you’re not using a lot there. You are what most in the cheap unlimited industry think of as profit, so long as you don’t put a lot of support tickets in.

    Do you actually monitor the up time for your site? Being a former provider I had customers that thought my company never had any service interruptions. I have yet to be with any provider where there was not kind of a hiccup. What would diver my business partners nuts was that I would tell these people the truth. On the plus side, never had anyone leave that I was honest with.

    I have a lot of people send me emails about the problems they had during the migration from Justhost.com to EIG. You should read the comments on my post about Endurance International Group. One of the techs thought it was funny that a customer left one EIG company for another and thought there would be no difference in service.

    Just a little advice, make sure you back up your site, just to protect your data in the event of a disaster.



  16. As a web designer I made the mistake of moving everything of mine and my clients to justhost. Big mistakes. After two years they jack the rates by 50% and then they crash your web site by moving things around. And for some reason it seems it is very easy to hack their web hosting service. I have had many clients whose web sites habve gone down. Motto. What is cheap is expensive. Pay more and go with someone like Network Solutions who are solid.

  17. Okay, this is a first for me and any genuine help would be appreciated. Would anyone to tell me what webhost is “Stand-up and on the level”, I’m desperately trying to get my small business going and a website would start the ball rolling. I keep reading all sorts of negative things about JUSTHOST, Ipage, FATCOW, ect, etc. This whole process of finding the right webhost is starting to turn into a great big headache. I almost went with WEBHOSTINGPAD until i read the RIPOFF report and the BBB reviews about that webhost. I guess under the circumstances, “You get what you pay for.” I’ve my domain name registered with GODADDY but their monthly prices can scale into something out of my budget. Again, any truthful recommendations would be of great value and a push in the right direction. Thanks, DJL.

  18. Hello DJL, and to all the Trolls trying to respond to this comment,

    I wish I could give you a straight answer to whom to trust. You have had several people that have responded to your comment with affiliate links to several hosts, a few that belong to Endurance International Group.

    My recommendation for the time being for finding a host can be found at http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/my-top-ten/my-top-ten-host-tips-%E2%80%93-how-to-pick-a-shared-host.html



  19. Hello,

    I’ve been with Justhost for almost two years now and so far everything’s running ok. Not perfect though, sometimes my site’s down but it’s really minimal. I currently host around 8 WordPress sites on my single shared hosting account and no complaints yet from my clients. I do have to honestly say that my site and my client’s site belong to the “low traffic” sites so perhaps that was the only reason that I’m not getting any major problems with Justhost. Other than that, compared to Godaddy and Bluehost, which some of my client’s site are hosted, I can confidently say that JustHost is better. Anyway, I was actually googling for an honest Hostgator review and somehow I ended up reading your post. Nice one! Lastly, this post is more than a year old and perhaps by now you might have heard some honest review about Hostgator? If you did, can you share some thoughts? I’m planning to purchase one of their shared hosting or maybe their reseller packages coz I’m currently getting a lot of webdesign projects and I need a better host than the one’s I’m currently in.

    I’ve read that you’re hosted on rackspace which I think would be a good idea but I can’t really afford their packages so definitely I’m stuck with the “unlimited space and bandwidth BS” type of hosting.


  20. Hello Tim,

    Not sure if you know but bluehost and justhost.com are owned by the same company Endurance International Group (EIG for short).

    My experiences with Justhost, ipage, fatcow and other EIG hosts have been less than thrilling as ftp speeds are pretty slow. I find myself in an awkward position especially since I am against the whole unlimited bs. Despite doing a post about a friends issues with Hostgator.com I think they are better than any eig host. If I was forced at gun point to pick between any EIG company, Godaddy, or hostgator.com, then hostgator.com would win hands down.

    I am happy to see that you think rackspace is a good idea. Granted they are not for everyone in the beginning, but when your site is bringing in real money its best to be with a host that is a business solution rather than a gimmick host.
    If you decided to choose hostgator.com or if your experiences change with justhost.com, bluehost, or godaddy.com do please update me.


  21. Without a prior notice justhost suspended my account. They re-activated, de-activated, re-activated it randomly. They eventually admitted that my site was receiving high traffic recently and this was causing too much work-load on their servers and mysql databases my website relies on. They wanted me to pay them £140 for their dedicated servers. mine is a non-commercial website, not a web hosting company!
    Justhost does not respect consumer rights and never stick to their own TOS- unlimited space, traffic…in the long run. Avoid them!

  22. Justhost.com – AVOID AT ALL COSTS
    On the 22nd May 2012 I received an email to advise I was being upgraded with all associated domains.
    Within 24hrs I had been moved from a UK server which had been OK, not brilliant but no major issues.
    The moment they pushed me to a server in Utah in the USA with no real notice or options I was taken offline because my sites were being hacked and used for phishing. For the last two weeks I have had to suffer the same daily process, I check all sites, I speak to Terms of Service which is -7 hours so I have to wait until lunchtime before even speaking to someone and finally after a few more hours and several calls my sites are back on line.
    That is until the next day and the process starts again, they have destroyed my client base, all ratings, rankings and credibility and all they seem to be interested in is getting you to answer the single customer service question at the end of the call that asks you if you would recommend them? God are they so stupid!
    I am absolutely blown away by the actions, attitude and chaos they caused, I am leaving ASAP, just got to migrate 50 sites out and I am gone forever and my task is to find and fill as many of these forums, blogs and sites as I can to warn people about the Justhost bunch of wasters.
    Please pay a bit more or do some serious reading but DO NOT TRUST Justhost.Com

  23. I too have had probs with Justhost since the EIG buyout and subsequent server migration. I never post these kinds of things but this time it is warranted. I am a reseller and have been with them for 1.5 years. For 3 days my main site was down. After numerous TS calls telling me the server was being migrated, just wait a few hours, etc., it was fixed. (this, after telling me i might be down for 1 or 2 hrs max)

    Then my 60 plus client sites and email went down for 3 days. At one point TS said they had no idea what the problem was and no time frame to fix it. On another TS call, I actually heard people in the background, sounding like a bunch of kids laughing it up and I could hear them actually making fun of a client who had previously called because their email was down. Highly unprofessional. Eventually someone discovered that the master zone file was all messed up.. Wait a few hours and it should be working again. Didn’t happen. My support tickets were never replied to, not even an auto-generated response. My clients were threatening to sue me, and Justhot simply were over their heads or did not care. I call TS yet again and they tell me “there is some debate as to how to fix the Master zone file maybe by Monday they can figure it out but no guarantees”. How comforting!

    In 15 years, I have never seen such disregard for customers and incompetence. I totaled up the time spent on the phone with TS and it was 9 hrs., 10 mins. I am praying that this is just temporary because of the mass migration to new hardware but I could not in good conscience, recommend Justhost. Their TS is in-house now and apart from someone named Andrew who came up with the idea to increase the TTL and force the DNS to refresh, thus fixing the problem, the rest were pretty useless. I thought about moving my clients sites to another hosting company but there’s no way my clients will tolerate more issues after this debacle.

    Ok I feel a bit better after this rant. Before the migration, service was pretty good. In life, s**t happens, what really matters is how you handle it when it hits the fan. And in this case, they failed miserably.

  24. i have read the comments with great interest.

    unfortunately i cannot think of a single point to raise the content above the line.

    justhost are rubbish; that’s the general consensus hereabouts.

    is there any point in webhosting at all?

    can it be that there are no host providers who offer true value; that all host providers are at it; and will all host providers, eventually, be owned by the much loathed eig?

  25. Justhost is SUCKS.
    recently I registered a 2years plan with 50% discount. it’s the most BULSHIT hosting company I’ve ever seen. specially their support team is SUCKS. they never response you.

    I’m looking for a good hosting company that supports Magento! please advice.

  26. Wow!

    I can’t believe how much negative feedback people are posting for Justhost.
    I am a Freelance web designer and I have been with them for 11 months now. Any issues I have ever had, have always been solved by calling them. I love the simple fact that I can call them anytime, if this where not the case, I would not use them. This is their toll free number 1800-755-7585.

    I actually highly recommend them!

    – Ed

  27. Hello Ed,

    Perhaps you can’t believe it because your own site has zilch in terms of traffic. I checked it zero Alexa score, page rank of 2, a few back links, and the list goes on.

    Not to mention your site is not even a year old yet. Unless you have some other site that actually has some traffic your trying to put Justhost.com in a positive light is not working.

    Also not everyone likes to have to call in order to get something fixed, I am on that list. I like emails, chats, and ticket systems because it keeps all discussions documented. Where as a phone call does not.

    Bottomline Justhost.com much like any cheap host may be great for a beginner, but when you need real performance its time to consider a hosting company that does not offer unlimited hosting.



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