Droa.com – Domain Registry of America Still Sending Mail Outs

Back in June Droa.com sent me another renewal notice.  While this has nothing to do with reviews, it has to do with unethical business practices.  This is a company that demonstrates that even if there were no affiliate programs, a way will be found to get paid rather they offer a legit product or not.   In this case they rely on you not knowing who your domain register is or perhaps not knowing how much a domain costs.  They engage in a process called domain slamming.  On the wiki page for Droa, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DROA is the following:

Domain slamming (also known as unauthorized transfers or domain name registration scams) is a scam in which the offending domain name registrar attempts to trick domain owners into switching from their existing registrar to theirs, under the pretense that the customer is simply renewing their subscription to their current registrar. The term derives from telephone slamming.”

This is how they start the letter they sent me through the postal service:

As a courtesy to domain holders we are sending you this notification of the the domain name registrations that due to expire in the next few months. “

In a not so tell tale way they tell you that they are not your domain register if you read further.  They don’t come forward and directly say that you are not their customer.  Some how “This notice is not a bill” is supposed let you know that your not a customer.  Some of my former customers,  friends and family did not bother to read that detail and they hurried and signed the renew notice, as they were more concerned about losing their domain then seeing if the notice was legit.  After all it mentioned their name and domain, so it had to be legit right?  They may not even had read this part: “Failure to renew your domain name by the expiration date may result in a loss of your online identity making it difficult for your customers and friends to locate you on the web.” .  Of coarse they are hoping you read that part, panic and send them a check.

Long before my firsts post on Domain Registry of America (http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/scams-to-avoid/domain-registry-of-america.html) and long before I even Hosting-reviews-exposed.com was started,  I had my eye on this company.  When I got my first notice, I instantly knew something was up.   After all I owned my own domain registry company and still do, what it has never done is send out paper notices.   Domains being 9.99, and a $2.50 profit I really did not want to pay for .40 notice to be sent out.  Regrettable I did what so many other people should do and threw it into the recycling bin.  Because today it would be nice to compare a letter from 2002 to present day.  I don’t remember them disclosing that they were not your domain register.   Now they do, even if they do it in a round about was

A reason to not trust DROA.com

The FTC has this on DROA.com


According to the FTC, the company told consumers that their domain registrations were expiring, leading many consumers unwittingly to switch their domain name registrar. The company also allegedly did not disclose that it would charge a processing fee to consumers if their transfer request was not competed – for any reason – and failed to provide consumers refunds in a timely manner.

Yeah I know this was back in 2003, so let us see what the BBB has this to say about DROA.com


The BBB file contains a pattern of complaints from consumers who report that the company’s mailing is misleading. Consumers state that they have received notices from Domain Registry of America that appear to be invoices for renewal of their internet domain name. The company claims that their marketing materials clearly state that ‘Domain name holders are not obligated to renew their domain name with their current registrar or the Domain Registry of America…. This notice is not a bill.

Regardless of the statement Domains Registry of America gave to the BBB, they have a F rating.

This is a current record with the BBB.

It takes alot for me to say a company is a scam.  The first bad sign was this notice was not from my own personal domain register which does not send out snail mail.  The other as you can see from the scans is the billing notice.  On the back is print that I don’t think the average person could read.  Even I have hard time,  keep in mind on my kindle I have the print as small as possible.  Is an extra page really too much to pay to make sure some one can read the Registration Agreement?   One that in far larger letters lets you know they are not affiliated with the U.S. government.  I honestly do not think its so much the cost, but the fact a extra page or two would make people actually check the bill out further.

 The snail mail from Droa.com / Domain Registry of America domain slamming.


DROA is a reseller for eNom

Looking through the hard to read fine print one thing sticks out to me

eNom, Inc., BRANDON GRAY INTERNET SERVICES INC. (dba “NameJuice.com:), and DROA.

Enom is the company droa is reselling for much like Wild West Domains/ Godaddy.com.   Depending on which level of reseller account you pick, which I am assuming they picked the one that lets them buy domains for $8.50 a year.

The alias of DROA

According to icannwikki: http://icannwiki.com/index.php/Brandon_Gray_Internet_Services_Inc.


Brandon Gray Internet Services Inc.


Domain Registry of America

Domain Renewal Group

Domain Registry of Australia

Domain Registry of Canada

Domain Registry of Europe

Internet Registry of Canada

Liberty Names of America

Registration Services Inc.

Yellow Business.ca

Internet Corporation Listing Service

Are you unsure if your a customer of DROA?

I recommend going to http://www.internic.net/whois.html

Click on register to see who your register is.

Where to send complaints about DROA




Do you really need to pay $35.00 for a domain, well don’t pick DROA

I don’t recommend paying more then $15 for a .com, ,net, .org.  But if you really have to pay $35.00 then atleast go with a reputable company such as Network Soultions.  Yes that is an affilate link submitted below, and I get paid a commision if you use that link to order a domain.   Generally I would tell people to not pick Network Solutions due to is higher then average price.  But I would rather see people go to Network Solutions over DROA any day if they just have to pay $35 a year.


This is not my first post on droa and it will not be my last until they either reform or close up shop.  Per my lat post on Domain Registry of America, I found they operate out of Europe and Canada as well. Do you have a letter from other alias of DROA?

Mindshark.ca – Seo Marketing Experts or Spammers? Part 2

With the second post for mindshark.ca I am going to explore their seo skills, which pretty much amount a weak show of smoke and mirrors. My first post can be found at http://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/spammer/mindshark-ca.html.  I am still waiting for an email from a spam expert in regards to what mindshark.ca sent me.  Netfirms.com contacted me in less then 24 hours and has already indicated that they will shut mindshark.ca down if they spam again.  I have made them aware Mindshark.ca used a third party “over seas” to phish/harvest my email.   I know this has nothing to do with hosting companies or fake hosting review sites.  But I have to admit I am really out of the grove on writing blog content because of a rather hectic March,  and I am rather fired up by this spammer.  Not to mention I really hate spam.  That sentence alone does not tell you just how much I hate it.  So the next part brings me to the very heart of who they claim to be, which is seo experts.

Now keep in mind I am no seo expert.  Before I got into the hosting business I did graphics and simple html.  When I got into the hosting business I ran the billing,  purchasing, and staffing.  Someone else was in charge of tech support (Even though I seem to be the one that would knock heads around when there was a problem) and another was in charge of sales, advertising, site design and seo. I was no longer a graphics person.   The last was/is the person I contact when I need help in getting this site or any other site noticed.    There are also experts that he works with that I have to pay when I need their field of expertise.  It would be a mistake to employee my services for SEO, granted I know the people you would employee.  I also know people that have ethically questionable methods of obtaining seo.   Autoblogging, fake pings, spam commenting on blogs, article spinning, and other things that I think are no better then spam, as it clutters search engines such as Google with useless results.

So with my limited knowledge of SEO, let me tell you why you should not go with Mindshark.ca

When it comes to finding experts in the field of seo, you would expect their site to be a shinnying example of their skills. There are alot of tell tale signs that their seo knowledge is not what they claim.  Looking at  compete.com I find the most interesting thing, which is nothing.

I find it odd that despite having a Alexa score of 387,496 which is double mine (the lower the score the better), and 284 sites linking in ( I only have 32 according to Alexa).  Despite all those numbers Compete.com has no data.  Perhaps their domain whois might explain the problem:

I find a few intresting things about that.

1. Their site is a little over a year old.
2. They recently updated something on their domain.  Which might be that they just moved to netfirms.com.

So far the only thing they have me beaten on is  sites linking in on Alexa.com.


Intrestingly enough I find another site that also does seo.

Mindshark.ca’s video tells me exactly why you should not trust them

The quirky thing about this video thats hosted on youtube.com it seems to be the opening for a reputation cleansing service.  For which there is not an active website for: mindsharkdefense.com.  I guess Zamir Javer got to be an expert for a Canadian News station – Global News, where a model that had nude shots taken of her got leaked on the internet.  Zamir explains that the best way to cover it up:

  • “Hide” Negative Material by posting positive content
  • Increase Credibility = Blog on Professional Sites
  • Look Like an Expert
  • Ongoing monitor = Free Google Alert

So the problem is she has nude photos with her on the web.  In order to compete and put “positive” feed back,  she is going to have to go to professional sites that deal with photos.  After all which do you think is going to stick out when type in “*model’s name* photos”:

  1. The nude pics?
  2. Her attempts to talk about jogging?

So that means that she would have to write things in regards to “*model’s name* photos” on professional websites, and every other term that shows up when you try to search for the nude photos.  She might have problems if she had to deal with trying to compete with the term “*models name* nude photos”.

But here is what I find interesting about the video, all of the people that have posted postive feed back on Youtube.com seem to have only created their user name to comment, rate postivly, and to make this their favorite video.   All of which was done the same day they created the account.  Every user that has comment on this videolooks like this.

After which these accounts have zero activity.

Frankly I am surprised they did not use a service that fakes your comments and views.   It would have made it far less obvious.   Or better yet have all those over 450 seo experts comment and view the video with some real youtube accounts.

Also I did comment on the video, and as you can see I put the one negative vote on their video.  Unfortunately my comment was deleted.  I guess they did not like that I drew attention to the fact that the comments were not real.

Then there are the sites that link in to Mindshark.ca

While I am not going to point you to the link at Sharenator.com that links to Mindshark.ca, I find it interestingly that hosting-reviews-exposed.com has 1 of every 117,647 internet visitors.


Many of the sites that are part of the back links, linking in, and what ever else seem to be a combination of sites like this, some sites that tell you what you can do your site.


Which tells me I need to talk to one of those seo experts I mentioned.

Then their is a site that tells me I have a terrible domain name: http://websiteshadow.com/hosting-reviews-exposed.com

Some sites like http://qeoz.com/1-hosting-reviews-exposed-com show nothing you could not find through going to Alexa.com directly

Then there are sites that I consider spam like http://feeds.joe.to/recent/page-2.  While I find that on second page of search engine results for “mindshark.ca”.

Here is the first thing to show up on the second page of their search engine results.

“Once again I did not opt-in or authorize use of this email address for their marketing / spam purposes.”


I am almost tempted to believe they just took part of my content and re-spinned it.

I have yet to find any of what Zamir recommends of posting on professional blogs.

Now to see if 450 Mindshark experts can hide my negative review.

Unlimitedgb.com – A Scam to Avoid!!!

The first time I heard of unlimitedgb.com was when I thought someone commented about justhost.  I looked at the site, and made the comment this host may be worse then justhost based on a cost that was far less then what was already dirt cheap with justhost.  I also doubt that unlike Justhost a Endurance International Group site, that this blog spammer was supplementing their income by advertising on their customer control panel.  Meaning that this spammer was increasingly likely to shut down anyone that used too many or too few resources.  Unlimitedgb.com is the first hosting scam that I will write a post up for this year.

Before I go further into my rant, I am going to be pretty clear about going with a company that spams.  Spamming is illegal, and if they are willing to spam what other illegal activities are they willing to engage in?  For that matter will they even offer the service that you thought you were getting from them?  Because this host choose to spam my blog to try and get customers I have to declare them a scam. You should avoid this host at all costs.  Yes they may be far cheaper then the more commonly know cheap hosts, but can you really afford to give access to your money to someone that can not bring customers in under valid forms of commercialism?  Unlimitedgb.com should be avoided at all costs.

Just a sample of Unlimitedgb.com’s spam

Below is just a small sample of what has been coming in.  For some reason its not been caught by the spam filters.  Making me wonder if I should try and tighten down the the ability for someone to make a comment.  But the truth of the matter is I will not, because 99.9% of the attempts do not go through they add to my Alexa score.  I was a little surprised to find this out.  Even though I gain by their attempts, I am not willing to let them use my blog to give them a leg up on getting people to sign up for their service.  This will be the only mention they get from my site unless I find more dirt as to why no one should choose this despicable company.

At this point I don’t think any of the comments are real.  The first comment was proable put by someone within the company, but the other comments look like a bot.  Though none of them match, so perhaps even these comments were placed by someone within Interweb iTech.  All for the purpose increasing this host’s search engine ranking.  The weird thing is they entered hosting-reviews-exposed.com in as their site on their comments.  No references to a individuals website.

The lights at unlimitedgb.com are on, but nobody is home

I wanted to give these guys a piece of my mind.   When I saw the below graphic I thought great I can chat with one of them.

Well I was wrong, regardless of there being a “LIVE RESPONSE Online” I get this:

There live response does not mean they are “Ready to Assist You…”.  It means you can click on that to send them a message.  If you want to know who owns this company I have copied the below from the whois for their domain.


    Interweb iTech (India) Private Limited
    Sanson D'silva        (info@interweb.co.in)
    No.371 Cross Cut Road,
    Tamil Nadu,641012
    Tel. +91.9994169999
    Fax. +91.4224377683

What I find interesting is whats in the address bar for Unlimitedgb.com

Since Unlimitedgb.com you wanted some search engine results, I am more then willing to give them some negative feed back.

Unlimitedgb and Interweb iTech is a scam and should be avoided at all costs.

Manashosting.com – A Second Look

You would think with my last post on manashosting that I would be done with this hosting company.  But if your anything like me, your a terrible multi-tasker and tend to have a ton of browser sessions going on.  Usually I restart my machine to clear my screen after having so many windows open.  This time around I just closed out the tabs as  I had a lot of work to sort through. So I went about closing all of the sites that I was not looking at any more and I came to the manashosting.com tab.

I found what appears to be a last chance effort to get me to sign up.

I guess it kicked in because I did not do anything for well…….. 6 days (yes I can actually keep a website tab open for that long).  Though it probable happen a few hours after no further navigating through their site.

The part I find hard to understand is you pay extra to get 2 years “free”.  Its not like buy 1 year get 2 free.   Simple put Free = not paying 500 rupee (thats assuming Rs equal rupie / India Currency).

Trying to close the site I get the following screen:

Manashosting is giving 3 years webspace free? and/or 50% discount? and/or 1 year free webspace renew?  I don’t quite understand this message.

Many hosting companies this last chance offer to keep you on the site. Some even void out an affiliates commission to salvage a sale.  However there usually a coupon code offered or better yet the host’s site keeps track of the discount that is offered.  But this discount / last ditch efforts are not clear.

Manashosting.com may be the worst webhost out there

At first I did not think that Manashosting was a site that this site would go after if they had not spammed me.  But upon reviewing the reviews its pretty clear they fake their reviews.  Its funny how many of the reviews start with “I”.

Better yet here are 2 reviews that stand out:

Reliable Hosting – manashosting

Our servers are located in a us, and we use the latest technology in server equipment, lines, back-up features and more.
. Reliable, fast server equipment
. Secure, state-of-the art data center
. backup power feeds direct to our data center
. 24/6 Monitoring to help ensure that your website is up

If that is customer feed back I am the proud owner of ocean front property in Arizona (which there is none).

Before this “Postive Feedback”

. Reliable Hosting – 99.9% Uptime
. Website Maintenance
. unlimited webspace and bandwidth
. Search Engine Submissions
. Website Traffic Stat Monitoring
. Real people who provide live customer support

But I think the most telling sign is that every time negative feed back fills a screen, wave after wave of positive feedback comes in.  Its almost as if they were trying to drown out the any negative feed back.   I have never seen a host that has this much feed back in such a short period of time.


Ordering from Manashosting.com? -DON’T!!! – They do not have a secure order form!!!

I decided to go through the order form to confirm the discounts from the two screens.  Sure enough they do not show up on the order form.  But thats not what bothers me.  What bothers me is they collect contact details in an unsecured area.

They also do not process your payment, you have to go through a company called ccavenue.com to pay your bill where you have to reenter card information.  Fortunatly they do have a secure area for accepting your credit card information.

If you are ordering from Manashosting, I have Ocean front property to sell you in Arizona.

Manashosting – manashosting.com is a spammer

Manashosting is not a host that I had in my sights, at least until they decided to spam my personal email account.  For that matter the only valid email on this account would be from friends, family, and places I do personal shopping on (i.e. Amazon.com).  Its not an email that I ever did business with as its a Yahoo account that I have had around 15 years.

But that did not stop an email from offer@manashosting.gen.in subject Domain reseller.  With links to manashosting.com.

Interestingly they are spamming from India, for  a hosting account on theplanet.com for manahosting.com.  While I have filed a complaint with theplanet, I don’t have a lot of confidence in getting this resolved.   After all not the first time I have dealt with them in regards to spam complaints.  They are really bad about not dealing with Copy Right complaints.

Manashosting has a ton of complaints out there

Its my opinion that most if not all of the positive feed back was done by manashosting.  I say this because this host has more negative complaints then any of the previous hosts that I have reviewed.


What does webhostingstuff have to say about manashosting?

Inrestingly one of the good things about webhostingstuff is they collect reviewer websites.  The first that catches my attention is:

Great service (Excellent)
– by Leena (varsityguru.com) on 5 September 2010

Have been with manashosting they are very good. I have never faced any sorts of problems with them and now i have taken up their reseller ship as well. Am glad i can make extra money with out losing my peace of mind. Thank you every on

So who does this website belong to?

So they owned the domain, and its expired.  Interestingly most of the sites with excellent reviews I have looked at are not pointing to manashosting, or have privacy protection so you can not see who they are.

There are still a lot of sites with complaints about manashosting




and more…….

Here is even a blog dedicated to complaints against them:


Then there is this post which is the whole reason I advise against keeping your domain with the same company you host with:


If you want to part with your money and your domain, manashosting is for you, otherwise don’t accept offers by spam.

Webhostingstuff is blocking me

If you have read my previous posts on webhostingstuff, you will know that I have had to ask people to assist me in getting screen shots.  Before last month I could get almost anyone around the world to do screen shots for me.    But last month friends of mine that had never been to this hosting review site and were unable to get anything other then a strange error message and screen asking for a email address.  I don’t trust them to give them my email address.  If you saw my October 2010 review, you will see that now there is only one host of any measurable merit.  Which is hostgator, all the other hosts are fledgling hosts.   If you want a sample of how skewed the top 25 is one of the  hosts is out of business (yet remains on the top 25 list, another is a hostgator client (on a non-reseller account) and who faked their review, and another has turned his wild west domains account into a reseller program while keeping peoples domains under his name (that is a disaster in the making).  Thats just the hosts that come to mind.




But here is what a friend found while using his iPad to get me screen shots:

Webhostingstuff’s home page error

Going to the main site brings up this error.  Strangely at first it seems that the site is somewhat working.  After all you can see the header and side bar.  Which is how it starts with me.  When I make future attempts on what appears to be a blocked screen I don’t get this.  I just get a page with a link to click on to give my email address.

Webhostingstuff wants your email to fix a problem

Strangely when I get an error page with most websites, they do not request your email.  If they do they usually want more information.

What happens when I click on anything else on the webhostingstuff.com’s website?

Pretty much get taken to a blank screen with only a “Click her to resolve error” and a string id.  Clicking the link will take you to a screen asking for your email address.

So what does Google cache have on webhostinstuff?

Nicely I am near the bottom of their search engine results off of just ‘webhostinstuff’.

Below you can see that even google is getting blocked by webhostingstuff.com as their home page cache with google is an error message.  It also seems that they are not paying for google adsense like they used to.  Its not hard to imagine they do not have the adsense budget like

The blocking is being done without any discrimination.  So the webhosts that are on their top 25 may be not be the best the hosts, for that matter they may the very worst.  But they did pay to get traffic.  This blocking method is not to their benefit.  Anyone that find a host by their search engine that links to this site will come to a weird site that asks for your email address because of an error.  Frankly how can you trust a site that has an error, when you are searching for a quality host.

Its my opinion that unless webhostingstuff does something to adapt, there not going to be in business much longer.

Domain Registry of America – I suggest avoiding droa.com !!!SCAM!!! – !!!BEWARE!!!

I got a letter from Domain Registry of America today (droa.com) by snail mail.  Problem is they are not my register, as I own mine.  After all when you own as many domains as I do you want to try and get them as cheap as possible and $30 per domain per year is breaking the bank.   Last year my brother decided to do one of these renewals because he had forgotten what site his domain was registered with (which was the same as where I have my domains registered).   Last I checked he was still trying to transfer his domain away from this company.  I can some what understand customers forgetting who they got their domain through, but you would think family would be walking advertisements for a website with only 10 letters in it.  Especially when you give them free hosting.

Unfortuanly my scanner is not working so I could not get the best possible quality copies of the notice that Domains Registry of America sent me.  This will give you a rough idea of how small of print Registry of America used on their fine print on the back of the notice.

Here is what they sent me:

As a courtesy to the domain name holders, we are sending you this notfication of the domain name registers that are due to expire in the next few months.  When you switch to Domain Registry of America, you can take advantage of the best savings.  You will expire on January 5, 2011. Act today!

You must renew your domain name to retain exclusive rights to it on the web, and now is the time to transfer and renew your names from your current Register to the Domain Registry of America.  Failure to renew your domain name by the expiration date may result in a loss of your online identity making it difficultfor your customers and friends to locate you on the web.

Privatization of Domain Registrations and Renewals now allows the customer the choice of Registars when intially registering and also when renewing a domain name.  Domain name holders are not obligated to renew their domain with their current Register or with the the Domain Registry of America.  Review our prices and decided for your self.  You are under no obligation to pay the amounts stated below, unless you accept this offer. This Notice is not a bill. it is rather an easy means of payment should you decided to switch your domain registration to Domain Registry of America.

Here is the problems with this “notice from Domain Registry of America:

  1. Their offer is not going to be cheaper then most domain registers.
  2. There is nothing convenient about a mail in payment form.
  3. They are not clear about” not” being “your” register.
  4. There is no valid arguement to “You must renew your domain name to retain exclusive rights to it on the web, and now is the time to transfer and renew your names from your current Register to the Domain Registry of America.”. Why should you renew your domain with a register that costs 2 – 3 times of other providers.
  5. They use fear “Failure to renew your domain name by the expiration date may result in a loss of your online identity making it difficultfor your customers and friends to locate you on the web.”. I hope your friends can find you without a website, if you need a website for your friends to find you get a facebook.com account.

This notice is paper spam.

How did Domain Registry of America find me?

Most of the time I purchase Private Registration with all my domains, as I don’t really want people getting a hold of my contact details.    But I missed two domains and they found my contact in formation by trolling for whois info.  Next thing I know I get one of their postal mails that pretend to be my domain register.  The funny thing is with their over cost domain renewal they give you free private registration to prevent competitors from doing the same thing to them.

Is Domain Registry of America your domain registration company?

Chances are they are not your register, if you are I would suggest migrating.    Most companies charge less then $15.   Frankly I find that you can go below $10 on .com’s and get fairly good service.  But to be honest there is not a whole lot of service to ask for when it comes to a domain.  Private Registration is usually extra but still far below $30 for the domain and private registration.

How do you see if your domain is registered with Domain Registry of America?

Its pretty simple, often when my customer forgot who they registered their domain with I would go to http://centralops.net/co/DomainDossier.aspx enter the domain name and select “domain whois record”.  From there you can find your register.

As you can see I have private registration because their is no contact details and you can see this domain is registered with with GoDaddy(actually the only one that is).

How can you prevent companies that suck like Domain Registry of America from trying to take advantage of you?

Simple, get Private Registration on your domains.  Contact your domain register about getting this service some times free some times a couple bucks per year.   If your domain register does not offer Private Registration its time to move to a new register.

I can not stress it enough avoid Domain Registry of America

Its my opinion that Domain Registry of America is a scam,  it may be legal what they are doing because they have it listed some where in the really small fine print on the back of the billing notice they sent me.  But just because its legal does not make it ethical.   I suggest avoiding Domain Registry of America like the plague.