IXwebhosting.com wants a blog post to be happy, apparently 1 was not enough

IXwebhosting.com was far from my thoughts (ok I mentioned IXwebhosting.com in my last post), as I already have 20 posts literally waiting for me to finish on my phone.  Not to mention this is an election year and I am hurting for free time, and I am not hurting for work.  But I got this email (and others that provide me with new post ideas) just a few hours ago from Stepan who wrote me from an email address from ecommerce.com.

Email from ecommerce.com on behalf of IXwebhosting.com


I’m currently Affiliate Manager at IX WebHosting and noticed you don’t have our review on your website! This is really sad, and I would love you to add us to your website.

You can check all our current Shared Hosting plans from the next page:
You can even try them out for Free (7 days free trial)!

Please notice that we offer also industry leading VPS and Cloud

What I want to offer you is not only to advertise us on your website (place review), but also get money out of it! As I said, I’m affiliate manager @IX and I would like to invite you to our Affiliate Program. You can get up to $300 per signup! I know this may sound like a lottery, but… This is the way our affiliates are earning up to $10K on a regular basis. As I see from your website – you may be one of those successful ones. You can check our Affiliate Program from the next link:


Feel free to contact me in case you have any questions or interested
in future beneficial cooperation.


So IXwebhosting.com does not understand what this site is about?

Personally, I would think that most hosts would be happy not to be featured on this site, except of course amazon.com (and I don’t mean the hosting side). As no host has got a glowing endorsement from me. I am not about to endorse any company that offers unlimited resources like IXwebhosting.com.

Stepan had no problem finding the contact form for my site,  where I make it clear I will post emails in the interest of full disclosure. Yet I am not sure Stepan understood the nature of this site.  IXwebhosting.com is not on the main page of this site but I did do a post on IXwebhosting.com in July 2011. Part of my interest in them is like many hosts that appear on this site, is IXwebhosting.com  and other large commission sites are often found on so-called top 10 sites.

After all IXwebhosting.com appears on hosting-review.com’s top 10.

My other interest in IXwebhosting.com is the founder was also part of a company called featuredprice.com.


In short, the point of my post was I thought there was something common between all of the sites that did reviews for IXwebhosting.com. Which there was and that was they were all done in the same city, and all were filmed by the same crew. Remarkable Lisa Grice of IXwebhosting.com contacted me the next day after I did my review.

“I’m the Customer Service Director for IX Web Hosting (yup, in Columbus, OH). I am commenting here because while your post is factual – I’m confused at how we’re ‘busted’”

Despite my critic testimonial page has not much since I last reviewed. The page does not disclose the back story behind what I found.

IX Web Hosting is trusted by over 500,000 websites and their owners all over the world.

Not being the best person at marketing I think I could do a better job of disclosing the scenario by adding just this sentence. ”Here is what the people of Columbus Ohio think about us.”

So who is still with IXwebhosting.com since I looked at the videos back in 2011?

houndsinthekitchen.com – Left at least March 2012
kellsband.com – Still there
digitaldynamicdesigns.com – Still there
yunbootcamps.com – Still there
1canalgirl.com – Still there
djscolumbus.com – Still there
ryanomics.com – Still there
fox-counseling.com Left around April 2012
kellisautosales.com – Still there and still at risk of having their domain taken away because of crap info entered in the whois,

All things considered, IXwebhosting.com kept a fair amount of the sites that did reviews.

Lisa stop responding when I asked why IXwebhosting.com had not joined the many hosts such as Hostgator.com and Endurance International Group hosts in asking their affiliates to follow FTC guidelines. I had two IXwebhosting.com customers who left comments on my blog who looked like they could have used some assistance as well from IXwebhosting.com. One of those customers who seemed in need of industry-leading VPS service.

The IXwebhosting.com question part of the blog

1. Was this site targeted by IXwebhosting.com because it used the terms hosting + reviews?

I have had a lot of hosts ask me to do a review, most failed to see that “exposed” part in my domain hosting-reviews-“exposed”.com. What most don’t realize is that this site was created because a review site (webhostingstuff.com) choose to unfairly delete my companies positive feedback. This event made it a core mission of this site to expose the real relationship between hosting review sites and hosting companies.

2. Why is there no FTC compliance in the IXwebhosting.com affiliate agreement?

Many of the big names(hostgator.com, fatcow, webhostingpad.com,……..) in U.S. hosting have required their affiliates to follow FTC compliance guidelines in regards to sites that make a commission based on a review or perception of a review. So why has IXwebhosting.com left that out of their agreement? Below is a copy of IXwebhosting.com’s affiliate agreement.

3. Has hostingsthatsuck.com been contacted by IXwebhosting.com as well?

I just ask because there are a few hosts that have contacted this so-called review site around the same time they ask me for a review. As far as I can tell they have not done a review on IXwebhosting.com. They use this whole so-called “*hostname* sucks” to get people to sign up, and I was wondering if I will be writing a third post to explain how hostingsthatsuck.com is wrong.  One host, in particular, started up last year, and hostingsthatsuck.com failed to mention this was a new company. But they made it sound like a good company because there was no negative feedback in search engines (look up zyma.com on this site).  I know a lot of hosts don’t like their methodology. Would “IXwebhosting.com Sucks? Is this Hosting any Good?” sound like a good solution for selling services for IXwebhosting.com?

4. I would love to hear the backstory of why alreadyhost.com removed their endorsement of IXwebhosting.com. Why did they lose/quit their affiliate account with IXwebhosting.com?


Unlike most review sites alreadyhosting.com barely tries when it comes to writing a review about a host. The review they have up on IXwebhosting.com is weak at best and I am supposed to take his word like every site (which has an affiliate program with a nice payout) that I was supposed to choose IXwebhosting.com or another site.  I have seen content spinners put more effort into promoting a post.  But I was in contact with one host that removed their affiliate program due to cookie stuffing.



So it really is not hard to imagine that IXwebhosting.com removed alreadyhosting.com’s affiliate program for the same/similar reasons and alreadyhosting.com is just covering up.

I don’t have a problem with IXwebhosting.com finding new affiliates

My concern is who IXwebhosting.com might be targeting, it’s one thing to ask internet related sites to do a review on IXwebhosting.com or place ads. It’s another to ask sites that are into reviews for pure profit like hosting-review.com, alreadyhosting.com, webhostingstuff.com, hostaz.com, hostingsthatsuck.com, and a list that is way too long. All of these sites want their viewers to think they are independent sources to trust when someone is looking for their hosting needs.  Sites that want their viewers to pick hosts like ixwebhostin.com to get up to $300 commissions / $10k on a regular basis.

 IXwebhosting.com seems to appear on a lot of so-called review sites.

2 Replies to “IXwebhosting.com wants a blog post to be happy, apparently 1 was not enough”

  1. Hi Benjamin,

    I’m really sad to hear about your bad experience with some review companies. I would like to comment on level of service we provide. We had some down times, and there were some servers which were pain for us and for our customers.. But the good news are that we’ve equipped with brand new servers this year and each subscriber can now count on fast and stable Unlimited hosting with all the singups! You can also try our server for free for 7 days, as I’ve mentioned in my email.

    I have same feel as Lisa had, as I’m not sure how were we’ve busted, so I guess, thank you for your article! We always value honest opinions on us, no matter what people have to say. Truth is what matters for us.

    That is true, we are right now working on recruiting potential affiliates, if there is someone interested in earning up to $300 for just placing banners on their website and leading traffic to our highly converting pages – feel free to contact me!


  2. Hello Stepan,

    I don’t think you read that post in full, as there were some questions. I have very few complaints in regards to your company (just 2). Though I think they would have been better off hearing from you guys about their issues than what it is I have posted. I haven’t looked at your downtimes, perhaps in the future, I may. But for now, my interest is rather you deal with sites that claim you are a good host without actually looking to see if you are, just because you offer up to $300 per sign up and up to $10k per check.

    As stated my concern is that you are soliciting those so-called hosting review sites, which there is nothing in any of your responses to indicate otherwise. BTW I only had one bad experience with a review site, which leads to me looking at the rest of the review sites. Also just to be clear I have no problem with people being in your affiliate program. Personally many of the programs look a bit high, but that is not what this site is about.

    If you want to understand what this site is about watching the video I made almost 5 years ago.


    Was your intention to find advertisers, or people that will push your product (even if they never use it)? But speaking of webhostingstuff.com, the owner Michael Low actually owns two other review sites Hostaz.com and I forget the name of the other and since it has such a low traffic score it would probably be better not to mention it. Some of your competitors like siteground.com have their own top 10, where guess who appears as number 1? I suppose if your looking for someone that will push your product you could ask to get on the 2 – 10 position. At up to $300 per sign up and around $10k on a regular basis, I am sure they may be interested.

    I think three of my questions deserve a response. While I realize you may not want to discuss what happened with alreadyhosting.com, while I have not read the full affiliate agreement I am certain they are not covered by non-disclosure. Besides they provide no proof you treat your affiliates poorly. I think it is important to discuss why you targeted this site. Why your company does not have FTC guidelines in your affiliate agreement like many of your competitors. Not to mention if you are concerned about the busted label on this site, rather or not you also targeted hostingsthatsuck.com to be an affiliate. We are talking about a review site that uses keywords like suck, scam, fraud, and whatever else someone may enter into a search engine when trying to decide rather they should host with you.



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