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Are my eyes deceiving me? Because the number 6 of 25 webhost In Motion Hosting appears to be on Hurricane Electric servers ( One of the companies I started got its first cPanel start with one of their users called, some how later I would be tossed off to It was never clear as to why I mysteriously became a fastservers customer. But I had to deal with a rather un-delightful sales agent named Aaron, who was always happy to talk about new service. But when it came to problems such as faulty servers, he was slow to take action, but quick to blame me or my staff. In addition to their hardware problems (we had a 70% failure rate, and 40% reoccurring rate of failure), there were a lot of network problems with Hurricane Electric. Especially denial of service attacks. The problem was I had 9 servers with them, I can’t remember the amount of clients. But to solve my network issues Fastservers wanted me to buy new servers at their new location. Instead I went with ev1 (who merged with theplanet), as they were offering first month if I gave them a competitors invoice. Fastservers would soon become right before the last of my servers were moved, Layered Tech was less interested in keeping my business then fast servers. There is a post about Layered Tech coming soon.

During one of the worst Hurricane Electric outages one of fast servers staff broke down and made claims on their forum that he did not know if the connection would ever be restored. It was eventually restored after a long and sleepless night, but I would love to find that link, I am pretty sure like most negative things about fast servers Aaron had a hand in cleaning it up. I don’t have the highest expectations that Hurricane Electric has gotten better since I left. So I can’t imagine in motion hosting customers have a lot of thrilling tales about up time and network speed. Maybe their location had better uptime then my location, I have doubts. is another company that uses the same level of high payouts that other companies that use webhosting review websites.

  • 1 – 2 Sales Per Month: $50 Per Sale
  • 3+ Sales Per Month: $100 Per Sale


  • Please Note: InMotion Hosting has a strict policy against ‘Self-Sign Ups’ or attempts to earn commissions on your own hosting accounts.

Its hard to find bad things about in motion hosting. Probable due to the fact that there are so many variations to type inmotion, that it might cause confusion when posting or finding places to post. My recommendation if you ever want to make a bad post about this company is to stick with, of for that matter a good review. Though it does not appear the affiliates and top host review sites are having the same problem. So for now I am going to focus on the order form and the terms of service.

I figure due to the fact that their cheapest plan is only purchasable in 2 years terms, it might be a good idea to look at the refund policy. I understand why they might want to charge per year and 2 years, those $.22 – .35 fee per attempted transaction on credit cards really eat into a $3 fee over 24 months of monthly billing.

  • Notifications of cancellation must be made 30 days prior to successive rebill period. InMotion Hosting reserves the right to deny, forfeit, or refuse refunds at any time if necessary.

I think that is enough to address my concerns. Clear as day, they can refuse to give you a refund. Also if you cancel your account on the 3rd day of the 23rd month of your hosting account, you will be charged for another 2 years.

I have also noticed that they do not have PayPal as an option on their checkout. I am by no stretch of the imagination a fan of PayPal. But I consider them a necessary evil, especially when up to 20 % of my clients paid that way. Plus I was more likely to win a dispute through PayPal then my merchant. Otherwise they are not the easiest people to get a hold of, plus it takes almost nothing to kill a subscription, regardless if I or my client wanted it canceled.

I am a little surprised while looking at the order form to see that they include frontpage extensions, considering I have not seen a request for that in years. I am currently looking at the starter which most people will sign up on. It offers 100 gigs of space, 1000 gigs of bandwitdh. Further review of this package tells me that its no better then a unlimited package, maybe worse then a unlimited package. There are a lot of limitations that would make it impossible to use the full amount of space that they offer.

I also see no option for WordPress or other blogger applications on the starter. The reason for that probable is because there are no mysql data bases on the starter package. I am not sure how anyone is going to use a 100 gigs of space when their account has no mysql databases. Its a little unclear but it looks like I can only get one domain on the starter package.

I thought I would look at their Pro the only package under Business Class that has monthly terms, the first thing that sticks out when I go to the Shopping cart is:

  • 1 Month – $19.95/mo + $40 Setup

That is a pretty high step-up fee, which I am sure is non-refundable. But that’s not all that sticks out:

  • Supports: 16 Separate Web SitesUnlimited domains with email (see terms) and 200 MySQL Databases

Support 16 websites, yet unlimited domains? See terms?

Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth

  • While IMH does not meter disk space & bandwidth, the purpose of an IMH hosting account is to host web sites. Using a hosting account primarily for online file storage or archiving electronic files is prohibited.
  • IMH Personal & Business Class hosting are shared hosting environments, so to ensure fast & reliable service to all of our clients, accounts that adversely affect server or network performance must correct these issues or will be asked to upgrade to a virtual or dedicated server.

Still not clear on what is meant by 16 sites, with unlimited domains. But lets take a look at the bottom of the terms of service.

  • IMH does not make implied or written warranties for any of our services.
  • IMH denies any warranty or merchantability for a specific purpose. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions caused by IMH.

Still not clear, and I find there are no guarantees that their service will work. Not to mention no warranty should they be the cause of my service interruption.  Sounds like a great webhost.

Awards? Yes has afflialates….. I mean Awards!!!, and more phoney baloney review for pay websites.

I could go into each of the awards, but I would be repeating myself on many of these sites as to why they are affiliates, and not true review sites.

The chat session.

After reviewing their terms of service, package, and order form I had questions. I was particularly disturbed with what I had found.

My chat session started with 8 people ahead of me, but I was soon forwarded to a chat operator.

You are now speaking with Brian C. of Sales.

Brian C.: (8:9): Hello Benjamin.

Benjamin: (8:10): Hello Brian

Brian C.: (8:10): How may I help you today?

Benjamin: (8:10): I have questions, first let me ask can I pay by PayPal, I don’t see the option on your orderform

Brian C.: (8:11): If we place the order for you via chat or email we can accept Pay Pal on 6 mnth or longer billing.

Benjamin: (8:11): ok, why is it not on the order form?

Brian C.: (8:12): Due to how Pay Pal is processed we have to place the order so we can do a request for payment via Pay Pal.

Benjamin: (8:12): strange, you should consider whmcs

Brian C.: (8:12): What type of hosting plan were you looking to get setup on?

Benjamin: (8:13): well I am still looking at the moment

Brian C.: (8:13): Also we do prefer to take all orders via phone or chat to ensure everything is setup properly the first time and to avoid mistakes.

Benjamin: (8:13): Am I correct on that I can not install wordpress on the starter and it only has one domain?

Brian C.: (8:13): The starter under Value class hosting?

Benjamin: (8:13): yes

Brian C.: (8:14): Or were you referring to the Launch plan?

Benjamin: (8:14): the $3 per month plan

Brian C.: (8:15): No as Word Press requires a MYSQL database. If using WordPress you would want a minimum of the Launch plan. Also we do not accept Pay Pal on Value class hosting.

Benjamin: (8:15): If I place a order via your ordersystem with out contacting you on chat or phone how long will it take to get the order setup?

Brian C.: (8:16): After you place the order the confirmation / fraud check will take up to 30 minutes. After that process is completed a confirmation specialist will need to give you a call to go through all the information. After that call the account will be setup.

Benjamin: (8:17): also you did not answer me if the starter only gets one domain

Brian C.: (8:18): Correct.

Benjamin: (8:18): On the Pro (business class) it says that I can have 16 separate websites, yet unlimited domains. Can you clarify on that?

Brian C.: (8:19): The unlimited domain names are referring to parked domains which are pointers basically. For example would point to

Benjamin: (8:19): ok, finale question

Benjamin: (8:19):
I see a graphic that states 30 or 90 day guarantee, does it matter what I order to get the 90 day?

Brian C.: (8:20): All Value class hosting includes only a 30 day money back guarantee. Business class has a 90 day.

Benjamin: (8:20): sorry one more question

Benjamin: (8:21): Usually I sign up for the max amount of time for optimum savings

Brian C.: (8:21): I completely understand.

Benjamin: (8:21): Lets say I experience a long period of down time and I am force to move my account to get active again

Brian C.: (8:22): We have actually maintained 99.98% uptime across the board since 2001.

Benjamin: (8:22): and its after 30 days would I be eligible for a refund, and how much

Brian C.: (8:22): We do not give refunds past the specified time.

Benjamin: (8:22): are you on hurricane electric servers?

Benjamin: (8:22): or should I say network

Brian C.: (8:23): Our datacenter is tier 3 datacenter utilizing 30 day diesel generators.

Brian C.: (8:23): We also on business class and above offer multiple bandwidth providers over multiple OC-48 lines.

Benjamin: (8:23): the trace route shows, and I was on their network before

Brian C.: (8:27): Unfortunately that trace route is inaccurate as we are not on network. Also the network depends on which hosting plan and server you are tracing.

Benjamin: (8:27): I am tracing your main domain

Benjamin: (8:28): what state are your servers located in?

Brian C.: (8:29): We have two data centers. One in Los Angeles and one in Washington D.C.

Benjamin: (8:30): ok thank you, have a good day

Nice how there chat sessions have a time stamps.

My Finale Thoughts on

I got my answer on how a site can have 16 sites yet unlimited domains. Its not really unlimited domains, and I know of many domain registers that allow you to just forward your domain where you want. The bottom line is you get 16 websites hosted under 16 domains. Nothing unlimited about the domains, other then you can set them up as many as you want to forward to one of the 16 domains / sites under their pro plan.

I think the biggest red flag I get from this company is the fact that they offer no refunds regardless of the reason for canceling the account. As out lined in there own policy even if it was their fault that you canceled. My suggestion is to go the bbb if you have problems with getting a refund, though there is no guarantee that they can help you or for that matter will not take inmotion’s side. But every drop in the bucket counts

I did not mean to get out of customer mode in the chat. Instead of trying to point their network location, I should have got him to concede in regards to a refund would happen after extended down time. After all what do they have to worry about if they have no down time. I don’t buy that they are not using Hurricane Electric. Perhaps I am wrong.

Equinix LA1 600 W 7th Ave, Los Angeles CA 90017
One Wilshire 624 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90017

Then there is the PayPal issue, they don’t indicated that its available. You have to ask for it on chat or by phone. Its limited to certain types of accounts, and no less then 6 months or longer as out line by some of the complaints I have found.

Its not that hard to configure for that matter I used to manually generate subscriptions before we got a new billing system. It was a bit cumbersome, but no where near as bad as sending out billing notices every month. Every day one of my staff would review the previous days subscription payments and enter them into the billing system. Atleast until we got a new billing system that still processed if for us. But we did weekly audits to ensure all payments were tracked.  But “Due to how Pay Pal is processed we have to place the order so we can do a request for payment via Pay Pal.”, meaning they login to and send you a money request.

The website looks out of date, which makes me wonder if they are using an outdated billing system as the order form is not that impressive. The failure to have a PayPal on that system makes me wonder how out of date their billing system may be or for that matter how secure it might be. I can understand wanting to call to confirm my order is valid. But not every customer wants to be called. The setup questions are obscure at best on the order form. Setup questions could be addressed on the order form.

Basically if you choose to go with InMotionHosting, you better hope that nothing goes wrong. Because they reserve the right to refuse a refund.

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20 Replies to “Are you considering Caution READ my review before buying!!!”

  1. I used InMotionHosting for a (failed) political website during senior year of college…so, about 2 years ago.

    I had serious problems setting things up for the first week or so. Tons of downtime, tech help was pretty useless.

    Eventually I did…something?….and everything just started working perfectly. Never had any problems with the website after that.

    I eventually killed it because I was traveling to South Korea to teach and didn’t want to be saddled to something political, but if it wasn’t for the comparatively high cost and restrictive terms of service of the InMotion hosting plan these days when compared to competitors, I’d probably use them again.

    -The Other Ben

  2. We use Inmotion hosting VPS service for three years.

    It’s works ok for low visit traffic.

    The most frightening thing for me is the VPS crashed a couple of days ago. We lost all of the mysql databases, images and web files. There no backup for that. We need rebuild our website from Zero beginnings.

    That’s very bad.

  3. I used this company for one year. When they are trying to get your business, they are friendly, wonderful and ever so helpful. But just try and get help after the same. Forget it.

    So, I decided to leave them, and what a nightmare that was. Threats about my credit card being declined. Uh, yea… I didn’t want to deal with them any longer. So they send a “pay up in 24 hours or else” email. That was laughable.

    So I call to get control of my domain name. I talk to 3 people, all telling me different “stories”. Or should I say lies. Trying to extort $105.00 from me to get me domain name back. Then they tell me it’s controlled by a company in Austrailia. Amazing.

    Well, They got no money from me. The company got nothing, but I have my domain name, being served by a great company.

    Inmotion hosting needs to have an inservice day to get their lies straight before talking to customers. Hell, they won’t even release the name of the owner, so you can complain. Can you imagine being unwilling to release the owners name. But by the way they do business, I am sure THAT was part of an inservice training day. “What Information You NEVER Release To Customers, Due To Us Being Dishonest”

    Stay away from them. There are too many good companies out there.

  4. No matter how good customer service is, and InMotion is relatively responsive, the primary responsibility of a host is to be RELIABLE. Unfortunately, that is where I give InMotion a “2”. The first year was fine, but the past 10 months, despite numerous server moves, my site has been down daily, their servers were hacked, they made a hardware change and failed to back up correctly that resulted in the loss of new data for customers on that server (my sites included) etc etc etc. Having my sites on InMotion has become a daily headache, a full time job in itself and an unpleasant experience.
    The first thing you’ll hear from CS is that there’s no problem—it must be your issue. By the time you get to a supervisor, they’ll admit there’s an issue on their end. Wasted time, higher blood pressure. Too bad for you.
    Their “satisfaction guarantee” is just lip service, they offer no compensation for major failings other than “a month of free service.” Why would I want an additional month of service from a host that fails me every day? RUN, don’t walk to another host. This one’s done.

  5. The customer service is just terrible. Arrogant, mean, unhelpful. I was upset after talking with five different people who couldn’t (or wouldn’t) help me with my cancellation. They say that I have to wait for their shadowy “cancellation department” to refund my auto-renewed charge in three days. The lady on the phone had no sympathy for the fact that I had already spoken with four other people and actually hung up on me when I asked her the name of someone that I could speak with if this isn’t taken care of! Horrible – use at your own peril!

  6. I have been with InMotion hosting for almost three years. It was great until one of my sites god some huge traffic. They just shot me down. After contacting customer service and switching to dedicated server the site is still down. At this point it has been over seven hours since contacting the customer service for the first time. The site is still down.

  7. *Paragraph removed by Benjamin*
    After being with them for 10 months, I too was promised everything and then some. They claim to be SEO experts and they are not, not by a long shot. I chose their company because this was their niche’ and they sold me hands down on their word after reviewing several other companies. I was assured to be in the best hands and that they would assist me in getting my where it needed to be.Sales were supposed to excel and life would be good.Promises, promises…

    Today, their word means nothing to me. Lies,lies lies, that’s what I got from them. My experience was horrific and unfortunately sad to say after 10 months of not functioning properly, having the site lock customers out on “BLACK FRIDAY” causing me thousands of dollars in losses and so many other instances.

    My site has never been 100% fully functional since day one and this makes them in breach of contract. You cannot state that you are something if you are not. That’s fraud in my book no matter how you slice it. I will also contact the Attorney Generals offices in Virginia and California and file disputes making them aware of your negligence regarding software development and fraudulent activities.

    You should understand that my companies are my livelihood. I have used savings to build my businesses so that they would successfully continue to grow. In the past, I have built other business and succeeded with them so having an ecommerce business is not at all new to me.

    Everything that I read in reviews by previous companies that also used InMotion Hosting has happened to me and then some! It progressively has become so much worse that I have had to retain legal counsel.

    My advice, and I am not a professional in the IT Fleid, but I am a professional in small businesses would say to you; Do NOT use them without reading other serious reviews first and be very cautious. Ask a lot of questions and get everything in writing. The problem us, they have no chain of command.
    *Paragraph removed by Benjamin*
    These are not accusations, these are cold hard facts and I can prove everything that I have stated to be true. This letter/complaint needs to be printed and I need people to come forward who have had problems so that we can all unite as one and show this big business that we small businesses are no longer going to take their crap!

    Please….someone step in and help a girl out~

  8. This is for everyone that wrote asking for names of high level management at InMotion Hosting because they had no one to address their issues with…here you go!

    Daniel Cunningham – Director of Growth Management
    Sunil Saxena (Executive Vice President)
    Todd Robinson (President)
    Charles “Chuck” Hardy (Customer Care Manager)
    Ted Sakis (Director of Operations)

    InMotion Hosting
    6100 Center Drive Suite 1190
    Los Angeles, CA 90045

  9. Hello Ms D,

    Before I allow your comments I would like some more details in regards to
    your account.

    When did you order?
    What Hosting plan did you order?
    Were there any additional services you purchased from them?
    How much did you pay?
    Have you left

    Also are you willing to make a time line of events with
    inmotionhosting.comas well as provide any correspondents?

    These are all details that will be asked for should you approach a attorney



  10. farcical service, i have a large credit with inmotion, yet keep getting payment reminders. i complained to various different people in billing and support – eventually i get this reply

    On 10 Aug, 2012, at 10:01 PM, wrote:

    Thank you for getting back to us. I apologize for any frustrations, and for our supervisor not being able to get back to you as of yet. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she has been unavailable. This is not meant as an excuse; however, it is causing a bit of a delay. I am going to escalate this to another member of our team who should be able to get this straightened out. Should our billing supervisor be the only one able to handle this matter, we assure you your account will not be suspended until she is able to review it and handle this matter. As far as the emails, these are automated and we apologize if they seem threatening in any way. Please expect our response no later than Tuesday.

    Then 9 hours later my account is suspended…

    On 11 Aug, 2012, at 7:30 AM, “InMotion Hosting, Inc.” wrote:

    We have attempted to contact you several times over the past few days concerning your hosting account.
    Since we have not received a response from you, we regret to inform you that the following item(s) have been suspended from your account

    And it’s still suspended as i write this
    When the sites are up they work fine, but customer service is a nightmare. Staff have no idea what other staff are doing, Everything chat or email seems to go to someone different and the whole thing is screwed up. Emailing Todd and Sunil achieves nothing – emails are easy to google – their promises of ‘customer service done right’ nothing more than hot air bs.

  11. In Motion Hosting’s User Interface is horrible. It’s lacking the most basic of function such as a proper DOMAIN CONTROL. They have admitted to me many times that it is lacking. If I want to request a transfer I have to email them requesting this lol? Even to purchase an SSL you have to EMAIL THEM? It’s ridiculous. They ask you to send an email with your original account password in the email? This is the most basic of NO NO’s in password security and they have been getting away with it for a long time. Why do I use them? I use them because their servers are blazing fast.

  12. Website had great uptime for the year of so that I used this company, but the customer service is a joke. The problem came when I wanted to cancel for the next year of service (my product was no longer for sale online). They charged my card two weeks prior to my year of service expiring for $116, then they only refunded $95 for some privacy charge BS. As a typical company giving you the shaft, they refer to their 30-page terms of service where it states you are SOL after they charge you, even when done weeks before you’re up for renewal.

    Take my advice and stay away from this nickel and dime scam shop. 5dollarhosting has good products and a much better price too, stick with those guys.

  13. Our company uses InMotion and recommends it to all of our clients. Their claim of 99% uptime is a crock. I am on with them monthly about a site being down and I am always given a generic “There’s an issue and we are working on it and do not have an ETA.” They also regularly make updates to servers and systems causing downtime and provide NO notice to their clients that it is happening – and they do it during normal daytime business hours which affects all of my clients. Unfortunately, every host has issues, but InMotions seem to be mounting. Also, in the 3+ years we’ve hosted with them, the server our site is on has been hacked 4 times – every index.html/php file in every folder of ever site on the given server was replaced by a hacker’s file.

  14. Excuse the length of this… but it tells the story.

    Worth it while it lasted. All of the claims of unlimited service are good to an extent on their pro plan and perhaps we were pushing it to its limit. We are a small company with less than 40 employees (up to almost 50 a few years ago). We only use the service for our email as we do not have a permanent system administrator or the equipment to host our own email server. We have always shied away from internal email hosting due to the required manpower to operate, equipment cost to maintain and the legal issues of maintaining our own mail server. At a $100 or so a year, it was a steal. Until they either found us too taxing for their system or started hitting limits we never experienced before.

    Over the last year or so our email service has been completely shut down without notice a few times. The first time was comical as the notice they were shutting us down came after the shutdown… so I never received the email telling me we were being temporarily suspended. After an hour or two puzzling hours I called and was informed that we were exceeding the spam filtering thresholds and they could no longer have spam assassin on our account. They referred us to use third party spam filtering. We found MX Guarddog which has performed amazingly. We routed all of our mail to them first and then it was subsequently forwarded to inmotionhosting’s mail servers.

    Over the last few weeks, I had many of my staff complaining of lost emails that they never received or were delayed by many hours. I opened a ticket with inmotionhosting… they were very frustrating and the techs kept acting like they couldn’t even understand what I was explaining was happening. For instance, I would receive an email that was a series of emails and replies… I would notice that I had been copied on an earlier thread from that email and I never received the earlier copies. For three business days I bounced emails back and fourth with their technical group sending email headers and examples of lost emails until this morning. All emails stopped. Again, IMH seemed clueless and told me it had to be my spam filtering service. I finally got IMH and MXGuarddog on a conference call and it was clear as to who knew what they were doing. MX Guarddog tech immediately knew they were using cpanel and that an MX Entry was wrong. In my opinion the settings got reset by IMH in an attempt to fix my problem which completely shut down email flow. I made the MX Entry adjustments recommended by MX Guarddog.

    I fixed that and then the real culprit showed up… There is apparently a limit to how many emails can be received from a single host over a period of time. Since all of our email runs through a 3rd party spam filter (at IMH’s requirement) all of our email comes from a single host to their service. Maybe they have a limit of 250 emails per hour from a single host or something… when we exceeded that, they would put a temporary hold on email delivery. Emails were delayed for hours or even lost completely.

    We are currently searching for other alternatives to meet our needs. These random outages can not be sustained and we need to move on. I have to say that up until this recent problem… it was worth the minimal cost to serve our purposes. However, the random outages with no warning and then the fact that they could not tell me their servers were denying new emails has us on the search for new.

  15. Hello Jason,

    Personally I never have a problem with a detailed review. Its always better than a simple short sentence saying a host is great or sucks. Thanks for your taking the time.



  16. The issue of refund isn’t even a concern for us which was one of the big criticisms here… since they charge so little. It came down to the “all of a sudden” complete loss of service that troubled us. If this was my company, I would have notified the user of issues and provided a timeline to correct in lieu of dropping off a cliff. When your company relies on emails and all of a sudden… they just stop and it takes 1/2 a day to figure it out… all the while the provider seems to not know why is troubling. MX Guarddog knew what the issue was within 30 seconds of the conference call. The IMH tech had to put us on hold for 5 minutes (in which time I told the MXGD guy he could move on and he hung up) before IMH confirmed that it was moved to an upper tier tech and would be corrected. 5 minutes later, emails started flowing.

    Again, as long as you don’t hit their threshold limits in their “unlimited” service, you will be fine and was worth the money. When you start experiencing issues… it is time to move on.

  17. I am using Inmotion from last one month. It was very charming i had no complain from my clients. I was passing my day without any support, because clients had no problem and i had nothing to solve.

    But after some days I lost my sleep, eat and extra time. I have hosted most important sites like: e-commerce, news, and some daily basis sites. Everyday server down for maintenance about 6-7 hours.

    First day clients called me, I told them our servers are down for maintenance, then next day I told them we are performing backup. 3rd day I told them we are performing finishing.

    When same problem in 4th day I did not tell them anything, they told me we are going you can easily repair your server now.

    I have contacted everyday several time with inmotion, they told me they have no information about this issue. But to monitor this issue they provided me a link. I went there and saw maintenance issue will be finished at 2 AM EST, I thought i will say to customer that we will be live at 2.00 AM. When it is 2.00 AM one of my customer called me and told me that site down.

    I visited the status link I saw there 3.00 AM, ok I am waiting for the next time. When it is 3.00 AM i saw there 4.00 AM. Every one hour they are adding a hour.

    Now I am going to loss my clients, I have nothing to say them. And thinking to move to a new provider like HostGator

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