support going down hill?

A few days ago, I forget which post it was but I was giving praise to in regards to their support. After all I have used,, and a few of the Endurance International Group sites (EIG) and honestly is the better of the hosts mentioned. I do design for a living, and while my rates are not cheap my customers can be. They sometimes think that the hosting should be dirt cheap, as they have no idea what is going on beyond the curtain.

Hosts like are the equivalent of Panda Express.  

Many customers I have that want cheap hosts like have a mind frame like my nephew.  When he was 12 he refused to eat French fries at my place as he was afraid they were made from some kind of vegetable (Keep in mind I am a strict vegan), soon he got a lesson from his non-vegan grandmother what they were made of. This year he turns 20 and he thinks places like Panda Express offer custom made food. For those that are unfamiliar with what Panda Express is, they claim to sell Chinese food (ok I am no fan). You grab a tray point out what is under a hot lamp and they dish it out to you, not cooked to order in what amounts to a school lunch line.  Personally never been a fan of Chinese restaurant chains and prefer locally own places. If you are ever in the Phoenix Arizona area I recommend a place called Uncle Lee’s and sons.  Granted only been there once but they really know how to cook tofu.

With anything that is cheap you can’t expect perfection. One of my colleagues had an issue dealing with one of their online techs. Well not just one issue but several. This time around went two days without responding to a ticket.

Do you think this personally bothers me that took 2 days to deal with a ticket?

In short no, I actually expect worse.  Apply the whole cheap hosting against the car industry and you will get a glimpse into my thinking on the hosting industry.  Companies like want you to think that they offering you a Ferrari, when truth of the matter is they are offering you a Pinto, Gremlin, maybe even a 1970’s VW beetle.   Don’t get me wrong these are cars that will get you where you want to go (provided they are taken care of), and often they may be the most practical solution given a person’s means. But that does not mean you are going to win any races against a Ferrari. Even if was not to do this, the others would for sure.  After all people generally gravitate to where the biggest perceived deal is. has no problem pushing people to buy on such deception especially under the guise of getting your hosting for $0.01.

Overkill verification with

The below is a chat session with to be clear I am not the one named AngryMonkey. Generally I try to remain calm even if things are really slow on the host’s end. The reason being I have clauses in my design contracts that stipulate that I get paid for any time that goes beyond the contract when caused by a third party that was selected by the customer.  Third party in this case is  Most of my overage fees are with Endurance International Group hosts. The below chat is not something I recommend both for customer or

(7:12 am) [System] Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
(7:13 am) [Cody B.] Welcome to HostGator Live Chat. My name is Cody. I’m happy to assist you today.
(7:13 am) [Cody B.] Hey there AngryMonkey, can I have the ticket ID this is regarding please?
(7:13 am) [AngryMonkey]:  *REMOVED*
(7:13 am) [Cody B.] Thanks 🙂
(7:13 am) [AngryMonkey]: Does HostGator still own SEOHOSTING.COM or is it out of business?
(7:14 am) [Cody B.] I assure you nothing has changed about SEOHOSTING.COM.
(7:14 am) [Cody B.] For security purposes, I will need you to verify your identity by providing the PayPal transaction ID of your most recent payment, or the last 4 digits of the credit card on file for the account, depending on your payment method. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
(7:14 am) [AngryMonkey]: Unbelievable. One minute. I will log into the account.
(7:14 am) [Cody B.] I do apologize.
(7:15 am) [AngryMonkey]: *REMOVED*is the last transaction ID
(7:16 am) [Cody B.] I’m sorry, it would be PayPal transaction IDs only. I can accept the last 4 of your credit card on file, or the 4 to 8 digit number known as the security PIN number on the account.
(7:16 am) [AngryMonkey]: Jesus Christ. I’m logged into the account, I have given you a ticket number, and I’m complaining with regard to a ticket that has NO response in 2 days. Just a minute. I will log into my PayPal account now.
(7:17 am) [Cody B.] I can send you an email at your gmail account and have you reply if that’s easier.
(7:19 am) [AngryMonkey]: What would be easier if you  just updated the ticket. But go ahead and send me an email and I will jump through your hoops.
(7:20 am) [Cody B.] It is sent, if you could please reply back to me via email I will have you fully verified. I do appreciate your patience.
(7:20 am) [AngryMonkey]: This email is to confirm that the owner of this email, and the related HostGator account, is in Live Chat with a HostGator agent named Cody. You are requesting personal information about the HostGator account. Please reply to this email confirming that you are the owner and that you are currently speaking to this person via chat. 

Best Regards, 

Cody B. 
Phone / Chat Support Technician LLC
(7:20 am) [AngryMonkey]: Happy?
(7:20 am) [Cody B.] Can you please send me a reply via email?
(7:21 am) [AngryMonkey]: I just replied via the ticket
(7:21 am) [AngryMonkey]: Now, do you want to tell me what’s going on? I have other HG accounts, but not purchased via SEOHOSTING.COM — and I am already regretting my decision.
(7:22 am) [AngryMonkey]: I understand you need to verify my ID, but that has NOTHING to do with getting adequate response to a ticket.
(7:23 am) [Cody B.] I just need to fully verify your ID so I can give the ticket to my supervisor and have someone take care of it right now.
(7:23 am) [Cody B.] I’m just trying to help but in order to put in the request I need full verification, I’m not seeing a reply to the ticket at this time. I know it seems kind of silly and I do apologize.
(7:24 am) [AngryMonkey]: Well, congrats. You’ve covered your ass. But if you just looked at the ticket, you would see it has nothing to do with security or access and everything to do with getting a response.  It’s absurd. Seriously, when a customer is inconvenienced due to a lack of support and/or response, to inconvenience that person further is just absurd.
(7:24 am) [AngryMonkey]: Is there anything else you need from me at this time?
(7:25 am) [Cody B.] I need you to send me a reply to the ticket please.
(7:27 am) [AngryMonkey]: Sent.
(7:28 am) [Cody B.] Thank you so much. I have you fully verified. I’m going to get with my supervisor and get this ticket taken care of for you right now.
(7:29 am) [AngryMonkey]: Great. Wonderful.
(7:32 am) [AngryMonkey]: Anything else I need to do at this time?>
(7:33 am) [Cody B.] If you could just remain in chat for a moment just in case there’s anything the migrations team needs from you that I may be missing. 
(7:35 am) [AngryMonkey]: Cody, I’ve been waiting TWO days. I’ve jumped through your employer’s silly hoops. IF you and HG haven’t figured out by now that making a client wait for support is a bad idea, then I’m out of here. If I don’t get a response to the ticket within 12 hours, I will simply cancel. I’m not waiting any longer. Sorry. I do apologize. I know you don’t make the policies, but no… I’m not going to wait any longer. I’ve been on chat for 23 minutes.
(7:35 am) [System] Chat closed by customer request.

Don’t get me wrong there is a point and time to be secure and ask for things that identify a customer as who they are. But I think a big identifier is when a customer points to a ticket that has not been dealt with for 2 days.  Frankly security is the last thing  should worry about here, as who is going to know that ticket has not been dealt with for 2 days aside for Seriously the tech spent too much time trying to verify who a customer was rather than looking to see that a ticket was dealt with.

But that is beside the point; we are talking about cheap unlimited hosting offered by Customers are not individuals in this market they are numbers.  What can you expect from a company that charges as low as $3.96 a month?

Since my friend has had other issues with he has noticed a few other problems with chat. First is it seemed the line on support was getting longer. But a change happen this month where instead of showing a place , a time with a really long decimal point was coming up. Personally not a bad touch if only they would change it to two decimal point. But here the second problem and it’s a real kicker they answer the chat and find some reason to “look at the issue” to take another 15 – 20 minutes. chat Before chat After

Normally I try to refrain from profanity being posted on this site. By my friend (aka AngryMonkey) had this to say about

Comment retracted at author’s request

I don’t quite see the same thing, but perhaps a clue to the server’s problem may be that servers should not be in a swamp. Look down mister, look down.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m the owner of hostgator and would be very surprised if it took us two days to respond to your friends ticket. I have a feeling your friend isn’t telling you the whole story. Would it be possible to get that ticket number?

    I’d love to take a look at it and see how long it really took for a response. If you could email me at [email protected] that would be great. thanks!!

  2. Hello Brent,

    Thanks for taking your time to read my post. However just because you have a feeling, does not make it true. No company is perfect, even at points where I owned four hosting companies I found similar complaints such as this post against my companies. I can’t say I liked it one bit. Honestly it would not surprise me if you were more hands on than most of the cheap unlimited hosting companies out there; which makes seeing negative stuff like this sting even more. However blaming the customer solves anything.

    The only details that were left out were the identify parts of the ticket to my friend’s customer. With that said if I wanted to post half truths I would have content once or more a day just for your company (I don’t even want to give a number on EIG). I turned down posting negative stories about because there was not enough relevant data being posted to back people’s claims.

    I will contact my friend to provide you an update, he can at any time comment on this post and I will update you via email should he update the post.



  3. Hi, Brent: I happen to be that friend that you are referring to and I can assure you: your company DID take 2 days to respond to me. I received no greeting. No standard acknowledgement. No reply for two days.

    I have (previously) always spoken highly of Hostgator, publicly and privately. I have jumped to your defense anytime someone attacked you or impugned your company. I have extolled your company’s virtues and previously kept my mouth shut when there were problems. I even didn’t mind it when one of your support managers jumped on MY company’s chat system, 2 years ago (when I ran a tech support business) and your guy pretended to be a client and invited my guys to fly to Texas to work for Hostgator (want a copy of that chat dialog?? I’ve got the name and IP address which traces it to Hostgator)…. The list goes on and on…

    So all in all, I can put up with a lot of bullshit. However, when I don’t get a ticket response for 2 days straight and I have to subsequently poke and prod one of your guys on chat to wake up and take a look, my patience wears thin. And you can understand why I would be PO-ed by your implication that I’m not telling the full story. That kind of response from a CEO is a cop-out for what should have been a genuine attempt for damage control.

    Lastly, if you REALLY want to manage your company’s image, how about taking a good look at your company’s chat system. It’s slow. Technicians are slow. One must wait for a long time to receive a response…. even after they’ve been answered. It’s obvious your technicians are juggling multiple, numerous chat requests. That’s cool. I understand that. I’m not expecting miracles, but the slowness of their responses hints at a department that is woefully understaffed. And aesthetically speaking, the “cartoon imagery” of your chat GUI really sucks. Seriously. Seeing a blue monster (gator) standing knee-deep in what looks like green sh*t, next to a server that’s soaking in the same green sh*t doesn’t exactly inspire technological confidence. Go to and find some pretty tech-girls… or use screenshots of your own NOC, but please… get rid of the cartoon. When a server is soaking in green muck, you don’t need a magnifying glass to know something’s wrong (and stupid) to begin with. When a Hostgator client has to use your chat system, show them you take them seriously, not whimsically, and take a good look at what your imagery is implying.

  4. Benjamin: Tell your friend to be VERY careful about posting negative information about Hostgator while he is a Hostgator client. Posting negative information or detrimental HostGator reviews is against Hostgator’s terms of service and furthermore, they reserve the right to terminate anybody’s service. They don’t need a reason. It’s standard “Terms of Service” for most hosting companies.

    Angry Monkey is right. Oxley polices Hostgator posts. Go to Google and enter this search term with the quotes “I’m the owner of hostgator”

    Also try, “I am the owner of hostgator”

    Two types of posts come up: Self-congratulatory posts by Brent Oxley and damage-control comments from Brent Oxley.

    Be very, very careful about what you say. A lot of his comments are very pointed.

    I am a happy hostgator customer by the way (and Angry Monkey is right about the service level plummeting as of late however) but I would never, never publicly post any identifiable information for Brent to read because Hostgator doesn’t need a reason to terminate a person’s account if you push them too far.

  5. Hello Michael,

    My friend is the guy called Angry Monkey. Like myself he reads the terms of service for every company he deals with. He won’t provide his details even though he was not the account holder for the account in question as we will not risk a client.

    Regardless I have not seen a hosting company that will keep a customer when they post negative feed back. Yeah I have written negative feedback about when I was with them, and they were within their rights to shut me down. You can call it messing with free speech, but hosting is not free even when its with a so called free host. Your not going to see a hotel cater to provide a staging area for a group that wants to shut it down.

    Also in the future please provide your email. I am going to be the last one to spam you or provide your email details to other people. However I generally do not approve of comments to people who provide fake email addresses.



  6. Webmaster, note I am not posting my real email address or URL for fear of Host Gator shutting my sites down.

    First, I’m going to defend Hostgator’s hosting plans.

    Let me say Hostgator’s shared hosting plans are great! Not a big fan of their reseller WHM-enabled plans. My sites run faster on their shared plans. I had their most expensive WHM/Reseller plan and I moved my 4 sites from 4 individual Host Gator Baby plans to the Reseller plan. Big mistake!! The difference in performance was obvious. I moved the 4 sites back to my 4 Baby plans and I’m a happy camper again.

    As for Host Gator’s owner, he is my biggest complaint. I know Brent is just trying to be an “involved” CEO and I’m sure he really cares about customer satisfaction, but he goes about it the wrong way every time. I have seen some of his comments on other blogs and he can be a social moron (at best) or a vindictive bully (at worse). Consider yourself lucky he just implied you didn’t know what you were talking about 🙂

    Did your friend really have to wait 2 days to get a response from his support department? I don’t know. There are two sides to every story. I once had to wait a day and a half to get a simple answer about a POP email problem, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

    One thing is for certain: Host Gator needs a reputation management department and have a “nice” person with social graces who responds to posts like yours with something like: “I’m sorry to hear about your problems. We at Host Gator take our customer’s satisfaction very seriously. I would be glad to help. Please let me know what the ticket number was and I will investigate ASAP! Sincerely, Donna”.

    Short, simple, and sweet. No implication that the customer is wrong or misguided. When you’ve got a pissed off client, that’s the last thing you want to do. It’s the first thing that Oxley did in his response to you before asking for your ticket number.

    Please, Brent, if you must do damage control, hire somebody who knows how to do it right. There’s no need to insult your clients by doubting that they are telling the truth. Is it that hard to believe that somebody inside Host Gator might have dropped the ball and that your customer may actually be right?

  7. Hello Donald,

    You’re more than welcome to post positive things about As long as a comment adds to the discussion and is relevant to the topic I will of course approve your comment. As for fear of getting a hold of your email, not happening without some serious legal action. But your comments are generally positive towards, other than giving Brent a tongue lashing and what I consider constructive critisim of their reseller plan (more details would have been appreciated) I don’t see any issue with having your website listed, as you give praise to their service. You even raise the question to weather my friend is telling the truth. Not really a bad thing for a outsider to do, not recommended for a owner of a hosting company.

    Brent on the other hand has full rights to post whatever he wants as long as the post is a post, even if it was not relevant to the post. As for being lucky that is all he did, honestly he it is in his best interest to remain civil, because I don’t delete comments from hosts regardless of what they say. Seriously they can tell me my mother is ugly and go into full on detail about it. I won’t delete or edit it. It is to his benefit or disadvantage to respond civilly, just as it is for anyone.

    As for my friend being wrong, I will vouch for the two days to get a response. I have read the ticket in detail. But personally I am not bothered by the amount of time it took, after all this was paid at $4 a month. If you read my post in detail you will understand that. Also from the chat session you can see no denial of the ticket taking 2 days to be responded to. Bad things happen to even the best of hosts, the best they can do is learn from their mistakes and move on.

    I can’t agree on getting a reputation manager involved, we are talking about cheap hosting here. Sure in a way it could help customer service, but it its just used as a propaganda machine than I have to say it would be a department that is in no way helping with customer service.

    Regards, and thank you for your comment


  8. I was just researching hostgator customer service issues and stumbled upon this post. I’ve had nothing but a nightmare dealing with Hostgator. First, they sell me a reseller program that was grossly inadequate for my business. Then, I was over the size capacity for that account. Never informed me that this space issue would interfere with my backups nor how to rectify it. So, they were unable to restore my site. I lost 3 days of work. Oh, and when I cancelled my reseller account, my entire account reverted back to the date before I purchased the reseller account. I used to love hostgator… but now I am disgusted. I am now in the process of moving over to blue host. More wasted time.

  9. any company that shuts you down because you not happy with service needs to be shut down customers leave there light on and feeds them I have been in business since 1997 and when my customers are not happy i do not turn off there accounts I want to know what i can do to fix it even give them free months of service just to make thing better or even refund if its some thing on my end or there programs do not work with our software customer feed back helps a company grow

    Im so glad to have found this site

  10. Hello Gia and DTS-Net,

    Gia you might try contacting Brent. If you have years under your belt sometimes a provider will listen. After all what is the harm he can’t shut you down if you are moving away.

    DTS-Net to a degree I agree with you. But only so far there is a point where a company does not do business with a customer. That point is when the customer means for the end of your company. It is one thing to have grievances that a host can deal with. My friend has grievances, and I doubt he will stop doing business with The reason I say that is that he asked for me to leave out identifying factors in this post that can link back to him. If he were done it would not matter to him about the ticket number and payment id being posted with the rest of the details I provided.

    But keep in mind webhosting does not mean you get free speech; after all your hosting is not free. Not to mention the terms of service that everyone agrees to when they sign up for service is there to protect the hosting company’s interests. Just like you’re not going to see the Marriott provide a meeting room to an anti-Marriott group. You can’t just click that you accept the terms of service when you order and then pick and choose what you are willing to accept later.

    Frankly if it was me I would not hold against these customers and would work with a customer to remove the comments. Something I have not mentioned but I am willing to delete negative feed back if a customer of a host asks me.



  11. Ey Donald G, I hope you can provide more info about the issues you encountered with HG’s reseller plan. That would really help me out a lot coz I am actually considering to buy their reseller package than the shared hosting package. Benjamin, thanks for putting a lot of effort to this site of yours… Now I’m stuck here instead of looking for other reviews about HG. lol.

  12. I am having the same issue here. I submitted a ticket about 24hrs ago but still no reply yet. This is really unusual as I suppose we are accustomed to the almost instant support.

    Then I tried the live chat feature, which comes back with a message saying I have to wait for 23 minutes in the queue!

    Talking about switching to new hosts, what’s the point of doing it now that so many household names are all under EIG?

    Anyway I hope it’s just a minor hiccup HG is experiencing… Will try to call now and talk through layers of robots before I reach a human (I guess).

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