For those that want to know who I recommend please read:

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To those that contact me that are not associated with a host:

I reserve the right to post any hostile email sent to me as well as any details related to said email.  So think twice before posting something to bully me.

To those that are associated with a host or review site:

I do not keep emails from hosting companies private, and I will post what is sent to me in interest of full disclosure.

If your a host or review site that is contacting me about one of my posts I will post any and all emails directly to the blog post associated to your contact. So please if you have any comments post them on the blog. I will not delete or edit your post.  If your comment does not appear withing 24 hours feel free to contact me to post your response, sometimes wordpress marks legit comments as spam, so don’t think I am trying to stop you from giving me a piece of your mind.  Also keep in mind I am the lone operator of this blog and it may be a few days as I only work on this site in my personal free time.

I also suggest using caution because I will not delete your responses even if you request it.