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Scalahosting was number 21 of 25 for’s  May 2010 list. But now they are at 16.   The owner of the companies name is Vince Robinson.  But details are sketchy at best as there is not much to go on.  Sure there lots of positive reviews about scalahosting.   But I suspect there may be one too many positive reviews.  Especially after my last post on how to write reviews.

So why am I suspicous of the postive reviews about Scalahosting on

A claim of housing 18,000 domains seems honest.  But it does not tell us how many customers they have.   Back when I first started I would say that was a lot of domains (1999 I was still buying domains at $70 from Network Solutions).   But towards 2005 it would seem far less as cheaper domain registers were popping up every where.   I had one customer that had over 400 domains all of which were for an affiliate system with Rexxal (atleast I think that was the company).  Scalahosting seems to have alot of postive reviews and very few negative.

A not so kind review about Scalahosting on

It has to do with the discussion.

Why might you ask does this review matter?  Because this is not the only place he tried to post a review:

I have not looked further because one of the problems I have had while searching for negative feed back is I get stuck in pop up hell and sites that change to something that is by no means ‘G’ rated.    But it stands to reason if he found these two sites and made a page dedicated to it on his site that he probable found and other companies.  Frankly there seems be more information on review sites then any other sites

My Finale thoughts on Scalahosting

Its probable nothing, but Scalahosting is on the same network as

Here is an inhterview with the founder of Scalahosting Vince Robinson:

I admit there is not a lot of dirt on this company, and perhaps they deserve their postive feed back.   But I have to wonder about this one negative reviewer that seem to have a vendetta with this hosting company.  Why would he not find to post a review there as well?

As long as Scalahosting shows in the top 25 hosting postions with webhostinstuff, I recommend caution.

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  1. I have been with scalahosting for some time, the guys are okay in web hosting industry, the claim of a website being deleted that might just have been a bad luck.

  2. Hello Paul,

    I am not sure how luck plays into account deletions. That seems more along the lines of not paying attention to detail.



  3. Hi,
    the main problem of Scalahosting is his manager, Vince Robinson, is pretty rude.

    The others technicias are always helpful and kind, but if you have to talk to Vince Robinson or he has to attend you via Live Chat, it’s better to wait for another technician.

    I’m absolutely don’t recommend Scalahosting, it’s a pity for the rest of staff but I think that.

  4. I tried to check scalahosting’s TOS but couldn’t get past an internal server error.

  5. Hello Maplehill,

    I can see the terms of service, which seems rather light compared to most webhosts. I would recommend trying the google cache to view it.



  6. Hallow Benjamin

    Is this a reaction to Scaalahosting or what, because they have been hosting me and sometime I became unfair to them but they have always been good and provide to me the best they can

  7. I was with scala they are a joke, a spammer got a hold of some site and basically ruined everyone’s email spf records, scala was unhelpful and unwilling to fix the issue. The support is horrible, pricing is about average however when a problem arises it takes them 2 weeks to even talk about it. Scala will not refund anything if its their fault the response is we will look into it. 6 months later they send a reply saying we couldn’t find the issue ticket was closed or lost. And webhostingtalk is a joke, the site is made for companies like scala to pay 1200.00 US Yearly to comment on their services, I made an account to post my history with scala they immediately suspended me and closed the topic because scala had their feelings hurt or business hurt. Webhostingtalk is nothing but a marketing site for hosting companies,that most reviews are paid, or fiction.

  8. Hello Dillard,

    I am not sure why anyone would stay with a host for 6 months if it took that long to respond. Seriously I would leave rackspace if it took 72 hours to get resolution.



  9. Hello Paul,

    Would be nice for you to provide more detail about your relationship to scalahost other than a occasional attempt at defending



  10. Would have left within a couple of days, however I prepaid for 6 months. But I have found a great host now so far. Its amazing how many people stick up for scala hosting & when you search their names it shows they are in same way connected to Vince and Scala. He cares about his name but not his customers.

  11. They suck big times. They do not know how to talk. Very rude, arrogant. BE THERE CUSTOMER ONLY IF YOU REALLY LOVE TROUBLE.

  12. Hello Nischal,

    Please provide proof of them being rude. I am to a point now where I don’t accept comments when they only a few lines. I think it is important to provide as much detail and proof as possible.



  13. Benjamin am sorry you feel am related to Scala, am a Kenyan and I think Scala is based in USA/Europe so I don’t know anyone at Scala, what I say is true, they have never been bad to me, any am 3yrs old with them

  14. Hello Paul,

    A relationship does not mean you work with the company. Being a customer is a form of relationship. If this is the case than perhaps you can elaborate your stance.

    In other words details like:

    When you came on.
    What package(s) you have with them.
    If your a single site or multiple sites.
    What exactly it is you site(s) do(es).
    IF you have had any problems with the company, and how long it took for them to fix it and what they did to fix it. (problems are not always bad if dealt with correctly).
    What your plans are for the future with them.

    Lack of details from a positive review can be as damaging as a detailed negative review.



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