Mindshark.ca – in re-review Part 2: Proof is in the details

Mindshark.ca is one of those companies that rely on people to look no further than what they post.  Which is why Mindshark.ca claims:

Home to the latest and greatest Internet Marketing Strategies in North America, Mindshark Marketing gives you access to state-of-the-art service solutions. Hands down, Mindshark Marketing knows more about Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization than anyone else—it’s part of our DNA— and we live and breathe it each and every day with a passion. We are a confident, direct and engaging Service Company which delivers honest, independent Internet Marketing consulting and solutions for businesses of all size—with no hidden agenda. This is Integrity Selling— the Mindshark promise.

Or better yet when my friend saw behind the scenes what Mindshark.ca said next:

Feel free to check our case studies and testimonials to see how effective we are. 

The big problem with those testimonials is there are no websites. I think I figure out who two of them might be.

Don Lavigne Healthsoft Solutions


Alexa Score of 9,808,327


Haroon Mirza Director of Business Development Cognovision Inc


Alexa score of 3,058,355

They have really high Alexa scores that must be good right? Actually lower is good. Really low is even better.

Mindshark.ca and Alexa

For those that do not understand what Alexa is, they keep track of websites and where they rank in traffic. Each site has a number with them.  That number indicated who has the most traffic, and that number is 1.  I think the highest I have seen is 18 – 20 million.  No data is assigned to those with no traffic at all. Practically buying a domain puts you it in the 18 – 20 million area range, perhaps because someone decided to look at the place holder.

But who is number 1, is it Mindshark.ca?

Google.com has rank 1

But let’s look at a few other sites.

Yahoo.com is 4
Amazon.com is 10
Hostgator.com is 55
Aol.com is 66
Godaddy.com is 89
Webhostingtalk.com is 1,050
Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is 129,240 (Last night it was 130,691)

So what is Mindshark.ca’s Alexa score?

Yes Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is almost 5 times lower than Mindshark.ca.

Last year when I did my post Mindshark.ca’s rank was  387,496 I forget what mine was and I did not post it, but I had stated Mindshark.ca’s was double mine. I think mine was at 180,000 defiantly my score has improved since then. By February 12, 2012 their score was at  809,927.

But there are more sites to look at, like those people saying such good things about Mindshark.ca  in the comments for hosting-reviews-exposed.com.

http://betterlivingcanada.ca/ Their score is 16,014,054, it was 4,201,186 in February of this year (back then I stated they should ask for their money back).  But this was the only site to posted out of the 6 people claiming to be happy customers of mindshark.ca. Two of those commenters had ips in a very close range. What they did not seem to realize is Mindshark.ca’s trolling was only aiding this site’s position on the term “mindshark.ca” by adding comments and reasons for me and others to add more content.

All this trolling from Mindshark.ca has me asking how old are they really?

For me they can’t be any older than their domain. After all what kind of online service company was online before their domain, unless of course they were on another domain.  No one has offered me another domain mindshark.ca operated under.

As you can see Mindshark.ca was not even a year old when I did my first post. But these are the claims:

Mindshark.ca troll 1We have been using Mindshark SEO and blogging services for 2 years now with quite a bit of success.
Mindshark.ca troll 2 We have also used their services for several years.
Mindshark.ca troll 3 We have been using Mindshark for 3 years, not 2 so i can definately confirm that they have been around for several years.

But here is a fact of when Mindshark.ca registed the following:

  • Twiter September 23, 2010
  • Facebook September 9, 2010
  • YouTube Dec 16, 2010
  • BBB September 23, 2010
  • Registered Domain February 2, 2010

As I mentioned before the Better Business Bureau does not check start dates or ask for any paper work to confirm it. They ask for it over the phone. For a SEO company I think it is safe to say that Mindshark.ca officially started in September 2010 based on the registration  of Social Media.

So what killed the Mindshark.ca trolling?

To be honest I am a really losing focus on all of the numbers so I am going to use what a friend of mine posted In short one of those SEO expert friends of mine did not take kindly to the insults I got so they decided to pick mindshark.ca apart piece by piece. I redacted 30% of it. Ultimately what she said ended all further trolling by Mindshark.ca.

Linda’s comment February 12, 2012 on https://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/spammer/mindshark-ca.html

Based on what you said, your own knowledge of SEO is so bad that you don’t realize that every time you comment on someone’s blog (whether it’s this one or anybody else’s) and the only thing you’re doing is giving that blog a boost in the SERPS. Google LOVES multiple, relevant, legitimate comments.

Say whatever you want, but you can’t ignore public facts.

1) Mindshark.ca has a piss-poor Alexa score. 809,927 Global rank. That means that 809,926 sites rank better than Mindshark.ca

2) Low-quality backlinks (only 1 .edu backlink) and no .gov backlinks. LOL

3) Referring domains/backlinks: Mindshark.ca has 3,706 referring domains, but only one-third of these backklinks (1,273) are on unique domains…. and of those domains, only 654 of these are unique IPs.

Proof: http://www.majesticseo.com/reports/site-explorer/summary/www.mindshark.ca

4) Mindshark.ca has a PageRank of 3 — again, a total joke for a self-proclaimed SEO firm like Mindshark.ca. If you want PR3, all it takes is a few PR5 links and a couple PR7 links combined with good quality content. If you’re hiring a SEO firm and that firm/site has less than PR5, RUN — don’t walk — away from that SEO company.

5) Mindshark.ca has only 224 indexed pages in Google — again, a total joke for a self-proclaimed SEO “professional”.

6) Mindshark.ca’s Domain Authority? 57. — again a joke. I have automated blogs with PR5 and 20K indexed pages which do better than Mindshark.ca, SEO-wise.

7) Total organic keywords for Mindshark.ca? 11 — again a joke. Here’s the proof: http://www.semrush.com/info/mindshark.ca

8) When I Google “Mindshark.ca”, this site (hosting-reviews-exposed.com) comes up on the same page. Whether I am logged into Google or not. WHY would anyone want to hire Mindshark.ca if they can’t even populate the first page of the search results with non-negative results? Even the most mediocre SEO firms are capable of this.

9) Worse of all: Mindshark.ca has a history of using comment spam. Doubt me? Go through their backlinks. Comment spamming is the absolute WORST SEO offense. It’s amateurish. It’s stupid. It’s harmful to your website…. Yet Mindshark.ca is comment spamming other blogs. What a joke.

If Mindshark.ca is capable of doing what they claim they can do, then why haven’t they done it for themselves? One would think that a site that claims to have “4000+ Clients” and hundreds of resellers could do a lot better… A LOT better.

Bottomline: Mindshark.ca is an apparent fraud based solely on current PUBLIC facts and evidence. If you think otherwise and/or you are a client of Mindshark.ca, either you’ve been sold a bill of goods by Mindshark.ca — or you work for Mindshark.ca and you’re trying to perform some ill-directed damage control.

So what about the BBB and that Award that Zamir of Mindshark posted?

As I stated before all the awards have no domain behind them, I think I found 2, and then there is the single one shared on this blog. All of them have an Alexa score in the millions. Which can be obtain without any SEO expertise at all.

This site has demonstrated how a many review sites are just a front for affiliates. But I can’t begin to figure out how Mindshark.ca won an award.  Because based off everything I have posted this is a company to avoid.

As for the BBB, at best I can figure is that Mindshark.ca customers may not know what to look for. But even without complaints the BBB is not the number one source for figuring out if a company is good or bad. For that matter their site is really decades behind where they should be. Plus they have an interest in collecting memberships. Plus there is crap like this: http://bbbthetruth.com/abc-news/. However claims of a large customer base, while having zero complaints is a warning sign up its own. I have yet to meet any company with a large costumer base that has yet to run into someone that just can not be pleased.

However Mindshark.ca has 5 complaints at ripoffreport.com.

Next post will cover Mindsharks.ca’s harvesting and spamming.