Mindshark.ca – Seo Marketing Experts or Spammers? Part 2

With the second post for mindshark.ca I am going to explore their seo skills, which pretty much amount a weak show of smoke and mirrors. My first post can be found at http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/spammer/mindshark-ca.html.  I am still waiting for an email from a spam expert in regards to what mindshark.ca sent me.  Netfirms.com contacted me in less then 24 hours and has already indicated that they will shut mindshark.ca down if they spam again.  I have made them aware Mindshark.ca used a third party “over seas” to phish/harvest my email.   I know this has nothing to do with hosting companies or fake hosting review sites.  But I have to admit I am really out of the grove on writing blog content because of a rather hectic March,  and I am rather fired up by this spammer.  Not to mention I really hate spam.  That sentence alone does not tell you just how much I hate it.  So the next part brings me to the very heart of who they claim to be, which is seo experts.

Now keep in mind I am no seo expert.  Before I got into the hosting business I did graphics and simple html.  When I got into the hosting business I ran the billing,  purchasing, and staffing.  Someone else was in charge of tech support (Even though I seem to be the one that would knock heads around when there was a problem) and another was in charge of sales, advertising, site design and seo. I was no longer a graphics person.   The last was/is the person I contact when I need help in getting this site or any other site noticed.    There are also experts that he works with that I have to pay when I need their field of expertise.  It would be a mistake to employee my services for SEO, granted I know the people you would employee.  I also know people that have ethically questionable methods of obtaining seo.   Autoblogging, fake pings, spam commenting on blogs, article spinning, and other things that I think are no better then spam, as it clutters search engines such as Google with useless results.

So with my limited knowledge of SEO, let me tell you why you should not go with Mindshark.ca

When it comes to finding experts in the field of seo, you would expect their site to be a shinnying example of their skills. There are alot of tell tale signs that their seo knowledge is not what they claim.  Looking at  compete.com I find the most interesting thing, which is nothing.

I find it odd that despite having a Alexa score of 387,496 which is double mine (the lower the score the better), and 284 sites linking in ( I only have 32 according to Alexa).  Despite all those numbers Compete.com has no data.  Perhaps their domain whois might explain the problem:

I find a few intresting things about that.

1. Their site is a little over a year old.
2. They recently updated something on their domain.  Which might be that they just moved to netfirms.com.

So far the only thing they have me beaten on is  sites linking in on Alexa.com.


Intrestingly enough I find another site that also does seo.

Mindshark.ca’s video tells me exactly why you should not trust them

The quirky thing about this video thats hosted on youtube.com it seems to be the opening for a reputation cleansing service.  For which there is not an active website for: mindsharkdefense.com.  I guess Zamir Javer got to be an expert for a Canadian News station – Global News, where a model that had nude shots taken of her got leaked on the internet.  Zamir explains that the best way to cover it up:

  • “Hide” Negative Material by posting positive content
  • Increase Credibility = Blog on Professional Sites
  • Look Like an Expert
  • Ongoing monitor = Free Google Alert

So the problem is she has nude photos with her on the web.  In order to compete and put “positive” feed back,  she is going to have to go to professional sites that deal with photos.  After all which do you think is going to stick out when type in “*model’s name* photos”:

  1. The nude pics?
  2. Her attempts to talk about jogging?

So that means that she would have to write things in regards to “*model’s name* photos” on professional websites, and every other term that shows up when you try to search for the nude photos.  She might have problems if she had to deal with trying to compete with the term “*models name* nude photos”.

But here is what I find interesting about the video, all of the people that have posted postive feed back on Youtube.com seem to have only created their user name to comment, rate postivly, and to make this their favorite video.   All of which was done the same day they created the account.  Every user that has comment on this videolooks like this.

After which these accounts have zero activity.

Frankly I am surprised they did not use a service that fakes your comments and views.   It would have made it far less obvious.   Or better yet have all those over 450 seo experts comment and view the video with some real youtube accounts.

Also I did comment on the video, and as you can see I put the one negative vote on their video.  Unfortunately my comment was deleted.  I guess they did not like that I drew attention to the fact that the comments were not real.

Then there are the sites that link in to Mindshark.ca

While I am not going to point you to the link at Sharenator.com that links to Mindshark.ca, I find it interestingly that hosting-reviews-exposed.com has 1 of every 117,647 internet visitors.


Many of the sites that are part of the back links, linking in, and what ever else seem to be a combination of sites like this, some sites that tell you what you can do your site.


Which tells me I need to talk to one of those seo experts I mentioned.

Then their is a site that tells me I have a terrible domain name: http://websiteshadow.com/hosting-reviews-exposed.com

Some sites like http://qeoz.com/1-hosting-reviews-exposed-com show nothing you could not find through going to Alexa.com directly

Then there are sites that I consider spam like http://feeds.joe.to/recent/page-2.  While I find that on second page of search engine results for “mindshark.ca”.

Here is the first thing to show up on the second page of their search engine results.

“Once again I did not opt-in or authorize use of this email address for their marketing / spam purposes.”


I am almost tempted to believe they just took part of my content and re-spinned it.

I have yet to find any of what Zamir recommends of posting on professional blogs.

Now to see if 450 Mindshark experts can hide my negative review.

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  1. You would think that SEO experts would have far more traffic on their videos so they would not need to create fake users to make comments. I find it funny both of your blog posts show up on the first page on google for “mindshark.ca”.

  2. I found this post when Mindshark.ca sent me an email for a job offer. I didn’t contact them, they contacted me. I guess that would be a spammer. I have pasted it below for your enjoyment 🙂

    Hi Joan White,

    My colleague and I have reviewed your Profile on Workopolis and we see that you are interested in Career Opportunities. We have ONLY selected a target group of people for the Sales Partner position at Mindshark Marketing. We have established that candidates from your industry have found great success with our firm, and since your profile reflects experience that is similar we have reached out to you.

    Mindshark is based in Canada and markets its services throughout North America. We are currently recruiting for a SALES PARTNERS to join our dynamic team throughout different Cities in Canada and the United States. Our firm is positioned and already capitalizing on the fastest growing industry in the World: Online Marketing.

    The role is for SALES PARTNERS who will be assessing prospect needs and selling Internet Marketing Solutions to businesses across all sectors /industries in North America.
    Note: This is a remote based role and can be carried out from YOUR location. We are looking for partners in various cities in North America.

    Below is a quick summary of our company and what we have to offer:

    – Fast growing division of Global Firm
    – 10 yrs experience as pioneer in Internet Marketing Industry
    – 4000+ current clients globally & team of 500+ technical professionals
    – Solid Track Record, tools, systems and Marketing in place to assist Sales Partners

    – Award winning training program
    – State of the art platform, marketing collateral, & presentation decks
    – High income potential, EARN well over 6 figures & beyond
    – Unmatched High Recurring Income growth.
    – No restrictions on Territory or Industry Vertical
    – Remote based role, current Partners are independent in various cities across North America & Overseas

    NOTE: For further clarity, this is NOT a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) role, and not a call centre or telemarketing role. This is a SALES partner role for Sales Professionals or Business professionals looking for a unique opportunity with high Growth potential.

    – Ongoing recurring commission component allows for income growth
    – Strong candidate can realistically achieve well over 6 figures

    If you are a dynamic and energized individual looking for a fantastic industry and company with an incredible team, this position may be for you!

    We are recruiting immediately. In order to be considered for a position you must complete a short online assessment test. Full job description and application instructions are available at the link provided below


    If you do have further questions please send them directly to [email protected] .

    If this position is not of interest, then please do not reply.


    Mindshark HR.

  3. Hello Joan,

    You would think by now being the seo experts that they are, not to mention good at covering up negative feed back that I would not be on the first page of many results for their site.

    I truly hate spam.



  4. So wait, mindshark doesn’t do hosting, you dont know hardly anything about SEO and your trying to expose them for something that they dont do? i’m confused…
    and joan was your resume posted on workopolis for potential job offers? because that would make it prospecting and not spamming.

  5. i just need a little help in understanding the point of this article. seems like your trying to throw dust on a company for no reason, do you get paid to attack the legitimacy of one company by its competition?

  6. Hello Wayko,

    Did you read this post in full? Because the point is they harvested my email and decided to spam me. Also you seemed to missed the point that someone that knows very little about seo manages to be on the top page of their search engine results. If they were a good seo expert they would not need to harvest and spam, and they for sure would be able to hide my negative feed back. Nor would they have to fake their own comments on their video. The real question is were you hired to troll my blog?



  7. We have been using Mindshark SEO and blogging services for 2 years now with quite a bit of success. We just came across this site from one of the temps in our office. Just thought i would point my 2 cents in, seems this site is trying to slander the company for no apparent reason? They don’t do any hosting. I host my own website they just optimize us and get us traffic, and do it very well.

    Best of luck.

  8. Hello Jake,

    I doubt you have used them for 2 years as their domain was registered 2010/02/03.

    What site did they help you with. Also do read this post and the previous post in full. Otherwise your just trolling if you can’t address why I wrote these two posts. Granted these two post may very well be just as fake as the reviews on the video.

    Also both your ips are and Interesting that two people from Ontario.



  9. We have also used their services for several years. If you chekc their better business listing you canclearly see theyve been around for more than 6 years. Who’s the one not researching you or them?

    And yes we are also in Ontario oleg

  10. Oleg,

    Business age is volunteered information, the BBB does not confirm it, they ask the business. The domain clearly states:

    Creation date: 2010/02/03
    Expiry date: 2012/02/03
    Updated date: 2011/03/17

    So please tell me what site they helped you with.



  11. Now its clearyou seem to make things up. Have you registered for bbb? They verify all business info thats the whole point of BBB. At least they are registered and credible with 6+ years of history. What does a site matter? We have 30 websites for our business all registered at different times.

  12. Hello again Oleg,

    Yes I actually have dealt with the BBB before, which is how I know their source for start dates is the business. They could of coarse ask for documents that could validate the date, but they do not.

    Which interestingly enough Mindshark.ca has been accredited since September 30, 2010, though I don’t see any dates before that on there to somewhat back your claims.


    Frankly I don’t consider the BBB much of a resource, as they really have done little to update.

    Exactly how did you find mindshark.ca’s website if it was not around before?



  13. Isn’t this clear ? Says right on the link you pasted

    Additional Information

    BBB file opened: 23/09/2010
    Business started: 11/10/2006

    I don’t believe the BBB date is the company start date, nor is the web registration date the company start date. Where do you get your weird ideas from?

    Regardless, yes they contacted us and we were glad they did. They have done wonderful for our Reputation Management needs as well.

  14. Hello Oleg,

    You do know the reason I did a article about this site right? It was because they harvested my email by going through my contact form and then using my email to spam me. No I was never interested in seo services with them. As I know far better seo experts that can run circles around these hacks, that have to hire a third party over seas to get contacts. The email they had farmed was exclusively for this site, and only YouTube had any level of permission to send mail outs to.

    While your not really doing anything to prove your point, you are earning your pay.

    I don’t see your sites, or for that matter how you could have possible done business with mindshark.ca before 2010, when the site did not exist back then. If it had thewaybackmachine would have a record, and whois information is next to impossible to fake. While the BBB does nothing to confirm any of the information provided to it. Other then payment for membership that is the limit to what they actually check.

    Also I don’t see the start date of a domain the start date of a business, as generally they tend to form after the creation sometimes weeks, months, and even years after the fact.

    Regards, and keep them coming.


    P.S. Would love to see some of these sites that you claimed they helped you out on. After all proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes.

  15. I found your reviews while searching for information on this company. Like Joan above, I received almost the same email for a different position. I looked up the company in several places and LinkedIN.

    I will not be replying to them.

  16. Hello Don,

    Mind forwarding me their spam? I sent you an email. Thanks in advance if you do send.



  17. Recently received a job posting from this Mindshark company similar to the one Joan / June 7, 2011
    posted above only with the SALES PARTNERS changed to OPERATIONS MANAGER. Then proceeded to discover this Hosting-reviews-exposed.com article while researching the company. Though I have not come to any conclusion for or against Mindshark, I want to point out the following:

    1. There is no relevance of the WHOIS creation date of their domain as it relates to when the company starting doing business. If this were true, by this rationale Walmart was not doing business until its 1995 domain registration start date.

    2. The site states an Mindshark is an OA name for two other companies Skyton Capital and Jasua International.

    3. One of Mindshark’s featured clients Skyton Capital is itself. This is seems suspect.

    4. Skyton Capital as an Ontario Canada “real estate” investment company is unaffiliated with both the MLS system and CREA membership. This is also suspect.

    5. Mindshark, Skyton, and Jasua all are the same BBB rated company Mindshark Marketing. Which BBB categorizes as SEO. Guess they do not do business in real estate or fashion?? This also suspect.

    Hope others can add more comments to this article or author Benjamin can make use of any of this information.

  18. Hello Bill,

    Walmart is not a proper comparison, after all they existed before computers. Mindshark is purely a online service (seo and online reputation management). Unlike Walmart you could actually walk into their stores long before I was born, or a real estate which you can find in the yellow pages or by visiting their office. For companies such as Mindshark.ca a virtual service without a website to sell the services is a bit of a oxymoron.

    The reason I rely on the whois is because of the BBB record:


    The BBB does nothing to validate a start date of a company, they simply ask. The first time I dealt with them they had actually contacted me. While setting up my company they asked me the start date. Which I stated the date not listed in the whois or with the state but the date we had stared making the site. Somewhere between the purchase of the domain, and the licensing process, none of which they validated and listed what I stated as the start date. Never mind the BBB is not exactly a trusted source:

    Read this link to see what I mean:


    The people who have tried to state they have been doing business with them for 5 years failed to do one thing that would validate claims of this company being in business prior to 2010 and actually offering a legit service and that is to give me the websites they has put through them. So until I see something to validate their claims I am sticking with the only data that can not be altered and that is the whois information.

    The other information you gave me is worth looking into.

    As for your other points those are worth looking into.



  19. Just came across this site. We have been using Mindshark for 3 years, not 2 so i can definately confirm that they have been around for several years. We recently increased our budget with Mindshark to $2500/ month which is a lot for our company so i thought to check out deeper about Mindshark and see if any recent reviews or stories were out. I have referred them 4 clients already. Based on what i’ve read above it seems like i’m one of the only people here that have actual interaction with Mindshark and their team, along with Oleg above :

    This would mean that my experience is probably the most valid , as opposed to the outsider Heresay above.

    We have seen increased sales for all our sites, and for all 3 divisions in our company. We sell retail and wholesale building supplies across Canada and into the USA.

    My nephew recently was looking for a job and i actually referred him to Mindshark, since i think they have a fantastic company!

    Anyways , hope you all find what you are looking for. Those are my notes for you to share.

  20. Hello Jason,

    Nice wonderful story, but per usual with any glorified mindshark.ca testimonial you failed to give me any websites to look at.

    Try again, seriously how can a web service exist before the site was ever created?



  21. Not one person on this thread stands behind MindShark.ca enough to mention their website’s name…

    While there may be some ‘real’ clients for Mind Shark posting on here… the anonymity of the internet allows people to post ‘fake testimonials’ on here… Are they real clients commenting on this thread? are they employed by MindShark.ca to post positive comments that aren’t genuine? I mean… this is the basis for their business… isn’t it? they encourage you to post positive comments to smother negative ones… even if they are untrue… THIS IS WHAT THEY PRACTICE..

    MINDSHARK.CA encourages unethical and dishonest steps to cover negative feedback…

    they say

    1. “Hide” Negative Material by posting positive content

    Basically they tell you to post positive comments about your website (likely as a third party) to suppress the negative ones… Kind of like on here!

    2. Increase Credibility = Blog on Professional Sites

    This sucks… this is what ties up websites/forums/blogs with useless posts/articles… people joining and posting on professional sites with an ulterior motive… not for the genuine reasons people should be there…

    3. Look Like an Expert

    Basically, ‘BE A FRAUD’!!! Pretend to be someone you’re not…

    The sad part is that these fake posts and trolls truly influence people that are doing their ‘due diligence’ trying to find a legitimate company to help them.

    I don’t know about the quality of MindShark.ca services… but they seem suspect,,,

    I’ve seen companies deal with negative feedback/slander by addressing the issue publicly and professionally as themselves (not hiding behind a fake alias)… Then they just leave it be… if you aren’t commenting all the time to defend yourself and giving the others ammo to reply… they will eventually leave it alone and hopefully it will go away…

    Just my 2 cents 🙂


  22. Just spammed by phone from one of their sales reps who was extremely rude!

    I informed her she must email us as we are conducting business and don’t have time for her marketing pitch but to send an email with details.

    She proceeded to continue with her speech as if its written down on paper… so I hung up. She attempted to call back twice from 201-535-4576 in NJ

  23. they just sent me a job offer for a sales position via odesk. Not spamming. because I have a profile there, but I did some searching here for the name it goes under and the guy that owns the odesk account and found this thread.

    Very interesting.

  24. Hi Benjamin
    I just starting reading what you sent me but a couple comments after what I’ve read. I belong to the BBB and they asked me my start date and thats what they used, whew, got that tough one out of the way. All these prople backing Mindshark are making the company look worse and are too stupid to figure that out. What a bunch of morons. If they can’t give a website, after repeated requests, and keep posting, they’re burying the same company that they’re here defending. Mindshark doesn’t know, nor has it figured out, how the internet operates, obviously. Yeah, thats the company I want to throw my hard earned dollars to.
    Thanks Benjamin

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