support going down hill?

A few days ago, I forget which post it was but I was giving praise to in regards to their support. After all I have used,, and a few of the Endurance International Group sites (EIG) and honestly is the better of the hosts mentioned. I do design for a living, and while my rates are not cheap my customers can be. They sometimes think that the hosting should be dirt cheap, as they have no idea what is going on beyond the curtain.

Hosts like are the equivalent of Panda Express.  

Many customers I have that want cheap hosts like have a mind frame like my nephew.  When he was 12 he refused to eat French fries at my place as he was afraid they were made from some kind of vegetable (Keep in mind I am a strict vegan), soon he got a lesson from his non-vegan grandmother what they were made of. This year he turns 20 and he thinks places like Panda Express offer custom made food. For those that are unfamiliar with what Panda Express is, they claim to sell Chinese food (ok I am no fan). You grab a tray point out what is under a hot lamp and they dish it out to you, not cooked to order in what amounts to a school lunch line.  Personally never been a fan of Chinese restaurant chains and prefer locally own places. If you are ever in the Phoenix Arizona area I recommend a place called Uncle Lee’s and sons.  Granted only been there once but they really know how to cook tofu.

With anything that is cheap you can’t expect perfection. One of my colleagues had an issue dealing with one of their online techs. Well not just one issue but several. This time around went two days without responding to a ticket.

Do you think this personally bothers me that took 2 days to deal with a ticket?

In short no, I actually expect worse.  Apply the whole cheap hosting against the car industry and you will get a glimpse into my thinking on the hosting industry.  Companies like want you to think that they offering you a Ferrari, when truth of the matter is they are offering you a Pinto, Gremlin, maybe even a 1970’s VW beetle.   Don’t get me wrong these are cars that will get you where you want to go (provided they are taken care of), and often they may be the most practical solution given a person’s means. But that does not mean you are going to win any races against a Ferrari. Even if was not to do this, the others would for sure.  After all people generally gravitate to where the biggest perceived deal is. has no problem pushing people to buy on such deception especially under the guise of getting your hosting for $0.01.

Overkill verification with

The below is a chat session with to be clear I am not the one named AngryMonkey. Generally I try to remain calm even if things are really slow on the host’s end. The reason being I have clauses in my design contracts that stipulate that I get paid for any time that goes beyond the contract when caused by a third party that was selected by the customer.  Third party in this case is  Most of my overage fees are with Endurance International Group hosts. The below chat is not something I recommend both for customer or

(7:12 am) [System] Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
(7:13 am) [Cody B.] Welcome to HostGator Live Chat. My name is Cody. I’m happy to assist you today.
(7:13 am) [Cody B.] Hey there AngryMonkey, can I have the ticket ID this is regarding please?
(7:13 am) [AngryMonkey]:  *REMOVED*
(7:13 am) [Cody B.] Thanks 🙂
(7:13 am) [AngryMonkey]: Does HostGator still own SEOHOSTING.COM or is it out of business?
(7:14 am) [Cody B.] I assure you nothing has changed about SEOHOSTING.COM.
(7:14 am) [Cody B.] For security purposes, I will need you to verify your identity by providing the PayPal transaction ID of your most recent payment, or the last 4 digits of the credit card on file for the account, depending on your payment method. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
(7:14 am) [AngryMonkey]: Unbelievable. One minute. I will log into the account.
(7:14 am) [Cody B.] I do apologize.
(7:15 am) [AngryMonkey]: *REMOVED*is the last transaction ID
(7:16 am) [Cody B.] I’m sorry, it would be PayPal transaction IDs only. I can accept the last 4 of your credit card on file, or the 4 to 8 digit number known as the security PIN number on the account.
(7:16 am) [AngryMonkey]: Jesus Christ. I’m logged into the account, I have given you a ticket number, and I’m complaining with regard to a ticket that has NO response in 2 days. Just a minute. I will log into my PayPal account now.
(7:17 am) [Cody B.] I can send you an email at your gmail account and have you reply if that’s easier.
(7:19 am) [AngryMonkey]: What would be easier if you  just updated the ticket. But go ahead and send me an email and I will jump through your hoops.
(7:20 am) [Cody B.] It is sent, if you could please reply back to me via email I will have you fully verified. I do appreciate your patience.
(7:20 am) [AngryMonkey]: This email is to confirm that the owner of this email, and the related HostGator account, is in Live Chat with a HostGator agent named Cody. You are requesting personal information about the HostGator account. Please reply to this email confirming that you are the owner and that you are currently speaking to this person via chat. 

Best Regards, 

Cody B. 
Phone / Chat Support Technician LLC
(7:20 am) [AngryMonkey]: Happy?
(7:20 am) [Cody B.] Can you please send me a reply via email?
(7:21 am) [AngryMonkey]: I just replied via the ticket
(7:21 am) [AngryMonkey]: Now, do you want to tell me what’s going on? I have other HG accounts, but not purchased via SEOHOSTING.COM — and I am already regretting my decision.
(7:22 am) [AngryMonkey]: I understand you need to verify my ID, but that has NOTHING to do with getting adequate response to a ticket.
(7:23 am) [Cody B.] I just need to fully verify your ID so I can give the ticket to my supervisor and have someone take care of it right now.
(7:23 am) [Cody B.] I’m just trying to help but in order to put in the request I need full verification, I’m not seeing a reply to the ticket at this time. I know it seems kind of silly and I do apologize.
(7:24 am) [AngryMonkey]: Well, congrats. You’ve covered your ass. But if you just looked at the ticket, you would see it has nothing to do with security or access and everything to do with getting a response.  It’s absurd. Seriously, when a customer is inconvenienced due to a lack of support and/or response, to inconvenience that person further is just absurd.
(7:24 am) [AngryMonkey]: Is there anything else you need from me at this time?
(7:25 am) [Cody B.] I need you to send me a reply to the ticket please.
(7:27 am) [AngryMonkey]: Sent.
(7:28 am) [Cody B.] Thank you so much. I have you fully verified. I’m going to get with my supervisor and get this ticket taken care of for you right now.
(7:29 am) [AngryMonkey]: Great. Wonderful.
(7:32 am) [AngryMonkey]: Anything else I need to do at this time?>
(7:33 am) [Cody B.] If you could just remain in chat for a moment just in case there’s anything the migrations team needs from you that I may be missing. 
(7:35 am) [AngryMonkey]: Cody, I’ve been waiting TWO days. I’ve jumped through your employer’s silly hoops. IF you and HG haven’t figured out by now that making a client wait for support is a bad idea, then I’m out of here. If I don’t get a response to the ticket within 12 hours, I will simply cancel. I’m not waiting any longer. Sorry. I do apologize. I know you don’t make the policies, but no… I’m not going to wait any longer. I’ve been on chat for 23 minutes.
(7:35 am) [System] Chat closed by customer request.

Don’t get me wrong there is a point and time to be secure and ask for things that identify a customer as who they are. But I think a big identifier is when a customer points to a ticket that has not been dealt with for 2 days.  Frankly security is the last thing  should worry about here, as who is going to know that ticket has not been dealt with for 2 days aside for Seriously the tech spent too much time trying to verify who a customer was rather than looking to see that a ticket was dealt with.

But that is beside the point; we are talking about cheap unlimited hosting offered by Customers are not individuals in this market they are numbers.  What can you expect from a company that charges as low as $3.96 a month?

Since my friend has had other issues with he has noticed a few other problems with chat. First is it seemed the line on support was getting longer. But a change happen this month where instead of showing a place , a time with a really long decimal point was coming up. Personally not a bad touch if only they would change it to two decimal point. But here the second problem and it’s a real kicker they answer the chat and find some reason to “look at the issue” to take another 15 – 20 minutes. chat Before chat After

Normally I try to refrain from profanity being posted on this site. By my friend (aka AngryMonkey) had this to say about

Comment retracted at author’s request

I don’t quite see the same thing, but perhaps a clue to the server’s problem may be that servers should not be in a swamp. Look down mister, look down.

Is your Outsource Tech Support Fair Trade?

One thing that never really occurred to me until this weekend, and that is the treatment of those that do outsource tech support.   Since outsource tech support deals with an IT industry and not farm goods, clothing or other non-tech specific items it never occurred to me that perhaps outsource customer service may be under the same boat all in the name to provide something cheap. You watch enough news and you hear about some clothing company operating sweet shops some where around the world, even the U.S. where there are child labor laws.  While India has child labor laws that cover up to the age of 14, that still does not stop someone from making people work for very little or  nothing to make a profit.

It occurred to me  after reading  and then calling Dell while brewing some coffee. Funny how some things are so obvious,  yet don’t quite connect in my head.  I was just about to vent my frustration over a order gone wrong when I glanced at the fair trade logo on my Trader Joe’s Organic Morning Blend (In short Fair Trade offers a reasonable pay for work done, not to mention reasonable hours and working conditions).   The fair trade logo connected all those points together. My first thought was did this guy on the other end really deserve my rage?  Was he paid enough to bear my rage?  I doubt it.

The Outsource Tech Support Sucks(?)

No I am not writing a rant against foreigners that are being outsource for customer service.  While there are many exported jobs that I am unhappy about, I actually have sympathy for this guy on the other end trying to do his job.  He is simply following the script that Dell provided him. At best his training consists of either being handed a binder with a table of contents that takes him to each answer, or being told to refer to the f.a.q. section on the company provided pc (which may have been the pinnacle of  technology 8 years ago). When it comes to something not covered by the materials provided, you either get a long pause or are put on hold while they ask someone that may know the answer.  Then when he / she comes back with an unsatisfactory answer, they may have to deal with the brunt of a customer’s anger.

There is no excuse for a company using Outsource Tech Support(?)

I don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about outsourcing, after all on some of my cheaper companies used outsource tech support with India.

I went with outsource support for one reason and one reason only, and that was to compete in a cheap market.  When ever you try to compete in a cheap market,  as with any business its all about money. While the techs I had here in the U.S. were very good at their job, it was not cost efficient to have them dealing with a cheap market for many reasons.  Read enough of my blog and you will know that the cheaper an account was the more likely  the account holder would place a ticket.  That was a fact that I would not see until much later when software was in place that tracked such details.  The other details that was pretty obvious was the level web development skill was not equal to higher paying customers.  On the much higher end if my customers did not know, they hired webmasters.  The more a customer paid the less likely they put tickets in for support.

I can tell you my outsource tech support worked, but not without constant vigilance.  Hence why I had monitors dedicated to chat, so I could jump in if needed, or come through on another chat program to guide the outsource techs.  The vigilance being one of the driving factors into me desiring to leave the hosting industry.

Not all cheap companies provider Outsource Tech Support

There are companies out there that don’t offer outsource support such as and I suggest looking up the results for yourself as this is a post about foreign provided support and not domestic.   That is a blog post for another day.

Having been an ex-employee of a major company whose current logo is “Save Money, Live Better”, or included advertising about “roll back prices”. Did I mention they had their employees go to competitors and write down their prices?  One of the big reasons I left them was the lack of employee benefits like insurance and money for college.  I had fulfilled my obligations to obtain these benefits.  Too bad I did not know the state I was in required these benefits for employees that work full time hours for more then three months.

The reason I bring Walmart in the mix of an Outsource post, is that low cost companies will sometimes do whatever they can to obtain a profit.  Like when Walmart bought Dead Peasant Policies on employees without their knowledge.

What is a Dead Peasant Policy?

Dead Peasant Insurance is sometimes used as a shorthand reference for life insurance policies that insure a company’s rank-and-file employees and name the company as the beneficiary. This means that the company receives the life insurance benefits when the covered employees die. This insurance may also be called “janitor insurance,” “corporate-owned life insurance,” or “COLI.”

Its the Outsource Tech’s fault(?)

I hear that a lot.  Just as I hear my mother complain about the quality of something she bought at the $ 0.99 store.  However she is willing to pay no more then a dollar for a lot of the things she gets at there.  She even goes so far as to return things that she finds defective there.  I honestly would not bother to return anything  after all it was not until 2 months ago I started going there as they started carrying my favorite energy drink for $0.79 and it usually runs $2.00 +.  Not that I have gotten anything defective from there, but if I did its just not worth my time to return anything. Its really a matter of math, in the time I spend going back to the store not to mention factors such as if I drove there or biked.  What could I use that time instead doing?

I get why people want the most for their money, but what about some realistic expectations?  After all how much are you willing to do for that $3.25 a month?   Are you willing to provide at less then a dollar a day service equal to what Pepsi pays for their hosting? Chances are that tech you complain about probable gets less then $0.01 of your hosting payment for having to help you out.  Sure there are hundreds of you on a server in order to make it profitable. Never mind that slow tech that is on chat with you may be slow because they are dealing with more then just you at that moment.

One of the things that I have seen while reviewing some 80 companies, those that use outsource support have a lot of complaints.  Endurance International Group being the owner of many of these companies.

When I first reviewed iPage, I had this weird chat session.  Where I am asked what home page I was referring to, that had me wondering how many hosting companies this support company worked for.

Turned out it was a large company that buys out other hosting companies.  Which I found out after I reviewed a company that shared a spot in the top 10 with Justhost, which was fatcow.

What I find interesting is they do not know what company they are handling chat for. Though the tech on the iPage review probable told me more then I should know.

I tend to think alot of these outsourcing companies that pop up out there do little to train their employees before releasing them to companies seeking outsource support.  Several years back before starting up my 2nd company I was trying to find a support company that could do it cheaply for the second host.   Trust me I was not eager to go with a cheap outsource solution.  But as I said before it was a matter of profit.  The cheaper you go, the more people you have to put on a server to make it profitable.  The less likely a you are going to put people on state of the art technology.   If you live in a area like I do where the cost of living is comparable higher then other parts on the world, outsource support is your best bet to make your cheap hosting solution profitable.

The first company I found was a complete disaster.  This was a former software developer if I remember correctly was in India.  I tend to think this outsource solution would have been the death of my company if I did not decided to monitor chats and the company had not started up.  As the people they provided did not even have the basics of for what they were doing.  For some reasons the owner of this operation thought my company would train people who barely understood what a pc was on how to be IT experts.

Their boss collected my fee and disappeared.  No surprise but they are no longer in business and the software part. there most industrious part was shut down.  Other wise there would be a post on avoiding them.

Outsource tech support versus Affiliate Programs

The main argument behind me not being for affiliate programs that pay more then 20% of what a customer pays is very simple. Yes the payment is tax deductable.  But lets take a host gator account that a design client of mine signed up for, I sent him to a friends affilate link on the promise he told he how much he got paid.  Being the cheap skate this design client was he went with the month to month plan which was $7.96 (never mind it would have been cheaper to sign up for a year or more).  That means that it takes 13 months before any of that money is put into tech support, its all being sent to the affiliate.  That also means that until the 13th payment, not a singe penny goes towards any form of service.  There are other things that qualify as a tax deduction which are things that would improve service, such as paying a decent living wage to the tech on the other end.  After all a happy employee is a productive employee.

As much as we may try to blame affiliates, and the companies that pay them.  The real problem is not the outsourced techs, nor is it the companies that employee them.   After all lets go back the product that started this post, Organic Fair Trade Wake Up Blend coffee from Trader Joes.  This is a product that caters to people such as myself that are Tree Huggers, and concerned with the well being of others.  I am not going to be on a list of people that buy blood diamonds out of Africa knowing full well the human cost.  Hence products that carry the Fair Trade Logo, for those that would rather not have coffee or other things under slave labor conditions.  Any company will flow to an idea that brings in money, especially when people stop buying from companies that operate sweet shops.

So before you decided to yell at an outsource tech, ask yourself how much did you pay for your  hosting package.  I welcome any outsource techs that want to share their experience be they good or bad.

Netmar, Is ready to take care of your future hosting needs?

Netmar, number 24 of 25 for’s  May 2010 list.  As of today they are now number 9.  So they are paying more for a better position in the Webhostingstuff listings.  Their design seems dated,  no telling when the last time the site had a face lift.  According to them they have been in business as of 1994, and the domain creation date backs them up on this.  But their about page makes me suspect that have not been in the webhosting as lon.

Netmar is wholly owned and operated by the Akinli family of Durham, NC. Established in 1994 as the company behind the Tarheel Mall, we quickly discovered that the online mall concept was not going to be around for long, and abandoned it in favor of straight website hosting

This is another company that I have to wonder when exactly they got into the webhosting business.  Like the last host I reviewed there is not alot of information on this host.  For that matter alot of hosts that do reviews have no reviews from this self proclaimed oldest host.

The oddest thing I found while looking for information on them:

Webhostingstuff’s information on Netmar

This time I started looking over the info on webhostingstuff in regards to Netmar.   While I am sure they erase the info that does not work in their favor they are sloppy in how they do it.   There is a lot of incriminating information that is often left behind.

One Netmar review sticks out

Looking at the reviews I can tell you they should not have a 5 star rating.

Some how with 6 reviews one “poor” review can not keep this host from being listed as anything less then 5 stars.  I also find it hard for this review to have 3 stars on tech support considering that is what this complaint is about.

Netmar uptime records with webhostingstuff.

Curiosly Netmar’s first review was August 15, 2006.  However their uptime records only go to Febuary 2010 of this year.

I suppose you might thing that webhostingstuff only keeps track of this much information on all hosts, but clearly not the case if you look at HostGator’s uptime.

Hostgator’s uptime history goes all the way back to September 2005.  I would expect that webhostingstuff would have tracked the uptime no later then Augusts 2006.

My Finale thoughts on Netmar

They have moved from the 24th to 9th position, but they appear to be behind the times.  It does not appear that they offer a ticket system.  When I first started it soon became apparent that support by email was not going to be effective.  We went to  a ticket system with in the first 3 months of operation.   This is a company that has no visible ticket system:

“At Netmar, we’ve put together a huge repository of online help, but of course, we’re still available to answer your phone calls and emails.”

A support ticket system allows for quality assurance.  For someone like me it allowed for efficient random checks on tickets to ensure that staff are doing their job or that customers are not abusing the system.

I don’t think based on the design of the site that the Netmar is capable of offering a serious hosting solution.

How to write host reviews to achieve the maximum effect be it positive or negative

While in the progress of working on the 21st host of May 2010, I start with looking at host reviews.   I happen to find a review about on, He claims it sucks and its fraud.  I decided to ask for what no one else was asking for.  That was documentation (chat sessions, email, support tickets).  Instead the moderator wanted to wait for the host to chime in, which it never did.     What I did not notice was the reviewer’s access was suspended.  No reason was given.   The post was soon locked out.    But clearly everyone but the reviewer was playing advocate for

I have a problem with this because no reason was given for suspending the access of the poster, and some one who did not work for the host some how knew the situation.  Even though his information on the situation was limited at best.  But I think he could have gotten his point through on the first post before they locked him out.

So many Host Reviews, so little to work with

Over the last few months I have read a lot of reviews.  Most of the comments I read through I did not bother to use, even though they were leaning towards my desired goal.  Obviously I was  looking for negative feed back.  One end of the spectrum someone would say a site sucked and provide little to back it up.   Then there were people that would tell you they just signed up with a host and it was great,  frankly I think they needed to wait till the end of the guarantee before commenting.    Rarely have I found reviews on either side of the spectrum that got my attention.    But here is my idea of what would be hard to avoid and get your point across, even if they decide to suspend your access.

What I recommend not doing when writing host reviews

For Negative host reviews

  • Don’t go anonymous, you will get more mileage out of your review if you disclose what site was involved with the host you are complaing about.
  • Don’t get an user id called (host name) sucks, (host name) fraud, (host name) anything.  Doing so just makes you look like your out for revenge and may just a be a disgruntle customer.
  • Avoid using vulgar language.
  • Avoid using the words scam and/or fraud.   Most times what people label as a scam or fraud were covered under the terms of service.   Like shutting your site down.   I think this was the reason the above poster had his access shut off.

For Positive Host Reviews

  • Don’t go anonymous, you will get more mileage out of your review if you disclose what site was involved with the host you are complaing about.  Yes its a repeat, but that does not make it any less effective.
  • Avoid writing host reviews until your guarantee period expires, depending on the host its usually 30 days.   Things could go wrong and you may have a hard time removing your endorsement from the site you put it on.

What has to be in the host reviews

Being a vegan, it might be weird for me to say but make sure there is some meat to you review.  Simple saying “x host” sucks, or” x host” is great is not much to a review.  For that matter they tell people nothing as to why or why not they should buy hosting.

For Negative host reviews

If you have a complaint provide copies of the email, chat, or ticket.   This is why I hate dealing with people by phone, unlike the other methods unless I record the call there is not much proof with phone conversations.   Its harded to be discredited if you have documentation to back your complaints.  If there is alot of documentation consider hosting it on your site and provide links to it.

For Positive host reviews

Give the reasons for why you choose this company.  Perhaps you joined them because of a control panel like Plesk.  Simple saying that the company has great support with out examples is just like saying “its a deal, just trust me”.

By no means is this a complete concept, but its what I see missing  in reviews.  Written properly your host reviews will be worth the effort be they positive or negative. is where this site WAS hosted *UPDATED* was where this site first started. However a lot has changed since this was originally posted.  This site s currently hosted with Rackspace. The other sites I started with has since moved to other companies after January 2011.

I originally bought the domain for this site and hosted it with November 2007. I did this because I wanted to have my site on a  server separate from my hosting company servers.  Its no secret that this all started as a way to vent off frustration at (   In short I found they were deleting positive feed back for one of my sites.  After 72 hours of making and remaking the video and site; contacting many of the hosting companies found in the top reviews sites, my creative energies would soon seem spent.  I did not think much would come of what I had started.  At least until Google contacted me early 2010r to take up adsense.   I really did not think the video and a one page site would became a blog.  But when ever you find someone reviewing a host on you find my video next to theirs.  Even though my video has not got as many viewers as a cute kitten video, I am getting far more traffic then the videos to get people to sign up for hosting.

The Bad about

Lets face it, if your like me you want the good news last.  When I go to a mechanic, vet, dentist, doctor…….. and they tell you I have good news and I have bad news.   You cringe with a horrid thought of what the bad might be.  Good news matters less then what the foreboding bad may be.  I will say this about GoDaddy, the bad is not as bad as it could be.  I will say that before November 2007, I had never had a shared hosting account.  I had a geocities page and another free site from a company that went out of business.    I made the strange jump of going from free hosting straight to a dedicated server.   but till I got this Godaddy account I had never had a shared hosting account.

Sometimes getting a hosting solution with is a roll of the dice

I can say with confidence that I have not had a lot of problems with the shared hosting for on GoDaddy.  For that matter I have never contacted support in regards to this account.   Sometimes the site is slow to respond.  For that I think the site is getting to the point that it needs a more advance option.  But that’s not always the case because this year I got a three VPS accounts.   I got them at different times because I wanted my sites on different ips   2 of the sites are loading faster then this site, however the forth shared account (3rd bought this year) was offline every other day.  At the time of this post the site was down 2 times, for about 3 minutes each time.  This has happen over the course of 2 months.  Granted uninterrupted uptime is not vital to construction of this site, but it would be annoy on other sites that I might construct.

I also had two VPS accounts.  One of which  runs rather smoothly, but I can not say the same for the second.  Getting the second one set up was a pain and I closed that account down and took that to another company.  But to be honest I have not contacted Godaddy for resolution on this.  This is because I like speedy resolution but I don’t like having to call to get it.  I like companies that I can email, chat, or put a ticket in with.  If you ever looked at one of my phone logs it becomes clear why I hate spending time on the phone.  One wonderful example is I had spent 94 hours on the phone with Bank of America in 2008.

GoDaddy Tech support requires a phone call for faster service

In general I have not had a lot of support inquiries with GoDaddy.  But when I do it sometimes takes 24 hours to get a response.   Though I have found when I call them I tend to get the ball rolling faster.  Having owned 4 hosting companies I know that most customers prefer telephone support over ticket, email, and phone support.  I can not say that I am the same as I feel that I can give better details by a written system without having to repeat myself.  Not to mention over 11 years of dealing with suppliers on the phone. I feel a lot of time was wasted in phone communications.  That and I like documentation on my dealings with a company.

GoDaddy offers unlimited hosting

I am not exactly sure when they offered this, but I am no fan of unlimited hosting.  You read enough of my blog and you will see my position on hosting that clearly has limits when you try to test them.

The Good about

For almost three years I have had this site hosted with   Up till late May of 2010, this was a 1 page website.  During that whole time, I didn’t track the uptime and server response.    It was until I started other projects I that had to contact anyone at Godaddy for support.  During the life of this sites hosting account, I never contacted support in regards to this site.   Granted the most complex thing that I have had to do with this site is add WordPress, themes, and related add ons.  All of which was done without intervention from GoDaddy. But the traffic increase on this site lead to it moving to

GoDaddy has full integration from their customer login area

Back in the beginnings of my first company integration was a far off concept.  A customer had to send email (no ticket system at the time) to get an email or domain set up on the server.  It was not till perldesk (or perhaps an early program) and cPanel that integration started to unfold for my company.  Honestly I have to say in many ways I am envious of the system that they have.  Customers are able to get a dedicated ip without human intervention from GoDaddy staff.  Not to mention upgrade a share hosting account to more advance solution.   Though ticket support is no where near as fast as phone support.

Would I recommend GoDaddy?

It depends.  What are your needs?  Are you just starting?  Than perhaps a shared plan would be ok. Have a site that is not a heavy resource user?  As your site grows you might want to consider one of their more advance packages.  But honestly, I have kept no site long term with their company.  Would I recommend them for a large scale organization?  No I would not.

When it comes to a recommendation or opinion on a host I strongly suggest that you do your own research.  By no means does a post be it negative or positive mean that the person has your best interests at heart.  They may very well make a huge commission, of for that matter they may just be a disgruntle customer that no one can truly please that wants to hurt a hosting company.

My finale opinion for is they are an ok place to start up a site from, but not a long term solution.