Spams again!!! is not going to be happy with this latest post. Regardless of what anyone at may have to say about this post, spam is not legal in this country. I don’t care if put a disclaimer in their email stating I am not supposed to share it. That somehow an email address they were not supposed to have and marketed to I am supposed to respect confidentiality.

By spamming I mean that was soliciting to an email address that did not opted into’s mailing list. I seriously have no interest in hosting with any company similar to the nature of So I have no intention of giving them my email address. Nor will I give anyone from the email address for my other personal account they decided to spam. Just to make it that much easier to delete my email address out. As I half suspect they may have deleted every address. So I am not going to tell them the domain that email address is under. At best I will say that it is with Microsoft. So a few more domains for to remove out of their list.

If does not want me to do posts on their company than perhaps they should avoid spamming. No requests for removal of this post from will be honored. But as previously stated they should delete all email lists, and stick strictly to double opted in address.

A short history of my interactions with

As I first stated I had no interest in this company, for that matter they spammed me a few times before I decided that this blog should take on spam. After all like fake review sites, spam is a form of unethical marketing.

First spammed my Yahoo. Email account – November 11, 2010

Not long after that someone named Anthony John contacted me for Saying that I should have clicked on their unsubscribe link in their spam, as opposed to making blog post about them spamming me. Anthony of also asked for the email address of the email they had spammed me by. Since they had spammed me I saw no reason to give them my personal email address.

Amazingly after this email, the spamming stopped from

Than a second look at – November 19, 2010

Than they decided to spam comment on this very blog – October 16, 2011 demands I remove my posts on their company – January 15, 2012

In short Anthony of decided to point me to the whole law book from India on Internet Law. Without pointing me directly to what exactly law states I cannot post proof of their wrong doing. Never mind that’s spamming violates U.S. law.

So far it seems that wants me to do an annual post on their site. finds another of my email accounts – January 17, 2013

Normally I don’t use my Microsoft email all that often, I have had it almost as long as my Yahoo address. The bulk of the use of this account was mostly for Windows Live Messenger. But from time to time I use it for other reasons. I mostly use it for companies I don’t pay a lot of attention to their emails. Like Commission Junction, and other companies that like to send a lot of email. One of the companies that I bought a script from had sent me an email with some coding I needed. I could not find it in the main folder so I decided to check the spam folder, where I found the email I was looking for and’s spam. I tend to think that the company I was looking for email from was marked spam because of the coding they sent me. But I find it most interesting that Microsoft decided to mark this email as spam and that they would delete it within 10 days of being sent. Which means I have no idea how long has been sending me spam. Because I don’t normally check the spam folder when I do log into my Microsoft email. Generally I only check it when Trillian has a pop up with an email subject I may be interested in. I don’t believe that Trillian will notify me of any email that is marked as spam.

manashosting spam’s latest spam

Create Unlimited Web Pages just for Re 1‏

From: ([email protected])
Sent: Thu 1/17/13 12:37 PM

Warm Greetings dear customers,

Is your requirement related to Designing a website? Or do you have a requirement of SEO (search engine optimization) for your existing website? Or are you planning to have a high power Hosting Package? Whatever your need is we are here to help you to get the perfect solutions.

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Thanks and regards,

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this message (including the enclosure(s) or attachment(s) if any) is confidential and may be proprietary or privileged. If you are not the intended recipient or have received it by mistake please notify the sender by return e-mail and permanently delete this message and any attachments from your system. Any dissemination, use, review, distribution, disclosure, printing or copying of this message in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. Please note that e-mails are susceptible to change. Manashosting shall not be liable for the improper or incomplete transmission of the information contained in this communication nor for any delay in its receipt or damage to your system. Manashosting does not guarantee that the integrity or security of this communication has been maintained or that this communication is free of viruses, interceptions or interferences. Anyone communicating with Manashosting by email accepts the risks involved and their consequences. Manashosting accepts no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this email.

Unsubscribe me from this list

Header information for the Manashosting,.com spam will be posted in the comments area.

From design, affiliate program, SEO, to hosting.’s offering is all over the map.

Speaking of maps, what I find interesting is that address.

Calling the number that provides gets me the name of another company once I called: Target Information Management.

The network whois for tells me:

Comment: Please send abuse complaints to [email protected]

CustName: DreamWorx Hosting

Address: PO Box 806332

City: Saint Clair Shores

StateProv: MI

PostalCode: 48080

Country: US

RegDate: 2009-04-20

Updated: 2011-03-19


Interestingly enough the address for DreamWork Hosting (PO box) and the address provides are 1.2 mile drive from one another.

I will be sending abuse complaints to’s partners.


Once again if anyone at bothers to read, no I will not remove this post.


Another post in preparation of’s Black Friday Special Black Friday Spam has found it’s black Friday special on my blog for the third year now.

As I get back into the swing of things after the end of a rather intense work load, I find reason to write and that is the spam that comes from affiliates.

Just in case this time someone at reads my blog, just to be clear I am not blaming you for spam. However if you don’t address it, with more than a unofficial looking short email while still collecting new customers from this form of very annoying affiliates you might as well do the spamming.

Instead of pointing out who has spammed me this time I am going to instead put together recommendations. But first let’s look at the promotional email that put out last year:

Be ready to see a huge amount of activity and unbelievable sales numbers that will only come around once a year!

Here’s what we want you to do:

Post about the promotion on your blog
Post on Twitter and Facebook
Post about it on forums (follow all forum rules and don’t spam)
Tell your E-mail lists (Again, no Spam!)
Refer friends and family
Push all of your hosting related traffic to HostGator and EARN BIG!
Tell everyone you know!

From there I am going to formulate what should have been done.

  1. An official looking email.Seriously the last one I saw asides for being lite on content and poorly formatted was weak. Especially when the prior emailed encouraged use of forums, Twitter, Facebook,  email lists, friends, and family.
  2. Tell your affiliates their consequences and what defines spam. Let us put two and two together, you refer someone and they only pay a penny for service, and you get the full $50 – $125 refer fee.  In short it looks like how to spam, without actually defining what spam is. From the traditional perspective spam is an email only thing. But the truth of the matter is spam has come to envelope any form on undesired communication via the Internet.  From what looks like people trying to say how grand and wonderful my site is, while trying to get site with a url to something about Viagra in very long link. To the people sending me messages via chat to sign up with some date service or some other crap.
  3. Remind them of your Affiliate Agreement.
  4. If you are going to advise them to use of forums, Twitter, Facebook,  email lists, friends, and family. Advise them on a proper protocol as opposed to annoying people.

Hopefully this time around I am busy with online stores and their Black Friday deals as opposed to going to through my in box, YouTube channels, forums, blogs, and whatever else. – Comment spam friendly affiliate program in my opinion has the worst affiliate comment spammers.  Case in point my post on’s annual Black Friday special.

Where I plead with to email their affiliates and let them know that spam is not acceptable. Here is the reply I got from

Hello Benjamin,

Thank you for your email.

Please note that these comments and spam are not from HostGator staff members, these are from affiliates of ours. Please know that we do not condone spam in any sense and we will gladly do our best to track down the affiliates that are spamming and remove them from the affiliate program, as it is clearly against our terms of service that they have agreed to. Please simply notify us and allow us time to look into the matters and we will do our best to control the problem.

Please do also note that we do have a policy regarding disclosure and the FTC guidelines within the TOS, and this was emailed directly to all affiliates as well, letting them know of the requirements and changes in the TOS.

We will also be letting affiliates know in advance when communicating the Black Friday emails that spam is grounds for termination within the affiliate program with the loss of commissions previously pending/sent being a possibility should they spam.

Thanks again for your email. I hope this helps clear up your concerns that we are definitely against spam and we will certainly do what we can to help combat it. It can be difficult when we have well over 150,000 affiliates to control and keep up with their actions – but we certainly do try to have the best and cleanest program around!

Thanks again. We wish you the best this Holiday season.

Best Regards,
Taylor Hawes

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

I will say this about they are good about sending out a first response.  However they seem to lose interest after any first replies.  I realize of course that is not creating the spam. But they directly benefit from it. As any sale generated by their affiliates comment spamming is a benefit. My interest was that they would email their affiliates letting them know their policy on spamming.  We are less than 3 months away from this year’s Black Friday, and the comment spam has been from my own experience worse than it has ever been. In fact combined with all hosting spam I have received this year, it is dwarfed by what I get from these affiliates.  Just one person was responsible for most of the spam.

So what triggered this post?

The above mentioned post got a comment from one of’s affiliates and they wanted to post a coupon for which of course means they get paid a commission.  Had they read the post they would have realized the irony of comment spamming that particular post.

So I am angry about one little comment from one affiliate?

Personally I found it funny the particular post they decided to spam on dealt with affilate spam.  But what I dread is the comment spam on my personal accounts than there is this one affiliate that is under the YouTube user: Sophia9Lott3134. This affiliate decided to spam my YouTube video not once, not twice, not ten times, but 71 times. Were they not aware that some videos like mine have all comments approved?

Click the below image to see the full 71 spam comments from this affiliate.

Then there are these two YouTube users/ affilates that happen to have the same comment:

Those two shots and the ones below are all from my first video all of which were people attempting to post coupon codes for that would lead to them getting paid a nice commission. affiliates that spam comment only  targeted my video because it was in relation to webhosting?

I might have been their main target because my main topic is hosting, however a personal Youtube account of mine that has nothing to do with hosting and mostly videos of World of Warcraft has been target by affilates.

Bottom line needs to rein their affiliates in. – in re-review Part 3: You look for pros, hacks look for you claims to be a top expert. After all this is on their front page “Home to the latest and greatest Internet Marketing Strategies in North America”.

I am going to boldly say no, they don’t know as much as they claim. From the facts in my last post, I think it is safe to say knows less than me. If you need proof that I know more than they do just search for “”. Yet while knowing more than they do, I would not trust my skills to keep a roof over my head. I realize its harder to prove lack of qualifications, so this is the point where I ask you to take my word for it I am a SEO noob.

I would go so far as to say they create an illusion to match their own propaganda. This week I got to look at a pamphlet where they tell you 15 things to beware of with other SEO companies. I don’t have time to go through their full list to tell you how they can be graded.  But I can tell you they failed one point and that is “3. Vague & Immeasurable Services”.

Every award every testimonial lacks any tractable data. Clearly there should be domains to look at to see how they are doing. What I have seen and confirm belongs to a testimonial was what was left by a troll for, and the Alexa score was over 16 million. Nothing not even’s site can measure up to this site. Any reputable SEO company should have traffic stats that would make look pathetic.

Why is a Seo organization like being reviewed on a site that is about fake hosting review sites?

The key word here is spam. harvested my email in a way I had never encountered before.  They came through this site’s contact form, and the moment I replied to them, they considered me opted in. After they started spamming me, I contacted them and told them to remove me from their list or face a complaint to netfirms (which they are no longer with), and a post on this blog. I made it clear I had not opted in. I got a happy email from Zamir of where I was told I was removed………… And that I had opted in.

Ok so either I am lying or is lying…..

Here is the email sent me.

Janice Jacobsen [email protected] via 
to me 

To: Webmaster

Janice Jacobsen
[email protected]

I’ve helped hundreds of companies increase their traffic and I’d love
to show you what my service can do for you. I don’t promise the world,
I’m straight forward and to the point … I deliver rankings. My rates
are completely affordable and I don’t want to oversell you either, I
start small and have my clients begging for more. I won’t take on your
site unless I know I can deliver rankings. Reply to this e-mail if you
have the slightest interest … you’ll never see rankings the same way

Sent from (ip address):
Date/Time: July 21, 2010 8:33 am
Coming from (referer):
Using (user agent): Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US;
rv: Gecko/20100713 Firefox/3.6.7 GTB7.

How do I know it was

Because they were the only people I asked who they were. At this point I was a bit naïve and probable should not have replied to the email: But this had been my third month, and I had not had a lot of emails coming in at the time. I made sure to respond to everyone.  A few weeks after I replied I got this email from

Where said my comment was: “your website is?” Which was In July 2010 not August.  Out of 20 people that contacted me on my forum between July and August that was the only one I asked who their website was. Which can see there were other people that were contacted through a gmail account or account.

But this is another key in the puzzle because Zamir admitted in his email to me that was going through a third party to get emails. But I  think this was the point they were starting up. After all started their social media in September 2010. I had a few pieces of their spam come in before I finale had enough in April of last year and made the demands of removing my email.

Why would I be interested in’s services?

My own traffic score beats and all of what I do is organic. Not to mention I have friends with a proven track record when it comes to SEO, yeah they are not cheap though generally my weak skills seems to egg them on to help for free just because sometimes I frustrate them. But still even if the price is high and I get what I was expecting, why try some one that harvested my email? Besides I get a friend discount, and I would be sad if they picked someone else to do their graphic work.  So why try an unknown like

Then there is the spam I was sent by, something about my competition out doing me or something.  I have competition? Never mind this is not a highly profitable niche (I.e. exposing fake hosting review sites). Last month I made $123, which by no means covers the operational costs for this site. Seriously is a money pit, and this site is nearing in its 5th year. I have even had people offering to buy it off me (Well this is a keyword rich site). Obviously there is something more than money that motivates me to keep this site going.  The only posts that make money are the ones for items like the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, and the iPad 3. Next week will be the last of my off topic product reviews, as I should have my personal site up so that will kill the profitability of this site.

Part of my proof that is not a professional company is how they find customers. got my email by going through my contact form waiting for an email from me to hit their in box. With other people was harvesting contact details through social media. Not just email accounts, but cell phone numbers and other details. I get contacting a company and soliciting your business. I have done that myself. But what I don’t do is throw the contact information into a mailing list, especially when the other side tells me they are not interested.

What started this latest string of posts on was someone had their email accessible to everyone for the purpose of bringing in new clients with places like LinkedIn. Like anyone that has a website like *domain removed upon owners request*, the idea of getting more traffic was appealing. He started get emails glorifying the company and than ones with warning of the dangers of the other companies:


But my friend here decided to not stay on the designated route and went off trail. He decided to see what search engines had to say. How do I know does not want possible customers to go elsewhere. Because one of the emails from my new friend that inspired me to do these posts. Like this one I posted from Zamir.  That last email from Zamir of to my friend who decided to see if could to repair the situation. I dare say it was desperate.

Google penguin reshuffled rankings recently , however you will see that site moved off fairly soon.

They are also being legally served as we speak.

We recently were rated #1 SEO Company

None of the negative comments are from any real clients.   As you can see our BBB rating is A.     The internet allows anyone to post anything unfortunately.   We get things moved off very fast, but when google makes a change things can pop back up temporarily.

Feel free to check our case studies and testimonials to see how effective we are.  We also have over 300 SEO firms who outsource all their work to us.


My thoughts on this last emai from Zamir of

  • Google Penguin was implemented April 24, 2012, not sure how that was recently
  • has had til this week had two results on the first page for the results on “” among others. Now its four results right under’s own site. Tomorrow it should five right under including this post.
  • As for being legally served, I have not told a single lie and I am at the top of their search engine results because I know more about SEO than they do.
  • As for, in short this is a company that is practically selling links on to their page rank 7 site. They assure me they are only in this for companies to post their press relations and nothing else. They did not issue an award. did, and now the link to that award does not work.
  • As for negative comments, most of those are coming from people that have been spammed and had their emails harvested via social media and like mine was from my contact form.
  • BBB record amazingly for a company that deals with thousands has a clean record. Anyone with thousands of customers is going to have a few complaints after all there is that old motto “You can’t please all the people all of the time”.
  • According to video by, has methods for dealing with those comments that anyone can post.
  • Exactly how long is it supposed to take for to remove, apparently fast is longer than 72 hours. Over 1.3 years has appeared under the search engine results for consistently since the day of the first post on
  • If 300 seo companies outsource to, why does Zamir have to handle spam and sales inquiries? After all has 450 – 500 SEO experts.

I am planning on this being the last post unless Zamir from wants to push the subject. – Fun and Games by Email found its way to my blog because they choose to spam my personal email account back in November 2010. Not because spammed once, but several times through 2010. I was in the middle of writers block when another email came in from was the encouragement for starting posts on companies that spam.

I was emailed by someone claiming to be Antony John with telling me I should have used the unsubscribe link. They asked me to remove my posts about, and to give my email account, so they could remove me from their list. I made it clear that I would not give my email account as I never gave it to them to begin with. Hence why I labeled manashosting a spammer.

After which the email spam stopped from

By October 2011 it seemed decided to do something that they had done on many other sites to my site and that was to post fake positive feedback. They tried to use a post on a post to get people to go to Frankly I thought It was distasteful to use a negative post I made on a host to try and advertise For which I made another post about choose the wrong person to spam

I have a lot of reasons to hate spam. Being a former hosting provider being the ultimate reason for hating spam. I can’t even begin to speculate the countless hours of money and man hours lost in dealing with spam. The more domains that were put on our servers, the more spam that the servers were forced to endure. On top things like spam assassin ran making it to where we had to put less clients on a server. Then there is all the legitimate email that I lost because of measures to avoid spam.  Some cases this would cost me clients. Then there was the occasional asshole that thought they could use our servers to spam. Sometimes my servers were held hostage by the likes of spamcop to pay what very well may be deemed as black mail to white lists IPs. Don’t get me started on Comcast whose own spam policies costs me hours of man hours to fix. They had adapted a stupid practice of using abandoned email accounts to catch supposed spammers. That is only a small taste of why I cannot stand spammers and I could write novels of what can only amount to a burning rage. But this is about one company that will use illegitimate means to get customers,

An email exchange with

I had to meant to post the email exchange between me and Manashosting back in December 2011. But as I stated super busy with issues such as the loss of a family member, work, and well the holidays.

This email came in again from someone claiming to be Anthony John on December 7, 2001.  The Subject was “ACTION REQUIRED
Am writing on behalf of, on your website there have been several occasion of abuse of service by posting unreliable and false statement about our company which is hampering our business to a greater extent and also its affecting our branding. We from the company have brought this to your notice several times and no action has been taken yet with this regards. Now that there has been a new rule implemented by the Indian government to protect company’s interests and individual interests we request you to remove these folly reviews from your site at the earliest. The rule that is governing is called as Information Technology Act (ITA). If you are unable to remove the folly reviews we recommend that you remove our company from your website completely. All the keywords that are added with our name Manashosting and or Manashosting needs to be removed from your website.

Thanks and regards,

Antony John
Branding Manager
Bangalore, India

I only received one email from, from this guy claiming to be Anthony John. This time around I have no idea why he has my email, as I never sent a reply back to him through the Gmail account. I simply posted his email to the first post, and allowed the blog to email him with a email from the system.

Here is my response to


Your company spammed me, hence why I did an article on your company.  Had you not spammed me you would not have found yourself on my site.

As for I where I lied, point out where and I will see if there is an actually correction needed. Otherwise instead of issuing threats you do not understand, I would suggest in your next email you ask me how you can work to resolve this and change your company to a viable option. By that I do not mean a bribe, but following business practices I lay out.  If you do not want to see any more articles stop spamming me and every one else.

I have done reviews on far bigger companies then you, and they are willing to work with me.

Also Anthony, don’t lie your company only contacted me once, as I published your companies last email.


Benjamin’s response:

Hi Benjamin,

Its nice of you to respond with your grievances and we do apologies if we had spammed you earlier, but what we would like to tell you is that due to this review on your site we are losing business to an extent, and more over we had never approached you on this, now since there is a law that is in place in our country where we can approach the site owners and let them know about the hindrance caused to us and we would like to settle the matter in a more amicable manner rather than seeking the justice through law Information technology act (ITA)

We do also understand that there might have been a mistake from our side by spamming you. At the same time we would like you also to consider the amount of work that is done from our side to bring our company’s branding and there by would like you to take us of your website.

I hope that you would surely consider this request.


Antony John
Manager Branding

I did try to dig into their laws, but frankly I doubt even understands the link they sent me. It’s a pdf file so not exactly easy to search for the exact law they are trying to point to. I could care less about there lose if Manahosting is going to fake their reviews and spam. But in short I get the last word with


You spammed a U.S. citizen.  I am not a citizen of your country.  Therefore your law does not apply to me. Spamming is illegal in my country. Which means any severs that you have in my country must comply with U.S. law, not India law.  Never mind my first amendment rights.

But if you want to go after people that have negative things to say about your site, how about

I also know your spam commenting like you did on my blog my biggest case in point is:

If you care to debate it I can make it a point to have that company review the positives.  You have a trend of creating positives (and you’re not good at faking it) every time there are negative comments.

Trying to point me to a law that does not affect me, is not going to help you.  Point to me where you thought there was an actual lie.  I suggest you read each of my posts on your site word for word.  But I know I am not the first to complain about your spam.

Also there is no question about if you spammed me, you did spam me.  I never gave your company  my email nor would I ever give your company my email address.  Which makes the emails your company sent to my private yahoo account spam.  There is no might of about it.  I will not accept a half assed apology.  Simply put I should never have received any of your companies emails.

As for never approaching me on this your full of crap.  I have your previous email from “11/14/10”.

[email protected]


It looks like we have sent emails to your personal mail id. This could
have been amicably settled because we also give links for DND which we
update on a regular basis. We request you to mail your email id so
that in near future you would not receive any emails from us. And we
also request you to take the content off your site.

I hope that you would surely do the same.

Antony John

Sent from (ip address): (

Then there is your email from earlierWe from the company have brought this to your notice several times and no action has been taken yet with this regards.

So yes you have approached me on this.

I have dealt with another host from your country on the same issues., of course they did not try to pull some law on me, they tried to bribe me.  Which did not work out so well from them either.

Read the blog and actually correct everything I pointed out.  Doing so means I will work with you and update the posts.  The posts will not be removed.

Either way you spam my email, blogs, YouTube account or whatever else I will write up another post.  So before you spam anyone, think twice as I have over 30 email accounts with various sites, 26 blogs, and 5 YouTube accounts.

Once again there was no might have been about the spam.



P.S. Spam pisses me off to no end can choose to respond to this post, or learn from their mistakes to avoid having to suffer further consequences.

I hope I do not have to give Manashosting any more lessons in ethics. your lesson begins here

Going through my pending and spam comments I found I was in the middle of doing some long overdue maintenance. So I figured I would try and check and make sure there was nothing valid in the spam folder.  When a comment came in from this so called review site. At the same time I am trying to answer everyone’s email/comments. Some of which I have trouble answering and/or approving because in some cases like this they choose to do commenting that did not add to the discussion, but rather to their own benefit even it has nothing to do with the topic. This is the first of a few posts I want to do to explain what I deem as inappropriate. In this case web sites trying to advertise their services at my expense.

I will shortly explain why I choose to be my example.

There is nothing special about has an Alexa Score of: 5,859,871 has an Alexa Score of 165,972 (before my server issues I was below 140,000)

Remember when it comes to an Alexa score you want a low number.

Some example of companies with low Alexa scores

Facebook – 2 – 12 – 245 – 393 – 3,095

This high a number generally means visitors are rare. Despite having more Facebook fans then me, they have far less feedback then I would expect from a site with so many Followers on Facebook.  You would think on average they would have more reviews then Facebook fans.

As for being a site with years of experience:

Creation Date: 06-aug-2011

They have not even been online for a year, but from what shows they did start the site the same month they bought the domain.*/

So why am I even bothering going after

In terms of a post that will bring me in traffic this is not one of them. It may very well go down to be my least viewed post. In general I don’t bother with hosts that have an Alexa score above 1,000,000 after having dealt with the hosts that purchased fake positions at I only did that because I wanted to prove that these hosts were paying for a position in the top 25. For review sites I don’t bother with them unless they are below 500,000. That does not mean just because your Alexa score was too high that I completely forgot about them. For some that I have potential I have on a list for re-review at a later date.

But as I stated I wanted to work on a post that deals with comments; in this case hosts, sites that sell services to websites (Like, and review sites that choose to spam in one form or another.

This review site that had the unlucky timing to spam my blog Tuesday is .

Which happens to come in at a time when I need an example of  what happens when you spam me. At the same time it serves as one of many so called consumer watch dogs or in other words top 10 sites. Though I guess you could have figured that out by the long domain name.

This so called review site tried to chime in on a post I made about inmotion, it did not really add anything to conversation. But they defiantly tried to get their link in there. After all how best to get a big payout then to go to a site that has a post about one of the companies that they are trying to convince people is a good company. Because of this review site I decided to review and to see if they had an FTC compliance clause in their Affiliate Agreement.  Turns out every one of the hosts on this top 10 list do.

This post is pretty much to point out why companies should not bother doing fake comments on my site or spam me to promote their own company.  I will make it a point to make my own traffic from their name. Just as I will do with any company that tries to spam me be in via email, YouTube, comments on this blog, or whatever else. Which means I will look for every flaw that I can find about their site.

Another problem is if people look up your site through an internet search they will find my site. So instead of making traffic off my work, I make traffic off thier work.

If any individual needs more of a reason not to spam me or anyone else they need look no further then this list of companies that I can think off the top of my head that spammed me in one form or another. This site appears on the first page of many of their search engine results:

So here are the flaws with

They are another of these so called top 10 sites, who allow comments/reviews (maybe).  I have a very good reason for believing that their reviews are fake.  After all how can a site get a review before they were up? Remember the creation date for their domain is August 6, 2011, yet this review as done July 23, 2011.


On top of that most of the comments are between September and October 2011 in no particular random order.

So which of the top 10 hosts that appears on the list does host with?


That’s right, not a single one of these hosts.  They host with Godaddy. Honestly compared to many of the hosts that appear on list I can tell you why. While Godaddy does have an affiliate program it does not payout near as much for the same package as most of these companies.

The interesting thing is has not gotten the memo that is merging with

Is FTC compliant?

Well they do have a disclaimer, which I copied and pasted below.  Please keep in mind that text in italics and red is not my grammar or spelling.  Clearly doing very little to state they get paid by this top 10 list, but they do in great length say they are not liable.

In the interest of the consumer and according to FTC requirements we openly disclose that all the information on this website is for information purposes only. Not trying to provide advise of any kind. Saying that, you as user of this site, should not rely completely on the information found here to provide advise. It is also important to disclose that we receive payments from advertising other companies in this website. 

The scoring system used in this website is at the discretion of the webmaster, as well as the statements, reviews and recommendations. The user must be aware that some reviews could be falsely submitter with exagerated or incorrect statments. We do our best to keep all the information from our advertisers up to date, but we do not provide any warranty of the accuracy of the information provided in this website. It is also necesary to clarify that we are not a web hosting company, we do not own nor are we owned or managed by a hosting company.

Neither, its owners, subsidiaries, affiliates, and employees, nor any person associated with the creation and maintenance of this website shall be responsible or liable in any manner or to any extent for any direct, indirect, special, third party or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising out of the use of this website. We will not be responsible for any detrimental reliance that you may place upon the site or its contents.

You hereby agree and acknowledge that and its affiliates shall not be responsible for any damages you may suffer as a result of the transmission of confidential or sensitive information over the Internet, and that all such communications will be at your own risk.

While has a page stating that they get paid (very short)  this violates many of the hosts FTC compliance measures.

1. You have to scroll down and click to find and read the disclosure.

2. Its not on the same pages as the endorsements.

3. Its not clear that is being paid by these “top” hosts.

So that means I will be contacting every Endurance International Group host,, and other hosting groups that appear on this top 10 to advise them that their affiliate is non-compliant.


I will update this post with the responses I get from the following hosts:

Hopefully I do not add too much traffic to thebest10webhosting. – Seo Marketing Experts or Spammers? Part 2

With the second post for I am going to explore their seo skills, which pretty much amount a weak show of smoke and mirrors. My first post can be found at  I am still waiting for an email from a spam expert in regards to what sent me. contacted me in less then 24 hours and has already indicated that they will shut down if they spam again.  I have made them aware used a third party “over seas” to phish/harvest my email.   I know this has nothing to do with hosting companies or fake hosting review sites.  But I have to admit I am really out of the grove on writing blog content because of a rather hectic March,  and I am rather fired up by this spammer.  Not to mention I really hate spam.  That sentence alone does not tell you just how much I hate it.  So the next part brings me to the very heart of who they claim to be, which is seo experts.

Now keep in mind I am no seo expert.  Before I got into the hosting business I did graphics and simple html.  When I got into the hosting business I ran the billing,  purchasing, and staffing.  Someone else was in charge of tech support (Even though I seem to be the one that would knock heads around when there was a problem) and another was in charge of sales, advertising, site design and seo. I was no longer a graphics person.   The last was/is the person I contact when I need help in getting this site or any other site noticed.    There are also experts that he works with that I have to pay when I need their field of expertise.  It would be a mistake to employee my services for SEO, granted I know the people you would employee.  I also know people that have ethically questionable methods of obtaining seo.   Autoblogging, fake pings, spam commenting on blogs, article spinning, and other things that I think are no better then spam, as it clutters search engines such as Google with useless results.

So with my limited knowledge of SEO, let me tell you why you should not go with

When it comes to finding experts in the field of seo, you would expect their site to be a shinnying example of their skills. There are alot of tell tale signs that their seo knowledge is not what they claim.  Looking at I find the most interesting thing, which is nothing.

I find it odd that despite having a Alexa score of 387,496 which is double mine (the lower the score the better), and 284 sites linking in ( I only have 32 according to Alexa).  Despite all those numbers has no data.  Perhaps their domain whois might explain the problem:

I find a few intresting things about that.

1. Their site is a little over a year old.
2. They recently updated something on their domain.  Which might be that they just moved to

So far the only thing they have me beaten on is  sites linking in on

Intrestingly enough I find another site that also does seo.’s video tells me exactly why you should not trust them

The quirky thing about this video thats hosted on it seems to be the opening for a reputation cleansing service.  For which there is not an active website for:  I guess Zamir Javer got to be an expert for a Canadian News station – Global News, where a model that had nude shots taken of her got leaked on the internet.  Zamir explains that the best way to cover it up:

  • “Hide” Negative Material by posting positive content
  • Increase Credibility = Blog on Professional Sites
  • Look Like an Expert
  • Ongoing monitor = Free Google Alert

So the problem is she has nude photos with her on the web.  In order to compete and put “positive” feed back,  she is going to have to go to professional sites that deal with photos.  After all which do you think is going to stick out when type in “*model’s name* photos”:

  1. The nude pics?
  2. Her attempts to talk about jogging?

So that means that she would have to write things in regards to “*model’s name* photos” on professional websites, and every other term that shows up when you try to search for the nude photos.  She might have problems if she had to deal with trying to compete with the term “*models name* nude photos”.

But here is what I find interesting about the video, all of the people that have posted postive feed back on seem to have only created their user name to comment, rate postivly, and to make this their favorite video.   All of which was done the same day they created the account.  Every user that has comment on this videolooks like this.

After which these accounts have zero activity.

Frankly I am surprised they did not use a service that fakes your comments and views.   It would have made it far less obvious.   Or better yet have all those over 450 seo experts comment and view the video with some real youtube accounts.

Also I did comment on the video, and as you can see I put the one negative vote on their video.  Unfortunately my comment was deleted.  I guess they did not like that I drew attention to the fact that the comments were not real.

Then there are the sites that link in to

While I am not going to point you to the link at that links to, I find it interestingly that has 1 of every 117,647 internet visitors.

Many of the sites that are part of the back links, linking in, and what ever else seem to be a combination of sites like this, some sites that tell you what you can do your site.

Which tells me I need to talk to one of those seo experts I mentioned.

Then their is a site that tells me I have a terrible domain name:

Some sites like show nothing you could not find through going to directly

Then there are sites that I consider spam like  While I find that on second page of search engine results for “”.

Here is the first thing to show up on the second page of their search engine results.

“Once again I did not opt-in or authorize use of this email address for their marketing / spam purposes.”

I am almost tempted to believe they just took part of my content and re-spinned it.

I have yet to find any of what Zamir recommends of posting on professional blogs.

Now to see if 450 Mindshark experts can hide my negative review. – Seo Marketing Experts or Spammers? Part 1 seems to think this is a business.  Keep in mind it took more than 3 years for this site to make enough money to cover its own monthly bill.  So far my experience has been the people either come here to look for a host or to complain about a host.   The most bizarre request is from hosts that don’t use fake reviews,  is to get me to do a review on them.  You would think the last person they would ask to write something would not be me – the guy that has bad things to say about the very hosts that he uses.  But in the end, the people that are looking for a host are disappointed because I don’t recommend anyone, and the people that come here to complain are not inclined to buy.

So why the rage with

Back when I first started I had asked a friend to set me up a contact form, I am not known for my non-graphic web skills which are still lacking, requiring me to pay for professionals.  Keep in mind I have stated this site makes enough to pay for its hosting, but it’s not paying for experts I bring in to assist me.  Anyway getting back to that contact form.   It was set up to send to a Gmail account, one in which only my YouTube account was sending mail to.  So after adding the contact form, there is only one way to get my Gmail account, and that is used by the contact form. used a third party “overseas” to Phish/harvest my email.  After a contact with me, they added me to their mailing list.  Once again I did not opt-in or authorize the use of this email address for their marketing/spam purposes.   This week I got tired of them sending email to the Gmail account I use exclusively for  Here is the comment I got when I gave them 24 hours to remove my email or suffer a review and complaint to netfirms (funny didn’t I just do a post about them last month  Here is the response I got this response from Zamir of

You are off the list. Cheers 🙂

FYI you did opt in on August 9th   thx


Zamir Javer
Mindshark Marketing
1.877.MSHARK  1 xtn 730

My response:

Bullshit, I have the emails to prove that your full of it.  I will be filing a complaint with netfirms and my own review of your site.

Yes that’s right, I used profanity.  I did not opt in, I did not authorize them to use my email to spam or market to.  Frankly, I was a little tame in my response.  But I am not about to be treated like I “forgot” that I signed up for their spam.

I get the following response from Zamir of,

What emails….please send so we can review.

My response:

You can review them with everyone else on my blog.  Your company contacted me by my forum when I responded to someone in your company you added my email without my permission to your mailing list.  Hence you are spamming.   Benjamin of

Zamir of response:

I have reviewed your site.  You are an extortionist company like ripoffreport etc.

We are an internet marketing firm.   We have not done anything wrong.  If you have further questions please direct them to me and I would be happy to respond and address any concerns.

Yes, I am a terrible person, I told him I would do a review and report him to his upstream provider if they did not remove my email from their mailing a list.  An email that I did not authorize/opt in for them to spam me.  But why did they bring up ripoffreport?

Its a bit difficult to read, but it appears that this person also had their email harvest and on top of that their cell phone number. may very well be extorting, after all, they do offer a paid service to deal with a complaint.  I on the other hand only offer a chance to plead your case on my blog, I offer no service to clean up a complaint.  But I guess on the surface because I placed a few ads in hopes of re-cooping my costs, it appears I am in the business of extortion.

So my response:


You’re a bit full of yourself, but I have to wonder what ripoffreport has on your company.   Thanks for the material.  Your company did harvest my email through my contact page.   Your an idiot and so is David Abramovici  (the dumbass that thought it would be a good idea to add my email to your list) to think I had my sights on your company as your not a host or a hosting review site.  But I really passionately hate spam, and you have the nerve to say I opted into your list.  You can call me an extortionist because you glanced at my site, but the truth is you have no idea who I am.

By the way, netfirms is moving to the U.S.


Here is where Zamir of admits it without knowing it that they are spamming:

Yes I know netfirms is moving.  Lol I have no clue what this conversation is about any longer.

Anyways….we do use a lead generation company from overseas.

IT seems maybe they are the ones that did something on your site,  If you can forward whatever info they sent we can review to try and forward it and put a stop to this.

We hate spam with a passion as well and do not engage in any of it.


I have my reason for mentioning netfirms, which sometimes I might explain to him.  But here is the point where admits they are not the marketing experts that they claim to be because they used a “a lead generation company from overseas“.  Translation they did not gather the emails themselves, nor did they make sure they were opt-in.  There is no integrity to the list, and so far there seems like two complaints that prove this.

Just to be clear if you purchase a list from a third party to gather your contacts, that does not free you from spam complaints.  If anything its more damning.

My response:


Now you’re telling me that your not even sure if people have opted in because you used a third party.  When I owned hosting companies I did not accept that as an excuse.  For that matter, if they could not prove their system was double opt-in after a spam complaint their account was shut down.  Seriously if I were you I would get rid of your existing mailing list and start from scratch.  After all, you sent your mailouts to me when I did not request or opt-in to your service.  Nor would I have reason to do so, if I needed marking assistance, which is not something I need for this site I would contact my previous business partners.

I am not going to send you the emails that were sent to me, you can find it when it hits my blog along with these wonderful emails you keep sending me, sorry but I don’t take kindly to being called an extortionist.  After all the only thing I asked for was to be removed from your list.

As for what netfirms moving has to do with this conversation…….



Zamir of tries to deflect the facts:

Thanks for your email.  Again as I stated earlier.  We get hit with spam ourselves and we do not engage in any spam ourselves.   If there is any email or information you feel is spam related we would be happy to review it.  You are in our system as an optin from a third party lead source.

I understand you business relies on this type of thing to keep you busy with posts etc.  However I am extending our offer to assist you in whatever you are looking for.  If your intention is to keep responding with vulgarities please refrain.

However if you do have any requests for information or would like us to review any matter we are more than happy to help“.

I would like to think that my last response to covers that:


If this was a business it would have failed miserably, its taken 3 years to finale start paying for its own hosting.  A post on your site would go against the grain of what my site is about.  But you do not realize that a post about your site has nothing to do with web hosting.  Though I guess I can work on the angle of how netfirms will deal with you once I send my complaint.  But the truth is, my feedback on hosts that use fake review sites discourages people from buying, a wonderful business model when you want people to buy.   Coming up with assumptions that I do what I do just for money is at best a poor defense for your spamming me.

Your receiving spam has nothing to do with the fact that you spammed me. I am doing a post because you have indeed spammed me, I did not -REPEAT- I did not authorize or opted for mail outs under this email address.   Therefore any mail out sent to me from you is SPAM.  Use of a  third party does not liberate you from any spam complaints, as clearly the netfirms terms of service indicates.

As for vulgarities, there were none in my last response.  Should you not have stated that when I called you an idiot, or when I said what you were saying was bullshit, or that David Abramovici is a dumbass.  The world can see exactly how many vulgarities I have used which has been very restrained.

Looking forward to another email where you defend the use of mail-outs to people that did not opt into your list because you used a third party “overseas” to collect peoples emails.  While telling me that I am being vulgar and extorting you.  By the way if I was extorting you I would have asked for a lot more then removing me from your list.  Your claim that I opted in has been rejected.  Furthermore the use of a third party to get emails has proven that your mailing list is tainted with other people that did not opt-in.

You can of course continue to lay the blame on me by stating

  1. I opted in.  (which you have already shed doubt on this claim of yours).
  2. I am an extortionist (for which the only thing I asked for was to be removed from your list).
  3. I am doing an article for my business.(despite it being totally off topic for my site).
  4. Complain about my limited vulgarities. (which honestly who would not be vulgar with a spammer).

And you can suffer more complaints then just mine, as I will be providing an outlet for other people that experienced the same thing as me.  Not to mention information how to register their complaints.

Or you can start your list from scratch and make sure you double opt-in your contacts.



Because I typed this from my phone I over repeated some details, but I think it serves the purpose of getting my point across.  Anyway, I did not hear from Zamir of again.

Do you have a spam complaint against

First off I enter the domain into

To find out where is hosting in most cases the network whois will tell you where to send abuse complaints.

The whois tells me that they are with netfirms, it also tells me they are just a little over a year old I will have fun with this on another post where I will discuss’s seo skills.  But another thing is appears to have recently moved to

So if harvested/phished for your email like they did mine, I suggest sending the mailout they sent you to [email protected]

You’re also more than welcome to place your own complaints in the comments area of this post.

Two more posts on are in the works to show the email,  I am currently waiting on netfirms and I am hoping to get a contact from a spam expert before I do the second post on mindshark. – A Scam to Avoid!!!

The first time I heard of was when I thought someone commented about justhost.  I looked at the site, and made the comment this host may be worse then justhost based on a cost that was far less then what was already dirt cheap with justhost.  I also doubt that unlike Justhost a Endurance International Group site, that this blog spammer was supplementing their income by advertising on their customer control panel.  Meaning that this spammer was increasingly likely to shut down anyone that used too many or too few resources. is the first hosting scam that I will write a post up for this year.

Before I go further into my rant, I am going to be pretty clear about going with a company that spams.  Spamming is illegal, and if they are willing to spam what other illegal activities are they willing to engage in?  For that matter will they even offer the service that you thought you were getting from them?  Because this host choose to spam my blog to try and get customers I have to declare them a scam. You should avoid this host at all costs.  Yes they may be far cheaper then the more commonly know cheap hosts, but can you really afford to give access to your money to someone that can not bring customers in under valid forms of commercialism? should be avoided at all costs.

Just a sample of’s spam

Below is just a small sample of what has been coming in.  For some reason its not been caught by the spam filters.  Making me wonder if I should try and tighten down the the ability for someone to make a comment.  But the truth of the matter is I will not, because 99.9% of the attempts do not go through they add to my Alexa score.  I was a little surprised to find this out.  Even though I gain by their attempts, I am not willing to let them use my blog to give them a leg up on getting people to sign up for their service.  This will be the only mention they get from my site unless I find more dirt as to why no one should choose this despicable company.

At this point I don’t think any of the comments are real.  The first comment was proable put by someone within the company, but the other comments look like a bot.  Though none of them match, so perhaps even these comments were placed by someone within Interweb iTech.  All for the purpose increasing this host’s search engine ranking.  The weird thing is they entered in as their site on their comments.  No references to a individuals website.

The lights at are on, but nobody is home

I wanted to give these guys a piece of my mind.   When I saw the below graphic I thought great I can chat with one of them.

Well I was wrong, regardless of there being a “LIVE RESPONSE Online” I get this:

There live response does not mean they are “Ready to Assist You…”.  It means you can click on that to send them a message.  If you want to know who owns this company I have copied the below from the whois for their domain.


    Interweb iTech (India) Private Limited
    Sanson D'silva        ([email protected])
    No.371 Cross Cut Road,
    Tamil Nadu,641012
    Tel. +91.9994169999
    Fax. +91.4224377683

What I find interesting is whats in the address bar for

Since you wanted some search engine results, I am more then willing to give them some negative feed back.

Unlimitedgb and Interweb iTech is a scam and should be avoided at all costs.