000webhost.com, its really not a good idea to spam on my YouTube account

For some bizarre reason today I find three attempts to put affiliate links in the comments on my video. Clearly affiliates of 000webhost.com are not paying attention, especially since I decided to go after whybluehost.com (I am actually not done yet).

What I am trying to understand is if you give free hosting away with no advertisements, how can you afford to pay $5 per referral? Their website while clear on pointing out referral payments does not state costs of any other service.

Clearly the free service is not worth the effort of even looking at the site:



But I see no terms of service on 000webhost.com

However on the paid site http://www.hosting24.com/tos.php

There are no guarantees at all that you will have service.

Plus this is some interesting legal mumbo jumbo:

Clients are encouraged to pay by credit card as it is the easiest way to handle payment at this time.

These companies should be avoided.

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  1. Well, many affiliates will probably not get the 5 USD per referral, because you have to refer 20 signups before you get paid. As long as you have not earned 100 USD you will not get any money.

    They also claim that they get donations from their users: http://www.000webhost.com/faq.php?ID=55

    After all they currently do have more than 65,000 fans on Facebook.

    Of course the free hosting offer is there to get more customers and with the limits on the free offer, I guess it does not cost them too much. While other hosting providers spend 2,000 USD for being listed number one on a fake review site 😉 they spend their marketing budget by offering free hosting.

    Well, I certainly prefer this marketing strategy :-). Every business has to spend some money to get new customers. Maybe I will try their free offer with a not so important site.


  2. Hello Mattias,

    There are several things wrong with your argument. I have to wonder why you are on my site, if not to troll my blog.

    One of which is many of the complaints in regards to the payment, indicate they understand that they don’t get it unless they get 20 customers. Which if you think about it, why does someone get paid to refer a non-paying customer?

    As for 65,000 fans on face book. I know of places where you can pay $35 to get 500 fans.

    While 000webhost.com does not appear on review sites, they run their own unethical operation.

    As for a marketing strategy, they would not need donations from their customers if they had a great marketing strategy.



    If this was a successful marketing strategy, there would be no need for donations.

  3. Dear Benjamin,

    first of all, I am not a troll. I really do like your blog and articles exposing the different hosting review sites. After a lot of searching online I finally learned from you, that there simply is no perfect host.

    You asked:
    “Which if you think about it, why does someone get paid to refer a non-paying customer?”

    Very many companies do pay their affiliates for non-paying customers, just because they know their numbers. They know for example that out of every 100 new non-paying customers there will eventually convert for example 24 to paying customers and they do know how much revenue they get out of these paying customers. With the revenue from these new paying customers they can pay the affiliates.

    There is a huge marketing industry based around just this topic, called CPA (Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Acquisition). You are using Commission Junction to recommend some things to your readers, I guess they also do have programs based on CPA. CPA offers are certainly also used often by spamers, but in itself CPS is a legitimate marketing method.

    About the facebook fans you are right, I did not think about the available unethical methods of getting facebook fans.

    About the donations, I guess, that they don’t actually need those and I also have not seen, that they actually asked their non-paying customers for donations. They just mentioned it in one of their FAQs that they were getting donations.

    I guess it is for most people easier to accept the “why?” behind the free offer, if you mention that you get donations. An explanation about how CPA works would probably go over the head of most people unfamiliar with marketing methods.

    We can only speculate about how much donations they actually do get to cover their costs, but I guess the donations probably do not cover their costs. If they would not offer paid hosting (with more features, so you have a reason to switch from a non-paying to a paying customer) they would certainly not be able to offer free hosting.

    By the way, in your post you also did mention, that you have not seen their TOS. They don’t link to them on their homepage, but they are on the website (for example on the order page):

    What I find a bit strange is, that for their paid hosting there seem to be allowed (according to the TOS) a lot of things which are normally not allowed with most hosting companies and also aren’t allowed on their paid hosting site as far as I have seen.

    When you click on the order button of the paid offer, then you are redirected to their paid hosting site. And then you find out that the features differ slightly (and the TOS are a lot different). For example for the cheap prize shown on the free hosting site there are no unlimited addon domains on the paid site available. For that feature you would have to pay more. I don’t know if they are aware of it and trying to be deceptive or if it is just a mistake.

    The TOS on the free hosting site about the allegedly allowed things for an upgraded account should definitely be updated. It looks like they are really out of date (June 2007) and no longer valid for paid accounts.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.


  4. Hello Mattis,

    I do apologize if your not a troll. Often I get people on that for some bizarre reason try to undo my argument. While it makes sense for a host to do that, it does not make sense for any one asides for a fan to do so.

    It really seems weird to me to pay people to bring people in for free. Having ran 4 hosting companies, I have to say the accounts I hated to deal with were the cheapest paying clients. Not because they paid less, but they were statistically more likely to submit tickets then customers that paid more. As one host stated, the less someone pays the more likely they were to contact support and not understand the relationship between the host and the customer. I have been there with customers that were on a free 90 day trial. Anyone that worked support will tell you that they were glad when we ended the free period as it was. After all support tickets dropped by 40%.

    It really seems they only bring people in to try and herd them into paid accounts. Having been a hosting provider I can tell you I never got donations.



  5. I will tell you here the experience I had with 000webhost free service.
    At first time it was great, I installed wordpress and a WP template for some friend that is photographer and wanted a website. All the features worked great, it was very faster the service. You don’t have autoinstaller, but is ok because you can do it manually (it is not a big deal).
    The bad things started later.
    – Once we found we haven’t the database. They moved web sites to other servers, so our database (mysql) was empty. After some support tickets we recovered it.
    – The big problem was a few days ago when they suspended us the account because a term of service violation “Suspended (Account sent more than 1000 email messages and only gets 0 visitors per day. This overloads our mail server. If you need to send more emails and to get your account re-activated, please upgrade to our premium UNLIMITED hosting”. We don’t have idea why this happened, we don’t have emails in 000webhosting.
    We CAN’T ACCESS to any feature from the Control Panel, to make a backup of the website. Also the ftp not shows our data (it is empty , just the root).
    So, the only solution they provide us was to upgrade to a payed account, not just for the service, TO RECOVER OUR DATA!!

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