Zyma.com and hostingsthatsuck.com both Suck

Hostingsthatsucks wants you to think that Zyma.com does not suck.


The whole methodology of they don’t suck if they have no results when you search  “zyma sucks” on search engine.  The problem is Zyma.com is an aged domain.  An aged domain is usually one that was purchased  a few years or more that was never used or abandoned.  There is a lot of value in this domain since its 4 letters.  Despite the low Alexa score (low is good, high is bad), Alexa shows that this site has not had much of a traffic increase until a couple months ago.

You don’t need another zyma review or Zyma critique to decide. You can read as many critical review, comments, Zyma Technologies issues, Zyma Technologies problems, limitations or criticism about them that you can find. Here is a challenge to find a better hosting than what we just recommended. Go search for some other web hosting with no “X sucks” pages on Google, and post them down here in the comment box.

First of all reviews on Zyma as a host are rare if any.  There is a reason why their challenge is pointless,  before it was a British webhost they were a Spanish company that offered:

Zyma commercial. SA is a company dedicated to the world of commercial and industrial pejase, offering the best products Mobba Bizerba and Sorrentino, of which we are exclusive distributors and service we own.

Within the world of industrial weighing, platforms FREE investigation of all types including weighbridges, also have scales and counting scales for inventory, company.

This seemed to be the case up til 2006.


Despite that hostingsthatsuck has to ask:

Did you hear zyma customers had problems? Some said Zyma scams? Read some zyma issues and bad experiences? Did you hear about Zyma horror stories and their limitations?

Didn’t they say before that “zyma is almost perfect! With no or little complaint whatsoever.“?

Why does Zyma have my attention?

Despite a cost that seems too good to be true, and it probable is because I am sure thats either a limited time price or there will be some hidden bills.   This host contacted me on January 15, 2011 and January 17, 2011:



We have recently launched a new hosting company based in the UK
(www.zyma.com) & we would be grateful if you would give us a review on
your website.

Of course in return we can give you free hosting account for any one
of your websites completely free of charge.

Let me know if you are interested in our proposal, and I can set-up
the account for you today.



Marketing Director
Zyma Technologies

Frankly I don’t think I have any site that I am willing to trust on an account that costs less then $10 a year.  Even if I did they would gain far more from me doing a review of their site, unless of coarse I signed up for their affiliate program.  I am willing to bet that Hostingsthatsuck.com started using this new host around the same time that I got this email.  The date on their post was January 19, 2011.   I find other people that did as well:


A Zyma.com employee approached us to review their service. For this we received a hosting account from them free of charge for which we used to evaluate the service. If you would like me to review your webhost on Pingable, get in touch using the contact form.

Hostingsthatsuck’s affilate id with Zyma.com is aff_id15007

“You have seen the number analysis above. Numbers don’t lie.

To validate their argument they post cropped pics of the control panel.  They don’t show numbers such as uptime, how much space they used, number of days hosted, and other details that a consumer could use to determine if this is a valid host.  The only numbers they use are the amount of “host sucks” search engine results (though “almost none” is not a number) and “£4.95/YEAR (normally £1.79 / MONTH).”  The site post is riddled with afilliate links.


Earn a massive 40% per sale when you sell our hosting package and with no limits on how much you can earn, our affiliate program is one of the most attractive schemes around.


Joining our affiliate scheme is completely FREEand you can be up and running in minutes.

Don’t delay, start earning today!

This is a host I think I need to keep an eye on.

Its safe to say that Hostingsthatsuck’s review about Zyma is not to be trusted.

55 Replies to “Zyma.com and hostingsthatsuck.com both Suck”

  1. Benjamin,

    We have read your post about our website (http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/), but we frankly disagree with every negative comment that you have made about us.

    We are not a scamming website, we are a genuine web hosting company that is trying to make peoples lives easier by offering them cheap and simple web hosting package.

    We even offered you a free hosting account to try our services, but you denied this opportunity only to post how bad our service is? How can you state our quality of service when you have not had any first hand experience with our web hosting service?

    We are very disappointed in your post, and we hope that in future you decide to consult us before posting a remark that is deliberately misleading and totally false.

    Kind regards,

    Marketing Director
    Zyma Technologies

  2. Hello Khuram,

    Just so anyone is reading knows, your statement was not a comment but an email to me, that I have posted so everyone can see what you have to say.

    First off goto http://www.hostingsthatsuck.com/zyma-sucks/ and read

    Second off lets makes some corrections to your statement:

    1. I have not called your site a scam. Hostingsthatsuck.com was the one to use the scam word. All red text in italics are quotes of either your comments or hostingthatsucks comments.
    2. You choose to contact hostingsthatsuck.com to do a review, that earns you a review from me. Just like any host that does business with a site that does reviews only for the sake of an affiliate out come.
    3. Is it ok for hostingsthatsuck to use Zyma Sucks and not me? Not Really.
    4. Nothing I have stated is false. Nor have I been misleading. The fact is your new. Hostingsthatsucks does not state that. Instead they tell people to search on Google for “zyma,com sucks” to prove to people no one has wrote bad things about you. That is disingenuous. Which at this point is going to bring up hostingsthatsucks.com and now hosting-reviews-exposed.com. Making their argument null and void.
    5. They give no numbers to prove your a good host. For that matter they just have pictures that barely show your control panel.

    Hostingsthatsuck has ignored the facts, and choose to do whatever it would take to get people to choose you so they can get a payout. Despite the fact that you are a new host on a domain that belong to another company. Clearly your going to have “almost none” in the category of “zyma.com sucks”. Because you choose to go with an affiliate that uses suck as part of his advertising to get people by that search engine result. If your not aware I actually watch that site for material for this blog.


    But lets be honest here, you truly can only offer a limited amount of space. Because frankly your going to have limits on who you let stay to consume space and bandwidth when you are charging less then $10 USD. Anyone that has a unlimited plan has a limit to make sure they make a profit.



    BTW Scheme is not the best word to use in an affiliate program

  3. Hi Benjamin,

    We would like to apologise for saying that you used the word “scam” when referring to us, as this is clearly not the case.

    Quite frankly, we were completely unaware that hostingsthatsuck.com were being dishonest in their review. We believe that people should write accurate and honest reviews about hosting companies, whether it is good or bad, which is why we have revoked hostingsthatsuck.com affiliate license with us, as well as removed their website from our servers.

    Some customers maybe a bit sceptical about our hosting price, but to those people, we would like to stress that we offer a FULL 30 day money back guarantee policy. That way they can try our services and find out for themselves to see how good it really is.

    We also don’t hide the fact that we are a new company & we have only been operating for a few months. Our strength lies in our belief and commitment to deliver excellent value for money to all our customers.

    As you have much experience in this field, we therefore kindly ask you to post an honest review about us on your website so that people know the truth about who we really are and what we can give to our customers.

    Kind regards,

    Marketing Director
    Zyma Technologies

  4. Hello Khuram,

    You still have a question to answer in my email.

    In regards to my previous response I made it clear that I would not remove or change a post unless I am wrong in which case I would remove the post and replace it with a retraction. Clearly I was not wrong. You should have done your homework when you contacted me (I do a reviews on hosts that use fake reviews as well as reviews on the fake reviewers) or hostingsthatsuck (they do they do the whole “Host x sucks real bad. Host x is so bad because it doesn’t have any bad reviews about it when we searched for “Host x sucks” or “host x complaints” on Google today“). Its such a lazy pattern that they pretty much use the same thing for every host they want to promote just to get affiliate commission.

    I can give you a re-review. This is not the secondary review that will soon be coming for every host I have reviewed in the past. The secondary review is going to be done on a 100 point system which will be released latter mid month on my forum. Here is what I would be looking for in your re-review:

    As I stated before you have an unlimited account for less then 22 Pounds a year now roughly $33 here. That’s an incredibly low price compared to most unlimited plans. Which means compared to other hosting companies that have buying power on equipment you have a much lower threshold for kicking people off. You don’t have any packages for a serious hosting account or service for someone that does not fall under the definition of . Per your own light terms of service:

    The Company may not establish a specific amount of bandwidth, disk space and other resources, and refer to that as “Unlimited”. In all cases, the Services are intended for normal use only, and any activity that results in excessive usage that is inconsistent with normal usage patterns is strictly prohibited.

    Where is the definition of “Normal Usage“?

    Your also missing address information, I am aware that this is required by law in the UK.

    Your live chat opens up a secondary window, and does not take me to chat but a “Leave Message”.

    Your also only accepting payments via PayPal. You are planning on getting a merchant account later?

    You have a great design, I don’t often say that about a host.



  5. Hi Benjamin,

    Many thanks for the compliments about our website.

    I believe you may be using a cached version of our website. Please refresh your browser. We updated our website a few days ago, you can find all our contact details including our address on the contact us page.

    “Normal usage” means that you cannot use our web hosting account for online media storage, i.e. we don’t allow people to upload large sizes of illegal videos, music and any other content which is specifically being used for file-sharing. We are not a file-sharing site. Any content which is directly being used on the website, provided it is being used in accordance with the UK law, we will fully support.

    At the moment, we only accept payment via Paypal, and offer around 14-16 hours of live support per day every single day (including weekends), but in the near future we will be looking to accept credit and debit cards directly on our website, as well as offer 24/7 live support.

    Kind regards,

    Marketing Director
    Zyma Technologies

  6. Hello Khuram,

    Its probable going to be a few weeks before re-review your site. Part of that depends on when hostingthatsuck removes their post. What I said are things that I will be looking at on your site.

    I am glad to hear you added an address on site.

    In regards to the chat icon and only offering 14 – 16 hours of support a day. That live chat icon does let people know when your offline. Nor do I see hours of operation. Honestly I would get rid of that chat program with one that lets people know when your offline and opens a pop up window another browser session.

    However you have not addressed my concerns on your so called unlimited package. Your “normal usage” does not include space and bandwidth numbers. I realize that unlimited is a great way of drawing people in, but its not honest. You do not have a package that addresses those that do not have “normal usage”.



  7. Hi Benjamin,

    Thank you for your feedback, our live chat logo now only appears when we are online, and you can find our live chat operational hours on the contacts page, there shouldn’t be any more confusion here.

    With regards to hostingsthatsuck.com, we have requested them to remove the post, however we cannot force anyone to do anything, and so we are limited as to what more we can do.

    Also, your question about “normal usage”. If a customer does not have “normal usage” of bandwidth and disk space, then it is likely that they will need a custom solution to their hosting needs, possibly a dedicated server to handle all the heavy traffic.

    At present we don’t offer dedicated servers, but again, this is something that we are working on and hope to offer this in the near future. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of site owners don’t need a dedicated server and are looking for a simple, cheap and reliable hosting service, this is exactly what we offer.

    Hope that answers your questions.

    Kind regards,

    Marketing Director
    Zyma Technologies

  8. Hello Khuram,

    Actually you have not answered what is “normal usage”, if you did there would be actual numbers.

    In addition there is nothing that states your hours of operation still.

    Not to mention you might want to review my forum for when I release the grading system for what other points you might want to address before I do a rereview.



  9. Benjamin you are so right !

    As of the 1st October the Zyma hosting company has to all intents and purposes ceased trading , no one is answering the phone lines, emails, support tickets and users are left without services.

    The office address is a P.O box
    Trading standards have been informed and I recommend others affected by this devious outfit to do the same :http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/advice/index.cfm

  10. Benjamin,

    I wish I had read your article earlier. I hosted my site with Zyma & now my site is down for the last 1 week. They are a big scam.

    Please do not host your website with Zyma.

  11. I have just read our posts about Zyma and really don’t know what to do, my site is is still active but i recommended zyma at work and their site has been now been down for the last few days and no cpanel access.Tickets have been sent and emails and attempted phone calls but as above nothing.
    Does this mean that my site will go down as well oh i am so shocked with Zyma and honestly donot know what to do so if anyone could advise me i would be grateful.

  12. Hi,

    I use Zyma … and the support is very very bad … my hosting is down from seven days and nobody contact me, no answers my tickets …. nothing … I am thinking to move my site to another hosting …

  13. I was offered a free hosting package by Zyma so I set up a new site just to test it out. It seemed Ok for some time, but has now been down for about a week and I cannot even get anyone to respond to my support ticket. I have used loads of hosts and never come across such appalling support and will be moving my site pronto.

  14. One of my classmates recommended Zyma and so a lot us set up our websites – a lot of us our in the final year of our degree where we are encouraged to build our own websites. Being students, we liked the totally affordable price of Zyma and now we are all in the same situation as the previous few posters – websites are down, tickets unanswered and having to rebuild and find new hosting. Le sigh.

  15. did you ever do that second review they seem a little spooky for me they offer rvsite builder included on all the hosting plans i have came accross they dont include that its very hard to find web hosting with certain specs

  16. Zyma are a terrible company. Their server went down for 10 days and they could not be contacted by phone, email or their online support ticket system. I had been with them over 45 days so I couldn’t raise a paypal dispute, so I asked them for a refund as I had paid for 3 years hosting, and that 10 days downtime was more than their stated 99.9% guaranteed uptime. They refused a refund and threatened to close my account if I continued to email their support team about the problems!

  17. Hello Kevin,

    To be honest I did not see a reason to do a second review with this company. After all I have not been given “reasonable” usage numbers. I am also less incline more so now, as the owner has refused to return my email in to this current outage. If anything I would be likely to write another post if this site falls apart. I am going to be honest here, there is a very good reason I have target so called “top” hosts. Which is to be there when they go out of business, invalidating the very review sites that promoted failed hosting companies.

    This host was promoted by hostingsthatsuck.com, there trick was to tell people that a lack of negative reviews made this company a good choice. Not to mention there is the other factor which is a very unrealistic pricing.



  18. maybe to give us a better idea because i am blind here not my speciality believe it or not of what you think is fair pricing or i would call real pricing as of now it would help loads

  19. I have to say that since the panda server came back my workplace website runs brilliantly,my site which didn’t go down runs the same and has done since i signed with zyma.If everything continues to stay the same then i will renew with zyma when the time comes.Zyma acknowledge the fact that they handled things incorrectly and have contacted the affected customers with an appology.
    Regarding comments about their cheap pricing,if zyma can offer low prices (and they aren’t the only ones)then if you are on a budget its ideal.People have a choice as to whether they pay extorniate prices or prices to suit their pocket.
    We all make mistakes and i’m sure zyma have learned by theirs so i’m happy to stay with them.

  20. Hello Lynn,

    I think you need to ask yourself a few questions.

    First: What exactly is it that you want your site to do?

    Judging by your back links and Alexa rating I am guessing you just got started, but from what I have seen of your site you plan to run a business that sells goods.
    Second: How much service would you give if someone paid you what you paid zyma for service?

    Bottom line Zyma like any host is in this for one reason and that is to make money. Profit is the primary goal of any company. If a company is unable bring in more than they spend to maintain a service, then that company is ultimately a failure. Which brings me to the whole point of what does Zyma consider “reasonable usage”. Yes I understand having a budget, but I also believe in knowing what your limits are. Because let’s face it while you’re starting out you may very well stay within those limits, a bit hard to tell when the package is falsely called unlimited.

    Third: How much down time can you afford?

    From what I can see there were at least 4 – 8 days of down time with Zyma. The most troubling part of that is the lack of communication. I have gone through some nasty periods of down time in my day, granted the worst was a day of down time (trust me it was stressful dealing with hundreds of unhappy people). Lack of communication is a great way to lose customers. I am still waiting for a return reply to my email. Though I have to say that I am not vital to respond to as the customers affected by this down time. I can say I have left Godaddy over 6 hour period of down time, as I really cannot afford any down time.

    Forth: What percentage of your sites in take will go into hosting?

    Back when I started my second host, I had a guy that had exceeded his bandwidth. He paid $16.99 a month. Which roughly speaking is about Eight pounds in your currency. He was irate, as his claims were he was losing thousands over the 3 hours of down time he experienced. Despite the site supposedly losing thousands he was not willing to pay an extra $10 a month to get the site back up. So when you tell me people have a budget, yeah I get that. But as your site evolves are you willing to pay for what it takes to advance your site?



  21. I had been looking at web hosting companies for a while, I finally decided to go with Zyma, they have helped me a lot with my questions and I have found them to be the best web hosting company so far.

  22. Hi Benjamin,
    If i was your client and i was earning thousands from my website then i would very quickly pay the £8.00 extra a month without a second thought.
    Before i signed with Zyma i was with another host(someone i would never ever recommend)i had roughly over 200 products and had quite a good registration of customers until the host deleted all my store without informing me,i tried to log in one day and couldn’t view my admin so contacted support, they emailed me and said that on one particular day my CPU had been high and could i tell them why and how would i guarantee it wouldn’t happen again, i replied and told them that i honestly didn’t know why and i said i would keep a check on everything in the future, they then said they would restore my website but i would have to start again from the beginning, so i reinstalled everything and a few days later the host decided that any one selling downloads such as myself could only do so if they purchased their VPS hosting package.
    This came at the same time as our prime minister announced the cutbacks and along with that came a reduction in my hours of work and pay so my budget then became non existent.
    I found zyma doing a search for webhosting and i can honestly say that i have only had to contact support once which they dealt with very quickly and i haven’t had any problems since.
    I would love to say to a webdesigner here is my budget, this is what i would like and happily leave them to design me an wonderful new store, but unfortunately i can’t so i have to rely on cheap hosting and the generosity of template designers who allow free usage, i can but dream lol.
    If i was an established buisness then i would probably have opted for a more expensive package where hopefully i would get excellent customer service and good advice from someone like yourself.
    I am just a little fish in the big ocean compared to your clients.
    Take care Lynn x

  23. Hello Frank,

    So what is the website you have with them?

    The domain in your email address, which I assume is the one your talking about – frankduffield.com points to:

    Network Whois record

    Queried whois.arin.net with “n″…

    NetRange: –



  24. Hello Lynn,

    Who was your host before, what package did you have, and how much were you paying?



  25. Zyma are a rip off – avoid this hosting company scam.

    When you sign up to their package, be aware that Zyma might adjust any part of that at any point, without warning.

    They reduced the “add on domain” limit recently – meaning that I was now exceeding their new limits, and all of my websites had come up as suspended.

    This was not the package I had signed up for and paid for.

    Avoid this company – the warning bells should have sounded when I say they have a virtual address within a storage company building in Basingstoke.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they just disappear one day. Avoid!

  26. Dude, i have been using Zyma for 3 months or so, they have best support, unbeatable price and decent speed servers, i have not had any downtime since i hosted my site with them. Pretty happy with them so far.

  27. Hello Sahil,

    What was the domain that you started with them 3 months ago?

    The one that you have listed has these details:

    Domain Create Date:10-Jan-2012 12:27:12 UTC
    Domain Last Updated Date:01-Feb-2012 17:56:45 UTC

    Which at best you hosted with them for a little under a month.
    At worst you just started with Zyma.com.

    I sure hope that Zyma.com is not going to start trolling my blog and other sites with fake positive feed back.



  28. Hi Benjamin,
    Since my last post here i am now in my nine month of hosting my site with zyma and i can truthfully say i have had no problems,my site has never been down and has run like clockwork,zyma recently moved all sites on the tiger server to another and my store was still unaffected.
    I my renewal is due in May and as of now i will be happy to continue hosting with zyma.
    My work place site which went down and was the reason i first posted here has never had a problem since it came back online.

    All in all i’m quite happy to stay with zyma has my host unlike my previous one which was M2host.
    take care,

  29. The, website url that i have mentioned is my new personal blog,

    the old site was a blog that i made for one of my uncle and it was less popular so i selected a cheap host it had no traffic but no downtime either :
    cure-for-multiple-sclerosis.com. seeing that i hosted my current blog with them,

    Also they have £4.95/YEAR later on £1.79 per month which is quite sensible, iweb had same plan around $2 per month if you buy hosting for 10 years or so. they were pretty good to.

    Again hosting experience sometimes differ from person to person, you might not like it for some reason but so for i like zyma quite a bit.

  30. Hello Lynn and Sahil,

    You know what I find interesting?

    1. All three domains that you guys have shown have been updated in the last 7 days.
    2. You provide sites that are next to zero in traffic stats.
    3. Your big on giving sales spills in each of your comments.
    4. Your kudos comes after complaints of downtime by other people.

    I love how you spill out things like no problems, things I would expect from sales letter. But from what I have seen that has not been the case for October 2011 and January 2012.

    Also they have £4.95/YEAR later on £1.79 per month which is quite sensible, iweb had same plan around $2 per month if you buy hosting for 10 years or so. they were pretty good to.

    There is nothing sensible about any unlimited plan, its a gimmick. The cheaper an unlimited plan gets the less sensible it is. It becomes the case where the host lowers the limit at what point they kick people off the server or get them to migrate to a vps or dedicated solution. Then there is the case of what I have seen in complaints where resources such as add on domains get limited.

    I am not going to stop you both from trolling my blog, frankly the comments work to my advantage. Not to mention when a company such as Zyma.com goes belly up its good for me especially traffic wise. You want to stop my site from capitalizing on your company’s failures I suggest improving the company based off what I had mentioned in previous posts.



  31. Hi Benjamin
    i do feel quite offended that you think i am not genuine.
    My store is my hobby and i’m not sure what you mean by updating domain names all i know is i have had mine since May when i first purchased my hosting from zyma.i also have a blog which shows i’m genuine http://www.scrapwithlynn.blogspot.com
    When i told you about the problem with my previous host and vps hosting i had a store the same as i have now only i had much more for sale but they are not a host i would recommend and everything i wrote is true.
    I don’t write a sales pitch for anyone only my own personal experience.
    If you would like more proof that i am a genuine person then please email me.
    I have no connection to zyma other than i host my store with them.

    take Care Lynn

  32. Hello Lynn,

    What are the chances of someone coming to my site to post positive feed back months after they join a host. On top of that there is the timing, twice you have posted after negative feed back to state that there are no problems. You came in once when there was down time, you expressed concern and then all of sudden no problems at all, you skipped over many of my questions.

    1. What exactly is it that you want your site to do?
    2. How much service would you give if someone paid you what you paid zyma?

    In short how much time are you going to invest in someone that pays you less than $10 a year? For that matter how much time have you spent on my blog creating positive feed back for zyma.com?

    3. How much down time can you afford?
    4. What percentage of your sites in take will go to hosting?

    I find it a remarkable coincidence you and a few others chime in after another disaster, especially after you admit you just went through a server change. A change that happen after another spark of outages. Seriously what sparked interest in coming back? Perhaps I am wrong, there is always that possibility.

    Also in regards to updates, your domain whois information such as creation date, expiration data, and the date info is updated are available for anyone to look at. Why did you go to the tiger server? Simply remarkable timing when there are people complaining about outages.



  33. Hi Benjamin,
    i didnt choose to go on the tiger server thats what i got when i purchased my hosting,i got an email to say tiger sites where being migrated to the cobra server which they d
    id and my store wasn’t affected the only i was aksed to do was update the name servers which i did.
    my workplace site was on the server that went down but since it came back it hasnlt had any problems at all.
    As you know my store is only small but if i had the money and needed something better then of course i would happily pay.
    My store has never been down what problems others have had i only see what is written.
    My first ever website was with Hostgator and i would recommend them too.
    I can only go off my own experience.
    I appreciate your reasons for thinking i was someone making a sales pitch,maybe its the way i write.

    Take care

  34. sorry i’m actually writing this via my phone and just re read your post.
    I came back after a post i read from someone saying about losing their subdomains,i just thought that i would share my good experience for my own website.
    I don’t know anything about and recent outages so i can’t comment on something i know nothing about.
    As far as the percentage from my store to pay for hosting well obviously that isn’t a problem as its only a small cost.

  35. Hello Sheena,

    The site you provided was not around 7 months ago. Not to mention like the other two people that choose to provide positive feed back after a serious outage you recently changed your dns. A little odd for a company to start migrating people to new servers in the first year.

    Can you tell me what inspired you to provide feedback on this blog? Not to mention what domain it was that you have been using for the last 7 months with zyma.com.



  36. I am now back due to checking my emails and finding one from yourself as i subscribed when i very first posted a comment here.
    I did not write postive feed back after a ‘serious outage’ i would like to know when this took place as i no nothing about it and it certainly didn’t affect my website nor my workplace website.
    I believe reviews should take into account the good experiences and the bad but for some reason i have been virtually been accused of writing falsehoods.
    I have told of my good experience whereas many who have had a bad one don’t exactly say what they did themselves or what led to a bad result re:having their subdomains removed.
    You know Benjamin there are some genuine people and i am one.
    I shall unsubscribe from your posts and shall not comment again, maybe i should have lied and then you would have believed what i had to say.
    Take care Lynn

  37. Hello Lynn,

    You failed to answer my questions, and yes you did write positive feed back not on just one serious outage but two. In October (where you acknowledged there were issues) and January (where you acknowledge being migrated). Zyma has been given every opportunity to address any claims of poor service, instead my emails have been ignored, and I get people who can’t give me data to back up that there are no problems.

    Seriously Khuram can at anytime respond to any complaints, which he freely did when I first did this post. But by the time October came around and I asked him to tell Zyma’s side of things he did not respond.

    Three of you came in after the January 2012 issues, all of you have changed your dns to a new server. This happened after another outage.

    You can ignore facts and be offended at the same time, does not mean you are right.



  38. Hello LordBoA,

    There is another person on here with positive feedback scrapemporium.co.uk, their site appears to still be active. Though their timing for providing positive feed back seems to be around the same time their is incident Oct 2011 and Jan 2012.

    Though I do have to wonder what the cause of this site being suspended was. But what can you expect with a so called unlimited hosting plan that costs less than $10 a year.



  39. Hi, i was a website aplesin.com. I bought it from zyma. but now i see that you are true. So, what good hostings you can advice me, Benjamin? thanks!

  40. Hello Ziyaddin,

    I am sorry to say there are no hosts that I recommend at this time.

    I have some questions about your domain, it appear it expired last month. Also it appears it was registered through godaddy.com, as there advertising and and a expired notice comes up when I go to view this site. What exactly was your issue with Zyma.com?



  41. yes, my site expired one months ago, when i talked with Zyma one months ago, they said that if you don’t pay until next week, we will close your account. but 1-2 days ago i talked with Zyma again. they said that we will close your account until August, (because my hosting expires in August, but domain in February 2012), so, i decided to pay after 2-3 weeks. But after some weeks i entered to admin panel and i saw that Zyma closed my website account. i talked him and they said that we did mistake, sorry, you need to pay fee to cancel the domain, to register it again after two months. the fee was 90 pounds (including cancellation fee), but not 35.40 for year. So, when i searched about zyma review i saw this post and i decided to search new hosting.
    So, is HostGator a good hosting?
    or what hostings are good? please, help! Thanks!

  42. Hello Ziyaddin,

    Honestly I will never recommend any host that offers over selling, especially with unrealistic standards such as unlimited space just like Zyma.

    My recommendations for finding a host can be found at:


    Do you have copies of their invoices? That seems rather high compared to the 5 pounds a year listed. Not to mention charging people by the week in the hosting industry is unheard of in the hosting industry. But than again so is two server migrations in a year is not something that happens with any rational hosting company.



  43. Hello,
    Also like others i had a bad experience with zyma hosting company. All the issues was starting from oct-nov 2011 when the servers (?) had faced with massive DOS attack. Fortunately i did a backup from my sites because from over a mount before the speed of my sites was horrible. And I moved all my sites to another hosting company with the average speed and less monthly fee. After nov 2011 I entered rarely in my account. Until this month when I received a lot of email from cron job from my ex-site. I logged in my zyma account and after that I tried to logged in my hosting account. Surprise. My hosting account had been suspended.
    I opened a ticket for explanation and after a day or two of delay, someone from technical dep. did the great job to answer to me. And the answer was surprising one: my account was suspended because of the suspicious activity with my files from my ex-site.
    Take a note about this one. Starting from november 2011 I modify the DNS entries from my registrar company to exclude zyma servers from DNS interrogation and after this modification it’s less probability for someone to make the traffic from my ex/old site.
    And another one: none from zyma didn’t make a notification to me about the suspicious activity or about the cancellation of my account. And my fee period end in oct 2012…
    This it’s the normal response from hosting company? This it’s the normal treatment for a hosting active contract?

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