000webhost.com, its really not a good idea to spam on my YouTube account

For some bizarre reason today I find three attempts to put affiliate links in the comments on my video. Clearly affiliates of 000webhost.com are not paying attention, especially since I decided to go after whybluehost.com (I am actually not done yet).

What I am trying to understand is if you give free hosting away with no advertisements, how can you afford to pay $5 per referral? Their website while clear on pointing out referral payments does not state costs of any other service.

Clearly the free service is not worth the effort of even looking at the site:



But I see no terms of service on 000webhost.com

However on the paid site http://www.hosting24.com/tos.php

There are no guarantees at all that you will have service.

Plus this is some interesting legal mumbo jumbo:

Clients are encouraged to pay by credit card as it is the easiest way to handle payment at this time.

These companies should be avoided.