iPage.com – Now a top 5 Endurance International Group trusted host review site

iPage.com got my attention the other day when I decided I was off topic once again with this site. That topic being that review sites are not honest, and want you to buy who they recommend so they can get a payout. What do you expect I suffer ADD (attention deficient disorder). Shiny things like the new iPad or even as simple as a shiny pebble can easily get me off topic.  Seriously I have a lot of rocks I have picked up over the years. So I figured while I wait on new tablet accessories I would do what I used to do and actually look at search engine results, and try and stay focused.

This time around I looked at “host reviews” on Goggle, what caught my eye was what appeared at the top in a paid position was an ad by iPage.com titled ‘ 5 hosts that don’t suck”.

I had to do a double take, was I reading this right? Was this a sub-d0main off of iPage.com. Yes it was.

Wait a second, iPage.com is one host. But for those that do not know like I did not 2 years ago, iPage.com and around 40 or more hosts belong to a company called Endurance International Group.


Didn’t they send out FTC compliance emails to their affiliates about disclosing affiliate relations to them?


Well they do disclose, but not very clearly you have to click on the link labeled:

About top5hosts.ipage.com


Where iPage.com states:

Top5Hosts.ipage.com is presented by iPage to provide information about hosting solutions offered by iPage and other hosting brands our company operates. We wholly own and operate all sites listed on top5hosts.ipage.com.

In compliance with FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, we want to be sure our visitors understand that this site is a promotional vehicle, and the opinions expressed are those of our company.

We operate this site because we believe that our brands offer an outstanding value, and we want to give customers an opportunity to compare our brands to each other.

To bad they can’t do some disclosure on how they are 100 % windpowered. Not to mention some explanation on what separates them from Justhost.com which for all intents and purposes seems nothing more than a clone of fatcow.com and justhost.com.

So in short EIG (short for Endurance International Group) threw together a subdomain that lists 5 of many of their sites who are part of the iPage family on to what is called a “promotional vehicle“. I can’t say I find any of what Endurance International Group did impresses me. They seem more interested in buying hosts than actually working on owning and maintaining existing companies.  This is really a cheap attempt at marketing that amounts to a fancy tinfoil wrapping.

“promotional vehicle” is really a colorful way to say oh drat you decided to read the about iPage.com page, guess we better disclose.

StartLogic.com – Fifth of the EIG hosts to ask affiliates to comply with the FTC

Here is another almost exact copy of 4 other blog posts this time StartLogic.com is in the spot of other company names. StartLogic.com is  added onto the list of Endurance International Group hosts to send out FTC compliance notices to their affiliates.  If you read some of my previous posts you will see that just like Justhost.com and ipower.com they used the same exact notice.   I will continue to do a post for each notice I recieve from Endurance International Group.  This is my first post on StartLogic.com, I have to say that it does not have the same feel as many of the Endurance International Group sites, not to mention I don’t really recall seeing it on any review sites.   I do know that they are with cj.com (Commission Junction). The first email about Federal Trade Commission guidelines was sent to Just Host affiliates.


A copy of the Email from StartLogic.com

Dear StartLogic Affiliate,
As you may know, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has strict guidelines that relate to affiliates who offer reviews, rankings, endorsements and testimonials; and we require all affiliates of our CJ program to comply with these requirements.To be compliant with the FTC Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, StartLogic expressly requires you to disclose that there is a “material connection” between you and StartLogic anytime you offer an endorsement or testimonial on our services.View more information about StartLogic’s strict adherence to the FTC Endorsement Requirement.WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU

If you provide reviews, rankings, endorsements or testimonials about a service for which you receive commissions from us, you must clearly disclose the fact that you receive such compensation in a clear and prominent place–that is close to your endorsement.

The FTC takes the Endorsement guidelines seriously and has started to enforce them for both content providers like yourself and advertisers like StartLogic.

As an advertiser, StartLogic will monitor affiliate sites to be sure our services are represented appropriately. Failure to comply with the endorsement guidelines could result in removal from our affiliate program and the cancellation of commissions.


To make it easier for you, we’ve pulled together information, based on a recent FTC enforcement case, to illustrate ways you can disclose a material connection between you and your advertisers. Take a few minutes to review this summary at:

StartLogic Affiliate Disclosure Requirements and Examples

The FTC also offers a variety of resources to help make it easier for you to comply with the guidelines, including:

Please note: These links are intended to provide guidance only. If you provide endorsements of some type, you should obtain legal advice on how the FTC rules apply to you.

Please take steps immediately to make sure your site is in compliance with these guidelines. Several of our leading affiliates have already posted their disclosures, and they continue to enjoy great success.

Best wishes,

The StartLogic Affiliate Team

So what does this email from StartLogic.com mean?

In short if your a review site, and you don’t disclose that you created your site for the purpose of making money they will remove you from the affiliate program.  Here are the steps they recommend to be in compliance with the FTC.

  1. Frequent: Disclosures must be available on any page that has an endorsement.
  2. Clear: Language must be easy to understand; don’t attempt to hide the fact that it’s a disclosure.
  3. Conspicuous: Place your disclosure close to your endorsement or review. Differentiate the disclosure’s font treatment from the rest of your site.
  4. Require no action: The user shouldn’t need to click, hover or scroll to locate or understand the nature of your disclosure.

If StartLogic.com sticks with this, I have to commend them on doing things ethically.  I hope they did not start doing this because the FTC contacted them first.  I will be sure to contact them should I find any violators.

Be warned if you run a so called top review site, and you have StartLogic.

Endurance International Group – Which of their hosts pays the highest affiliate commission

One of the things I have noticed with Endurance International Group is that they have a referral and affiliate program.   Clearly its better to be an affiliate then send a referral.   Lets take iPage for example, they pay $115 per sale on their affiliate program, but only $25 per referral.  Credit does not have the same face value as money.  After all a $3.50 a month plan might only cost them $3, giving your $25 credit less value then $25 in your pocket.

Endurance International Group – Which sites are on Commission Junction

Once again your finding me doing what seems like work that benefits the Endurance International Group.  But to be honest I am seeing what I can do to cost them the most.  This is a Organization that is hides what sites they own.   As stated in one of my previous posts iPage is the cheapest of the hosts.  At  $3.50 a month, why would anyone else want to spend more with for the same thing?  If I really wanted to help Endurance International Group, I would try to sell you on buying from WebHost4lfe (Instead I intend to have a post telling you about the horrors of the buyout and forced migration)  As much as I had hoped, iPage is not the highest payout.  But it Certainly with a few other sites that share the second spot.  StartLogic is the highest at $125, with a unlimited hosting plan that costs $5.95 a month .  Host4life while the most expensive at $19.95  of the 20 unlimited hosting accounts is one of the second lowest in payouts at $75.00.

If you must be an affiliate with these Endurance International Group sites, I recommend doing it through Commission Junction.  I have found many complaints with several affiliates about not being paid directly.  Not to mention its in the Endurance International Group’s interests to pay Commission Junction.  What I list does not cover cj.com’s commission for each payout.

Here is a list of the 25 sites this graphic seems to point to that I have found have affiliate prorgarams out of all the known Endurance International Group sites:

So far I have found 25 hosts that offer a affiliate program, but I suspect there are far more sites out there.

Endurance International Group Affiliate Payouts

Host Name Pay Out With CJ
Dot5Hosting $80.00 Yes
PowWeb $95.00 Yes
FatCow $110.00 Yes
EasyCGI $110.00 Yes
iPage $115.00 Yes
Ipower $115.00 Yes
IpowerWeb $115.00 Yes
StartLogic $125.00 Yes
HyperMart $60.00 No
DomainHost $60.00 No
ehost $60.00 No
Enteryhost $60.00 No
FreeYellow $60.00 No
HostCentric $60.00 No
IMOutdoorsHosting $60.00 No
NetworkHosting $60.00 No
USANetHosting $60.00 No
Xeran $60.00 No
BlueDomino $60.00 No
Globat $75.00 No
ApolloHosting $75.00 No
Webhost4Life $75.00 No
Spry $100.00 No
VPSLink $100.00 No
BizLand $110.00 No

Endurance International Group Affiliate Terms of Service

Its been my experience when looking at their terms of service on their sites that they have pretty much the same thing.  But I recommend that you read for yourself.  Commision Junction seems the most up front what you can not do which is:

Commission Fees may not be paid for the Qualified Purchase if the Referred Customer has been offered or received coupons, refunds, credits or discounts from the Affiliate or if the Referred Customer has joined a business-opportunity program (as determined by FatCow in its sole discretion) that is managed or participated in by the Affiliate, unless FatCow has provided its prior written permission.

Thats pretty much what the terms of service for each of the Endurance International Group’s CJ.coms look like.  But I suggest reading these terms of service for each Endurance International Group sites for yourself.

Want a cheap unlimited host from The Endurance International Group?

Chances are you may have found this post because its about ‘cheap unlimited host’. ‘There are  twenty cheap unlimited hosts under the Endurance International Group.  While all of them offer the same package, there not the same price.  So today I decided to go through and see who is the cheapests and who was the most expensive.  Not to mention I wanted to see if all the sites offered hosting.  Not all of them do. 3 do not offer hosting, 8 do not offer unlimited hosting.  The remaining 19 plus iPage which is not listed make 20 sites that can be called a  “cheap unlimited host”.  I  found the owner of these cheap unlimited(s) while looking into the Endurance International Group.


*WARNING* I do not endorse any cheap unlimited host!!!

If anything I would tell you to avoid these sites and sites that offers you a promise that simply can not be kept.  Its a gamble any time you get into a cheap unlimited host that offers more then is reasonable feasible.  You never know at what point the cheap unlimited host is going to shut you off.  There is always an unwritten profit margin that a host is not going to let you pass.  Sometimes its called processor usage.  Often when I see that someone was shut down because they  exceeded 1 – 3 % of processor usage I have to wonder how powerful the server they were on, or how old it might be.  Granted with The Endurance International Group you may have a longer limit then other unlimited providers due to the fact they use their customers as an advertising platform.

Why would I create a list of cheap unlimited hosts?

Some people no matter what I say will still buy cheap unlimited hosting, and for that matter will flock to the cheapest of them.  Despite the possibility of getting burned, its perceived as a deal.   So if your not going to listen to my warning,  you might as well know which one is the cheapest.   I went through all the sites I could find on The Endurance International Group BBB page.


I found that 20 of them offer unlimited hosting.  iPage was not listed, but i am including it on my cheap unlimited host list.  All offering essentially the same thing Unlimited space and bandwidth with various sign on bonuses (carbonite, Google adsense, free domain……..).  So if you have to have one of these hosts you might as well have the one with the cheapest price.  Why pay more then you have to for what is essential the same cheap unlimited host plan?

A  cheap unlimited host list for the Endurance International Group

The below list is in order of the cheapest price per cheap unlimited host.   All of these sites belong to the Endurance International Group. Keep in mind you may have to sign up for almost three years to get the price I have listed.  The price listed is per month.

iPage $3.50
FatCow $3.67
PowWeb $3.88
Dot5Hosting $3.95
HyperMart $4.25
Globat $4.44
DomainHost $5.95
ehost $5.95
Enteryhost $5.95
FreeYellow $5.95
HostCentric $5.95
IMOutdoorsHosting $5.95
Ipower $5.95
IpowerWeb $5.95
NetworkHosting $5.95
StartLogic $5.95
USANetHosting $5.95
Xeran $5.95
ApolloHosting $6.95
Webhost4Life $19.95

…. And the cheap unlimited host winner is iPage

If you have to have a cheap unlimited host, and it has to be from the Endurance International Group why pick any other host then iPage.

…. And the cheap unlimited host loser is Webhost4Life

Compared to iPage you could save $16.45 a month, $197.40 a year, $394.80 over 2 years, $592.20 over 3 years.  For that matter its hard to call Webhost4Life a cheap unlimited host considering most hosts do not have their unlimited hosting price this high.

They all have the same plan, with the same support team.  So why pick any other cheap unlimited host plan?

What if you went with one of the sites that offer their cheap unlimited plan for $5.95 a month?

You will pay $2.45 extra per month

You will pay $29.40 extra per year

You will pay $58.80 extra for a two year period

If your getting the same essential cheap unlimited host plan from the cheapest company, why would you want to pay even a penny extra?  The cheap unlimited plan to go with is the one by iPage if you have to have one from the Endurance International Group.

Webhostingstuff- 25 hosts exposed

My blog first started with a review of Webhostingstuff’s top 25 hosts.


As of last week I completed a review of all 25 hosts that pay webhostingstuff for their positioning.  I honestly had hoped to finish before the end of June.  But in the end I found there was a lot more to most of these hosts that I would have imagined.  Some of the most damming details came directly from the staff of the hosting companies.  Some took far deeper digging and rethinking of what to look for as it was not always the same with each host.

I wanted to prove that the hosts were not worthy of being in the top.  Little did I suspect that it was far worse then I first assumed, and perhaps I should have started this blog a lot sooner then when I did.  Even though its becoming growing knowledge that this company that claims:

Unlike some dubious “top 10 hosting sites” I7net that promote web hosts based on affiliate commissions, our fair and honest ranking system helps visitors find the real top web hosting companies.”

The same person that owns webhostingstuff.com, also owns hostaz.com a site that is based on Affiliate Commissions.  The name of the owner is Michael Low a resident of Singapore. Hostaz.com, webhostingstuff.com is based off of paid per rank.  Which is far worse then any top 10 thats based off of affiliate commission.

The summary that comes to mind with webhostingstuff

Some websites were put over night Ioxhost comes to mind

Two of the hosts were owned by the same company: Ipage and Fatcow.  Meaning I need to look further into The Endurance International Group, Inc.

There were a lot of hosts offering over the top affilate payments. ipage, fatcow, hostgator, site5,….. pretty much half the sites I reviewed.  Many whose own affiliates that drowned out negative feed back only to benefit the hosts.

Some are out of date in their design netmar, LFC hosting

Two hosts were not even worth the effort, Mochahost (terrible customer service behavior) and 2GB Hosting (7 day guarantee).

Is there any truth with webhostingstuff?

The one thing that I am almost certain they do not modify is the uptime monitoring.  With cloud.bg and i7net.net (not an actually May 2010 host, but June 2010),  Uptime which should have been a factor in rather a host belonged in thetop 25 position.   But even the uptime is suspect, as the hosts that had bad uptime are were lower levels of the top 25.  Perhaps future monitoring of their top 25 will tell me more.

Why do people still trust webhostingstuff?

This is almost like arguing with my mother, often when it comes to an argument such as gender is determined by the male of our species (go Y chromosome), she will quote some one she found on the internet as evidence that I am wrong.   Some reason those sayings my grandmother, her mother did not come to mind to her.  Buyer Beware, You get what you pay for, there is a sucker born every minute.  I guess you could say the pearls of wisdom jumped a generation.  But there are those out there that think of search engines as fact finders.  That is what webhostingstuff is counting on, and they think a few claims of being fair and honest are supposed to make up for the lack of truth.  But this is from the same company whose own interguity page:


They claim:

To build a fair and honest ranking system, ranking is always performed automatically by the system – free of human interference.

However just below that is the very sentence that tears apart that very statement:

Human editors are also needed to maintain the high level of integrity of our trusted reviews. Webmasters and system administrators are needed for the smooth running of this large site.

No matter what I do there will always be someone that trusts webhostingstuff regardless of what they do.  Needless to say I am not done, every new host that signs on to webhostingstuff is subject to my review.

GreenGeeks Not for Geeks? Is it a iPage clone or just another host that sucks?

Number 17 of May 2010, GreenGeeks another greenwashed company.   When I loaded this site the first thing I thought was that this company looked like another company I reviewed.

Side by side this company looks a lot like iPage.   But from there I have a trouble finding any other similarities.  They are owned by different entires on separate parts of the country.  They are not even on the same network.   Asides for the same chat program I am not sure if there is much else that would connect them.   But I think there may be a connection, more then just a shared theme.

But the real problem is this is a greenwashed company, not a green host.   Their big claim to being green is that they buy energy credits, but so does British Petroleum.   At this point its hard to imagine BP having any positive environmental impact.   There is not a lot of detail given by companies that offer green credits for sale.

Greengeeks have alot of links that are in reference to being a green host.

The first link is


Here you find a link to this company,


I am not sure if I am correct in my assumption but it looks like you pay them per every page view you get or you are paying for traffic that you get from their site.  That or you can buy traffic from them.   But its unclear how this offsets carbon.  Not to mention this site seems to have mostly .dk / Denmark domains, which may have to do with them being from Denmark.  Not that I have a problem with doing business with a foreign company, but I like to know details.   For an organization that does so much, there are so few webpages with data on how they do it.  Not everyone sees the green movement as a way of life, some see it as something to capitalize on.   There also those that see that they don’t have to be green to capitalize off of the green sector.  Those are companies that are called greenwashed.  Its not clear as to what Greengeeks gets from this company other then a fancy banner, and perhaps greengeeks gets traffic.

On the same page I find their reseller program GreenResellerWebHosting.com, where you can sell unlimited reseller accounts.   I have a hard time believing that unlimited hosting can be associated with quality hosting, let alone a company claiming to be a  green host.  Green and efficient are two words that come to mind when being eco-friendly  Effiecent technology is not cheap in the beginning, and for that matter technology thats not part of the main trend is not cheap.  The cheaper the hosting cost, the more customers the company needs to pile in to make a profit.


They have made the claim : “It is important that this industry becomes green and GreenGeeks is the world’s most eco-friendly web hosting company”  Other then a lot of pages telling people what to do and how they can be green.  There is nothing to show exactly how green they are,  the biggest thing that is missing are the numbers.   Numbers like the amount of electrify that they use per year.  Details are also missing like what company is receiving money to run wind generators.   I am looking at actual hosting companies that have their own data centers at buildings built from the ground up to be green.  Which include solar power straight to the source.  Not buying offsets.   They can be claim to leaning towards green when they talk about rigorous recycling of paper, but nothing in regards to equipment.  But clearly they a recycle text from their web pages.

The finale link I am going to review is http://www.greengeeks.com/going-green/epa-partner.php

From here I find a link to the EPA.


I decided to contact the EPA, because I wanted to know if you really had to provide any proof in order to be a member.


Email Exchange with the EPA

From: Benjamin
To: Matt Clouse/DC/USEPA/[email protected], Blaine Collison/DC/USEPA/[email protected],Allison Dennis/DC/USEPA/[email protected]
Date: 08/03/2010 05:18 PM
Subject: In regards to green power partnership

Hello Matt, Blaine, or Allison,

I was wonder what documentation I would have to provide to be part of the green power partnership.

Thank you for your assistance.

To: Benjamin
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 17:21:10 -0400
Subject: Re: In regards to green power partnership


Thanks for your inquiry. The information requirements are included in

the Partnership Agreement here:


The program is designed to cover only commercial & institutional sector purchases. We’re not able to recognize residential partners at this time.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have additional questions.


From: Benjamin
To: Blaine Collison/DC/USEPA/[email protected]
Date: 08/03/2010 06:35 PM
Subject: RE: In regards to green power patnership

Hello Blaine,

I am not seeing what the EPA requires an organization to submit as valid proof of participation. From what I see you merely take the word of the submitter as opposed to any documentation. Is this the case, or do you require copies of receipts and other valid documentation?



Subject: RE: In regards to green power partnership
To: Benjamin
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 19:10:30 -0400

Ah. Right you are, Benjamin. We don’t require that partners submit proof of purchase. We do, however, check our lists partners with the listed providers once or twice/year: This is what we think we have, could you, the providers, please confirm our understanding of your clients’ numbers?

Hope that helps.


RE: In regards to green power partnership‏
From: Benjamin
To: [email protected]

Hello Blaine,

I am actually contacting you for research in regards to green credits. So far I am not finding any information from the companies that provide credits and those using the credits. One of the companies that I am looking at is listed in your Green Power Partnership. But the only numbers that are given is 300%. There is no number telling me what their on the grid power consumption is. Or what companies the credit seller is getting the wind credit from.

I find it rather disturbing that the credit sellers, the companies that buy the credits, and the EPA are not disclosing numbers, facts. documentation and reasoning that a company is using renewable energy.



I never got a response back to my email from the EPA.  But it clear you do not have to give them valid proof to be in their green power partnership.  Without numbers and other data they can not prove that they are a green host.  Other then a lot of pages GreenGeeks has no relevant proof they are green,

Green Hosting, Earth friendly, or Just for Show

Today I went to Burger King. Probable not the place to be while I work on recovering a 6 pack stomach I lost from 10 years of long hours in a chair. But I wanted some French Fries, and it had been weeks since I last visited BK so I think I deserve a little slack. In front of me was a guy that ordered 2 Quad Stackers, 1 large fry, 1 large onion ring, and he asked for the a large diet Coke. The single drink did not clue me into the fact this was all his meal til I saw him sitting by himself. By the time I got a medium Coke and Large fry, the guy was sitting at a bench working on his second burger from his 3000 calorie meal.

This is pretty much is what I see of buying energy credits, planting a tree, or / and claims of buying more efficient servers. Its no better then buying the King sized diet Coke that is some how supposed to balance out all those calories from the meal. Never mind the diet Coke is not going to reduce calories. I suppose you could think of it as there being less calories then that of a non-diet drink. But there is still a huge amount of calories that will have to be worked off. Going green means a total change in habits.

You see a lot of webhosts out there stating they are going green. I am not one to have a problem with environmentally friendly practices. I freely admit to being a tree huger. I get a tree every year on Earth Day, in addition to something else. I try to go bigger then previous years. Last year for Earth Day I started a composter, and about to do a second one so I can cycle out ever year. Which means no more landscape plant trimmings and food being thrown away in addition I don’t have to buy fertilizer. Between the composter and the recycling bin my trash bin gets put to the curb once a month. This year for Earth Day I switched from florescent to led lighting. I tend to do my most major changes during Earth Day, yet I also do other changes through the year. Back in December I bought myself a Kindle right after I sold one of my Hosting companies, 85 books later I have to wonder how many trees did not have to die to provide me reading material. Then there are the cloth bags I got so I don’t have to use plastic, I eat organic food, I love to bike, I could go on and on , on how I try to live a green life style. Granted these chances were costly in the beginning but the changes end up saving me money over the long run. I spent over $1000 on LED LIGHT, but in the end they will save me money on energy costs two fold both in cost of lighting, and less heat generated for my air conditioner to compensate for, a great thing when you live in the Sonoran Desert. Not to mention they have a longer life span then my florescent lights. Then there is nothing like getting a new book for practically 1/3 the cost of its hard back counter part.

Most of the webhosts I looked at seem to focus on only one or two aspect(s) of going “green”. They either plant a tree per customer, or for that matter buy green energy credits, use more energy efficient servers. There is no company wide goal to truly be a green hosting company.

Why not?

Car pooling
LED lighting
recycling trash
recycling computers and servers
solar panels
installing vampire surge protectors

………… and lots of stuff I am sure I missed.

Hostgator.com is one of the sites that buys energy credits, for that matter they claim “All of our shared and reseller servers are now 130% wind powered!. Considering their servers are located with ThePlant I wondered how that is possible.


Network Whois record

Queried whois.arin.net with ““…

OrgName:    ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc. 
OrgID:      TPCM
Address:    315 Capitol
Address:    Suite 205
City:       Houston
StateProv:  TX
PostalCode: 77002
Country:    US

ReferralServer: rwhois://rwhois.theplanet.com:4321

I am curious to know how they determine their power usage. Though I guess they could just off servers. But what about the equipment that gets the servers online?

Then there is the claim of servers running 35% more efficient. I don’t see anything on the blog or forms about a switch on equipment, or for that matter anything about Earth Day. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and interrupt this to mean that they started using these servers on all new accounts, perhaps even a slow migration to avoid interruption in customer service.

Though it is worth noting that the author of their blog post: http://blog.hostgator.com/2008/08/25/whats-lean-mean-and-now-green/

Has a website on a domain that will expire tomorrow (June 23, 2010):


Buying green energy is a start, buying more efficient servers even better, but also only a start.

I see nothing in regards to recycling, or for that matter what happens to the servers once they are no longer fit to house clients.

FatCow States:

We’re Green!

And our prizes are too! All FatCow datacenters and offices are run by 100% wind energy. Well okay, we don’t have a wind turbine on top of our buildings, but we do purchase Renewable Energy Credits to offset 100% of our power use!

Keep in mind FatCow is part of The Endurance International Group, Inc. This includes servral other hosting companies such as ipage and ipower. http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/fatcow/fatcow-sucks-beware-read-this-fatcow-review-first-before-buying.html iPage.com mentions nothing about green power. However ipower does http://www.ipower.com/green/ . I am not sure why The Endurance International Group, Inc does not have all their 33 + companies listed as green companies.

Greenville Host Guarantees:

  • 200% green with certified wind energy credits
  • State of the art, energy efficient data center

Wind Energy Facts:

In 2009, wind energy supplied an estimated 73 billion kilowatt-hours or enough energy to power 7 million U.S. homes. Web hosting datacenters are responsible for 1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Each megawatt of wind produced electricity translates into an economic impact of $1 million. Wind energy has the potential to reduce U.S. carbon emissions by 1/3 in the near future.

A few points of interest on Greenville

Network Whois record

Queried whois.arin.net with “!NET-204-93-163-0-1“…

CustName:   Webhostingpad.com
Address:    5005 Newport Dr.
Address:    Suite 503
City:       Rolling Meadows
StateProv:  IL
PostalCode: 60008
Country:    US
RegDate:    2010-03-08
Updated:    2010-03-08

Webhostingpad.com (greenville’s data center) does not show case the “State of the art, energy efficient data center”

The interesting thing is the % on how much data centers changes a lot between hosts. With FatCow it was 1% with another company I looked at it was 15%, then its 8%. I would love to see the real percentage for this. Not to mention the energy credits cost more then actually energy. Something else that is going to cut into that fee that customers pay for their hosting. On the plus side it helps encourage environmentally friendly energy. On the negative that even more money that’s being diverted from customer service.

HostGator = Bad Web Host? Read Honest HostGator Review

We now come to Hostgator number 5 on the top 25 and #5 of 10,293. with webhostingstuff.com. The only host whose top 25 ranking matches its popularity ranking. Also the only company with a single digit ranking in traffic popularity on webhostingstuff.com. It does not seem in the last 2 years that hostgator, while their claims of growing popularity have not been able to get past number 5 in rankings.   You would think they could at least beat Arvand.  Perhaps hostgator paid in advance for their “advertising” on webhostingstuff.com for that 5th spot. I would suggest contacting webhostingstuff.com to get a push up on those rankings, perhaps hostgator can get in a bidding war with iPage for that number 1 spot …… sorry I meant advertising Webhostingstuff.com does not “sell” rankings *eye roll*. Did I forget to mention the mysterious disappearing negative fee back.

Clearly Hostgator has no problem with listing awards from websites that are nothing more then elaborate or not so elaborate affiliates.


There are only a few of those that offer an award that don’t have an affiliate link, or better yet a coupon. Plus webhostingstuff.com is on the list.

Though one of the affiliates……….. I mean award sites does not have all good reviews:


I am not sure the point of these “awards” when most of the sites don’t have any visible advertising, other then coupons and affiliate links. Clearly they have to pay for their hosting some how, nor is anyone going to write tons of content for nothing. After all are you going to bad mouth an organization that will pay you $50 – $125 per sign up, or are you going to sing their praises. This is nothing more the a list of reviews for profit, not an unbiased set up like Consumer Reports.

Hostgator Affiliate Program(s)

So far I see that Hostgator.com has two commission programs. One at Commission Junction and their own.

Through Commission Junction you get a flat $100 fee per sign up

At Hostgator.com directly

1-5 a month $50 per sign up
6-10 a month $75 per sign up
11-20 a month $100 per sign up
21+ a month $125 per sign up

It appears unlike other companies I have reviewed this is on any term Monthly – higher terms.

Depending on your marketing skill if your not that great your better off with Commission Junction, if your really good your better off with Hostgator.com.

But the big payouts are reason why they are growing so fast is just like the other 4 hosts I reviewed they have a large payout that encourages their affiliates to flood the search engines with tons of crap. You can see this when you do a search on “host gator sucks”, real complaints are hidden in between the “I have your coupon” sites and other affiliates.

Hostgartor.com likes to brag about numbers, which I imagine impresses people to believe they are a legit operation. Which is why I got so many comments on my video from people who need an lesson on ethics, that having the money does not mean you need to cheat. Their large numbers are based on a high payout. What I would love to know is the amount of cancellations versus the amount of new orders. The amount of refunds. How about operating costs? Numbers that I don’t see. Their company may be growing, but they are going to suffer loses. Another number I would like to see is the number of affiliate payouts. What they are paying Commission Junction, after all the affiliate gets $100 per sign up, and commission junction is not a free operation.

Then there is this link http://www.googlelady.com/1281/exhostgator-employee/

I am not sure how valid the information is, but there are several points that ring true such as the affiliate program. But anyone can look that up. Its not like the person she is supposedly interviewing is not disgruntle or for that matter real. But having worked at Wal-Mart during my college years I know how those benefits that drew me in were not immediately available and had tons of catches. Two examples were their health insurance and college tuition programs. They claimed I had to be a full time employee (did not matter I was working 40 hours a week for 18 months). But on the flip side I have been with good employers that had dirt threw at them that were lies, such as one company I only had to wait 30 days for my health insurance to kick in. But I have to wonder if hostgators employee pages http://www.hostgator.com/benefits.shtml is nothing more then veneer. After all they have make sacrifices some where to make sure that their affiliates that drive those big numbers and drown out the negative feedback.

Unlimited Hostgator.com plan, you must use this much space in order to apply


I am not sure how many customers read the cartoon and saw the irony in Hostgator talking about the wonders of overselling and unlimited space. But you have a heavy set man at a all you can eat buffet next to what is mock “you must be this tall” roll coaster ride sign, indicating you must be this thin to enter.  Subliminal truth?

The Hostgator.com Traceroute

Tracing route to hostgator.com []…

hop rtt rtt rtt ip address fully qualified domain name
1 1 1 1 61.d3.5446.static.theplanet.com
2 90 1 1 po101.dsr02.dllstx5.theplanet.com
3 0 0 0 po52.dsr02.dllstx3.theplanet.com
4 9 1 1 te1-3.dsr02.dllstx2.theplanet.com
5 1 0 0 te1-2.car09.dllstx2.theplanet.com
6 1 1 0 gator.hostgator.com

Even though Hostgator has their own building, it does not appear they have their own server center, and they to like the first three companies I reviewed that are also using theplanet.com.

My finale thoughts on rather anyone should buy from Hostgator.com

Even though Hostgator.com is only in number 5th position, they probable should be in the top position at webhostingstuff.com. Granted I consider the top 25 hosts, a list for the top 25 to avoid because their main concern is raking in money, not making investing in infrastructure that advances their services. Developing “unlimited” / “overselling” is not investing in infrastructure, but concentrating on the misinformed world wide consumer that may not understand that you get what you pay for. Bernie Madoff did the same thing with promises of over optimistic promise of high returns on investments.  Anyone that offers a higher then 100% commission on a first payment is more interested in bringing customers in then keeping them.

This is my own personal rant against hostgator.com

In many ways hostgator.com has been a good host for me, and I am not saying because I hosted with them. I say that because I would get a lot of their dissatisfied customers. Customers that thought before hostgator that my prices were too high, only turn around and realize that being cheap on your source of income was not all that smart. For that matter I think at the time I loved hostgator.com at least until I saw this post back in February 2009:


It was as if Hostgator was telling everyone in the United States we have jobs but you ignore us. Their a big host, but it does not mean everyone is going to know who they are. So in the search for jobs they are not on the top of the list. Better yet not everyone is going to have skills to deal with computers and customer service. My grandfather a soft spoken person, awesome at fixing cars (for that matter he spent more time with his truck then my grandmother) and generally any thing mechanical would not have the first idea of how to use a computer. I could not imagine him on the phone trying to handle customer service, as he is not very loud.

Somehow the 10% employment was a result of people being lazy. It had nothing to do with the mismanagement with companies, the deregulation to prevent those companies from being corrupt, or did it? Apparently Brent has never had to go door to door with a resume. What job that you might be able to get barely pays the bills so you have to get a second job and still its not enough. The jobs that you have skills for won’t hire because you had no experience (in my case) or you were too old (my grandfathers case). The first job I had to settle for did not even involve a resume but an application. I am sorry Brent, but you need to walk in the people that are getting welfare’s shoes before complaining about handouts. I encountered these problems when I was in school and my scholarship that only covered so many of of my expenses had to be supplemented. The effort to find a secondary source of income was killing my grades. Yes there are dead beats, and even those that milk the system to get a nice pay check from the government. But its not everyone.

But this is coming from someone pretending to be a bum for a day:

Oh look I see my video to the side when you go to youtube to view his  video 🙂

Don’t Buy From iPage.Com Until You Read My Review — Save Time And Money!!

Its simply not enough to go after phony baloney webhosting review sites, you have to go after the companies that put money in their coffers. The money is coming from webhosting companies. Because of this practice we are swamped with tons of crap while trying to search for real info on a webhosting. There are 25 webhosts on webhostingstuff.com’s top list since iPage is at the top of webhostingstuff.com they are the first on my list. Going by rating then number of reviews they would be number 9, but by webhostingstuff.com’s own ranking on the page for iPage.com its 60. I will start with them. In July I will go after another hosting review site and their customers.

There is a lot of info to sort out on iPage. The puzzling thing is they were supposed to be hosting since 1998, but according to this link (http://www.findmyhosts.com/hostmonster-vs-iPage-vs-fatcow/) they just re-launched after years of inactivity back in October 2009. iPage.com claims to have more then 1,000,000 websites. It does not say domains or customers. Are they counting add-on domains like what geocities did? Keep in mind customer can have one plus domains, and I have seen a lot of customers with a thousands of domains for the sheer purpose of increasing their site rankings. A gimmick that hosting companies and hosting review sites also employee.

Looking at their dns records I see this:


Another webhosting company on theplanet.com servers.

Strangely while trying to see where webhostingstuff.com ranks ipowerweb, I get the following message:

We apologize for any inconvenience you are currently facing.

To allow us to diagnose the error(s) you’re facing, please fill your email address below
and press the “Diagnose My Connection” button.

Our Webmaster Team are then able to diagnose error(s) you’re facing and contact you when
they are fixed.

Once again, thank you for your patience! 🙂

Your Email Address:

I am not going to give them my email address. But the problem seemed to happen after I went to the advertise with us link. A friend on the same network has confirmed that they do not have the same problem and can clearly see the top 10 on webhostingstuff.com’s main page. But I tend to wonder the relationship between iPage and ipowweb. The lay out of both sites has a similar feel.  Perhaps the collective of companies have over 1,000,000 websites on their “Platform”.

One of the ways iPage is promoting their company is an insane affiliate program with commission junction that I don’t quite understand. They offer $100 – $125 per annual account, and what appears $25 per blog. I had to look at it several times because it does not make a lot of sense, especially since they are talking about their $3.50 a month plans (which is their only plan). A full year is $42.00. However this only counts if the person ordering does not decided to cancel their order and get suckered into the last chance offer when trying to get away from the shopping cart. In which case there is no commission made by the referrer. Granted there is nothing in regards to renewal fees so I suppose they can start making a profit off refereed customers after a year or 2, if that customer buys into the extras. But that’s a lot of income being taken away from the service of the customer. It is however very desirable to those that want the income to push this product when they can get a very high pay out for a single sale. Making it to where anyone that wants to push hosting is not going to go for an affiliate program that while rewarding the referral, is not giving away the farm to get the new customer. Keep in mind not every customer is going to come through the commission junction program, and this is not going to be iPage’s only source of advertising. After all they are also paying the cost to remain on number 1 host out of 25 with webhostingstuff.com. Not to mention Commission Junction is not exactly bringing affiliates for iPage for nothing. Clearly you have a choice to select between a company that pays more for making sure you get the best service, or more to those that would bring customers in like cattle.

Webhostingstuff.com is not the only company parading this company as being a highly regarded website. Going to Google I get a load of various affiliates, and a list to add of people that are in the business of webhosting reviews. Though it appears they are like webhostingstuff.com is paying the most for “advertising”. I found it on a few affiliates that try to appear as unbiased reviews. But none of these sites are hosted on iPage.com’s network. http://www.webhostingbreak.com/ is one of the sites that has a glowing endorsement. Better yet Ian (owner of webhostingbreak.com), allows you to do blog posts about hosting companies. Using other people to help advance his own website to promote hosting companies on his lists, all of which have affiliate programs.

After a long review of search engine results it’s hard not to find negative feedback about the support, uptime, and at times support responses that don’t understand the most basic of questions. Worst yet a repeat pattern where people are told there was no outages when asked for the cause of the outages. I find it remarkable based on the negative feedback that I have found that iPage.com has no negative feedback on webhostingstuff.com. The only glowing endorsements I can find are those that are clearly affiliates that have a coupon code so you can get service for $3.50.

The terms of service, or the many pages of terms of service. Are somewhat long and cumbersome for a product that is only $3.50 a month. Frankly I have had credit card agreements, cell phone contracts, and loan agreements with less reading involved. Considering the amount of time I have spent on researching this company already, I am not willing to invest anymore time into digging in to their terms of service. So at best I am going to tell you what I have found while glancing and looking for certain parts of the terms of service. Namely the domain name, since they offer a free one.

I am no big fan of hosting companies that want you to buy or transfer your domain to them. I don’t see a third option with iPage to simply change your dns to their servers from the domain register you have your domain with. You have to read the terms of service to see what they might mean by transfer which appears to mean changing your dns. Nothing clear in regards to that. The free domain is somewhat fuzzy on its own. I don’t have a problem so much with the domain being free for the life of the account, its an incentive. Not exactly one I would have preferred to use. But the fact that they do not disclose how much the domain will cost if you decided to leave. I had to call to find out, and its $15.00 (however the site lists it as a $9.95 value). I stated I could get it cheaper else where, so I was not interested in buying a domain through them. I also asked about just changing my dns, and not transferring the domain. The operator on the other end was unclear on the details. But they do try to transfer you from your existing domain register, unless you contact them prior to ordering. These days you can get a domain for less than $10 from many fine registration companies. After all who wants to pay extra to a hosting company they may not like.

Then their User Agreement and their Domain Registration Agreement do not agree with one another.

User Agreement 2.b.i: If your plan includes a free domain name and you cancel within the first 30 days, a fee for the domain will be deducted from your refund. If you do not wish to keep the domain name, iPage will take possession of the domain and the fee will not be charged.

Domain Registration Agreement 4: Once a domain name has been registered or renewed through iPage, no refunds will be given for the domain registration or renewal fee.

On one hand they can charge you $15.00 non-refundable on the other they refund all your money.

Also in User Agreement 2.b.i: at any time by either party by giving the other party thirty (30) days prior written notice, provided that we may charge You a minimum $35.00 charge as an early cancellation fee.

Meaning after you cancel after 30 days and you paid for a year ($42.00) you could get $7 or less.

Going to the order form they automatically selects 2 year pricing. I am not sure about their experience, but generally I have had forms on monthly pricing, often customers would not even bother reading the terms of service or for that matter see what they were paying for. But the worst part I think is that they preselected some add-ons, Prevent Identity Theft & Secure Your Data ($12.95 a year) and Automate Your Site Backup ($12.95 a year). That’s an extra $51.80, if the person who ordered did not bother to check the bi-annual billing, versus $25.90 for the year).

Finale here is my chat session with one of their (shared) staff, you will get what I mean after you read the transcript.  Needless to say I found out more than I thought I would ever get out of a chat session.  BTW I am Benjamin.

Thank you for contacting support. Please be prepared to answer your Security Question when we begin chatting. To enhance our security protocols, we’ll need you to provide the answer to your Security Question at the beginning of our conversation. If you have not yet set your Security Question and Answer, please log into your account now to set it up. Thank you. Please hold for the next available operator to respond.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with ‘Bryan Smith’

Bryan Smith: Hi Benjamin My name is Bryan Smith, how are you today?

Benjamin: I was wondering if you could give me details on some of the freebies offered on your main page that are not listed on the hosting features site. In regards to carbonite and shopsite. There are no details that I can see as to what I get with these two services if I sign on with you.

Bryan Smith: I apologize for the wait time.

Bryan Smith: Could you please provide me with the URL from where you have entered this Chat interface?

Benjamin: your main page

Bryan Smith: May I have the URL of our website through which you have logged into this chat? I need the URL of our website where you have clicked the Chat icon.

Benjamin: you should know that, there is only one main page

Bryan Smith: I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. But we need your co-operation as we are in the process of enhancing the Chat icons on our website and during this period we want to identify the exact page from where you have contacted us. This will help us to determine the list of pages from where we usually get the chats and organize the Chat icons in a better way.

Benjamin: but you only have one main page, either you know it, or you are supporting more then one company.

Benjamin: meaning outsourced support

Benjamin: iPage.com, which you should have been able to tell me

Bryan Smith: Okay.

Bryan Smith: Thank you for your interest in iPage.

Bryan Smith: Yes, we are supporting couple of hosting company.

Bryan Smith: FatCow is the sister company of iPage.

Bryan Smith: I will provide you the information.

Bryan Smith: May I place you on hold for 4 or 5 minutes, while I check this for you?

Benjamin: ok

Bryan Smith: Thank you for holding.

Bryan Smith: In order to know more about the ShopSite, please go through this link:

Bryan Smith:http://www.iPage.com/product/shopsitemanager.bml

Bryan Smith: In order to know more about the Carbonite, please go through this link:

Bryan Smith: http://Carbonite

Bryan Smith: The correct link is:

Bryan Smith:http://www.iPage.com/product/carbonite.bml

Benjamin: if I decided to not stay with your company how much does it cost to keep the domain name?

Bryan Smith: Only $10.95 per year.

Benjamin: but your site says a 9.95 value

Benjamin: and someone on the phone told me 15.00

Bryan Smith: You can view the domain price list at:

Bryan Smith:http://www.iPage.com/product/domainRegistration.bml

Benjamin: how many other companies are you supporting? To be honest I was looking for a company with its own support.

Bryan Smith: Only two hosting company.

Bryan Smith: iPage and FatCow.

Benjamin: fatcow does not appear to offer carbonite

Bryan Smith: FatCow offers the Carbonite.

Benjamin: where?

Bryan Smith: Please go through this link:

Bryan Smith:http://www.fatcow.com/product/carbonite.bml

Benjamin: ok I will review

Benjamin: May, ask where you are located?

Bryan Smith: Our headquarters are in Burlington, MA, but I’m located in one of the support centers in Mangalore, India.

Benjamin: you have an uncommon name for someone in India

Benjamin: anyway have a nice day

Bryan Smith: Its not our real name.

Bryan Smith: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Benjamin: why would you not use your real name?

Bryan Smith: Due to a security reasons we do not use it.

I ended the chat session after this, perhaps if I dug more I could have found out that this was not even a human being, after all Brian said “its was not our name“, I felt if I dived in any closer and I would find myself in the twilight zone. I have no problem with names that are not of European descent, but it seems a bit odd to use a fake name for the sake of security of someone in India. After all he could just go by his first name (is the person on the other side even male?).  It’s not like my name is all that rare, and I am sure the person on the other end has a common (maybe Hindi) name.  But perhaps I could have found out more information from the person on the other end that eagerly volunteered information.  I tend to doubt that fatcow is the only site behind iPage. I tend to wonder if iPage was somehow absorbed into the collective known as fatcow. It’s clearly cheaper to get hosting from iPage.com then fatcow.com. Which makes me wonder since iPage.com is cheaper, if whatever company that own fatcow is now seeing a slide in sales since it seems like unlimited hosting gets cheaper and cheaper as the months go by.

My suggestion, avoid this company as well as any company that tells you that they offer you unlimited hosting for dirt cheap. Offers you tons of freebies like carbotnite, but that’s just a trial account, not the full version. They also offer Google AdWords, Facebook advertising credit, Yahoo … all of which I get in the mail for free straight from those companies. This is nothing more than a gimmick to get you into buying service from those advertising outlets.

Then there is WordPress and Joomla, also free. The most I have paid for WordPress is on themes and applications. A lot of stuff that most people would never need. I am not a Joomla User, though I can tell you it was a support headache. But both of which you can install for free, especially if your host has a program that sets up apps like the one I was using with cPanel.

At this point I have to stop digging, as the more I dig the more I find. I wanted to spend no more than a day looking into this. Yet I spent 5 days. I have more content then I care to post, as I could devote a whole site to just what I found on iPage.