Powersalesteam.com and their former employee Taylor Chapman

Chances are if you watched anything in relation to Dunkin Donuts last week, you saw what is one of the worst kinds of public relations a company could have. Clearly I am not talking about Dunkin Donuts having a bad week, if anything they had one heck of a great public relations week. Abid Adar (the guy behind the counter that had to deal with Taylor Chapman) may have cost the company somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 – 20 to try and appease someone that was impossible to please.  Yet he brought the company good public relations on rather tiny budget.  The company I am referring to that had a bad pr week is the one that Taylor Chapman worked for: Powersalesteam.com.

I ended up watching that Taylor Chapman posted because I later found out she worked for a “SEO” company. So like Mindshark.ca I had to look at stats, but more about that further in.  As first I would like to cover why I don’t think the customer is always right.  Taylor Chapman is the perfect example of why you can’t please all the people all of the time. For some time I have wanted to address this.

When people post their reviews about a hosting company, I sometimes get complaints from people about a host and I get told “the customer is always right”. I guess since this site is a customer advocacy site some people think I agree with that train of thought. But I am a business man and I don’t agree, if anything people like Taylor Chapman come to mind as those that I have constantly rejected as being a customer. Honestly I don’t think I would have near the patience that Abid Adar has.  When I ran a hosting company I would literally send irrational customers packing.  If I had found a customer like Taylor harassing my staff I killed their site. As they broke the terms of service they signed up for. Most hosts have this in their terms of service.  But really Taylor and those like her are not customers; they are a drag on productivity.

Sometimes customers that I had like her would as their form of revenge would take to forms and review sites to bash my company. It probably would of helped them not to be irrational, as it backfired on them, but no where as well as it did with Tailor Chapman. She thought she would try to video her experience in hopes she could somehow hurt Dunkin Donuts, all because she did not get a receipt.  Dunkin Donuts policy is the meal is free if the customer does not get a receipt.  Which has happens to me every so often, but I don’t actually care if they don’t give me one. As it generally takes time to fix a mistake, and I worked in fast food at one point in my life. So I have sympathy for those that have to work for minimum wage to make a living. So I tip nicely and avoid anything that might cause management to come down whoever helped me.  I don’t think Taylor has had a retail job, perhaps I am wrong.

Somewhere at the start of the video she claims to have gotten a lawyer. Which is pathetic.  I have over 10 years of running a hosting company. So I have had my fair share of people who pay less than $10 a month for hosting, that turn around and threaten to have a lawyer come after my company. If they had to deal with a lawyer, they would realize lawyers are not free.  An estate issue I am currently going through I had to plop down $1,500 just to start with. My sister has a lawyer that bills her $75 for every letter he sends out. But that is beside the point, as while she is telling them she has a lawyer, a young man named Abid Adar (who should be employee of the month if not year) is calmly trying to accommodate her. Yes I know he could of asked her to leave, or called the police. Yet I honestly think he did ultimately the best thing one could do, as this all backfired on her. For 8 minutes and 18 seconds you hear a triad crap come out of Taylor’s mouth which gets worse the further end you go finishing off with racism.  Which is the main reason I don’t post the video here. Keep in mind she had a job in public relations and a business degree that she ruined in a matter of minutes.  Clearly she thought that everyone would take her side as she posted the video that went viral, which enraged “the internet”. She has a long path to redemption.

Powersalesteam.com former employer of Taylor Chapman.

Powersalesteam.com is a “Internet Marketing and SEO”, or as they claim”#1 Internet Marketing SEO“. They had Taylor Chapman as a spokesperson for their advertising video’s. I am not exactly sure how her video got on YouTube since she claimed to be posting the video to Facebook. Which as me wondering if someone else did that was on her friends list. But at some point it hit YouTube and spread like a wild fire. It did not take long before we knew who her boyfriend was and soon who she worked for. Some people (who should be ashamed of themselves) took it upon themselves to contact the company in a uncivil manner. Which is the point where Powersalesteam.com a marketing site had been handed lemons, so they should have made lemonade right? I can tell you there could have been no better time given the companies condition before Taylor gave them national exposure.

I am a graphics guy; I don’t do the SEO part of my business.  I will not make any claims of being an SEO expert, in fact I would go so far as to say that I had everything I know about SEO beaten into me by some of the best. The only site that I am actively running right now that I do the SEO for is this one. So it really is bad when I can pull off better search engine rankings without help from my own experts than a company claiming to be “#1 Internet Marketing SEO“. After all their Google page rank is 1, and their Alexa score is 3.4 million. As I have stressed many times before the lower the number the better when it comes to Alexa. Based off that data alone it’s not worth the bother to go over the rest of their stats. Never mind that the design job is poor, also not worth the time to go over in detail.

powersalesteam alexa

They don’t even know how to make video advertisements for their customers.  Never mind that is one major focus of their business. As one commenter on this whole fiasco stated, they could take a better video with their iPhone than this company. Which is true as they don’t shoot most of their videos in wide screen, and the quality of the videos are less than that of an iPhone. One of the videos I seen had audio not synched with the video. They don’t even have their own YouTube channel; their videos are on Worldhiphopreport.com (whose site’s stats are worse than Powersalesteam.com).  Also the opening video (which annoyingly starts the moment you load the page) on the main page for Powersalesteam.com was shot in really bad lighting.  The video that has Taylor Chapman looks like it was shot in the 70’s and the back ground noise is awful.

But speaking of Taylor’s video the page that show cases the other professionals has some poorly edited out Taylor Chapman spots.

Website Video - Commercial - E-Commercial Video Presentation copy

Also for the life of me, why would a company that claims to be “”#1 Internet Marketing SEO“” have Google Adsense on their site? Google is generating ads for other SEO companies on their front page.   You can’t take this company seriously when they are advertising for their competitors. Yes I have Adsense, but I am not selling anything. Which is why Adsense works for my site.

1 Internet Marketing   SEO - 954.526.9608 - Fort Lauderdale Boca Raton copy

Now while I thought Tailor Chapman was a real piece of work, Mr. Williams whom I assume is the owner may actually be worse. The worse mistake by far that Powersalesteam.com did was having a graphic of the person they fired with a customer’s web address.

Taylor Chapman is Not Employed Here Anymore   Internet Marketing   SEO

If it was me the first thing I would be doing is removing and replacing every single commercial that had Tailor Chapman in it. Yet the decision was to take short cuts and grab whatever picture they could find of her (a screen shot of video clip it seems). While this customer’s web address is shown during the company’s official response they decided to play the hate messages that were left on their answering machine. I am pretty sure that the customer they listed is also getting nasty phone calls because of this lack of foresight.

powersalesteam customer

If anything I would have had a rep of the company in the video, make it clear and short that Taylor Chapman was let go because she does not understand that public relations is important to a marketing company. Playing the hate messages to “the internet” and being snide about it is only going to make matters worse. Powersalesteam.com had a chance to turn lemons in to lemonade given their poor traffic stats, yet they would rather have something vile instead.

SEO Experts – Top 10 Tips To Tell If They Know What They Are Doing

SEO experts seem to be a dime a dozen these days.  But not everyone claiming to be a SEO experts knows what they are doing. I think the best standard is that they have to know more than I do.  I am by no stretch of the imagination an SEO Expert (I am a self-proclaimed SEO noob). Everything I know about SEO is reflected on this site. Not to mention I have literally been poked with a stick to know what I know (I would have preferred to play video games).

So before I go into a whole spill about not being an SEO expert and having ADD, and that I find SEO boring; I know enough to spot a crappy SEO Expert.

The reason for this post was because of so called SEO Experts Mindshark.ca.  In July 2010 prior to them starting up they decided to harvest my email from this site for the purposes of spamming. One of their first spammings was about my competitors having an edge.  Granted if someone else came along and actually did what I do better than me, I would happily stand a side. But it does not appear anyone wants to write reviews about hosting review sites.  Because these so called SEO Experts decided to claim I opted in I decided to complain to Netfirms and wrote two posts, one of which was to prove they were not the SEO Experts that they claimed to be.

I re-reviewed them last month. Which triggered a furry of emails asking me who to go with. While I know some really good people in the business, you may not want to pay what they ask for (probable because no one returned my email after mentioning they were not cheap). I can tell you how I spotted the problems with Mindshark.ca; those details can help in making an informed decision when shopping for a SEO Expert.

Top Ten Tips for seeing if your SEO Expert is Valid

1. Alexa.com tells you how well SEO Experts rank

If you read enough of this blog there is no surprise that Alexa is at the top of the list. Out of any SEO detail I find Alexa.com interesting. Which maybe has to do with the fact that Alexa.com belongs to Amazon.com, or maybe it has to do with history graphs. Yes, amazingly historical graph charts can keep my attention.  If any SEO Expert tries to tell you that Alexa.com is not a valid measure of a site’s traffic, promptly mark their emails as spam.

I have used Alexa in many cases to prove that hosts may have just started or to show how popular they may be. It can work just as well for looking at SEO Experts and their sites. In fact Alexa.com can tell you a lot about rather if someone is actually a SEO expert. They should be able to do for themselves what they claim they will do for you.

In case you don’t understand how Alexa works, low numbers good, high numbers bad. For more details see: http://www.alexa.com/help/traffic-learn-more

Examples of some sites I visit:

Facebook.com – 1
Google.com – 2
Yahoo.com – 4
Twitter.com – 8
Amazon.com – 10
Netflix.com – 96
Hostgator.com – 240
Tigerdirect.com – 1,497
Penny-arcade.com – 5,223
Centralops.net – 18,996
Romanticallyapocalyptic.com – 74,178

After 21 days how did hosting-reviews-exposed.com do compared to so called SEO Experts Mindshark.ca?

Hosting-reviews-exposed.com – 125,586 formally 129,240, a loss of 3,654. Nice but I am sure other people could do better.

Alexa.com says this about Hosting-review-exposed.com.

There are 125,585 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than Hosting-reviews-exposed.com. 

Mindshark.ca – 768,973 formally 637,187, a gain of 131,786. In terms of being SEO Experts this is really bad.  That number should be going down.

Another warning sign is when you see this “Historical data not available for sites ranked > ~ 100,00”, if you see that with any so called SEO Expert run, don’t walk. For some reason Alexa.com is showing historical data for Hosting-reviews-exposed.com I can only assume because their system predicts this site will go below 100,000.

However Alexa.com is not fool proof, there are ways so called SEO Experts can fool the system. I suggest avoiding any service that artificially enhances your Alexa score as this can have a negative effect on your site later on.

There are places you can go online to pay to ping a site to fake traffic numbers, most can get you below 100,000 on Alexa.com. However that does not guarantee there are no tell-tale signs. Clearly that is the case with this site that rigs Alexa scores.

Another thing to look for is what countries that are highest in traffic.  For example, so called SEO experts Mindshark.ca claims “Home to the latest and greatest Internet Marketing Strategies in North America,”

No Surprise but Mindshark.ca, self-proclaimed SEO Experts are not even big in their own country Canada.

Which if there is any place you want to have traffic in, it would be your own country. Especially when their propaganda lists Toronto, London, and Sydney along with New York and Delhi.

Another tell-tale sign is if the extreme ups and downs in traffic history.

The above chart is from one of those Alexa score boosting companies, clearly their attempts to manipulate the system have back fired. I think at worst the highest a SEO Expert’s site should be is at 100,000 or lower.

2. Centralops.net and Archive.net – When a SEO Expert’s history matters

So you get claims that someone has been using an SEO expert for years, maybe even a decade or more. Perhaps this SEO expert uses their BBB record as proof that they were around that long. Problem is the BBB does not verify when a company got into business.

Domains whois information on the other hand is next to impossible to fake.

However creation dates don’t tell the whole story. Maybe like me they had the domain for years before using, or they purchased it as a “aged domain”. Which is why I recommend looking at archive.net (thewaybackmachine).  This site will tell you what a site looked like from creation to today. Few changes indicated little was done with the site. A domain providers  start up page for years at a time indicated they were not active. One site that is a perfect example is Zyma.com it was formally a construction site out of Spain, and late 2010 they became a British hosting company.

3. What the Better Business Bureau can tell you about SEO Experts

I know I just told you not to trust the start date.  Anyone that knows me might think it a bit odd that I would use the BBB as a reference. But there is a valid reason.  One thing to note is it took years before mindshark.ca was actually registered with the BBB, and they contacted me not long after we launched. Perhaps it is not the case for everyone.

But that is not what I think should be focused on. The real issue I have with this SEO Expert’s BBB record they claim they have 200 plus resellers, 300 plus SEO firms that outsource to them, and 4,000 plus clients.

This strikes me as odd:

Why might I find a record that has zero complaints odd? Because it is too good to be true. There is always going to be a customer that cannot be pleased, especially when you offer “Affordable SEO services”, i.e. cheap. Not to mention no company is perfect.  Never mind this SEO expert claims to be in business since 2006, the last three years have zero complaints.

No one can please every customer they have, even if they cherry pick who is going to be a customer.

4. SEO Experts with Google Page Rank less than 5 need not apply.

I recommend using this site to see what your SEO experts page rank is.


From what I am told a page rank of 5 is the lowest you want to go with someone that claims to be a SEO expert.

As for what Google Page rank is:


5. Search Engine results, what Yahoo.com, Bing.com, and Google tells you about SEO Experts.

At worst any self-proclaimed SEO expert should have the main page populated keeping off any negative feedback about their company for any search for just their name.

Example what searching for “mindshark.ca” shows on Bing.com, Yahoo.com, and Google.com: To date I have at least two posts on the first page of their search engine results.

6. How social are SEO Experts – Social Media Facebook / Twitter

About 4 years ago I learned a trick for getting Twitter followers. That is to follow someone who follows whoever follows them. There is software that can do this for you. It is super easy to spot.  Example someone has 17,000 followers, and they are following 17,000 people.  For my twitter account for this site @hostingscams, I have 1,700 followers, yet I follow about 20 people.  I don’t follow everyone that follows me simply because there is no way I could keep track of every tweet. Plus not every twitter account is following me for the sheer sake of seeing who I am doing a blog post on.  I get at least 3 – 8 a day that stop following me after 24 hours.

Clearly Mindshark.ca is using this method.

Twitter followers can also be purchased. You might want to check the followers to see how many people they actually follow.

Facebook is a harder thing to figure out. I know that likes can also be purchased.

My own page has 675 followers at this time. While appreciate the likes I tend to doubt my Facebook pages represents normal active websites and their social media. But there are some clear details I see when looking at the visitors for self-proclaimed SEO Experts Mindshark.ca.

What I see as problematic is the age bracket 18 -24 year olds. The other problem is the rate of visitors is rare. So rare that the best week was 1 visitor.  Even with 675 likes I appear to have more engagement with the people that liked my site, despite my lack of daily activity.

7. How did you find this SEO expert, or did they find you?

One of the things I have noticed with Mindshark.ca is that they literally phished for details. They got my email by going to my contact form, replying to them justified adding me to their mailing list. Never mind their initial mail out did not have my name. Others had their email and phone numbers harvested through sites that were meant to connect with professionals. They meant to connect with other people that would provide them work, not the other way around.

First Contact from a SEO Expert firm should not start off with a one size fits all mail out. I can understand a firm contacting a website, and providing details one what they see with their site, and what potential the site has with hard numbers.

Did the SEO Expert contact you?  Did they have permission to put you on their mailing list? If they put you on their mailing list avoid them.  Never do business with anyone that spams you.

I wish I could tell you how to find a SEO expert but the best I can do is tell you to try forums and advertising.  The people I deal with generally word of mouth from designers like myself.

8. SEO Experts Testimonials

One thing that stuck out to me with mindshark.ca was the testimonials. A site claiming to offer SEO services should have websites in their testimonials.  There were none.

Should a site(s) appear in the testimonials points 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 should be used to see how well they performed.

9. SEO Experts awards

If there is anything to be learned from the hosting review industry, its awards are not always earned.  They are often bought.

Look for:

  • Awards that are vague on details.
  • Awards that look like they were written by the SEO experts.
  • Awards site that has a link for advertise with us, when there is no visible advertising on the site.
  • Awards sites that have no visible source of income.
  • SEO Experts Awards that do not link directly back to the independent “unaffiliated” party
  • Awards that are more so an affiliation than an award (example they use a merchant so that merchant gives them a page to promote from).
  • Things that are listed as awards that let anyone put their site up.
  • They received an award from a site that has a top 10 list of SEO Experts, and the one you are looking at has an affiliate program.
  • Award sites with the same whois and/or network details as the SEO Expert
  • Award sites that fail at points 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6.

While I am no expert on SEO Expert awards, I can only assume that what was very visible in the Hosting Review industry would apply very well to the SEO Review industry.

10. The SEO Expert warns you about other SEO experts, sends you testiomonials and awards. Yet the SEO Expert fails to send you ideas.

One thing I noticed from the emails I got that Mindshark.ca was sending out was warning about:

These signs have been compiled after close examination of the common features of many Unethical and Inexperienced SEO firms which exist.

Clearly what this is for is to keep you from looking at other SEO Experts; it is designed to cause doubt. The awards and testimonials I have already covered how to look at. But clearly they are being sent to impress.

What you should be getting from any SEO expert is a plan of action. If you are in a field that is competitive they should be able to tell you what your competitors strong points and weak points are.

Finding SEO experts is no easy task

Things to remember:

  • There is no such thing as a quick fix
  • Its not a one time deal
  • What worked 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or 1 year ago may no longer work today.
  • They should have targets like traffic, keywords, and demographics.

When it comes to any service be they SEO Experts or whatever else, buyer beware.

mindshark.ca – in re-review Part 3: You look for pros, hacks look for you

Mindshark.ca claims to be a top expert. After all this is on their front page “Home to the latest and greatest Internet Marketing Strategies in North America”.

I am going to boldly say no, they don’t know as much as they claim. From the facts in my last post, I think it is safe to say mindshark.ca knows less than me. If you need proof that I know more than they do just search Google.com for “mindshark.ca”. Yet while knowing more than they do, I would not trust my skills to keep a roof over my head. I realize its harder to prove lack of qualifications, so this is the point where I ask you to take my word for it I am a SEO noob.

I would go so far as to say they create an illusion to match their own propaganda. This week I got to look at a pamphlet where they tell you 15 things to beware of with other SEO companies. I don’t have time to go through their full list to tell you how they can be graded.  But I can tell you they failed one point and that is “3. Vague & Immeasurable Services”.

Every award every testimonial lacks any tractable data. Clearly there should be domains to look at to see how they are doing. What I have seen and confirm belongs to a testimonial was what was left by a troll for Mindshark.ca, and the Alexa score was over 16 million. Nothing not even Mindshark.ca’s site can measure up to this site. Any reputable SEO company should have traffic stats that would make hosting-reviews-exposed.com look pathetic.


Why is a Seo organization like mindshark.ca being reviewed on a site that is about fake hosting review sites?

The key word here is spam. mindshark.ca harvested my email in a way I had never encountered before.  They came through this site’s contact form, and the moment I replied to them, they considered me opted in. After they started spamming me, I contacted them and told them to remove me from their list or face a complaint to netfirms (which they are no longer with), and a post on this blog. I made it clear I had not opted in. I got a happy email from Zamir of Mindshark.ca where I was told I was removed………… And that I had opted in.

Ok so either I am lying or mindshark.ca is lying…..

Here is the email mindshark.ca sent me.

Janice Jacobsen [email protected] via p3slh102.shr.phx3.secureserver.net 
to me 

To: Webmaster

Janice Jacobsen
[email protected]

I’ve helped hundreds of companies increase their traffic and I’d love
to show you what my service can do for you. I don’t promise the world,
I’m straight forward and to the point … I deliver rankings. My rates
are completely affordable and I don’t want to oversell you either, I
start small and have my clients begging for more. I won’t take on your
site unless I know I can deliver rankings. Reply to this e-mail if you
have the slightest interest … you’ll never see rankings the same way

Sent from (ip address):
Date/Time: July 21, 2010 8:33 am
Coming from (referer):
Using (user agent): Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US;
rv: Gecko/20100713 Firefox/3.6.7 GTB7.

How do I know it was Mindshark.ca?

Because they were the only people I asked who they were. At this point I was a bit naïve and probable should not have replied to the email: But this had been my third month, and I had not had a lot of emails coming in at the time. I made sure to respond to everyone.  A few weeks after I replied I got this email from Mindshark.ca:

Where Mindshark.ca said my comment was: “your website is?” Which was In July 2010 not August.  Out of 20 people that contacted me on my forum between July and August that was the only one I asked who their website was. Which can see there were other people that were contacted through a gmail account or non-mindshark.ca account.

But this is another key in the puzzle because Zamir admitted in his email to me that Mindshark.ca was going through a third party to get emails. But I  think this was the point they were starting up. After all mindshark.ca started their social media in September 2010. I had a few pieces of their spam come in before I finale had enough in April of last year and made the demands of removing my email.


Why would I be interested in Mindshark.ca’s services?

My own traffic score beats Mindshark.ca and all of what I do is organic. Not to mention I have friends with a proven track record when it comes to SEO, yeah they are not cheap though generally my weak skills seems to egg them on to help for free just because sometimes I frustrate them. But still even if the price is high and I get what I was expecting, why try some one that harvested my email? Besides I get a friend discount, and I would be sad if they picked someone else to do their graphic work.  So why try an unknown like mindshark.ca?

Then there is the spam I was sent by mindshark.ca, something about my competition out doing me or something.  I have competition? Never mind this is not a highly profitable niche (I.e. exposing fake hosting review sites). Last month I made $123, which by no means covers the operational costs for this site. Seriously hosting-reviews-exposed.com is a money pit, and this site is nearing in its 5th year. I have even had people offering to buy it off me (Well this is a keyword rich site). Obviously there is something more than money that motivates me to keep this site going.  The only posts that make money are the ones for items like the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, and the iPad 3. Next week will be the last of my off topic product reviews, as I should have my personal site up so that will kill the profitability of this site.

Part of my proof that mindshark.ca is not a professional company is how they find customers. Mindshark.ca got my email by going through my contact form waiting for an email from me to hit their in box. With other people Mindshark.ca was harvesting contact details through social media. Not just email accounts, but cell phone numbers and other details. I get contacting a company and soliciting your business. I have done that myself. But what I don’t do is throw the contact information into a mailing list, especially when the other side tells me they are not interested.

What started this latest string of posts on mindshark.ca was someone had their email accessible to everyone for the purpose of bringing in new clients with places like LinkedIn. Like anyone that has a website like *domain removed upon owners request*, the idea of getting more traffic was appealing. He started get emails glorifying the company and than ones with warning of the dangers of the other companies:


But my friend here decided to not stay on the designated route and went off trail. He decided to see what search engines had to say. How do I know mindshark.ca does not want possible customers to go elsewhere. Because one of the emails from my new friend that inspired me to do these posts. Like this one I posted from Zamir.  That last email from Zamir of Mindshark.ca to my friend who decided to see if Mindshark.ca could to repair the situation. I dare say it was desperate.

Google penguin reshuffled rankings recently , however you will see that site moved off fairly soon.

They are also being legally served as we speak.

We recently were rated #1 SEO Company


None of the negative comments are from any real clients.   As you can see our BBB rating is A.     The internet allows anyone to post anything unfortunately.   We get things moved off very fast, but when google makes a change things can pop back up temporarily.

Feel free to check our case studies and testimonials to see how effective we are.  We also have over 300 SEO firms who outsource all their work to us.


My thoughts on this last emai from Zamir of Mindshark.ca:

  • Google Penguin was implemented April 24, 2012, not sure how that was recently
  • Hosting-reviews-exposed.com has had til this week had two results on the first page for the results on “mindshark.ca” among others. Now its four results right under Mindshark.ca’s own site. Tomorrow it should five right under Mindshark.ca including this post.
  • As for being legally served, I have not told a single lie and I am at the top of their search engine results because I know more about SEO than they do.
  • As for prweb.com, in short this is a company that is practically selling links on to their page rank 7 site. They assure me they are only in this for companies to post their press relations and nothing else. They did not issue Mindshark.ca an award.  Topreviewstoday.net did, and now the link to that award does not work.
  • As for negative comments, most of those are coming from people that have been spammed and had their emails harvested via social media and like mine was from my contact form.
  • BBB record amazingly for a company that deals with thousands Mindshark.ca has a clean record. Anyone with thousands of customers is going to have a few complaints after all there is that old motto “You can’t please all the people all of the time”.
  • According to video by Mindshark.ca, Mindshark.ca has methods for dealing with those comments that anyone can post.
  • Exactly how long is it supposed to take for Mindshark.ca to remove hosting-reviews-exposed.com, apparently fast is longer than 72 hours. Over 1.3 years Hosting-reviews-exposed.com has appeared under the search engine results for mindshak..ca consistently since the day of the first post on Google.com
  • If 300 seo companies outsource to Mindshark.ca, why does Zamir have to handle spam and sales inquiries? After all Mindshark.ca has 450 – 500 SEO experts.

I am planning on this being the last post unless Zamir from Mindshark.ca wants to push the subject.

Mindshark.ca – in re-review Part 2: Proof is in the details

Mindshark.ca is one of those companies that rely on people to look no further than what they post.  Which is why Mindshark.ca claims:

Home to the latest and greatest Internet Marketing Strategies in North America, Mindshark Marketing gives you access to state-of-the-art service solutions. Hands down, Mindshark Marketing knows more about Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization than anyone else—it’s part of our DNA— and we live and breathe it each and every day with a passion. We are a confident, direct and engaging Service Company which delivers honest, independent Internet Marketing consulting and solutions for businesses of all size—with no hidden agenda. This is Integrity Selling— the Mindshark promise.

Or better yet when my friend saw behind the scenes what Mindshark.ca said next:

Feel free to check our case studies and testimonials to see how effective we are. 

The big problem with those testimonials is there are no websites. I think I figure out who two of them might be.

Don Lavigne Healthsoft Solutions


Alexa Score of 9,808,327


Haroon Mirza Director of Business Development Cognovision Inc


Alexa score of 3,058,355

They have really high Alexa scores that must be good right? Actually lower is good. Really low is even better.

Mindshark.ca and Alexa

For those that do not understand what Alexa is, they keep track of websites and where they rank in traffic. Each site has a number with them.  That number indicated who has the most traffic, and that number is 1.  I think the highest I have seen is 18 – 20 million.  No data is assigned to those with no traffic at all. Practically buying a domain puts you it in the 18 – 20 million area range, perhaps because someone decided to look at the place holder.

But who is number 1, is it Mindshark.ca?

Google.com has rank 1

But let’s look at a few other sites.

Yahoo.com is 4
Amazon.com is 10
Hostgator.com is 55
Aol.com is 66
Godaddy.com is 89
Webhostingtalk.com is 1,050
Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is 129,240 (Last night it was 130,691)

So what is Mindshark.ca’s Alexa score?

Yes Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is almost 5 times lower than Mindshark.ca.

Last year when I did my post Mindshark.ca’s rank was  387,496 I forget what mine was and I did not post it, but I had stated Mindshark.ca’s was double mine. I think mine was at 180,000 defiantly my score has improved since then. By February 12, 2012 their score was at  809,927.

But there are more sites to look at, like those people saying such good things about Mindshark.ca  in the comments for hosting-reviews-exposed.com.

http://betterlivingcanada.ca/ Their score is 16,014,054, it was 4,201,186 in February of this year (back then I stated they should ask for their money back).  But this was the only site to posted out of the 6 people claiming to be happy customers of mindshark.ca. Two of those commenters had ips in a very close range. What they did not seem to realize is Mindshark.ca’s trolling was only aiding this site’s position on the term “mindshark.ca” by adding comments and reasons for me and others to add more content.

All this trolling from Mindshark.ca has me asking how old are they really?

For me they can’t be any older than their domain. After all what kind of online service company was online before their domain, unless of course they were on another domain.  No one has offered me another domain mindshark.ca operated under.

As you can see Mindshark.ca was not even a year old when I did my first post. But these are the claims:

Mindshark.ca troll 1We have been using Mindshark SEO and blogging services for 2 years now with quite a bit of success.
Mindshark.ca troll 2 We have also used their services for several years.
Mindshark.ca troll 3 We have been using Mindshark for 3 years, not 2 so i can definately confirm that they have been around for several years.

But here is a fact of when Mindshark.ca registed the following:

  • Twiter September 23, 2010
  • Facebook September 9, 2010
  • YouTube Dec 16, 2010
  • BBB September 23, 2010
  • Registered Domain February 2, 2010

As I mentioned before the Better Business Bureau does not check start dates or ask for any paper work to confirm it. They ask for it over the phone. For a SEO company I think it is safe to say that Mindshark.ca officially started in September 2010 based on the registration  of Social Media.

So what killed the Mindshark.ca trolling?

To be honest I am a really losing focus on all of the numbers so I am going to use what a friend of mine posted In short one of those SEO expert friends of mine did not take kindly to the insults I got so they decided to pick mindshark.ca apart piece by piece. I redacted 30% of it. Ultimately what she said ended all further trolling by Mindshark.ca.

Linda’s comment February 12, 2012 on http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/spammer/mindshark-ca.html

Based on what you said, your own knowledge of SEO is so bad that you don’t realize that every time you comment on someone’s blog (whether it’s this one or anybody else’s) and the only thing you’re doing is giving that blog a boost in the SERPS. Google LOVES multiple, relevant, legitimate comments.

Say whatever you want, but you can’t ignore public facts.

1) Mindshark.ca has a piss-poor Alexa score. 809,927 Global rank. That means that 809,926 sites rank better than Mindshark.ca

2) Low-quality backlinks (only 1 .edu backlink) and no .gov backlinks. LOL

3) Referring domains/backlinks: Mindshark.ca has 3,706 referring domains, but only one-third of these backklinks (1,273) are on unique domains…. and of those domains, only 654 of these are unique IPs.

Proof: http://www.majesticseo.com/reports/site-explorer/summary/www.mindshark.ca

4) Mindshark.ca has a PageRank of 3 — again, a total joke for a self-proclaimed SEO firm like Mindshark.ca. If you want PR3, all it takes is a few PR5 links and a couple PR7 links combined with good quality content. If you’re hiring a SEO firm and that firm/site has less than PR5, RUN — don’t walk — away from that SEO company.

5) Mindshark.ca has only 224 indexed pages in Google — again, a total joke for a self-proclaimed SEO “professional”.

6) Mindshark.ca’s Domain Authority? 57. — again a joke. I have automated blogs with PR5 and 20K indexed pages which do better than Mindshark.ca, SEO-wise.

7) Total organic keywords for Mindshark.ca? 11 — again a joke. Here’s the proof: http://www.semrush.com/info/mindshark.ca

8) When I Google “Mindshark.ca”, this site (hosting-reviews-exposed.com) comes up on the same page. Whether I am logged into Google or not. WHY would anyone want to hire Mindshark.ca if they can’t even populate the first page of the search results with non-negative results? Even the most mediocre SEO firms are capable of this.

9) Worse of all: Mindshark.ca has a history of using comment spam. Doubt me? Go through their backlinks. Comment spamming is the absolute WORST SEO offense. It’s amateurish. It’s stupid. It’s harmful to your website…. Yet Mindshark.ca is comment spamming other blogs. What a joke.

If Mindshark.ca is capable of doing what they claim they can do, then why haven’t they done it for themselves? One would think that a site that claims to have “4000+ Clients” and hundreds of resellers could do a lot better… A LOT better.

Bottomline: Mindshark.ca is an apparent fraud based solely on current PUBLIC facts and evidence. If you think otherwise and/or you are a client of Mindshark.ca, either you’ve been sold a bill of goods by Mindshark.ca — or you work for Mindshark.ca and you’re trying to perform some ill-directed damage control.

So what about the BBB and that Award that Zamir of Mindshark posted?

As I stated before all the awards have no domain behind them, I think I found 2, and then there is the single one shared on this blog. All of them have an Alexa score in the millions. Which can be obtain without any SEO expertise at all.

This site has demonstrated how a many review sites are just a front for affiliates. But I can’t begin to figure out how Mindshark.ca won an award.  Because based off everything I have posted this is a company to avoid.

As for the BBB, at best I can figure is that Mindshark.ca customers may not know what to look for. But even without complaints the BBB is not the number one source for figuring out if a company is good or bad. For that matter their site is really decades behind where they should be. Plus they have an interest in collecting memberships. Plus there is crap like this: http://bbbthetruth.com/abc-news/. However claims of a large customer base, while having zero complaints is a warning sign up its own. I have yet to meet any company with a large costumer base that has yet to run into someone that just can not be pleased.

However Mindshark.ca has 5 complaints at ripoffreport.com.

Next post will cover Mindsharks.ca’s harvesting and spamming.

Mindshark.ca – in re-review Part 1: Did 450 SEO experts hide my thoughts?

Mindshark.ca finds its way on hosting-reviews-exposed.com because of someone whose email had been harvested by Mindshark.ca. More about Mindshark.ca and their email harvesting in an upcoming post. I think yesterday this blog experienced one of its finer moments , a moment that I am very proud of and that was the point where someone did not take mindshark.ca’s or my word (really I mean me to) in regards to what the truth was and actually kicked the tires. By kick the tires I mean check the search engine results for “Mindshark.ca”, to see if I was able to outdo them in a game of SEO. After all they are an SEO company, and I am someone that literally was poke with a stick to know what I know about seo (true story).  So if anyone that should have control of their site’s search engine stats it would be a SEO company right? Mindshark.ca is also a reputation management company with 450 SEO experts, so I will not show up on the first 10 page or even 100 pages of search engine results for just the term “Mindshark.ca” right?

Here is the First Post: http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/spammer/mindshark-ca.html

Here is the Second Post: http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/scams-to-avoid/mindshark-ca-%E2%80%93-seo-marketing-experts-or-spammers-part-2.html

And what most might not know is I was supposed to do a third.

 It has been a year and four months since I wrote my two posts on Mindshark.ca, I should not be anywhere to be found on Bing, Google, and Yahoo right?


On Bing, Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is on the first page 2nd and 3rd result right under mindshark.ca’s own site.

On Google, Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is on the first page 2nd and 3rd result right under mindshark.ca’s own site.

On Yahoo Hosting-Reviews-exposed.com is on the first page as the 8th and 9th result when searching for Mindshark.ca

Honestly its been a while since I checked to see where I was on Google with Mindshark.ca though over the last year it has always been the same spot, and until last night I had no idea where I was with Bing and Yahoo.

You might also notice Ripoffreport.com is on the first page for Bing and Google results as well.

Why does it matter where Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is on Mindshark.ca’s search engine results?

If I can’t make it clear enough, I am no SEO expert. Seriously I am bumbling my way through the internet any one that was serious about this sites traffic would have had it well beyond the Alexa score it sits at today:


Seriously part of that whole ADD problem I suffer is I have trouble concentrating.  Most of that SEO knowledge I have was a result of being bullied by friends.  Never mind a friend still comes in and puts in most of the keywords missing in my blog.  I even gets emails from other friends in the industry after I do a posts where I am asked “why oh why did you pick that as the title, its not seo friendly”.

Not to mention while I compose this post it is raining outside, and it is hard for me to stay inside and finish this as rainy days are rare in the Sonoran Desert.  I do enjoy being outside in the rain. But we were not talking about the weather here right? Not to mention is there a new episode of Futurama on tonight?  Oh and I get to find out what happened to Perry on Phineas & Ferb this Friday ……… No really I forgot what we were talking about. Oh yes we were talking about Mindshark.ca, and someone kicked the tires (they checked what Google said about Mindshark.ca).

But I think the bigger deal is, if I can get on the top page of Mindshark.ca’s search engine results, anyone can.

This is what the confident from yesterday had to say to Mindshark.ca

After reading the conversation you had with Benjamin and all the reviews I’ve read about your company, I’ve changed my mind about hiring you. Internet Reputation is one of your specialties, so why is it you can’t do it for yourselves???

Its  a good thing I don’t do what I normally do when reading email. Which is leaning back while balancing on one wheel. Its no wonder I go through a lot of office chairs. But I am sure what I would read next would have had me fall out of my chair.

Mindshark.ca’s response

Google penguin reshuffled rankings recently , however you will see that site moved off fairly soon.

They are also being legally served as we speak.

We recently were rated #1 SEO Company http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012Mindshark_Rated/08_Top_SEO_Company/prweb9814756.htm

None of the negative comments are from any real clients.   As you can see our BBB rating is A.     The internet allows anyone to post anything unfortunately.   We get things moved off very fast, but when google makes a change things can pop back up temporarily.

Feel free to check our case studies and testimonials to see how effective we are.  We also have over 300 SEO firms who outsource all their work to us.


First off can’t  Mindshark.ca just have a Google sea lion chase off the Google Penguin? Or perhaps throw Google Penguin a Google Krill?  What the heck is a Google Penguin?


Ok perhaps I don’t get the whole gist of this (because it seems a little boring), but it seems it is for getting rid of crap in search engines. But I can assure Mindshark.ca, this site has always been in the same spot for search engine results for Google, after all Yahoo and Bing back me up here. I know this because every time a Mindshark.ca troll posted on my blog (person either claiming to be a satisfied customer  that gives me a domain with an seo score as bad as freshly bought domain or not willing to provide one) I checked in some cases posted the Alexa score. On those trolls, that is the next post.

Mindshark.ca is legally serving me or Google?

If it’s me, perhaps Mindshark.ca can contact that anonymous person and they can unite against me?


Than I can pretend to be like one of those super heroes with a league of super villains.  Ok I kid, which brings me back to this whole point, Mindshark.ca has 450 SEO experts. This should be something that Mindshark.ca could use in their testimonial “we were able to handle a guy who gets distracted by rocks, imagine what we could do for you”. But if I am going to be served what about Ripoffreport.com?

But as for the internet allowing anyone to post anything, I know this great site and they helped a girl who had nude photos of herself that were posted online and she wanted to hide them, and that company told her she could go online and sound like an expert to get rid of the ……. Oh wait that was Mindshark.ca.

As for the BBB, that will be in Part 2 as well as the reviews, which I would like to point out don’t have any sites attached on the ones speaking kudos for Mindshark.ca. I also plan to cover Mindshark.ca’s seo from last year to this year. As for PRweb and all this stuff mindshark.ca mailed my friend, that will be Part 3 unless of course I get distracted.

As always Mindshark.ca is welcome to post their own thoughts.

Mindshark.ca – Seo Marketing Experts or Spammers? Part 2

With the second post for mindshark.ca I am going to explore their seo skills, which pretty much amount a weak show of smoke and mirrors. My first post can be found at http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/spammer/mindshark-ca.html.  I am still waiting for an email from a spam expert in regards to what mindshark.ca sent me.  Netfirms.com contacted me in less then 24 hours and has already indicated that they will shut mindshark.ca down if they spam again.  I have made them aware Mindshark.ca used a third party “over seas” to phish/harvest my email.   I know this has nothing to do with hosting companies or fake hosting review sites.  But I have to admit I am really out of the grove on writing blog content because of a rather hectic March,  and I am rather fired up by this spammer.  Not to mention I really hate spam.  That sentence alone does not tell you just how much I hate it.  So the next part brings me to the very heart of who they claim to be, which is seo experts.

Now keep in mind I am no seo expert.  Before I got into the hosting business I did graphics and simple html.  When I got into the hosting business I ran the billing,  purchasing, and staffing.  Someone else was in charge of tech support (Even though I seem to be the one that would knock heads around when there was a problem) and another was in charge of sales, advertising, site design and seo. I was no longer a graphics person.   The last was/is the person I contact when I need help in getting this site or any other site noticed.    There are also experts that he works with that I have to pay when I need their field of expertise.  It would be a mistake to employee my services for SEO, granted I know the people you would employee.  I also know people that have ethically questionable methods of obtaining seo.   Autoblogging, fake pings, spam commenting on blogs, article spinning, and other things that I think are no better then spam, as it clutters search engines such as Google with useless results.

So with my limited knowledge of SEO, let me tell you why you should not go with Mindshark.ca

When it comes to finding experts in the field of seo, you would expect their site to be a shinnying example of their skills. There are alot of tell tale signs that their seo knowledge is not what they claim.  Looking at  compete.com I find the most interesting thing, which is nothing.

I find it odd that despite having a Alexa score of 387,496 which is double mine (the lower the score the better), and 284 sites linking in ( I only have 32 according to Alexa).  Despite all those numbers Compete.com has no data.  Perhaps their domain whois might explain the problem:

I find a few intresting things about that.

1. Their site is a little over a year old.
2. They recently updated something on their domain.  Which might be that they just moved to netfirms.com.

So far the only thing they have me beaten on is  sites linking in on Alexa.com.


Intrestingly enough I find another site that also does seo.

Mindshark.ca’s video tells me exactly why you should not trust them

The quirky thing about this video thats hosted on youtube.com it seems to be the opening for a reputation cleansing service.  For which there is not an active website for: mindsharkdefense.com.  I guess Zamir Javer got to be an expert for a Canadian News station – Global News, where a model that had nude shots taken of her got leaked on the internet.  Zamir explains that the best way to cover it up:

  • “Hide” Negative Material by posting positive content
  • Increase Credibility = Blog on Professional Sites
  • Look Like an Expert
  • Ongoing monitor = Free Google Alert

So the problem is she has nude photos with her on the web.  In order to compete and put “positive” feed back,  she is going to have to go to professional sites that deal with photos.  After all which do you think is going to stick out when type in “*model’s name* photos”:

  1. The nude pics?
  2. Her attempts to talk about jogging?

So that means that she would have to write things in regards to “*model’s name* photos” on professional websites, and every other term that shows up when you try to search for the nude photos.  She might have problems if she had to deal with trying to compete with the term “*models name* nude photos”.

But here is what I find interesting about the video, all of the people that have posted postive feed back on Youtube.com seem to have only created their user name to comment, rate postivly, and to make this their favorite video.   All of which was done the same day they created the account.  Every user that has comment on this videolooks like this.

After which these accounts have zero activity.

Frankly I am surprised they did not use a service that fakes your comments and views.   It would have made it far less obvious.   Or better yet have all those over 450 seo experts comment and view the video with some real youtube accounts.

Also I did comment on the video, and as you can see I put the one negative vote on their video.  Unfortunately my comment was deleted.  I guess they did not like that I drew attention to the fact that the comments were not real.

Then there are the sites that link in to Mindshark.ca

While I am not going to point you to the link at Sharenator.com that links to Mindshark.ca, I find it interestingly that hosting-reviews-exposed.com has 1 of every 117,647 internet visitors.


Many of the sites that are part of the back links, linking in, and what ever else seem to be a combination of sites like this, some sites that tell you what you can do your site.


Which tells me I need to talk to one of those seo experts I mentioned.

Then their is a site that tells me I have a terrible domain name: http://websiteshadow.com/hosting-reviews-exposed.com

Some sites like http://qeoz.com/1-hosting-reviews-exposed-com show nothing you could not find through going to Alexa.com directly

Then there are sites that I consider spam like http://feeds.joe.to/recent/page-2.  While I find that on second page of search engine results for “mindshark.ca”.

Here is the first thing to show up on the second page of their search engine results.

“Once again I did not opt-in or authorize use of this email address for their marketing / spam purposes.”


I am almost tempted to believe they just took part of my content and re-spinned it.

I have yet to find any of what Zamir recommends of posting on professional blogs.

Now to see if 450 Mindshark experts can hide my negative review.

Mindshark.ca – Seo Marketing Experts or Spammers? Part 1

Mindshark.ca seems to think this is a business.  Keep in mind it took more than 3 years for this site to make enough money to cover its own monthly bill.  So far my experience has been the people either come here to look for a host or to complain about a host.   The most bizarre request is from hosts that don’t use fake reviews,  is to get me to do a review on them.  You would think the last person they would ask to write something would not be me – the guy that has bad things to say about the very hosts that he uses.  But in the end, the people that are looking for a host are disappointed because I don’t recommend anyone, and the people that come here to complain are not inclined to buy.

So why the rage with Mindshark.ca?

Back when I first started I had asked a friend to set me up a contact form, I am not known for my non-graphic web skills which are still lacking, requiring me to pay for professionals.  Keep in mind I have stated this site makes enough to pay for its hosting, but it’s not paying for experts I bring in to assist me.  Anyway getting back to that contact form.   It was set up to send to a Gmail account, one in which only my YouTube account was sending mail to.  So after adding the contact form, there is only one way to get my Gmail account, and that is used by the contact form.  Mindshark.ca used a third party “overseas” to Phish/harvest my email.  After a contact with me, they added me to their mailing list.  Once again I did not opt-in or authorize the use of this email address for their marketing/spam purposes.   This week I got tired of them sending email to the Gmail account I use exclusively for hosting-reviews-exposed.com.  Here is the comment I got when I gave them 24 hours to remove my email or suffer a review and complaint to netfirms (funny didn’t I just do a post about them last month http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/endurance-international-group/netfirms-com.html).  Here is the response I got this response from Zamir of Mindshark.ca:

You are off the list. Cheers 🙂

FYI you did opt in on August 9th   thx


Zamir Javer
Mindshark Marketing
1.877.MSHARK  1 xtn 730

My response:

Bullshit, I have the emails to prove that your full of it.  I will be filing a complaint with netfirms and my own review of your site.

Yes that’s right, I used profanity.  I did not opt in, I did not authorize them to use my email to spam or market to.  Frankly, I was a little tame in my response.  But I am not about to be treated like I “forgot” that I signed up for their spam.

I get the following response from Zamir of mindshark.ca,

What emails….please send so we can review.

My response:

You can review them with everyone else on my blog.  Your company contacted me by my forum when I responded to someone in your company you added my email without my permission to your mailing list.  Hence you are spamming.   Benjamin of hosting-reviews-exposed.com

Zamir of Mindshark.ca response:

I have reviewed your site.  You are an extortionist company like ripoffreport etc.

We are an internet marketing firm.   We have not done anything wrong.  If you have further questions please direct them to me and I would be happy to respond and address any concerns.

Yes, I am a terrible person, I told him I would do a review and report him to his upstream provider if they did not remove my email from their mailing a list.  An email that I did not authorize/opt in for them to spam me.  But why did they bring up ripoffreport?


Its a bit difficult to read, but it appears that this person also had their email harvest and on top of that their cell phone number.

Ripoffreport.com may very well be extorting, after all, they do offer a paid service to deal with a complaint.  I on the other hand only offer a chance to plead your case on my blog, I offer no service to clean up a complaint.  But I guess on the surface because I placed a few ads in hopes of re-cooping my costs, it appears I am in the business of extortion.

So my response:


You’re a bit full of yourself, but I have to wonder what ripoffreport has on your company.   Thanks for the material.  Your company did harvest my email through my contact page.   Your an idiot and so is David Abramovici  (the dumbass that thought it would be a good idea to add my email to your list) to think I had my sights on your company as your not a host or a hosting review site.  But I really passionately hate spam, and you have the nerve to say I opted into your list.  You can call me an extortionist because you glanced at my site, but the truth is you have no idea who I am.

By the way, netfirms is moving to the U.S.


Here is where Zamir of mindshark.ca admits it without knowing it that they are spamming:

Yes I know netfirms is moving.  Lol I have no clue what this conversation is about any longer.

Anyways….we do use a lead generation company from overseas.

IT seems maybe they are the ones that did something on your site,  If you can forward whatever info they sent we can review to try and forward it and put a stop to this.

We hate spam with a passion as well and do not engage in any of it.


I have my reason for mentioning netfirms, which sometimes I might explain to him.  But here is the point where Mindshark.ca admits they are not the marketing experts that they claim to be because they used a “a lead generation company from overseas“.  Translation they did not gather the emails themselves, nor did they make sure they were opt-in.  There is no integrity to the list, and so far there seems like two complaints that prove this.

Just to be clear if you purchase a list from a third party to gather your contacts, that does not free you from spam complaints.  If anything its more damning.

My response:


Now you’re telling me that your not even sure if people have opted in because you used a third party.  When I owned hosting companies I did not accept that as an excuse.  For that matter, if they could not prove their system was double opt-in after a spam complaint their account was shut down.  Seriously if I were you I would get rid of your existing mailing list and start from scratch.  After all, you sent your mailouts to me when I did not request or opt-in to your service.  Nor would I have reason to do so, if I needed marking assistance, which is not something I need for this site I would contact my previous business partners.

I am not going to send you the emails that were sent to me, you can find it when it hits my blog along with these wonderful emails you keep sending me, sorry but I don’t take kindly to being called an extortionist.  After all the only thing I asked for was to be removed from your list.

As for what netfirms moving has to do with this conversation…….



Zamir of mindshark.ca tries to deflect the facts:

Thanks for your email.  Again as I stated earlier.  We get hit with spam ourselves and we do not engage in any spam ourselves.   If there is any email or information you feel is spam related we would be happy to review it.  You are in our system as an optin from a third party lead source.

I understand you business relies on this type of thing to keep you busy with posts etc.  However I am extending our offer to assist you in whatever you are looking for.  If your intention is to keep responding with vulgarities please refrain.

However if you do have any requests for information or would like us to review any matter we are more than happy to help“.

I would like to think that my last response to mindshark.ca covers that:


If this was a business it would have failed miserably, its taken 3 years to finale start paying for its own hosting.  A post on your site would go against the grain of what my site is about.  But you do not realize that a post about your site has nothing to do with web hosting.  Though I guess I can work on the angle of how netfirms will deal with you once I send my complaint.  But the truth is, my feedback on hosts that use fake review sites discourages people from buying, a wonderful business model when you want people to buy.   Coming up with assumptions that I do what I do just for money is at best a poor defense for your spamming me.

Your receiving spam has nothing to do with the fact that you spammed me. I am doing a post because you have indeed spammed me, I did not -REPEAT- I did not authorize or opted for mail outs under this email address.   Therefore any mail out sent to me from you is SPAM.  Use of a  third party does not liberate you from any spam complaints, as clearly the netfirms terms of service indicates.

As for vulgarities, there were none in my last response.  Should you not have stated that when I called you an idiot, or when I said what you were saying was bullshit, or that David Abramovici is a dumbass.  The world can see exactly how many vulgarities I have used which has been very restrained.

Looking forward to another email where you defend the use of mail-outs to people that did not opt into your list because you used a third party “overseas” to collect peoples emails.  While telling me that I am being vulgar and extorting you.  By the way if I was extorting you I would have asked for a lot more then removing me from your list.  Your claim that I opted in has been rejected.  Furthermore the use of a third party to get emails has proven that your mailing list is tainted with other people that did not opt-in.

You can of course continue to lay the blame on me by stating

  1. I opted in.  (which you have already shed doubt on this claim of yours).
  2. I am an extortionist (for which the only thing I asked for was to be removed from your list).
  3. I am doing an article for my business.(despite it being totally off topic for my site).
  4. Complain about my limited vulgarities. (which honestly who would not be vulgar with a spammer).

And you can suffer more complaints then just mine, as I will be providing an outlet for other people that experienced the same thing as me.  Not to mention information how to register their complaints.

Or you can start your list from scratch and make sure you double opt-in your contacts.



Because I typed this from my phone I over repeated some details, but I think it serves the purpose of getting my point across.  Anyway, I did not hear from Zamir of Mindshark.ca again.

Do you have a spam complaint against Mindshark.ca?

First off I enter the domain mindshark.ca into http://centralops.net/co/DomainDossier.aspx

To find out where mindshark.ca is hosting in most cases the network whois will tell you where to send abuse complaints.

The whois tells me that they are with netfirms, it also tells me they are just a little over a year old I will have fun with this on another post where I will discuss mindsharks.ca’s seo skills.  But another thing is mindshark.ca appears to have recently moved to netfirms.com.

So if mindshark.ca harvested/phished for your email like they did mine, I suggest sending the mailout they sent you to [email protected]

You’re also more than welcome to place your own complaints in the comments area of this post.

Two more posts on mindshark.ca are in the works to show the email,  I am currently waiting on netfirms and I am hoping to get a contact from a spam expert before I do the second post on mindshark.

Webhostingstuff.com – December 2010 top 25 list in review

Webhostingstuff.com did not have a lot of change over for December 2010.  Three of these hosts I am pretty sure are not major players (Layersevenhosting.com, Infuseweb.com, and Phastnet.com).  One host may be a major player (Avahost.net), but I am willing to wager that they are in trouble and bleeding out clients, but thats only an assumption.  The only big hosts that I am sure of on this top 25 list you get on by how much you pay for “advertising” is Hostgator.com and Siteground.com.  I have to say that I had no problem finding the flaws in these 4 hosts.

Here is the video I made last month to show case my finding just off the surface of the top 25 reviews:

So in summary here is what I found out about these 4 hosts.

4 New hosts for December 2010 on Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list

Layersevenhosting.com number 20 out of 25 for Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list


Despite having a 7 day guarantee I think the most troubling part about this host is that their partner company claims to be a SEO experts, and that they can propel your site.  To that I have to say why is this Alexa score so high:

The rank is pretty high even compared to most small hosts (the lower the number the better the score).  It may be forgivable to not have Brash.im with a high SEO score, but its another for the webhost you own to be worse then your SEO site

Infuseweb.com number 21 out of 25 for webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list


What stuck out to me when I first saw this host on the “top” 25 list was that this host only had one review.

This review was back in January 13, 2008 which was more then three years ago.  However this site redirects to a site owned by infusedweb.  I have say though that the 3 testimonials on the site are all active websites.

Inspite of the review, I am troubled but what is a really long terms of service.  The definitions section alone is almost 3 pages long, has 820 words / 5020 characters. A section that I feel is over kill.

Even if you were to over look these flaws and sign up for hosting, the domain fees are way above most domain register companies and a perfect example of why it pays to keep your domain and your hosting with separate companies.  Especially when .tv domains cost 3 times that of competing domain registers.

Phastnet.com number 22 out of 25 for webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list


Another host with just one review.  But the interesting thing about this Phastnet.com customer is that they changed their dns in October 2008

The one thing I wish they would answer is “How can you tell a reliable web hosting provider from an unreliable one?”.

This is another company where you are better off buying your domain from a third party due to what I consider 150% more then what you could pay with a domain register.

Avahost.net number 25 out of 25 for webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list


I think the one main point I found while reviewing Avahost.net was that they own their own “top” 10 hosting  site, where remarkable they have been the number 1 host everytime.  cheap-web-hosting-review.com.

If a company thats willing to fake its own postion is not enough perhaps their review with webhostingstuff.com will be enough:

January 2010 I find 5 new hosts on Webhostingstuff.com, tomorrow I will release the video and post for my surface findings.

Layersevenhosting.com – Brash.im – Your source for SEO?

Layersevenhosting.com is my First host review of 4 hosts for December 2010 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  When I first reviewed this host 2 things came to mind because it had zero reviews.  A. it was either a really old host that no one ever noticed or B. it was a fairly new host.   Turns out it was created August 2009.  The design for this site is clunky and in some cases text is hard to read as parts of the graphics make it hard to read the text.  From what I see this is primarily a U.K. host that seems to be focused on the U.K. market.  I am not sure the point of using webhostingstuff.com as this is a site that focuses on the U.S. market.  The point that makes me think that people should avoid this company is because they offer “7 Day moneyback guarantee“.  I can not stress enough that anything less then 30 days is not enough time.   For starters I think my focus is the whole zero reviews thing that sticks out when I look at Layersevenhosting’s 20th spot in the top 25 of webhostingstuff.com.

Layersevenhosting has Zero reviews with Webhostingstuff.com

Webhostingstuff uses the excuse that they use several points of measurement to determine if a host is popular.   But as you can see from this graphic that this host has been assigned a traffic popularity number of 4,889 of 12,786 hosts.   You can also see that this is a host that has zero reviews, so it was not customer feed back that made Layersevenhosting number 20 0ut of 25 hosts.   This is just another host that happens to be in the top because they are the 20th highest payer for “advertising”.

Layersevenhosting.com – Brash Limited connection

I have to admit there was not alot to look at when it came to layersevenhosting.com, honestly it was pretty dull.   But I found a mention of Brash Limited this peaked my interest because I had to wonder who this other company that owned or was behind this host.  Searching I find brash.im, where I find colorful but distracting website.  I get the point of what Brash is when I read part of the rotating graphics “We can improve your online presence – FACT“.

Looking at the Alexa tool in my Google chrome browser I have to laugh as I look at both Layersevenhosting.com and brash.im.  Neither of them have cleared the million mark on Alexa.  Brash.im has a zero Google Page Rank.  Keep in mind my SEO skills are limited to those that help me.  But you would think that these two sites would do far better then I am.

If brash.im was not bad enough improving their own search engine placement.  The very hosting company they promote on the site should serve as an example of their skill in SEO services.  This is the kind of data that tells you to avoid a company that tells you “we can improve your online presence – FACT“, its not a fact because they can’t do it for themselves.

I am a little confused by the Search Engine Data for brash.im.  They have far more back links then I do yet they have a zero Google Page rank and much higher Alexa score.  I can tell you now that my business partner is capable of dropping a site down to around 70,000 Alexa score in three months.

If brash.im and Layersevenhosting can not improve their own search engine standing how will they improve yours?