– Due Diligence

Less than 24 hours after my post on, someone posted a comment that pointed to what I had not looked at, and that was the reviews about this host. The focus of my post was what was the benefit that got while promoting Another reason I choose to write about this host was due to the possibility that I may very well see on so called review sites ($175 or more payouts). I had not bothered to look at the review sites, what came up in search engines, or what sites like Alexa and had to say about A simple glance at the search engine results tells me that did not bother to vet

My initial impression was this host would appear in the so called top host sites. I now think my first impression was wrong, and perhaps the review sites have seen what I failed to look into. There are a lot of reviews out there, and other then those sites that promote there are no positive feedback.  For that matter sites like just started monitoring November 2011.

The only directory / review site I can find on the main page of search engine results is:

Flippa tells me to be diligent; perhaps I should use their advice on

In short they talk about aged domains, and how some sites used the creation date as the start date.  Something I try to point to when someone says there site is older than it actually is.  In some cases it was a case of site started before their domain was created like, somehow a web services company is older than the creation date.  Then there is the case of where the domain was aged, like who prior to being a British hosting company was a company out of Spain that dealt with construction.

There are a lot of other details that Flippa left out in the way of due diligence. Such as Which if you read my blog enough you will know that the lower your score the better your company is.  Amazon has a 5, Google 1, is around 172,000, and is at 10,154.

Then there are more details you can get from Alexa if the score is below 100,000. shows some very interesting results.  It seems up until February/March 2011 was extremely limited in traffic.

Then we come to a recommendation that gives for due diligence, A site I use often when looking at a site.

From there I can see that ran PPC pages and was for sale for the bulk of the time.

Now there are few telling details here, especially when you look at their BBB record

Here are the details I find interesting about what the BBB lists:

  • 28 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 28 closed in last 12 months
  • BBB file opened: 03/03/2011
  • Business started: 08/20/2010
  • The address for this company 3660 Center Rd, Suite 363 Brunswick, OH 44212-3620 is UPS Store.
  • This business is in the process of responding to complaint(s) previously closed with no response. (cause of no rating)

As I have stated in the past I am no fan of the BBB, because they don’t validate any information and second their system is awkward. Never mind this is a system that asks for money from those it is supposed to keep an eye on.  No conflict of interest there (yes I am being sarcastic).  It’s been my personal experience that BBB asks the individual for the start date, they don’t look at the actual business license for a company. Because of the file date with the BBB, the Alexa Traffic, and what show I think its safe to say the company started in Early 2011. and the review sites

But I think the most telling thing is looking up “ review” on any search engine.

There are a lot of negative reviews out there.  The ones that have nothing negative are those trying to sell you onto  Some of which appear on the gurus that promoted in the beginning.  The funny thing is if they allow comments they are negative, one particular so called guru with a site that looks like crap on shingle also wants to promote  (MLM crap).  The only place I can find any comments about liking the service are at, there are no dates of when they got the kind words or what site is hosted with them.

Contact with

My reason for contacting is their 4 awards. 4 awards that I cannot tell where they came from, nor can anyone that I have contacted by phone or by chat. I also wanted some clarity on the hosting packages.  After why should I buy the $7.95 plan as its listed as a better value, should I not choose the $9.95 package?

Brain Host offers a variety of Hosting Plan Options – choose below for the plan that best fits your needs!

From the looks of it there is only one package at three different prices.

The awards that has I find most interesting are the two for the year 2012. When I first looked at this site back on January 10, 2012 the awards were there. Now perhaps its just me, but in order to be the best host of 2012, you would have to be a good host for at least most or the full year in order to get an award for this year. It seems really premature to get a 2012 award. chat

Andrew: Welcome to Live Chat support, how may I help you?

Benjamin: Hello Andrew

Benjamin: Can you point me to the sites where your company got it’s awards from?

Andrew: May i know where you wish to point the website?

Benjamin: Point the website?

Andrew: I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand. Would you mind explaining it again, please?

Benjamin: Your company has 4 awards on the main page. Who was it that gave your company those awards?

Andrew: I will suggest you to call us at 1-800-311-9418 number so that they will assist you further in this regards.

Andrew: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Benjamin: can you tell me the difference in your hosting plans? They all have the same exact points.

Andrew: There are no difference just the tenure are different.

Benjamin: that is not what it looks like from the package page.

Benjamin: you only have one plan?

Andrew: Are you referred by any other company to sign up with us?

Benjamin: flippa

Andrew: We provide following hosting packages:

Andrew: • Month to Month: $9.95 per month. First month hosting + $20 one time setup fee + $14.95 domain registration = Initial pay $44.90

Andrew: • Every 6 Months: $53.70, which breaks down to $8.95 monthly + $14.95 domain registration = Initial pay $68.65

Andrew: • Every 12 Months: $95.40, which breaks down to $7.95 monthly + $14.95 domain registration = Initial pay $110.35

Andrew: • Every 24 Months: $166.80, which breaks down to $6.95 monthly + $14.95 domain registration = Initial pay $181.75

Andrew: • Every 36 Months: $214.20, which breaks down to $5.95 monthly + $14.95 domain registration = Initial pay $229.15

Andrew: • Every 48 Months: $237.60, which breaks down to $4.95 monthly + $14.95 domain registration = Initial pay $252.55

Andrew: All the payments are upfront.

Andrew: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Benjamin: but the site says free for one year.


Andrew: I will suggest you to call us at 1-800-311-9418 number so that they will assist you further in this regards.

Andrew: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Benjamin: are you sales or do you do customer service?

Andrew: We are technical support.

Andrew: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Andrew: I have not received a response from you for some time and will need to end this session. If you need further assistance please log back in to Live Chat. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank you.

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator

The chat session with was confusing, not to mention the chat operator was in a hurry to get off chat with me.  A call to sales department could not give me the answer to who it was they got those awards from.  If anyone should know where a company got an award from it would be the sales department.  I happen to leave the chat session alone for a minute and the chat operator ended the chat session.  Never mind I gave the chat operator more than a minute to respond to me.

One thing is certain and that is the Brainhost,com is a mess.  They only have one package, and multiple ways to pay you can pay more for the same thing.

The one question I forgot to ask was how much under the Flippa offer would I pay and when after my free year expired.

I usually do not have a problem with hosts being new.  But there are things that bother me like an insane affiliate program. $175 uses a lot of what a customer pays to give an affiliate a commission. Sure it’s a tax deduction for the company, but so are things that provide a customer good service. Its far easier to keep existing customers then it is to bring in new ones.

On top of that’s packages make no sense. I could not get a straight answer, payment terms for a package became different packages on their own.

I will be keeping an eye on Brainhost, mostly to see how long they are a trusted partner of Flippa., the next Top host?

The other day while looking over Flippa, I found a recommendation for  I wrote the name down but I can’t say I remember where I saw it on  It was a host I had not seen before, so I figured I would look at it when I had the chance. Keep in mind this was not for a blog article, but I wanted a secondary host to fall back on should I become unhappy with  After all I figured that would only recommend hosts that are on par with or better, right? Wrong! I can say that just off the first page of that I am not interested in service with  I just can’t take any host seriously that has an unlimited package.  Plus the lack of Dedicated and VPS services leaves me disappointed in

Just to be clear, there is no such thing as an unlimited space or bandwidth package.  Unlimited is nothing more than a marketing gimmick hosts slap on a package to entice buyers . At best it could be called a package that is no more than what you will ever need, and we are not going to tell you the numbers for what a person will need.  When it comes to unlimited bandwidth, well that’s an easy one to do, just put a bottleneck on how much bandwidth can be used.  After all think about it, your internet connection speed is generally limited by what package you purchase with a provider.

What I found interesting is that’s landing page on has a $4.95 a month; whereas the main page for has it at $7.95. Normally a price that has a mark over it should imply as much value as possible; at least that’s what someone in sales would say.  I figured I would look at’s webhosting packages.  All three plus the package are unlimited packages, which have the same 8 features, at $6.95, $7.95, and $9.95.  No $4.95 package unless you came through (or perhaps another “partner”). There is nothing there to explain the difference between the 4.

So why is “partnered” with

First before I go into why I am looking at, I think it important to examining the relationship between and calls a Trusted Partner.  Despite having shows up on A page that shows deals is not exactly some place I would put my trusted partners.  The relationship is not clear; in perhaps the only thing that can link them is a possible free hosting deal. like is online for one very good reason, and that is to make money. In an attempt to not have to explain myself again, I am not against anyone making money. I do however have a problem when the method to obtain money is not done in an ethical manner.  With that said I find it hard to believe that is directing anyone to without some form of compensation.

Let’s take for example the free Google Adwords that a lot of hosts offer to their clients.  For any host that offers it, it is an incentive for a customer to sign up.  For it’s the chance to get new Adwords customers.  Its pretty clear why both host and Google have what I call a win/win situation.  Both parties benefit from this form of a partnership.

So what does get out of this partnership with Hosting perhaps?

I have to ask where is hosted?

Since they are an Australian company, I would at first assume they are hosted in Australia.  But Alexa tells me that the U.S. is on top of their traffic. Plus from the whois information for I can see the owner is in the U.S. The network whois for tells me:

Address:        Amazon Web Services, Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2

Now you can see why I was under the impression that was somehow as good as based on a recommendation from Never mind I have avoided as an option because of fear of disappointment in on a website I spend a lot of money on through digital content and that stuff that comes via Fedex, UPS, and USPS. Though that could change.

So is with as well?

The short of that is no, a network look up shows that they are with

So why am I interested in

I have yet to see this host on any review site but I think that’s going to change with time. Go to their affiliate page and you can see very clearly why I think that:

At $175 or more per sign up that is easily a bigger payout then what pays out.  So how can get a payout when people are getting charge nothing for the first year? free hosting account:

As with any service you apply for it is important to read the terms of service. Terms of Service will tell you all the loop holes a hosting company will use to get out of giving you what you thought you were going to get.

Free hosting accounts may not include the same standard features and options as paid accounts. For information on what is included in free vs. paid accounts, visit Free hosting clients can upgrade to a paid account at any time by contacting client services or logging into their account at and selecting the upgrade option.

As for that link to to tell you what the differences are between free and paid accounts is:


As you can see they have not even put the page up for that yet. Honestly there seems to be a lot of incomplete work to be a “Trusted Partner”.  I can tell you that they require a credit card for verification purposes.  Plus there are other things to charge you for like Domain Name Privacy, which is preselected for you regardless if you tell them you will change the dns yourself (meaning that you wisely choose to not have your domain name with your hosting provider). I was hoping there were would be an individual terns of service for free accounts. Granted this is just speculation, but I suspect that this limited account is truly $4.95 a month billed under annual terms after the 365 days. There is nothing to state exactly how much you will be billed and when. Keep in mind the furthest I went in the order process was up to the point where I would have to enter my billing and contact information.  If the details for how much you will be billed for the future and when is in the next step, that is one step too far for notification. does however have a FTC discloser in their affiliate terms of service:

Brain Host expressly requires you to disclose that there is a “material connection” between you and Brain Host any time you offer an endorsement or testimonial on our services, in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidance as outlined at Such disclosure should be clear and prominent, meaning close to the endorsement or testimonial.

Perhaps Flippa can disclose its material connection to Brainhost. the second of EIG hosts to come clean?

If you read my earlier post, then this post on is going to be very similar to the post.   I will continue to do a post for each notice I recieve from Endurance International Group.  Which I think it is safe to say that is a eig owned site as the notice for is almost exactly the same. until now I have never wrote anything on as a host, unless you read my previous posts on Endurance International Group.

The first email about Federal Trade Commission guidelines was sent to Just Host affiliates.

A copy of the Email from

Dear IPOWER Affiliate,As you may know, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has strict guidelines that relate to affiliates who offer reviews, rankings, endorsements and testimonials; and we require all affiliates of our CJ program to comply with these requirements.To be compliant with the FTC Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, IPOWER expressly requires you to disclose that there is a “material connection” between you and IPOWER anytime you offer an endorsement or testimonial on our services.

View more information about IPOWER’s strict adherence to the FTC Endorsement Requirement.


If you provide reviews, rankings, endorsements or testimonials about a service for which you receive commissions from us, you must clearly disclose the fact that you receive such compensation in a clear and prominent place–that is close to your endorsement.

The FTC takes the Endorsement guidelines seriously and has started to enforce them for both content providers like yourself and advertisers like IPOWER.

As an advertiser, IPOWER will monitor affiliate sites to be sure our services are represented appropriately. Failure to comply with the endorsement guidelines could result in removal from our affiliate program and the cancellation of commissions.


To make it easier for you, we’ve pulled together information, based on a recent FTC enforcement case, to illustrate ways you can disclose a material connection between you and your advertisers. Take a few minutes to review this summary at:

IPOWER Affiliate Disclosure Requirements and Examples

The FTC also offers a variety of resources to help make it easier for you to comply with the guidelines, including:

Please note: These links are intended to provide guidance only. If you provide endorsements of some type, you should obtain legal advice on how the FTC rules apply to you.

Please take steps immediately to make sure your site is in compliance with these guidelines. Several of our leading affiliates have already posted their disclosures, and they continue to enjoy great success.

Best wishes,

The IPOWER Affiliate Team

So what does this email from mean?

In short if your a review site, and you don’t disclose that you created your site for the purpose of making money they will remove you from the affiliate program.  Here are the steps they recommend to be in compliance with the FTC.

  1. Frequent: Disclosures must be available on any page that has an endorsement.
  2. Clear: Language must be easy to understand; don’t attempt to hide the fact that it’s a disclosure.
  3. Conspicuous: Place your disclosure close to your endorsement or review. Differentiate the disclosure’s font treatment from the rest of your site.
  4. Require no action: The user shouldn’t need to click, hover or scroll to locate or understand the nature of your disclosure.

If Ipower.cpm sticks with this, I have to commend them on doing things ethically.  I hope they did not start doing this because the FTC contacted them first.  I will be sure to contact them should I find any violators.

Be warned if you run a so called top review site, and you have Ipower.

Hostek – is just more hype then substance

Hostek is my forth host out of  7 of September 2010 list.  My first impression is that they are not as old as they claim, just another aged domain.  But the further I investigate my initial impression is not justified.    That does not mean that just because they have been around since the late 90’s that they are a valid webhost, for that matter some hosts that have been around along time do not adapt.  Its pretty visible when they have not adapted, for one their design is a big give away.  The site looks pretty up-to-date.  Its the unlimited space that made me suspect they were working off a aged domain.   In this case its a host that could not adapt what they were doing before so they went for what I call a last ditched effort to keep clients and go the unlimited space route.

The one thing I find missing is the terms of service.

Where is Hostek’s terms of service?

Below at the bottom of any page where you would expect to find links to about, contact and most importantly the terms of service (tos) I find:

Specializing in ColdFusion web hosting. This includes ColdFusion 9 hosting, ColdFusion 8 hosting, ColdFusion reseller hosting. Additionally we offer ColdFusion dedicated hosting and ColdFusion dedicated server hosting. We also offer ColdFusion PHP hosting. We currently do not offer ColdFusion linux hosting. As you will see from any ColdFusion hosting reviews, we are a leader in ColdFusion hosting.

But when I search for “ColdFusion hosting reviews”, Hostek is not on the first page of results.

I have to wonder why boast about something that you can not prove, granted its a boast thats really small and tucked away at the bottom of the screen.  But my problem is that there is no clear link to the terms of the service on the home pages and most of the pages that you might go to, to try and find out more about this host.  I have no idea what merchant provider allows this.  I can only speculate that they either remove it after they are screened or they are with a merchant provider that charges so much they really could care less if a site is in order or not.  Frankly I would love to know who has what merchant it would defiantly aid in determining the quality of a host.  Either way they have earned my distrust by not having an up front terms of service.

I found the hostek terms of service while going through their order process

Its been my experience when there is not a direct link on every page of webhosting site that I could find it by going through the order form.  My assumption was correct.

Its the Service level agreement (referred to as the sla) that I find interesting.

The terms of serivce have me leery of the company esspecially when you look at what it takes to get credit for a down time.  The way its worded pretty much nothing is their fault, and almost any down time falls under not their responsibility.

Who is Advanced Online Solutions (AOS) and how are they related to Hostek?

They are mentioned at the very top of the terms of service.

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered between ADVANCED ONLINE SOLUTIONS, INC., 1648 Taylor Road #355, Port Orange, Florida 32128-6753, hereinafter referred to as “the Company” (“the Company” also includes any and all domain names owned by “the Company”) and the Customer, who wishes to use the services of the Company in accordance with this Terms of Service Agreement.

Which seems to me they found a template of a terms of service and were too lazy to use search and replace to put the name of their company in their.   Well thats my opinion, even though I have been told its pretty standard.  But I thought this was Hostek and not “the Company” i.e. AOS, i.e. Adanced Online Solutions, its almost like another version Endurance International Group.

Considering Hostek is webhostingstuff and not direct with there terms of service they are another company I recommend avoiding.

Webhostingstuff- 25 hosts exposed

My blog first started with a review of Webhostingstuff’s top 25 hosts.

As of last week I completed a review of all 25 hosts that pay webhostingstuff for their positioning.  I honestly had hoped to finish before the end of June.  But in the end I found there was a lot more to most of these hosts that I would have imagined.  Some of the most damming details came directly from the staff of the hosting companies.  Some took far deeper digging and rethinking of what to look for as it was not always the same with each host.

I wanted to prove that the hosts were not worthy of being in the top.  Little did I suspect that it was far worse then I first assumed, and perhaps I should have started this blog a lot sooner then when I did.  Even though its becoming growing knowledge that this company that claims:

Unlike some dubious “top 10 hosting sites” I7net that promote web hosts based on affiliate commissions, our fair and honest ranking system helps visitors find the real top web hosting companies.”

The same person that owns, also owns a site that is based on Affiliate Commissions.  The name of the owner is Michael Low a resident of Singapore., is based off of paid per rank.  Which is far worse then any top 10 thats based off of affiliate commission.

The summary that comes to mind with webhostingstuff

Some websites were put over night Ioxhost comes to mind

Two of the hosts were owned by the same company: Ipage and Fatcow.  Meaning I need to look further into The Endurance International Group, Inc.

There were a lot of hosts offering over the top affilate payments. ipage, fatcow, hostgator, site5,….. pretty much half the sites I reviewed.  Many whose own affiliates that drowned out negative feed back only to benefit the hosts.

Some are out of date in their design netmar, LFC hosting

Two hosts were not even worth the effort, Mochahost (terrible customer service behavior) and 2GB Hosting (7 day guarantee).

Is there any truth with webhostingstuff?

The one thing that I am almost certain they do not modify is the uptime monitoring.  With and (not an actually May 2010 host, but June 2010),  Uptime which should have been a factor in rather a host belonged in thetop 25 position.   But even the uptime is suspect, as the hosts that had bad uptime are were lower levels of the top 25.  Perhaps future monitoring of their top 25 will tell me more.

Why do people still trust webhostingstuff?

This is almost like arguing with my mother, often when it comes to an argument such as gender is determined by the male of our species (go Y chromosome), she will quote some one she found on the internet as evidence that I am wrong.   Some reason those sayings my grandmother, her mother did not come to mind to her.  Buyer Beware, You get what you pay for, there is a sucker born every minute.  I guess you could say the pearls of wisdom jumped a generation.  But there are those out there that think of search engines as fact finders.  That is what webhostingstuff is counting on, and they think a few claims of being fair and honest are supposed to make up for the lack of truth.  But this is from the same company whose own interguity page:

They claim:

To build a fair and honest ranking system, ranking is always performed automatically by the system – free of human interference.

However just below that is the very sentence that tears apart that very statement:

Human editors are also needed to maintain the high level of integrity of our trusted reviews. Webmasters and system administrators are needed for the smooth running of this large site.

No matter what I do there will always be someone that trusts webhostingstuff regardless of what they do.  Needless to say I am not done, every new host that signs on to webhostingstuff is subject to my review.

I7NET, is going going……. Gone!!!!

I7net was the host that I felt I should keep an eye on.  Because back in June 2010 they were number 25 on

I7net a review of an award winning hosting company that is no more

Today they are no longer on the top 25,  for that matter online,  Unless you count that apache page you get from cPanel. There is no site now taking business.  For those who doubted me about webhostingstuff faking the rankings, my proof is I7net.  For some reason they were in the top 25 of a company that claims:

Web Hosting Stuff uses a Quality Scoring method to rank hosting companies featured within each hosting category.

The Quality Score for each web host is calculated using realtime visitor statistics and other quality indicators.

By using quality indicators such as visitor statistics, the system is able to determine which web hosts visitors liked.

To build a fair and honest ranking system, ranking is always performed automatically by the system – free of human interference.

Unlike some dubious “top 10 hosting sites”  that promote web hosts based on affiliate commissions, our fair and honest ranking system helps visitors find the real top web hosting companies.

What did I miss on I7net last time?

I did not read the webhostingstuff uptime report for i7net, and clearly there was even more reason that this host should not be on top.  At the time webhostinstuff made it clear due to the rampant downtime they were no longer monitoring uptime prior to having them in the top 25.

Finale thoughts on I7net

This is a host that I add to a list of defunct hosts that were on webhostingstuff, is another defunct host that is no more.  I7net is just more growing proof that webhostingstuff is either idiots or frauds.  What host will be my next I7net?

ThePrimeHost, is a flip flop?

ThePrimeHost,  number 25 of 25 for’s  May 2010 list and the finale host to review from this  list.  At this time they are no longer in the top 25 list.  The design of the site is fairly modern, but it seems cluttered.  There are too many graphics grabbing my attention.  What sticks out at first glance of their site is “Now hosting over 15,000 websites since 2001”.  That in my opinion is an honest statement.  But it leaves a lot of details out.  Is that total from 2001 to today, or is it current amount hosted?  15,000 websites is not 15,000 customers.  They after all offer reseller hosting.   Meaning they could have customers that have 1  or far more websites.  Ultimately the number of sites hosted is irrelevant compared to the number of customers.

ThePrimeHost where to start?

Looking through the site I find a lot of quirks.  There are lot of parts of the site that would make my business partner (the one in charge of every bit of sales text be it email or web sites) cringe.  The order form is drawn out through several pages, I often wonder if too many pages can detour someone from signing up for service.  Then any search engine results I  find have lots of positive reviews, yet there are people out there that claim that the reviews are fake.  Then there is an affiliate program thats disabled.

ThePrimeHost affiliate program

The affiliate system is very similar to those of hostgator, ipage, fatcow, bluehost, and others of its like where there is high payouts.  But for some reason they are stuck at 11,000 sites.  I find it odd that they are so far behind when they are older then many of those hosts that use this insane concept.  It works for these large scale “unlimited” hosts because they have ways of getting out of payments, and not everyone finds a host through their affiliates.   But it drives affiliates to promote the site for what in the end will be a big payout.  Not to mention the more pages that mention your url the better it works for a sites search engine results.   The essential problem with the hosting review industry is that people are promoting the high payouts as the best host regardless if they are not the best.   I tend to think that its no coincidence that they are no longer on Webhostingstuff’s top 25,  while ThePrimeHost’s affiliate sign ups have been disabled.

In regards to the term “Make Bank”, I think the urban dictionaries second defintion works out for this.

to extract as much money as possiable from a player at the poker table.

I slow played the nut flush cause I knew I would make bank on the river.

It appears they only tried one Google ad campaign:

I can tell you that it takes more then one month to make Google Ads payout.

ThePrimeHost reviews

Here is my problem with the reviews, first the below image is the reviews on their own site:

This is from their site:

The one thing I notice is there is only one website listed-, and the domain is expired.  Then there is a anonymous review.  I had one company where we asked for reviews, we required a first name and their website.  The encouragement was that they could get traffic from our site (afterwards the reviews came flying in).   The lack of websites from the reviews has me wondering if the people claiming “the postive ThePrimeHost reviews are false” may very well be right.

Finale Thoughts on ThePrimeHost

This is another host that while having some years in their belt, they haven’t quite figured out how to get their word out there.  They try one month of Google Adwords, and then stop.  They try, despite the growing public knowledge that this review site is a scam, and quit.  They try what their bigger competitors do unethically and then suspend access to their affiliate program.   11,000 sites is not a lot, especially since they are running a reseller program.  While ThePrimeHost has been around a while they have not learned a sure fire method for bringing in and keeping customers.

Netmar, Is ready to take care of your future hosting needs?

Netmar, number 24 of 25 for’s  May 2010 list.  As of today they are now number 9.  So they are paying more for a better position in the Webhostingstuff listings.  Their design seems dated,  no telling when the last time the site had a face lift.  According to them they have been in business as of 1994, and the domain creation date backs them up on this.  But their about page makes me suspect that have not been in the webhosting as lon.

Netmar is wholly owned and operated by the Akinli family of Durham, NC. Established in 1994 as the company behind the Tarheel Mall, we quickly discovered that the online mall concept was not going to be around for long, and abandoned it in favor of straight website hosting

This is another company that I have to wonder when exactly they got into the webhosting business.  Like the last host I reviewed there is not alot of information on this host.  For that matter alot of hosts that do reviews have no reviews from this self proclaimed oldest host.

The oddest thing I found while looking for information on them:

Webhostingstuff’s information on Netmar

This time I started looking over the info on webhostingstuff in regards to Netmar.   While I am sure they erase the info that does not work in their favor they are sloppy in how they do it.   There is a lot of incriminating information that is often left behind.

One Netmar review sticks out

Looking at the reviews I can tell you they should not have a 5 star rating.

Some how with 6 reviews one “poor” review can not keep this host from being listed as anything less then 5 stars.  I also find it hard for this review to have 3 stars on tech support considering that is what this complaint is about.

Netmar uptime records with webhostingstuff.

Curiosly Netmar’s first review was August 15, 2006.  However their uptime records only go to Febuary 2010 of this year.

I suppose you might thing that webhostingstuff only keeps track of this much information on all hosts, but clearly not the case if you look at HostGator’s uptime.

Hostgator’s uptime history goes all the way back to September 2005.  I would expect that webhostingstuff would have tracked the uptime no later then Augusts 2006.

My Finale thoughts on Netmar

They have moved from the 24th to 9th position, but they appear to be behind the times.  It does not appear that they offer a ticket system.  When I first started it soon became apparent that support by email was not going to be effective.  We went to  a ticket system with in the first 3 months of operation.   This is a company that has no visible ticket system:

“At Netmar, we’ve put together a huge repository of online help, but of course, we’re still available to answer your phone calls and emails.”

A support ticket system allows for quality assurance.  For someone like me it allowed for efficient random checks on tickets to ensure that staff are doing their job or that customers are not abusing the system.

I don’t think based on the design of the site that the Netmar is capable of offering a serious hosting solution.

LFC Hosting, is and outdated host?

LFC Hosting is number 23 of 25 for’s  May 2010 list.   As of today, their site is no longer on the top 25 list.   The domain was created in May 31, 1998.  I have to wonder if the design is the original that it had started with.  As much as it may seem pointless to bring up the design, I feel that the design is a sign of how much a company progresses.   I know not every host has their own design team, my own sites went through at least three changes a year.  Not to mention there were changes according to sales events, seasons, and holidays.  We were probable a little too excessive in our changes.  But things like Front Page extensions disappeared from offerings at least 5 years ago.  Things such as WordPress were taking center stage as their popularity advanced.  Clearly LFC Hosting site  is not up-to-date, and you have to wonder are the staff ready for todays hosting needs?     LFC Hosting seems stuck in the past, and I am willing to bet that this site design is at best 7 years old.

So what makes me think LFC Hosting site design has not updated since 2003?

From LFC Hosting main page I click on “Products and Services”, then click on “Hosting” It brings me to this long unnecessary sales spill about their use of Window 2003.  Here is the part that stuck out to me:

Although we run Windows 2003 in the foreground, over half of our networkis actually Linux. Windows 2003/IIS 6.0 servers are employed in theforeground to ensure optimal performance and stability of Windows capabilities (which typically only work well under Windows), as well as anincreased level of security over a single platform. Then, “redirectors”, router “port forwarding” and proprietary LFC technology “forward” all requests for Linux-specific technologies (ex: MySQL 5 databases) to the appropriate Linux server clusters in the background!

I have no idea what any of that means, perhaps because I am not a server tech (I started this business as a webdesigner so I am more of a graphics person). This pretty much looks like jibberish, and I would never have allowed a page like this to preceded access to the order form. I am also no expert on Windows hosting.  Most of my operations involved cPanel, Plesk, and bare bones Linux.  My preference is Plesk, while not user friendly it is far more stable then cPanel.  So I had to ask a friend that deals with Windows, and he tells me that 2003 is outdated and not supported by Microsoft, 2008 is the current version.  Which I had a feeling 2003 was outdated  as 7 years seems along time for software to last unless its with my parents or a video game.

Is LFC Hosting a stagnant host?

I think the answer to that is yes, while I am not sure how reliable is, but comparing Hostgator to LFC Hosting I see a huge difference between them.   Host Gator shows no lose in sites but rather gains, where as as LFC Hosting shows points where it was bleeding out sites.  It appears they have no more then 7000 domains.  Which tells me they have don’t have many customers.

compare to:

A attempted chat with LFC Hosting

Unfortunately as you can see no luck, instead I got the following:

No one was available when I tried to chat

Finale thoughts on LFC Hosting

The thought that goes through my head every time I form a business is that most die off before they reach their 5th year. LFC Hosting appears to be a site that has done just that, but only just barely.  It clings to life, even though it refuses to adapt to the market.   I have to wonder how long a host such as this can keep on going, and I will definatly have my eye on it.  Hopefully this post can encourage them to do something.   LFC Hosting should have used the money they used to get in Webhostingstuff”s top 25 for a new design.