iWeb Technologies Inc – If you host with iWeb.com will your email get through?

number 19 for May 2010 webhostingstuff is iWeb Technologies Inc.  Despite the massive amount of complaints I can find in regards to iWeb Technologies Inc they have moved from 19 to 15.  The first thing that comes to mind is iPad, iPod, and iMac.  But this site has nothing to do with with Apple.

Webhostingstuff.com’s ratings for iWeb Technologies

Despite averaging all 9 reviews I get the following rating from webhostingstuff.com:

Uptime and Reliability 4.22 out of 5
Technical Support 2.44 out of 5
Customer Service 2.56 out of 5

For some reason a 3 out of 5 star rating is enough to move from the 19th to 15th position.

How old is iWeb Technologies Inc?

This graphic sticks out:

Here is what iWeb Technologies Inc / iweb.com’s domain whois tells me:

   Updated Date: 23-oct-2009
   Creation Date: 29-mar-1999
   Expiration Date: 29-mar-2019

The creation date does not match the “since” year

iWeb Technologies Inc Awards

iWeb Technologies is another company that has an awards page with the review.  Like some of the hosts I have reviewed there is not link to the companies where they got the awards.


iWeb Technologies Inc, ca.tophost.com award

So far the only thing I can find on ca.tophost.com that leads to an award is something about 8th place


iWeb.com’s Web Hosting Magazine award

A pharagraph does not really sum up why they deserve an award in 2005


iWeb.com’s Webhosting Directories award

In a previous post I had explained that webhostdir.com had given an a review with out This review site never explains why someone gets an award.  For that matter I don’t see feed back from the people whose opinion matters, the customers.


My finale thoughts on iWeb Technologies Inc

When I do search for iWeb, I see a a lot of complaints.  But some of those complaints seem to be written by the same person.  Perhaps there are a lot of people with bad grammar / bad typing.  But one of the biggest complaints I see are in regards to spam, phishing, and spyware.  One example is:


At this time they have a 2 complaints with Spamhaus, the place they mention having an award with:

Found 2 SBL listings for IPs under the responsibility of iweb.com

SBL94865 iweb.com

13-Aug-2010 13:33 GMT
Snowshoe Spam Hosting (smtpd.brwmkt.com)
SBL94864 iweb.com

13-Aug-2010 13:25 GMT
Suspected Snowshoe Spam Range (EWMKT)

Chances are if you host with iWeb Technologies Inc, your email probable will not reach other networks.

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  1. I like your site, but you could make some more verifications on the hosts you review. Your articles are or will be read by a lot of people, it would be important to verify your assumptions. Some corrections :

    How old is iWeb?

    iWeb was born under the name of Formatek in 1996, it started using the iWeb name in 1998 and was using the iweb-hosting.com domain for hosting services at that time. Between 1998 and today it operated under different domains (iweb.ca, iweb8.com, iwebgroup.com, etc.) before acquiring the iweb.com domain around 2008.

    Domain Name………. iweb-hosting.com
    Creation Date…….. 1998-12-03


    I agree with you that some awards are not very significative, but they have been awarded to us, it is no lie. We have been awarded TopHosts’ Best Host award at least 5 times. You can easily find links to the TopHosts pages by searching for “tophost” on our blog (blog.iweb.com). For exemple :


    Top Host link :

    Spamhost and Email

    2 spamhaus listings out of 14,000 servers, you think it is bad? It is 0.001%. One of the listing you show affect a /29, a /29 is 6 IPs that are allocated to a single customer. So having a /29 blacklisted at spamhaus will not affect anyone but that specific customer that is spamming so he should be blacklisted.

    Managing spam and abuse is an ongoing work. Any provider can have spamhaus listings, the important thing is to collaborate with spamhaus to investigate the case and resolve it. The important thing is to look at the date of the reported case and see how many days did it took to have it resolved? Today October 14th there are still 2 spamhaus cases linked to iWeb, they are dated October 9th ! Are there any spamhaus case that was not resolved for a long time? No.

    Reviews and Uptime

    You will find many good reviews on Web Hosting Talk or other forums. As you say, the same unhappy customer shows up for many of the bad reviews. You should search a bit and you will see there are many good reviews on forums.

    Also iWeb is monitored by Netcraft and has been included in its Top10 of hosting performance multiple times:


    Thanks anyway.

  2. Martin,

    Assumptions? There is more proof in my posts then there is in what awards you won.

    What exactly was it that Formatek did before it became iweb-hosting.com? I find it amusing that companies that did not do webhosting prior to the formation of their domain use the start date of one of their companies. Also you did not give me a domain name for which you started under, just formatek. If you did not start webhosting till 1998, then your start date is 1998 not before because you had another company.

    I am supposed to trust webhostingtalk.com? They really should call themselves the good old boys network of webhosting. You read enough negative customer reviews on their forum and you see that its club for hosting companies, anyone that provides negative feed back about a company is usually treated like crap.

    As for the awards, the awards are bogus, just as your placement with webhostingstuff.com, its growing common knowledge that their rankings are paid for. Your own rankings with webhostingstuff.com don’t justify you getting into the spot you paid for. None of the awards or links you have provided validate why you are an “award winning host”. There is this thing called data, facts, and figures. None of that is present to prove that you deserve them. But there are complaints out there by your users that say the exact opposite.

    Did you actually read any of those links you sent me?


    your not on that link, unless your .iWeb8.com.


    I don’t see an award, or for that matter data to show me why you won. I would love to see the data that they used to determine you were top host. Like most bogus companies the data is not shared that is used to determine how you got in the top ranking.

    The very fact that you have the following ranking based on just webhostingstuff.

    Tech Support – 2.44 out of 5
    Customer Service – 2.56 out of 5

    By grade school standards you fail in Tech Support and Customer Service.

    I suggest that you go over your customers reviews and see where you need to improve service.

    As for your abuse complaints, strange but many of the companies I have reviewed don’t have people complaining about the email not getting through and having an ip thats listed on a ban list. Also if you are not paying attention, I am a former webhost owner of 4 companies for 11 years. If I saw the complaints you had, I would be taking measures to win the customers back and fix the problems. I know how to keep bull shit such as spam off my servers, I suggest you learn to do same and not pester someone because they bring it up.



  3. An interesting exchange. I manage a network and have no intention of using iWeb or any other hosting company, but I did find an interesting bit of info in one of my server logs this morning: an IP that traces back to a block delegation held by iWeb attempted to hack into one of my SQL databases last night. A couple of attempts here or there is no big deal, but I’m talking about 288K (yes, that’s 288 thousand) attempts in a single 24-hour period. This is basically a variant of a DoS attack, and I’ve treated it as such. You would think something like that would show up in their metrics, but…

    Fortunately, I’m a pretty good network engineer, so aside from the hit on bandwidth on that circuit, the attack really didn’t affect much, nor was it successful. So I simply had a block placed on that IP at the edge router. That will certainly result in problems w/ email getting through–it means that NO traffic from that IP will get through. Since I don’t outsource and get my circuits directly from a telco, a block at an edge router is really a death sentence. And unlike getting an IP removed from an SRBL, it’s irrevocable.

    I don’t know anything about all these awards you’ve claimed to have received, but if you allow something like this to go on, it tells me you need some skilled network engineers in your NOC. I’m not going to list the offending IP; if you really earned any legitimate awards, you should be able to figure it out for yourself. Assuming you can identify it, you might want to consider retiring that IP. Good luck w/ that.

  4. Your site is about busting and exposing hosts so I did not really expect you to tell me you agreed with my comment. You complaint about the biased awards, but it is clear that you are not in the business of unbiased reviews yourself, only on the opposite side.

    We do hosting since the company was born in 1996 under the Formatek name, we did it for our customers for which we built web sites and managed servers at that time. We got 100% into hosting in 1998 but it does not mean we did not do it before. Anyway, our site stated that we are “trusted” since 1996. Our company is trusted since 1996 that was a fact when it was stated in our header and is still a fact now that it’s not in the header anymore.

    About the domains, we used formatek.qc.ca but before you tell me the whois shows it was registered in 2000 you must know that the CA registry was completely modified in 2000 and no .CA domain name show a registration date before 2000. You can search for formatek.qc.ca on Archive.Org’s Wayback machine, you’ll see they have archives starting in 1997.

    I do not agree with you on the web hosting talk statement. I often see a lot of companies receive negative feedback on web hosting talk and most of the time the negative feedback is deserved and the people providing the feedback are treated well.

    You say there is this thing called data, facts and figures and if you want to stand against the non-justified awards then you should start by not manipulating the facts, data and figures yourself. Asking a question as “If you host with iWeb.com will your email get through?” based on a spamhaus listing is manipulation.

    I am not saying iWeb is perfect. I do not know a single company with a significant number of customers that will never receive a single complaint! We do receive complaints, we take them seriously and we work with the customers to resolve the situation when their claim makes sense (and most of the time it does).

    About the Netcraft uptime links, yes I have read them and yes we are iWeb8.com if you load the site in your browser you’ll see it redirects to iWeb.com.

    You might know how to keep bullshit such as spam off your servers, but do you know how to keep bullshit such as spam our of 14,000 unmanaged dedicated servers? If you know a good way to do that beside being strict and try to filter customers first and then act quickly when blacklists and spam reports are sent then I’ll buy it. Don’t tell me a dedicated server provider can filter ports or mails sent from his network, it would show that you do not know what you are talking about.

    Good luck with your site anyway.

  5. Martin,

    I only quote what I find. What I can not find is any mention of your previous incarnation. Though I do see ‘a trusted name since 1996’ on the screen shot I have of your site. I have no idea how it can be a trusted name since 1996, since you did not exist under the name back in 1996. Clearly you removed that from your header because I am right.

    At the same time you did not bother to clarify on those links you sent me. At least you could have bothered to confirm you were iweb8.com.

    The awards are not as much biased as rigged. If the worst movie in the world wins a Grammy because the producer paid for it, does that make it fair? There is this thing called ethics. When someone gets a legit award there is a clear indicator of why. Uptime, server speed, customer satisfaction, and many other details are missing from your awards. Your excuse is rather an award is deserved or not your going to put it up.

    You can accuse me of twisting the fact but I only quote what I find. I also make it clear when something is my opinion. My title for this post was based off more then the Spamhaus complaints. It was based off what I saw your customers complaining about. I suppose I should have posted all the links I find to those complaints. But you seem in denial that there are any valid customer complaints. You did not bother to address your quality of customer and tech support with a company you received an award from. Personally if I were you, I would be more interested in what your customers have to say then what I have to say.

    As for those top host awards, I should not need to go through your company blog to find them, I should be able to find them by searching ‘top host award iweb’
    And no I am not about negative hosting reviews. I am about exposing people who pay for rankings with webhosting review companies (after all the domain name for this site is hosting-reveiws-exposed.com, not negative-hosting-reviews.com). You were my target because you choose to pay webhostingstuff.com. A company that is clearly falling apart. Clearly you don’t mind being grouped with a company whose site is not even online for the better part of this year (i7net.net in the 21st spot), another that is using their wild west domains account for reselling while keeping his customers domain names under his name (Firedragonhosting.com), and another hosting company that faked one of their own reviews and is a shared hosting customer of hostgator (WebInternetHosting.com).

    These are the companies that you associate yourself with in the top 25 of webhostingstuff.com. If you don’t believe me that webhostingstuff is falling apart. You might notice that fatcow, ipage, and justhost are no longer in the top 25. Only Hostgator remains.

    I tend to have my doubts about you having 14,000 unmanaged dedicated servers, though thats my opinion. As your not a name that I see, nor at any time in the last 11 years did I consider you a competitor. Clearly since I am out of the business and looking for a good host your nor a company that I would trust.

    But yes I could keep a denial of service attack from happening like what the previous commenter mentioned. Many companies do it, layered technologies, theplanet, rackspace, and many many more. You can try to say I don’t know what I am talking about to cover your own ignorance. But the bottomline is the world can see your not the place to trust a site that brings in the bacon.



  6. Iweb was since 2006 it was right their first domain was:
    iweb8.com check whois for this domain
    Creation Date…….. 2006-11-25
    Registration Date…. 2006-11-25
    Expiry Date………. 2012-11-25

    How did i find it?
    In netcrafts site it was iweb8.com comapny name was
    iWeb Technologies.

  7. Hello Charan,

    The age of iweb8.com was not in question. The whole “a trusted name since 1996”, however since he was unable to prove the name was in use since 1996 he removed it from his logo.




    I am writing this to find people who have problems with iWeb Technology.

    The reason for this message, I had an experience that can be very problematic with Iweb technology, too frequent problems of slowness, no notice of technicians on service reductions, has never been able to solve problems. My biggest problem, iWeb has removed several of my sites, where the application is made by me on their support services. The request was to change my primary domain to another. (No delete all my sites)

    I made backups of the main directory for two weeks, one day, nothing! All my domains were absent, I did not panic, I thought the backups that I made in my administration panel were good! To my surprise, all my files are corrupt! Unable to open backup files. Several times in the months preceding this incident, I sent several service tickets and customer support for problems that were presented in my administration panel, an SQL error was present, in the words of technicians there was no cause for alarm, no problem, it was normal, with hindsight, I doubt that technicians are familiar with this error code and the source of the problem. You can see the error directly on the site http://www.lesmagouilleurs.com

    Several links to see what others think of them: http://hostjury.com/reviews/iweb-iwebcom-scammed-me.html http://www.webhostingcompanyreviews.com/iweb-techonologies-review/

    And if you think it’s an isolated problem, you cheated, I have proof that I am not alone and there is worse than me, but out of respect for privacy I will not disclose the names of persons who trusted me.

    I am very angry with Iweb technology.

    The request I asked for iWeb changed my main domain, this modification could not do that in my administration panel, the only people who could make that request was the technician.

    This is not me who shot this button.

    If you have experienced problems with iWeb Technologies, please send me a message.


    * Andre.boies Courriel@videotron.ca

    You can see every show on the site http://www.lesmagouilleurs.com


  9. Hello Andre,

    I am sorry to hear about your problems with iweb. Do you have any documentation emails, chats, tickets that you would like to share?



  10. Hi Benjamin,

    I really appreciate whatever you are doing.

    Really I had very very bad experience with Iweb. Their billing dept is very smart in making money.

    I’m just briefing you what happened with us:

    In March 2012 they closed my on sever saying they detected spamming without properly clarify /disclosing the source of spam.

    When abuse team instructed billing of Iweb to close the server, they closed my 2 servers. They sent me just one email of one server only. But bcz of their miscommunication they closed my 2 servers.

    During this we were busy in our events as we are event organizers. Since March 2012 till May 2012, billing dept. of Iweb was charging us for the servers which were actually CLOSED!!

    This came to picture when we were submitting report to our Management. When we inquire about this immediately their billing dept credited the amount to our account.

    After lot of follow from May to June 2012 only one person from their support accepted their mistake on live chat which I’m pasting here:

    “Sylvain D.: Our abuse dept asked for CL-T146-343CN closure for eula

    infringement (SPAM) and the server had been disconnected from the

    network BUT our billing dept. instead of removing it from your account

    they removed the CL-T143-163CN

    [01:11:54] Sylvain D.: That is what happened.

    Till date I have not received proper clarification & apologies for this.

    Ticket [RQ #5597841] [DEDI][68190] [Billing Assistance] [Others] which is open since May 2012.

    When we warned & told them that we are filling a case of fraud against them, also we will publish this on our 50 websites they closed our 3 more servers saying they detected Spamming. Also they are saying they will sue us if we publish it.

    Benjamin, really I’m upset as since last 4 years we are using their services but they don’t care about clients.

    Let me know if you can publish this as post. I hope you will act on this asap.

    Thanks & regards,

    Shravan Sharma

  11. Hi guys, iweb have the worst customer support i ever saw. I have 20 domains hosted on iweb and today its the 7th consecutive day that all my email accounts are not working. They said that they needed to updgrade plesk version from 9 TO 11. And so, i gave all the permissions to do it. Well its been past almost a week, and i had made more than 10 tickets asking everyday when they will have my emails working. The response its always the same “your situation was escalated to our administrators”. Today i went to my server throught remote desktop and i saw the unbelievable… the upgrade progress went wrong and they did not bother to confirm!!! I sent another email warning this situation and the answer was “we will transfer your situation to our administrators”!!! Really??? what a bunch of incompetents, i will now close my iweb contract and move for another company who can take care of his clients, cause iweb dont. Big hug for all.

  12. iWeb are going from bad to worse. There was a time when I hosted all of my clients there (around 30) and after today will be moving ALL of them away.

    Stay away, they may look affordable but you will get burned.

  13. I find this quite fascinating.

    I have just had a look at iWeb’s site, where they make the following claim.
    “The world’s most reliable hosting, with zero downtime for over 3 years”

    On that basis, if my particular hosting service has gone down 12 times during August alone, for an average 3.5 hours each time, what compensation would you suggest I am entitled to?

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