Review Arvixe. Is a bad host? Arvixe Sucks? Complaints?

Back in the early years of my self-employment, my business partner and I would brain storm with domains. Though I think it was more of a war of philosophies. Alot of the time I would buy the domains I thought had value, though admittedly I have close 500 domains that are doing nothing, over 10 years.  He never would have bought a domain like or I would, I like that they are unique yet easy to spell, and not to mention stick in your mind. My philosophy had always been to make it memorable, not always short, and make sure it can be spelled with out much thought.. His would be some sort of business philosophy he picked up from forums and other so called “gurus”. But I think we can both agree this is not a domain either of us would have picked. While it fits my desire of short, I doubt people that first see the domain are going to remember how to spell it on the fly. After all what is a arvixe? It seems that they have the monopoly on the term and its probable made up.

But before I go any further into how I think a domain should be, that’s really not something in relation to bad hosts.   They have an affiliate program like the first three, but they are not on commission junction. Which means they are another high payout, that encourages tons of crap when you try to look for information on a webhost.

What I found in regards to search engine results about arvixe is disturbing.

In a nut shell customer tried to order service from a site that promises 24 / 7 tech support and prompt set up of order. After not receiving the order the customer tried to contact the company during a day and could not reach anyone. I can’t say I would not be alarmed after giving my credit card information to a company that had no one to contact. So customer went to to complain. Arvixe choose to to counter response, and apparently their response to their customer was so inappropriate deleted it. For the most part the other reviewers were with the person who posted the complaint. When someone brought up complaining to the BBB, Arvixe was quick to state the person was not a customer because they did not take their money. Not to mention argued the point that they never signed up. As far as I can tell they never addressed the inability to be contacted. Perhaps this person is lying, but there is nothing that indicates that they were. But as far as I am concerned, until you tell someone their order was declined after taking their credit card the person is a customer. Simply not responding to their emails or phone calls…….. hiding from them is not an indicator that someone is not a customer. I wonder what their merchant would think of this philosophy.

Then on their own forum.

One of their customers found complaints about dos (Denial of Service) attacks. The customer wanted clarification. Arvand who seems to appear where ever there is a complaint did not treat this person like a customer, but more of an attacker. Ever where I see Arvixe complaints that allow for posting, I find Arvand attacking the negative feed back. I wonder if the customer signed up for 2 years, I know I would not. It it was me I would have stated when the last dos attack was, and what we do to prevent them and if in the rare case they get through what we do to fix it. Because this post and every post Arvand has gone against only add more fuel in not buying from them. This was defiantly not a place to be defensive, this was a time to give a customer cool and calm response.

My question is when do they have problems do they take responsibility for them, or are they going to attack the customer that asks what the cause of the problem is. I have said things in the heat of the moment I wish I had not said, but I can count on one hand the amount of times over 11 years. But that is not the case for this company. Instead its a policy of attacking the customer, and I don’t see much point in reviewing a company that engages in such a philosophy any further.

Bottom line, I don’t recommend this host. Even if they were not using over the top affiliate payouts and sites like (Traffic Popularity: #77 of 10,293 companies) to get a position that was not earned. Their responses to problems is not acceptable, and I tend to wonder what problems are going on behind the scenes when every response is a defense mode. I don’t see much point in further review of this company, or future reviews unless they change their philosophy of attacking the messenger.  There is no point in hosting with a company like this.

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  1. Hi silvio,

    We are sorry you had issues contacting us. It sounds like the chat was disconnected. If there are issues reaching us via chat, we have 24/7 phone and e-mail support. The hosting details were not sent as the account was not yet verified. The reason they asked for a photo of your card was to verify it was actually you placing the order, as the details on your account did not match. We do employee people from all over the world and I am sorry that you have an issue with that.


  2. I never had serious problem with Arvixe, for me their support is quite good, I just dont like their server, sometimes it fast and sometimes it is very slow. At the first time when host with them, it is very fast. After 1 year, the problem comes and sometimes my site can be opened. I have switched to and no problem so far. The price seems bit higher but my site loads 4 times faster.

  3. I run 3 websites with Arvixe. From the very beginning the sites and admin pages were very so slow; It soon got to the point that I’d get frustrated trying to do anything on my websites—even cpanel moved like a slug. I contacted them a few times, and was told it was a firewall issue on my side, and that was that.

    Now a couple months later, every single day my websites are down (all 3 of them—even ones I haven’t updated in a few weeks). I get complaints from visitors/clients daily telling me the sites are down. Again, I filed complaints, and they say “It’s up now. Is there anything else we can help you with?”

    I began to ask to be moved to a new server, and was told they can do that but would rather find out what is causing the problem. So nothing got done. Not long afterward, they sent out a letter to those of us on a certain server that by the end of June (they gave an exact date) we would be moved to a new server which would improve reliability and speed. Never happened. It’s now mid-August. I’ve asked about the move, and have told them to move me to a new server, and they either don’t acknowledge that complaint, or they say it’s in the process.

    Anyway, by telling us we were being moved to a new server for more reliability and speed, is admitting that said server has problems. And it appears it’s getting worse by the day.

    I’m going to cut my losses on my 2 year contract because my 90-day money back guarantee is up, and go elsewhere. Save your money and don’t sign up with Arvixe.

  4. I got a hosting plan from Arvixe about 1.5 months ago based on the good reviews all over the internet. Everything was fine until last weekend. But now the server my website is on is down for the last 3 days and counting. Tech support sends emails twice a day claiming they are working on the issue. I revisited the reviews on Arvixe and there are hundreds of complaints about server down or poor tech support etc most made during the last two months. It looks like something really bad going on with this company. Started to think about cancelling my account for a refund. They appear to have a 60 day money back guarantee.

  5. The fact that this host isn’t listed as a 0/10 with a glaring warning at the top of this review saying to avoid this scamming scum of a company really means you are bringing a discredit to your users by even mentioning them here.

  6. Hello Ryan,

    No it is not a discredit to my users to mention Arvixe. You are missing the big picture on why this site is listed in the first place. Which is their dealings with a fake hosting review site like and like so many of the other hosts that appear on this site.



  7. Arvixe was purchased by Endurance International Group in 2015, since then it’s gone downhill dramatically. Arvixe used to be a reliable, cost-efficient web host. All that changed. There are frequent down times (our site and mail have been down for a week as of this posting) and customer support is virtually non-existent. After 6 years with them, we have to scramble to find another, more reliable web host. It’s a shame to see a decent company run into the ground..

  8. That explains a lot. I saw so many good reviews, that I, unfortunately, signed up for 2 years with Arvixe. From the get-go everything was sluggish. Tech support would not listen, they kept claiming it was something on my end. After only about 4 months, I left for another company—because my websites were inaccessible by me; it was the oddest thing. I later looked at other wesites that were on my shared server: they were some pretty scary and evil looking websites I was housed with.

  9. I had a horrible experience with them and all I got was rude customer service that took them days to respond. I am glad I was not able to complete my domain transfer as it sounds like it would have been a disaster. Everywhere I look now, especially people write of the problems they have and it seems to be growing exponentially this year. I am glad their customer service came off so rude right away as I moved on immediately.

  10. ARVIXE is going down the hill. I started using their services a while ago (maybe 5 years ago) they were amazing, but recently they have gotten terrible. You call them, the rep says I cannot do anything, you chat with them they say I cannot do anything. So they create a ticket for you which takes for ever to get resolved. I asked to talk to the people responsible and the management team, the rep told me you have to email [email protected]. I asked for a number, nothing! Apparently the company is becoming a virtual company now! No one cares about you, and no one is there to help you if you run into an issue. I have 2 services with them, a VPS and a Pro windows hosting account, but they just dont care about costumers! Stay away from them! STAY AWAY!

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