Is a green host, perhaps helps out!!!

Considering my earlier post was on green hosting, I figured I would look at the link below to see how they went green.

I admit while being a green person, I am not really aware of how many tons of carbon I make on my own. My philosophy has been to recycle, reuse, and reduce and make changes as I go. So I thought I would find out how much 8 metric tons of carbon offsets are going to effect. Turns out not much. I decided to contact by phone to find out the cost of 8 tons of carbon offsets. Honestly I was a little surprised at how low it was and how fast I got the answer.

Guess how much that cost them to get? 1 metric ton is $15 (though after an email I find out it was $14). How green is Apparently $112 worth. This does not amount up to much. You can try’s carbon calculator, though you better have a car that was built no later then 2000 other wise they will not have your car. Just picking the nations average on home electricity and natural gas I get 10.6 metric tons.

I don’t think’s calculator is the best set up, but I think its safe to say that’s tree planting is not doing a lot to offset their electricity use. Though after a look through their terms of service I find:

We will plant a tree for every new direct customer that signs up for our Green Hosting package. Interactive Online does not do the actual planting of the tree. Instead we donate $1 for every new customer to

Apparently is not the only company they work with, so why is not showing how many trees they have planted so far? Small customer list? Or is this the Carbon Offsets they buy? So far this part of the terms of service and the link to 8 metric ton certificate are all that in regards to information.


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From: H, Jennifer
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Here is a little information of the specific offset project we have in inventory:

Tyson Wastewater Treatment Methane Capture

Description: Tyson Foods, Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of protein, operating poultry, swine, and beef processing plants. Over 100 million gallons of wastewater from these plants is treated each day at facilities owned and operated by Tyson. Traditionally held in uncovered anaerobic lagoons, wastewater releases methane (CH4) as organic matter degrades. Methane emissions trap 21 times more heat than CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Tyson has installed methane flares at 5 wastewater treatment facilities to convert methane into less-harmful CO2. Additionally, Tyson has installed energy recovery technology at 4 out of the 5 facilities to convert methane into steam for their boilers.

Certification: Voluntary Carbon Standard

Locations: Illinois, Nebraska, Texas, & Iowa

You can order online at:

They are working on the site as we speak so 1st the cost per offset is $14.00, not changed to $15.00 yet and they are adding new security features. You should be able to order in the next couple of hours or I can take your information over the phone and mail you a certificate of purchase.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

J Humphries
Sales Operations Coordinator, Environmental Products
Green Mountain Energy Company
P.O. Box 689008
Austin, TX 78768
Office: (512) 691-6318
Fax: (512) 691-6353

Be part of the solution at


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Hello again Jennifer,

I just wanted to clarify that its $15 per metric ton, and do you have a link I can look at for this and perhaps order?




I am not sure I will ever look at chicken the same way again. I would have found the cost out if I would have clicked on the “Offset My Emissions” button. I am not a big fan of emissions offsets, after all is using it to say they are a green host (despite they only show a certificate for 8 metric tons). But the truth of the matter is they are paying someone else to be green for them. Rather small amount that it is to claim they are a green company. I am not sure I am a fan of either, as there only method for countering pollution is to sell you the right to have someone else do it for you.

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  1. There is sure a lot of speculation in this blog post without first finding the true facts.

    The only association we have with BeGreen is that we purchase our RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) from them. The reason we do not list the number of trees that get planted is because we are a smaller hosting provider. This is also the reason we were only paying for 8 metric tons.

    I recently renewed our RECs which came out to 11 metric tons this year. We also recently donated to have 150 trees planted since we had 150 new customers this year. I will get this info posted to our site so there is no confusion.

    We currently host just over 2,600 sites and get about 150-200 new customers per year. Yes we are smaller than the larger hosts but we provide far superior service than they do. Checkout our customer reviews at

    We’ve never had any poor reviews of our service, except for the ones on this particular blog which I feel isn’t fair since the poster never really used our services anyways.

    -David Tanguay – owner

  2. Hello David,

    Thanks for the rather late reply. I would like you to ask yourself why did I review your site? I did not just pick you out of no where. The answer to that is you choose to purchase “advertising” from You clearly are not in a league with hostgator, ipage, justhost, and fatcow. Last I checked you were not using anymore.

    My posts was based off of what little data you provide and in regards to Green washing which includes a relationship with BeGreen that gives you a certificate to help you bring in people that are concerned about the environment. So please if you complain to me about using true facts, make sure you have them posted on your site.

    As for being unfair, I am sure Bluehost can say the same to you:

    I can understand why you would do that, as any comment such your own on my site helps in search engine ranking. What better then to get negative comments about a competitor on your own site?

    Anyway a second review will be coming in a few months. I advise keeping an eye on my forum for the grading system. Who knows you might score high.

    By the way here are your poor reviews:

    As for your own “reviews”, none of the sites have your dns and unless you have servers at both theplanet and singlehop none of these reviews are valid: -SINGLEHOP.COM – – – HOSTMONSTER.COM – SINGLEHOP.COM – – NETSOL.COM – CASHPARKING.COM – A2WEBHOSTING.COM – – No Longer online – THEPLANET.COM

    Any thing else I should look at? I have to admit I should have looked at your reviews as well as for the negative reviews.



  3. We’ve added more info on our site about being green at since this post was first created.

    We have dedicated servers at multiple providers including ThePlanet, SingleHop and Hivelocity which is why the domains on our reviews page are pointing to different data centers. All the reviews you see on our site were submitted by real customers we either currently host or previously hosted. Yes all of the reviews on our site are valid. For you to say otherwise is just ridiculous. Not every hosting provider owns their own data center. There are many (even some large hosts) that lease dedicated servers from the providers we use.

    I don’t see how the page is unfair or even compares to the negative posts you have been leaving about our company. We did not create any false reviews about them. We simply created a blog post titled with popular keywords to attract SEO traffic. Nowhere on the page are we reviewing their service without first trying them.

    As for the negative reviews yes I do see 2 at One was from 3 years ago and another over 6 years ago. They were from customers that were hosted on our old servers which did have some problems periodically. Since we have moved over to our cPanel servers we haven’t had any major problems or complaints. If you look at the reviews posted at various sites at (except for the 2 you pointed out) all are positive reviews.

    Even though we are small we still have been in business since 1997. 2 negative reviews in 14 years is an excellent track record if you ask me. Though we try to please everyone unfortunately it’s not possible 100% of the time.

    I just don’t think it is fair for you to review our services without first trying them out. There’s another “review” on this blog with some lengthy speculations I still need to respond to.

    I just find it very unfair for you to be so negative about our services without ever really trying them first.

    If you’d like to do a more honest review of our services, and try them out before you do, please contact me directly so I can setup a free account you can use for testing purposes.

  4. Not sure why you feel my response was not civil. I was not trying to be uncivil. I’m sorry if I came across that way. I was a little frustrated when I discovered this review about our services from someone who has never used our service before and claiming that we “cannot be trusted”. I understand you are just doing a review based on our website and policies, but I do feel you need to be honest and refrain from posting false information such as claiming the reviews on our site are not valid. All reviews are from existing or previous customers. If you have any questions about our services or policies I’d appreciate it if you contacted us first to see if we can adjust them to your liking before you bash us with your opinion about them. We’re more than willing to work with you to adjust our policies so that maybe we can change your opinion about us so it’s in a more positive light.

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