Web.com, 3 Million customers and only one site to show for it.

Web.com is on television rather frequently. Often with promises of “Helping your business succeed online.”  Not to mention that all too alluring Get a custom built website from the experts at Web.com for FREE!”  Who can argue with free right?

At the same time you have people giving their testimonials. Which is where I come into all of this.

Recently I was emailed by one of their customers who showed me their invoices. I can’t say I have not been interested in their operation. No I never entertained the idea of trying them. From the websites I have seen displayed on television everything looked cookie cutter.  But I have never really gotten a look at their work.  Despite testimonials they don’t show websites. Its not like Web.com does not have time or the customers under their belts for posting websites that are well worth show casing.  Web.com states” Web.com has 30 years of experience helping over 3 million small businesses succeed online.”.  Which begs the question, when was the internet first available to the public? The first website was created in 1991. However 1998 web.com appeared to be doing something other than webhosting.


But this has more to do with the people that appear in the television commercials. 3,000,000 plus customers and they don’t show case customers sites just their name and company.  Searching for the site with both details has been problematic like for this person’s site:

Steve greenup fse

What that asterisk means:  “*These results are not typical. Search Engine Optimization is only one of the factors that affects search engine ranking.


Searching for “Steve Greensup  F.S.E. Inc.,”  I don’t find a conclusive site. The site I found does not match the one that Web.com has in this graphic. But fsesd.com seems to fit the bill as there is a “Powered by web.com / Register.com” on the bottom. I think the site looked better before web.com got to it.


Web.com’s Stuck in the 70’s television advertisement

But there is one video I am highly certain I found all of the web sites:

  • Mark Castelluci – a safer pool edge – asaferpooledge.net
  • Martha Smith – a loave affair llc – loaveaffair.com
  • Lory Rosa  – Cleveland living – cle-living.com
  • John LeProvost – Malibu Real Estate Today – maliburealestatetoday.com

These 4 people also appear on the video locate here on web.com:


It took a bit, but I found the domains for these 4 customers that gave glowing testimonials for web.com.  The first three sites are no longer active.  Search engine results by name and company did not take me directly to the first two asaferpooledge.net and loaveaffair.com. But Archive.org confirms that the Web.com logo was on the bottom of both sites.



The third cle-lkiving.com was a bit more tricky as all I could find was a profile page with lationcleveland.com and a Facebook page.



The last site is active, Maliburealestatetoday.com.

Web.com’s effect on Maliburealestatetoday.com

Maliburealestatetoday.com gives me a chance to see what web.com does, and personally I would have picked a different customer to  show case. There is too much wasted space at the top of the site. Plus take it from someone that has spent the last three years looking for a house.  The Property search  is not user friendly. While I can enter in criteria, I can’t sort the results and I only can get 5 listings per page.

Search engine ranking for Maliburealestatetoday.com  is abysmal


The page rank is 1.

Search engine results are even worse.

I have to wonder what a web.com television ad might do for customer whose site address is actually shown.

Web.com and Jim Furyk

When it comes to golf (or any sport really) I am by far no expert. Personally I find golf boring. Yet there is a whole channel on Directv dedicated to just golf.  No matter how unentertaining I find golf, it is a huge market.  When I watched web.com’s recent commercial with Jim Furyk something caught my eye.  I have dealt with many Facebook pages and what I saw on a 80 inch screen stuck out like a sore thumb.

Jim Furky fake and real facebook page

The top part of the picture is the actual Facebook page which was not easy to find as I thought it would be.  The Bottom part is a doctored up Facebook page that was show cased in the commercial.  From what I can see there was nothing about the site being enhanced or anything.  But the advertisement clearly lists 43,145 likes versus the reality of 309 yesterday and 311 today.  There is no videos or foundation tabs on Jim Furyk’s Facebook page.  What interested me about the Facebook page that web.com showed was it had no thumbs up by the number of likes. Below on the left is a snap shot of the real Facebook page for Jimfuryk.com, on the bottom right the fake. They can be clicked on for a better view.

Jim Furyk facebook page realJim furky video fb page

This is the reality that web.com is not showing:


When I search for Jim Furyk I get the following results.

Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk has a page made by a fan that could easily be tapped into to bring in more likes. I am more than certain if asked, the page operator would be all too happy to send fans to the official fan page. Frankly whomever generated the fan page looks like they would be better at managing the Facebook page than web.com.

When I first looked at Jim Furyk’s site, at first glance I missed the Facebook page link as it blended in with the header graphic and not a traditional blue and white that Facebook comes in. Perhaps if Web.com had done more than just Facebook for social media for Jim Furyk than I would have noticed it sooner. According to this link http://www.ispot.tv/ad/7ZE7/web-com-golf, the golf ad has ran 116 times. Maybe if web.com actually showed the direct link and corrected the Facebook link they could improve the likes for Jimfuryk.com.

Keep in mind web.com charges $189.95 for their Facebook package.

I will be keeping an eye on the progress of jimfuryk.com under web.com’s handling.

Manashosting.com Spams again!!!

Manashosting.com is not going to be happy with this latest post. Regardless of what anyone at Manashosting.com may have to say about this post, spam is not legal in this country. I don’t care if Manashosting.com put a disclaimer in their email stating I am not supposed to share it. That somehow an email address they were not supposed to have and marketed to I am supposed to respect confidentiality.

By spamming I mean that Manashosting.com was soliciting to an email address that did not opted into Manashosting.com’s mailing list. I seriously have no interest in hosting with any company similar to the nature of Manashosting.com. So I have no intention of giving them my email address. Nor will I give anyone from Manashosting.com the email address for my other personal account they decided to spam. Just to make it that much easier to delete my email address out. As I half suspect they may have deleted every Yahoo.com address. So I am not going to tell them the domain that email address is under. At best I will say that it is with Microsoft. So a few more domains for Manashosting.com to remove out of their list.

If Manashost.com does not want me to do posts on their company than perhaps they should avoid spamming. No requests for removal of this post from Manashosting.com will be honored. But as previously stated they should delete all email lists, and stick strictly to double opted in address.

A short history of my interactions with Manashosting.com

As I first stated I had no interest in this company, for that matter they spammed me a few times before I decided that this blog should take on spam. After all like fake review sites, spam is a form of unethical marketing.

First Manashosting.com spammed my Yahoo. Email account – November 11, 2010


Not long after that someone named Anthony John contacted me for Manashosting.com. Saying that I should have clicked on their unsubscribe link in their spam, as opposed to making blog post about them spamming me. Anthony of Manashosting.com also asked for the email address of the email they had spammed me by. Since they had spammed me I saw no reason to give them my personal email address.

Amazingly after this email, the spamming stopped from Manashosting.com.

Than a second look at Manashosting.com – November 19, 2010


Than they decided to spam comment on this very blog – October 16, 2011


Manashosting.com demands I remove my posts on their company – January 15, 2012


In short Anthony of Manashosting.com decided to point me to the whole law book from India on Internet Law. Without pointing me directly to what exactly law states I cannot post proof of their wrong doing. Never mind that Manashosting.com’s spamming violates U.S. law.

So far it seems that Manashosting.com wants me to do an annual post on their site.

Manashosting.com finds another of my email accounts – January 17, 2013

Normally I don’t use my Microsoft email all that often, I have had it almost as long as my Yahoo address. The bulk of the use of this account was mostly for Windows Live Messenger. But from time to time I use it for other reasons. I mostly use it for companies I don’t pay a lot of attention to their emails. Like Commission Junction, and other companies that like to send a lot of email. One of the companies that I bought a script from had sent me an email with some coding I needed. I could not find it in the main folder so I decided to check the spam folder, where I found the email I was looking for and Manashosting.com’s spam. I tend to think that the company I was looking for email from was marked spam because of the coding they sent me. But I find it most interesting that Microsoft decided to mark this email as spam and that they would delete it within 10 days of being sent. Which means I have no idea how long Manashosting.com has been sending me spam. Because I don’t normally check the spam folder when I do log into my Microsoft email. Generally I only check it when Trillian has a pop up with an email subject I may be interested in. I don’t believe that Trillian will notify me of any email that is marked as spam.

manashosting spam

Manashosting.com’s latest spam

Create Unlimited Web Pages just for Re 1‏

From: Manasahosting.com (g4genuine@in.com)
Sent: Thu 1/17/13 12:37 PM

Warm Greetings dear customers,

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this message (including the enclosure(s) or attachment(s) if any) is confidential and may be proprietary or privileged. If you are not the intended recipient or have received it by mistake please notify the sender by return e-mail and permanently delete this message and any attachments from your system. Any dissemination, use, review, distribution, disclosure, printing or copying of this message in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. Please note that e-mails are susceptible to change. Manashosting shall not be liable for the improper or incomplete transmission of the information contained in this communication nor for any delay in its receipt or damage to your system. Manashosting does not guarantee that the integrity or security of this communication has been maintained or that this communication is free of viruses, interceptions or interferences. Anyone communicating with Manashosting by email accepts the risks involved and their consequences. Manashosting accepts no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this email.

Unsubscribe me from this list

Header information for the Manashosting,.com spam will be posted in the comments area.

From design, affiliate program, SEO, to hosting. Manashosting.com’s offering is all over the map.

Speaking of maps, what I find interesting is that address.


Calling the number that Manashosting.com provides gets me the name of another company once I called: Target Information Management.

The network whois for Manashosting.com tells me:

Comment: Please send abuse complaints to abuse@cybercon.com

CustName: DreamWorx Hosting

Address: PO Box 806332

City: Saint Clair Shores

StateProv: MI

PostalCode: 48080

Country: US

RegDate: 2009-04-20

Updated: 2011-03-19


Interestingly enough the address for DreamWork Hosting (PO box) and the address Manashosting.com provides are 1.2 mile drive from one another.

I will be sending abuse complaints to Manashosting.com’s partners.

  • Cybercon.com
  • targetinfo.com
  • in.com

Once again if anyone at Manashosting.com bothers to read, no I will not remove this post.


Webhostingstuff.com, not every host that was a top host survives.

Webhostingstuff.com has been the focal point of this blog at several points in the last few years. They claimed to be a place for fair and honest hosting reviews. However Webhostingstuff.com has been a shinnying example of everything that is wrong with the hosting review industry. But I have reached the point that I feel like I am beating a dead horse, if not a dying horse. Unless somehow webhostingstuff.com manages to reinvent itself in a way that revives it this is the last post to pick apart their methods.

So far the only change webhostingstuff.com has been capable of is remaking the so called top 25 list into something that is cumbersome. It no longer starts on the main page of webhostingstuff.com.  You have to actually look for it among a list of items for “best hosts”.  Than you only get to see 5 of the some 23 – 29 Best Hosts. Anyone wanting to see the next 5 Best Hosts would have to scroll down past “Show me more Hot Deals …” link.  Where there were 10 hosts to past.  To find “Next  >>>”, and without clicking next I would have no way of knowing that that is how I get more “Best Hosting”.  Which is why since April 2010 my posts on webhostingstuff.com have been far less.  Anyone past the firth position was not going to get their money worth.

On top of that, right now I cannot access their site.  Because one too many inquires triggers an IP block. Never mind that real people in need of hosting may be researching multiple hosting companies to find the right one.

Then there was the original fair and honest ranking webhostingstuff.com page had this:

To build a fair and honest ranking system, ranking is always performed automatically by the system – free of human interference.

Not far into the whole spill about honesty, they lay down the justification for the advertising they offer. Advertising that I have yet to see.

Human editors are also needed to maintain the high level of integrity of our trusted reviews. Webmasters and system administrators are needed for the smooth running of this large site.

No surprise but that wording is no longer there.

I was going to do several posts on hosts that closed up shop or switched gears. But that seemed long, tedious, and boring (remember I have ADD). But I am going to boil it down into one post. After which my next post is going to deal with what a lot of people have been asking me since my mindshark.ca posts, and that is how to find a seo expert. So one post that focuses on the closures (or switch from hosting to something else).

Why hosting-reviews-exposed.com became a blog and focused on webhostingstuff.com

The very issue that started this site to have a blog was a host called hostdawgs.com. Another host that had watched my video decided to track one month of top 25 hosts that appeared on webhostingstuff.com (it was either 2008 or 2009), a few months after they posted their finding hostdawgs.com a host that appeared on that so called top 25 list at webhostingstuff.com was out of business.  Clearly there were some obvious kinks in webhostingstuff.com’s armor.

Into my second month blogging I found i7net.net on webhostingstuff.com

What could be worse than a host that went out of business mere months after appearing on webhostingstuff.com’s top 25?

How about a host that was not online at any point when I found it on the top 25 list (from June – November 2010) of when I was doing reviews. Between the 21 – 25 positions.  Never mind the worst part was webhostingstuff.com clearly indicated they had 72.62% uptime, and had stopped tracking uptime in July 2009. Which means it had been offline longer than a year.

I emailed Michael Low of webhostingstuff.com in June 2010 about what I had found. It took him until December 2010 to do something. Which was to remove i7net from webhostingstuff.com’s data base.

I7net.net became the keystone in my argument against webhostingstuff.com.  Which can be found at:


The other “top” webhostingstuff.com hosts that went offline or are out of the hosting business:

Since my 10looniehost.ca post  about them forgetting to renew their domain (who last I checked was still a best host) I figured I would look and see who else on webhostignstuff.com’s top 25 list was offline.


These were hosts I found between May 2010 – April 2011. I did not track any that entered into the top deals or best host lists.  Because out of 64 hosts, I found a lot of flaws. Some of which I am amazed they are still online

Firedragonhosting.com – Former Webhostingstuff.com top host – Status *Unknown*

When I first reviewed this host (May 2010), it appeared that it was some messed up Godaddy.com Wild West reseller. By which I mean it appeared the owner of the site was purchasing what people ordered through his reseller account.  If you know as much as I do about Wild West Domains, its illogical. With Wild West Domains your job is to maintain the main site, while working on means to bring in traffic. I know a lot of people that are pretty good with their program. But this guy seems to have a separate order form, where after you order he goes to the reseller and orders what you ordered.  Plus on top of that he is going to have to offer support for a reseller account that is supposed to do the support for you.

He also charged $49.95 to set up WordPress and $9.95 a month for what is essentially a free very easy to set up program.


I know that the domains are under a reseller account because the register shows me Wild West Domains, which is a godaddy.com reseller program.  On top of that most of the domains in this sites reviews were under the name of the owner. Plus hosting was on Godaddy.com’s servers.

Keep in mind I think it is a very bad idea to keep your domain with your hosting company.  However what is worse is letting a hosting provider register a domain for you, and keep it under their name. Webhostingstuff.com was supposed to have a policy of not allowing Wild West Resellers from registering as a host in their system.  Webhostingstuff.com placed it in the top 25, it was number 23 when I reviewed it.

When you goto fire dragonhosting.com there is no product page. It appears to be a login page. I see the ability to order, but I get this message when I click on the order link:

Filling out the order form does not guarantee you hosting on my servers

So they might as well be closed.

Topgreenhost.com – Former Webhostingstuff.com top host – Status *Closed*

There is not much to add here, other than I have control over topgreenhost.com, and if you type that domain in you will see my first post on this former webhostingstuff.com top host.

Yaspe.net – Former Webhostingstuff.com top host – Status *Unknown*

October 2010 was when I first found Yaspe.net on webhostingstuff.com’s so called top host list. At the time they claimed to have 20,000 customers. The problem with that was their Alexa score did not validate that.  Yaspe.net was at 1,812,782 with Alexa in October 2010, and as of today it is at 12,348,306. Keep in mind low numbers are good with Alexa and high numbers are bad.  The traffic stats did not back up a claim of 20,000 clients.  At 12,348,306 they may have one visitor a day.

So far yaspe.net devolved into what I can only assume is a web design contact form.  The banner on the bottom goes to securedservers.com, which Alexa says country with the top traffic is China (42,600).  They offer a $75 per sign up or 10% monthly reoccurring payment.

I think it is safe to assume yaspe.net is out of the hosting business.

Aquariusstorage.com – Former Webhostingstuff.com top host – Status *acquired*

“As of June 2012, all Aquarius Storage operations are now officially part of DJAB Hosting.”

This host was recently acquired by djabhosting.com. Which does not offer unlimited hosting, so I have to wonder how the unlimited customers transferred over. At best from what http://web.archive.org tells me, they came online December 2008.


Webhostingstuff.com, where awards are bought

To me one of the prerequisites to being a top host is the ability to stand the test of time.  In some cases hosts have not even had to be online to be a best host at webhostingstuff.com (10looniehost.ca and i7net.net), others did not even have to be online a month (Hostinglocker.com).  I have hosts like KVChosting.com that tell me that they are paying for advertising.  Advertising is really hard to find on Webhostingstuff.com. But it is really easy to find hosts that did not earn the right to be called a best host or top deal on webhostingstuff.com. Hosts that have no reviews, little to show for experience. Webhostingstuff.com is too lazy to even fabricate a fake review for the new comers or slow to take off hosts.

Can Webhostingstuff.com evolve? I don’t think webhostingstuff.com can, and if they do it will not be anything in the realm of ethics.

Topgreenhost.com – Out of Business, but Greengeeks.com is still here

Topgreenhost.com joins a special  list of hosts that were previously top 25 hosts at webhostingstuff.com. What makes topgreenhost.com unique is that it has been offline most of the year; at least topgreenhost.com was offline till two days ago.

When I first seen Topgreenhost.com I found they had a connection to greengeeks.com due to a similar set of IPs, and they both shared the same EPA certification.  I thought at the time that Greengeeks.com created topgreenhost.com due to competition within the so called unlimited space market.  At the time Topgreenhost.com had  it at $2.99 and greengeeks.com had their unlimited plan at $4.95. When a plan offers unlimited resources there is not much wiggle room in making the point that your hosting package is better than a company like hostgator.com. So the only thing left to do is offer the package for cheaper. Which is problematic with all the previous customers that signed on to this so called unlimited plan. Especially when they paid $24 more a year for the same plan new customers come onto.  Never mind Topgreenhost.com, greengeeks.com, hostgator.com, and every other host that offers unlimited space have a magic number where they cut you off. For hosts like topgreenhost.com this is about profit.  Which really why else would anyone want to run a hosting company?

I decided that after my review on 10looniehost.ca that I should look back and see who was out of business and who was still active. This week I explore former top 25 webhostingstuff.com hosts.  Between May 2010 to April 2011 I reviewed 64 hosts. Topgreenhost.com among a few others are either doing something else or are offline. After posts on these former top 25 hosts of webhostingsuff.com I have no future plans on new posts related to this so called hosting review site. Unless they do something drastic there is not much point focusing on webhostingstuff.com.  For over 2 years I have seen little else that I could cover. The most drastic change last year was to make the top 25 into something far less convenient for anyone that pays for this so called “advertising” to be in either “Today’s Hot Hosting Deals” or “Top Best Hosting”.

The hosts like topgreenhost.com that did business with webhostingstuff.com are another story.

Topgreenhost.com is not the first host to go out of business after appearing on webhostingstuff.com top 25.

Hostdawgs.com and i7net.net are on that list.

Hostdawgs.com was found by another hosting company that had decided to do what I should have done and actually see who was on the top 25 list. Mere months after their first post, Hostdawgs.com was offline. That was part of what drove me to look further into who was buying “advertising” with webhostingstuff.com. Just to be clear “advertising” does not have the same definition as the ads you see on this site.  The 1 – 25 position was/is for sale to the highest bidder.

I found i7net.net a month after I had started the blog for this site. It was the proverbial canary in the coal mine that had been dead far before I ever decided to look into hosts that appeared in the top 25. They were my biggest argument for webhostingstuff.com being rigged. Webhostingstuff.com  was  to sloppy to even bother to monitor what was going on.


Never mind Webhostingstuff.com claimed it was a top host, i7net.net wasn’t even online for months at a time. Webhostingstuff.com’s own uptime records for i7net.net indicated just as much. Yet that did not stop it from being off and on the list between positions 21 – 25 from June through November 2010. The truth about what was really going on could not be any more blatant.  By December 2010 Webhostingstuff.com must have either finale got around to fixing the problem, read my email to them, or their customers were letting Michael Low know how bad this made them look. As you can no longer find i7net.net on webhostingstuff.com’s directory. Soon Topgreenhost.com will be deleted out as well.

Topgreenhost.com had no reviews on webhostingstuff.com

Webhostingstuff.com claims that the ranking is based off of:

WebHostingStuff ranks web hosts using WHSRank™ – a powerful ranking algorithm that ranks web hosting companies based on the quality of services they had provided to REAL customers.

The main engine behind WHSRank™ are the verified customer reviews published on WebHostingStuff. WHSRank™ uses these customer reviews to calculate a quality score for each web host.

When customers write their reviews, they are asked to rate web hosts based on service quality factors like:

  • Uptime and service reliability
  • Technical support
  • Customer service

WHSRank™ uses these quality signals to calculate the quality score for each web host. Other quality signals used by the WHSRank™ algorithm include uptime performance.

Topgreenhost.com had no reviews with webhostingstuff.com, so how could it be on the list? I can tell you now topgreenhost.com was not the only one. Some on the top 25  had low review scores some as low as two stars.

So how do I know topgreenhost.com is out of business?

All you have to do is type in topgreenhost.com to your browser and see where it goes. It goes to the first post that I made on this host. Which can only mean one thing I have control of the domain. A friend of mine bought the domain, as he thought it should redirect to my first post on topgreenhost.com.


Topgreenhost.com appears based on Webhostingstuff.com’s uptime records that the site went offline in December 2011, and based off the whois record I have a copy of, I assume greengeeks.com let the domain expire in March 2012.

I made copies of everything that webhostingstuff.com had on topgreenhost.com.

So who else will join Topgreenhost.com as a former best host of webhostingstuff.com that closed up shop?


10looniehost.ca – You’re on the Best Host list for webhostingstuff.com, but something is wrong!!!

10looniehost.ca found its way back on my blog last month because they let their domain expire. I assumed that they would not come back online, but I was wrong.  I have no problem admitting I am wrong.  I did not expect that 10looniehost.ca would be back online. However I had details on my iPad that I had over looked, if I had I would have known that 10looniehost.ca was very likely to come back online.


Back when 10looniehost.ca was down I decided to take a look at what Webhostingstuff.com top 25 devolved into, and that is a “Best Hosting” list. I also wanted to see where another host called kvchosting.com was. As a rep from Kvchosting.com came on my site to discredit someone with a negative review. At the same time Kvchosting.com joins the list of hosts that claim to be buying “advertising”. More on that in an upcoming post.

I took screen shots of every host that appeared on webhostignstuff.com’s so called “Best Hosting” list.  10looniehost.ca was in the 16th spot when I wrote my last post and before they came back online. Today they are in the 9th spot. Though keep in mind there is no number by 10looniehost.ca. Simply 5 hosts per page in the “Best Hosting” category. So I am assuming since 10looniehost.ca is 9th since it appeared on the second page for “Best Hosting” 4th result.  Interestingly enough there were 26 “Best Hosts” in August but only 23 in September. Perhaps their pay per click (PPC ) ran out.

Webhostingstuff.com changed from a top 25 list last year.


Before April 2011 the so called “top” 25 hosts appeared on three pages starting from the front page. I found less reason to review and find kinks in the armor of hosts that paid for this position. Mostly because the only hosts that might get their moneys worth were the first 5 hosts. Despite no longer being on the front page any more. After the front page anyone wanting to see the next 5 Best Hosts would have to scroll down past “Show me more Hot Deals …” link.  Where there were 10 hosts to past.  Even on a screen like mine where I work from a 22 inch wide screen I don’t see the “Next  >>>”, and without clicking next I would have no way of knowing that that is how I get more “Best Hosting”.  I have to wonder what the likely hood is for someone finding 10looniehost.ca on the second page of results let alone the forth page.

But that begs another question about the “Hot Deals” list. Could that be a separate list that is also paid for? There are defiantly more hosts in the “Hot Deals” list than there are on the “Best Hosts”. I know at one point I got affiliate cookies for Hostgator.com, though after I did my post on that webhostingstuff.com quickly removed the affiliate cookie. Something I will have to look again later. But as far as I can tell 10looniehost.ca has no affiliate program.

7 days down is an eternity for 10looniehost.ca

Never mind how irresponsible it was for 10looniehost.ca to not renew their domain. There were repercussions. 10looniehost.ca’s search engine results went in the toilet. Granted I have no idea what their traffic stats were before. But 10looniehost.ca’s Alexa rank is at 6,420,431. As mentioned many times before when it comes to Alexa you want a lower number. Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is currently at: 125,674.  Through my own domain register, I sell .ca domains for $12.99 a year.  I am certain the loss of a domain over 7 days will cost 10loonie.ca more in what a domain costs.

In a month I will try and see where 10looniehost.ca are with their Alexa score and post below in the comments.

So what happens when you click on a link on webhostignstuff.com to 10loonie.ca?

Click on any link to 10loonie.ca and webhostingstuff.com redirects to a notice stating:

I get this message anytime I try to click on a link that should take me directly to 10looniehost.ca. As long as webhostingstuff.com does this it makes “advertising” totally ineffective for 10looniehost.ca. I have to ask what company would want to pay for that? After all it says 10looniehost.ca has expired, but look at these other hosts that you can try instead of 10loo niehost.ca. You click on the up time for 10looniehost.ca and you get:

Is 10looniehost.ca down?

No 10 looniehost.ca came up the day after I did my post on their domain being offline.  Amazingly it happen right after the one person that I could find an active site with 10looniehost.ca. Whom happen to post a comment, yet give me no follow up to any of the questions I asked via email or my 10loonie.ca post. I wanted to know how long they had a hosting plan with 10looniehost.ca.

While 10looniehost.ca is no longer being tracked by webhostingstuff.com this site will be monitoring the uptime for 10looniehost.ca as I just added their site on my Pingdom account and you can see uptime here:

Uptime Report for 10looniehost.ca: Last 30 days

Also if you follow me on twitter @hostingscams notices will be sent if 10looniehost.ca ever goes offline again and if 10looniehost.ca comes back up there will be a notification for that as well.

Chances are after posting this, webhostingstuff.com might resume their uptime monitoring of 10looniehost.ca.

So why the heck a third post on 10looniehost.ca

Really this post is less a bout 10looniehost.ca than it is about webhostingstuff.com. First this host was in the top 25 back when it was first starting:


Than as my last post stated 10looniehost.ca lost their domain for at least 7 days.  While at the same time being on webhostignstuff.com’s 16th position for “Best Host”. The fun fact is webhostingstuff.com validates what I am saying. They still list them as a Best Host, never mind they no longer track their up time. Never mind that you cannot click on any link to 10looniehost.ca on webhostingstuff.com and be brought to 10looniehost.ca.  Yet while there is no uptime checks, and no way of clicking on a link to take you to 10loonie.ca. Webhostingstuff.com says that 10looniehost.ca is the 9th “Best Host”.

10looniehost.ca is another reason you cannot trust webhostignstuff.com.

Mindshark.ca – in re-review Part 1: Did 450 SEO experts hide my thoughts?

Mindshark.ca finds its way on hosting-reviews-exposed.com because of someone whose email had been harvested by Mindshark.ca. More about Mindshark.ca and their email harvesting in an upcoming post. I think yesterday this blog experienced one of its finer moments , a moment that I am very proud of and that was the point where someone did not take mindshark.ca’s or my word (really I mean me to) in regards to what the truth was and actually kicked the tires. By kick the tires I mean check the search engine results for “Mindshark.ca”, to see if I was able to outdo them in a game of SEO. After all they are an SEO company, and I am someone that literally was poke with a stick to know what I know about seo (true story).  So if anyone that should have control of their site’s search engine stats it would be a SEO company right? Mindshark.ca is also a reputation management company with 450 SEO experts, so I will not show up on the first 10 page or even 100 pages of search engine results for just the term “Mindshark.ca” right?

Here is the First Post: http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/spammer/mindshark-ca.html

Here is the Second Post: http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/scams-to-avoid/mindshark-ca-%E2%80%93-seo-marketing-experts-or-spammers-part-2.html

And what most might not know is I was supposed to do a third.

 It has been a year and four months since I wrote my two posts on Mindshark.ca, I should not be anywhere to be found on Bing, Google, and Yahoo right?


On Bing, Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is on the first page 2nd and 3rd result right under mindshark.ca’s own site.

On Google, Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is on the first page 2nd and 3rd result right under mindshark.ca’s own site.

On Yahoo Hosting-Reviews-exposed.com is on the first page as the 8th and 9th result when searching for Mindshark.ca

Honestly its been a while since I checked to see where I was on Google with Mindshark.ca though over the last year it has always been the same spot, and until last night I had no idea where I was with Bing and Yahoo.

You might also notice Ripoffreport.com is on the first page for Bing and Google results as well.

Why does it matter where Hosting-reviews-exposed.com is on Mindshark.ca’s search engine results?

If I can’t make it clear enough, I am no SEO expert. Seriously I am bumbling my way through the internet any one that was serious about this sites traffic would have had it well beyond the Alexa score it sits at today:


Seriously part of that whole ADD problem I suffer is I have trouble concentrating.  Most of that SEO knowledge I have was a result of being bullied by friends.  Never mind a friend still comes in and puts in most of the keywords missing in my blog.  I even gets emails from other friends in the industry after I do a posts where I am asked “why oh why did you pick that as the title, its not seo friendly”.

Not to mention while I compose this post it is raining outside, and it is hard for me to stay inside and finish this as rainy days are rare in the Sonoran Desert.  I do enjoy being outside in the rain. But we were not talking about the weather here right? Not to mention is there a new episode of Futurama on tonight?  Oh and I get to find out what happened to Perry on Phineas & Ferb this Friday ……… No really I forgot what we were talking about. Oh yes we were talking about Mindshark.ca, and someone kicked the tires (they checked what Google said about Mindshark.ca).

But I think the bigger deal is, if I can get on the top page of Mindshark.ca’s search engine results, anyone can.

This is what the confident from yesterday had to say to Mindshark.ca

After reading the conversation you had with Benjamin and all the reviews I’ve read about your company, I’ve changed my mind about hiring you. Internet Reputation is one of your specialties, so why is it you can’t do it for yourselves???

Its  a good thing I don’t do what I normally do when reading email. Which is leaning back while balancing on one wheel. Its no wonder I go through a lot of office chairs. But I am sure what I would read next would have had me fall out of my chair.

Mindshark.ca’s response

Google penguin reshuffled rankings recently , however you will see that site moved off fairly soon.

They are also being legally served as we speak.

We recently were rated #1 SEO Company http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012Mindshark_Rated/08_Top_SEO_Company/prweb9814756.htm

None of the negative comments are from any real clients.   As you can see our BBB rating is A.     The internet allows anyone to post anything unfortunately.   We get things moved off very fast, but when google makes a change things can pop back up temporarily.

Feel free to check our case studies and testimonials to see how effective we are.  We also have over 300 SEO firms who outsource all their work to us.


First off can’t  Mindshark.ca just have a Google sea lion chase off the Google Penguin? Or perhaps throw Google Penguin a Google Krill?  What the heck is a Google Penguin?


Ok perhaps I don’t get the whole gist of this (because it seems a little boring), but it seems it is for getting rid of crap in search engines. But I can assure Mindshark.ca, this site has always been in the same spot for search engine results for Google, after all Yahoo and Bing back me up here. I know this because every time a Mindshark.ca troll posted on my blog (person either claiming to be a satisfied customer  that gives me a domain with an seo score as bad as freshly bought domain or not willing to provide one) I checked in some cases posted the Alexa score. On those trolls, that is the next post.

Mindshark.ca is legally serving me or Google?

If it’s me, perhaps Mindshark.ca can contact that anonymous person and they can unite against me?


Than I can pretend to be like one of those super heroes with a league of super villains.  Ok I kid, which brings me back to this whole point, Mindshark.ca has 450 SEO experts. This should be something that Mindshark.ca could use in their testimonial “we were able to handle a guy who gets distracted by rocks, imagine what we could do for you”. But if I am going to be served what about Ripoffreport.com?

But as for the internet allowing anyone to post anything, I know this great site and they helped a girl who had nude photos of herself that were posted online and she wanted to hide them, and that company told her she could go online and sound like an expert to get rid of the ……. Oh wait that was Mindshark.ca.

As for the BBB, that will be in Part 2 as well as the reviews, which I would like to point out don’t have any sites attached on the ones speaking kudos for Mindshark.ca. I also plan to cover Mindshark.ca’s seo from last year to this year. As for PRweb and all this stuff mindshark.ca mailed my friend, that will be Part 3 unless of course I get distracted.

As always Mindshark.ca is welcome to post their own thoughts.

Boobs, Elephants, and PIPA/SOPA …. Yeap that means Godaddy.com

This post on godaddy.com has been sitting on the back burner for a while.  August I plan to ramp up posts in hopes of building traffic for a special announcement. I apologize if my thoughts on Godaddy.com seem scattered.

Godaddy.com has been an odd pairing for me. I say that because normally I look at a company before signing up with them.  I did not know about their commercials, or even take a look at what Bob Pasron was doing.  It just seemed like a good idea at the time because Godaddy.com was not on webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list nor were they on hostaz.com’s . I was looking for some place to host hosting-reviews-exposed.com other than my own hosting companies. In short I failed to do what I asked other people to do and actually kicked the proverbial tires. They were not really considered a competitor as there were other hosts dominated in the web with their own ads.  Sure Godaddy.com had ads online but you were more likely to see one from hostgator.com.

My short history with Godaddy.com

Seriously if I had been paying attention I would have gone elsewhere. But when I signed up for service November 2007 I had a rage against webhostingstuff.com, and all my energies were focused on creativity. For 2.5 years I really had no reason to pay attention because the hosting was only handling a single simple html page. On top of that I did not keep track of the up time.  I have no idea how many times if any the site was offline.  Not like now where I actually do pay attention to the traffic. Once I started a blog for hosting-reviews-exposed.com it would only be a few months before I would move off iatemple.net (August 2010), than off to Rackspace.com this year.

In the beginning my only complaint was their shopping cart reminded me of shopping at Fry’s Electronics. Their checkout lanes have a maze of shelves you have to go through before you can reach a cashier. Those shelves have tons of items that easily get someone like me to leave with more than they were planning. During the holiday season you would be surprised how fast they get people through the lines. However the products that Godaddy.com tried to push on me are less interesting than low cost Godzilla movies, video games, Iron Maiden cd’s, flash drives, almonds, Coke, and sd cards that Fry’s Electronics tried to push on me.

So only one issue with godaddy.com?

I wish I could say that the only reason I had left Godaddy.com was simply that they were just best as a started solution.  But the problems I had with godaddy.com made it impossible to want to keep any site that had any good momentum behind them.  By the time I had sold off my hosting companies and started the blog I was in need of hosting for several projects that I had started up. I bought 3 VPS containers as I figured why not try Godaddy.com (yeah I had no idea of how well the servers were working as stated before).  Getting a stable server was a roll of the dice. One third of the time I would be placed on something problematic. The worst of it was getting support to actually do anything.  At one point the ips that was assigned to me became unbound to the VPS container, and my webmaster was often referred to F.A.Q. sections. This repeated as often as 5 times before the tech on the other end actually decided to look and always they found the issues was on their end.  Plus if I wanted timely support I had to call in.  Seriously I hate talking to people on the phone for a variety of reasons (doing customer support, dealing with companies like Bank of America to name a few) After two months of this, and the coming realization that hosting-reviews-exposed.com was performing slower everyday under the shared account it was on. It was clear my time using Godaddy.com as a hosting solution was done.

Didn’t I try to promote Godaddy.com?

I made a post which had affiliate links to Godaddy.com, in other words you bought an account through that link I got paid:


I could not in good conscience give them a ringing endorsement; at best I could say they were a solution for starting up a site. Because at worst that really was all that Godaddy.com was good for. Clearly I encouraged no one sign up with halfhearted review about Godaddy.com, as I never made a commission.

Skip this if you already know the details of Godaddy.com’s history

If I knew what I know now I would never have signed up with Godaddy.com.  No I am not here to bash godaddy.com, but I have for some time held off on my criticisms of this company all because they hold control over this domain.  But recently I had read that Warren Adelman is taking the reins of Godaddy.com after a $2,250,000,000.00 deal with SilverLake, KKR, and Technology Cross Ventures. From everything I have read he is trying to redeem the soul of Godaddy.com and encourage the tech industry (geeks and nerds like me) that Godaddy.com is a place to do business. Sometimes I do get contacted by hosts, even so far as the owner of the company such as Hostgator.com’s  Brent Oxley. He is as any host represented allowed to voice his or her two cents. This brings me to the whole point of this post which is what I think is wrong with the company.  Half of the problem is Bob Parson. Despite him not having the reins of the company any more his blog can still be found on Godaddy.com.

Bob Parson shoots an Elephant

I had kept the kids gloves on in regards to Bob Parson’s elephant hunting fiasco.


For those wondering if the cat was adopted, yes she was. Her new family found her through this blog.

The claim was that Bob went to Africa to help people in need.  So why all the focus on the killing of the elephant if he wants to turn the spot light on those in need? There is a Christian phrase that comes to mind here and that goes something like this: Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time. Never mind killing one elephant every year seems like a small amount of effort (especially after a week or month stay?), after all there are other alternatives to keeping elephants away. Not to mention I am more than certain if people in Zimbabwe are happy to get an empty plastic bottle, they would be ecstatic over a water filtration system.  Frankly I could write a whole counter argument to Bob Parson’s claim that could take a few posts, bottom-line he did it because he has the money to do it.  Wrapping it up in the guise of charity is what made it blow out of control. Just like me visiting a client in his home state for a few hours just because it was on my way to spend a week with my grandmother does not make my trip business related.

Godaddy.com has a breast fetish

Don’t get me wrong Godaddy.com had a client base that made mine look small. However from the beginning they seemed more interested in being a cheap solution. Despite my partners looking at them as a competitor, I looked at companies like Rackspace and Amazon with envy instead.  So I really had no interest in seeing godaddy.com’s advertising. Not to mention the ads did not appear on channels I watched such as Sci Fi, cartoon network, bbc, the history channel, and well a lot of channels that there new target audience were likely to watch. Sure there are geeks out there that watch sports.  In fact it was not until 2009 that I actually saw one. It was because while I was getting my hair cut the lady who was cutting my hair had to ask what it was I did. As always I had to explain what webhosting was. Being that we were in Arizona I figured that Godaddy.com would be the best example.  I had asked her if she had seen one of their commercials, and yes she had seen them. She thought Godaddy.com was a porn site.  After watching some of the commercials I can understand where she got that impression.  After all “There is more at Godaddy.com” followed many advertisements of what insinuated girl on girl action.

For some out there they can see the appeal of half clad women, but seriously what does that have to do with web hosting?  Sure I get seeing half clad women doing a vacation commercial, lingerie, car commercial, weight loss, and a variety of other commercials.  But hosting, well of course it depends on what kind of cliental you want to attract. After all you advertise to who you want to bring in. How many professional women, you know the gender you portray in less in nothing in sometimes girl on girl action are going to be sold on your service based on that? Still those ads are running as I saw one last week.

Me I look at everything in percentages. One being that there are more women than men on this planet.   So in short I like to offend as few people as possible.  Which means you have to look at how you can make sure you appeal to everyone. Having half clad women in commercials seems like it would repeal professional women.  Despite the rumors yes the female persuasion is online, they play video games,  (take it from the only guy in a 10 man raid group in World of Warcraft) and they also form businesses. Which means the female persuasion has  money.

Godaddy.com and PIPA/SOPA

Back when this blog went black in protest, I had joined giants, business rivals (former and new), and many others in protest.   There was only one hosting company that stood out in support of these ill thought out laws and that was godaddy.com. Never mind some of those giants like Rackspace.com  or godaddy.com competitors like Hostgator.com were against it, Godaddy.com was for it. I am pretty sure there was no host that was not a firm believer in copy right protection.

Constructive Criticism for Warren Adelman of Godaddy.com

The safe guards I have placed to keep the domain have made it pretty hard to transfer elsewhere. This is pretty much the opportunity to get me to stop transferring . Granted all I have with godaddy.com now is this domain. Yet I am always looking for other hosting solutions. At this point I am not inclined to move hosting-reviews-exposed.com off of Rackspace.com as I am happy with their services. But my design clients are not always willing to pay what I pay for a hosting solution.

The other problem is support, the problems I have had are similar to those that people complain about with outsourced support.  I recall one time it took me 6 call in attempts to get godaddy.com support to actually check and issue where ips were not binding to an account. Keep in mind i hate to call in for support but that seems the only way to get expedited support.Those 6 phone calls totaled about 2 hours (including wait time), not to mention all the time waiting I had between calls. Never mind that is a very encouraging factor for looking at other hosts. godaddy.com is paying a tech for the time that they dealt with me be it failed or successful service. Failed attempts to get support done right are costly. It would have taken less time and capital to get done right the first time.


Another thing I find annoying is calling in everything is a matter of top security.  Case in point I had a friend that registered a domain with you.  Never mind I have my own domain register, and have done countless hours of free work for this friend. I ended up getting dragged in to doing godaddy.com‘s support. Because my friend got a phone call dealing with his domain. The person to call left little details as to the nature of his call. My friend’s domain had 4 years, and he received no notice about anything being wrong via email. No notice of what company it is, and calling the number that called my friend I got someone  not willing to identify themselves. But they want my friend to identify who he is by asking for his account information. This just screams phishing. So we hung up on the guy and called godaddy.com from the number they had listed on their site.  In order to confirm if the phone number was with godaddy.com or not we had to verify the account.  Seriously why does anyone have to confirm their account to know if a phone number belongs to godaddy.com? Upon confirming the account we were told there was no problem with the domain, and no she did not answer the reason we called. After 10 minutes of explaining my friends concern it became clear to her that she should see if the number belong to godaddy.com. While waiting (another 15 minutes), searches on the number through google reveled lots of complaints and one site listed it as number to avoid, even though it was located in the same geo physical area as godaddy.com.  Finale we found that yes the number indeed belonged to godaddy.com.  Is it any surprise that there number is listed as possible fraud? We still do not know why godaddy.com called about my friend’s domain. I can only assume it was to get him to buy more service.


The clear thing to do is actually check into the very nature of a customers problem. The first case the tech should have looked at the ips, but no he blindly went with the standard cut and paste response. The lady in the billing dept. could have skipped sending us through hoops and made sure that someone was indeed not trying to scam my friend out of his domain or money. I would say I was persistent because I was patient, but the truth is I can be stubborn. Not everyone that is looking for a serious hosting solution is going to be as stubborn as me and move after the first few failed attempts at getting support.

The next issue I have is the actually product. Which is hosting be it shared, vps, or dedicated.  I can’t say I have been impressed with the speed. Hence why I don’t tell people godaddy.com is long term solution. In order to be a long term solution godaddy.com needs to offer the ability adapt. I can’t say I know of any company that offers so called unlimited hosting, that offers the ability to adapt. A friend of mine (the one that wrote the hostgator.com review) is in the progress of leaving hostgator.com because they shut his account down due to exceeding resources under their Seo plan. Never mind that any thing dealing with seo means you are interested in lots of traffic. rackspace.com instead of shutting my account down will just bill me for the extra resources needed. I realize there are a lot of customers out there that do not want to pay a lot for hosting. But there are people like me who realize that pennies a day service rarely means you have successful site.

Godaddy.com has a long ways to go to be up to rackspace.com‘s standards. But there are things that Godaddy.com can do to offer hosting to existing cliental as well as those who need serious hosting solutions.

Hostgator.com support going down hill?

A few days ago, I forget which post it was but I was giving praise to Hostgator.com in regards to their support. After all I have used hostgator.com, godaddy.com, and a few of the Endurance International Group sites (EIG) and honestly hostgator.com is the better of the hosts mentioned. I do design for a living, and while my rates are not cheap my customers can be. They sometimes think that the hosting should be dirt cheap, as they have no idea what is going on beyond the curtain.

Hosts like Hostgator.com are the equivalent of Panda Express.  

Many customers I have that want cheap hosts like hostgator.com have a mind frame like my nephew.  When he was 12 he refused to eat French fries at my place as he was afraid they were made from some kind of vegetable (Keep in mind I am a strict vegan), soon he got a lesson from his non-vegan grandmother what they were made of. This year he turns 20 and he thinks places like Panda Express offer custom made food. For those that are unfamiliar with what Panda Express is, they claim to sell Chinese food (ok I am no fan). You grab a tray point out what is under a hot lamp and they dish it out to you, not cooked to order in what amounts to a school lunch line.  Personally never been a fan of Chinese restaurant chains and prefer locally own places. If you are ever in the Phoenix Arizona area I recommend a place called Uncle Lee’s and sons.  Granted only been there once but they really know how to cook tofu.

With anything that is cheap you can’t expect perfection. One of my colleagues had an issue dealing with one of their online techs. Well not just one issue but several. This time around hostgator.com went two days without responding to a ticket.

Do you think this personally bothers me that hostgator.com took 2 days to deal with a ticket?

In short no, I actually expect worse.  Apply the whole cheap hosting against the car industry and you will get a glimpse into my thinking on the hosting industry.  Companies like hostgator.com want you to think that they offering you a Ferrari, when truth of the matter is they are offering you a Pinto, Gremlin, maybe even a 1970’s VW beetle.   Don’t get me wrong these are cars that will get you where you want to go (provided they are taken care of), and often they may be the most practical solution given a person’s means. But that does not mean you are going to win any races against a Ferrari. Even if hostgator.com was not to do this, the others would for sure.  After all people generally gravitate to where the biggest perceived deal is.  Hostgator.com has no problem pushing people to buy on such deception especially under the guise of getting your hosting for $0.01.

Overkill verification with hostgator.com

The below is a chat session with hostgator.com to be clear I am not the one named AngryMonkey. Generally I try to remain calm even if things are really slow on the host’s end. The reason being I have clauses in my design contracts that stipulate that I get paid for any time that goes beyond the contract when caused by a third party that was selected by the customer.  Third party in this case is hostgator.com.  Most of my overage fees are with Endurance International Group hosts. The below chat is not something I recommend both for customer or hostgator.com.

(7:12 am) [System] Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
(7:13 am) [Cody B.] Welcome to HostGator Live Chat. My name is Cody. I’m happy to assist you today.
(7:13 am) [Cody B.] Hey there AngryMonkey, can I have the ticket ID this is regarding please?
(7:13 am) [AngryMonkey]:  *REMOVED*
(7:13 am) [Cody B.] Thanks 🙂
(7:13 am) [AngryMonkey]: Does HostGator still own SEOHOSTING.COM or is it out of business?
(7:14 am) [Cody B.] I assure you nothing has changed about SEOHOSTING.COM.
(7:14 am) [Cody B.] For security purposes, I will need you to verify your identity by providing the PayPal transaction ID of your most recent payment, or the last 4 digits of the credit card on file for the account, depending on your payment method. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
(7:14 am) [AngryMonkey]: Unbelievable. One minute. I will log into the account.
(7:14 am) [Cody B.] I do apologize.
(7:15 am) [AngryMonkey]: *REMOVED*is the last transaction ID
(7:16 am) [Cody B.] I’m sorry, it would be PayPal transaction IDs only. I can accept the last 4 of your credit card on file, or the 4 to 8 digit number known as the security PIN number on the account.
(7:16 am) [AngryMonkey]: Jesus Christ. I’m logged into the account, I have given you a ticket number, and I’m complaining with regard to a ticket that has NO response in 2 days. Just a minute. I will log into my PayPal account now.
(7:17 am) [Cody B.] I can send you an email at your gmail account and have you reply if that’s easier.
(7:19 am) [AngryMonkey]: What would be easier if you  just updated the ticket. But go ahead and send me an email and I will jump through your hoops.
(7:20 am) [Cody B.] It is sent, if you could please reply back to me via email I will have you fully verified. I do appreciate your patience.
(7:20 am) [AngryMonkey]: This email is to confirm that the owner of this email, and the related HostGator account, is in Live Chat with a HostGator agent named Cody. You are requesting personal information about the HostGator account. Please reply to this email confirming that you are the owner and that you are currently speaking to this person via chat. 

Best Regards, 

Cody B. 
Phone / Chat Support Technician 
HostGator.com LLC 
(7:20 am) [AngryMonkey]: Happy?
(7:20 am) [Cody B.] Can you please send me a reply via email?
(7:21 am) [AngryMonkey]: I just replied via the ticket
(7:21 am) [AngryMonkey]: Now, do you want to tell me what’s going on? I have other HG accounts, but not purchased via SEOHOSTING.COM — and I am already regretting my decision.
(7:22 am) [AngryMonkey]: I understand you need to verify my ID, but that has NOTHING to do with getting adequate response to a ticket.
(7:23 am) [Cody B.] I just need to fully verify your ID so I can give the ticket to my supervisor and have someone take care of it right now.
(7:23 am) [Cody B.] I’m just trying to help but in order to put in the request I need full verification, I’m not seeing a reply to the ticket at this time. I know it seems kind of silly and I do apologize.
(7:24 am) [AngryMonkey]: Well, congrats. You’ve covered your ass. But if you just looked at the ticket, you would see it has nothing to do with security or access and everything to do with getting a response.  It’s absurd. Seriously, when a customer is inconvenienced due to a lack of support and/or response, to inconvenience that person further is just absurd.
(7:24 am) [AngryMonkey]: Is there anything else you need from me at this time?
(7:25 am) [Cody B.] I need you to send me a reply to the ticket please.
(7:27 am) [AngryMonkey]: Sent.
(7:28 am) [Cody B.] Thank you so much. I have you fully verified. I’m going to get with my supervisor and get this ticket taken care of for you right now.
(7:29 am) [AngryMonkey]: Great. Wonderful.
(7:32 am) [AngryMonkey]: Anything else I need to do at this time?>
(7:33 am) [Cody B.] If you could just remain in chat for a moment just in case there’s anything the migrations team needs from you that I may be missing. 
(7:35 am) [AngryMonkey]: Cody, I’ve been waiting TWO days. I’ve jumped through your employer’s silly hoops. IF you and HG haven’t figured out by now that making a client wait for support is a bad idea, then I’m out of here. If I don’t get a response to the ticket within 12 hours, I will simply cancel. I’m not waiting any longer. Sorry. I do apologize. I know you don’t make the policies, but no… I’m not going to wait any longer. I’ve been on chat for 23 minutes.
(7:35 am) [System] Chat closed by customer request.

Don’t get me wrong there is a point and time to be secure and ask for things that identify a customer as who they are. But I think a big identifier is when a customer points to a hostgator.com ticket that has not been dealt with for 2 days.  Frankly security is the last thing hostgator.com  should worry about here, as who is going to know that ticket has not been dealt with for 2 days aside for Hosgator.com? Seriously the hostgator.com tech spent too much time trying to verify who a customer was rather than looking to see that a ticket was dealt with.

But that is beside the point; we are talking about cheap unlimited hosting offered by hostgator.com. Customers are not individuals in this market they are numbers.  What can you expect from a company that charges as low as $3.96 a month?

Since my friend has had other issues with Hostgator.com he has noticed a few other problems with chat. First is it seemed the line on support was getting longer. But a change happen this month where instead of showing a place , a time with a really long decimal point was coming up. Personally not a bad touch if only they would change it to two decimal point. But here the second problem and it’s a real kicker they answer the chat and find some reason to “look at the issue” to take another 15 – 20 minutes.

Hostgator.com chat Before

Hostgator.com chat After

Normally I try to refrain from profanity being posted on this site. By my friend (aka AngryMonkey) had this to say about Hostgator.com:

Comment retracted at author’s request

I don’t quite see the same thing, but perhaps a clue to the server’s problem may be that servers should not be in a swamp. Look down mister hostgator.com, look down.

iPage.com – Now a top 5 Endurance International Group trusted host review site

iPage.com got my attention the other day when I decided I was off topic once again with this site. That topic being that review sites are not honest, and want you to buy who they recommend so they can get a payout. What do you expect I suffer ADD (attention deficient disorder). Shiny things like the new iPad or even as simple as a shiny pebble can easily get me off topic.  Seriously I have a lot of rocks I have picked up over the years. So I figured while I wait on new tablet accessories I would do what I used to do and actually look at search engine results, and try and stay focused.

This time around I looked at “host reviews” on Goggle, what caught my eye was what appeared at the top in a paid position was an ad by iPage.com titled ‘ 5 hosts that don’t suck”.

I had to do a double take, was I reading this right? Was this a sub-d0main off of iPage.com. Yes it was.

Wait a second, iPage.com is one host. But for those that do not know like I did not 2 years ago, iPage.com and around 40 or more hosts belong to a company called Endurance International Group.


Didn’t they send out FTC compliance emails to their affiliates about disclosing affiliate relations to them?


Well they do disclose, but not very clearly you have to click on the link labeled:

About top5hosts.ipage.com


Where iPage.com states:

Top5Hosts.ipage.com is presented by iPage to provide information about hosting solutions offered by iPage and other hosting brands our company operates. We wholly own and operate all sites listed on top5hosts.ipage.com.

In compliance with FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, we want to be sure our visitors understand that this site is a promotional vehicle, and the opinions expressed are those of our company.

We operate this site because we believe that our brands offer an outstanding value, and we want to give customers an opportunity to compare our brands to each other.

To bad they can’t do some disclosure on how they are 100 % windpowered. Not to mention some explanation on what separates them from Justhost.com which for all intents and purposes seems nothing more than a clone of fatcow.com and justhost.com.

So in short EIG (short for Endurance International Group) threw together a subdomain that lists 5 of many of their sites who are part of the iPage family on to what is called a “promotional vehicle“. I can’t say I find any of what Endurance International Group did impresses me. They seem more interested in buying hosts than actually working on owning and maintaining existing companies.  This is really a cheap attempt at marketing that amounts to a fancy tinfoil wrapping.

“promotional vehicle” is really a colorful way to say oh drat you decided to read the about iPage.com page, guess we better disclose.