Webhostingstuff.com, not every host that was a top host survives.

Webhostingstuff.com has been the focal point of this blog at several points in the last few years. They claimed to be a place for fair and honest hosting reviews. However Webhostingstuff.com has been a shinnying example of everything that is wrong with the hosting review industry. But I have reached the point that I feel like I am beating a dead horse, if not a dying horse. Unless somehow webhostingstuff.com manages to reinvent itself in a way that revives it this is the last post to pick apart their methods.

So far the only change webhostingstuff.com has been capable of is remaking the so called top 25 list into something that is cumbersome. It no longer starts on the main page of webhostingstuff.com.  You have to actually look for it among a list of items for “best hosts”.  Than you only get to see 5 of the some 23 – 29 Best Hosts. Anyone wanting to see the next 5 Best Hosts would have to scroll down past “Show me more Hot Deals …” link.  Where there were 10 hosts to past.  To find “Next  >>>”, and without clicking next I would have no way of knowing that that is how I get more “Best Hosting”.  Which is why since April 2010 my posts on webhostingstuff.com have been far less.  Anyone past the firth position was not going to get their money worth.

On top of that, right now I cannot access their site.  Because one too many inquires triggers an IP block. Never mind that real people in need of hosting may be researching multiple hosting companies to find the right one.

Then there was the original fair and honest ranking webhostingstuff.com page had this:

To build a fair and honest ranking system, ranking is always performed automatically by the system – free of human interference.

Not far into the whole spill about honesty, they lay down the justification for the advertising they offer. Advertising that I have yet to see.

Human editors are also needed to maintain the high level of integrity of our trusted reviews. Webmasters and system administrators are needed for the smooth running of this large site.

No surprise but that wording is no longer there.

I was going to do several posts on hosts that closed up shop or switched gears. But that seemed long, tedious, and boring (remember I have ADD). But I am going to boil it down into one post. After which my next post is going to deal with what a lot of people have been asking me since my mindshark.ca posts, and that is how to find a seo expert. So one post that focuses on the closures (or switch from hosting to something else).

Why hosting-reviews-exposed.com became a blog and focused on webhostingstuff.com

The very issue that started this site to have a blog was a host called hostdawgs.com. Another host that had watched my video decided to track one month of top 25 hosts that appeared on webhostingstuff.com (it was either 2008 or 2009), a few months after they posted their finding hostdawgs.com a host that appeared on that so called top 25 list at webhostingstuff.com was out of business.  Clearly there were some obvious kinks in webhostingstuff.com’s armor.

Into my second month blogging I found i7net.net on webhostingstuff.com

What could be worse than a host that went out of business mere months after appearing on webhostingstuff.com’s top 25?

How about a host that was not online at any point when I found it on the top 25 list (from June – November 2010) of when I was doing reviews. Between the 21 – 25 positions.  Never mind the worst part was webhostingstuff.com clearly indicated they had 72.62% uptime, and had stopped tracking uptime in July 2009. Which means it had been offline longer than a year.

I emailed Michael Low of webhostingstuff.com in June 2010 about what I had found. It took him until December 2010 to do something. Which was to remove i7net from webhostingstuff.com’s data base.

I7net.net became the keystone in my argument against webhostingstuff.com.  Which can be found at:


The other “top” webhostingstuff.com hosts that went offline or are out of the hosting business:

Since my 10looniehost.ca post  about them forgetting to renew their domain (who last I checked was still a best host) I figured I would look and see who else on webhostignstuff.com’s top 25 list was offline.


These were hosts I found between May 2010 – April 2011. I did not track any that entered into the top deals or best host lists.  Because out of 64 hosts, I found a lot of flaws. Some of which I am amazed they are still online

Firedragonhosting.com – Former Webhostingstuff.com top host – Status *Unknown*

When I first reviewed this host (May 2010), it appeared that it was some messed up Godaddy.com Wild West reseller. By which I mean it appeared the owner of the site was purchasing what people ordered through his reseller account.  If you know as much as I do about Wild West Domains, its illogical. With Wild West Domains your job is to maintain the main site, while working on means to bring in traffic. I know a lot of people that are pretty good with their program. But this guy seems to have a separate order form, where after you order he goes to the reseller and orders what you ordered.  Plus on top of that he is going to have to offer support for a reseller account that is supposed to do the support for you.

He also charged $49.95 to set up WordPress and $9.95 a month for what is essentially a free very easy to set up program.


I know that the domains are under a reseller account because the register shows me Wild West Domains, which is a godaddy.com reseller program.  On top of that most of the domains in this sites reviews were under the name of the owner. Plus hosting was on Godaddy.com’s servers.

Keep in mind I think it is a very bad idea to keep your domain with your hosting company.  However what is worse is letting a hosting provider register a domain for you, and keep it under their name. Webhostingstuff.com was supposed to have a policy of not allowing Wild West Resellers from registering as a host in their system.  Webhostingstuff.com placed it in the top 25, it was number 23 when I reviewed it.

When you goto fire dragonhosting.com there is no product page. It appears to be a login page. I see the ability to order, but I get this message when I click on the order link:

Filling out the order form does not guarantee you hosting on my servers

So they might as well be closed.

Topgreenhost.com – Former Webhostingstuff.com top host – Status *Closed*

There is not much to add here, other than I have control over topgreenhost.com, and if you type that domain in you will see my first post on this former webhostingstuff.com top host.

Yaspe.net – Former Webhostingstuff.com top host – Status *Unknown*

October 2010 was when I first found Yaspe.net on webhostingstuff.com’s so called top host list. At the time they claimed to have 20,000 customers. The problem with that was their Alexa score did not validate that.  Yaspe.net was at 1,812,782 with Alexa in October 2010, and as of today it is at 12,348,306. Keep in mind low numbers are good with Alexa and high numbers are bad.  The traffic stats did not back up a claim of 20,000 clients.  At 12,348,306 they may have one visitor a day.

So far yaspe.net devolved into what I can only assume is a web design contact form.  The banner on the bottom goes to securedservers.com, which Alexa says country with the top traffic is China (42,600).  They offer a $75 per sign up or 10% monthly reoccurring payment.

I think it is safe to assume yaspe.net is out of the hosting business.

Aquariusstorage.com – Former Webhostingstuff.com top host – Status *acquired*

“As of June 2012, all Aquarius Storage operations are now officially part of DJAB Hosting.”

This host was recently acquired by djabhosting.com. Which does not offer unlimited hosting, so I have to wonder how the unlimited customers transferred over. At best from what http://web.archive.org tells me, they came online December 2008.


Webhostingstuff.com, where awards are bought

To me one of the prerequisites to being a top host is the ability to stand the test of time.  In some cases hosts have not even had to be online to be a best host at webhostingstuff.com (10looniehost.ca and i7net.net), others did not even have to be online a month (Hostinglocker.com).  I have hosts like KVChosting.com that tell me that they are paying for advertising.  Advertising is really hard to find on Webhostingstuff.com. But it is really easy to find hosts that did not earn the right to be called a best host or top deal on webhostingstuff.com. Hosts that have no reviews, little to show for experience. Webhostingstuff.com is too lazy to even fabricate a fake review for the new comers or slow to take off hosts.

Can Webhostingstuff.com evolve? I don’t think webhostingstuff.com can, and if they do it will not be anything in the realm of ethics.

Topgreenhost.com – Out of Business, but Greengeeks.com is still here

Topgreenhost.com joins a special  list of hosts that were previously top 25 hosts at webhostingstuff.com. What makes topgreenhost.com unique is that it has been offline most of the year; at least topgreenhost.com was offline till two days ago.

When I first seen Topgreenhost.com I found they had a connection to greengeeks.com due to a similar set of IPs, and they both shared the same EPA certification.  I thought at the time that Greengeeks.com created topgreenhost.com due to competition within the so called unlimited space market.  At the time Topgreenhost.com had  it at $2.99 and greengeeks.com had their unlimited plan at $4.95. When a plan offers unlimited resources there is not much wiggle room in making the point that your hosting package is better than a company like hostgator.com. So the only thing left to do is offer the package for cheaper. Which is problematic with all the previous customers that signed on to this so called unlimited plan. Especially when they paid $24 more a year for the same plan new customers come onto.  Never mind Topgreenhost.com, greengeeks.com, hostgator.com, and every other host that offers unlimited space have a magic number where they cut you off. For hosts like topgreenhost.com this is about profit.  Which really why else would anyone want to run a hosting company?

I decided that after my review on 10looniehost.ca that I should look back and see who was out of business and who was still active. This week I explore former top 25 webhostingstuff.com hosts.  Between May 2010 to April 2011 I reviewed 64 hosts. Topgreenhost.com among a few others are either doing something else or are offline. After posts on these former top 25 hosts of webhostingsuff.com I have no future plans on new posts related to this so called hosting review site. Unless they do something drastic there is not much point focusing on webhostingstuff.com.  For over 2 years I have seen little else that I could cover. The most drastic change last year was to make the top 25 into something far less convenient for anyone that pays for this so called “advertising” to be in either “Today’s Hot Hosting Deals” or “Top Best Hosting”.

The hosts like topgreenhost.com that did business with webhostingstuff.com are another story.

Topgreenhost.com is not the first host to go out of business after appearing on webhostingstuff.com top 25.

Hostdawgs.com and i7net.net are on that list.

Hostdawgs.com was found by another hosting company that had decided to do what I should have done and actually see who was on the top 25 list. Mere months after their first post, Hostdawgs.com was offline. That was part of what drove me to look further into who was buying “advertising” with webhostingstuff.com. Just to be clear “advertising” does not have the same definition as the ads you see on this site.  The 1 – 25 position was/is for sale to the highest bidder.

I found i7net.net a month after I had started the blog for this site. It was the proverbial canary in the coal mine that had been dead far before I ever decided to look into hosts that appeared in the top 25. They were my biggest argument for webhostingstuff.com being rigged. Webhostingstuff.com  was  to sloppy to even bother to monitor what was going on.


Never mind Webhostingstuff.com claimed it was a top host, i7net.net wasn’t even online for months at a time. Webhostingstuff.com’s own uptime records for i7net.net indicated just as much. Yet that did not stop it from being off and on the list between positions 21 – 25 from June through November 2010. The truth about what was really going on could not be any more blatant.  By December 2010 Webhostingstuff.com must have either finale got around to fixing the problem, read my email to them, or their customers were letting Michael Low know how bad this made them look. As you can no longer find i7net.net on webhostingstuff.com’s directory. Soon Topgreenhost.com will be deleted out as well.

Topgreenhost.com had no reviews on webhostingstuff.com

Webhostingstuff.com claims that the ranking is based off of:

WebHostingStuff ranks web hosts using WHSRank™ – a powerful ranking algorithm that ranks web hosting companies based on the quality of services they had provided to REAL customers.

The main engine behind WHSRank™ are the verified customer reviews published on WebHostingStuff. WHSRank™ uses these customer reviews to calculate a quality score for each web host.

When customers write their reviews, they are asked to rate web hosts based on service quality factors like:

  • Uptime and service reliability
  • Technical support
  • Customer service

WHSRank™ uses these quality signals to calculate the quality score for each web host. Other quality signals used by the WHSRank™ algorithm include uptime performance.

Topgreenhost.com had no reviews with webhostingstuff.com, so how could it be on the list? I can tell you now topgreenhost.com was not the only one. Some on the top 25  had low review scores some as low as two stars.

So how do I know topgreenhost.com is out of business?

All you have to do is type in topgreenhost.com to your browser and see where it goes. It goes to the first post that I made on this host. Which can only mean one thing I have control of the domain. A friend of mine bought the domain, as he thought it should redirect to my first post on topgreenhost.com.


Topgreenhost.com appears based on Webhostingstuff.com’s uptime records that the site went offline in December 2011, and based off the whois record I have a copy of, I assume greengeeks.com let the domain expire in March 2012.

I made copies of everything that webhostingstuff.com had on topgreenhost.com.

So who else will join Topgreenhost.com as a former best host of webhostingstuff.com that closed up shop?


10looniehost.ca – You’re on the Best Host list for webhostingstuff.com, but something is wrong!!!

10looniehost.ca found its way back on my blog last month because they let their domain expire. I assumed that they would not come back online, but I was wrong.  I have no problem admitting I am wrong.  I did not expect that 10looniehost.ca would be back online. However I had details on my iPad that I had over looked, if I had I would have known that 10looniehost.ca was very likely to come back online.


Back when 10looniehost.ca was down I decided to take a look at what Webhostingstuff.com top 25 devolved into, and that is a “Best Hosting” list. I also wanted to see where another host called kvchosting.com was. As a rep from Kvchosting.com came on my site to discredit someone with a negative review. At the same time Kvchosting.com joins the list of hosts that claim to be buying “advertising”. More on that in an upcoming post.

I took screen shots of every host that appeared on webhostignstuff.com’s so called “Best Hosting” list.  10looniehost.ca was in the 16th spot when I wrote my last post and before they came back online. Today they are in the 9th spot. Though keep in mind there is no number by 10looniehost.ca. Simply 5 hosts per page in the “Best Hosting” category. So I am assuming since 10looniehost.ca is 9th since it appeared on the second page for “Best Hosting” 4th result.  Interestingly enough there were 26 “Best Hosts” in August but only 23 in September. Perhaps their pay per click (PPC ) ran out.

Webhostingstuff.com changed from a top 25 list last year.


Before April 2011 the so called “top” 25 hosts appeared on three pages starting from the front page. I found less reason to review and find kinks in the armor of hosts that paid for this position. Mostly because the only hosts that might get their moneys worth were the first 5 hosts. Despite no longer being on the front page any more. After the front page anyone wanting to see the next 5 Best Hosts would have to scroll down past “Show me more Hot Deals …” link.  Where there were 10 hosts to past.  Even on a screen like mine where I work from a 22 inch wide screen I don’t see the “Next  >>>”, and without clicking next I would have no way of knowing that that is how I get more “Best Hosting”.  I have to wonder what the likely hood is for someone finding 10looniehost.ca on the second page of results let alone the forth page.

But that begs another question about the “Hot Deals” list. Could that be a separate list that is also paid for? There are defiantly more hosts in the “Hot Deals” list than there are on the “Best Hosts”. I know at one point I got affiliate cookies for Hostgator.com, though after I did my post on that webhostingstuff.com quickly removed the affiliate cookie. Something I will have to look again later. But as far as I can tell 10looniehost.ca has no affiliate program.

7 days down is an eternity for 10looniehost.ca

Never mind how irresponsible it was for 10looniehost.ca to not renew their domain. There were repercussions. 10looniehost.ca’s search engine results went in the toilet. Granted I have no idea what their traffic stats were before. But 10looniehost.ca’s Alexa rank is at 6,420,431. As mentioned many times before when it comes to Alexa you want a lower number. Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is currently at: 125,674.  Through my own domain register, I sell .ca domains for $12.99 a year.  I am certain the loss of a domain over 7 days will cost 10loonie.ca more in what a domain costs.

In a month I will try and see where 10looniehost.ca are with their Alexa score and post below in the comments.

So what happens when you click on a link on webhostignstuff.com to 10loonie.ca?

Click on any link to 10loonie.ca and webhostingstuff.com redirects to a notice stating:

I get this message anytime I try to click on a link that should take me directly to 10looniehost.ca. As long as webhostingstuff.com does this it makes “advertising” totally ineffective for 10looniehost.ca. I have to ask what company would want to pay for that? After all it says 10looniehost.ca has expired, but look at these other hosts that you can try instead of 10loo niehost.ca. You click on the up time for 10looniehost.ca and you get:

Is 10looniehost.ca down?

No 10 looniehost.ca came up the day after I did my post on their domain being offline.  Amazingly it happen right after the one person that I could find an active site with 10looniehost.ca. Whom happen to post a comment, yet give me no follow up to any of the questions I asked via email or my 10loonie.ca post. I wanted to know how long they had a hosting plan with 10looniehost.ca.

While 10looniehost.ca is no longer being tracked by webhostingstuff.com this site will be monitoring the uptime for 10looniehost.ca as I just added their site on my Pingdom account and you can see uptime here:

Uptime Report for 10looniehost.ca: Last 30 days

Also if you follow me on twitter @hostingscams notices will be sent if 10looniehost.ca ever goes offline again and if 10looniehost.ca comes back up there will be a notification for that as well.

Chances are after posting this, webhostingstuff.com might resume their uptime monitoring of 10looniehost.ca.

So why the heck a third post on 10looniehost.ca

Really this post is less a bout 10looniehost.ca than it is about webhostingstuff.com. First this host was in the top 25 back when it was first starting:


Than as my last post stated 10looniehost.ca lost their domain for at least 7 days.  While at the same time being on webhostignstuff.com’s 16th position for “Best Host”. The fun fact is webhostingstuff.com validates what I am saying. They still list them as a Best Host, never mind they no longer track their up time. Never mind that you cannot click on any link to 10looniehost.ca on webhostingstuff.com and be brought to 10looniehost.ca.  Yet while there is no uptime checks, and no way of clicking on a link to take you to 10loonie.ca. Webhostingstuff.com says that 10looniehost.ca is the 9th “Best Host”.

10looniehost.ca is another reason you cannot trust webhostignstuff.com.

IXwebhosting.com wants a blog post to be happy, apparently 1 was not enough

IXwebhosting.com was far from my thoughts (ok I mentioned IXwebhosting.com in my last post), as I already have 20 posts literally waiting for me to finish on my phone.  Not to mention this is an election year and I am hurting for free time, and I am not hurting for work.  But I got this email (and others that provide me with new post ideas) just a few hours ago from Stepan who wrote me from an email address from ecommerce.com.

Email from ecommerce.com on behalf of IXwebhosting.com


I’m currently Affiliate Manager at IX WebHosting and noticed you don’t have our review on your website! This is really sad, and I would love you to add us to your website.

You can check all our current Shared Hosting plans from the next page:
You can even try them out for Free (7 days free trial)!

Please notice that we offer also industry leading VPS and Cloud

What I want to offer you is not only to advertise us on your website (place review), but also get money out of it! As I said, I’m affiliate manager @IX and I would like to invite you to our Affiliate Program. You can get up to $300 per signup! I know this may sound like a lottery, but… This is the way our affiliates are earning up to $10K on a regular basis. As I see from your website – you may be one of those successful ones. You can check our Affiliate Program from the next link:


Feel free to contact me in case you have any questions or interested
in future beneficial cooperation.


So IXwebhosting.com does not understand what this site is about?

Personally, I would think that most hosts would be happy not to be featured on this site, except of course amazon.com (and I don’t mean the hosting side). As no host has got a glowing endorsement from me. I am not about to endorse any company that offers unlimited resources like IXwebhosting.com.

Stepan had no problem finding the contact form for my site,  where I make it clear I will post emails in the interest of full disclosure. Yet I am not sure Stepan understood the nature of this site.  IXwebhosting.com is not on the main page of this site but I did do a post on IXwebhosting.com in July 2011. Part of my interest in them is like many hosts that appear on this site, is IXwebhosting.com  and other large commission sites are often found on so-called top 10 sites.

After all IXwebhosting.com appears on hosting-review.com’s top 10.

My other interest in IXwebhosting.com is the founder was also part of a company called featuredprice.com.


In short, the point of my post was I thought there was something common between all of the sites that did reviews for IXwebhosting.com. Which there was and that was they were all done in the same city, and all were filmed by the same crew. Remarkable Lisa Grice of IXwebhosting.com contacted me the next day after I did my review.

“I’m the Customer Service Director for IX Web Hosting (yup, in Columbus, OH). I am commenting here because while your post is factual – I’m confused at how we’re ‘busted’”

Despite my critic testimonial page has not much since I last reviewed. The page does not disclose the back story behind what I found.

IX Web Hosting is trusted by over 500,000 websites and their owners all over the world.

Not being the best person at marketing I think I could do a better job of disclosing the scenario by adding just this sentence. ”Here is what the people of Columbus Ohio think about us.”

So who is still with IXwebhosting.com since I looked at the videos back in 2011?

houndsinthekitchen.com – Left at least March 2012
kellsband.com – Still there
digitaldynamicdesigns.com – Still there
yunbootcamps.com – Still there
1canalgirl.com – Still there
djscolumbus.com – Still there
ryanomics.com – Still there
fox-counseling.com Left around April 2012
kellisautosales.com – Still there and still at risk of having their domain taken away because of crap info entered in the whois,

All things considered, IXwebhosting.com kept a fair amount of the sites that did reviews.

Lisa stop responding when I asked why IXwebhosting.com had not joined the many hosts such as Hostgator.com and Endurance International Group hosts in asking their affiliates to follow FTC guidelines. I had two IXwebhosting.com customers who left comments on my blog who looked like they could have used some assistance as well from IXwebhosting.com. One of those customers who seemed in need of industry-leading VPS service.

The IXwebhosting.com question part of the blog

1. Was this site targeted by IXwebhosting.com because it used the terms hosting + reviews?

I have had a lot of hosts ask me to do a review, most failed to see that “exposed” part in my domain hosting-reviews-“exposed”.com. What most don’t realize is that this site was created because a review site (webhostingstuff.com) choose to unfairly delete my companies positive feedback. This event made it a core mission of this site to expose the real relationship between hosting review sites and hosting companies.

2. Why is there no FTC compliance in the IXwebhosting.com affiliate agreement?

Many of the big names(hostgator.com, fatcow, webhostingpad.com,……..) in U.S. hosting have required their affiliates to follow FTC compliance guidelines in regards to sites that make a commission based on a review or perception of a review. So why has IXwebhosting.com left that out of their agreement? Below is a copy of IXwebhosting.com’s affiliate agreement.

3. Has hostingsthatsuck.com been contacted by IXwebhosting.com as well?

I just ask because there are a few hosts that have contacted this so-called review site around the same time they ask me for a review. As far as I can tell they have not done a review on IXwebhosting.com. They use this whole so-called “*hostname* sucks” to get people to sign up, and I was wondering if I will be writing a third post to explain how hostingsthatsuck.com is wrong.  One host, in particular, started up last year, and hostingsthatsuck.com failed to mention this was a new company. But they made it sound like a good company because there was no negative feedback in search engines (look up zyma.com on this site).  I know a lot of hosts don’t like their methodology. Would “IXwebhosting.com Sucks? Is this Hosting any Good?” sound like a good solution for selling services for IXwebhosting.com?

4. I would love to hear the backstory of why alreadyhost.com removed their endorsement of IXwebhosting.com. Why did they lose/quit their affiliate account with IXwebhosting.com?


Unlike most review sites alreadyhosting.com barely tries when it comes to writing a review about a host. The review they have up on IXwebhosting.com is weak at best and I am supposed to take his word like every site (which has an affiliate program with a nice payout) that I was supposed to choose IXwebhosting.com or another site.  I have seen content spinners put more effort into promoting a post.  But I was in contact with one host that removed their affiliate program due to cookie stuffing.



So it really is not hard to imagine that IXwebhosting.com removed alreadyhosting.com’s affiliate program for the same/similar reasons and alreadyhosting.com is just covering up.

I don’t have a problem with IXwebhosting.com finding new affiliates

My concern is who IXwebhosting.com might be targeting, it’s one thing to ask internet related sites to do a review on IXwebhosting.com or place ads. It’s another to ask sites that are into reviews for pure profit like hosting-review.com, alreadyhosting.com, webhostingstuff.com, hostaz.com, hostingsthatsuck.com, and a list that is way too long. All of these sites want their viewers to think they are independent sources to trust when someone is looking for their hosting needs.  Sites that want their viewers to pick hosts like ixwebhostin.com to get up to $300 commissions / $10k on a regular basis.

 IXwebhosting.com seems to appear on a lot of so-called review sites.

10looniehost.ca is offline, and perhaps out of business

10looniehost.ca appeared on this site because they were on webhostingstuff.com’s so called top 25 list. But another detail that interested me back when I did my review about this company was everything indicated that they had just started up. Between webhostingstuff.com just starting to track their uptime to their alexa score. Some how just by starting up they had won the right to be called a top 25 host. However the nature of webhostingstuff.com is not that of an unbiased customer advocacy group, but a pay to play Business model.


In short they paid to be called a top host. They did not earn the title. Where is the proof you might ask? How do I know that webhostingstuff.com is hoax?

This post explains a little of what I found over a year of reviewing so called top 25 hosts:


So why a renewed interest in 10looniehost.ca?

Last week someone posted a comment on my blog indicating that 10looniehost.ca was offline. According to the Whois the domain expired back in July, and based off the update I think it is safe to say 10looniehost.ca went offline on August 7, 2012.

As the whois indicats that there was update on August 7, 2012 to 10looniehost.ca’s whois information.

At first webhostingstuff.com said that they would update the 10looniehost.ca’s uptime when they came back up.

After 5 days webhostingstuff.com stop tracking the down time for 10looniehost.ca.

I wanted to wait a few days to see if 10looniehost.ca would come back up, as this is not the first host I have been told was offline and out of business. But none of those had an expired domain and soon were up after a few hours or even a few days.

I realize 10looniehost.ca is the first host out of the some 60 I reviewed on webhostingstuff.com to go offline. One host does not equal a disaster but this is not the first host with problems that were called a top host. But it is one in many that form a pattern in hosts that were not vetted to be a top host. 10looniehost.ca was defiantly not a time tested solution at less than a month online there was no way of telling how reliable they would be.

Yesterday I contacted one of the two customers that left a review at webhostingstuff.com. I was unable to reach the other as they have no contact details on the Whois info, and their site is offline. The customer I was able to contact said their site was still hosted with 10looniehost.ca. That he was not aware that 10looniehost.ca was offline. He also said over all he was happy over all with the service. Both accounts appear to have been on the same network as they both share dns with the same domain name. yet slightly different dns. Which means the other customer did not pay or continue their hosting, or 10looniehost.ca let the server that account was on lapse.

I have contacted the original the person who had originally contacted me from 10looniehost.ca but I do not believe he will respond. As always 10looniehost.ca and any host are always allowed to post comments on post relevant to their company. I will not delete or modify comments even if requested so please think before you post.

Personally I do not think that 10looniehost.ca will be back online.

4 years and counting, reviewing hosting review sites

I can honestly say when I first started in the hosting industry I never thought about doing anything with hosting review sites. But not everyone who shared control of the hosting sites with me, was not thinking of how to monopolizing on hosting review sites.  I had a business partner that wanted to start a fake review site, where our hosts would appear on top. An idea he got from Featureprice. There are other hosts that practice this today such as siteground. He did not have the conscience I have, one that can cause loss of sleep.  Despite winning the argument of staying out of the review industry, I lost the war to stay out of the cheap hosting industry.  That and several other factors would lead to me selling my controlling shares. Being  against starting a fake review site had caused a rift between me and my business partner for a few years.  Up to the point webhostingstuff.com decided to delete our positive feed back.   The rift quickly dissolved when he found I was making this site, and then he wanted to know what he could do to help me with it.

A short re-introduction of the history of reviewing hosting review sites

My start in the hosting industry was about 15 years ago, when I was introduced to the guy that would later be my business partner in the hosting industry. At that time I had been hired because I was pretty good with data bases, and later I would transition over to graphics.  At the time we both worked for a so called “I can make you rich if you buy my book” guy, or in short a guru.  Even before that my business partner had ideas of running a hosting company.  By the time we had gotten out of the “give me money so I can tell you how I got rich” industry we had partnered with someone else that would ultimately lock us out of our first hosting operation, this host would ultimately die 2 weeks after we were locked out.   Which set us back 8 months in getting another host started up.  Ultimately this host would take off and it still is active to this day.  Despite some other failed business relationships one with a tech who did not believe in virus protection.  Details given in one of my early posts.

By the time webhostignstuff.com came into the picture we had 2 hosts running, a third in production.  This was the point where they decided to delete the positive hosting review feedback of one of my companies.  My company was not the first, nor was it the last.  The big difference is those other hosts did not have someone like me.  I am not saying I am special, far from it. It’s the whole thinking outside the dimensions of a box and not just out of the box. Simple put I am really weird.

The reason webhostingstuff.com deleted my positive feed back was because they were using the negative hosting reviews for my site to encourage others to buy from their top 25, and the same for any host that was not paying for a spot in the top 25. After all its not profitable for people to come to their site and find out that people were happy with the service my company provided or the company they were looking into.   That and the less new customers that flow in from webhostingstuff.com to those that paid for top 1 – 25 positioning will be less likely to pay for a spot, or in the case of Michael Lows hosting review site hostaz.com, people would be less likely to sign up for the hosts that are set up with affiliate links.  Despite saying they don’t delete feed back, they do.  They even give reasons for deleting it such as you closed your account and got a refund.  Never mind the reasons for closing your account may very well justify you creating a hosting review.

Seeing (a) positive review(s) would not give the possible customer a reason to review the so called top 25 list. At the same time people who paid for the top 25 have had their negative hosting review(s) deleted.  Something I witnessed with Infinite Networks.   When I first reviewed them they had 6 reviews with a 2 out of 5 star rating.  Then they had 4 reviews so it was 3 out of 5 stars.


This site started as a way to vent my anger in my scant free time.  After launching the one page site and the video, I contacted many of the hosts that appeared in these so called hosting review sites.  None of them responded back to me. By the end of December 2007 my anger had long cooled down, and I thought this site would go no where.

I of coarse debated on advertising my hosting company on the site, but it seemed like a conflict of interest.  In many ways I think this would work to my advantage as many smaller hosts would point people to my site.

Right before the 4th quarter of 2009 several factors lead to me deciding it was time to get out of the hosting business among them  was zero vacations/weekends and  long hours.  Not to mention I had wanted to finish up school for a career in biology.  I was not too thrilled dealing with a cheap hosting industry as the less a customer paid the more they expected.  They were more likely to put in support tickets.  On top of that others in our company infrastructure wanted to do what EIG (Endurance International Group) was doing (several hosting companies while using the control panel as a advertising platform), and already had two more companies planned for release in early 2010.

By the end I sold my shares for 60 – 70% of their value, in hopes of getting out as fast as possible (a decision I would regret later as that was a lot of money). I had to sign a non-disclosure agreements and non-compete clause (ncc) agreements.

In early 2010 after finalizing the sales Google contacted me to put AdSense on the site.  Also someone in Singapore was trying to buy the site off of me (Which so happens to be where Michael Low is from).

I thought it was a bit odd, here is a site that for two and half years I did nothing with, it was tied to two videos on YouTube.   One with no sound which is the most popular, and has people saying I should add sound.  Another with sound (thanks to a volunteer) that gets less traffic.  I approved or declined of comments and responded to them.  That was the most I did to maintain this site.  So why the heck did Google want me to put AdSense on it?

I decided to see what a search of Google would find.  The first was a blog for a host.  It pointed to my video and actually did a review of some of the hosts on this hosting review site that were on the top 25, one was hostdawgs.com (Which later went out of business).   They showed based on numbers that the system made no sense.  Hosts with a high amount of negative reviews or no reviews at all were on the list. They also had proof that webhostingstuff.com was deleting negative feed back. I also found that other hosts were referring people to my site such as this one.

This was the point I had decided that I need to start reviewing webhostingstuff.com on a regular basis to find their inconstancies.  I would also soon find out the site was losing traffic due to be on a shared environment with Godaddy and would soon move off to MediaTemple.

A summary of 1.5 years of looking at hosting review sites

One of the biggest inconstancies with this so called hosting review site, was a site called i7net.  The problem with i7net was it had not been online for months at a time.  Worse yet webhostingstuff.com stated that because of the frequency of downtime they were no longer keeping track of the up time   So on this wonderful top 25 you could see a very clear 0% for up time next to the zero stars for zero hosting reviews. Despite that it appeared off an on in the top 25 list from June – November 2010.  Until Webhostignstuff.com finale figured it out, and deleted the site’s listing from their data base.


A better summation of the problems I found on this so called unbiased hosting review site can be found at:


As my reviews intensified I had to start asking friends around the globe to get me screen shots because I was being blocked.  Which in turned my friends started being blocked.  They probable would not have been blocked if I had not sent emails to Michael Low telling him what countries and ISP my friends were in. Seriously if his site was legit why block people?

By May 2011 Webhostingstuff.com went through a face lift making the top 25 list obscure.  As I had to tell a very angry Jixhost.com (who happen to argue with me on webhostingtalk.com) that it may not be profitable to have to pay for a position that is now 9 clicks away from the main page when it was only 1.  Plus risk the chance of  losing people who are blocked.  At which time I have stopped reviews.  Though I can say I am not done with webhostingstuff.com. Despite these changes the only PPC going on with their site is from Google.

Fun on Webhostingtalk.com

I also got exposed on webhostingtalk.com:


I learned about Endurance International Group

Its funny how a chat can tell you things you never knew.


One of the big problems with this company is it does not fully disclose the list of hosts that are with them.  One of their former employees as you can see from the comments on that last post claimed that justhost.com was not added the BBB record (the only place I know that has a list of their sites) as it was a fairly new acquisition.  Which is not true as netfirms was acquired after that by atleast a year or 2, appeared just weeks after someone notified me that Netfirms had a been acquired.  I think had something to do with it being a Canadian host versus a U.S. host.  As EIG went out of its way to notify people and actually had a page dedicated to the transfer of the customers.


A few months ago they may have given me an edge with hosting review sites on FTC guide lines.  Which in short means if you profit by a review, you have to have a disclaimer up.  Which another site called hostingsthatsuck.com did not have until after I did a post on them.  I had planned on doing a review of every review site with an Alexa score below 1,000,000 that I came across based on these guidelines.  Time permitting I will start that process up again.

If you are a host, hosting review site, or anyone else I am the last person to spam.

I decided to take on certain elements in the hosting / web site industry.  The first of which was mindshark.ca.  A so called SEO company.  They harvested my email (they claim a third party did it, after I called their bluff on so called opting in), by going to my contact form and sending me an email.  I of coarse trying to not be rude responded.  Next thing I know I got spam.  Never mind the only purpose of that email was contacts from the contact form, blog updates, and YouTube. They claimed that I opted in, having been a previous hosting provider I know full well what opted in means.  In short I wrote two posts that stay at the top of their search engine results to prove they don’t know diddly squat about SEO, which says a lot as I don’t know a lot about SEO.  Did I mention my two posts appear in the top page of mindshark.ca review for Google?


Fake hosting review comments by Unlimitedgb.com

This is an on going drama, and one that I never thought would have gotten a lot of attention.  My former business partner thought it was a waste of time for me to do posts on hosts that spam unless they were like hostgator.  But a post on Unlimtedgb.com was the first host to get in trouble with me for posting fake positive reviews on my posts.  Seriously I am try to find the worst things about a host, and this host comes along to create fake feed back while bashing a host. Did they not think that maybe if I did not like fake reviews, I am really not going to like spam.  Not to mention its poor taste to try and make a buck off another hosts expense.

The worst of it was yet to come.  After I wrote a post:


Which in turn they decided to post positive comments, big surprise as this is strategy they do on other sites to drown out negative feed back (in a few cases some of these commenters came from the same IP).  But the worst of it was this page appeared on the first page of their search engine results. So he tried to bribe me.  I had to see how much he would pay, so before I contacted him I stated on Twitter and Face Book that some host was trying to bribe me and that I was going to soon bust them for it.

Clearly he did not read my Social Media for this site.


This is where he had the nerve to question my ethics for posting his email after not responding to the above post.  Never mind he spammed my blog, created fake feed back, and then tried to bribe me.


Despite a third post they decided to start spamming fake comments again on my site. Despite calming they had stopped that.

Bottom line if your going to spam my site, be prepared for me to do a post so I can get traffic off your site.

Another hosting company that has my interest is Gogvo.com, after one of their affiliates decided to spam my personal YouTube account. Which brings me back to the point where I worked for a “give me money and I will tell you how I got rich” guy.  Frankly this is worse than most review sites.  It not even so much the promise of good hosting, as it is the promise of income.  Never mind half the so called gurus have a disclaimer that states that results are not typical (translation stay away).


Those are some the highlights over the past few years I thought were interesting.

A few answers to questions I get in regards to hosting-reviews-exposed.com

For those that wonder what hosts I ran.

The answer is I cannot say, granted even if I was not legally bound by a non-disclosure agreement I have no desire anyway.

For those that wonder if I will start new hosting company.

Despite having a little more than 3 years left in the non-compete agreement. I ultimately have no desire to get back into hosting.  Perhaps that will change in the future.  But I have no desire to get back into nickel and dime hosting.  No offence, but the cheap plans are fine to start out with, but they are not a viable long term solution for a serious site.  If I get back in it would only be with hosting solutions for those that want serious solutions.  Otherwise called overpriced hosting to those that think unlimited hosting is the key to success.  Even if I did I would not involve that company with this site.

My site is against hosting review sites making money / I hate affiliate programs?

I never stated that I hate affiliate programs.  I have at many points expressed concern over affiliate programs that pay out more than a customer that clicks on an affiliate link may pay for in a year.  I am concerned with quality of service / support.  When 100% or more of a customer’s payment goes to the affiliate, none of it goes to service.

With that said, this is not my only site.  Far from my only source of income (I would be living in a card board box, with a card board iPad).  All of my sites, including this one are involved in an affiliate program or a program like Google’s Adsense.  I am not telling people that they should not use affiliate programs or that making money of referring people to a host is a bad thing.  It’s a bad thing when a review site makes so called top lists based on how much they get paid.  That means they don’t have a hosting customers interests in mind with a false hosting review site.

The problem is I have yet to see a hosting review site that does not manipulate the system to make a gain.  Which is why I have turned away many hosts review sites that have asked for my endorsement.  Often by giving them email of what the post would look like.

Having ads on my site is hypocritical of since I am going after hosting review sites that make money?

This is an argument I don’t understand. I am not telling you what hosts to use (though books, music, video games, or electronics just ask I will refer you).   I don’t have some so called review site with hosts I have never used, telling you their the best while getting  secretly paid out for referals.  For that matter there is no host I am willing to put my name behind.  I admit I have tried some of the same writing  style of sites I find on the first page of “(host name) + sucks” on Google to formulate posts in the beginning.  Many of these affiliates were not even hosted with the hosts they recommend.  One example is webhostingstuff.com which as far as I have seen has never had softlayer.com on their top 25 list.

In short the argument does not focus on the real issue.  Even if I had affiliate ads for hosts every where and made large commissions on referrals I would not be doing the same thing they are, and that is telling you a host is the best.

For over 2 years I have debated on any form of advertising let it be my own hosting company, or like my reviews of the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch. Now that I think about it, its not so bad advertising non-hosting related stuff.  I also enjoyed writing up a review of my two new tech toys:

Kindle Fire: http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/?p=2799

Kindle Touch: http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/?p=2757

Which those reviews ended up paying for my two Kindle’s.  Well the Kindle Fire review paid for both.  I have yet to see any one buy a Touch (come on readers its better than a color device for reading).

Ultimately I think it would have been bad to advertise my own hosting company, while going after other companies.  Simply because this would have been just as bad as a creating a review site.  It would be like telling you my host is best, without actually telling you why.

I can say lately I have been debating about removing Google Adsense and going purely with advertisers that I control.  After all I had one ad come up a few days ago about Hot Thai’s, and I am not referring to cuisine.  That and I have blocked a lot of hosts.  Though I may very well restore every host back to appearing in Adsense.  I have been debating the fairness of blocking hosts while allowing others.  Which is why it would be easier just to stop using Google Adsense and have no hosts appear.

I am now a hosting customer like most of the people that visit here. Being a former hosting provider gives me some insight in what to expect.   I can’t say I am not bias, as there was a standard for the service I gave people when I was in the business.  Ultimately any host I recommend will have to be up to those standards.

Is there a host that I recommend?

Sorry to say but no, the list has grown shorter of hosts I am using which is MediaTemple and Rackspace.  However there are two new hosts that I am in the progress of trying.  Expect reviews this month.

So What will Hosting Reviews Exposed.com be doing next?

It’s a bit difficult to say where this site will go next.  It mostly depends on my free time.

One thing is for certain this site is getting slow again, and that means it needs to be moved to a more powerful system.  Which may mean I move from MediaTemple.

I defiantly plan to find if review sites are following the FTC guide lines and work with the hosts that appear on hosting review sites.  I also plan to post more reviews of hosts that I am using (I added a few) or ones that customers make me set up sites on (some good, most bad).  Not to mention hosts or web site related services that decided to spam me.  Honestly if they cannot afford real advertising they are not worth hosting with.  Perhaps next year I may recommend hosts, but I would not count on it me starting a hosting review endorsement.

Webhostingstuff.com – The end of the Top 25……. as it was.

Back in April 2011 I missed it where webhostingstuff.com changed their front page layout.  I found out just a few hours after doing a post on winhost.com.  Winhost.com was clearly not happy about me talking about their relationship with webhostingstuff.com.  A discussion that pretty amounted to “what top 25 list?”.   Which lead me to get someone to get me a screen shot to see what was going on, after all webhostingstuff.com was still blocking me.   Everyone that did screen shots for me told me the same thing,  the top 25 was gone.

For the full discussion with winhost.com:


Got to love it when a host tries to do a rebuttal without any proof they are right.  For some reason I am not allowed an opinion, but hosts like this are allowed to do business with sites that claim they are one of the best hosts without any actually use. Regardless of the whole “what top 25 list”,  I have tons of screen shots that showed there was one, and I offered to send winhost.com the unedited ones.  I don’t post full screen shots of webhostinstuff.com for a very good reason.  There is a lot of blank space on the bottom of their site.  Below is an example.  Perhaps I am guessing they want to give you a spot to make notes if you print it out, that is if you can get past the blocking.

Per usual when I asked for where the ppc (pay per click) was located the discussion ends rather quickly.  At first I was told  it was like Google, though if it was I would be able to see where the ppc was.  Interestingly enough you browse through webhostingstuff.com enough you will find Google Adsense.  Which is a bit odd that they participate with Google’s ppc while having their own so called ppc system.

Webhostingstuff.com claimed:

We are Show casing 25 of the best web hosting companies from our directory of 16,654 web hosting providers.

Never mind that webhostingstuff.com has never from all the sites I have seen owned by Michel Low used any of the hosts that appear in the top 25.   As Softlayer seems to be the only host that webhostingstuff.com trusts for their hosting needs. So now the list is gone…….. Well gone if you consider not refabricating the system into something else.  However I feel what Micheal Low has done will hamper hosts ability to have effective so called PPC, or as Jixhost.com put it advertising. Which is interesting as I thought the point of advertising was to reach as many people as possible, like the ads you see around this post.   With the new system where it winhost.com appeared on 10th spot so it was on the first page.  Under the new system its on 5th page.  As it appears there is three hosts per Never mind the chance to be blocked if you do too much research.   You buy from those ads I get paid,



In addition to changing how the top 25 works, categories have been added such as type of host and a few countries.  It seems like a half hearty attempt to deal with other countries as opposed to a focus on U.S. hosts.  Though it ultimately ignores several countries that are growing in their need for hosting.

I have to say that this is a victory in a minor sense.  But then again the increase in blocking is a victory.

Since November 2007 I have trying to disprove the ranking from from webhostingstuff.com, this is the claim is

HOW does WebHostingStuff rank web hosts?

WebHostingStuff ranks web hosts using WHSRank™ – a powerful ranking algorithm that ranks web hosting companies based on the quality of services they had provided to REAL customers.

The main engine behind WHSRank™ are the verified customer reviews published on WebHostingStuff.WHSRank™ uses these customer reviews to calculate a quality score for each web host.

When customers write their reviews, they are asked to rate web hosts based on service quality factors like:

  • Uptime and service reliability
  • Technical support
  • Customer service

WHSRank™ uses these quality signals to calculate the quality score for each web host. Other quality signals used by the WHSRank™ algorithm include uptime performance.

So how is it that i7net was on the list, as well as other hosts that had no reviews get on this top 25 list if they don’t have any of these factor?  Many of the hosts that appeared on that list had:

  • Unsatisfactory reviews
  • downtime
  • no reviews
  • just started

Which is still going on, but the new system only encumbers those that bid for top spots.

Endurance International Group is back on Webhostingstuff.com?

I suspect even though there is one host (ssa host) on the new front page that is clearly not a top host.   Most of the host that appear on the main page have a decent to high pay out affiliate program.   I believe that the Endurance International Group hosts are only back up on webhostingstuff.com because they are up for affiliate commissions.   Since I am blocked from my home its just a theory as I am unable to actually see if any cookies are put in my browser.  I have long suspected the only reason Hostgator.com has been on this list is because webhostingstuff.com is a affiliate and is not getting paid for the so called ppc system.

Webhostingstuff.com is no longer my main focus, but that does not mean there will not be random reviews.

As I stated in my last article, webhostingstuff.com has some pretty serious search engine ranking.   More people may know what they are up to, but there are still many that do not.  Regardless with how the system is now, I think it best to put my efforts in to other review sites.  I am not saying I am no longer going to do reviews on webhostingstuff.com or the sites that appear on them.  I am just saying its going to be random.  There may be one or more months I don’t cover whats going on, on webhostingstuff.com.  I may spend a whole month on webhostingstuff.com.  But for now I think webhostingstuff has started what may be the end of their ppc system.

Hosting-reviews-exposed.com – first mail out

Its been a little over a year since I started a blog on my site to write reviews of hosting reviews sites and the hosts that use them.  I want to thank everyone that has inspired me. I also finally start using my mailing list starting with this post.  I realize for some of you I have sent nothing out for a year.   At this point I think I will be sending out a post once a week or month to highlight the posts I did.  As I don’t want to send out more then anyone would want to get, which is part of the reason I have not sent out anything by email till now.

I am pretty sure all the marketing experts I know are going to cringe with my first mail out.   24 hours after this goes out I am sure they will be telling me everything I did wrong.  The same people back when I was first starting pretty much drove me nuts on all things seo.  Last month one of my previous business partners and good friends found out on webhostingtalk.com that I had yet to actually use my mailing list.


Regardless of having paid him to install it for me, keep in mind it was his idea to install that and the pop up window which asked that for people’s email addresses.  I was the one to get grief over not using the mailing list.  To deal with my lack of understanding of how mailing list programs worked he migrated my mailing list and installed a new program that would function with WordPress.  Plus that annoying popup window is gone.  My previous experience with mail outs was I wrote up a customer mail out and gave it to a tech.   This truly is my first mail out, and where I probable got every thing wrong.

I wanted to thank the people that have contacted me over the last few months after I was supposed to have been exposed, I think the exposers have exposed themselves. I have gotten a lot of email, which I am still working on addressing.  So much so that I have not really had time to write up new posts on review sites and the hosts that deal with them.  Plus the work that pays the bills tends to take priority over what does not.

To those that did not get a personal response from me

I apologize for not contacting everyone.  I have read each every email that has been sent to me.   Some of the questions I was not sure how to respond too.  So I am going to take a mass attempt at it.  I really hate giving copy and paste responses.

To those that want to know who I recommend as a host

I am sorry to say but I am not prepared at this time to recommend any host.  A hosting recommendation especially from a site like this is a huge responsibility.  Let me be the first to say that you should still be skeptical of who I recommend, a little skepticism can be a healthy thing.  Any host that I recommend would have I would have to actually use, not to mention fully disclose any and all activities. Perhaps in the near future I will be able to start recommending hosts, but no guarantees that I ever will.

Regardless I will be posting tips for finding a host some time this month.

Is there a site that offers reviews that I would recommend?

There are no review sites I would recommend.  As every site I encounter are in it for one and one reason only, which is to get paid regardless if the host is good or not.  Other sites such as webhostingtalk.com may be a good site to find what people may think of a host, but even the positives as well as the negatives can be faked.  I have been contacted by a lot of review sites some asking for me to put my name behind them (or asking me to sell my site).  But the biggest problem is they recommend the same hosts as other sites, ones that offer high affiliate pay outs.  Frankly to be unbiased review sites should list the hosts that pay very little or nothing at all in addition to the high payout hosts.  A simple list of a few hosts does not cut it.

Webhostingstuff.com is no longer going to be the main focus

I have had a lot of hosts and people tell me that webhostingstuff.com is no longer relevant.

Before you say reviews about this site are pointless I would like you to look at:


I for one would love to have the  search engine ranking that this site has.  With stats like that the site is very relevant.   There also a lot of people out there that do not know the truth behind review sites like this.

However things have changed.  The drastic changes to the top 25 have become cumbersome for any host that pays to get the exposure they desire.   On top of that add the blocking that occurs if you do too much research on companies on any site that appears on webhostingstuff.com.  I am now going to limit my reviews to those that appear on the main page.  More details on that in my next post.  I may even just collect sites that appear and review them every couple of months.

You want me to do a review of your company

I have to say that this is the most mind boggling of requests I get. There are at this time only 3 providers I use and I don’t exactly have nice things to say about them.  I stopped using godaddy.com because of the very flaws I mentioned, because I don’t think they are for a long term solution for a serious site.   There is no host that I have had a positive review on, here or even on my personal blogs.  There are only 2 hosts that I have done a review on per request, only because I found these hosts also contacted review sites to do the same like hostingsthatsuck.com.  The reviews were disingenuous, because they did not take into account that the hosts had just started, but clearly the only thing this review site cared about was a commission.

Regardless in the interest of improving my search engine rankings by viable content, I will be in the very near future do reviews for hosts that request it.  I am actually in the progress of working with someone to do surface reviews which will be terms of service, support, and design.  More details to come shortly.  As  soon as  my new content writer is done redoing all the hosts I reviewed in the past, they can go over your site to find flaws.  I will make it clear that the host requested this versus being found on a fake review site.  In which case you can see where your site needs to improve.

To the hosts that have given me new leads

While I am not going to name hosts that have contacted me on this post.  I want to personally thank you for providing me with details I never thought to look for.   When I used the information you gave me I will of coarse post you as my resource, or quote you as a silent witness.  I am not going to claim anything as my own, when I don’t deserve credit.

To those that want me to expose their host

Now this does not apply to everyone that wrote me.  There are many people that have valid complaints, and actually responding to my email exchange.  But there a lot of people that have contacted me to expose a host without giving me a valid argument or nothing at all.

The problem with exposing a host or doing a review is I need reasoning and evidence.  I can’t simple go after a host because you don’t like them.  This is something I do in my spare time.  Spare time being the reason for me getting out of the hosting industry,  as I had very little of it when I was running 4 companies.  I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to wake up in the morning and not have to go to my desk to make sure other people’s sites are up.  Simply wonderful that I can take a cup of coffee and my kindle outside on my back patio to start my morning.   Of coarse you can argue I get paid to do this, with $56 last month (meaning no paycheck from Google next month) clearly money is not the reason to do a negative post.  You can’t just send me an email and not return my replies and expect me to spend that precious  spare time on writing up reviews with little to go on.

One particular person wants me to bust a company because he bought a domain that was too similar to the host, and signed up as a reseller plan similar to what Wild West Domains offers.  Which in all honesty he is lucky that having his domain taking away was the only thing that happen.   I am not going to defend what amounts brand deception.

Then there are people that have lost all the data because they relied on their host to secure it.   I can fault a company for not having quality servers, but being responsible for backing up your data is not something I can hold a host responsible for.  Every time I do a post, every time I approve comments, and every time I write a response to comments just for this blog I do a back up.  Which then goes to several drives in my house, on my parents computers, and with third parties such as Amazon cloud.  My friends refer to me as a data hoarder as I have stuff I wrote in dos back in the early 90’s.  I even have a safety deposit box I exchange usb drives with once a week.  Either way if this site was to go down I have multiple back ups to bring it back up, I am not going to rely on Media Temple or any provider to be my sole source of back up.   If your data is too valauble to lose, you can’t trust a single source for back up.  Which I have yet to find any serious host that does not have a clause in their terms of service that they are no responsible for data lose.

There is a phrase that comes to mind that that I always considered an idiot statement, the customer is always right.  If you ever have the opportunity to to work a minimum wage job doing retail, you will know how untrue that statement is.   During my college days I had that opportunity and worked at Wal-Mart in the pet department for a year. One particular episode comes to mind where I had to accept a refund on a dog chain that was clearly really old as the red plastic was sun bleached white, and the steel was heavily tarnished.  The guy claimed that it was defective and he purchased it last week.  Regardless of the evidence I had to exchange his old dog chain with a new one.   My manager was with me on not issuing a refund up until he started making a scene and other customers started to notice.  I have never

What is in the future of hosting-reviews-exposed?

There are a lot of sites that offer reviews in exchange for an affiliate commission.  Hosts that create their own fake reviews site(s).  Hosts that spam or gain from their affiliates that spam.

I have only just started my reviews.

Who says I hate affiliate programs?

For some bizarre reason people have this feeling that I hate affiliate programs.  If you saw the post where I get “exposed”  on webhostingtalk.com you will see thats what I was accused of.


Never mind there are ads on my site, some how a hypocrisy has been in the works.   Have I been using hosting affiliate programs to make a buck by making claims of some host was the best host?  Read enough of my posts and you will see that the answer to that is no.

Yes Google occasionally dishes out ads for webhosts, I actually screen a lot of the ads.  Never mind that a direct affiliate link will pay out more then what Google will pay me. There are no claims that any host despite having a affiliate program or not are a top host here. But your not going to find any where I say hate I hate affiliate programs.   I do point to a lot of affiliate programs that do payout in some cases most of or more of the initial customer payment.

There also a lot of hosts that I have reviewed that have low payouts, or no affiliate program at all.   In which case why would I do a review about a host that does not have an affiliate program if I my main focus was affiliate programs. This site is about  exposing hosting review sites, and the hosts that use them.   Some how  I have yet to encounter a so called review site that was no bias.  Either they get a paid amount for the 1  – 1o spot.  But in most cases they just go to sites like commission junction and pick out different hosting affiliate programs, or go directly to the host (which is what alreadlyhosting.com perfers).   I can’t look into the minds of host’s owners and tell you if they created the high payout affiliate programs to create a very saturated so called review industry.  I know some hosts like siteground.com and fused.com own their own so called review sites, where amazingly they are the top hosts.  It does not take much imagination to see where most so called hosting review sites got their business idea from.  In up coming months I will be looking into the ethics not to mention the legality of running a review site

So do I hate affiliate programs?

Truth be told, I like spending money more then making it.  I have a huge music obsession, not to mention my many other hobbies.  So where does the money come from?  While a big part of my income comes from graphic design,  part of it comes from affiliate programs from others sites.  There is a huge difference in what I do and what hosting review sites do, what I do is advertising.   Where you see content you might find ads from Google adsense, or banners for tigerdirect.com, Adobe, and Coral.  Companies I actually buy from.  I don’t tell you that so and so is the best, unless of coarse I actually use their product.  Any recommendations I have would be if I  actually use the product, which I do pretty often in my personal blogs.

If you read enough of my posts, I have yet to put my name behind any host. I engage in true advertising.  I don’t create a so called top list and claim that any host is a the best host.  If you read that post on webhostingtalk.com you will see jixhost.com claimed that they were advertising.  If your familiar with Google adsense, as winhost.com tried to say webhostingstuff.com was doing, where is the ppc ads at?  Advertising is not what the so called top sites call it.   Webhostingstuff.com even claims that the top 25 positions were not for sale.   While Jixhost.com (who was all over the place), did not claim they paid for the top 25 spots, they did not deny they were. They don’t want you to know that they are rather bias about who is on that list, and most of that has to do with if a host has an affiliate program or not.

To be honest I am not big on the idea of programs that pay our more then 20% of an initial sale.  From a business stand point every dollar you spend on a affiliate commission is a tax deduction.  Not every sale is going to come from affiliates, not to mention not every sale that comes from an affiliate in certain circumstances awards a commission.  Like for example, if a customer decides to go away from a page they get this pop up window that will knock off 50% off the cost of an order.

When I was a hosting provider I would rather focus on other forms of tax deduction that improved services.

Affiliate programs are not evil

I tend to think of affiliate programs as neither good or evil.  But I do blame hosts that do nothing about a top ten site that features their site.  Which have no proof a host is number one, or for that matter not even hosted with any of the top 10.   Regardless if they turn a blind eye to these sites they are still responsible for their unethical nature.

Lets face it, even without the affiliate programs the people who make review sites would be doing something else regardless of any ethical issues.   One review site that most of my efforts into actually has other ventures, which is webhostingstuff.com.  Micheal low is actually an affiliate of several other companies that are not even hosting related:


Despite his top 25 being a pay to play system, he seems to be removing it to add hosts that pay out affiliate commissions.

Either way the reform of hosting review sites don’t need to come from affiliate programs, but the hosts that turn a blind eye to their affiliates and how they bring in customers.

Bottomline is I have no issues with affiliate programs, as I am an affiliate.