– Severing the online community since 2004 or 2011? is my Forth and Last host review of 4 hosts for February 2011’s top 25.  This is pretty much a repeat of the last review.  In regards to a website that appears to have just come online.  So I guess I will follow the same formula.  The one big difference between these two hosts is this host’s domain was purchased back in 2004.   I think this is a aged domain, because it does not appear by any of the sources I check to see the traffic of a site that this site has been active until last month. only started keeping track of the uptime as of January 30, 2011.  Sure I mentioned this was not really a domain that I think was a wise choice.  Sometimes I think people choose a domain just because its short rather it has any meaning at all or not.  Several of the host I have reviewed fall in that category.

So what does have to say about

From the about page I get a few things.

1. There not quite aware of what SEO and search engine submission is.   One merely submits your site to search engines, but that does not guarantee traffic.  The other depends on several key factors about the site that make it liked by search engines.  Granted my SEO expertise is limited to the help I get from people I pay and the advice I have been getting.  But I know enough to know that they are using SEO merely to draw people in like myself that may not know better.

2. That phone number is not valid, I tried to call it myself and I got an invalid number.

3.  The rank of 4,207 out of 15,718 (it was 15,722 but it seems is in the middle of cleaning house) sites seems a strech, though I have to wonder if is basing traffic popularity off of Alexa Rank.  Remember the lower the number the better. Alexa Rank 5,816 WHS traffic popularity 74 of 15,718 Alexa Rank 402,328 WHS traffic popularity2,249 of 15,718 Alexa Rank 1,259,171WHS traffic popularity 3,725 of 15,718 Alexa Rank 1,004,442 WHS traffic popularity 4,207 of 15,718

Its pretty close.  Just in case you think that the popularity some how computes into validating this top 25 list you should see the first post I did that looked into webhostingstuff traffic popularity.

Also lets look at since they are on this top 25 list with Alexa Rank 1,464 WHS traffic Popularity: 18 of 15,718

Turns out that Siteground has a phenomenally lower rank then, for that matter is lower then

Just for kicks lets look at Hostgator Alexa Rank 239 WHS traffic Popularity: 3 of 15,718

And for more kicks how about two hosts that do not appear on the top 25 Alexa Rank 67 WHS traffic Popularity: 2 of 15,718 Alexa Rank 4 WHS traffic Popularity: 1 of 15,718

So far there is only two sites out of all of those I listed that do not tell me that is not basing their own traffic popularity off Alexa. uptime

By the time I found this host it had not even been online for a month.    For some reason none of my friends have been able to get me a screen shot of the uptime for, so I am going to just post what I can get from Google’s cache.  This site just started being monitored within days of me finding it on   That “advertising” really must pay off.

I have to ask how did Hosthttp end up on webhostingstuff top 25 (like I really need to ask)? – 30 days or less to top host is my Third host review of 4 hosts for February 2011’s top 25.  Zero reviews with had me asking one question, which was how long had this host been active.   Some hosts that I have reviewed with zero reviews had been online for more then 10 years.  But since November 2010 I have found hosts that just started up.  This is one of those hosts. indicates that this host has been monitored since January 19, 2011.   I found this host on webhostingstuff’s top 25 at the beginning of the month.  So less then 30 days they some how managed to be a top host.

This host is so new that has no data for them.

About the only place I can find any information about this new host is was formerly

When I look at the “Why us?”, I find what amounts to a filler of an answer as to why.  Yet priority number one seems to be privacy.   I have found only a few hosts that may actually give out their customers information.  What Endurance Group International does, is not technically selling customer information.  Even though those customers are part of an appeal to another form of customers.   They use their hosting customers as a source to advertise to, hence why they like buying out other companies to increase their  audience.

The support spill they give is nothing special, it pretty much what most hosts offer.  For that matter thats about the same as what godaddy offers.  Though with Godaddy you can actually call them to speed things up.

The “About Us…” part leads to hostm2, but their not clear on the domain.  I guessed right when I guessed it was a .com because the whois tells me that domain is pointing to this host.

   Domain Name: HOSTM2.COM
   Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.SPACENETS.COM
   Name Server: NS2.SPACENETS.COM
   Status: clientDeleteProhibited
   Status: clientRenewProhibited
   Status: clientTransferProhibited
   Status: clientUpdateProhibited
   Updated Date: 07-feb-2011
   Creation Date: 23-sep-2008
   Expiration Date: 30-sep-2011

I have to wonder if this host will make the mistake in letting their domain go, or will they keep it active so that any customers familar with them under this name will find them.

I find no mention of this host with  But there is this handy little uptime report

The affiliate program

At this time the Affiliate program appears to be in the works.  There is no agreement to read.  But from what I can see This almost seems like a copy of many of the hosts out there that are in the so called “top” ten lists.  Payouts of $75 per payout, and V.I.P section thats not upfront about what you get if you get more then 10 sales a month.  I would suggest avoiding being a direct affiliate and go with Commission Junction or, where you have someone that will ensure you get paid. Cancellations

If you need a reason not to give these guys your credit card or checking account here it is:


Shared Web-Hosting Accounts: If you wish to cancel your services, you must write to sales or request a Cancellation from your clientarea.

If you cancel your account and your payments still continue for any reasons such as

1) by fault of Spacenets staff

2) by fault of the payment processor

3) by fault of any other payment collection company

we are not responsible for any overdraft fees that are issued by your financial institution.

There is more in the terms of service, which I recommend reading before signing up for service with this company.

It really is too soon for Spacenets to be declared a top 25 host regardless of what webhostingstuff says. – responsible citizen of the Internet? is my Second host review of 4 hosts for February 2011’s top 25.  Considering many times my posts show how rushed for time I am.  In some cases bad spelling, or worse I make  grammatical errors.  Some times my mistake is doing these posts before my morning coffee.  I am not saying this post will be perfect.  But something seems off about this host and much of the text seems off.  The site seems to be missing something that I can’t quite figure out.  The design is so so.   But I have to ask, what amount of guarantee do you get with this site?  Its not on the main page, and its not on the product page where you would expect to see such details.  As always I suggest in no less then a 30 day guarantee.  If a host does not offer at least 30 days, then you should steer clear of that hosting company.

Clearly this is a host in need of someone to edit it.  There is a big difference between a blog like mine, and a business site.   Between a freeware chat program and a free theme  and paid theme and chat system.  I can’t help but think perhaps instead of spending money on “advertising” perhaps they should focus on improving their own site.

Strolling through their site, and skimming through knowlegdge base I some how come to the terms of service where I find the claim “Comforthost.NET is a responsible citizen of the Internet”.

Is Comforthost.NET a responsible citizen of the Internet?

I am not sure how any responsible host would pay for “advertising” with

As such, we feel it is important to ensure that our customers adhere to our policies to ensure that their respective business and surfing is completely legal and ethical.

Ethical is not doing business with any review site, just to make yourself look like a top host.

Oh but I said something was not right with


    Foroquimica S.L.
    ComfortHost.NET        ([email protected])
    Paratge Masos 9
    Tel. +34.972442539

Perhaps the location explains why the English is off, even though the site is hosted in the U.S.  The owner of  the site resides in Spain.

So what about that 30 day guanrantee / 100 % uptime with

Important Notice: *All Payments To ComfortHost.NET Are Non-Refundable* ComfortHost.NET is a brand of Foroquimica SL.(“The Company”) who agrees to furnish services to the Customer, under ComfortHost.NET brand, subject to the following TOS (Terms of Service). Use of ComfortHost.NET Service constitutes acceptance and agreement to ComfortHost.NET’s AUP as well as ComfortHost.NET’s TOS (Terms of Service).

A little chat with

There are several things that bothered me about this host.  No up front guarantees,  vague mentions of a money back guarantee – even though the terms of service state no refunds. A support ticket system that has no login to use.  Simply a “security code” to avoid spam.  I realize the chat system says tech support.  My techs could answer the questions that I ask in this  chat, but then again they did not have to scramble to find what I asked.

System 18:18:55

System is getting started. [Tue Feb 22 2011 18:18:55 GMT-0700]

A representative will be connected, please be patient.

David Khanu enters the chatroom.

David Khanu 18:19:15

Hello Benjamin, my name is David Khanu, how may I help you?

Benjamin 18:19:25

Hello David

David Khanu 18:19:35


Benjamin 18:19:44

I don’t see any where on your site where there is a guarantee, do you have one?

David Khanu 18:23:27

sure, we are providing gaurantee to our service

Benjamin 18:23:45

Where can I find the guarantee?

David Khanu 18:27:12

Could you please more precise with your request, Which type of guarantee that you desire ?

Benjamin 18:28:31

Well any kind that you offer
Examples uptime, money back, ect, ect

David Khanu 18:29:48

Please hold on
we offer a 100% upttme guarantee and 30 dyas of money back guarantee

Benjamin 18:33:07

and where do I find this on your site?
its not covered in your terms of service

David Khanu 18:36:04

Please have a look ib the following link

Benjamin 18:37:24

Is that all you have? Other hosts list the guarantee in their terms of service.
This is all I can find “All Payments To ComfortHost.NET Are Non-Refundable”

David Khanu 18:38:52

okay, Could you please submit a sales ticket with us. We will get back to you with more details

Benjamin 18:39:25

ok, have a good day.

David Khanu 18:39:56

same to you

If Comforthost were a responsible citizen of the internet, they would not be buying advertising from webhostingstuff. – When 3 out 5 star Customer Service will do is my First host review of 4 hosts for February 2011’s top 25.  As I stated this is not the first time I have encountered this host.   Frankly I am not going to have any trouble proving they don’t deserve to be in the top 25.   More so I will have an issue of where to start.  Frankly this is like shooting fish in a barrel with a missile hanging over the barrel.  Its one of those companies its not hard to find negative results while looking for results in search engines.  For that matter I found one of those so called review sites, complaining about them on about their affiliate payouts.  Last time I looked at this company it was because

Another hosting company that was greenwashing.  I found the connection between the two when I was looking at the awards, which lead me back to  For some reason it was ok to share awards between two sites.

So where to begin with

You go to almost any review site its not hard to find negative reviews about this host.  For that matter I even found a hosting review site that was complaining about them. at

I too have had a lot of trouble with the WebHostingPad affiliate program, I have not been very impressed with them in the past but recently they got a new affiliate manager. The new manager seems to respond a lot more quickly than the old one; however, I still think they have a lot of work to do.

Despite this not being impressed forum post with this host, they still have a page up saying:

Editor’s Review of WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad has caught our eye and continues to receive higher rankins on our website! The price of hosting through this site is exceptionally low. WebHostingPad is known for their promotional pricing, during their promotional periods I think it is fair to say that WebHostingPad offers the best value web hosting.

If you have researched the web you will find that this web host has received nothing but exceptional reviews. Customers have complimented WebHostingPad, many reviews discuss their great customer support and pricing. I could only find one availiable hosting plan which may be a downside for some; however, overall this is a great host!

Though even on this page you can find negative feed back:

Well..Just another victim of this hosting company. Really regretted signing up with them. So my advice to anyone reading reviews about this company. Signing up is a definite no no. Don’t settle for cheap rate and threaten services just because their plans are cheap. You will get ripped off more at the end of the day.

ben, Wed Feb 09, 2011 and the Better Business Bureau

At the time I was doing my review on I found that rating with the Better Business Bureau had the following:

Currently they have their BBB record is back up, but they have a “C” rating.  At some points it was a F according to some negative  reviews.

But what about reviews

195 reviews, and yet they average 3 out of 5 stars on customer service, worst yet the same rating on Uptime and Reliability. has this company at a 2.7 out of 5 out of 83 reviews.

Is there anyone that does not have negative feed back about

Ok has sort of a not negative review.  But I think the most striking thing is that per ussual when they find out something bad they have:

Updated (Our Alternative Recommendation)

If you have tried and think that this web hosting service is just not right for you, we recommend that you try inMotion hosting instead. Our inMotion hosting review as well as other reviews on the internet about them has been very positive indeed.

I know that pre-approves comments because they have yet to approve any of my comments on

I could go on about webhostingpad, but there is a clear reason not to trust them or webhostingstuff. – February 2011 top 25 well I mean 24 list

This is a bit of an odd month to review  I am not referring to I7net coming back, though it would be fun if it did.   But at various points this month I found that this so called review site that  inspired this site had less then 25 hosts, in fact at one point it had only 19.   Though the only point where it was 19 was an iPad.  Perhaps Michal Low did not design for Apple Safari internet browser?  But every snap shot I got of from this month has had one host in the the 10th and 11th spot. Keep in mind I have been getting screen shots from about 10 different sources. After 16 days (perhaps longer) I figured this would be fixed.

Also its worth noting is now off the top 25 (well 24) list once again.  I got flack from for posting the owner’s emails to me because he decided to go back to, and choose to ignore my emails asking why.  Despite the threats and lack of reading by many of the fans of my last review of their site will be my grading system review, which I still need to work on.  I have been told that I should go after bigger fish.  If a lie is small or a lie is big, its still a lie. was one of those king makers of hosting review sites, now its so desperate that it will allow one of the new hosts on my list to be online for less then 6 months.  But to be clear I never accused of fake reviews, I had my suspicions because of the whois, however the owner explained that with the lose of the original domain.  However nothing ethical or logical can explain why they were on the top 25. a surface review of February 2011 top 25

Webhostingstuff top 1 – 10 most popular hosting companies

Its worth noting that is at 39 reviews, for such a large host its amazing that they have not had any new reviews since I first started my own reviews.  As stated its my opinion that has hostgator on their site as an affiliate.  I tend to question rather whs is screening comments before allowing them to post.  You would think for such a large review site they could tell you how many reviews they get in a day. is now off the top 25 list, rather short amount of time for a host that is popular in many so called top 10 sites.

The other notable thing is that iweb Technologies Inc has a 3 star out of 5 rating. – Number 3 of WHS’s top 25

The two things that I find a problems is out of 48 reviews they got 3 out of 5 stars on Uptime and Reliability as well as Customer Service.

Not the first time I have mentioned this company, but its the first time that I have found them on this top 25 list.

You can find this host on many so called top 10 sites.

But this qoute from

I too have had a lot of trouble with the WebHostingPad affiliate program, I have not been very impressed with them in the past but recently they got a new affiliate manager. The new manager seems to respond a lot more quickly than the old one; however, I still think they have a lot of work to do.

04-22-2010, 03:58 PM”

I think I will look into their affilate program. – Number 10 of WHS’s top 25

4 reviews, all five stars.  Granted my first thought was to look at this host.  I hate being a nit picker on grammar and spelling, as some of my posts are far from perfect.  But some of the text does not sit right with me.  Review wise they have 1 review back in November 2010, before that it was December 2009.  Off the top of my head I don’t think the review look fishy because they are spread out over the coarse of 3 years.  But I will be looking at them to see if the people that posted the reviews are still with this host.

This host shows up in both the 10th and 11th spot.

Webhostingstuff top 11 – 20 most popular hosting companies

2 new host, and one host that was in the 10th spot is in the 11th spot.  Infinite Networks has a 2 star out of 5 rating, and Yaspe has just one review. – Number 12 of WHS’s top 25

Zero reviews has me asking one question, how long have they been online?

The creation date for this host is October 24, 2010.  Another host that will be on my watch since they are new, and find themselves on the top 25 (well 24) – Number 13 of WHS’s top 25

I really hate to say a host name is lame, but this is a poor choice.  Sure its 8 letters, its also a domain that was created in 2004 all of which are a plus.  But most people even know what http means?  If you want to know what it means, it stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.  Zero reviews and traffic popularity of #4,207 tells me that the it may be a old host, but its not doing much to attract attention.  Also that phone number you see above, its not a valid phone number.

Interestingly they have no data at

Webhostingstuff top 21 – 25 most popular hosting companies

The last 5 on this picture have either no reviews, 1 review, or 3 stars rating.

Here is hoping I can finish reviewing 4 new hosts with webhostingstuff before the end of this month.

Just a little flack

I have been getting flack over a second review I did.  I am not going to mention which host it is because frankly this post is for the people that are giving me grief.

I have been called a liar.  I am also told I am angry.  Not sure how people can determine my emotions based on what amounts to posts that are  emotion neutral. Though I can say there are times I have been angered by hosting companies attacking their former customers for placing a review.  In one case one host used a person’s religion against them.  Another host was so bad that the site that mediated the dispute blocked that host from responding any further to that customer’s complaint.  Maybe the customer was in the wrong, however nothing justifies this kind of behavior.

Some hosts that send responses don’t believe that I will allows them to post it or that I will edit their responses.  I have yet to not allow a comment from a host or for that matter edit a comment.  Though I often warn hosts that they may want to consider their comment  before submitting because I will not delete it later per a request.  I have only edited one comment, and that was to censor the profanity.   Even though it was censored you can clearly see what the poster meant.  There was also the case where one host’s comments did not go through because the spam filter for this blog caught it, because I get a lot of spam comments in a day I generally do not look at spam before deleting.  But I did post the comments when the host contacted me, and made it to where they can post future comments at their leisure.

As for being a liar, if I am wrong tell me where I am wrong.  Actually prove I am wrong show your sources.  When a host says they were formed in 1996, but their whois says they domain was created in 2002.  They have some explaining to do. I have made it clear that I will not delete a comment.  I will only delete a post I make if I am in the wrong, and I will post a retraction.  I have yet to be proven wrong.  Though there are a lot of times people have pointed out that I missed something when I did a review.   Less then a year, you can’t really expect me to have the perfect formula for busting a host or review site.  I make it a point if I can not back something up I will tell people when its my opinion, other wise I point to where my sources are on the internet.  There also things that I have not posted because I am not a 100% positive, and what I would post could be devastating especially if I am wrong.

Today  I got an email threatening me even though they have no connection to the host in question.  I have to wonder why someone that has not connection or concern for a company would write me on behalf of a company.  Better yet why am i supposed to answer to them?  This person does not even give me a real name.  Since my policy is only to disclose host emails to me, I am going to keep this fairly anonymous and black out the names.  Frankly I don’t need names to make my point here.

I am also not going to email this person, he/she can see my post with names removed for the world to see.

The threatening email

My response

Hello What ever your real name is,

Thanks for pointing out the misspelling, I made the correction. Though I recommend checking your own spelling first before pointing out someone’s spelling errors. “The main on being” should be “The main one being”.   Also when using “I” to refer to yourself its capitalized.  There are more mistakes, but I am just pointing out a few to make a point.  You lose intimidation points when you are critical about someone’s spelling when you fail on your own spelling.

I find it funny but I only have 8 followers on facebook and I really have very few visitors on the post in question.  Ipage (one of those big fish you tell me to go after) is one of the more popular reasons people visit my site.  For that matter most of the bigger hosts are my main source of my traffic.   What are the chances someone would find a repost from one of the 9 visitors I had  in the just a few days? Seriously I would love to know the odds.  After all I was just contacted by the owner via email me same day as your email. Not to mention right after I got a comment on my blog from one of the customers on the same day as your email. For a small host it sure gets a lot of concern all of a sudden. I only wish I could get that much interest from Endurance International Group (A school of whale sharks (EIG owns some 30 – 40 if not more large scale hosting companies) compared to the Leuciscus (a species of fish from your region) that is this host). Funny for someone not “connected” with a webhost to discuss probable legal action.  I got this person’s name from their whois information on their domain anyone who knows what a whois is can look it up. If they do not want that out there they should consider whois protection.  They should also consider removing it from their companies facebook page, or at least privacy so someone like me can not see their likes. is pretty high up the food chain. Though its seems to be losing ground if you read my last post webhostingstuff post. Anyone that deals with them little or gigantic are in my sights. Which is who exactly webhostingstuff will deal with for a price that this host was willing to pay. Anyone that appears on such as hostgator, ipage, justhost, myhosting, fatcow, and any other big host will show up on my blog if I find them dealing with webhostingstuff or any other fake review site. You would know that I go after big fish if you bother to read my other posts. Being small is not an excuse for doing business with a false “consumer” interest site.

As for the my second post not being allowed and being the cause of the break off communications happen long before the second post if you had bothered to read the first and second post.

If they wants their last name removed I will grant them that much, but frankly without whois protection anyone can find out their name.  but then again you can find it on the facebook page.  Nothing I have stated is false, perhaps there are grammar and spelling errors. But there is nothing I have posted that can not be backed up with sources that are ready posted.   My contact forum indicates that I will post all emails from a hosting company, and I do post every email in the comments area of any related post.

Also are you an attorney? I am guessing not since you are not a concerned party.  If your not a concerned party with the site, why do I have to answer to you?  I find it funny I am not allowed to do a second review, not supposed to post emails even though I offer no protection of privacy, and yet I should go after the bigger hosts instead.  Which pretty much invalidates your argument.

I am all for small hosts getting a start.   I make it a point when I find a host is new to indicated that customers should not hold that against the company.   But when they engage in dishonest practices like employing to fake being a top host they earn my review rather they just started or have a million customers.



Who is

If you have not figured out by now the titles from my blog posts on hosts have been adapted from affiliates trying to sucker people into buy so they can get a Juicy commission. But the more I look into this host, the more I ask myself who is ioxhost?

Number 10, The first red light that comes up for me is:

Domain Whois record

Queried with “”…

    Relevant dates:
        Registered on: 06-Mar-2010
        Renewal date:  06-Mar-2012
        Last updated:  06-Mar-2010

This is a company that was supposed to be the the number 10 host out of 25, and now 17 out of 25. For that matter Alexa lists the Traffic Rank at 1,476,372. Which by webhosting terms is not impressive.

Going through the site I see several things that are not right. For one you can’t actually login to the customer service area. My browser tells me there is a error connecting or no such page.

Then there is this the top right hand part of the site:



Clicking on the live help takes me to a chat window that quickly turns into a UK version of the site with a UK number. Clearly things are not what they appear. I gave them a call. I guess I woke someone up after 10 rings as I got a hello, and then a “uh” when I asked if this was iox hosting. After bringing up the login not working for the customer service area I am refered to cPanel. Honestly it did not seem worth it to go any further so I just hung up.

Here is the thing that puzzles me. Webhosting claims to have monitored 520 days since Jan 2009. Then there is review:

IoxHost Hosting is excelent (Excellent)

– by Carlos ( on 22 January 2009

The domain name is expired. Three review from April of this year, and one from May 2010. I can’t help but wonder since the domain whois info says created March 2010 if fabricated the data then. When I first started my video I tried looking for ‘webhosting reviews exposed’ and ‘webhosting review scams”, back then it was hard to find people who complained about sites like These days sites like mine are appearing in the top of search engine results. I am more then certain that the hosts that use services like are starting to realize that its not a good idea to be associated with Which might make web hosting stuff more inclined to fabricate information in addition to deleting positive feed back for those that would pay for top listings. But I am not beyond thinking that the domain register for ioxhost screwed up some how. After all according to was down for 41 hours in February 2010. Perhaps they forgot to renew their domain name. I am not sure that recovery of a domain work the same as a .com in terms of recovery. Out of the 2 domains I have recovered they did not lose their creation date.

But there is also this, a site they link to that shows you their uptime:

It starts April 2010. Asides for a review from 2009 and uptime history from I have doubts that this host was a round last year. Then there is the company profile on as well as which switches between first and third person perspective.

About IoxHost:

We provide low cost and reliable webhosting to customers across the world,

Established in 2006, We have never faulted in providing the high level of quality customer service and product that customers have come to expect.

We are a team of experienced web developers who couldn’t find reliable web hosting service to host our websites so we founded our own business.

It has been a great success right from day 1 with more and more clients joining us every day.

IoxHost still has the clients they started out with in 2009, which just shows the commitment to their customers.

We caters to the needs of every client, our sales team are professional, well spoken, understandingly sympathetic and knowledgeable – they make great first impressions, that last. Have a problem? Have a query?

Our sales team are very happy to converse with you to get everything resolved, it is afterall in everyone’s best interests.

We have big plans for the future to expand on our business to suite our clients needs.

We take all suggestions seriously and actively encourage our customers to tell us what they would like us to improve on and what suggestions they may have.

Here are the parts I have trouble with asides for this not being a well written or thought out company introduction:

Established in 2006

So far there is nothing that shows that they were around before 2009. What evidence there is that they were around before 2010 seems dubious at best.

IoxHost still has the clients they started out with in 2009, which just shows the commitment to their customers.

This is where they switch to third person. What about the customers from 2006, 2007, and 2008? Are they trying to say they did not lose a single customer from 2009? What about customer that wrote the review 2009 on whose domain is expired? Frankly even the best companies are going to lose customers.

Our sales team are very happy to converse with you to get everything resolved, it is afterall in everyone’s best interests.

That statement brings to mind movies about mobsters, but then again I have a very vivid imagination. But still its not something I would use in the wording of an introduction to my company.

Then there is the show case on

There is only one site there, which changed their dns to ioxhost this month. Never mind there are 4 glowing reviews with active sites on (though I suspect those were from the employees, friends, and family). But their sites are not show cased on iox.

Then there is the ioxhost terms of service:

This has to be one of the shortest terms of service. But I think the most mind boggling part is:

Change to the Terms of Service by the Company shall not be grounds for early contract termination or non-payment.

They offer a 99.8% up time. I am not sure most people do the math but .001% down time is 43.2 minutes. can have 1 hour 26 minutes of down time, but there is no clarification on what iox will do to remedy any down time suffered beyond that. Most hosting companies do not consider maintenance such as hard ware upgrades and reboots in the percentage.

Refusal or Termination of Service reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason not prohibited by law. We reserve the right to terminate service to any Client for any reason not prohibited by law.

Any deliberate attempt to cause damage to or any other Internet servers may result in immediate account deactivation without prior notice. No refund is given in this case.

I am not sure anyone at this company bothers to read what they post online. Clearly there is no formatting, broken English, and in this case repeated text. For a terms of service its surprisingly small.

Funny thing is a chat window opened up while I was looking at the terms of service, the chat operator’s name is Daniel. Which is the same first name for the owner of the domain

Just a simple chat with Daniel of Ioxhost

I decided to chat with Daniel, whom I assume owns the domain Unfortunately I lost the chat session. Daniel claims that they are a small company with a small customer base. This was in response to a question about his showcase where he disclosed the only site on there is his site. Which apparently is where they started hosting sites on from 2006 til 2009 where they bought and then replaced it with Keep in mind that is not coming up with a webpage at this time, but appears to have had the dns changed this month. This information does not make me any more confident in the company. As it has gone through three name changes in 4 years (if what he told me is correct). I can see starting up a domain dedicated to selling hosting. But starting another domain up after a year and abandoning the one that was started last year seems like a bad idea. I would have atleast taken a few years to migrate people to the new domain, and have the old domain redirect to the new one. The annual fee of a .com is easily a small cost to pay to not have customers wonder what is going on.

Odd relate search engine tidbit that some how relates to ioxhost

May 11, 2010

Daniel ( daniel[at]ioxhost[dot]com ) Very abusive kid, (child) threats to ddos.

Reporting to police and the datacenter you co locate in.

All do not choose this host if what he says about dept collectors are true

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First i must add, i am not a child, Second your Customer ID isnt in my database so i prosume your review is Incorrect. Do you have any proof of the Threats? I certinaly dont know you. And why do you bring the dc into this, they cannot do anything, And yes i do use collections do you have a problem with that? Feel free to Contact the police. as you have no proof or evidence. Once again who are you and what is your customer domain? You may contact me @ 0843 289 6357, ow i have also taken a record of your IP address incase of any future abuse towards my company.

Have a nice day…

— representative

I am not sure what to make of that at all as it seems Daniel of ioxhost is making a complaint against

Finale Thoughts on Ioxhost

I have a feeling this is a one man operation. As for the reviews being solid on this company I could go 50 / 50. Reviewing the site does not give me any confidence. Broken links, poor formatting, incomplete pages, a phone operator that may very well may be Daniel himself as he seemed to be the chat operator, and a customer service area that when you attempt to use takes you to a page not found screen. This is one of those cases where I kick the tires and I am not happy with the reaction I get from a car that falls apart.  From the 4 reviews I can see on webhostingstuff the dns was changed in the last few months, possible due to dropping the .com in favor of  If that is not the case, these people did not bother to look and see if the site was legit before signing up.    I would love to hear why justified this being in the 10th position and then the 17th position. Clearly they were paying less for their advertising.